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Modi 2.0’s first budget

to stimulate India Inc President Trump’s
New Delhi: The first Budget of the would continue to be the key
newly installed Modi government focus area with the government
soug ht to fire all eng ines to
revive private investment and
boost consumption of fering a
intending to invest Rs 100 lakh
crore in it in next 5 years.
Besides proposing to relax vari‑
‘Salute to America’
a roaring success
slew of tax concessions to compa‑ ous rules for foreign and NRI
nies, raise public spending for investment into the country,
infrastructure and ensure credit Sitharaman came out with out‑of‑
flow for business expansion. the‑box idea to create a 'Social
Presenting her maiden Budget Stock Exchange' for listing social
in Lok Sabha on July 5, Union enterprises and voluntary organi‑
Finance Minister Nirmala zation. The move is expected to
Sitharaman noted the role of pri‑ help social firms raise funds and
vate sector in the growth story promote governance.
and termed India Inc as job‑cre‑ The Budget has also proposed
ators and also the nat ion's The budget presented by Indiaʼs to open FDI flood‑gates in avia‑
wealth‑creators. The statement first female finance minister, tion, insurance intermediary, ani‑
seemed to be aimed at bridging Nirmala Sitharaman, has also mation and media. India's FDI
the trust deficit between the gov‑ been hailed by the US inflows in 2018‑19 remained A flypast, marching military bands, fireworks and a rousing speech by
ernment and the private sector. corporate sector as it will the President were highlights of the July 4 celebration at the Lincoln
attract FDI. (Photo IANS) Continued on page 4 Memorial in the Capital. (Photo courtesy AP)
In line with prescriptions given
in the Economic Survey, the tor‑led investment, jobs, exports SEE RELATED STORIES ON Washington DC: President Donald
Minister stressed on private sec‑ and consumption. Infrastructure PAGE 13, 14 AND 22. Trump said on Monday that his The President
Fourth of July “Salute to America” promises to make the
California assembly honors India through to event was a “tremendous success”
and he plans to hold the celebra‑
July 4 jamboree an
Acharya Lokesh Muni tion every year “for the foresee‑ annual event in DC
World Cup final? able future.” Trump said his holi‑
day address ̶ which was accom‑
even as economy has
Manchester, England: Indiaʼs disciplined bowl‑ edged up his approval
panied by displays of military
ing attack dominated New Zealand before inter‑
mittent rain washed out the rest of Tuesdayʼs
Continued on page 4 rating to highest ever
play in the first SEE DETAILED STORY AND in his presidency.
Cricket World Cup
semi‑final which
will continue on
Trump again calls Indian tariffs
New Zealand will
resume their on US products ‘unacceptable’
innings at 211‑5 Washington: President Trump up to the talks between him and
(46.1 overs gone). again hit out at India over the Modi in Osaka, Japan on the
Virat Kohliʼs in‑ issue of tariffs on Tuesday, less sidelines of G20 Summit.
form Indian team is good at chasing, and is con‑ than a fortnight after he dis‑ In the tweet, Trump said, "India
fident of entering the final against the team that cussed the issue with Prime has long had a field day putting
wins the other semi‑final between England and Minister Narendra Modi in Japan tariffs on American products. No
Australia Thursday. The ICC said that “should and both agreed to address the longer acceptable!"
Acharya Lokesh Muni, India's Ambassador of Peace, was adverse weather continue throughout the issue. Earlier, before his meeting with
felicitated Monday by the California State Assembly for reserve day (Wednesday) the match may be Trump's attack in a tweet came Modi on June 28, Trump had
his dedication to promote world peace and global shortened. India will be required to bat for at just as trade officials of the two tweeted: "I look forward to
harmony. The Certificate of Recognition was presented to least 20 overs to complete the match.” countries are preparing to meet speaking with Prime Minister
him by assemblymen Ash Kalra on the floor of the house. If no play is possible on Wednesday, India will to address the issue as a follow
See story on page 3. Continued on page 4
enter the final because it tops the points table.

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India should open up its markets to US: Panagariya

New York: The escalating trade for India. I would open it unilater‑ resolved.
war between the US and China is ally, but here is an opportunity to He emphasized that rather than
an “opportune time” for India to actually negotiate with the US. tariffs, India can use the exchange
attract the large multinationals Give them something and get rate to its advantage. “Let the
looking for alternative locations something in return,” he said at rupee depreciate a bit, it will open
outside the Communist country, the event t itled ʻEconomic the door for your exporters, while
eminent economist Arvind Priorities for the New Government it also compensates for the tarif f
Panagariya has said. of Prime Minister Narendra Modiʼ. liberalization. This is exactly what
Speaking at a panel discussion at Panagariya called for undertak‑ we did in the 1990s.” This will
the Consulate of India on June 24, ing labor law and land acquisition help make Indian goods much
Panagariya also called for India to reforms to make them more flexi‑ more attractive and boost exports.
slash tariffs on imported motorcy‑ ble to attract MNCs. Panagariya is Director at the Raj
(from left) Eminent economist Arvind Panagariya, Consul General
cles and automobiles through Panagariya, who served as the Center on Indian Economic
Sandeep Chakravorty, Chip Kaye ‑ Co‑CEO Warburg Pincus, and
“give and take” negotiations with first Vice‑Chairman of the NITI Policies at Columbia University.
Krishna Memani ‑ Vice Chairman, Investments Invesco at a panel
the US. Aayog in 2015‑2017, acknowl‑ The panel discussion was organ‑
discussion on ʻeconomic priorities for the new Modi governmentʼ.
He said the large corporations edged that there were “some sticky ized by the Indian consulate in
“are coming out” of China and “this alternative locations. Their wages ket in a big way,” Panagariya said. issues” vis‑à‑vis USA such as data partnership with the Deepak and
is also a great time for India to have gone up and the trade war Panag ariya stressed that localization, but added that other Neera Raj Centre for Indian
begin attracting the large multina‑ with the US has begun to close the America was asking India to open issues such as tariffs on the Harley Economic Policies and the US‑India
tionals that are now looking for access of the MNCs in the US mar‑ up its markets. “It is a good thing Davidson motorcycles can be Strategic Partnership Forum.

California Assembly Healing music concert held

honors Acharya Lokesh at Kennedy Center in DC
By Surekha Vijh
and Gaur Gopal Das The South Asian Times

Sacramento, CA: HH Washington DC: For the first time the

Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni famed Kennedy Center for Performing
and Dr. Gaur Gopal Das, Arts here hosted an Indian spiritual guru
two saints and global with his musical ensemble in their con‑
peace leaders, created his‑ cert hall. ʻRaga Maya Raga Sagara,ʼ a
tory when they were felici‑ Meditation and Healing Concert led by
tated by California State Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of
Assembly with the Mysore was held on July 6.
Certificate of Recognition More than 2000 people listened
on the floor of the house intently at the two‑and half‑hour concert
on July 8. with no intermission. Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji with his
The words of apprecia‑ Acharya Lokesh Muni, California assemblymen Swamiji played Chandika and accompanists including (to his right) violinist
tion by assemblymen Ash Ash Kalra, Dr. Gaur Gopal Das and community Kamavardhini ragas, which he said, Dr. L. Subramaniam.
Kalra and Bill Quirk during leader Ajay Bhutoria worked on the entire body, including amidst the audience with a crystal rod and iden‑
the live assembly on record highlighted impact in communities. seven chakras, twelve zodiac signs, and five ele‑ tified people with chronic diseases and chan‑
their dedication to promote world peace, Community leader and prominent ments. neled healing energy and vibrations.
global harmony and values of compas‑ Democrat Ajay Bhutoria was present on He also played Rushyaketupriya, Kapi, Mohana, In his musical ensemble was noted violinist Dr.
sion, equality and justice. In the case of the occasion and helped shape the con‑ Chandika, Kamavardhini, Madhuvarshini, and L. Subramaniam.
the Jain Muni it is through his immensely versations of the assembly members with Sama ragas, which helped in cervical spondylo‑ Prakasarao V Velagapudi, a close associate of
powerful global awareness campaigns, the spiritual leaders. Also present were sis, stress, thyroid diseases, laryngeal disorders, Swamiji, said Swamijiʼs extraordinary musical
conferences and leadership. Kay Walia, Sharad and Natarajan Gutta, hyperacidity, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, journey has taken him to 30 countries, where he
The Speaker of the State Assembly, from the Indian American community. high BP, and insomnia. Regularly listening to has conducted over 160 healing musical con‑
Hon. Anthony Rendon, requested Hon. Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni Ji is a versa‑ these ragas helps in such ailments. certs. He said at a recent recording session,
Kalra to introduce the two distinguished tile thinker, writer, poet and social At a press conference before the concert, Dr. Swamiji played 400 Indian ragas on the synthe‑
guests to the House. Both were wel‑ reformer who has tirelessly worked for Sachchidananda said music stimulates every‑ sizer. Swamiji has received numerous awards and
comed in the with a huge round of the past 33 years for national character thing, even flora and fauna. According to him, honors and is mentioned in the Guinness Book of
applause and a standing ovation. building, development of human values music influences the cells, tissues, and nerves of World Records.
Ambassador of Peace Acharya Dr. Lokesh and establishing non‑violence, peace and the body. Tissue breakdown, cancerous growths, Rajan Natarajan, Transportation Commissioner,
Muni is founder President ʻAhimsa mutual co‑operation in the society. He skin ailments, mental problems are healed to a Maryland, presented a memento to Swamiji from
Vishwa Bhartiʼ in India. Dr. Gaur Gopal has traveled on foot about 20,000 km great extent by music. He said dif ferent ragas his state. Shambhu Hakki, First Secretary and
Das is a former Hewlett Packard engineer throughout India for removing social like Sriranjani, Keeravani, Amruta Varshini, Spokesperson for the Indian Embassy, honored
turned lifestyle coach and motivational evils and for propagating moral values. Chakravakam, Hamsanandi have curative effects. Dr. Subramaniam. The DC event was a part of
speaker who is part of ISKCON. He was honored with ʻNational While Raga Nilambari cured insomnia, Sri Raga Swamijiʼs US and Switzerland concert tour 2019.
Hon. Ash Kalra held conversations with Communal Harmony Award 2010ʼ by the aided in indigestion, Sama raga is for mental A public reception for Swamiji was organized
the Acharya and Dr. Gopal Das on climate Government of India and ʻAmbassador of health and Dwajavanti for nervous debilities. at the Gaithersburg High School Performing Arts
change, world peace and creating positive Peaceʼ at London Parliament. During the concert, Swamiji walked Center in Maryland on July 5.
4 July 13-19, 2019 TURN PAGE

President Trumpʼs Strateg ic and Partnership

India demands Security Council action ʻSalute to Americaʼ a

roaring success
Forum (USISPF) Mukesh Aghi
said the budget is inclusive and

against Dawood, D‑Company, JeM & LeT Continued from page 1

power ̶ was “something really
policy decisions are encourag‑
ing for American companies.
special” during remarks at the "We are pleased to see a
United Nations: India has demanded his presence there. Toiba, listed as affiliates of Al‑Qaeda,
White House. “Standing on the 2019‑2020 Budget that deliv‑
Security Council action against mafia "The D‑Company''s illegitimate eco‑ under the 1267 sanctions regime, will
steps of the g reat Lincoln ers a forward‑looking and
don‑turned terrorist Dawood Ibrahim nomic activities may be little known serve all of us well," Akbaruddin said.
Memorial and looking out on reform‑minded approach for
sheltering in Pakistan and his D‑ outside our region, but for us, such Azhar was sanctioned in May by the
the crowds, these incredible big the Modi government's second
Company terror organization behind activities as gold smuggling, counter‑ committee that oversees action under
beautiful crowds, braving the term," Nisha Desai Biswal, presi‑
the 1993 wave of bombings in feit currency, as well as arms and drug the provisions of Council Resolution
weather all the way back to the dent of US India Business
Mumbai that killed 257 people declar‑ traf ficking from a safe haven that 1267 against al‑Qaeda, ISIL and their
Washington Monument, we cel‑ Council, told PTI.
ing they posed "a real and present declines to acknowledge even his exis‑ affiliates. The action came about after
danger". Following up on Indiaʼ's diplo‑ tence, are a real and present danger," China under the US pressure stopped ebrated freedom and all of its
matic success in getting a Council he said. shielding him. magnificence, while saluting Trump again calls
sanctions committee to declare LeT Making the case for action against Indiaʼs focus on Ibrahim and D‑ our great military,” Trump said Indian tariffs on US
chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist, Dawood and Pakistan based terror Company comes as the US is trying to about the event. “Based on its products ʻunacceptableʼ
tremendous success, weʼve Continued from page 1
Indiaʼs Permanent Representative to groups, Akbaruddin said: "The success have the group's alleged international
made the decision to do it again Modi about the fact that India,
the UN Syed Akbaruddin on Tuesday of collective action to denude ISIL operation director Jabir Motiwala
next year, and maybe, we can for years having put very high
asked for action against Ibrahim, the (Islamic State) is a pointer that the extradited from Britain to face money
say, for the foreseeable future.” tariffs against the United States,
D‑Company, the Jaish‑e‑Mohammad Council's focused attention can and laundering and trafficking charges.
T he Independence Day just recently increased the tar‑
(JeM) and the LeT. does yield results." The US has imposed sanctions under
address was the first by a presi‑ iffs even further. This is unac‑
Participating in a Council debate on "A similar degree of interest in various laws on Ibrahim, his brother
dent on the Mall since ceptable and the tariffs must be
Linkages between International addressing the threats posed by pro‑ Shaikh Anis Ibrahim Kaskar, Aziz
President Harry Truman spoke withdrawn!" India slapped tar‑
Terrorism and Organised Crime, diplo‑ scribed individuals, such as Dawood Moosa Bilakhia, Chhota Shakeel,
there during the Korean War in iffs on 28 US products includ‑
matically without mentioning Pakistan Ibrahim and his D‑Company, as well as Ibrahim "Tiger" Memon and the D‑
1951. ing Harley‑Davidson motorcy‑
by name, Akbaruddin hit out against it proscribed entities, including the Company, as well Pakistan‑based busi‑
In his speech, the president cles and US‑grown apples, after
for sheltering Dawood while denying Jaish‑e‑Mohammad and Lashkar‑e‑ ness enterprises linked to them.
recounted episodes from the Washington withdrew its long‑
Revolutionary and Civil wars, as standing preferential status on

Billionaire who has been running impeach well as the suffragette and civil
rights movements.
June 1 that exempted billions of
dollars worth of products made
there from US levies.
Trump TV ads announces 2020 run
Meanwhile, President Trumpʼs
overall approval rating among During their meeting, Modi
voting‑age Americans rose from told Trump that India had taken
Washington: Billionaire activist Tom hedge fund manager, who founded 39% in April to 44% in the lat‑ some action after the General
Steyer on Tuesday officially entered the environmental advocacy non‑ est Washington Post‑ABC News System of Preferences (GSP)
the crowded fie ld for the 2020 profit NextGen America, has spent poll. T he key to his ratings was revoked by the US and "we
Democratic presidential nomination, millions seeking to gain support for seemed to be the economy, with should now look forward and
reversing his earlier decision not to the impeachment of President 51% of respondents approving we should see how we can
run. “The other Democratic candi‑ Trump, who has called him a of his job performance in that resolve some of these issues,"
dates for president have many great “weirdo.” area, the poll said. It was the according to Foreign Secretary
ideas that will absolutely move our On Tuesday, Steyer did not men‑ first time in his presidency that Vijay Gokhale.
country forward, but we wonʼt be t ion Trumpʼs impeachment, the measure was above 50%. "There was a discussion on
able to get any of those done until although the president was briefly trade. Both sides aired their
we end the host ile corporate seen in the video, as was his former Modi 2.0ʼs first budget concerns, both sides spoke
takeover of our democracy,” Steyer campaign chairman Paul Manafort, to stimulate India Inc about the interest of the other
said in a statement along with a who was seen being led away in Continued from page 1 side and what was agreed was
four‑minute announcement video. handcuffs. strong at $64.375 billion mark‑ that the trade ministers of both
“As an outsider, Iʼve led grassroots Steyer allies have told the ing a 6 per cent growth over countries would meet at an
efforts that have taken on big corpo‑ Tom Steyer Washington Post that he had grown the previous year. early date and would try and
rations and won results for people. increasingly dissatisfied with the Meanwhile, the American cor‑ sort out these issues," Gokhale
Thatʼs not something you see a lot of why Iʼm running for president,” he nearly two dozen Democrats already porate sector has hailed this had told the media after the
from Washington these days. Thatʼs added. T he 62‑year‑old former in the running for the White House. budget. President of US India meeting.

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US corporate sector gives thumbs up to Indian budget

Says it will attract FDI, encourages US companies to invest more
New York: The American corporate sector Budget's focus on skilling Indians, with an The mission to provide housing to all by
Friday hailed the maiden Budget of Finance emphasis on jobs in data analytics, artificial 2022 has the potential not just for growth
Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, noting that it intelligence, and robotics, Biswal said. in downstream sectors such as cement and
is not only inclusive but also attractive for "Goals like transforming India into a glob‑ steel but also for overall job creation in
foreign investments. al space and aviation hub also demonstrate these vital industries, he said.
President of US India Strateg ic and the longer‑term thinking of the new govern‑ It is a relatively cautious Budget, consider‑
Partnership Forum (USISPF) Mukesh Aghi ment. We look forward to working with ing the government's election mandate,
said the budget is inclusive and policy deci‑ Prime Minister Modi and the Government of noted Rick Rossow from the Center for
sions are encouraging for American compa‑ India to make these priorities, and the larger Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
nies. vision for a modern India a reality," Biswal think‑tank."I expected some bigger ideas,
It's "good news" for companies like Apple, said. but instead we saw a continuation of key
Aghi told PTI. The Budget opens up the "This is a visionary budget from the first programs such as infrastructure develop‑
Indian market, and encourages US compa‑ ernment's second term," Nisha Desai Biswal, woman Finance Minister of India marked ment, expansion of social programs in rural
nies to invest more, at the same time it president of US India Business Council, told with a long‑term 10‑year plan while retain‑ areas, and nods to big campaigns like Digital
ensures prosperity and growth for the lower PTI. USIBC welcomes proactive measures to ing focus on immediate priorities," said India and Make in India," Rossow told PTI.
sections, he said. double farmers' income, liberalize FDI in a Karun Rishi, president of USA‑India From a foreign business perspective, it
The Budget is trying to make positive number of sectors and allow 100 percent Chamber of Commerce told PTI. was a mixed bag, he said.
structural changes, he added. FDI for insurance intermediaries, and The focused impetus for sustainable job "On the positive side, several sectors were
"We are pleased to see a 2019‑2020 increase FPI investment limits ‑– all reforms creation via targeted investment in infra‑ listed for foreign investment reforms includ‑
Budget that delivers a forward‑looking and USIBC has actively supported, she said. structure will have a ripple effect on second‑ ing insurance, media, and single brand
reform‑minded approach for the Modi gov‑ USIBC members will be encouraged by the ary and tertiary employment. retail," he added.

NY legislature declares August 2019 Indian‑American Heritage Month

New York: This June 13, the New entire towns of Clarkstown and Indian immigration to the U.S. Nation,” the Bill says, and names 1957, Rep. Dalip Singh Saund, a
York State general assembly Haverstraw and part of the Town from fewer than 15,000 to more achievers in numerous fields in the Democrat from California among
passed Bill NY K00555, by a 45‑20 of Ramapo. than 200,000 by 1980, it says, text – Miss New York Nina others.
vote declaring August 2019 as The Bill K00555 notes how The adding that to day there are Davuluri to the first Indian‑ The Bill further adds there are
Indian‑American Heritage Month. Immigration and Nationality Act, approximately 4 million Indian‑ American governor of a state, for‑ nearly 35,000 Indian‑American
Passing the resolut ion has enacted on June 30, 1968, abol‑ Americans in the country, of whom mer Louisiana Republican Gov. doctors practicing in the United
become an annual event after ished the national origins quota an “astounding” 72 percent have a Bobby Jindal, Microsoft CEO Satya States including Doctor Sanjay
2015, when Demo crat ic system replacing it with a prefer‑ bachelorʼs degree compared to the Nadella, former US Ambassador to Gupta, renowned Neurosurgeon
Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski, ence system focused on skills and national average of just 28 per‑ the United Nations Nikky Haley, and Assistant Professor of
who represents N.Y. Assembly family relationships. cent. the first Indian American elected Neurosurgery at Emory University
District 96, upon requests from his That radical change of 1968, to “Indian‑Americans greatly con‑ to the US Senate Kamala Harris; School of Medicine and Associate
Indian constituents, initiated the immigration rules which had been tribute to the leadership, wisdom, and the first Indian‑American ever Chief of Neurosurgery at Grady
resolution. His district includes the in existence since 1920, increased and vitality of our great State and elected to the U.S. Congress in Memorial Hospital.

Indian American teen Lisa Ramjit South Asia’s No.1 radio channel Radio
Mirchi now in Central and South Jersey
earns spot in US cricket team New York: After the successful launch of 8
radio stations in the US, Radio Mirchi – South
there. Over a period, it will introduce certain
elements in other languages to cater to differ‑
Maryland: Lisa Ramjit, a 14‑year‑old eighth
Asiaʼs No.1 radio station, is further strengthen‑ ent communities. All stations are available
grader at Northwest Middle School in
ing its presence in the Tri‑state Area. Radio online and on Amazon.
Taneytown, Maryland, has been selected to
Mirchi will be available on two more frequen‑ In New Jersey, Radio Mirchi has partnered
play for the US national womenʼs cricket
cies in New Jersey ‑ 92.7 FM and 103.3 FM HD with Touchdown Ventures. Rahul Walia,
team. On May 20, Ramjit debuted for Team
2. With these two additions to the network, President Touchdown Ventures & Licensee of
USA, which was playing a three‑match ICC
Radio Mirchi will cover the 92.7 FM W224CW said, “ We
Americas Regional Womenʼs T20 Qualifier in
very important area of are excited to serve as a con‑
Florida against Canada. According to the
Central Jersey and South duit for Radio Mirchiʼs con‑
Maryland Youth Cricket Association, Ramjit
Jersey which is home to tent here in Central New
started by “taking the first‑ever international
more than 60% of South Jersey. For long there has
T20 wicket in USA womenʼs cricket history on
Asians living in New Jersey. been a need to cohesively
just her second ball, and then continued to
Radio Mirchi is already connect the diaspora and we
baffle the Canadian players throughout the LIsa Ramjit available on 1600 AM which covers the New feel that Mirchiʼs programming will be the win‑
series, finishing with five wickets taken in 11 (image courtesy: York, North Jersey and Connecticut area. ning formula. We wish them the very best in
overs, while allowing a paltry 30 runs scored
Besides tri‑state area, Radio Mirchi can be their endeavor to engage the South Asian
against her.” among the top run scorers at the Girls Cricket
heard in Atlanta, GA on 107.5 FM HD3; in Diaspora.”
Ramjit and her team, said the Maryland League tournament played at Central
Baltimore, MD on 92.3 FM HD‑2; Cleveland, Some shows on the network are done by
Youth Cricket Association, now have a few Broward Regional Park, according to
OH on 93.1 FM‑HD2; Columbus, OH on popular radio presenters from “back home”,
months to prep for the 2019 Womenʼs T20 In October 2018, Ramjit
107.5FM HD2; Raleigh‑Durham, NC on 99.9 like Mirchi Sayema, Mirchi Rochie and Mirchi
World Cup Qualifier in Scotland, which begins was named best batter at the NYCL Girls tour‑
FM HD‑4, 101.9 FM & 1490 AM;, Philadelphia, Shruti, to give the audience a “slice of their
Aug. 31. Should the U.S. advance, it will com‑ nament. Cricket, which is Indiaʼs most popu‑
PA on 103.9 FM HD‑2; St. Louis, MO on 95.5 country.” People will also be able to tune in to
pete in the 2020 ICC Womenʼs T20 World lar sport, has been a lifelong ambition within
FM HD2. the wildly popular Mirchi Murgas by RJ Naved
Cup, which will be held in Australia from Feb. the Ramjit family, which moved to the US
Targeted at the South Asian diaspora, the 24‑ and dance mixes on Club Mirchi on these sta‑
21 ‑ March 8, 2020. from Guyana but is of Indian descent, said
hour stations play a winning combination of tions. Prashant Panday, MD & CEO, Radio
Ramjit began her cricket journey as a 7‑ The Baltimore Sun. Ramjitʼs mother Liloutie
the best in Bollywood music, infotainment and Mirchi commented, “We are very excited to
year‑old playing 11U ball for the Bowie Boys and her father, Satnarine, played the sport in
comedy that Mirchi is known for. Radio Mirchi further expand our network in the US with
and Girls Club. In 2017, she became the first Guyana, where Liloutie told the publication
will be introducing Gujarati elements in its these new stations in New Jersey. We hope
Maryland Youth Cricket bowler to take five children learn how to hit a ball with a stick
programming for the New Jersey station to that the diaspora who we cater to connect with
wickets in a match, and in June 2018, she was “as soon as kids can walk.”
cater to the large Gujarati community settled and enjoy the content we put out on air!”
6 July 13-19, 2019 LOCAL GOVERNMENT

New York offers

$55M for Long NYC posts record low in murders,
Island energy
storage projects
Albany, NY: New York state is
other major crimes
New York: Murders in New York as itʼs ever been in modern times,” our resources ef fectively and by
offering up to $55 million in have reached an all‑t ime low, NYPD Commissioner James OʼNeill constantly evaluating our perform‑
incentives for commercial and police announced Monday as they said in a statement. ance in an effort to do even better.”
residential energy storage proj‑ revealed “record” reductions in “But the hardworking members The department also reported
ects on Long Island. major crimes ̶ along with an of the NYPD know that to make record lows in reported robberies,
The funding, announced last uptick in shootings. our achievements meaningful for burglaries and car thefts for the
Wednesday, is intended to There have been just 135 mur‑ everyone we have to make this first half of the year.
reduce the costs of storage sys‑ ders reported since the beginning record‑breaking safety a reality in Overall crime is down 3.8 per‑
tems for renewable energy. of the year ̶ narrowly edging out every community we serve. Weʼre cent for June compared to the
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the a record‑low 136 reported mur‑ going to do that by continuing to same month last year, though
idea is to use the state's ders for the same time period in build strong re lationships, by shooting incidents are up 27.1 per‑
resources to make it easier to 2017. “New York City is the safest relentlessly pursuing those who cent for June 2019, NYPD figures NYPD Commissioner
expand Long Island's use of big city in America, and itʼs as safe commit violent crime, by deploying show. James P. O'Neill
green energy while also creating
new energy sector jobs. The
money will be awarded over the
next several years. State lawmak‑
ers earlier this year approved the
Belmont Park arena to include
new Elmont LIRR station
nation's most aggressive targets
for reducing emissions and
ramping up renewable energy
sources. Officials say state incen‑ Elmont: Elmont could be getting a lot of needs and wants and they
tives are a key way to leverage full‑service LIRR train station to go need to be addressed." The project
private investment and make along with the proposed NY envisages 19,000‑seat arena, 250‑
New York state a leader in ener‑ Islanders arena at Belmont Park. room hotel and retail village on 43
gy innovation. The new train station would be acres of the Belmont property.
located between the Queens Village According to a project analysis
Queens ranks as and Bellerose stations, just east of released by the governor's of fice,

3rd most diverse the Cross Island Parkway.

The proposal is expected to cost
the project will create approximate‑
ly 10,000 construction jobs, 3,200
county in US about $105 million. The bulk of the permanent jobs and generate near‑
cost is being covered by the devel‑ ly $50 million in new public rev‑
New York: According to a new
opers of the Belmont arena. The enue annually.
study by media company Axios,
remaining $8 million will come New York state Monday certified
Queens is the third most diverse
from the state. The project has been the environmental impact state‑
county in America and the most An artistʼs view of the new home for NY Islanders ice hockey team,
controversial for civic associations ment for the new Islanders arena.
diverse county in the continental part of the $1.3 Billion project.
in Elmont. Some are worried that The station is expected to receive
U.S. Researchers said the study
the community could be taken built in Elmont," one resident said. track is in Elmont. The train station service every half hour during peak
analyzed U.S. Census data to cre‑
advantage of. "Everything is being "The arena is in Elmont. Our race‑ is going to be in Elmont. We have a times and hourly during
ate a diversity index for each
county. The number represents
the probability that two people
chosen at random will be of a dif‑
ferent race or ethnicity.
Curran kicks off summer youth
employment programs
On average, two Americans
chosen at random have a 57%
chance of being of different
backgrounds. In Queens, that Mineola, NY: Nassau County to participating youth. of Mental Health, Chemical
probability jumps to 76%. Executive Laura Curran and the Said Department of Human Dependency & Developmental
The only two counties that Nassau County Of fice of Youth Services Executive Director, Dana Disabilities Services also provide
rank above Queens are Hawaii Services kicked of f the Countyʼs Boylan, Esq: “The Of fice of Youth internships focusing on: Narcan
and Maui counties in Hawaii. 2019 Summer Youth Employment Services is excited to announce that trainings, public education, commu‑
Both have populations under Program (SYEP) on June 28 at the this yearʼs summer youth employ‑ nity outreach and forensics.
200,000, while Queens is home Mitchel Field Athletic Complex Field ment includes a new Career The Nassau County Department of
to more than 2 million people. House with their annual On‑ Exploration Summer Employment Health partners with colleges and
All of New York City, most New Boarding Day. She was joined by opportunity for Hempstead youth to universities to provide internships
Jersey counties along the Deputy County Executive Kyle Rose‑ explore a diverse range of career and summer seasonal positions to
Hudson River, and Westchester Louder and Commissioner of Human options while they work. The goal is undergraduate and graduate stu‑
County in New York ranked as Services Carolyn McCummings and to encourage youth to engage in dents who are Nassau County resi‑
Nassau County Executive
diverse or more diverse com‑ participating local students ages 14‑ early exploration of pathways that dents. The Department currently
Laura Curran
pared to the national average. 21. Through the support of the will help to inspire them to reach for has 40 interns and summer seasonal
Suffolk County, Long Island, and Countyʼs Department of Human August 2019. Organizations include: career goals – through education, staf f. Opportunities range from
counties in Western New Jersey, Services, and partnerships with Mercy Hospital, Molloy College, shadowing and apprenticeship pro‑ learning and assisting in the surveil‑
like Hunterdon, Morris, and Gateway Youth Outreach, Hispanic Hampton Inn, and Mejias, Milgrim grams. We encourage companies, lance of communicable diseases, par‑
Sussex, were labeled as less Brotherhood Inc. of Rockville Center, Alvarado, P.C. as well as Hicksville sole proprietors, professional offices ticipating with partner agencies to
diverse. Experts said more Bank of America, and the United Teen‑age Council, Inc., Hispanic to contact our office if they would collaboratively implement health
diverse counties tend to be locat‑ Way, 55 youth will be employed at Counseling Center, Inc., and Choice like to serve as a host employer as programs, gain an understanding of
ed in or near larger cities, and community‑based nonprofit agencies for All not‑for‑profit organizations. we move toward building our capaci‑ the pathology and social determi‑
rural counties far from coasts are as well as for profit companies and This year OYSʼ summer employment ty to provide more jobs and serve nants of health, and develop the
less diverse. organizations throughout Nassau initiative has also received support more youth in the area.” skills that are required for the
County for the months of July and from Ikea which donated bookbags In addition, Nassau Countyʼs Office reporting of public health measures.

Now, we are devoting a full page to local government news, initiatives, and other information of significant importance to our readers.
Requesting all government agencies at state, county and town levels to send their press releases to: NATIONAL July 13-19, 2019 7

Kamala Harris' campaign raises $12m in 2nd quarter

Washington, DC: US Senator 2020 Democratic contenders. Sanders raised $18 million dur‑ presidential nomination after online fundraising day to date.
Kamala Harris, riding a wave of Her fundraising total for the sec‑ ing the same period. last week's presidential debate. Her campaign says that nearly
support after her performance in ond quarter was announced by According to Harris' campaign, Her campaign said it raised $2 half a million dollars this quarter
the first presidential debate, her campaign on Friday, the US nearly 150,000 donors were million in the first 24 hours after came from its online store, which
raised nearly $12 million in the media reported. Harris is at new contributors and the aver‑ she went head‑to‑head with nine sold at least 1,400 "That Little
second quarter of the year which fourth posit ion among age donation was $39. The aver‑ other candidates on June 27. Girl Was Me" T‑shirts that fea‑
ended on June 30, her campaign Democrats who released their age online donation was $24. Harris sparred with Biden at ture a photo of Harris as a young
has announced. fundraising totals. South Bend Overall, Harris raised more than the debate for his record on race school girl.
Harris, who is of Indian and Mayor Pete Butt ig ieg raised $23 million since launching her and on his previous comments This was the single best‑selling
Jamaican descent, st ill lags $24.8 million, former Vice campaign in January. about segregationists. item in the month of June,
behind in fundraising totals President Joe Biden raised $21.5 Harris emerged as a top con‑ Her campaign raked in 63,000 despite it only being available
when compared alongside other million and US Senator Bernie tender for the 2020 Democratic donations the next day ‑ her best later in the month.

Ambassador Harsh Vardhan reveals plans

for Gadar Memorial restoration
San Francisco: Ambassador Harsh built in 1914 and refurbished in stamped and addressed manually.
Vardhan Shringla revealed plans for 1974. It is the birthplace of the The memorial burned down in the
the restoration of the historic Gadar Gadar Party, a movement led prima‑ 1950s, and was last restored in
Memorial at a special reception rily by Indian Americans to support 1974.
here June 21 afternoon. Indiaʼs independence from the The Indian government has com‑
Arvind Iyer, the chief architect on British. The movement was led and mitted to paying for the restoration
the project will submit a final pro‑ funded primarily by Sikh American of the building, a $9 million project
posal to the San Francisco Planning farmers from the Central Valley and expected to be completed in 2021.
commission after consultations with students at UC Berkeley. The new structure will host an audi‑
the cityʼs Fire Department, building The hall had an electric printing torium, a museum, a library, and a
inspector, and the police depart‑ press onsite, which printed out meeting room, among other fea‑
ment. 10,000 copies of a six‑page newspa‑ tures.
T he Planning Commission is per every week, which was then dis‑ Speaking to a packed auditorium
expected to take 3‑4 months to tributed throughout the U.S. and at the Gadar Memorial June 21,
approve the project, during which sent by ship to India, according to Shringla said: “The idea is to bring
time residents in the small neigh‑ Inder Singh, chairman of the Global the building back to its original
borhood in San Franciscoʼs Organization of People of Indian beauty, and to make this a focal
Indian Ambassador to US Harsh Vardhan Shringla
Richmond District must be Origin. The newspaper was first point for our community as a
informed. The project will then be Councilʼs consent calendar for final from neighbors, said Iyer. written in Urdu by Lal Har Dayal, remembrance to the Gadar Party,
posted on the San Francisco City approval, barring any push‑back The Gadar Memorial was initially then translated into Punjabi, and who struggled for our freedom.”

Indian‑origin man charged with Apple appoints Sabih Khan

killing wife, in‑laws, aunt in Ohio new senior VP of operations
New York: Apple has appointed Sabih
New York: An Indian‑origin man has been Investigation and other agencies "who worked
Khan as its new senior VP of operations
charged with killing his wife, her parents and her hard to give justice." They said they were "also
to look after supply chain and manufac‑
aunt in a shooting rampage that had created thankful to the American government and Indian
turing. Khan has been working with
fears of anti‑Sikh violence in the state of Ohio. government." WFSB TV said that Gurpreet Singh
Apple since the 1990s and has been
West Chester police Chief Joel Herzog announced is a truck driver who is often away from home.
behind all of Apple's greatest product
on Tuesday the arrest of Gurpreet Singh on four The four victims were shot a total of 18 times,
launches over the last two decades.
charges of murder, according to WCPO TV in all but once to their heads, with Pannag taking
Sabih Khan, who has worked with
Cincinnati. It reported that Butler County eight bullets, WLWT TV station reported citing
Apple for the last 24 years, will be
Prosecutor Mike Gmoser intended to seek the officials. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that
responsible for looking after "Apple's
death penalty. after the shooting, Gurpreet Singh had broken
global supply chain, ensuring product
Gurpreet Singh's wife Shalinder Kaur, 39, her down as he said in a mix of Punjabi and English:
quality and overseeing planning, pro‑
parents Hakikat Singh Panag, 59, and Paramjit "I have no words. The trauma has been too much.
curement, manufacturing, logistics and
Kaur, 62, and her aunt, Amarjit Kaur,58, were It's too hard to even think of all that has hap‑
product fulfillment functions, as well as
found shot dead at his residence in West Chester pened. My brain is not working."
Apple's supplier responsibility programs
in Ohio state on April 28. The newspaper quoted Ajaib Singh, who is a
that protect and educate workers at pro‑
His two daughters aged 11 and 9, and a son brother of both Amarjit Kaur and Paramjit Kaur,
duction facilities around the world."
aged 5 was not at home at that time and were as saying: "I am not surprised at Gurpreet's Sabih Khan
Therefore, Khan will look after the
physically unharmed. arrest. I expected it. We knew there were disputes
manufacturing and distribution of all ers everywhere w ith dignity and
He had called the police himself after the shoot‑ in the family and we expected fist fights or a
Apple products across the world. This respect, and protecting the environment
ings and told them that he had found the bodies divorce but we never expected the whole family
comes at a time when Apple is consider‑ for future generations."
when he came home. to be killed."
ing India as its next manufacturing hub Sabih Khan hails from Moradabad in
The police in Branford, Connecticut state, who "We trusted him, we treated him like a son. It's
for its popular iPhone models. Apple has Uttar Pradesh, India and was born in
arrested Gurpreet Singh, said in a statement that painful to me, nobody deserves to die like this,
begun manufacturing the older iPhone 1966. He studied up to the fifth grade in
after the West Chester police notified them that nobody," he said. The Enquirer said that soon
models in India and has a plan to fur‑ India be fore his family shifted to
he was staying at a residence in Branford, offi‑ after the killings Gurpreet Singh had "received an
ther expand its manufacturing of the Singapore from where he completed his
cers saw him leaving the place and he was appre‑ outpouring of support from the Guru Nanak
new models to Foxconn's facility in rest of schooling. He later completed his
hended in the parking lot of a nearby store. He Society of Greater Cincinnati, the local Sikh gurd‑
India. "Sabih leads our Ops team with mechanical engineering from the US.
was supposed to be produced in court on wara." It quoted Satinder Bharaj, past President of
heart," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. "He Khan has been with Apple since 1995.
Wednesday. A post made on Branford Police the gurdwara, as saying: "I hope the truth comes
and his entire worldwide team are com‑ Sabih Khan is fond of Hindi songs and
Facebook page on the behalf of the victims' fami‑ out and we get an answer to the question of why
mitted to delivering unmatched experi‑ one of his relatives says he loves Parle‑G
ly thanked the police, the Federal Bureau of this happened or had to happen."
ences to our customers, treating work‑ biscuits, as reported by Aaj Tak.
8 July 13-19, 2019 NATIONAL COMMUNITY


Talluri Jayashekar The 2019 South Asian Spelling Bee

elected TANA president finishes strong with 5 regionals
alluri Jayashekar has been elect‑ Convention Centre in Washington DC
ontinuing its quest for
ed as the new president of from July 4 to 6. Jayashekar hails from
the best speller in the
Telugu Association of North Iravendi village of Burgampahad man‑
community, the 2019
America (TANA). He took the charge dal in Bhadradri Kothagudem
South Asian Spelling Bee trav‑
from the incumbent Sathish Vemana district. He was the president‑elect at
eled to California, Maryland,
during the 22nd biennial TANA confer‑ the previous conference of the associa‑
North Carolina, Washington DC
ence held at the Walter E Washington tion.
and New Jersey these past two
weekends. With a huge turnout
this year, the Bee attracted some
IALI hosts annual gala dinner top talent as well as young and
new spellers that competed for
the coveted prizes and titles.
In Bay Area, Nidhi Vadlamudi
of Santa Clara was the regional Navneeth (Regional Champion) and Advitiya
champ and Vayun Krishna of Jadhav (First Runner up) from New
Sunnyvale, California was the Jersey regionals.
first runner up.
In DC, Aryan Nindra of Leesburg Edison, New Jersey was the regional
Virginia along with Nilla Rajan of champ and Advitiya Jadhav of Princeton
Chillicothe, Ohio were named co‑champi‑ Junction, New Jersey was the first runner
ons. up.
In Charlotte, Maya Jadhav from The event is open to children of South
Fitchburg, Wisconsin was the regional Asian descendants up to 14 years of age.
champ and Ekansh Rastogi of Heathrow, Organized by Touchdown Media Inc.,
Florida was the first runner up. the South Asian Spelling Bee is celebrat‑
Gala honorees with IALI President Lalit Aery (5th from right) In Dallas Pranav Nandakumar of Austin, ing its 12thanniversary this year.

Texas was the regional champ and The top two spellers of each regional
ndia Association of Long Island cele‑ of Human Rights Commission Bobby Hepzibah Sujoe of Fort Worth, Texas was competition advance to the finals to be
brated Annual Fundraising Gala Kalotee and Nassau County Human the first runner up. held in New Jersey on August 8th and the
Dinner on June 30th, 2019 at Rights Commissioner Zahid Syed also In New Jersey, Navneeth Murali from championship prize is $3,000.
Marriott, Long Island. The function was attended the event. The honorees Mrs.
attended by about 270 guests. India Indu Chhabra, Dr Vijay Rasquinha, Dr
Association of Long Island is a 41‑year‑ Gopal Kishore, Mr. Jasbir Jay Singh and INDIA CORNER
old non‑profit organization with more Mrs. Anupam Goenka were given cita‑
than 2300 members and still growing. tions. All the special guests and hon‑ Inauguration of
Reception committee under the leader‑ orees were honored with plaque and a 'India Corner' ‑ a
ship of treasurer Rajeev Chaudhary and beautiful scarf by IALI officers and exec‑ new book
event advisor Mrs. Jyoti Gupta extended utive committee. collection featur‑
a warm welcome to all the guests. The IALI launched membership card to ing books about
India donated by
program started with cocktail hours fol‑ IALI members which was sponsored by
the Consulate
lowed by a grand entry of the president Gary Sikka (Mint Restaurant), Dilip
General of India
and all the honorees in the banquet hall. Bansal (India Visa Center), Mr. Batra was held at the
After all the guests were seated com‑ (Batra Travels) and Sumit Verma Fletcher Free
fortably, emcee Indu Gajwani, cultural (Hicksville Optical). At the launch Indu Library,
chair, invited two talented artists Khushi Gajwani called Naveen Shah and Madhu Burlington,
and Jigna Oza to perform Ganesh Pareek from Navika Group and all the Vermont on
Vandana. Introduction of president Lalit past presidents of IALI on the stage to June 29th.
Aery was done by emcee and he was come and cut the ribbon of the box and
called for his speech. In his speech, he present card to all the officers.
mentioned about the forum doing excel‑ Bollywood celebrity star Jinal Pandya
lent job and thanked all the chair per‑ was a special guest at gala dinner. She Anu Ramaswami named inaugural
sons for their good work. performed two dances and asked the
Senators Anna Kaplan and Kevin audience to join on the dance floor. The director of Chadha Center at Princeton
Thomas graced the occasion and gave vote of thanks was given by the secre‑

citations to all five honorees. Chairman tary Govind Gupta rinceton University June 20 and Environmental Policy at the
announced that Anu Ramaswami, Humphrey School of Public Affairs and
an Indian American researcher of professor of bioproducts and biosystems

Guru Poornima celebrations at urban sustainability, has been named the

inaugural director of the M.S. Chadha
engineering at the College of Food,
Agricultural and Natural Resource
Center for Global India. Ramaswami, an Sciences at the University of Minnesota
Shirdi Sai Baba temple interdisciplinary environmental engineer since 2012.

who is recognized as a pioneer and leader The M.S. Chadha Center for Global India,
ike every year, the Shirdi Sai Baba Poornima programs is Palki Yatra, also on the topic of sustainable urban systems, established in 2018 and part of PIIRS, will
temple is holding weeklong cele‑ known as Pallaki Yatra. In the palanquin has been named professor of India stud‑ bring together scholars and students from
brations of Guru Poornima, which procession an Utsava Vigraha of the ies, civil and environmental engineering, all disciplines to broadly explore contem‑
honors the life and times of the Shirdi saint goes around the nearby streets of and the Princeton Environmental Institute, porary India, including its economy, poli‑
saint, beginning July 14th. Various pro‑ Flushing. The procession begins at 4pm in addition to the inaugural director of the tics and culture under Ramaswamiʼs aegis,
grams will be held in the name of Sai on Saturday, July 20, and ends around M.S. Chadha Center for Global India. She the university said.
Baba. 7pm when it returns to the temple fol‑ will assume her new duties at Princeton Ramaswami will also build a broadly
Like on previous occasions, since the lowed by Aarati and Maharprasad. The on Aug. 1, Princeton said in a news multidisciplinary anchor program within
temple was formally inaugurated in temple is located at 46‑16 Robinson release. Ramaswami has been the Charles the center focused on urbanization, inno‑
2010, the highlight of the Guru street, Flushing, Queens, NYC M. Denny Jr. Chair of Science, Technology vation and global India, it said. DIASPORA July 13-19, 2019 9

UK's top woman police officer Parm

Sandhu sues Scotland Yard over racism
London: One of Britain's senior‑ bunal next week. The inquiry, launched in June g ross misconduct not ice on Sandhu had "no case to answer"
most Indian‑origin female police "At this early stage, we are unable 2018, focussed on whether Ms. Wednesday 27 June and has been and would face no further action,
of ficers is taking leg al act ion to comment further around defend‑ Sandhu encouraged her colleagues placed on restricted duties," said a with restrictions on her duties at
against Scotland Yard over allega‑ ing the claim," the Met Police said to support her nomination for a Met Police statement at the time. work being lifted.
tions of racial and gender discrimi‑ in a statement. Queen's Police Medal (QPM), which T he UK's National Police Chief Ms. Sand hu, who joined the
nation within the UK's largest Ms. Sandhu is being backed by is awarded twice a year by Queen Council guidelines say that "any police service in 1989, rose
police force. the Metropolitan Black Police Elizabeth II as part of her honors' person can nominate any other per‑ throug h the ranks to become
Parm Sandhu, currently serving Association, which says it is con‑ lists. son for an honor." Borough Commander in Richmond‑
as Temporary Chief Superintendent cerned about the lack of senior The medals are given to serving However, as with other honors, upon‑Thames. She is one of the
w ith the Metropolitan Police, female ethnic minority officers. police officers in the UK in recogni‑ people are not expected to nomi‑ most senior ethnic minority female
claims she was denied promotions The 54‑year‑old officer took the tion of distinguished service or out‑ nate themselves and are not meant of ficers in the Met Police and in
and opportunities at work due to legal step at the end of an internal standing courage in the line of to contribute to or know about the 2006 received an Asian Women of
her race and gender. Met Police investigation which duty. "A temporary chief superin‑ process. Achievement Award for her
The first hearing in her case is set exonerated her of gross misconduct tendent currently attached to The internal Met Police investiga‑ achievements in the police force.
to take place at an employment tri‑ last month. human resources was served with a tion concluded last month that Ms. (PTI)

In son's memory Swraj Paul

donates million pounds for
London Zoo Reserve
London: Leading British Indian entrepreneur Lord Paul, during his annual gathering held
and parliamentarian Lord Swraj Paul has at the London Zoo on Sunday.
announced 1 million pounds donation to the "Dominic Jermey, the Director General, and
London Zoo for a major new project that will the team are working very hard to open it
lead to creation of the Angad Paul African next year," said the 88‑year‑old India‑born
Reserve in memory of his late son. industrialist.
The Caparo Group chief, who has donated The redesign of the Zoological Society of
substantially over his long association with London (ZSL) aviary, being undertaken by
the zoo, said the latest donation will go celebrated British architect Norman Foster, is
towards the redevelopment of its aviary and set to transform the aviary conceived by
the surrounding area. renowned Brit ish photog rapher Lord
"I have now decided to give 1 million Snowden many years ago into a walk‑through
pounds to the zoo for its next major project, enclosure.
the redevelopment of the Snowden Aviary Swraj Paul's son Angad, who is credited
and the surrounding area, which will be with taking the Caparo Group into India, died
Lord Jagannathʼs Rath Yatra passing through Piccadilly Circus London on June 16th.
called the Angad Paul African Reserve," said suddenly in 2015 aged 45.


Kumaraswamy woos US businesses to invest in Karnataka

Washington/Bengaluru: Showcasing "New business opportunities in with global linkages for job cre‑ investments and Bengaluru rated as gy, medical technology and genetic
Karnataka as a favorite investment Karnataka", organized by the US‑ ation," he said. the world's most dynamic city, engineering, he said.
destination in India, Chief Minister India Small and Medium Enterprise Holding his state was ready for Kumaraswamy said the state's "We are undertaking comprehen‑
H.D. Kumaraswamy on Tuesday Council. business as never before, the Chief growth was due to its pro‑active, sive reforms to ensure seamless and
invited US businesses to invest in the According to a copy of his speech Minister said his coalition govern‑ business‑friendly policies, good time‑bound processes for project
southern state. shared with media by the Chief ment made doing business easier infrastructure, skilled manpower and approval, grant of statutory permis‑
"I seek your investments in our Minister's Of fice in Bengaluru, and smarter by ensuring 98.6 per‑ ecosystem for nurturing innovation. sions and licenses. Our transparent
state, which offers huge opportuni‑ Kumaraswamy invited US businesses cent compliance to the Business "Karnataka contributes 50 percent policy initiatives are aimed at provid‑
ties in manufacturing and services to participate in the ''Global Reforms Action Plan norms. to the country's machine tool pro‑ ing support to new industries and
sectors for US businesses," Investors'' Meet'' the state would "Our government is drafting a new duction, 39 percent to IT exports, 67 entrepreneurs.
Kumaraswamy told investors at a host in January 2020 on opportuni‑ industrial policy for 2019‑24 to percent to making aircraft and heli‑ "We are determined to ensure our
seminar in Maryland's Silver Spring ties, incentives and facilities it offers offer a robust ecosystem to spur eco‑ copters for defence services and 33 state leads in the Fourth Industrial
near Washington. to potential investors. nomic growth, create jobs and make percent to biotech exports," he said. Revolution and use the power of big
Though on a week‑long private "I seek your participation to make the state a global manufacturing and The state is also at the forefront of data, high computing capacity, artifi‑
visit to the US since June 29, the the Global Investors'' Meet a success services hub," he told the gathering. next‑gen technology such as cial intelligence and analytics to digi‑
Chief Minister addressed US as it is meant to attract investments Claiming that Karnataka was blockchain, additive manufacturing, tize manufacturing in the state," he
investors and NRIs at the seminar on from domestic and overseas firms ranked first in the country to attract 3D printing, robotics, nanotechnolo‑ added. (IANS)
10 July 13-19, 2019 US AFFAIRS

Trump admin still pushing to add citizenship question to census

Washington: Attorney General William Barr Commerce Department directing it to inclusion on the census would lead to an
said Monday that he believes the Trump include the citizenship question on the 2020 inaccurate count of the population, as immi‑
administration can legally add a citizenship census. Action is expected to be taken in the grants might be discouraged from partici‑
question to the 2020 census, though the coming days. pating. The Department of Justice (DOJ) had
Supreme Court ruled against its inclusion The Supreme Court, in a 5‑4 ruling last argued that the data would not be used for
last month. month, found that the administration's stat‑ purposes beyond compliance with the vot‑
In an interview with The Associated Press, ed reason for adding the citizenship ques‑ ing law, but critics said the perception was
Barr said he has been in regular contact tion to the census didnʼt match up with the enough to cause individuals to skip the
with President Trump about the question, evidence in the case. question or the survey altogether.
which the president is determined to see The justices blocked the question from The DOJ initially appeared ready to accept
featured on the decennial survey. appearing on the survey for the time being defeat in the legal battles, announcing
“I agree with him that the Supreme Court but left an opening for the Commerce Tuesday that census materials would be
decision was wrong,” Barr told the AP. The Barr declined to provide further details on Department to provide another reason for printed without the question.
attorney general added that he thinks there how the question will be added to the cen‑ the questionʼs inclusion. The Trump admin‑ But Trump one day later tweeted that
is “an opportunity potentially to cure the sus. However, the AP cited a senior official istration had claimed the question was nec‑ those efforts would move forward, appear‑
lack of clarity that was the problem and we who said President Trump is expected to essary to enforce the Voting Rights Act. ing to catch even DOJ lawyers on the case
might as well take a shot at doing that.” issue a presidential memorandum to the Opponents of the question argued that its by surprise.

Trump’s approval
rating rises to 44%
Friend of Trump and Bill Clinton
Washington: While a majority of Americans still dis‑
approve of President Trumpʼs performance in office,
his approval rat‑
arrested in sex trafficking case
ing among voting‑ New York: Investigators seized nude pho‑ engaged in sex traf ficking, bringing
age Americans tographs of underage girls from the underage girls to his Upper East Side
rose from 39% in Manhattan town house of Jeffrey Epstein mansion in New York City and his pala‑
April to 44% in as part of a new investigation into allega‑ tial compound in Palm Beach, Florida.
the latest tions he exploited dozens of minors for Accusations of pedophilia and sexual
Washington Post‑ sex, prosecutors revealed on Monday. predation have dogged Epstein for
ABC News poll. That detail was mentioned by federal decades. He has avoided a lengthy prison
The key to his prosecutors as they unsealed an indict‑ sentence largely because of a controver‑
ratings seemed to ment charging Epstein with sex traffick‑ sial plea deal with prosecutors in 2008.
be the economy, ing and made an appeal to other women President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew
with 51% of who may have been abused by him as of Britain were pals with Epstein. He
respondents girls to come forward. "They deserve was also linked to Harvard law professor
approving of his their day in court and we are proud to Prosecutors laying out the case Alan Dershowitz, and to then wealthy
job performance President Trumpʼs job‑ stand up for them by bringing this indict‑ against multimillionaire NYC real estate mogul named Donald
in that area, the approval rating is now at the ment," said Geof frey Berman, the US financier Jeffrey Epstein Trump.
poll said. It was highest point of his presidency. attorney in Manhattan. them hundreds of dollars in cash. He also In 2002, the future president told New
the first time in (Photo courtesy AP) Epstein, 66, is accused of engaging in York Magazine: “Heʼs a lot of fun to be
asked some of the girls to recruit other
his presidency that the measure was above 50%, ABC sex acts with dozens of vulnerable underage girls, the indictment said. with. It is even said that he likes beauti‑
News noted. minors, some as young as 14, during Prosecutors said that from 2002 to ful women as much as I do, and many of
His weak spot was the 65% of people who said he naked massage sessions, then paying 2005 Epstein and his employees them are on the younger side.”
had acted “unpresidential” since taking of fice, but
that was lower than the 70% registered in early 2018.
“The survey highlights the degree to which Trump
has a narrow but real path to reelection,” The
Washington Post said in its analysis.
Trump foe Amash quits GOP, may
Cuomo signs bill launch third party presidential bid
allowing state to release Washington: Justin Amash, who faced a his stance on impeachment proceed‑
likely removal from his committee and ings against Trump.
Trump’s tax returns GOP conference membership, Amash didn't mention the President
announced in a letter Monday he is by name, but his decision to abandon
Albany, NY: Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law
resigning from both. the party comes after months of esca‑
Monday the bill that gives congressional Democrats
The decision came a day ahead of a lating criticism not just of Trump but
access to President Trumpʼs New York tax filings.
GOP steering committee vote that of his own colleagues for their failure
The legislation green lights the state Department of
would have likely removed Amash to hold the President to account,
Taxation and Finance to release Trumpʼs tax returns
from the House Oversig ht and specifically for the actions detailed in
following a written request “for a specified and legiti‑
Government Reform Committee. special counsel Robert Mueller's report
mate legislative purpose” made by at least one of
The Michigan independent said in a on the 2016 election and its aftermath.
three congressional committees ̶ the House Ways
July 4 op‑ed he would leave the GOP in In the same interview, Amash said
and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee
a move that followed his call for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should
and the Joint Committee on Taxation.
President Trumpʼs impeachment. start impeachment proceedings against
Information that violates state or federal law or
The libertarian and former House Trump. "From a principled, moral posi‑
poses an “invasion of personal privacy,” like social
Freedom Caucus member wrote to GOP tion, she's making a mistake. From a
security numbers or personal addresses, would be
leaders Monday afternoon, “I am with‑ strategic position, she's making a mis‑
drawing my membership in the House take," Amash said. The Michigan law‑
The measure only includes the filings of Trump and
Republican Conference, e f fect ive maker's break with the Republican
other elected officials, not private citizens.
immediately, for the reasons outlined Party added fuel to growing specula‑
But Republican critics argue itʼs a political ploy, and
in my accompanying op‑ed.” tion that he will seek the Libertarian
Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee Rep.
In an interview with CNN Amash said Party nomination and launch a long‑
Richard Neal (D‑Massachusetts) has said the move is Congressman from
that high‑level party of ficials have shot bid for president in 2020, which
unnecessary as Congress probably wonʼt act on the Michigan Justin Amash
thanked him behind closed doors for he has not ruled out.
powers granted. US AFFAIRS July 13-19, 2019 11

It would be Ridgecrest, CA: T he two major

earthquakes that hit Southern
California should alert people
California governor says
'great' to have
earthquakes are a 'wakeup call'
across the nation of the need to be

a female prepared for natural disasters, the

state's governor said as of ficials

running mate: expressed relief that the damages

weren't worse.
Las Vegas' Clark County. But seis‑
mologists warned that the area

Joe Biden Gov. Gavin Newsom said Saturday

that governments must strengthen
could see up to 30,000 aftershocks
over the next six months. April
Washington: Demo crat ic alert systems and building codes, Hamlin said she was "already on
presidential front‑runner Joe and residents should make sure edge" when the second quake rat‑
Biden says it would be "great" they know how to protect them‑ tled her Ridgecrest home. She and
to have a female vice president, selves during an earthquake. "It is a her three kids initially thought it
but he won't say whether he'd wake‑up call for the rest of the state was another aftershock. "But it just
pick Senator Kamala Harris for and other parts of the nation, kept on intensifying," Hamlin said.
the No. 2 spot if he receives his frankly," Newsom said at a news "The TV went over, hanging by the
party's nomination. conference to update the public on cord. We heard it break. We heard
In an interview aired Friday the state's efforts to help the region glass breakage in the other rooms,
on CNN, Biden said, "I think it hit by earthquakes on Thursday and but all we could do was stay where
helps having a woman on the Friday. we were until it stopped."
t icket." Biden was asked Friday's earthquake was the With the possibility of aftershocks
whether it might be Harris, largest one Southern California in and temperatures forecast to reach
who confronted him at last nearly 20 years. Of ficials voiced 100 degrees (38 Celsius) over the
week's Democratic presidential concerns about the possibility of A fissure that opened in the desert during a powerful earthquake next several days, officials were tak‑
debate over his stance on bus‑ major aftershocks in the days and that struck Southern California near Ridgecrest on July 4, 2019. ing precautions. T he California
ing in the 1970s. Biden said he even months to come. No fatalities (Photo courtesy: Reuters National Guard was sending 200
was not going to get into or major injuries were reported 6.4‑magnitude temblor hit on more than $100 million in econom‑ troops, logistical support and air‑
specifics because "I don't even after the 7.1‑magnitude quake, Thursday. It left behind cracked and ic damages and said President craft, Maj. Gen. David Baldwin said.
have the nomination." Harris which jolted an area from burning buildings, broken roads, Donald Trump called him to of fer The Pentagon had been notified,
surged in polls after the debate Sacramento to Mexico and prompt‑ obstructed railroad tracks and leak‑ federal support in the rebuilding and the entire California Military
confrontation, when she criti‑ ed the evacuation of the Navy's ing water and gas lines. effort. "He's committed in the long Department was put on alert, he
cized Biden for recently high‑ largest single landholding, Naval Air The light damage was largely due haul, the long run, to help support said. Naval Air Weapons Station
lighting his decades‑old work Weapons Station China Lake in the to the remoteness of the area where the rebuilding ef forts," Newsom China Lake said in a Facebook post
with segregationist senators Mojave Desert. the earthquake occurred, but said of Trump. that nonessential workers were
and his opposition to public The quake struck at 8:19 p.m. Newsom cautioned after touring Only 28,000 people live in the evacuated and operations halted.
school busing during the Friday and was centered 11 miles Ridgecrest that "it's deceiving, Ridgecrest area, which is sand‑ The epicenters of both quakes were
1970s. (18 kilometers) from Ridgecrest, the earthquake damage. You don't wiched between more populated on the base, and officials said they
same area of the desert where a notice it at first." Newsom estimated areas of Southern California and are continuing to assess damage.
12 July 13-19, 2019 INDIA NEWS

Karnataka crisis deepens, echoes in Parliament

Bengaluru/New Delhi: The crisis in

Opposition walks
the H.D. Kumaraswamy‑led govern‑
ment in Karnataka deepened fur‑
ther on Tuesday with one more
Congress MLA resigning, taking to
17 the number of legislators of the
ruling Congress‑JD‑S combine who
have quit over the last few days.
out of Lok Sabha
New Delhi: Major opposition par‑ their seats. The Speaker pointed
Meanwhile, the 11 rebel Congress
ties, including the Congress and out that he had allowed the
MLAs, who resigned from their
the DMK, on Tuesday stormed Congress on Monday to speak on
Assembly seats three days back, on
out of the Lok Sabha over the the issue. "But don't give out an
Tuesday skipped the party's legisla‑
political crisis in Karnataka impression outside Parliament
ture meeting in Bengaluru, which
where several Congress and JD‑S that it is a place for sloganeering
was attended only by 60 of the 78
MLAs have quit, putting the and showing placards."
party MLAs.
coalition government in a crisis. "Don't make the House look
The political crisis in Karnataka
The House was plunged into like a municipal corporation
resonated in Parliament as well on
an uproar when a Cong ress hall," Birla said.
Tuesday, with the Congress accus‑
request to raise the issue during The Speaker, who had earlier
ing the BJP of destabilizing its gov‑
Zero Hour was not allowed by warned the members amid
ernment in the southern state.
Speaker Om Birla. protests, urged them to take
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh
Congress and DMK MPs imme‑ their seats, adding that he had
rejected the charge, saying the
diate ly trooped near the been giving opportunities to
Congress was unable to handle its
Speaker's podium raising slo‑ members to speak out of turn.
internal problems.
gans like "we want justice" and Congress leader Adhir Ranjan
If the resignations of all the 12
"stop dictatorship". Congress Chowdhury hit out at the govern‑
MLAs of the Congress, three of the
leaders, who persisted with their ment and asked it to stop "poach‑
JD‑S, one of regional party KPJP
Congress legislators led by Siddaramaiah stage a demonstration at demand, first protested from ing politics".
and an Independent are accepted by
Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru. (Photo: IANS)
Assembly Speaker K.R. Ramesh resigned. Besides them, one legisla‑ President Dinesh Gundu Rao for the
Kumar, the ruling coalition's num‑ Congress legislator R. Roshan Baig the legislators of both the parties to tor of KPJP and an Independent, party's rout in the recent Lok Sabha
ber in the 225‑member House will resigned from the Shivajinagar meet me on July 12, July 15 and have also quit as ministers and elections.
drop from 118 to 101, 12 short of Assembly seat, submitting his resig‑ July 21, as their resignations are withdrawn their support to the The Congress, which contested
the majority mark. nation letter to the Speaker in his faulty and explanations are not in Kumaraswamy government. the Lok Sabha polls in pre‑poll
The Speaker on Tuesday asked all of fice. Later, the Speaker declined accordance with the law under sec‑ Baig, 67, an eight‑time lawmaker alliance with its coalition partner
the MLAs who have resigned to to accept the resignations of the 13 tion 202 of the Anti‑Defection Act," from Shivajinagar, was suspended JD‑S, won only one of the 21 seats it
meet him personally to clarify on Congress‑JD‑S rebel legislators, as 8 said Kumar. With Baig quitting, the from the party on June 19 for his contested. The JD‑S also managed
their resignation letters, saying were not in the prescribed format number of Congress lawmakers attack on the party's state in‑charge to win only one seat.
some of those were not in proper and 5 needed explanations to who have resigned from their K.C. Venugopal, Congress The opposition BJP swept the
format. The Speaker's directive ensure they were in accordance respective Assembly seats has gone Legislative Party (CLP) leader polls, bagging 25 of the 27 seats in
came hours after suspended with the law. "I have summoned all up to 12. Three JD‑S MLAs also Siddaramaiah and state unit the state.

Contract given to kill me: Modi pips Ramdev to become

Anna Hazare tells court top fitness influencer
Mumbai: Social crusader Kisan Baburao New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Hazare, popularly known as Anna Hazare, has emerged as the top‑most health influ‑
told a Special CBI court here on Tuesday encer in the country ‑‑ second time in a row
that a contract has been handed out to ‑‑ followed by Bollywood actor Akshay
eliminate him for speaking out against the Kumar and yoga guru Baba Ramdev, Indias
corruption in the Terna Sugar Factory in leading preventive healthcare ecosystem
Osmanabad. GOQii announced on Tuesday.
Deposing as a prosecution witness in the The new entrants in this year's coveted
ongoing murder trial of Congress leader list of India's "Top 30 Health influencers for
Pawan Raje Nimbalkar before Special 2019" include MS Dhoni, Ranveer Singh,
Judge Anand Yavalkar, Hazare said that Kareena Kapoor, Tiger Shroff and Priyanka
after he learnt about the death threats Chopra who made it to the top 10. Others in
through the media, he had lodged a com‑ the top 10 list are Indian cricket team cap‑
plaint with the Parner police station in tain Virat Kohli and actor Deepika
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Ahmednagar. Padukone.
performing yoga.
Former Minister and NCP leader "This report is an ef fort to identify the
Padamsinh Patil, a prime accused in the most influential healthcare personalities in "Even with his hectic life, he manages to
sensational 2006 killing of his cousin our country who have the power to make maintain his workout regime, occasionally
Nimbalkar, is linked to the Osmanabad‑ Social crusader Kisan Baburao Hazare. India healthy; a goal for us at GOQii as well adding new exercises to avoid boredom. He
based sugar factory and is currently the as the government of India," Vishal Gondal, believes that one should devote their body
President of the Terna Public Charitable lowed by sitting on a hunger strike after CEO and founder GOQii, said in a statement. to exercise for one hour in order to be fit,"
Trust. Hazare said that before lodging the which the government appointed a com‑ "Modi was instrumental in instituting the the report mentioned. A popular household
complaint, he had also informed the Prime mission of enquiry headed by a retired International Day of Yoga 2015, which is name, yoga for Ramdev is an integral part of
Minister and the Maharashtra Chie f Supreme Court judge. now observed globally. He is not only keen life. "His claim to fame is his company,
Minister about the risk to his life, but no Later, one of the accused in the case had on improving India but keen on improving Patanjali Ayurved, that believes in yoga and
action was initiated since Patil was a rela‑ given a statement in which he had given the health and fitness of Indians as well. ayurveda as a way of improving life. His
tive of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) details about the conspiracy to eliminate Despite all the tasks at hand, the 68‑year‑ brand is now a popular name in India and is
President Sharad Pawar. the social worker. old still manages to stay fit," said the report. giving MNC FMCG companies a run for their
Hazare said that in protest against the Hazare, 82, had exposed alleged corrupt Akshay is undoubtedly India's fittest money. As of May 19, his company is the
threats, he had returned his Padma Shri goings‑on in the Terna Sugar Factory, celebrity who is trained in martial arts and third largest FMCG company in India," the
and Vriksha Mitra honours, which he fol‑ which allegedly had angered Patil. has a black belt in taekwondo. report noted. INDIA NEWS July 13-19, 2019 13

Budget extends tax on NRIs for receiving gifts

New Delhi: The expensive gift that you kept cent tax. The tax rate would get higher if the
for your overseas cousin or friend may value of the gift, be it payment for studies or
attract tax from this year with the Budget a house abroad, is more than Rs 2 crore or
2019‑20 proposing to impose withholding Rs 5 crore. In such cases, the highest tax
tax all such transfers, plugging an earlier rate for super rich, i.e. 35.7 and 42.7 per
loophole that allowed its tax‑ free treatment. cent respectively would apply.
The Finance Bill 2019 has imposed tax on For the purpose, gift will constitute shares,
any sum of money paid or any property situ‑ property, vouchers, cash etc exceeding Rs
ated in India, transferred by a person resi‑ 50,000 made to anyone, apart from the
dent in India to a person outside India, as it specified relatives or blood relations.
would be deemed to accrue or arise in India. While making gifts to NRIs taxable, the
The changes will be applied for all such Budget has proposed that in a treaty situa‑
transfers made on or after July 5, 2019. tion, the relevant article of applicable DTAA
Currently gifts given by Indian residents (double taxation avoidance treaty) shall con‑
to non‑resident Indians ‑ apart from the tinue to apply for such gifts as well.
specified list of relatives ‑ would be claimed This amendment will take ef fect from
as non‑taxable. April 1, 2020 and will, apply in relation to
This is because the earlier tax put the onus the assessment year 2020‑21 and subse‑
on the recipient of the gift to make the dis‑ quent assessment years.
closure and pay tax. As a gift to NRIs means The specified relatives list in terms of
Currently gifts given by Indian residents to non‑resident Indians ‑ apart from the
that income is accrued abroad, it remained Section 56 of the Income Tax Act is fairly
specified list of relatives ‑ would be claimed as non‑taxable.
outside the tax net. wide. It includes brothers and sisters, and
But now, all gifts to NRIs will be income gift becomes important for tax purpose, received if they originate in India and then their spouses. Gifts to this category will not
accruing in India and would be taxed as per instead of the destination of the gift abroad. pay a tax on it. attract any tax. But acquaintances, friends,
the normal slab rates applicable to resident The onus will be on the recipient (the NRI So, if the value of the gift is above Rs 10 and other close family relations would come
Indians. This means that the origin of the in this case) of the gift to disclose such gifts lakh, the recipient will have to pay 30 per under the purview of the tax.

Wealth of high India to face fiscal challenges despite

net worth
individuals fell lower deficit target: Moody's
Singapore/Mumbai: Credit rating agency said. The full Budget presented on July 5 tar‑ uidity for NBFCs as credit‑positive for the rel‑
3% in 2018 Moody's Investors Service on Tuesday said
that India continues to face fiscal challenges,
geted a slightly lower deficit of 3.3 per cent of
the GDP for fiscal 2019 than what the author‑
evant entities and "should encourage the flow
of credit to the economy and support
New Delhi: The overall wealth of High despite lower deficit target in the full Budget ities had predicted in February. growth".
Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) declined 2019‑20. In its analysis of the full Budget As per the report, budget announcements "The hike in customs duties on certain
by 3 per cent in 2018, resulting in a 2019‑20, Moody's said that weak growth for public sector banks, non‑bank finance imported products will increase the competi‑
worldwide loss of $2 trillion, said the prospects for India will complicate the gov‑ companies (NBFCs), the infrastructure sector, tiveness of domestic producers, while new
World Wealth Report 2019 (WWR). ernment's fiscal consolidation efforts, weigh‑ property developers, some domestic produc‑ incentives for the purchase of af fordable
This is the first drop in the last seven ing on the sovereign credit quality. ers and securitization transactions are credit homes will be credit positive for Indian prop‑
years, said the report published by "Simultaneously delivering on fiscal consoli‑ positive. erty developers," the agency said.
Capgemini on Tuesday. dation and raising incomes will be extremely Specifically, the report pointed out the Rs "And, plans to increase public spending on
"Largely due to a drop in wealth in the challenging for India's authorities, particular‑ 70,000 crore ($10.2 billion) capital infusion infrastructure and expand funding sources to
Asia‑Pacific region (specifically China), ly since growth is likely to remain weak over into public sector banks and a temporary these companies are credit positive for the
this decline has resulted in a loss of $2 the coming year," the credit rating agency credit guarantee facility to alleviate tight liq‑ sector."
trillion worldwide. Despite this, wealth
management firms maintained stable

Modi slams 'professional pessimists'

levels of customer trust and satisfaction
throughout the year, though better per‑
sonal relationships are still key for
enhanced performance of firms which
can be achieved through effective utiliza‑ Varanasi: Prime Minister mon man with a problem, he
tion of next‑gen technologies," it said. Narendra Modi said that those will help you find a solution.
T he g lobal HNWI population and criticizing his government's But if you go to these pes‑
wealth declined by 0.3 per cent and 3 vision of making India a $5 tril‑ simists people, they will turn it
per cent respectively, with Asia‑Pacific lion economy were "profession‑ into a threat."
hit the hardest, it noted. al pessimists". The Prime Minister said that
"The region (Asia Pacific) represented "T here are certain people there has been a lot of buzz
$1 trillion of the global decline in wealth, who are questioning why the around the $5 trillion economy
as the HNWI population decreased by 2 government has set such a tar‑ since the Budget was tabled in
per cent and HNWI wealth by 5 per cent. get, what is the need, why all Parliament, and it is important
China alone was responsible for more this is being done? These peo‑ to explain to people its mean‑
than half (53 per cent) of Asia‑Pacific ple should be called profession‑ ing. He said to reach the figure,
and more than 25 per cent of global al pessimists," said Modi while India's economy has to nearly
HNWI wealth loss," it said. inaugurating a BJP member‑ double.
Meanwhile, HNWI wealth declined ship drive here in Uttar "There is a saying in English,
across nearly all other regions; in Latin Pradesh. Union Finance that 'size of the cake matters'...
America it declined by 4 per cent, Europe Minister Nirmala Sitharaman We have increasing India's
by 3 per cent and North America by 1 on Friday presented the Union share to double of what it was,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
per cent. However, the Middle East Budget in which she spoke and the benefits of it will reach
bucked the trend, generating 4 per cent about making India a $5 trillion every Indian." today, and it is India's time now. merely as food producers. "We
growth in HNWI wealth and increasing economy by 2024‑25. Modi added that the devel‑ He said that one of the meth‑ are now looking at farmers are
its HNWI population by 6 per cent due to Modi said: "Professional pes‑ oped nations of the world also ods of boosting the economy is exporters. There is tremendous
strong GDP growth and financial market simists are different from com‑ went through their own strug‑ to see farmers as wealth cre‑ potential for our farmers to
performance. mon people. If you go to a com‑ gles to reach where they are ators of the nation and not grow exponentially."
14 July 13-19, 2019 OP-ED

What the quest for a $5 trillion economy entails

By Partha trillion is not necessarily good crore, more than the actual Rs
Mukhopadhyay for exports, though it is possible 55,166 crore spent in 2017‑18
to get real GDP growth, even if and Rs 55,000 crore allocated

ollowing the Economic export prices face some head‑ last year, but its share has
Survey, which turned it wind. We can hope, just like sav‑ dropped by over 20%, from 6.9%
into a hashtag, it was only ings is not responsive to interest to 5.3%.
to be expected that the finance rates, that our buyers are not But, neither are fertilizer subsi‑
minister would say “it is well that responsive to prices either. dies that have risen from Rs
within our capacity to reach the Is the budget shifting gears? If 66,467 crore in 2017‑18 to
$5 trillion [economy] in the next so, we are not doing so very nearly Rs 80,000 crore, but their
few years”. And well it is. abruptly. If we compare the share of expenditure on major
In 2000, Indiaʼs dollar GDP was budget shares for outlays on schemes has dropped from 8.3%
a little less than half a trillion. By major schemes, it appears that to 7%.
2014, when Narendra Mo di the big expenditures, on PM‑ Maybe itʼs too early and a little
came to power, it was a little over Kisan, for example, have been risky with Maharashtra elections
2 trillion dollars – it had risen financed largely through redis‑ looming (the allocation for cot‑
over four t imes in 15 years. tribut ing g rowth in overall ton procurement has risen to
Indeed, if India continued grow‑ expenditure, from Rs 8 lakh crore over Rs 2,000 crore from Rs 100
ing at the same rate it did during to over Rs 11 lakh crore. crore in 2017‑18), but even a
the previous NDA regime and T he shares of many older gesture towards moving to direct
ʻdysfunctionalʼ UPA decade, our major schemes has been reduced, transfers, away from price subsi‑
date with $5 trillion would have even as their absolute allocations dies, would have been nice.
been 2023, just before the next have risen. While the minister This is a budget that is taking
Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrives at Parliament to
elections. So, will we still get spoke about gaon, garib and firm, if relatively gentle steps,
present the Union Budget 2019, in New Delhi. (Photo: IANS)
almost there, by almost then, if kisan and the common man, the towards shaping a New India. For
we just manage to replicate what reminds us that in the eighties, it foreign capital likes to invest. umbrella schemes for scheduled a mandate as massive as the
we did before? grew at 16%, in the nineties, at The capital inflows prevent the castes, scheduled tribes and Modi government has received, a
Whatʼs true of income is also 13.3%, and 15.3% in the 2000s. rupee from depreciating as much minorities, has taken a hit, rela‑ first budget could have tried
true of taxes. T he minister Indeed, we might pleasantly sur‑ as it should, given domestic infla‑ tively for the first two, and an harder. It could have relied a bit
informed us that direct tax col‑ prise ourselves. t ion (the budget implicitly absolute fall from Rs 3,948 crore more on wing in the budget and
lections rose from Rs 6.38 lakh The $5 trillion discourse is a assumes it to be 5%) – which in expenditure in 2017‑18 to an prayer in the Survey.
crore in 2013‑14 to Rs 11.37 consequence of compounded actually makes Indian products allocation of Rs 1,590 crore in
lakh crore in 2018‑19 – an annu‑ growth and the fact the exchange costlier in dollars than they this budget, a reduction in share (Partha Mukhopadhyay is sen‑
al increase of 10.3%, “growing at rates have not fully adjusted to should be, which could – possibly from 0.5% to a little over 0.1%. ior fellow, Centre for Policy
a double digit rate”. Of course, inflation dif ferentials, especially – af fect our push to grow by MGNREGS remains substantial, Research. The Op‑Ed appeared in
the Economic Survey also in emerging economies where exporting. Whatʼs good for $5 with an allocation of Rs 60,000 The Hindustan Times)

Indo‑US ties: Time to discuss mutual interests

By Jayanta Ghosal Support within the country is giving
Modi the strength to fight a world leader

S Secretary of State Mike like Trump. He is able to bargain. If a
Pompeo came in advance for the government is not backed by a majority
final round of Prime Minister in Parliament, if it is weak, or a patch‑
Narendra Modi's face‑to‑face meeting work coalition government, the govern‑
with American President Donald Trump. ment would be weak internationally.
Trump sent him to fix the schedule of the However, the foreign policy of Trump is
two top leaders' meeting. It was just also dif ficult to understand ‑ trade war
before June 28 that a bilateral meeting with China; Russian sanctions; a shaky
would be held in the G‑20 summit in deal with North Korea; a fight with a
Japan. neighbor like Canada and problems with
But with Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, Mexico.
Pompeo also held an advance meeting Here, Modi has to show diplomatic
basically for themselves. Trump praised expert ise. So far, both Mo di and
Modi with a tweet as soon as his second Jaishankar have been successful on this
innings started, but his main goal was to front. Modi knows that India cannot have
ensure that India withdrew tax on US enmity with the US.
items ‑ India has taxed medicine, cars, Meanwhile, another US presidential
toys, and this tax had to be reduced. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi. election is coming up. What if Trump is
US goods and services trade with India elected President once again? Ahead of
was estimated at $142.1 billion (2018). agreement. According to US law, the Iran. US officials wanted India to freeze the 2020 election, he is now becoming
But the volume of this trade has now country will ban those who enter into a diplomatic ties with Iran, but New Delhi more conservative and more aggressive.
reduced. There is now a US trade deficit defense agreement with Russia. Again, did not care about American threats. Now India should not expect that all
with India. There are complaints that the angry US authorities made it more India did not change Modi's policy on claims of Mo di w ill be accepted by
India has increased tariffs in 29 of the US difficult for Indians to get an opportunity Iran. Understanding the situation in Trump.
products that are coming into India. to get H‑1 visas. The cost of US visas has India, US officials have also given a con‑ Or India will accept all expectations of
Trump has opposed the buying of the increased. As a result, Indian students cession to Iran on this issue till May this Trump. There is always a dif ference
S‑800 TRIUMF missile system of India and information technology workers are year. Now see what they do. In 'self‑inter‑ between these basic needs and effective
from Russia. From 2020, this missile will in trouble. est', there has been a peace deal with the demands. There is a conflict between the
be available in India. According to the There is also trouble on the Iran issue. Taliban in Afghanistan. Peace negotia‑ demands of the two sovereign states. The
American consumersʼ legislation, the US In August 2012, the Trump administra‑ tions with the Taliban for India is not path of getting through these conflicts is
authorities are opposing this defense tion issued fresh financial sanctions on very happy news. wide.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times. ART July 13-19, 2019 15

Indira Govil holds her debut art show in Delhi

er entire life, painting has the opportunity to attend four History. Under the tutelage of husband's recent death, Indira and how we cope is limited in our
been the way for Indira semesters of art classes on full renowned artist Genie Hudson continued to paint as homage to mind only by our imagination. Let
Govil to express her emo‑ scholarship at the University of Patrick, she developed a deeper 54 years of togetherness. Her the spirit fly free.
tions. In the late 1970s, she had Iowa School of Art and Art understanding of medium, form, work is a testament to her Indira Govil, was born to
and color and she found her style. strength of character and sheer Krishna Murari and Sarla Agarwal
After a long hiatus, Indira start‑ will to go on. in 1944, in Khatauli (District
ed painting again in 1990, and Last week, she held her solo, Muzaf farnagar, Uttar Pradesh).
thereafter, every few years there debut exhibition titled “75/32” at After a nomadic life, having stud‑
were bursts of creativity. Through the prestigious India Habitat ied in 13 schools across Uttar
all this she was always supported Center in New Delhi. It not only Pradesh, a 15 year old Indira
and enthusiastically encouraged showcased some of her work, but came to Allahabad University and
by her husband. He would loving‑ also serves as an inspiration: In finished her M.Sc in Botany. With
ly create canvas frames so she the journey of life, there are ups her marriage to Ashok Kumar
could paint. After her beloved and downs but our contentment Govil, she finally found stability.

Iowa based artist Indira Govil held her first solo show Indira Govilʼs displayed paintings included those of Marine Drive, Mumbai,
from July 1‑4 at India Habitat Center in Delhi. and the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History.
16 July 13-19, 2019 NATIONAL COMMUNITY

Dr. Suresh Reddy takes over as

President at AAPI’s meet in Atlanta
Atlanta, GA: Dr. Suresh Reddy, a
young and dynamic Neuro‑ CMEs, Women’s Forum, CEO Forum, Obesity
Interventional Radiologist by Awareness Walk, Entertainment, Mehfil,
profession, assumed charge as
the President of the American Research Contest, Spiritual & Political
Asso ciat ion of Physicians of Discourses, Fashion Parade, Speech Contests,
Indian Origin (AAPI) for the year
2019‑20 at their 37th annual AAPI Has Got Talent, Networking, Fellowship
convention held last weekend. were highlights of the convention
“I promise to align all the ener‑
gies to make AAPI an enormous t ing‑edge research throug h recent years.
force,” Dr. Reddy declared after CMEs, promoting personal, pro‑ In her address, Consul General
assuming charge of the largest fessional and business relation‑ of India in Atlanta, Dr. Swati
ethnic medical association in the ships. Vijay Kulkarni, praised the many
country. Dr. Suresh Reddy (holding the gavel) with his executive team: Dr. Shri Sadhguru, renowned for contributions of AAPI members
Over 2,000 de legates from Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, President‑Elect; Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, his pioneering efforts to nurture in the US and India.
across the country attended the Vice President; Dr. Vijay Kolli, Secretary; and Dr. Raj Bhayani, Treasurer.
global harmony, inaugurated the Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthy
meet at the fabulous Omni Secretary; Dr. Raj Bhayani, national closer to local chapters convent ion w ith his w isdom urged AAPI leaders to take an
Atlanta at CNN Center and Treasurer; Dr. Stella Gandhi, and bonding through the 10 city filled spiritual discourse on July active role in local and national
Georgia World Congress Center. President of Young Physician Jai Ho Musical Tour by 4. Said he, “The moment we learn politics in order to be able to
Dr. Reddy received the gavel section; and, Dr. Anubhav Jain, Sukhvinder Singh.” to see things as they are, we will shape the destiny of the nation.
from Dr. Naresh Parikh, the out‑ President of Medical student and Dr. Reddy aims to “Make AAPI be peaceful. No one can make me The crowd cheered loudly as
going President. Dr. Vinod Shah, Resident section. In his farewell financially robust and increase happy or angry. I do it to myself Shankar Mahadevan performed
former President of AAPI, admin‑ address, Dr. Parikh enumerated our endowments enormously so by choice. You need to treat the before a packed audience.
istered the transfer of office. his several achievements, espe‑ we can focus on our mission of lifestyle illness. What happens Golf with cricket star Kapil Dev
Dr. Suresh Reddyʼs team cially his “success in making E, M, R (education, mentoring, within you is your choice 100 and an address by Bollywood
includes Dr. Seema Arora, Chair AAPI financially sound, cleaning research) and service.” percent.” Dr Patricia Harris, actor Gulshan Grover and signing
of BOT; Dr. Sud hakar up of AAPIʼs Voters List, obtain‑ The four‑day annual event was President, American Medical of their books by the two legends
Jonnalagadda, President‑Elect; ing and using $9 M from USAID packed with activities offering an Asso ciat ion, in her address and donating the sale proceeds
Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, Vice to eradicate TB from several intimate setting that facilitated referred to some of the key ini‑ to AAPI were other highlights of
President; Dr. Vijay Kolli, cities of India; bringing AAPI sharing of knowledge about cut‑ t iat ives AMA is pursuing in the convention.

Tirlok Malik launches Happy Life Yoga,

a new educational platform
By SATimes team

New York: In honor of

International Day of Yoga 2019,
Happy Life Yoga was launched on
June 29. The curtain raiser event
for this educational platform was
inaugurated by Deputy Consul
General of India Shatrughna Sinha
and Manhattan Boroug h
President Gale A. Brewer in a
packed auditorium at the Goddard
Riversideʼs Bernie Wohl Center in
Manhattan. Many other VIPs were
in attendance as well.
Happy Life Yoga is the creation
Happy Life Yoga is the creation of Tirlok
of Tirlok Malik and the Ayurveda
Malik, a happy lifestyle speaker, Emmy
Cafe team. Malik is a restaurateur, Nominated Filmmaker, who runs an
Deputy Consul General of India Shatrughna Sinha and Manhattan Borough President
happy lifestyle speaker, New York Gale A. Brewer, who inaugurated the educational platform, praised Tirlok Malikʼs initiative. Ayurveda restaurant on Upper Westside.
Emmy Nominated Filmmaker, and
a proud Upper Westsider. everyday life, the place of western pressures and ultimately guides eating alone will not make us organizations of Indian Americans
Speaking on the occasion, DCG medicine in holistic wellness, and you towards a happier life. happy. “Indian Philosophy says we on Long Island, and Prof. Indrajit
Shatrughna Sinha promised that the benefits of Yoga. Panelists Tirlok Malik believes India has can have it all, but Kama, the Saluja, publisher‑editor of the
the Consulate will include Happy were Dr. Bhupendra Pate l, always been a spiritual teacher of world of all our desires, can be a Indian Panorama, are on board to
Life Yoga as a partner in the Ayurvedic Dr. Bhaswat i the world and that Indian double‑edged sword and we must spread the message of Happy Life
International Day of Yoga celebra‑ Bhattacharya, and Long Island Philosophy provides the blueprint understand and manage this part Yoga.
tions in 2020. yoga teacher Ranju Narang. of how to live a happy life by of the four aims of human life to Happy Life Yoga will provide
Brewer who has known for Happy Life Yoga offers a unique practicing balance in all four aims be healthier and happier. So fix workshops, excursions, events
Tirlok for a couple of decades also holistic approach to health and of human life: Artha, Dharma, your Kama, and be happier!” he and more. A unique mix of tools
spoke in support of his intitiaive. happiness using tools from Kama and Moksha. asserted. and exercises are used in its work‑
The interactive and entertaining Ayurveda, Indian Philosophy and An animated Malik, who is The event was hosted by The shops to apply these philosophical
event included a panel discussion Yoga to help better manage mod‑ blessed with a powerful voice an Indian Panorama and Indian concepts in everyday life.
moderated by Malik on topics ern day challenges such as work, personality, argued that just the American Forum (IAF). Indu For more info: www.hap‑
such as how to use Ayurveda in finances, relationships, social asana‑yoga practice and healthy Jaiswal of IAF, one of the oldest US AFFAIRS July 13-19, 2019 17

Trump celebrates US might at

July 4 celebration, skips politics
Washington: President Donald
Trump sang the praises of the US
military and American heroes of
the past two and a half centuries
last Thursday as he skirted poli‑
tics in a rousing Independence
Day speech in Washington.
"What a great country," Trump
exclaimed in an address saturated
with patriotism and exceptional‑
ism. "For Americans, nothing is
As combat aircraft, including the
rarely seen B2 stealth bomber
flew overhead, Trump scrolled
through myriad events of US his‑
tory, from groundbreaking inven‑
tions to battlefield victories, draw‑
ing cheers of "USA! USA!" from an
enthusiastic rain‑soaked audience A flypast, marching military bands, fireworks and a rousing speech by President Trump's were highlights of
of tens of thousands on the "Salute to America" event. Truimp plans to make it an annual event. (Photo courtesy AP)
National Mall in Washington.
In front of a massive statue of a
seated Abraham Lincoln, the hero‑
ic 19th century president, Trump
used the traditionally politics‑free
holiday to deliver shoutouts to
each arm of the military, as well
as singling out first responders
and the controversial Border
Patrol and ICE agencies that have
been criticized for their treatment
of migrants.
But he disappointed critics who
had warned that Trump, the first
president in decades to make a
keynote speech on the July 4 holi‑
day, was hijacking the celebration
to bolster his own political stand‑ President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike
ing and attack Democratic rivals. Pence, and acting Defense Secretary Mark Esper watch as the
President Trump speaking at the "Salute to America" speech at the US Navy Blue Angels flyover in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Instead, in a trickling rain, he
Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, July 4. (Photo courtesy AP) in Washington. (Photo courtesy Reuters)
repeatedly ascribed a singular
greatness to the country, declar‑ heroes who proudly defend our Surrounded by the top officers of polls show ing his potent ial Blue Angels flying team. It was a
ing it "the most exceptional nation flag ‑‑ the brave men and women the Pentagon, and a panoply of Democratic rivals holding a signif‑ military show that has been
in the history of the world." of the United States military!" he invited Republican of ficials and icant edge over him. absent from the US capital for
"Today, we come together as one said. VIP donors, the event allowed Trump orig inally wanted a decades, and Trump's foes blasted
nat ion w ith this very special "Our nation is stronger today Trump to stake a strong claim to grand military parade for the holi‑ it ahead of time as a show of mili‑
Salute to America. We celebrate than it ever was before. It is its patriotic fervor 16 months ahead day, ostensibly inspired by tarism. "W hat, I wonder, w ill
our history, our people, and the strongest now," he said. of a presidential election with France's rollout of its military Donald Trump say this evening
might on its own national day. But when he speaks to the nation at
instead, he got a scaled‑back ver‑ an event designed more to stroke
sion, with some US armored vehi‑ his ego than celebrate American
cles parked for display and a fly‑ ideals?" said leading Democratic
over by the president's own Air White House contender Joe Biden
Force One jet, the B2 bomber, in a speech in Iowa earlier
The District of attack helicopters, and the Navy's Thursday.
Columbia put
on its usual
fun‑filled and
Day parade
ahead of
"Salute To

US Army Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps participate in "America's Independence
Day Parade" as part of the "Salute to America". (Photo : Shutterstock)
18 July 13-19, 2019 ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD

Ranveer unveils his 'Malaal': Strong performances

Kapil Dev look from '83' elevate this love story
n his 34th birthday, actor Ranveer
By Troy Ribeiro
Singh unveiled his look from the

upcoming film "'83" in which he will ll through the screening of this
be seen playing the iconic cricketer Kapil Dev. film, just one question would ran‑
Ranveer took to Twitter to share his look. In kle your mind and that is:
the image, the "Padmaavat" star is seen sport‑

Despite her heart and mind
ing a bushy moustache and hairdo. He can be at tangent, why would a girl
seen flipping a leather ball in his hand. like Astha Tripathi (Sharmin
The actor captioned the image: "On my spe‑ Segal) who is studying to be a
cial day, here's presenting the Haryana CA, fall in love with a guy like Shiva More
Hurricane Kapil Dev." (Meezaan Jaaferi)?
The movie will trace India's historic victory Well, you should resign to the fact that
at the 1983 cricket World Cup. Ranveer will love seeks no reason.
be playing the role of former Indian skipper Set in 1998 in Mumbai, Astha comes
Kapil Dev and actress Deepika Padukone will from an upper middle‑class family. They
essay his wife Romi. have just shifted to the chawl after her
This will be the first time Ranveer and father had a bad run‑up at the stock
Deepika will be seen featuring together in a exchange. Shiva is the son‑of‑the‑soil,
film after their wedding. The star couple has aggressive, wayward boy who is easily
previously worked in films like "Padmaavat", influenced by the local politician to fur‑
"Bajirao Mastani" and "Goliyon Ki Rasleela ther their interest. Despite being good Debutants Meezaan Jaaferi
Ram‑Leela". The rest of the cast, includes and Sharmin Segal are
with numbers (calculations), he is sort of a
Saqib Saleem, Adinath Kothare, Chirag Patil, charming and talented.
local "Dada", (goon).
Harddy Sandhu, Ammy Virk, Jatin Sarna, Their paths intersect a few times, till mesh seamlessly into the narrative. The
Pankaj Tripathi, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Dinker Shiva realises that he has "feelings" for adroitly choreographed songs further
Sharma, Jiiva, Sahil Khattar, Dhairya Karwa, her. Their love story blossoms as the nar‑ highlight the culture of its cinematic uni‑
Nishant Dahhiya and R Badree. rative meanders. In the second half the verse. The plot resorts to a couple of deux‑
"83" is being presented by Reliance pace slackens and you realize that their de‑machinas, though lazy, it is more than
Entertainment, and will release on April 10, ʻ83ʼ starring actor Ranveer Singh
story is just oscillating from a full blown pardonable. The last half hour wraps the
2020, in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. will release on April 10, 2020.
love story to a maybe‑maybe‑not, love story astutely and then your heart
romance. bleeds. Debutants Meezaan and Sharmin
Based on an original tale by K Segal are charming and talented. As Shiva

Would be fun to make movie out Selvaraghavan, the story is sweet with all
the trappings of a sweet romance. The
and Astha, they do full justice to their
characters. Together, on screen they make
screenplay by the director and Sanjay a cute pair. Overall, "Malaal" which means
of 'Stranger Things': Shawn Levy Leela Bhansali ensures that the songs regret, is a typical Mills & Boon romance.


tranger Things" is more than
just a supernatural thriller. It has
become a pop culture phenome‑
non over the years. Now, director‑pro‑
ducer Shawn Levy wants to take the ROUTE TO ASK FOR WORK
nostalgia‑inducing blend of horror and eteran actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi, a photograph of her ‑‑ in which she is seen
thrill to the big screen. "cancer warrior", is looking for a embracing her new bald look with confi‑
But he is not in a hurry. "perfect script as a senior actor", dence.
Back in 2016, The Duffer Brothers and says she would like to play an "ele‑ "Warrior me at 62.I am ready to work as
brought the science‑fiction horror
gant role in Indian cinema". I am now a cancer warrior," she wrote on
drama alive, with a bonanza of nostalgic
Almost two years after Neena Gupta Facebook.
1970s and 1980s references. The third
took to social media asking for work, On Instagram, she posted: "I am Nafisa
season of the Netflix show went live ear‑
Nafisa, who revealed about her battle with Ali Sodhi and I would like an elegant role
lier this month.
ovarian cancer last year, took the same to portray in Indian cinema. So looking
"For me, the thrilling part of Season 3
route. The former beauty queen took to for a perfect script as a senior actor.
is that it truly feels like a movie. The
Instagram and Facebook to express her "I need to work to express my emotions.
scope of the action and spectacle, while
desire to work, and shared a portfolio I will not be dictated to," added the
still keeping the emotional depth of
each character, is highly cinematic,"
Levy told IANS.
"Perhaps it would be fun to make a
Director‑producer Shawn Levy Veteran actress
movie out of 'Stranger Things' one day,
got global success with his Nafisa Ali Sodhi is
but we are in no rush as essentially a cancer warrior.
ʻNight at the Museumʼ franchise.
Netflix is allowing to make mini movies
with every episode," he said in an email role in "Stranger Things" as a producer
interview. and sometimes as a director, he says his
Created by Matt and Ross Duffer, the biggest fear is getting complacent.
horror show is set in the fictional town "Our biggest fear is complacency. The
of Hawkins. It follows the story of four Duffers and I go into every new season
friends Will (Noah Schnapp), Mike (Finn determined not to repeat ourselves and
Wolf hard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), to be true to the DNA of our show, while
Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) as they form also taking our audience to a level they
an unlikely alliance with Eleven (Millie haven't yet been.”
Bobby Brown) to save their town from Levy got global success with his
alien invasion. "Night at the Museum" franchise, "Date
The show has grown big with time. Night", "Cheaper by the Dozen" and
But for Levy, who has played an integral "Real Steel". ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD July 13-19, 2019 19

Bollywood B.O.: What to expect in 2019's second half

fter a first half that saw
small wonders like "Uri ‑
The Surgical Strike" and
"Luka Chuppi" win over the audi‑
ences, Bollywood has an exciting
slate lined up for the second half
of 2019. The festival seasons of
Diwali and Christmas are expect‑
ed to light up the box office with
big ticket films like "Housefull 4"
and "Dabangg 3".
The last part of the year looks
more exciting, says Shibasish
Sarkar, Group CEO, Reliance
Hrithik Roshan‑starrer ʻSuper 30ʼ and Kangana Ranautʼs ʻJudgemental Hai Kyaʼ will release this year.
"This year, unconventional sto‑
ries have come and broken out," "Khandaani Shafakhana", "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas", which will and 'Uri...' have shown that the 'Total Dhamaal', 'Luka Chuppi',
Sarkar told IANS, pointing out Sidharth Malhotra‑Parineeti mark the acting debut of Sunny audience is coming to theatres 'Badla', 'Kesari', 'De De Pyaar De',
that perhaps the only two box Chopra starrer "Jabariya Jodi" in Deol's son Karan. irrespective of who is headlining 'Bharat' and more recently 'Kabir
office disappointments were July. The October‑December period the films, and the success of Singh' (still getting good footfalls)
"Student Of The Year 2" and August will witness the release will be dotted by Bollywood 'Bharat' and 'Total Dhamaal' indi‑ in Bollywood where 'Avengers:
"Kalank". of John Abraham's much‑awaited entertainers like "The Sky Is cates that the audience also Endgame' crossed every Indian
In the conventional sense, both "Batla House", followed by Pink", "Housefull 4", "Saand Ki wants to see a good cast," he told film and became the highest
were 'biggies' in the Bollywood Akshay Kumar‑starrer "Mission Aankh", "Pagalpanti", "Bhoot ‑ IANS. grosser of 2019 so far," Mohan
circuit. Mangal" and "Saaho", which stars Part One: The Haunted Ship", The past six months have been Umrotkar, CEO, Carnival
But now the year looks more Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor. "Bala", "Jawaani Jaaneman", especially great for smaller films. Cinemas, told IANS.
promising. Come September, the slate "Panipat", "Pati, Patni Aur Woh" "Indians are high on films this He said Vivek Agnihotri's "The
The slate includes Hrithik includes the franchise film and "Dabangg 3". The year will year. So far the year has been Tashkent Files" turned out to be a
Roshan‑starrer "Super 30", "Commando 3", Saif Ali Khan's end with "Good News". quite good for Hindi, regional and sleeper hit this year.
Kangana Ranaut‑Rajkummar Rao "Laal Kaptaan", Ayushmann With such an eclectic mix of international films in terms of the Distributor Rajesh Thadani said
starrer "Judgemental Hai Kya", Khurrana‑Nushrat Bharucha star‑ movies, film and trade expert box office as well as the content, the first half of 2019 fared better
Diljit Dosanjh's "Arjun Patiala", rer "Dream Girl", Amitabh Girish Johar said he is betting big but full of surprises. for Bollywood than it did in the
Richa Chadha's "Section 375", Bachchan‑starrer "Jhund", Sonam only on "content". "The perform‑ "We have seen hits to block‑ past one or two years, both in
Sonakshi Sinha‑starrer K. Ahuja's "The Zoya Factor" and ance of recent films like 'Badla' busters like 'Uri...', 'Gully Boy', terms of occupancy and business.

He is flawed, so are we all: When Dimple Kapadia abused

Shahid on 'Kabir Singh' 'Angrezi Medium' director
e started out by hen Dimple Kapadia Twinkle had a hilarious response.
playing a Actor Shahid abused 'Angrezi She commented: "You love
chocolate boy Kapoor has Medium' director being tortured ‑‑ at least she isn't
in "Ishq Vishk", but spent 16 years Veteran actress Dimple Kapadia making you push heavy pieces of
then with films like in the industry. has begun shooting "Angrezi furniture around."
"Kaminey", "Haider" Medium", and an update from Produced by Dinesh Vijan,
and "Udta Punjab", director Homi Adajania shows she "Angrezi Medium" is a sequel to
Shahid Kapoor proved is enjoying it to the hilt. the 2017 entertainer "Hindi
his versatility and tal‑ Homi shared a photograph on Medium".
ent in carrying off Instagram in which one of The sequel features Irrfan Khan
flawed characters with Dimple's feet is on Homi's shoul‑ and Kareena Kapoor Khan in piv‑
finesse. And with his der. "When the muse decides to otal roles. The cast is currently
latest film "Kabir abuse," Homi joked, tagging shooting in London.
Singh", the actor is sur‑ Dimple's daughter Twinkle
prised to see how his Khanna, asking her to "help" him. Actress Dimple Kapadia
most flawed character Known for her wit and humor, ʻtorturingʼ diector Homi Adajania.
on‑screen has become
his most loved.
The role he plays in
the movie has been
'Gully Boy' wins big in South Korea
condemned by a sec‑ ilmmaker Zoya Akhtar's
tion of critics who have tagged always fall short. Thank you for directorial "Gully Boy" has
Hrithik Roshan‑
it misogynistic and one which understanding him forgiving won the Network for the starrer ʻSuper 30ʼ
perpetuates toxic masculinity. him and loving him with all Promotion of Asian Cinema (NET‑ and Kangana
But the film, a remake of the your heart. We all fall apart. PAC) Award at the 23rd Bucheon Ranautʼs
Telugu blockbuster "Arjun And we all must strive to rise International Fantastic Film ʻJudgemental
Reddy", has still scored Rs 200 from our faults. To be Festival (BIFAN) in South Korea. Hai Kyaʼ will
crore and more at the box better...To be wiser and to be NETPAC Jury Committee, com‑ release this year.
office. kinder. prised of NETPAC members and
Shahid, who has spent 16 "He is flawed. So are we all. film professionals, select the best
years in the industry, thanked You didn't judge him you expe‑ Asian Film from World Fantastic
his fans for their love, with an rienced him. You understood Blue section, which features newer rappers. The film has performed BIFAN, Akhtar has recently made
Instagram post in which he him. I have never ever felt so genres and varied stories of come‑ well in the Indian and overseas the Indian film industry proud by
broke down the character. thankful. The most flawed char‑ dy, fantasy and drama, read a state‑ market. It will also be screened at joining the list of new members of
He wrote: "Your love is so acter I have ever played has ment. "Gully Boy", which features the 2019 Indian Film Festival of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
overwhelming, words will become my most loved." actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Melbourne. and Sciences that organizes the
Bhatt, is based on the lives of street Apart from bagging the award at annual Oscar awards.
20 July 13-19, 2019 SUBCONTINENT

Hafiz Saeed, 12 other JuD leaders

booked for terror financing
Lahore: Top 13 leaders of the
banned Jamaat‑ud Dawa ( JuD),
including its chief and Mumbai ter‑
ror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed,
Who are you fooling?
have been booked in nearly two
dozen cases of terror financing and
India asks Pakistan
money laundering, days ahead of New Delhi: India slammed cerity to take action against ter‑
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Pakistan's crackdown against rorists and terror groups will be
Khan's visit to the US. Mumbai terror attacks master‑ judged on the basis of their abili‑
T he Counter‑Terrorism mind and Jamaat‑ud‑Dawa chief ty to demonstrate verifiable, cred‑
Department (CTD), which registered Hafiz Saeed and his aides as "cos‑ ible and irreversible action on
the cases under the Anti‑Terrorism metic steps". terror and terrorist groups oper‑
Act, 1997 in five cities of Punjab, Ministry of External Af fairs ating from their soil, and not on
declared that the JuD was financing spokesperson Raveesh Kumar the basis of half‑hearted meas‑
terrorism from the massive funds said India has seen such actions ures that they undertake to hood‑
collected through non‑profit organ‑ by Pakistan earlier too. wink the international communi‑
izations and trusts, including Al‑ "Let us not get fooled by these ty," the spokesperson said.
Anfaal Trust, Dawatul Irshad Trust Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed. cosmetic steps. We have seen the He said what India is asking is
and Muaz Bin Jabal Trust, the Dawn course of such actions in the past. "very simple. We want a normal
reported. Muhammad Ayub, Abdullah Ubaid, them during the last two days," said We have seen where it goes, relationship in an environment
Twenty‑three FIRs were regis‑ Mohammad Ali and Abdul Ghaffar a spokesperson for the CTD, where it is headed. Pakistan's sin‑ free from terror."
tered against JuD leaders at the were also booked. Punjab.
CTD police stations of Lahore, The move comes ahead of Imran According to the official, substan‑ i‑Insaniyat Foundation (FiF) besides financing. "These assets/non‑profit
Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad and Khan's upcoming five‑day visit to tial and irreversible punitive/legal their designated entities and lead‑ organizations have already been
Sargodha. the US from July 20, during which action has been taken against them ership as directed by the National taken over by the government in
Besides Saeed, his brother‑in‑law he will hold talks with US President by the state, making these organisa‑ Security Committee (NSC) in compliance with UN sanctions," he
Naib Emir Abdul Rehman Makki, Donald Trump. "Formal investiga‑ tions "fully dysfunctional". January under the National Action added. The spokesperson said the
Malik Zafar Iqbal, Ameer Hamza, tions on a large scale have been He said action was taken against Plan. suspects had committed multiple
Mohammad Yahya Aziz, launched against the top leadership them in connection with implemen‑ The CTD took some months to of fences of terror financing and
Mohammad Naeem, Mohsin Bilal, of the JuD for terror financing after tation of UN sanctions imposed on collect evidence against the banned money laundering and would be
Abdul Raqee b, Ahmad Daud, the registration of FIRs against the JuD, Lashkar‑i‑Taiba and Falah‑ organisations regarding terror prosecuted in anti‑terrorism courts.

Pakistani anchor Nepal declines permission for Dalai

confuses Apple Inc Lama's birthday celebration
with fruit, gets trolled
Kathmandu: T he Dalai Lama's because there might be a problem
birthday celebrations in Nepal were in peace and security," said Krishna
cancelled after the government Bahadur Katuwal, assistant chief
refused permission for the event to district officer of Kathmandu.
go ahead, officials said. Nepal is home to around 20,000
The move is seen as a sign of the exiled Tibetans, but under pressure
growing influence of Beijing over from Beijing, the current commu‑
Kathmandu. nist government has taken an
China is among the top develop‑ increasingly hardline stance on
ment partners for impoverished their activities.
Nepal, infusing in nearly USD 60 Thousands of Tibetan refugees
million in the last fiscal year into fled over the border into Nepal
hydroelectricity, roads and other after the March 10, 1959 uprising
infrastructure projects. against Chinese rule, which forced Tibetan spiritual leader
Netizens were left in splits after the TV anchorʼs goof‑up. "Permission was not issued the Dalai Lama into exile. the Dalai Lama.

Islamabad: A Pakistani TV
anchor confused Apple Inc with
the fruit during the live pro‑
Pakistan's annual budget."
Assuming that the panelist
was talking about the fruit, the
Bangladesh sentences nine to death
gramme recently and became a
laughing stock on social media.
TV anchor said: "Yes, I have
heard that even one apple is for 1994 attack on Sheikh Hasina
A video clip of the incident very expensive." At this point,
Dhaka: A Bangladesh court sen‑ fired on the coach of the train, tar‑
went viral after Pakistani jour‑ the startled panelist corrected
tenced nine members of the main geting Hasina to kill her,” Islam told
nalist Naila Inayat posted it on the anchor, saying: "We are
opposition party to death and reporters outside the court in the
Twitter. In the July 4 incident, talking about Apple phones
handed life terms to another 25 for town of Pabna, where the attack
the anchor can be seen chatting here, not the fruit."
attempting to kill Prime Minister happened, 160 km northwest of the
with a panelist who was talking As the faux pas went viral on
Sheikh Hasina 25 years ago, a capital, Dhaka.
about the American tech giant, social media, the Twitterati had
Hindustan Times report said. Hasinaʼs administration has been
but former thought the latter hilarious reactions.
Thirteen people were also jailed accused of suppressing dissent and
was re ferring to an apple "Poor anchor still thinking
for 10 years for their part in the Bangladesh Prime Minister jailing critics, including supporters
(fruit). about g ro cery after show,"
attack on a train carrying Hasina in Sheikh Hasina. of the BNP. Zia is in jail on corrup‑
In the clip, while talking tweeted one user.
1994, prosecutor Aminul Islam tion charges that she said were
about Pakistan's financial con‑ Another user said "that is why
said. Now Zia and her Bang ladesh polit ically mot ivated. Rivalry
ditions, the panelist said: "Alone people say an apple a day keeps
At that time, Hasina was opposi‑ Nationalist Party (BNP) are the between Hasina and Zia, both rela‑
Apple's business amounts to the doctor away but they don't
tion leader and her arch rival, opposition. tives of former rulers, has dominat‑
more than the whole of say psychiatrist away".
Khaleda Zia, was prime minister. “The accused threw bombs and ed politics in Bangladesh for years. INTERNATIONAL July 13-19, 2019 21

Iran raises uranium enrichment level

Tehran: Iran announced it would TV, Iran needs 5 per cent uranium the Islamic republic without vio‑
raise its uranium enrichment level enrichment for its Bushehr lating US sanctions.
beyond the 3.67 per cent level, Nuclear Power Plant and 20 per Washington criticized the trade
beyond limits of the 2015 land‑ cent enrichment for Tehran mechanism and demanded the EU
mark nuclear deal. research reactor. Earlier this week, withdraw from the agreement,
The spokesman for the Atomic Iran had exceeded the limit of 300 considering Iran a threat to peace
Energ y Org anizat ion of Iran, kg on its low‑enriched uranium in the Middle East.
Behrouz Kamalvandi, confirmed reserve set in the Joint Iranian President Hassan
the move during a joint press con‑ Comprehensive Plan of Action Rouhani on May 8 warned his
ference with Iran's Deputy Foreign (JCPOA). country would begin to withdraw
Minister Abbas Araghchi, saying US President Donald Trump, last from key aspects of the agreement
the enrichment levels would stand year abandoned the pact it had if global powers failed to keep
at 5 per cent for now, reports Efe signed w ith Iran along w ith their commitments within the next
news. Russia, China, France and the UK 60 days. With Washington tough‑
"At this phase, Iran's moves will as co‑signatories and beg an ening its sanctions on the Islamic
Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization
be meant to supply power sources imposing strict sanct ions on republic, Rouhani issued a 60‑day
of Iran, Behrouz Kamalvandi.
and research needs," Kamalvandi Tehran. moratorium for the rest of the sig‑
said, according to state‑run IRNA ment: "Today, we will start enrich‑ cially," Ali Rabiee, the spokesman T he remaining powers then natories of the pact to fulfil Iran's
news agency. Ali Rabiee, the ing uranium beyond 3.67 per cent, for Iranian government, said in a attempted to keep the JCPOA alive demands and save the country's
spokesman for Iranian govern‑ and its level of purity depends on televised statement. by establishing the Instex in banking system and oil trade from
ment, said in a televised state‑ our needs. This will happen of fi‑ According to the state‑run Press January to facilitate trading with international sanctions.

Trump administration inept and insecure: UK Ambassador

London: In leaked emails, the UK's petent", adding that it was trading relations after Brexit, the
Ambassador to Washington Kim "unique ly dysfunct ional" and memos showed.
Darro ch labe lled American "divided" under Trump. To get through to the President,
President Donald Trump's admin‑ He also warned that the US "you need to make your points
istration as "inept, insecure and President should not be written simple, even blunt", the ambassa‑
incompetent", a media report said. off. Although Darroch said Trump dor added.
In the leak of the memos to the was "dazzled" by his state visit to In response to the leaked
Mail, Darroch said: "We don't real‑ the UK in June, the ambassador memos, the Foreign Office it was
ly believe this administration is warned that his administration "mischievous" but did not deny
going to become substantially will remain self‑interested, adding: their accuracy, reports the BBC.
more normal; less dysfunctional; "This is still the land of America The UK embassy in Washington
less unpredictable; less faction‑ First". Differences between the US has "strong relations" with the
riven; less diplomatically clumsy and the UK on climate change, White House and these would con‑
and inept," the BBC reported. media freedoms and the death tinue despite "mischievous behav‑
He quest ioned whether the penalty might come to the fore as ior" such as this leak, a spokesman
White House "will ever look com‑ the countries seek to improve said. UK's Ambassador to Washington, Kim Darroch.

Conservatives win Greek More protests in Hong Kong

snap general elections, against extradition bill
marks Syriza era end
Hong Kong: Tens of thousands of protesters
gathered in Hong Kong's famous Kowloon
tourist hotspot and participated in a first
Athens: The conservative march after the storming of the parliament
New Demo cracy party building to demand the abolition of a contro‑
was the clear winner in versial extradition law and the resignation of
the snap general elections Chief Executive Carrie Lam.
in Greece, signaling an The July 7 march was the latest major
end to the rule of the left‑ protest calling for the full withdrawal of the
wing Syriza coalition that legislation, which would have allowed the
has helmed the govern‑ transfer of fugitives to mainland China and
ment since 2015. other jurisdictions with which the city had
Greek Prime Minister no extradition agreement, reports the South
Alexis Tsipras acknowl‑ China Morning Post.
edged his defeat and con‑ Shortly be fore the march, org anizer
gratulated the winner, Ventus Lau Wing‑hong said he believed
New Democracy leader Protesters are demanding Chief
more people had joined in solidarity with Executive Carrie Lamʼs resignation.
Kyriakos Mitsotakis, protesters who had stormed the legislature
New Democracy leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
reports Efe news. on July 1. Hong Kong student leaders last week reject‑
Mitsotakis is set to be sworn in before the the new parliament. "I believe the residents who came out ed Lam's of fer of a private meeting about
nation's President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, at He promised that his government would today want to tell the government that they the recent protests over the now‑suspended
a ceremony scheduled for 1 pm. be guided by the principles of transparency are united and won't be split," he added. extradition bill, calling it "too little, too late",
When his victorious vote‑count was in, and meritocracy, and announced that the To avoid any potential disruption, police the South China Morning Post reported.
Mitsotakis promised to work for growth Hellenic Parliament would be in session all stepped up their presence around West The government's of fer came after hun‑
and employment in the country. summer "because the future cannot wait". Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui, and some offi‑ dreds of mostly young protesters stormed
"I asked for a strong mandate and you New Democracy won 39.8 per cent of the cers carried pepper spray as they patrolled the city's legislature on the night of July 1,
have been generous in giving it to me. I will vote and 158 seats in a legislature of 300, Salisbury Road near the Hong Kong Cultural writing slogans on the wall, defacing Hong
not disappoint you," said Mitsotakis, whose seven more than the number of lawmakers Centre. Kong's official emblem and smashing equip‑
party has gained an absolute majority in needed for an absolute majority. The protest march comes after a group of ment, furniture and work areas.
22 July 13-19, 2019 BUSINESS

Budget to fire all engines

to rev up investment
New Delhi: The first Budget of the
Modi 2.0 government sought to fire
all engines to revive private invest‑ Aadhaar card for NRIs without
waiting for 180 days
ment and boost consumption offer‑
ing a slew of tax concessions to
companies, raise public spending
New Delhi: Non‑Resident (Targeted Delivery of Financial
for infrastructure and ensure credit
Indians (NRIs) having Indian and Other Subsidies, Benefits
flow for business expansion.
passports can now get Aadhaar and Services) Act, 2016, an NRI
Presenting her maiden Budget in
card without waiting for 180 who has resided in India for
Lok Sabha, Union Finance Minister
days, Finance Minister Nirmala 182 days or more in 12 months
Nirmala Sitharaman noted the role
Sitharaman said. As of now, the and w ith an Indian address
of private sector in the growth story
NRIs get Aadhaar card after could apply for Aadhaar.
and termed India Inc as job‑creators
staying in India for a minimum However, as per the Aadhaar
and also the nation's wealth‑cre‑
of 180 days. Act, NRIs are fully exempt from
ators. The statement seemed to be
"I propose to consider issuing producing Aadhaar for any veri‑
aimed at bridging the trust deficit
Aadhaar card for NRIs with fication.
between the government and the
Indian passports after their The Minister said the govern‑
private sector.
In line with prescriptions given in Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman addresses a press arrival in India without waiting ment also intended to provide
conference in New Delhi on July 5, 2019. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS) for 180 days," Sitharaman told better and more accessible pub‑
the Economic Survey, the Minister
Parliament while presenting the lic services to Indians abroad by
stressed on private sector‑led the Union Budget has attempted to their returns will not be subjected
Budget 2019. opening embassies in more
investment, jobs, exports and con‑ keep consumption level robust by to any kind of scrutiny in respect of
According to the Aad haar countries.
sumption. Infrastructure would con‑ taking much‑needed step to tackle valuations of share premiums.
tinue to be the key focus area with crisis in the shadow banking sector. The housing sector, one of the key
the government intending to invest
Rs 100 lakh crore in infrastructure
The Budget 2019‑20 proposed that
government will give one‑time six
job creators, also stand to gain from
the Budget. Joint development and
Foreign investors to soon
in next 5 years.
Besides proposing to relax vari‑
month credit guarantee for the pur‑
chase of assets of high rated NBFCs
concession mechanisms would be
used for public infrastructure and invest in NBFC debt securities
ous rules for foreign and NRI invest‑ up to one lakh crore. The move is affordable housing on land parcels
New Delhi: In a move to attract into the country.
ment into the country, Sitharaman set to ensure flow of capital for held by the Central Government
more foreign funds into the The government proposes to
came out with out‑of‑the‑box idea to well‑performing NBFCs. and CPSEs.
Indian market, Finance Minister allow FII and FPI investment in
create a 'Social Stock Exchange' for In order to boost credit, the Additional deduction up to Rs 1.5
Nirmala Sitharaman proposed debt securities issued by NBFCs,
listing social enterprises and volun‑ Finance Minister proposed to pro‑ lakhs for interest paid on loans bor‑
to allow foreign institutional she said, adding that it will
tary organization. T he move is vide Rs 70,000 crore to public sec‑ rowed up to 31st March, 2020 for
investors (FIIs) and foreign work with exchanges to allow
expected to help social firms raise tor banks. purchase of house valued up to Rs
portfolio investors (FPIs) to 'AA' rated bonds to be used as
funds and promote governance. In a major tax relief for compa‑ 45 lakh. This will result in overall
invest in debt securities issued collateral.
The Budget has also proposed to nies with annual turnover of upto benefit of around Rs 7 lakh over
by non‑banking finance compa‑ Allow ing FIIs and FP Is to
open FDI flood‑gates in aviation, Rs 400 crore, Sitharaman proposed loan period of 15 years," the
nies (NBFCs). Proposing a series invest in debt securities issued
insurance intermediary, animation to lower corporate tax for them to Minister said.
of reforms of the capital market by the NBFCs will permit avail‑
and media. India's FDI inflows in 25 per cent from 30 per cent now. The Finance Minister exuded con‑
while presenting her maiden ability of funds for cash‑
2018‑19 remained strong at Currently, the lower corporate tax is fidence that Indian economy will
Union Budget, Sitharaman also strapped NBFCs who have been
$64.375 billion marking a 6 per paid by companies with annual rev‑ grow to become a US$3 trillion
proposed merging the Non‑resi‑ facing a crisis following defaults
cent growth over the previous year. enue of Rs 250 crore. economy in the current year and
dent Indian (NRI) portfolio by IL&FS last year, which made
Sitharaman said that FDI inflows Further, the start‑ups and their will reach the vision of Prime
route w ith the FP I route to banks wary of lending to these
into India have remained robust investors who file requisite declara‑ Minister to become US$5 trillion
increase more NRI fund flows shadow bankers.
despite global headwinds. Further, tions and provide information in economy in the next five years.

India's first Sovereign Bond to float in Oct-Mar period

New Delhi: The government is pro cess w ill start soon," he
targeting the second half of the
fiscal year to raise funds
noted. This will take place when
the Centre's second quarter bor‑
Sensex logs heaviest
through overseas bond sales,
Finance Secretary Subhash
rowing program is finalized.
The Finance Secretary said in fall in 7 months
Chandra Garg said. 2013, if such bonds had been Mumbai: Disappointment over the big disappointment," said Rusmik
"We will target the second thought of then it would have Budget proposals and muted Oza, Head of Research, Kotak
half," Garg told IANS in an inter‑ been the most inappropriate global markets led the Sensex to Securities. Oza added that hous‑
view on being asked if this will time to go for it with depleting log the heaviest fall in seven ing was the only segment to get
happen this fiscal. foreign reserves. "In 2013 for‑ months on Monday. Both the key some kind of a stimulus and that
T he quantum, t iming and eign currency reserves were equity indices ‑‑ Sensex and Nifty ‑ the budget had been taken posi‑
number as well as market will depleted. ‑ fell over 2 per cent. Global mar‑ tively by the bond market due to
be decided including the That type of situation cannot kets traded lower after US report‑ curtailment of the Fiscal Deficit.
appointment of merchant be dealt w ith by sovereign ed strong job data, which faded T he 30‑scrip Sensex closed
bankers which is likely next bonds. That time was the most hopes of an aggressive rate cut by 792.82 points or 2.01 per cent
month, he added. inappropriate time to think of a the Federal Reserve. lower at 38,720.57 and the
"The policy announcement has sovereign bond when there was "Equity markets were expecting broader Nifty50 declined by
been made that India will be a crisis of confidence in the Finance Secretary some kind of fiscal stimulus from 252.55 points or 2.14 per cent to
issuing sovereign bonds and the rupee," Garg said. Subhash Chandra Garg. the budget but there has been a 11,558.60. SPORTS July 13-19, 2019 23

Australia will find it difficult

to beat England: Root
turned the tables and have put "I don't see that as a big worry
England in world on a collision for this group, we will be drawing
course w ith Australia at on that confidence that over a
Edgbaston in the second semi‑ long period of time now we have
final on Thursday. been successful against Australia
England have lost their last two and we should take that into
Birmingham: England's Joe Root clashes with Australia including a Thursday."
is feeling confident that both warm‑up game before the World Add to that the fact that England
recent and distant history have Cup began, but before that Root have found their best form ‑ with
the tournament hosts ready for and co had the edge with a series Jason Roy back firing fit at the top
revenge in the rematch against win Down Under and a 5‑0 white‑ of the order ‑ and the mood is
Australia in the second semi‑final wash on home soil. clearly buoyant.
of the ongoing World Cup. "If you look at the past 11 "I feel we are in a good place
England were downed in con‑ games against them we have won coming into it, I feel like the last
vincing fashion by their fiercest nine," Root was quoted as saying two days have almost been like
rivals at Lord's last month and by the ICC. knockout cricket for us.
looked in serious danger of miss‑ "These guys and this group over "We have been playing in a
ing out on the semi‑finals at their the last four years, their experi‑ high‑pressure environment for a
home tournament. ence against Australia have been while now and hopefully that will
However, back‑to‑back wins very positive and they have got a hold us in good stead going into
over India and New Zealand lot of success in the bank. this game”. England's Joe Root in action.

US women's soccer team wins its 4th World Cup

Lyon (France): The United States up‑and‑coming star, added a goal Americans never trailed in the tour‑
won its record fourth Women's on an 18‑foot left‑footed shot in the nament and set records with 26
World Cup title and second in a 69th after a solo run up the center goals and a 12‑game World Cup
row, beating the Netherlands 2‑0 of the field. winning streak dating to 2015. U.S.
Sunday night when Megan Rapinoe Fans, many dressed in red, white coach Jill Ellis became the first
converted a penalty kick in the sec‑ and blue, chanted "Equal Pay!" at coach to lead a team to two
ond half and Rose Lavelle added a the final whistle, a reminder players Women's World Cup titles, and the
goal. sued the U.S. Soccer Federation in U.S. joined Germany in 2003 and
Rapinoe, the pink‑haired U.S. cap‑ March claiming gender discrimina‑ 2007 as the only repeat champions.
tain who grabbed world‑wide atten‑ tion. Rapinoe drew the ire of U.S. With confidence and brashness
tion on and off the field, scored in President Donald Trump during the that some called even arrogant trig‑
the 61st minute after a video tournament by saying she and gering a backlash that the angry
review determined Stefanie van der teammates would refuse to visit the response was sexist ‑ this American
Gragt had fouled Alex Morgan with The US team celebrates after winning the 2019 FIFA Women's White House, part of the team's team established a standard of
a kick to the shoulder in the penal‑ World Cup final against the Netherlands in Lyon, France. wider push for gender equity. New excellence that will be a goal for
ty area. (Xinhua/Ding Xu/IANS) York City Mayor Bill de Blasio need‑ other U.S. teams and the rest of the
Two days past her 34th birthday, ed just a few seconds after the final world to match. Former American
Rapinoe slotted the ball past goal‑ the tournament to win the Golden Cup final, she struck a familiar vic‑ whistle to invite the team to a tick‑ players joined the current genera‑
keeper Sari van Veenendaal for her Ball as scoring leader. The oldest torious pose w ith arms out‑ er‑tape parade up the Canyon on tion on the field for the post‑game
50th international goal, her sixth of player to score in a Women's World stretched. Lavelle, at 24 the team's Heroes in Manhattan. T he celebration.

BAGS GOLD AT Nadal beats Sousa, breaks Borg's Wimbledon record
London: Rafael Nadal on Monday pre‑ all win on grass, and the 36th this sea‑
COMMONWEALTH MEET vailed over Joao Sousa with a 6‑2, 6‑2, son on all surfaces. Swiss tennis icon
Apia (Samoa): Former world champion 6‑2 win to extend his victory record at Roger Federer is expected to equal the
Mirabai Chanu bagged a gold medal on the Wimbledon to 52 matches, one more Spaniard's record this season if he
opening day of the Commonwealth than the legendary Bjorn Borg. World defeats Matteo Berrettini of Italy later
Weightlifting Championship here on No. 2 Nadal took an hour and 45 min‑ in the day. In the quarterfinal, Nadal is
Tuesday. The Indian contingent won a total utes to reach the quarterfinals at the pending the w inner of the all‑
of 13 medals, which included eight gold, All England Club for the seventh time American duel pitting Sam Querrey
three silver and two bronze medals in senior, in his career as a pro. against Tennys Sandgren.
junior and youth categories. In the senior Following the traditional Sunday rest The Spaniard has a 4‑1 head‑to‑
women's 49 kg event, Mirabai lifted a total of day, Nadal returned to the central court head victory record against Querrey,
191 kg (84kg + 107 kg) in the Olympic qual‑ to show off how speedy his legs were but it would be their first meeting on
ifying event. Jhilli Dalabehra also clinched and how ef fective his service was, g rass. Nadal has never played
the first place on the podium with a lift of which he held successfully, not allow‑ Sandgren before.
154 kg (70kg + 94kg) in the senior women's ing Sousa to create a single break point Querrey's only win over Nadal came
Rafael Nadal of Spain plays against Joao Sousa of
45 kg event. However, it wasn't an Olympic in the whole match, Efe news reported. when he stunned the Spaniard in the
Portugal. (Xinhua/Lu Yang/IANS)
weight category. Soroikhaibam Bindyarani T he 33‑year‑old Spanish star thus final of the 2017 Mexico Open. Spain's
Devi and Matsa Santoshi won the gold and extended his head‑to‑head record against Wilfried Tsonga), but the rest was very posi‑ Roberto Bautista Agut made it to the quar‑
silver medals respectively in the senior Sousa to 3‑0, in which Nadal lost just one set tive," third seed Nadal said after the match. terfinals with a 6‑3, 7‑5, 6‑2 win over
women's 55 kg event. In the senior men's 55 in the 2016 Madrid Masters quarterfinals. "I'm happy to be where I am, the body is Frenchman Benoit Paire. Next up, Bautista
kg event, Rishikanta Singh also clinched gold "It was a solid match...The second serve did‑ holding well and I'm playing some good ten‑ will face either Guido Pella of Argentina or
with a total lift of 235 kg (105kg + 130kg). n't work as well as two days ago (against Jo‑ nis," he added. It became Nadal's 70th over‑ Canada's Milos Raonic.
24 July 13-19, 2019 CULTURE

Jaipur named Unesco World Heritage Site

Jaipur: 'Pink City' Jaipur has city which has the best drainage
made an official entry in the list system. In fact, Jai Singh, the
of the UNESCO World Heritage founder, looked for the safest
sites and Indian leaders across location for the people where
the political spectrum welcomed earthquake can never make its
the signal honor to the historical impact due to geographical loca‑
city. tion of plates. Hence the city
T he UNESCO shared the deserved this honor."
announcement on Twitter. "Just Jaipur was founded in year
inscribed as @UNESCO 1727 under Sawai Jai Singh II.
#WorldHeritage Site: Jaipur City The city was proposed to be
in Rajasthan, #India. Bravo," the nominated for its value of being
UN body posted on Saturday. an exemplary development in
The decision was taken at the town planning and architecture
43rd session of the Unesco World that demonstrates an amalgama‑
Heritage Committee, which took tion and important exchange of
place in Azerbaijan. ideas in the late medieval period,
The Archaeological Survey of Unesco had said.
India had in 2015 submitted a "In town planning, it shows an
proposal to Unesco for the status. interchange of ancient Hindu,
Ahmedabad had earlier bagged Jaipur was planned considering astronomy, planetary movement and Vastu Shastra to ensure that the Mug hal and contemporary
the tag of becoming the first city gets the best location and the people are happy, prosperous and safe here. Western ideas that resulted in the
World Heritage City from India. form of the city."
We lcoming the Unesco Gehlot termed it a proud moment architects from all over the coun‑ ensures that its originality is Jaipur City is also an exception‑
announcement, Prime Minister for the state and a development try to ensure they built the most retained. Hence now, many al example of a late medieval
Narendra Modi tweeted: "Jaipur which will boost tourism. beautiful and well‑planned city of unwanted structures and trade town in South Asia and
is a city associated with culture Jaipur princess Diya Kumari, the world. T hey considered encroachments and buildings defined new concepts for a thriv‑
and valor. Elegant and energetic, who is an MP, told IANS: "I am astronomy, planetary movement coming up in the walled city shall ing trade and commercial hub. In
Jaipur's hospitality draws people really feeling proud and happy and Vastu Shastra to ensure that have no place in here." addition, the city is associated
from all over. Glad that this city about this development. Maharaj the city gets the best location and Thakur Randhir Vikram Singh, with living traditions in the form
has been inscribed as a World Jai Singh II, the founder of the the people are happy, prosperous General Secretary, Indian of crafts that have national and
Heritage Site by UNESCO." city, was one of my ancestors. He and safe here. "Once the UNESCO Heritage Hotels Association said: internat ional recognit ion, it
Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok invited the best craftsmen and tags a city as a heritage city, it "Jaipur is the most well‑planned added.

Naradmunis or Gaslighters - both are obnoxious

‘Gandhipedia’ being By Vishnu Makhijani the ef fects of their power. This is

developed as social media New Delhi: In large parts of India,

they are termed Naradmunis ‑
done just for the sake of doing it ‑
to con, gain control and confuse
you," Sarkis writes. She then leads

portal: Culture Ministry known for whipping up tensions

among people by spicing up facts.
the reader through topics like
gaslighting in intimate relation‑
In the West, they are termed ships; gaslighters in the workplace;
New Delhi: The ʻGandhipediaʼ is Gaslighters ‑ "master controllers gaslighters in politics, society and
being developed as a social media and manipulators, often challeng‑ the social media; false Messiahs,
portal that will contain original ing your very sense of reality". extremist groups, closed communi‑
works related to the Father of the "You know the gaslighter. He's ties, cults and gaslighting; what do
Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, a the charmer ‑ the witty, confident, when you are the gaslighter; and
Culture Ministry official told but overly controlling date. She's counselling and other ways to get
IANS. the woman on your team who help. It is in this last chapter that
Union Finance Minister Nirmala always manages to take credit for Indian readers might find them‑
Sitharaman had mentioned about your good work. He's the neighbor selves at sea but take heart: coun‑
Gandhipedia during her Budget who swears you've been putting selling of various types is available
speech in the Parliament on garbage into his trash cans, the across this country ‑ online, clinical‑
Friday. politician who can never admit to a ly and through organizations like
Gandhipedia is one of a slew of mistake, the harasser who says you life, that we are a burden to others." Sanjivini.
measures to celebrate the 150th on the portal apart from books asked for it," writes Dr. Stephanie One size may not fit all but give But before going in for coun‑
birth anniversary of Mahatma that have been written on him,” Moulton Sarkis, a bestse lling or take a little, doesn't all this selling, consider these two points:
Gandhi which falls on October 2. said an official of the Culture author and therapist who is with sound pretty familiar to an Indian? 8 Be Aware When You Are
Gandhipedia is being developed Ministry on Sunday. the American Mental Health But, don't people just manipulate Getting "Wound Up": "Part of tak‑
by the National Council for The Gandhipedia will be free for Counse lors Asso ciat ion, in others sometimes? ing good care of yourself is know‑
Science Museums (NCSM) to sen‑ access to everybody. "Gaslig ht ing" (Orion What's the dif ference between ing when your stress level is start‑
sitize the youth and the society at The Sabarmati Ashram Spring/Hatchette). someone who manipulates for a ing to feel out of control. When you
large about Gandhian values, Preservation and Memorial Trust Noting that they can be found particular benefit and a gaslighter? have been gaslighted, you may
Sitharaman had said in her has been maintaining the Gandhi everywhere ‑ international political It's a fine line, says Sarkis. have dif ficulty regulating your
speech. It will be jointly imple‑ Heritage Portal (www.gandhiher‑ figures, celebrities, your boss, your "Whereas manipulation (or influ‑ emotions. You tend to stay more on
mented by IIT‑Kharagpur and IIT‑ which is also a sibling or a friend, your co‑worker ‑ ence) is an essential part of some an even keel emotionally and have
Gandhinagar. repository of knowledge on Sarkis writes: "Gaslighters will con‑ jobs, such as sales, it's a pattern of less mood swings when you can
“The portal will function on Mahatma Gandhi. This portal, vince us that we are crazy, that we behavior with gaslighters ‑ their regulate how you are fee ling,"
artificial intelligence (AI) and which contains Gandhian works are abusive, that we are a huge default mode. That is, when most Sarkis points out.
machine running. It will be a in portable document format bundle of problems and no one else people lie, it's for a specific out‑ 8 Meditation: "Meditating is
repository of knowledge on (pdf), will continue to run too. will want us, that we are terrible come ‑ to avoid confrontation, get another powerful tool for working
Mahatma Gandhi. The portal will The works being uploaded on employees who haven't been fired ahead or curry favor with someone. with your gaslighting experiences,
contain original photographs, the Gandhipedia are based on just yet by the grace of God, that But with gaslighters, there is no thoughts and behaviors. It has been
visuals, speeches and the 100 col‑ optical character recognition plus we are terrible parents who should‑ particular reason to lie and yet they found to improve our positive feel‑
lected works of Gandhiji. Books technology. It will be in search‑ n't have had children, that we have do it over and over again, often in ings towards others and ourselves,"
by Gandhiji will also be available able format. no ideas how to manage our own an escalating fashion as they feel Sarkis writes. July 13-19, 2019
26 July 13-19, 2019 LIFESTYLE

Second-hand In evolving world of fashion,

drinking as bad as salwars are forever
second-hand smoke
f f screen, Janhvi Kapoor

and Sara Ali Khan slay the
ust like second‑hand be reported by men.
salwar kameez look, setting
smoking, society needs to There is “considerable risk for
a fashion statement that the new
combat the second‑hand women from heavy, often male,
generation may otherwise consider
ef fects of drinking as millions drinkers in the household and,
ʻbygoneʼ. Patialas and Palazzos may
of people are suf fering alco‑ for men, from drinkers outside
come and go, but thereʼs something
holʼs harm because of someone their family,” wrote the authors
evergreen about salwars, say style
elseʼs drinking, warn a study in a paper published in Journal
led by an Indian‑origin scien‑ of Studies on Alcohol and
Mansi Gupta, Co‑founder, Tjori,
tist. Drugs.
says the salwar has been tweaked
An analysis of US national Additional factors, including
over generations to suit the needs
survey data showed that some age and the personʼs own
of women.
21% of women and 23% of men drinking, were also important.
“The simple salwar was first made
– an est imated 53 million People younger than age 25
into the Patiala salwar, later they
adults – experienced harm had a higher risk of experienc‑
were made as dhoti salwar and then
because of someone e lseʼs ing harm from someone elseʼs
harem salwar or palazzo
drinking in the last 12 months. drinking.
salwar…all these modifications to
These harms could be threats Further, almost half of men
stay in the latest fashion trend. But
or harassment, ruined property and women who themselves
it is a dynamically structured gar‑
or vandalism, physical aggres‑ were heavy drinkers said they
ment that shall never go out of fash‑
sion, harms related to driving had been harmed by someone
or financial or family problems. elseʼs drinking.
“Ask the average Indian women
The most common harm was Even people who drank but
what would be their go to outfit
threats or harassment, reported not heavily were at two to three
when they have to go out or stay
by 16% of survey respondents, times the risk of harassment,
home, I can assure most of them
said researchers led by threats and driving‑re lated
will say a simple salwar kameez.
Madhabika B. Nayak of the harm compared with abstain‑
The salwar is one of the very few
Alcohol Research Group, a pro‑ ers.
Indian garments that hasnʼt lost its
g ram of the Public Health “Control policies, such as
ethnic value, and is forever,” Gupta
Institute in Oakland, California. alcohol pricing, taxat ion,
told IANS.
The specific types of harm reduced availability, and Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan slay the salwar kameez look
In a latest on‑screen stint, Sayani
experienced differed by gender. restricting advertising, may be
Gupta has been seen sporting sal‑ can already see it becoming a hot refreshing change to the tight‑fitted
Women were more likely to the most e f fect ive ways to
wars in “Article 15”. As Bollywood favorite with designers and in the churidar. It also has its pros and
report financial and family reduce not only alcohol con‑
celebrities have quite an influence new age, the salwar will take a cons and an extremely comfortable
problems, whereas ruined prop‑ sumption but also alcoholʼs
on driving the mass fashion narra‑ renewed form. We will see varia‑ silhouette.” She, however, feels that
erty, vandalism and physical harm to persons other than the
tive in the country, who knows the tions and innovations in that silhou‑ unlike a churidar which makes one
aggression were more likely to drinker,” said Nayak.
classic salwar may begin to be seen ette. “Like in every fashion cycle – look slim and tall, this silhouette is
more frequently. Sreyashee Halder, silhouettes and trends come back – not as flattering. And so, “salwars

Kim Kardashian changes Kimono Design Head, W, said: “The come‑

back of salwars is inevitable – we
this trend has also begun its jour‑
ney back as it is going to be a
will be back but may not stay for
eternity”, she said.

name for shapewear after

cultural appropriation outcry Self-driving cars can be a game-changer for seniors

elf‑driving cars can be a eat, even talk on the phone,” said teers, divided into two age groups
owing to pressure, Kim potential game‑changer for Shuo Li from the Newcastle (20‑35 and 60‑81), and studied the
Kardashian West will change older adults aged above 60 University in the UK. time it takes for older drivers to
the name of her Kimono and can help in minimizing the risk “But, unlike level four or five, take back control of an automated
Solutionwear line, the reality star‑ of accidents, say researchers. there are still some situations car in different scenarios and also
turned‑entrepreneur announced “T here are several leve ls of where the car would ask the driver the quality of their driving in these
last week. automation, ranging from zero to take back control and at that different situations.
She was accused of cultural where the driver has complete con‑ point, they need to be back in driv‑ They experienced automated driv‑
appropriation of the name. trol, through to level five where the ing mode within a few seconds,” Li ing for a short period and were then
“I am always listening, learning car is in charge… this will allow the said. For the study published in the asked to take back control of a
and growing ̶ I so appreciate the driver to be completely disengaged, journal Transportation Research, highly automated car and avoid a
passion and varied perspectives they can sit back and watch a film, the researchers examined 76 volun‑ stationary vehicle.
that people bring to me,” she wrote
on Instagram.
Itʼs unclear whether one of the
voices she listened to was that of
the mayor of Kyoto, Japan, who sent
her a letter, that in part described
kimono as “a fruit of craftsmanship
… [that] truly symbolizes sense of
Kim Kardashian West
beauty, spirits and values of
Japanese.” UNESCOʼs Intangible Cultural
Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa also Heritage list. We think that the
specifically asked Kardashian West names for ʻKimonoʼ are the asset
to reconsider using the word shared with all humanity who love
kimono in her trademark. Kimono and its culture therefore
“We are currently undertaking they should not be monopolized,”
initiatives nationally to make Kadokawa wrote before inviting
ʻKimono Culture,ʼ symbol of our cul‑ Kardashian West to visit the city
ture and spirits, registered to and deepen her understanding. SCI-TECH July 13-19, 2019 27

ICC partnership has been Unlike Netflix, Apple TV+ to

phenomenal for us: GoDaddy have only a few top shows San Francisco: Unlike Netflix's con‑
Birmingham: The idea to partner lion fans in India and beyond at through this collaboration, we are tent quantity, Apple has indicated
with International Cricket Council the ICC World Cup has been a receiving a huge visibility," Arora that its TV+ service would only
(ICC) as the official sponsor of the great experience so far," Arora noted. GoDaddy, which started its focus more on a handful of top‑tier
12th Cricket World Cup 2019 has said. operations in India in 2012, offers shows.
been a phenomenal decision, a top "In smaller towns, everyone is an integrated suite of products for According to Eddy Cue, Apple's
executive of Internet names and watching cricket on smartphones. small business owners and entre‑ Senior Vice President of Internet
registrations management major Our organic reach has been phe‑ preneurs that range from domain software and services, Apple added. Other shows would include
GoDaddy Inc has said. nomenal, especially the India‑ names, hosting, website building, would not create the most number Steven Spie lberg's "Amazing
The web‑hosting provider has Pakistan game that happened to email marketing, security and e‑ of shows, but create the best of Stories" and the "Little America"
on‑g round presence that commerce. them, Eng adget reported on series from Big Sick creators
includes the perimeter of the GoDaddy has signed MS Monday. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon.
ground, side‑screen and LEDs at Dhoni who portrays a Eddy did not think that Netflix's Earlier in March, it was
the stadiums under the partner‑ supreme mentor and guide as emphasis on quantity was bad, but announced that Apple's on‑
ship. the "Bijness Bhai" (business he said it was just not Apple's demand subscription service will
According to Nikhil Arora, MD, mentor) for the small and intended model. start in over 100 countries this
GoDaddy India, cricket is a be a great experience for us," medium businesses in the country. As part of its TV services, the fall.
favorite sport which is viewed in Arora added. The companyʼs new Internet solu‑ iPhone‑maker is planning to Later in May, the Apple TV serv‑
every nook and corner of the This is the company's first spon‑ tion for small business owners and release new movies and shows ice began rolling out in over 100
country. "Sports as a platform has sorship deal with the global sports entrepreneurs called "Online every month, with the first one countries, including India which
been a great avenue for us to con‑ event. Starter Bundle", comes with a most likely to be Jennifer Aniston comes bundled with Apple TV+,
nect with the masses. The pres‑ "Two‑thirds of the world, includ‑ choice of domain extensions and Reese Witherspoon starrer the company's original video sub‑
ence of brand visibility to 750 mil‑ ing India, watch cricket and between .in and for business‑ "The Morning Show", the report scription service.

Libra offers economic empowerment to billions: Facebook

acebook is joining the cryp‑ creating economic opportunity and it wonʼt be tied to the fortunes and very point in his book “T he
tocurrency craze. Should we advancing financial inclusion. But policies of one country either. A Denationaliztion of Money.” Hayek
be concerned? The social it will take time to completely second economic benefit of Libra is believed everyone would be better
network site on June 18 said itʼs understand the ramifications of that it will likely reduce the cost of off if people could pick among dif‑
launching a new cryptocurrency Libra, which Facebook hopes to transferring money around the ferent types of private money, like
called Libra with the help of 27 launch in 2020. world because the marginal cost of Libra, instead of using government‑
partners, including MasterCard, Existing cryptocurrencies are not using it will be so low and issued money. Hayek believed issu‑
Visa, ebay, and Uber. tied to physical assets. This makes Facebook is so prevalent, with ing private money would banish
In simple terms, Libra is meant to them immune to the whims of Unlike other cryptocurrencies about 2.4 billion users. Travelers inflation from the world since peo‑
replace the paper bills in your wal‑ national governments but also like Bitcoin, Libra will be directly and migrants often pay excessive ple would only use the currency
let with a digital equivalent. But makes them prone to speculative backed by assets. fees to move money from one most stable in value. In a testament
unlike other cryptocurrencies like bubbles and flash crashes. term government securities in vari‑ country to another. Another effect to the expected impact of Libra on
Bitcoin, Libra will be directly Libra, on the other hand, is going ous major currencies. of being backed by assets is that it the average cost of sending money,
backed by assets. to be 100 percent backed by As a result, Libra will not suffer may help lower the risk of high Facebookʼs announcement sent the
The white paper describing the assets. Every unit of Libra currency wild price fluctuations. And since it inflation in countries across the stock of Western Union, a major
vision for this new currency is will be backed by an equivalent will be backed by a collection of world. Nobel Prize‑winning econo‑ mover of money internationally,
filled with laudable goals such as basket of bank deposits and short‑ international currencies and assets, mist Friedrich Hayek made this plummeting.


Entering USA after deportation, what are my options?

f a noncitizen was deported or removed but voluntarily left the relative. Qualifying relatives are: to Removal or Deportation.
removed from the U.S. to country, or have entered the U.S. spouse, child, or parent who are Individuals or people with family
another country they may be unlawfully after a prior removal either U.S. citizens or permanent that have been removed may

barred from reentering the U.S. order or deportation or were residents. The I‑212 request can have options available to them
for either five, ten, or 20 years, or present in the U.S. for at least one be a very useful tool for individu‑ and should contact an experi‑
permanently. The length of time year without first obtaining per‑ als who have some time related enced Immigration Attorney to
depends on the the reasons why mission from immigration offi‑ bar from entering the US related find out what their options are.
the individual was removed and asks immigration to forgive the cers are not allowed to file Form
whether they were convicted of a individualʼs inadmissibility and I‑121. Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal Attorney
crime. give them a second chance. Every If the individualʼs Form I‑212 is of The Banad Law Offices PC
A foreign national who had pre‑ I‑212 that is filed is looked at granted they then may apply for in the United States,
individually and is decided case and Banad Immigration in India for which
viously been deported or an immigrant visa. In some cases,
by case. Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated as
removed from the U.S. may individuals may need to file a
Of Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan, Queens,
request to reenter before waiting Some factors that are looked at separate waiver of the grounds of
Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is able to
the required number of years if when deciding an I‑212 are: the inadmissibility if the individual
assist clients with all facets of the immigration
they have a new valid basis for reason for deportation, how was deported for reasons such as process, including Employment Visas, Consular
which a green card or a visa much time has passed since being unlawfully present in the Visa Assistance, Student Visas, Removal &
should be granted. This would deportation, the length of time U.S. or for committing a serious Deportation, US Citizenship and Green Card
require Form I‑212, Permission the individual had lived in the crime. This separate waiver will Applications based on Family or Employment.
to Reapply For Admission into U.S., and moral character. Not require Form I‑601 to be filed Dev B. Viswanath can be reached at
the U.S. After Deportation or everybody is eligible to apply for with USCIS and the individual will and 718‑361‑5999.
Removal, to be completed and a waiver through Form I‑212. need to show immigration that Dev is in India till July 25th for any friends
submitted to USCIS. This form is Individuals who were previously their denial of entry would cause or family who may want to schedule
known as a waiver request which removed from the U.S. or ordered extreme hardship to a qualifying personal appointments with him.
28 July 13-19, 2019 HUMOR

Funny Side by Nury Vittachi


ive years ago I lived in a housing estate (You can't say that about a lot of wars.)
that was so safe that I didn't even own a Even the United States, which the media
front door key. Our only line of defense paints as a land of guns, has super‑safe places.
against evil was a deeply confused dog which Wikipedia says top of the list is Irvine,
barked at family members and gave strangers California, which had 0.8 of murder in the most
a friendly licking. recent year counted. How can you have 0.8 of
(My wife tells me to be kind since dogs have a murder? Did the guy's hair survive or some‑
brains the size of walnuts, but I argue that wal‑ thing?
nut would be cheaper and more effective since Now here's the thing: You can create individ‑
you can throw it at people and it never needs ual safe spots. Over the years, this column has
its poop picked up. But whatever.) received dozens of news reports about armed
Safe places to live were on my mind after a robbers who failed because their would‑be
reader sent in a news report about what is crimes didn't fit the ambiance.
being called "the safest place in the world." Example: In 2012, a masked man entered a
Eibenthal is a village with a little church in the bar in the Netherlands and leveled a gun at
mountains of Romania. Inhabitants hang people inside. Lost in the usual fog of drink and
money in bags on lampposts. The baker passes chatter you find in European bars, they ignored
by takes the money and leaves food behind. him. The whole thing is on YouTube, including
But there are super‑safe places everywhere the deflated robber's sad exit.
if you know where to look. India has Shani At a bank in Kowloon, Hong Kong, staff told
Shingnapur, a famously low‑crime town of bank but were willing to cooperate. You could but they could have taken inspiration from a raider than they were far too busy to be
3,000 people in Maharashtra where most imagine the discussion: Sark, an island near England which maintained robbed. He nodded and left the counter. The
houses don't even have doors, let alone locks. Townsfolk: "You must follow our tradition a tiny security presence. whole thing was marvelously civil.
This columnist wrote about it a few years and not lock the doors of your bank." In the 1970s it was invaded by France. The Now I am not saying that our generation is
ago when a bank was built there. Townsfolk Bankers: "Well, okay. It's your money." invasion fleet consisted of one Frenchman. The creating a crime‑free world. Given the propen‑
ordered executives at UCO Bank to follow tra‑ Townsfolk: "Wait. Maybe we need to talk defending army consisted of a part‑time police‑ sity of snacks to disappear in this columnist's
dition and have no locks on its doors. The about this a bit more." man, who arrested the Frenchman without house, I can't even create a crime‑free apart‑
bankers thought this was a bit unusual for a The only grumble came from local police, harming him. As wars go, it was rather sweet. ment. Who took my walnut?

Laughter is the Best Medicine

New York Head Quarter
422‑S Broadway
NY 11801
By Mahendra Shah
Mahendra Shah is an architect by education, entrepreneur by profession,
artist and humorist, cartoonist and writer by hobby. He has been recording
the plight of the immigrant Indians for the past many years in his
cartoons. Hailing from Gujarat, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ASTROLOGY July 13-19, 2019 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

JULY 13‑19, 2019

Aries: A bright and happening week Cancer: You will be firm in your Libra: Your fitness will keep you Capricorn: A new hobby may help
is foreseen. Those who love a good thoughts and actions, in the coming active and energetic the whole some in employing their time con‑
challenge will have something lined week. A do at a friendʼs place will week. Love blooms as the one you structively. Opinion of the one you
up outdoors. A senior is likely to put in a give you a chance to let your hair down. admire makes the move. Those wanting to secretly admire may not be as high as you
good word for you to the authorities. . Your romantic feelings will be readily recip‑ dispose of property are likely to get the had imagined it to be. So, be a realist and
Your surprise gift to spouse or a family rocated by lover. A good job opportunity asked‑for price. Your request for salary hike plant your feet firmly on the ground
member will be immensely appreciated. can be yours if you are quick enough. may be considered sympathetically. Praise before you proceed further. A good control
Good memory will help some in surmount‑ Those stepping out of the house should for a family member from teachers or sen‑ over expenditure is likely to help your sav‑
ing a tough competition. A financial pro‑ take special care of their belongings. A iors are likely to make you feel proud. ings grow in these inflationary times.
posal is likely to fit your needs. minor ailment may warrant a health check. Hitting the jackpot is a distinct possibility. Overeating or not eating right should be
Taurus: A relative may come bearing Leo: A festival is likely to be cele‑ Scorpio: A delay in submitting an guarded against.
good news. Planning and a system‑ brated at home with much gaiety. assignment can g ive you tense Aquarius: Paucity of time may
atic approach to your strategies and Positive feelings will keep you in a moments, but you succeed. restrict meeting lover. A hunch
actions will bring success and recognition buoyant mood. Learning more skills will Apprehensions and unanswered questions about someone may prove correct.
to you. You will be drawn towards religion add to your income and prestige. Your become history as you get a chance to meet Students will get a golden opportunity to
and philosophy, but will not follow it blind‑ dynamism will make you venture into new your new love. Your attempts of selling a clear their doubts they have been reluctant
ly. Good preparation by students will find projects, which will be outstanding and dif‑ property may not immediately get a good to ask in class. You may find a demand of
their confidence return. You just cannot ferent from the ordinary. You may be response. Delegating duties will help meet someone close unreasonable. Those earn‑
cater to the moods of all, so stop trying sweet‑talked into buying something expen‑ an important deadline. Walking, jogging or ing big bucks are likely to splurge on their
and be your own self. sive you donʼt need. cycling can help you get back into shape. favourite stuff. You will be more than will‑
Gemini: Parents may nag you over Virgo: Opting for a healthy dietary Sagittarius: Promising times lie ing to try out a new health recipe.
an issue and may not even listen to option will be a step in the right ahead for those planning to study Pisces: You get your way this week
your side of the story. You will be direction. Your decisions at work‑ abroad. A minor issue can turn ugly on the professional front. A financial
able to give your best shot to a task at place are likely to hit the mark and boost and vitiate the domestic environment. An tip may prove profitable. Your effer‑
hand. A letter of appreciation for a job well your reputation. Tensions prevailing on unfinished task or project can be resumed vescent nature and communication skills
done will make you feel immensely proud. the work front simply vanish into thin air. on the work front. Help sought by some will floor all those around you. Those going
Getting the house painted can be on the Romantic front appears most happening as will be forthcoming and will save much through a lean patch will get the support of
cards for some, but may prove most fatigu‑ an ex‑lover is likely to come back into your running around. Those bored of the daily their well‑wishers. Donʼt discuss your
ing for them. A bad case of allergy or body life. A commitment you are scared of mak‑ grind may seek an outlet on the romantic financial matters in the open and especially
ache threatens to make you miserable. ing will seem no more threatening. front. in front of people you donʼt really know.

July 13, 2019 knowledge. Reading and research

Governed by the number 4, you ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK will bring you pleasure and satis‑
are also governed by the planet faction. Your communication
Uranus, and dominated by the you in your business pursuits, in research and studies, in the com‑ nature and will always aim to skills will draw the attention of
planet Mercury. Your dynamic the year ahead of you. You are a ing year. The months of June, reach the top. You desire to your bosses and you will be able
personality makes you the centre reserved person and do not easily October and December will be achieve the best and nothing but to impress them with your views
of attraction in any social gather‑ show your emotions. This will be very significant. the best, for yourself in life. Your and knowledge of various sub‑
ing. In the year ahead of you, you an added asset to you. Those of creative ideas and hard work will jects and issues. Your lucky
will be able to impress the oppo‑ you, who are single, can expect to July 16, 2019 bring success to you, in your pro‑ colours are shades of yellow, red
site sex with your style of dress‑ find their life partner, in the year You are dominated by the plan‑ fessional front, in the year ahead and white, and you should keep
ing and also impress them with ahead of you. Also, marriage will et Neptune and governed by the of you. You can expect to see these in mind, while buy ing
your conversation skills. In love bring you happiness as well as planet Mercury. You are also plans and projects, being fulfilled clothes or painting your house.
matters, it will be a good year for prosperity. You will be tempted to dominated by the number 7. You to perfection. You will not accept The months of May, October and
you. Those of you, who are single, play high stakes in gambling, and are humble and modest by nature traditional customs and conven‑ November will be very eventful.
can expect to find your life part‑ you should be careful where to and do not like to exert your tions, and keep away from those
ner. Those of you in your 40th draw the line. T he months of authority. But, at the same time, who have orthodox views in life. July 19, 2019
year can expect to attain success. May, September and January will you do not like people interfering Although a believer of religion, Governed by the number 1 and
In fact, you will reach newer be very eventful. in your personal life. You like to you will not follow the routine the Sun, you are also dominated
heights of excellence, and can be left alone and enjoy privacy. track. Your pleasing personality by the planet Mercury. You are
expect to reach the top hierarchy, July 15, 2019 Your love for reading and your and your deep knowledge of vari‑ intelligent by nature, and like to
at work. You will have to be care‑ You are governed by the num‑ search for knowledge, will be ous issue, will make you the cen‑ go deep into the study of any sub‑
ful about respiratory infections. ber 6 and the planet Venus. You your assets, in the coming year. tre of attraction at social gather‑ ject. Research and studies, are
But care and precaution, will help are also dominated by the planet Your sharp power of observation, ings. But you will be cold towards your passion. With your methodi‑
you to overcome your health ail‑ Mercury. You are born with intel‑ will allow you to notice minute sentiments and emotions of oth‑ cal approach to work, coupled
ments, without much difficulty. ligence and communication skills. happenings around you, and you ers. You are not led away by tears with your sincerity, you will be
Your lucky jewels are emerald, Most of you do well as lawyers, will be able to make the best of or emotions. The months of June, able to achieve success in your
pearl and diamond and you because you have the ability to this. Your humble and modest September and February will be professional career. Those of you,
should wear these to attain hap‑ put forward your arguments. nature will draw the attention of very important. who are pursuing your studies,
piness and prosperity. T he Honour, prestige and dignity, will your friends, who will flock to you are advised to try and put in
months of July, October and be all yours, in the year ahead of you for advice and help. But, you July 18, 2019 your full concentration in what‑
January will be very significant. you. You will enjoy your work tend to get restless at times and You are governed by the num‑ ever you are doing. T his will
and go to the depth of any project in the bargain you take hasty ber 9 and dominated by the plan‑ bring out the best in you and you
July 14, 2019 that you undertake. The domestic decisions. T his only leads to et Mars. You are also influenced w ill be rewarded w ith fly ing
You are governed by the num‑ front will be full of happiness and unpleasantness. Your children by the planet Mercury. colours. You are full of life and
ber 5 and ruled by the planet peace. You will have well wishers will bring you fame and happi‑ Generosity and courtesy, are two energy. Your enthusiasm in any‑
Mercury. You are co operative by and family around you and they ness, in the year ahead of you. distinct qualities of your nature. thing that you do makes you a
nature and will go all out to main‑ will be ever ready to help you, The months of July, September In the coming year, you will leave centre of attraction at any social
tain peace and harmony at work, when and if the need arises. But and November will be very event‑ no stone unturned, in fulfilling gathering. In the year ahead of
as well as the domestic front. you will have to be careful of not ful. your responsibilities. You will be you, you will make many friends
Since you do not like to annoy taking hasty decisions. Be calm, able to do this to the satisfaction and enjoy a life full of activity,
anyone, and are always adjusting take your time, weigh the pros July 17, 2019 of your loved ones. Your honesty fun and laughter. Your lucky
to others demands, you have a lot and cons, before jumping to any You are governed by the num‑ will bring you prestige and recog‑ colours are gold, ye llow and
of friends around you. Your keen decision or conclusion. Use your ber 8 and the planet Saturn. You nition in whatever you undertake, g reen. T he months of July,
power of observation and your sharp memory to your advantage. are also dominated by the planet in the year ahead of you. You will September and November will be
sharp mind will bring success to You w ill be drawn towards Mercury. You are ambitious by be able to pursue your quest for very eventful.
30 July 13-19, 2019 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS

Like all other natural cycles,

there is a cycle of soul
preserve our spiritual purity.
All life forms one perfect tapes‑
try. Fundamental laws and cycles
By Sant Rajinder Singh underlie existence. The life cycle
Ji Maharaj in nature is an example of per‑
fect interconnectedness. Water

e have witnessed more from the seas evaporates and
scientific and techno‑ turns into water vapor. In this
logical advances in the process, impurities and minerals
past four decades than in all pre‑ are left behind. The vapor forms
vious recorded history. Scientists into clouds, which are blown
have uncovered many of the laws across the land. As the clouds
which govern nature itself. The meet cool air, the water condens‑
more they learn about the mys‑ es into water droplets, and these
teries of nature, the more they pour down as rain or snow which
marvel at the perfection of the nourishes life. For countless ages
universe. this cycle has brought water
Many now proclaim that the from the abundant oceans to the
universe cannot be haphazard, land so that animals and people
but must be the design of some can have fresh water to drink
higher power. and green plants can flourish.
There is a perfect balance in With all our advances, we have
nature. Our world, our environ‑ not devised a technology that can
ment, and nature itself form a liv‑ duplicate the method by which
ing, interdependent system. The green plants convert sunlight,
perfect balance of nature which carbon dioxide, and water into
has maintained life on our planet food and oxygen. Through this
for millions of years is being simple process the earth receives
threatened by the very technolo‑
gy that has transformed the mod‑
a fresh supply of oxygen, neces‑
sary for all life, and an inex‑
Let us devote our time to the spiritual practices
ern world.
Every day the media report
haustible store of food is avail‑
able. so we can recover our innate God‐given
new threats to the environment. There is a perfect design in
The air we breathe, the water we nature. Even death helps to bring beauty. Once we develop it, we will reflect that
drink, and the land from which forth life. When plants and ani‑
we derive our food are all pro‑
gressively polluted. T he very
mals die, their decomposed bod‑
ies provide essential minerals for
radiance to all those with whom we come in
atmosphere protecting the earth
is endangered. The concern for
crops. After millions of years the
decomposed material forms into
contact. We will, in fact, shower that love on
the ecology of our planet is not
limited to any one country or
energy‑producing fossil fuels.
The ecological system which God
all living things and on our planet earth.
part of the world. We face a glob‑ created on our earth is so unique
al problem. that ours is the only habitable power which keeps the universe simply moves from one life to to the temptations of the world.
Concern for the ecology has planet in our solar system. running in perfect symmetry and another. The knowledge of our true self
become one of the main preoccu‑ Like other natural cycles ‑ such harmony, holding planets in their God, while separating souls lies buried in the deepest recess‑
pations of the world. If we look as the water cycle, the plant orbit and the stars in the heav‑ from Himself, has also provided a es of our innermost soul. Like a
into the etymology of the word cycle, and the fossil‑fuel cycle ‑ ens. way for souls to return to Him. diamond buried deep within the
"ecology" we find that it comes there is also a cycle of the soul. The soul is a spark of that cre‑ This way back to Him is through earth, or the layers of rich oil
from the Greek language. The The soul's journey began with ative principle. It is the enliven‑ the current of Naam or Word. lying far below the earth's sur‑
Greek word oikos means "house" the creation of the universes, and ing force within us. As long as But, in the scheme of creation, it face, our most precious treasure,
or "dwelling place." The element it has been in motion ever since. the soul inhabits the body, the has been so ordained that the the soul, lies buried beneath lay‑
"logy" means "the study of”. The scriptures tell us that in body is alive. At the time of phys‑ soul does not remember its past ers of mind, matter, and illusion.
There is another way of under‑ the beginning, God was all alone. ical death, the soul departs that existence until it has achieved We need to tap into it during our
standing the word ecology. Saints He was an ocean of all blissful body for good. spiritual evolution. If we were to present life span to uncover our
and mystics refer to our home or consciousness. Then He decided When God created the univers‑ recall each previous birth, our greatest resource.
dwelling place as the physical to become many from One. This es, He separated souls from present life would be so compli‑ Let us devote our time to the
body which God Himse lf has thought set in motion a vibra‑ Himself to inhabit the worlds. cated with memories of former spiritual practices so we can
made. T he indwe ller of this tion, which resulted in two pri‑ Thus began the cycle of the soul. ties, it would be difficult to func‑ recover our innate God‑given
house is the soul. mal manifestations: Light and For eons it has been inhabiting tion within our existing relation‑ beauty. Once we develop it, we
The scriptures tell us that we Sound. All scriptures speak of the various planes of creation, ships. We would be seeking out will reflect that radiance to all
have a responsibility to maintain this Light and Sound by various taking up residence in one life our parents, spouses, and chil‑ those with whom we come in
and preserve the purity and names. This Word or Naam was form or another. When life in dren from previous births. Thus, contact. We will, in fact, shower
beauty of the soul and its the God‑into‑expression power. It one body or life form ends, the a cloud of forgetfulness covers that love on all living things and
dwelling place. Unfortunately, we created various planes of exis‑ soul returns to inhabit another. each soul when it enters a new on our planet earth.
have largely ignored our spiritual tence: the purely spiritual plane As a plant dies in the winter to birth. It has also forgotten its By restoring the ecological
side and have sacrificed its purity of Sach Khand, the supracausal regenerate in the spring, so does true nature as soul, a drop of health of our soul, we will be
for the sake of the transitory plane, the causal plane, the astral the soul transmigrate. When one God. In its successive births, the purifying and uplifting all cre‑
world. We can learn how to plane, and the material realms of life is over, it begins another, in a soul, in its state of ignorance, at ion. T hen, this world w ill
restore nature and our own self this physical plane. It created new form. Nothing is lost in identifies with the mind and return to the divine stage of
to their original beauty. And we human beings and all other nature. The soul, being a spark of body. Instead of seeking the way godly bliss and ecstasy for which
can put into practice methods to species of life. It is this creative the immortal God, never dies. It back to its Source, it is attracted we were created. July 13-19, 2019 July 13-19, 2019