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Smart Feeding Solutions for Bulk Material Processing

Coperion K-Tron Modular Feeders

Every Feeder In principle, volumetric feed-

ing is the simplest, most eco-
sample is taken and weighed,
and screw speed adjusted ac-
Starts as a nomical feeding solution avail- cordingly. Although there is
able. Bulk material is held in no weight feedback to assure
Volumetric a hopper and constantly fed feeding accuracy over time,
Feeder into a process per unit of time. this may not be a concern Bulk Solids Pump
A gravimetric feed rate may for materials with consistent Feeder
be inferred through a calibra- bulk density.
tion process where a timed

Choosing the Coperion K-Tron offers a wide

variety of feeding solutions to
Vibratory Feeders Weigh Belt Feeders
offer gentle feeding of free are perfect for gentle high
Best Feeder for handle most bulk materials in flowing flakes, powders and rate feeding or metering of
a wide range of applications
Your Process involving prefeeding, feeding
other friable products. free flowing or
ucts where low
friable prod-
headroom is
or batching. desirable.
Bulk Solids Pump Feeders
Single Screw Feeders
are designed for gentle and
handle free-flowing materials precise feeding of free flow- Smart Flow Meters
such as pellets and powders. ing pellets, granules, flakes, are ideal for gentle high rate
Twin Screw Feeders powders and other friable feeding or metering of free
products. flowing or friable products.
handle more difficult materials
such as pigments, sticky, bridg-
ing or flooding powders, fiber
and fiberglass.

Feed Rates to Meet a Wide Range of Applications

LIW Belt Feeders

Vibratory Feeders

BSP Feeders

Twin Screw Feeders

Single Screw Feeders

Smart Weigh Belt Feeders

Smart Flow Meters

dm3/h 0 1 5 50 500 2000 5000 10000 15000 50000 120000 200000

ft3/h 0.04 0.2 2 20 70 175 350 530 1760 4240 7060

Feeding Principles Core Feeding Technologies
Volumetric Loss-in-weight
Feeding Principle Feeding Principle Material Handling
The bulk material is dis- A feeding device with a hop- No two process applications are the same, and Coperion K-
charged from a hopper with per containing the material to Tron offers the widest range of material handling solutions in
a constant volume per unit of be fed is placed upon a plat- the industry. All volumetric feeders, loss-in-weight feeders,
time by regulating the speed form scale or suspension scale weigh belts, flow meters and conveying systems are offered
of a feeding device. The ac- weighing sys­ tem. The weight in a variety of configurations, which can be combined to cre-
tual volume of material fed is of the feeding device and ate an optimal solution for any application.
determined through calibra- hopper is electronic­ally tared.
tion. The feeding accuracy is The bulk material or liquid is
dependent on the uniformity discharged from the hopper
Precision Weighing
of the material flow character- by the feeding device and the Coperion K-Tron’s unique vibrating
istics and the bulk density. resultant weight loss per unit wire weighing technology is based
of time is determined by the on the theory that the resonance
Application: Simple, economi-
weighing and control system. frequency of an oscillating
cal solutions where a high
This actual weight loss per wire depends on the wire
degree of feed rate accuracy
unit of time is compared to a tension produced when
is not required.
desired weight loss per unit a load is applied. Force,
of time based upon a desired when derived from an ap-
Gravimetric continuous feed rate setpoint. plied weight, is transferred me-
Feeding Principle Any difference between the chanically to the wire. The resonant
The bulk material or liquid is actual and desired weight loss frequency is measured to determine the weight. In Coperion
discharged from a hopper by per unit of time results in a K-Tron’s patented Smart Force Transducer (SFT), the signal
weighing the material being correction to the speed of the is directly converted into a digital weight signal by a built-
fed and regulating the speed feeding device. in microprocessor. The signal is then communicated noise-
of the feeding device. The free via RS 485 to the controller. Every SFT provides a true
When the hopper content
weighing system with control 4,000,000:1 weight resolution in 80 ms and comes with a 5
reaches a predetermined mini-
compensates for non-uniform year warranty.
mum weight level, the control
material flow characteristics by weight loss is briefly inter-
and variations in bulk density, rupted and the hopper is re-
and therefore provides for a filled. During the refill period, Advanced Controls
high degree of feeding ac- weight is increasing and the No matter how simple or
curacy. controller regulates the speed complex your feeder ap-
Application: Monitored feed- of the feeding device based plication may be, Coperion
ing. Material control. Set point upon the historical weight and K-Tron has a control solu-
input manually or by host speed information that was tion designed and priced
computer or in master/slave determined during the previ- to meet your needs.
operation. ous weight loss cycle. The Coperion K-Tron’s SmartCon-
loss-in-weight feeder principle nex TM concept represents a
is most accurate when using a new control environment that
high resolution, fast respond- tightly integrates the core
ing, vibration immune weigh- technologies of a feeder sys-
ing system combined with self tem. This greatly reduces the
tuning controls. cost of installation and daily
operation, makes the system
easier to use and maintain,
and provides an optimum
level of performance. In multi-
feeder applications, Smart-
Connex can be used to form
a network of feeders using
simple field wiring techniques
with superior performance.
Modular Twin
Screw Feeder

Modular Product Lines for Flexible Solutions


Vibratory trays in three sizes A wide range of pumps and
Modular screw feeders offer The use of a belt as the feed- can be combined with various tanks can be combined with a
numerous exchangeable com- ing device of a loss-in-weight hopper sizes to feed difficult suspension scale or platform
ponents and various types of system ensures gentle han- materials like glass fiber. scale using SFT II technol-
screws for feeding bulk solids. dling of difficult products with ogy for gravimetric feeding of
Feed rates:
Feed rates: low melting points. liquids.
2 - 5,000 dm3/h
0.2 - 45,300 dm3/h Feed rates: 0.07 - 180 ft3/h
0.007 - 1,600 ft3/h 1 - 1,200 dm3/h
0.04 - 40 ft3/h

Available in single or twin Twin and single screw feed Designs include sanitary con­
The new BSP feeders provide screw configurations or with modules can be interchanged struc­
tion with two levels of
gentle, precise feeding of free vibratory tray for feeding ma- to provide for quick cleaning surface finish and quick dis-
flowing materials. Four mod- terials with high accuracy at and increased production flex- assembly capability for easy
els can be combined with a low feed rates. ibility. cleaning. Drive motor and
suspension scale or platform gearbox can also be enclosed
Feed rates: Feed rates:
scale to cover a wide range of in a sealed stainless steel
0.07 - 313 dm3/h 0.2 - 4,050 dm3/h
feed rates. housing.
0.003 - 10 ft3/h 0.007 - 140 ft3/h
Feed rates: Feed rates:
2 - 6,700 dm3/h 0.1 - 4,000 dm3/h
0.07 - 237 ft3/h 0.004 - 140 ft3/h

Coperion K-Tron
Smart Flow Meters
For reliable feeding, metering or
monitoring of solid bulk material
flows the Coperion K-Tron Smart
Flow Meter (K-SFM) is an ideal
alternative to traditional feeder
The K-SFM has no moving parts,
thereby ensuring gentle han-
dling of the bulk material - a
distinct advantage over other
flow meter technologies. The
simple, yet robust, design
allows the K-SFM to provide
K4G GRAVIMETRIC FEED RATES an accurate measurement
BLENDER in most conditions. The bulk
The feed rate range is de-
Designed for the plastics com- termined by the equipment material flows through two mea-
pounding and extrusion mar- configuration and the selected suring channels, which use highly
ket, systems can be arranged scale capacity. Each feeder accurate, patented Smart Force
in compact groups of up to type is available in modular Transducer technology to determine
six feeders. configurations that provide for the actual flow rate.
Feed rates: an overlap of feed rate capaci- The K-SFM can be used for any free flowing bulk material
0.4- 3,125 dm3/h ties. The stated feed rates are with particle sizes from 0.2 mm up to 10 mm, such as pow-
0.014 - 110 ft3/h for the smallest equipment ders, grains, pellets, chips, fibers and many more.
configuration to the largest
The K-SFM has been successfully implemented in a wide
equipment configuration with-
range of applications in diverse industries such as plastics,
in that type. Typical feed rate
chemicals, food, animal feed, cement, coal, glass, aluminum,
turndown capacity within any
grain, etc.
single configuration is 20:1.
Application examples: material flow control within a produc-
tion line, measuring filling or discharge quantities, materials
management and quantitative bulk goods measurement.

> Feed rates of 2 - 300 tons/hr
> Highly accurate
> Practically maintenance free
> Automatic taring before the measuring process
> Automatic taring during the measuring process
> Free passage for the bulk material
Two sizes of mid-rate Smart Three sizes of hi-rate Smart
Weigh Belt feeders are avail- Weigh Belt feeders are avail- > No moving parts
able, with and without hous- able, with closed or open > Gentle handling of the bulk material
ing, for medium rate gravi- housing, for high rate gravi- > Reliable
metric feeding or metering. metric feeding or metering.
> Simple design, quick disassembly
A continuous online auto-tare Feed rates SWB-
option reduces downtime for > Function not affected by bulk material characteristics
calibration and maintenance. 2,000 - 120,000 dm3/h > State-of-the-art weighing technology
Feed rates SWB-300/600: 70 - 4,200 ft3/h
10 - 80,000 dm3/h
0.4 - 2,800 ft3/h

Anatomy of a Modular Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Features The Coperion K-Tron Control
Module (KCM) combines the OR JUNCTION BOX
and feeder control function togeth-
er with the motor drive or vi-
Benefits bratory tray drive and mounts
directly on the feeder frame in
an IP65 / Nema 4 enclosure.
This eliminates the need to
mount these components in
remote control panels and
eliminates expensive cabling
between the feeder and the
operator interface in the con-
trol room. All wiring between
the weighing system, motor
and KCM is done at the fac-
tory thus reducing installation
time and expense. Connecting
all feeders in a process line to
the operator interface in the
control room is accomplished
using a single cable with stan-
dard serial communications
protocol. For hazardous or
hostile environments, the KCM
can be remote mounted and
replaced with a connection

Hoppers are available in a va- HOPPERS

riety of configurations. Sym-
metrical and asymmetrical
hoppers with and without
vertical agitation are avail-
able depending on the flow
characteristics of the material
to be fed.

The feeding module is sup- MODULAR FEEDING

ported on a swing out struc- DEVICES
ture that allows for quick
cleaning or changing to a
variety of units. Screw feeding
units with horizontal agita-
tors as well as vibratory trays,
belts, Bulk Solids Pumps and
other feeding devices can be

INLET/REFILL Hopper lids can accommodate The Right Feed Screw
manual or automatic refills,
depen­ding on feed rates. When for Every Application
automatic, the inlet and vent
size is determined based upon
refill rate, material flow charac-
teristics and hopper size. Con-
nection to the upstream refill
device is made via a flexible
bellows. Pressure compensa-
tion systems are available upon

AIR/VENTILATION During the feeding process,

air must enter and leave the
hopper as the process mate-
rial is being discharged or
refilled. The vent connection is
provided for this purpose and
can be connected to: plant­
wide dust collection systems,
the refill container, the atmo- Screw feeding units use Coperion K-Tron’s unique Power-
sphere through an attached sphere design with horizontal agitation to provide the most
fabric filter, the atmosphere uniform fill of material into the discharge screw thus improv-
through a self-cleaning jet ing feeding accuracy over a greater turndown range. Single
filter mounted on the hop- and twin screw configurations are available with a variety of
per. Connection to upstream screw designs to accommodate the broad range of materials
hoppers or central collection that have to be fed.
systems is made with a flexible Years of experience feeding all kinds of materials can be
bellows. accessed in our test lab databases. Fully equipped testing
facilities around the world can help in making the optimal
equipment selection.
SMART FORCE TRANSDUCER High resolution (4 parts / mil-
WEIGHING TECHNOLOGY lion), zero deflection, vibra-
tion and temperature immune
weighing system provides Twin Feed Screws
for the fastest most accu- Twin concave-profile screws
rate weight information to be for free-flowing and sticky
available to the control sys- powders
tem. Available as a platform
scale or three-point suspen- Twin auger screws
sion scale system as shown for pellets or pellet-powder
here. mixtures

Twin spiral screws

GEAR BOX/MOTOR DRIVES A variety of gear box types for difficult pellet-powder
and sizes is available to ac- mixtures
commodate a broad range of
feed rate ranges. Motors are Double spiral screws
available as DC drives with for pellets
100:1 turndown capability, AC
drives with 20:1 turndown ca-
pability and stepper drives. A Single Feed Screws
variety of drives are available Single spiral screws
to meet hazardous location for pellets
Single auger screws
for poorly flowing powders
DISCHARGE Discharge configurations can
be supplied as open horizon- Single auger screws
tal, closed vertical, and closed with wider tube
vertical with pressure com- for large pellets
pensation designs. Separate
sampling valves are available
to divert materials for calibra-
tion checks.

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Modular volumetric and loss-in-weight feeders integrated with a gravi-

metric blending system and pneumatic receivers in a plastics extrusion

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