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Bianca Barajas

Lesson Cycle (Gradual Release of Responsibility)

Lesson Title/Topic:
130.382 (b)(3): Advertising is designed as a comprehensive introduction to the principles and
practices of advertising. Students will gain knowledge of techniques used in current advertising,
including print, broadcast, and digital media. The course explores the social, cultural, ethical, and
legal issues of advertising, historical influences, strategies, media decision processes as well as
integrated marketing communications, and careers in advertising and sales promotion. The
course provides an overview of how communication tools can be used to reach target audiences
and increase consumer knowledge.
Lesson Objectives: Assessment:
Students will create an advertisement for Completed advertisement project
chosen item with at least 80% of required

Tri-fold, timer, jeopardy board game, craft materials: paper, glue, scissors, glitter, etc., m&ms

The teacher will: The student will:

- Start a timer.
- Say: Raise your hand if you’ve ever - Engage in discussion
watched a football game on T.V. Raise both
hands if you’ve ever seen a Super Bowl.
- Instruct students to look around and see how
many of their peers have seen a Super Bowl
- Say: This year’s game was between the
Patriots and the Rams and 98.2 MILLION
people watched that game!
- Ask: Why do you think so many people
watch the Super Bowl game?
• Instruct students to turn to their - Share reasons for Super Bowl viewers
neighbor and discuss reasoning. End
discussion by selecting a few students
to share their favorites.
- Wait for a student to mention ads. If not
mentioned, say, “I don’t really understand
football, but I like to watch the Super Bowl
for the ads!”
- Say: This year’s Super Bowl cost advertisers - Estimate cost of advertisement.
$5.25 million per 30 seconds! I’ve been
timing how long I’ve been talking to you and
it’s been about (insert time here). Estimate
how much money that would be for an ad!
- Ask: Why do you think advertisers would
spend so much money for such a short
amount of time?
• Allow students to discuss reasoning. - Share reasons for advertisers spending so
Wait for a student to mention the large much money
audience. If no one mentions it, say,
“Remember that the Super Bowl has
millions of people watching the game
at the same time. Advertisers know if
they sacrifice money, they can reach
all of those people at once.”
- Play ad and allow students to share their - Watch video as introduction to
favorite part of the video: advertisement
Teacher Input (I Do):
- Say: There are so many different types of - Share other forms of advertisement
advertisements, even though T.V. seems to be
the most popular. Ask students where they’ve
seen/heard other forms of advertisement.
- Introduce advertising as a career:
• Advertising: when a company
attempts to persuade (convince)
audience to buy a product or service
• 2 groups:
- Advertisers: those who create the ads
- Audience: customers/clients advertisers
want to convince to buy their
- Introduce different career choices:
- Quick Version: - Listen to information and view visuals
• There are many different types of
careers in advertising, with the
average salary ranging from about
$48,000 to $129,000!
• Ask: What skills do you think an - Discuss skills needed for advertiser success.
advertiser needs to be successful? Share ideas with the group.
Turn to the person next to you and
come up with 2 skills you think an
advertiser needs. You have 30
Allow students to discuss for 30
seconds and then call on each group to
share their response.
• Each of the careers require the
employees to have communication
skills, initiative, creativity,
organizational skills and interpersonal
• Although you can get an entry level
job in advertising with a high school
diploma, most jobs require a
Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising,
Journalism or Communications. Some
different careers you can pursue
include an advertising sales
representative, a graphic designer, a
writer, a film editor or an advertising
manager. - Complete mix-pair-share game with job
-If time allows, review the following titles and job overviews.
information about each individual position
with mix-pair-share matching game:
Give each student a slip of paper with
either a job title or the overview of the
job. Allow students to work together to
piece the job title with its overview
information. Once they believe they are
done, review their matches and if correct,
give that pair a high five and have them sit
down. If incorrect, allow those groups to
mix again with the help of their peers who
are sitting down. Continue until each pair
is correct and review information.
• Advertising/Promotions Manager:
oversee the staff that develops the
advertising – finances, sales staff, etc.
- Skills: Communication skills, creativity,
decision-making skills, organizational,
interpersonal skills
- Education: Bachelor’s Degree of
Advertising or Journalism
- Salary: $129,380
• Advertising Sales Representative: sell
advertising space to businesses and
- Skills: Communication skills, initiative,
organizational, self-confidence
- Education: entry level - high school
diploma accepted, but most prefer a
Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising or
- Salary: $49,680
• Film/Video Editor: manipulate images
that entertain or inform an audience
- Skills: Communication skills, computer
skills, creativity, visual skills, detail
oriented, hand-eye coordination
- Education: Bachelor’s Degree of Film or
- Salary: $58,210
• Graphic Designer: create visual
concepts, by hand or using computer
software, to communicate ideas that
inspire, inform, or captivate
- Skills: Analytical skills, artistic ability,
communication skills, computer skills,
creativity, time management
- Education: Bachelor’s Degree of
Graphic Design
- Salary: $48,700
• Writer: Write advertising content for
use by newspapers, magazines,
broadcasts, and the Internet
- Skills: Adaptability, creativity,
persuasions, writing skills, determination,
critical-thinking skills
- Education: Bachelor’s Degree of
English, Journalism or Communications
- Salary: $61,820
Guided Practice (We Do):
- Say: We see advertisements every day,
sometimes without even knowing it. We’re
going to see how many different kinds of
logos you recognize through a jeopardy game.
- Explain the rules of the jeopardy game and - Play jeopardy game:
• Break students into 2 groups. Allow - Students are divided into 2 groups.
students to come up with a team name
and write it on the board.
• The student will rotate in alphabetical
order. Allow students to determine
order and continue.
• Instruct the teams to pick a number 1-
10 and the team with the closest
number to 7 will go first
* Write this number on a card and
show the students the number after
allowing them to guess to avoid
students thinking you are biased.
• Share the categories with the students:
fast food, social media, cars and
clothing - Select category and number value.
• Explain how the point value shows the
difficulty level (lower numbers =
easier logo)
• Instruct the first team to select which
category they would like and for what - Discuss and answer logo question.
number value. Upon selection, show
students the logo and ask: Which
company does this logo belong to?
Give students 15 seconds to discuss
and share their answer. If correct, add
that point value to their team. If
incorrect, the opposite team has a
chance to steal, with 15 seconds to
discuss and share. If both teams
answer incorrectly, put the card back
and instruct the second team to repeat - Discuss jeopardy game.
the process.
• Repeat the process until all cards are
flipped and answered correctly.
- Discuss the game and how it relates to
advertising. Were students surprised by how
many logos they recognized? Were some
easier to recognize than others? Why?
Independent Practice (You Do):
- Break students into 2 groups.
- Say: Earlier, we discussed the different jobs
and skills needed in advertising. You are now
the advertising teams of a million-dollar
company: M&Ms. They want to release a new
advertisement for the next Superbowl, which
you must now create. Each of you will be
assigned a job title and must work together to
create both a paper and video ad. At the end,
you will present your ads to the Superbowl
representative: me.
• Pass out job title cards with job - Read job description and determine role in
descriptions on the back. (If more ad team.
students than job titles, double up on
 REMEMBER: no job is more
important than the other! Every job
matters for the team to create the best
ad possible!
• Give students various materials to
create their ad: paper, glitter, markers,
glue, scissors, iPad and costume props
(hats, scarves, m&ms, etc.)
• Instruct students to begin
brainstorming and encourage them to - Brainstorm ideas for ad.
write ideas down before choosing one.
• Give students 5-10 minutes to
complete advertisement, offering - Create video and paper ad for Superbowl.
guidance and assistance as needed.
- Say: Thank you, M&Ms teams, for working
so hard to create an ad to present to us at
Superbowl company. Please share your ads
with us.
• View video ads and inspect paper ads,
- Share ads with classmates and
praising and encouraging student
creativity and collaboration.
- Discuss advertisement creation process: - Discuss collaboration and problems faced
What problems did you face when creating during ad project.
this ad? Why was working together so
important? Which of the skills did you use to
create your ads?
- Allow students to take home a package of
m&ms to remind them of the ads they

Bloom’s Level(s) Technology Integration

Knowledge, Comprehension, Synthesis Play “Kevin Hart” video

Extension: Reteach:
Encourage students to find their favorite ad in Allow students to watch the following video
classroom magazines and to create a new about ads:
advertisement based on the information in
that ad. This can be a visual ad, a song, a UEnVI
video, etc. Discuss the information in the video with the
- Ask: What’s something that’s important to
you? This can be a hobby or something you
like to do in your spare time.
- Allow the student to find an advertisement
that relates to something that interests with
them and share with the reteach group or with
the teacher how that advertisement made
them feel.
- Say: The way that advertisement made you
feel about _________ is what advertisers have
to figure out every day to make sure they did
their job correctly. Advertisers focus on
presenting facts and information in a way
that’s going to make you, a customer, feel
strongly enough to buy their product or

Accommodations / Modifications: References:

504: Social Skills – To assist students with it-costs-to-air-a-commercial-during-super-bowl-
social skills, allow student to be the liii.html
“producer” or “camera-man” during M&M ad
activity to encourage student involvement draws-lowest-tv-audience-in-more-than-a-
without pushing the student beyond comfort decade-nielsen.html
zone. Praise the student for working
collaboratively with peers. 013/03/13/the-marketing-and-advertising-jobs-
504: Hyperactivity – To encourage students to with-the-best-future/#370887ed3a58
stay engaged and on-task during jeopardy,
call the student up to the front when reading
the question. Also encourage students to stand
and cheer on their teammates after answering
a question and during team collaboration
when working together for the answer. Praise
all on-task behavior.
Special Education: Hearing Impairment – To
accommodate students with hearing
impairments, make sure to display all
discussion questions on the doc-cam and
allow students to use white boards during
class discussions. During the M&M activity,
allow student to be the “writer” or “creative
designer” to display visual advertisement.