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WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION Dallas COUNTY, TEXAS Dallas, Texas ~ Theiden | Hua TI Faoay oO] IDF Arest | | Warrant Number @): ~ Suspect | Donald Famaio Henderson CiMisdemesnor | Charge: | Marder [ialAmomes qj 0 be er In the name of the State of Texas to any Sheriff or other Peace Officer of the state of Texas Greetings: You are here by commanded to take the body of; (® Donald Jamain Henderson hereinafter called the accused, and him safely keep so that he may be dealt with according ta law, and te hold the accused to answer to the State of Texas for an offense against the laws of the said State, namely (8) Mucder 1m Fit of which felony offense he is accused by written complaint, made under oath that has been presented to me and that is by this reference incorporated herein forall purposes. Winessmy senate this aya JUL 0-9 2019 20 PN Penrith a” M ite or Judge - “ny oF Deltas GE F1976114 paca ADMINISTRATIVE DATA. — Aes Seas S| 5) air R_bwStod Totes [BRO @isanes Nene | Geichen Nice Banton (Deceased) Date of OFemse [amet Warn imvedto | BPRS Lisa sae] TEES @) ARRES $4.00 COMMITMENT $2.00 RELEASE, $2.00 APPROVE BOND-- $6.00 MILEAGE; 3 OTHER. $ TOTAL mmm 8 ~ RETURNG® CAMETOHAND THE 9 dayot Sars, AD.20 J anderecutedthe ead ty of GOS OLY Becly AD. 20_[F , by arestng and detaining above named and aeaised and ey by al - by Agfa put / - Dallas PD atute of Limitations Date is STATE OF TEXAS AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT COUNTY OF Dallas BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared the undersigned affiant who, after being duly sworn by me, on oath stated: My name is is #8341 and [ am a peace officer of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. [the aifiant, have good reason and do believe that on or about the 8th day of July, 20 19, one (name of suspect) Donald Jamain Henderson did then and there in the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas commit the offense off Murder, a violation of Section 19.02 of the Texas Penal Code, 2.6/1 Affiant’s belief is based upon the following faets andl information which A ftiant received from: {& Aftiant’s personal investigation of this alleged offense. fellow peace officer of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, who ps participated in the nnvestigation of this alleged offense, providing this information to Affiant, and whose information AfTiant believes to be credible, On July 9, 2019, Suspect Henderson called Dallas 911 requesting an ambulance and police officers to the Jack in the Box near Park Lane and Greenville Avenue, which is documented on Dallas Police incident #19-1267079. Officer G. Smith #9844 responded to the 911 call and made contact with the suspect. During information gathering, Suspect Henderson provided the address and key to the apartment at [201 S. Ewing Ave [and stated that he “accidently murdered” someone. This statement was captured on Officer G. Smith's body camera. Suspect declined to be transported by Dallas Fire-Rescue, Officer Smith handcuffed the suspect pending verification of his statement, and placed a call for additional officers to Complainant at 1201 S. Ewing Ave i on Dallas Police incident #19. perform a welfure check for the 1267: Dallas Police Officers B, Thompson #841 1, R. Samuel #8220, and Sgt. C. Butler #6913 responded to the address and obtained a key from the management at the complex. During the welfare check Officer G. Smith and R. Samuel located the Complainant deceased on the kitchen floor. Officers exited the apartment and notified the Flomicide Unit. A search warrant was obtained for 1201 8. Ewing Ave During cvidence process, TE were located in a kitchen drawer as well as BI 0 ¢2¢ the Complainant’s body in the kitchen. Detective G. Curtis #8341 conducted an interview with Suspect Henderson, Suspect Henderson waived his Miranda Rights and agreed to talk with Detective Curtis. Suspect Henderson acknowledged that he used one of the firearms located in the kitchen drawer to shoot the Complainant during a disturbance altercation. Suspect referred to the Complainant as s gitlfriend, Suspect Henderson stated only he and the Complainant were incident. Suspect Henderson terminated the interview STATE OF TEXAS AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT COUNTY OF Dallas Eo LOE ty \WIEREPORE, Aan es haan at wars esa forthe above accused individual in accordance with the law. ABPIANT SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BE Pe ____day of JULO _ Magistrate or ld. in and for Dallas Fath Texas MAGISTRATE'S or JUDGE'S DETERMINATION OF PROBABLE CAUSE 09 2019 Onthintle —_aayor JUL 09? - Thereby acknowledge that have examined the foregoing affidavit and have determined that probable cause exists forthe issuance of an arrest warrant forthe individusl accused therein, Renda ige in and for Dallas County, 1 Magistrate or Continuation: 1381482019 Donald Jamain Henderson