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Vision, Mission and Action


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Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Motive 3
About the company 3
Industry overview 3
Our Business 4
Our History and Management 4
Company Standards 4
Strengths and Expertise 4
​Industry Verticals 4
Vision 5
Vision statement 5
Major features 5
Future plans 5
Business Inflow 5
Business Outflow 6
Market Demographics 6
Business Risks 6
Post Transformation Requirements 6
Infrastructure 6
Assumptions and Dependencies 6
Mission 7
Cost and Pricing 7
Enterprise wide Policies 7
Vision Map 7
Roles and Responsibilities 7
Business process 8
Background 8
Business opportunity 8
Business Opportunities and Success criteria 8
Customer or Market needs 9
Business Strategy 9
References 11
Glossary 12

Everest Business Solutions Outsourced Product Development (OPD) services aim to bring your software products to
market faster and more cost effectively than your competition. With Everest as your expert outsourced software
product development partner, you can successfully realize your desired product vision with focus on your core

Successful delivery of products is essential for growth, profitability, market share and even survival at times.
Although crucial to your company's success, it could be more important to focus on marketplace battles, customer
frontline and other strategic areas, while outsourcing product work (at least in part) to those who can deliver
efficiently as well as cost-effectively. Borrowing the experience from our own product development, we have put
together specialist services for companies that need help in their software product lifecycle, in full or in part. We will
deliver your product using the same processes, tools, talented engineers, work culture and spirit of innovation that we
used in building our own products.

The experience we have gained from building complex products, supporting a global customer base and repeating it
over release after release. We have been always been a talent magnet in the country, the best place for skilled
professionals to return from hotbeds of technology and innovation.

To harness the power of information, knowledge & technology to empower livelihood.

About the company

Everest Business Solutions is fast-growing outsourced product development firms focused on helping software
companies create innovative products for the next generation. Everest has hundreds of man-years of experience
working as an engineering partner for a number of software companies.
Everest’s product development team is spread between its Global Innovation Center in Hyderabad, India, and offices
in the United States. Everest understands and is committed to meeting the unique and complex needs of software
product companies.
Everest’s niche focus has enabled us to record an annualized growth of over 100% for the past three years. Today,
Everest stands as an obvious choice for software product companies who want to harness the dual power of
outsourcing and off shoring. Everest facilitates rapid time-to-market at lower development costs by providing
comprehensive services in the areas of product development, advancement, testing, implementation and maintenance.

Industry overview
Everest understands the complex budgeting and forecasting processes used by the finance departments of
pharmaceutical companies and has implemented solutions to bring efficiency and structure to these tasks. The finance
department in a pharmaceutical company needs to produce frequent forecasts and estimates for sales and expenses.
Everest develops solutions for the finance department to help with consolidation, compliance, analytics, close and

Everest has helped finance departments of pharmaceutical companies implement solutions in areas such
as: ​Applications to help collect data and collaborate on budgeting and forecasting activities

● Workflow and approval applications for financial reporting

● Automating the close tasks to improve efficiency
● Analytics on large and complex data sets to produce usable information
● Integration with finance and budgeting systems such as Hyperion Pillar, Oracle Financials, SAP and others.
● Reporting, charting and business intelligence applications

Everest is a leading global technology services company delivering business solutions to its clients. Everest founded
the information technology outsourcing industry. Today, Everest delivers a broad portfolio of information technology
and business process outsourcing services to clients in the banking, financial services, insurance, health care and
telecom industries.

Our Business
Everest Business Solutions is fast-growing outsourced product development firms focused on helping software
companies create innovative products for the next generation. Everest has hundreds of man-years of experience
working as an engineering partner for a number of software companies.
Everest’s product development team is spread between its Global Innovation Center in Hyderabad, India, and offices
in the United States. Everest understands and is committed to meeting the unique and complex needs of software
product companies.
Everest’s niche focus has enabled us to record an annualized growth of over 100% for the past three years. Today,
Everest stands as an obvious choice for software product companies who want to harness the dual power of
outsourcing and off shoring. Everest facilitates rapid time-to-market at lower development costs by providing
comprehensive services in the areas of product development, advancement, testing, implementation and maintenance.

Our History and Management

<This section summarizes the rationale for the new company. Provide a general description of the history of the
company and the management team involved with.>

Company Standards
<Declaration statements like CMM /Six sigma, ISO Standards, Safety Standards, CMM Level 3 Standards – HIPPA
Compliant, Health Level Certifications Compliant >

Strengths and Expertise

"Everest Business Solutions is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products
that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
We commit our Everest to adhere to quality management system requirements and to continually improve the same"
Everest Business Solutions is a leading software development company in US providing Services & solutions with
services such as E-Gov, QA, testing, Application Dev., Consulting, BPO, Value Added Reselling

<Describe each unique thing of the company like the Quality Standards, the Expertise in each domain, business
contacts, awards, rewards, achievements, Performance Standards etc.>

Industry Verticals

Everest Business Solutions is a leading global consulting and IT services company, offering a wide array of solutions
customized for a range of key verticals and horizontals. From strategy consulting right through to implementing IT
solutions for customers, Everest straddles the entire IT space. It has excellent domain competencies in verticals such
as Banking & Financial Service, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom and Knowledge Management. As a diverse
end-to-end IT solutions provider, Everest offers a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and
re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace​.

To be the leader in our areas of business through:

Total Customer Satisfaction,

Commitment to Excellence &
Determination to Succeed.

Vision statement

Everest Global Information Technology Services Group provides consulting, outsourcing, custom software
development and staff-augmentation services. Our strength relies on the quality of our professionals who are trained
to be the best in the industry. Our aim is to be a High Quality, Cost Competitive Service Provider and Outsourcing
partner of choice.

Banking and Finance

● Risk Management (Credit, Market & Operational)

● Investment Banking Technology
● Fund/Wealth Management Applications
● Custom Applications Development

● Project Management
● Application Development
● IT Enabled Services
● Manpower Re-sourcing

Products and Services

● Fund Management Application Suit

● Computer Applications Marketing and Support Services

Major features
We develop solutions that help creating new business models for financial enterprises.
We constantly enhance our own value proposition, in order to enhance that of our customers
Our project deliveries must surpass our customer’s expectation, so much so that we are invited to work on their new

Everest Technologies Limited provides software solutions to the Banking and Financial Services Industry. For over
years, we have developed solutions spanning from Retail Banking to Corporate Banking, Cash Management, Trade
Finance, Internet Banking and Credit Cards.

Future plans
Business Inflow
<There are many stake holders with an interest in partnership and Including some Investment details like 50m$ in
Health care domain​>

Business Outflow
<Summary of the Identified Users with interest to partner >
Market Demographics
<Summarize the key market demographics that motivate your company decisions. Describe and position target
market segments. Estimate the market’s size and growth by using the number of potential users or the amount of
money your customers spend trying to meet needs that your product or enhancement would fulfill. Review major
industry trends and technologies. Answer these strategic questions:
• ​ What is your organization’s reputation in these markets?
•​ What would you like it to be?
• ​ How does this company support your goals?>

Business Risks
<Summarize the major business risks associated with transformation of the company, such as marketplace
competition, timing issues, implementation issues, or possible negative impacts on the business. Estimate the severity
of the risks and identify any risk mitigation actions that could be taken>
Post Transformation Requirements
<Summarize the future job creations at least for 5 years like Direct/Indirect, substitute, dependent, interdependent job
requirements once the company is transformed to an Outsourced product development concern >

<Detail the working environment of the target user. Here are some suggestions:
Number of people involved in completing the task?
Is this changing?
How long is a task cycle?
Amount of time spent in each activity? Is this changing?
Any unique environmental constraints: mobile, outdoors, in-flight, and so on?
Which systems platforms are in use today? Future platforms?
What other applications are in use? Does your application need to integrate with them?
This is where extracts from the Business Model could be included to outline the task and roles involved and so on.]

Assumptions and Dependencies

<List each of the factors that affect the features stated in the ​Vision​ document. List assumptions that, if changed, will
alter the ​Vision ​document. For example, an assumption may state that a specific operating system will be available
for the hardware designated for the software product. If the operating system is not available, the ​Vision​ document
will need to change.>

Ensure creation of value by providing a differentiating edge to the activities of our customers, investors, vendors and
Everest through technovative solutions while fulfilling our social obligations and maintaining high professional and
ethical standards.

Cost and Pricing

<Cost and pricing issues can directly impact the application’s definition and implementation. In this section, record
any cost and pricing constraints that are relevant. For example, distribution costs or other cost of infrastructure, Other
material to the projects success, or irrelevant, depending on the nature of the transformation of the company.>

Enterprise wide Policies

<Summary of the policies we follow like Employee policies, Code of Conduct, CMM, ISO and Safety Standards,

Vision Map
< Brief summary across /domains /expertise through which we can achieve our vision goals with strategic planning >

Roles and Responsibilities

< Brief summary about the roles and responsibilities at the organizational & business unit level>

Business process

<This section summarizes how the previous experience of the company helps in facilitating the needs for the
transformation & future prospect of the new company >

Business opportunity
<Describe the market opportunity that exists. Describe the market in which a commercial product will be competing
or the environment in which the company will be used. This may include a brief comparative evaluation of existing
products and potential solutions, domains indicating why the transformation is attractive. Identify the problems that
cannot currently be solved without the transformation and how the company fits in the present market trends or
corporate strategic directions.>

Business Opportunities and Success criteria

Everest approach is to lower the implementation and consulting cost associated with package implementation and
customization to make it more affordable and widely accepted and to offer seamless support for your project from
package through implementation, post implementation, optimization and upgrade. We strive to provide a solution
that is the best fit for the customer and avoid runaway project cost. We will be the single point of accountability for
your software, hardware and implementation services.
Everest disciplined approach consists of the four "Ds" - Discover, Design, Deploy and Drive to assist you in
discovering your business objectives and driving your strategies from package on through implementation, post
implementation, optimization and upgrade.

Everest works with you in partnership to understand your business, your existing technology, and your challenges
and opportunities. This effort includes an analysis of industry trends, your existing technology infrastructure,
organizational structure, immediate/long-term needs and your vision for the future. The Everest team makes
recommendations on initiatives that will maximize business impact. Through further discussion, this is translated into
the vision and scope of the project.

At these point alternatives are crafted to address your specific business opportunities. Our architected approach
ensures a complete, scalable solution, one that integrates with your current environment and maps uniquely to your
business initiatives. Design creates for you a competitive and strategic game plan. The end result is well-articulated
IT solution to the challenges facing your organization.

With your requirements, approach and architecture defined, EVEREST applies experience and technical savvy to
deploy your solution. Processes based upon industry best practices and our Solution Delivery tool sets keep your
efforts on track and under control. The results - projects delivered on time, on-schedule and on the mark with
quantified returns and direct business impacts. EVEREST services do not stop here.

In the modern paradigm, your IT infrastructure is mission critical and hence needs to be managed and enhanced
constantly. With your solution implemented, EVEREST provides post transition training, 24X7 application and
infrastructure support, help-desk services and systems operations. One of our National Practices is focused on
Outsourcing and is capable of freeing you from daily systems management, allowing you to concentrate on your most
strategic business programs.
Together Discover, Design, Deploy and Drive make up the EVEREST advantage in delivering successful business

Customer or Market needs

<Describe the needs of typical customers or market segments, including needs that are not yet met by the
marketplace or by existing companies. You may wish to describe problems customers currently encounter that the
new company will (or will not) address and how the transformation would be useful. Identify the hardware and
software environment in which the company must operate. Define at a high level any known critical interface or
performance requirements. Avoid including any design or implementation details.>

Business Strategy
We understand that your business is not like everyone else's; and we understand that we cannot meet your service and
support needs with "one size fits all" plans that are inflexible and do not consider your company's special needs.
Adhering to a well defined; proven design process, Everest Networks Professional Services team will work with you
to define a customized service and support plan — designed for the way you work.

There are five crucial steps undertaken in developing and delivering a custom support plan. Each step in our
closed-loop process ensures that our Professional Services team meets your service and support requirements.

We start the customization process by listening to you, our customer. By understanding your exact needs, we can use
our various service and support options to develop a customized plan that meets or exceeds your requirements. We
will ask questions to make sure that we understand your needs; and we will review our understanding with you
before we move to the next step.


Once we understand your needs, our Professional Service managers begin to develop a customer-focused plan to
meet these needs. We will ask questions, review with you, and then complete a customized service and support plan
made to your exacting specifications.

Step3 - Implement

Once a mutually agreed upon plan is in place, Everest Networks' Professional Services must act on it. Providing
training professionals, or other qualified third parties, Everest will deliver on our promise of delivering quality,
timely implementation of your customized support plan. Whether it is a system installation, on-site support engineers,
or a countrywide system upgrade, you can rely on Everest Networks to deliver on our promise.

Step 4 - Evaluate

After we have implemented the project, Everest Networks' Professional Services organization continuously examines
our work to find ways to improve our service and support. We do this by asking you to tell us how we did; we
evaluate our performance against your criterion, and we look for ways to better serve you.

By scheduling quarterly customer service review meetings with each customer, our Professional Services team
provides you with a comprehensive report on our performance while encouraging you to share your viewpoints or
new ideas on how we can better serve you. By maintaining a consistent, open communications between our two
companies, we can truly become your trusted partner.

Step 5 - Improve

The only way to keep earning your trust is to improve upon the service and support that we deliver to you. Through
obtaining quality metrics, our performance is measurable, allowing Everest Networks' Professional Services team to
find ways to continuously improve our operations.

By following each of the steps outlined above, we are confident that we can continue to earn your trust and loyalty.


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Specify the sources from which the references can be obtained, this information may be provided by reference to an
appendix or to another document >


< This section includes the abbreviations, acronyms, definitions required to properly interpret the vision document.
This information may be provided by reference to the company transformation project’s glossary >

Strictly Confidential