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XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

A Window to Physics And So Much More....
ers in this interface between geometry
By Mark Greek and physics,” said University President
Samuel Stanley.
e building features a lecture hall
What is that giant glass thing on the ground floor and a dining area
they’ve been working on over by the on the second floor. Meant to act as a
Math and Physics buildings? metaphorical bridge between the two
“A gleaming, beautiful space to departments, the new facility also fea-
work and coexist,” according to John tures an actual bridge to the Mathemat-
Morgan, professor emeritus and direc- ics tower.
tor of the new Simons Center for “Mathematics was my field so from
Geometry and Physics. that standpoint it makes sense,” Dr.
e new building, funded by a large James Simons said. e center features a
donation from the James and Marilyn lecture hall on the ground floor and a
Simons Foundation, will host work- dining area on the second floor.
shops and lectures and welcome more With Stony Brook University al-
than two dozen postdoctoral candidates ready boasting robust science and
and visiting professors each year. e mathematics departments, this new
building is meant to provide a work- center can be considered a sandbox for results. “A great deal of mathematics, of cooperation between two depart-
space that encourages collaboration be- students and faculty to explode and geometrics and theoretical physics are ments that have worked in tandem at
tween the university’s Institute for learn. almost inexplicably bound up… e the university for some time.
Mathematical Sciences and the Depart- e $60 million donation is the ties have become tremendous,” said Si- “We give money to different places,”
ment of Physics and Astronomy. largest endowment in SUNY history mons at the center’s grand opening Simons said of him and his wife. “But
“e people it’s going to house and Simons said he is pleased with the event, adding that the nearly 40,000 no place is closer, I think, to both of our
…are going to be some of the real lead- square-foot building stands as a symbol hearts than Stony Brook.”

Judge Green Lights Hotel Project

any purpose at any time they choose Brook University. However, according troublesome it becomes.”
By Desirée Keegan and begin construction. to Locker and others in the Environ- The Stony Brook Environmental
“We haven’t had a conversation mentalist Club and its sub-organization Conservancy group has sent out an up-
with the developer about next steps on the Stony Brook Conservation Collec- date on the lawsuit, asking for students
A recent request for a temporary re- that,” said President Samuel Stanley tive, the school has failed to pay taxes and supporters to come to the next
straining order that would prohibit con- court hearing. “It is extremely impor-
struction on the disputed hotel site at tant that the courthouse be packed with
Stony Brook has been turned down. supporters of the suit,” said Bowman,
Judge Ralph Gazzillo did not reinstate president of the Stony Brook Environ-
the restraining order requested by the mental Conservancy Group. “Students,
plaintiff ’s lawyer, George Locker, stat- staff, faculty, community members.
ing that there was insufficient evidence Even if you can spend only an hour,
presented to convince him to reinstate please come.”
it. On November 2, students repre-
The trial was recently moved from senting the SBU Environmental Club
Manhattan to Suffolk County due to ju- had attempted to bring the concerns of
risdiction, and in that process Manhat- the students to the University Senate
tan State Supreme Court Judge Marilyn but were ruled out of order by Senate
Diamond’s decision to uphold a re- President Fred Walter because of time
straining order on the construction has constraints.
since been reversed. Trying to gain more support in
Originally scheduled for Nov. 11 at protest of Judge Gazzillo’s decision, the
the Suffolk County Criminal Court Stony Brook Conservation Collective is
Building in Riverhead, N.Y. However, holding a protest on Wednesday, No-
the trial will be moved to a new date fol- vember 10 at the SAC Plaza.
lowing the realization that Nov. 11 is “The event is to raise awareness—
Veteran’s Day. during a WUSB radio interview Friday. on the property. “If you fail to make to educate the student body on the 11
“The judge did not believe that cut- “There’s an incentive on our part to re- PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) pay- acres of land,” said Greco, “where
ting the forest constituted irreparable ally get started and the court has given ments the lease is void,” stated Locker. countless students do research for the
harm,” said Locker regarding Judge us that opportunity.” “It was the site through the original sciences, and is the only place on cam-
Gazzillo’s decision to deny the request. The case is being taken to trial on ground lease marked for just this pur- pus where a select handful of endan-
The restraining order lift now al- account of the lease being expired. Back pose,” Stanley said. “Of course the gered species reside.”
lows the university to cut down the 11- in the 1980s, the lot was owned by Stony longer you put things off, then the more
acre forest at the campus entrance for
The Stony Brook Press News 3

Vote Hard Or Die Trying

By Alyssa Melillo
Education and tuition costs seemed
to determine who many Stony Brook
students voted for in the midterm elec-
tions on November 2.
Democrat Andrew Cuomo won the
position of governor with 61.4 percent
of votes. His major opponent, Republi-
can Carl Paladino, received 34.1 per-
cent. Other candidates in the race, such
as Howie Hawkins of the Green Party
and Warren Redlich of the Libertarian
Party, did not receive more than 1.4 per-
cent of votes.
As for-on campus voting, students
and all others registered on campus
voted largely for Cuomo, who earned
252 votes compared to Paladino, who
received 33 votes. Rounding up the
third party candidates, Hawkins re-
ceived a total of 18 votes and Rent Is
Too Damn High candidate Jimmy
McMillan received a total of 11 votes. Najib Aminy
The recent budget cuts to SUNY, President Clinton greeting students at a rally held for incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop (D) on Oct. 27.

which have been passed down to SBU

contender Randy Altschuler. Schumer for senator, because he said he “Students have one of the best op-
for a total of more than $60 million,
For freshman Danielle White, to believes “they’re all fighting for the mid- portunities [to vote],” said women’s
along with recent increases in tuition,
whom tuition is a big issue, Bishop was dle class.” studies major Xenia Deans, a senior. “It
impacted the way a lot of students
the “only significant candidate.” Erika Despite the popularity of the Dem- really does make a difference.”
Eaves, also a freshman, voted for Bishop ocratic candidates, political science “People have died to get the vote in
“We’re a state school run by the
because of the former President’s visit to major Robert Levine, a junior, voted for this century,” said senior Zack Miller, a
government,” said Saira Ahmed, a jun-
campus. She said Clinton’s visit and Paladino. Levine said that although he political science major. “A lot of people
ior who voted for all Democratic candi-
speech convinced her to vote for believed Paladino and Cuomo shared take that for granted.”
dates. “It’s important that they [the
Bishop. similar views on issues, he favored the Aarti Sheth, the project coordinator
government] focus on what students
In the local House race, Bishop is former’s economic policies. of SBU’s chapter of the New York Pub-
currently behind his opponent, Repub- The percentage of voters under the lic Interest Research Group (NYPIRG),
The two races that caught the at-
lican Randy Altschuler, in what is prov- age of 30 in this year’s elections, an esti- said that it is extremely important for
tention of most students that voted on
ing to be a very close race. According mated 20.4 percent, is a significant de- students to vote, as it provides a sense
campus were both the governor’s race
to Newsday, Altschuler is leading crease from the amount in the 2008 of empowerment for them. Sheth,
and the local House race. Cuomo and
Bishop by about 3,500 votes following a presidential election, which was a little Levine and Miller, also members of
Democrat Tim Bishop, candidate for
recount of votes. over 50 percent. It is also a decrease NYPIRG, offered buttons and stickers
congressman, were favorites amongst
Although the tuition issue appeared from the 25.5 percent who voted in the that read, “I voted today!” to students
voters. Bishop, with the help of former
to be the main reason students voted for 2006-midterm elections. who voted in the SAC.
President Bill Clinton, who co-hosted a
certain candidates, freshman Jeremy Despite the decrease in the youth Of the more than 1,000 students
rally with him days before the election,
Travera said he voted for Cuomo and votes, the importance of voting is still registered on campus to vote, a total of
earned 271 votes against Republican
other Democrats, such as Charles E. felt. roughly 320 votes were cast.
4 Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

Editorial Board
Executive Editor
Najib Aminy

Managing Editor
Nick Statt
Why The Youth Doesn’t Matter
Associate Editor
Evan Goldaper Where were you on November 2, be- tics at a fever pitch, it’s semi-under- from, as Cuomo said his plans include
tween the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.? Be- standable that young Americans didn’t “immediately imposing a cap on state
Business Manager tween classes, work or extra-curricula, have the stomach to get involved this part of a one year emer-
Inquire Within, did you manage to squeeze in two min- year. But the impact that midterm elec- gency financial plan.”
Please Don’t Quit utes to vote? tions can have on higher education is On the local level, the race for US
Production Manager It seems young Americans in partic- huge, and the newest crop of New York Congress is an important one for educa-
Inquire Within ular had better things to do than vote in politicians will now get to help unscrew, tion. Tim Bishop, the Democratic in-
this year’s midterm election. While 51 or further screw the SUNY system. cumbent running for New York District
News Editors percent of Americans age 18-29 voted in Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has 1, which includes Stony Brook, has been
Matt Calamia the 2008 presidential election and 25 said he supports PHEEIA, the so-called recognized for leadership in higher edu-
Bobby Holt
percent turned out for the 2006 “empowerment and innovation act” cation and has worked to secure federal
Features Editor midterms, only 20 percent of the group SUNY has desperately sought so state education funds for New York state, in-
Desiree Keegan voted last week. colleges could hike tuition each year and cluding $700 million this year. Bishop
Beyond the young demographic, cit- cater to private developers. Cuomo has sits on the Committee for Education and
Arts Editor izen participation nationwide slumped. said he supports a PHEEIA pilot pro- Labor and worked in higher education
Liz Kaempf
Studies show that last week’s election gram, which would allow the universities for nearly 30 years. He was the provost at
Sports Editor turnout dropped below 2006 levels, with at Stony Brook and Buffalo to test out the the College at Southampton under Long
Matt Maran 1.5 million fewer citizens casting ballots. idea. But let’s not forget, it takes two Island University’s ownership, and more
And compared to the 2008 election, a branches of state government to pass the recently, he has played a big role in seek-
Photo Editor whopping 30 million fewer voters turned thing, and while Governor Paterson has ing the reopening of the Southampton
Carolina Hidalgo
out to vote this year. been a fervent PHEEIA champion, it has campus after Stony Brook chose to shut-
Copy Editor With rampant disappointment in still failed to get enacted. ter it this year.
Zach Knowlton the Obama administration, searing neg- (On the flipside, Carl Paladino had At the time of publication, the con-
ative ads from all sides and Tea Party an- said he supported the idea of PHEEIA as gressional race’s outcome is undeter-
Social Media Editor well, so PHEEIA mined. According to Newsday, an
Kenny Mahoney
haters like the UUP unfinished count of the ballots showed
Ombudswoman or The Stony Brook the Conservative candidate, Randy
Tia Mansouri Press would have Altschuler, leading by about 3,500 votes.
Layout Design by been out of luck Bishop’s camp said on November 7 that
Jowy Romano with either married they would ask a judge to order a hand
candidate.) count of the ballots, while a spokesman
Staff On his website, for Altschuler told Newsday a do-over
Vincent Barone our next governor was unnecessary.
Raina Bedford
Michelle Bylicky Cuomo has said Altschuler hasn’t spoken much on
Lionel Chan he’ll seek state education, except to say that he would
Mike Cusanelli
Eric DiGiovanni grants that would to support tax breaks for families who
Brett Donnelly
Amanda Douville foster and reward choose alternative schooling of the pub-
Lauren Dubinsky partnerships be- lic system for their young children, such
Lauren Dubois
Andrew Fraley tween private in- as faith-based schools or home learning.
David Ginn
Mark Greek dustries and The moral of the story here, kids, is
Colleen Harrington
Samuel Katz
colleges for research that you should have voted on Novem-
Desiree Keegan and development. ber 2, and if you didn’t, don’t you dare
Iris Lin
Chris Mellides He said he will es- complain about the results. Just because
Alyssa Melillo
Erica Mengouchian tablish a “New this election wasn’t a whirlwind of hope
Carol Moran Technology Seed and change and was more of a spanking-
Frank Myles
Alex H. Nagler Fund” that will fest to certain people and parties, it does-
Howie Newsberkman
Jessica Rybak match, dollar-for- n’t mean you should just sit it out. These
Emily Torkel dollar, funds for en- are the folks who will be shaping policy
Matt Willemain
trepreneurs who in New York for the next several years,
About Us develop and market and it’s our right to choose candidates
ideas sprung from who will fight for the ideals we support.
The Stony Brook Press is published fortnightly
during the academic year and twice during sum- university research. Plus, not voting makes us look bad: just
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Full of Potential
After the better part of a semester, the new Stu-
dent Activity Board (SAB) has seen its budget balloon
more than 40 percent larger than that of its predeces-
sor. In fact, the $404,000 that SAB commands
amounts to 13 percent of the overall Undergraduate
Student Government’s operating budget.
In comparison, the former SAB spent its smaller
budget to host of a variety of events that catered
mostly to a small niche on campus. The new SAB has
focused on fewer events with bigger turnout, and
there’s one standout quality of the new board: it has
This year’s SAB events have included the comedy
of Christian Finnegan and the Upright Citizens
Brigade Touring Company, a student-hosted art show,
and the Humans vs. Zombies tag game. But unfortu-
nately, that’s about it.
This semester’s activities have proven to be suc-
cessful because they have achieved an ideal that few
former SAB-sponsored events had not: well-attended
events that cater to the whole campus. The idea of
hosting a few quality campus events that attract
crowds of 500-plus students is a radical shift from the the right direction by hosting events aimed to improve pecially considering the increased funding the board
old SAB era, where there was a plethora of small-scale student life here on campus. And an added plus is that has received. Already, there are talks about securing
activities aimed at just a few specific fraternities and all the events have so far been free. big-name visitors like Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K.,
sororities. Yet taking into account that the new SAB is sitting Christopher Hitchens and Snoop Dogg, to name a few.
Another success of the new SAB administration on a $404,000 pile of opportunity, we expect even But if the new SAB continues on the path they’ve
is that students no longer have to wait for the end of more quality than the scattered handful that have been treading by hosting just a few events with the
spring semester for a decent entertainment, typically taken place thus far. constant mention of big plans for the future, then that
a concert with a few big artists. Guests like Christian For example, Stony Brook University used to at- potential will largely be unfulfilled, putting a damper
Finnegan and the Uprights Citizens Brigade provide a tract big musical artists like the Grateful Dead, Blue on both student life at Stony Brook and the strides that
healthy dose of comedy for what the Princeton Review Öyster Cult and Jimi Hendrix, and speakers like Ralph SAB has made thus far.
has ranked the 11th unhappiest campus in the nation. Nader. George Carlin once graced the Stony Brook The new SAB passed its first test with Christian
Of course, SAB’s offerings are not limited to com- campus community with his wit and wisdom. The his- Finnegan’s appearance, and they’ve seemed to con-
edy events. They also assumed the funding responsi- tory is clearly there, and with today’s much larger stu- tinue along the comedic track with events that reach
bility for the week-long Humans vs. Zombies game dent body and decent reputation, continuing that across all aisles. But until some high-impact, exciting
and are trying out new programs like the student-run tradition should be priority. ideas are actually put in motion, the only thing the
art show. It looks as though the new SAB is headed in Which is why the new SAB is full of potential, es- SAB will be known for is it’s potential.

We Feel Cultured!
The MaMa Art Show, in which art By having this mix of the novitiate and
was showcased in the Union Ballroom the journeyman, the show offered a
and the University Café on November helpful contrast to those not well-versed
1, was intended to be a modest display in some of the more prominent art
of student work across a variety of forms displayed.
mediums. While the issue of attendance Events like this are few and far be-
at campus events was not a motivation tween here at Stony Brook, but are
in presenting the show, organizer sharp reminders of the potential bal-
Roman Belopolsky was surprised to ance and diversity this campus can
find that the show was a huge success. achieve. Funding for the MaMa show
A steady flow of students came in and came from USG, so all it truly takes is
out all night long, and words of aston- takes is seizing idea and putting it into
ishment and shock floated among at- motion, or offering your support to one
tendees who were unaware that works already in motion yet struggling to stay
of such quality could have come from their home in the Humanities here at sculptures were on display, while artists afloat. With the steady rise in consis-
Stony Brook University students. Stony Brook. Putting aside the unex- were able to walk around and talk with tency and popularity of music events
On a campus filled with scientific pected attendance, the mere scope of attendees. like Rock Yo Face Case and Stony
minds, the MaMA was a symbol for the the variety was overwhelming impres- Chris Mancuso, a local Long Island Brooklyn, we can only hope that events
thriving arts scene and its many con- sive. Everything from paintings and artist whose work was in the University like this are not random flukes and are
tributors, most of whom have found photographs to elaborate and unique Cafe, gave the show a professional edge. forming a true pattern towards change.
6 Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

5-0 Crackdown On Booze, Drugs and Fun!
referrals can result in arrest, suspension
By Colleen Harrington or expulsion, according to university
Stony Brook University is not alone
College is that traditional time in the jump in drug related violations,
where students study by day and banish either: A review of the annual crime re-
brain cells with booze and drug experi- ports from SUNY schools at Bingham-
mentation by night. Now, new data ton, Albany and Buffalo show that drug
shows that Stony Brook students may incidents have climbed at all of SUNY's
partying even harder than before. four university centers. From 2007 to
According to the university's annual 2009, Binghamton's incidence of drug
crime report, drug use on campus has discipline increased from 74 to 105, and
soared over the past few years. Drug re- jumped at Buffalo as well, from 150 to
ferrals on campus have more than 249 over the same time span. Crime
quadrupled, from 73 in 2007 to 317 in data for Albany was only available dat-
2009, and drug arrests on campus ing back to 2008, but a 20% increase in
climbed from six to 19 during the same drug incidents was reported there as
period. well. liquor statistics slightly decreased. It sity crime reports: less burglaries were
e most recent drug data stands in Stony Brook saw the highest percent seems our peers up north have drank us reported at three out of the four SUNY
stark contrast with the numbers re- increase in drug violations, and it saw under the table, or just tend to get university centers in 2009. Burglary in-
ported in Stony Brook's 2002 crime re- the biggest climb in liquor violations on caught more: 860 liquor violations were cidents at Stony Brook dropped, from
port, when just 18 drug referrals were campus as well. e amount of people reported in 2009, down by about 10% 212 reported in 2007 down to 134 in
reported. slapped with alcohol referrals has more from the 948 incidents in 2007. 2009. Over the same period, Bingham-
Drug referrals on campus are issued than doubled, from 226 in 2007 up to e amount of on-campus liquor in- ton burglaries dropped from 50 to 11,
for a number of different drug viola- 463 in 2009. cidents varied at Binghampton and Al- and Buffalo's numbers were down from
tions and can result in a number of dif- While Stony Brook has seen the bany. Binghampton saw a jump from 123 to 66. Albany was the only school
ferent disciplinary consequences, largest percent increase in liquor inci- 191 in 2007 to 314 last year, while Al- to report that burglaries had increased:
ranging from a slap-on-the-wrist warn- dents, SBU's numbers pale in compari- bany reported a 34% decrease, from 305 ere were 38 reported in 2007, while
ing, parental notification, rehab or re- son to the statistics that the University in 2008 down to 200 in 2009. twice as many, 76, were reported last
moval from campus residence. Multiple at Buffalo reported, even though UB's e bit of good news in the univer- year.
The Stony Brook Press News 7

$400,000 In The Bank, But Where’s the Fun?
By Najib Aminy
Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K., Snoop
Dogg and Ralph Nader are just some of
the names being thrown around to
come next semester to Stony Brook.
That’s in part due to more than
$100,000 injected into the new Student
Activities Board (SAB) budget.
Since the Establishment of Student
Life Act was passed last spring semes-
ter, the new SAB has been operating on
a budget of $404,000; a budget that is 40
percent larger than the previous ad-
ministration. The act, which was cre-
ated to remedy a growing concern that
SAB events had been catering to spe-
cific minority fraternities and sororities,
Students taking in Christian
aimed to centralize the way event pro-
gramming would take place. Finnegan’s performance earlier
Problems had occurred during the this year.
transition between old and new SAB.
“I wasn’t expecting year one was ming on campus. top of a recent $20,000—funds redi-
The 2010 spring semester Brookfest
going to be the best thing in the world,” But with the recent string of budget rected from the discontinued LIRR
concert, the first big event after the
said Alex Dimitriyadi, Executive Vice cuts that has affected Stony Brook, the ticket program, ALIRRT.
change was dismally attended, selling
President and author of the act. “But it’s USG, specifically the SAB, has a grow- Dimitriyadi and Khan are propos-
only 540 tickets for an event that hosted
remained the status quo. It just shows ing role compensating for program- ing to increase the student activities fee
rap-artist Wale and indie-rock twosome
you how ineffective the previous years ming cuts in the Dean of Student’s to $100 from the current $94.25. Khan
Matt and Kim. The poorly attended
have been.” office. hopes that the additional money will go
end-of-the-year event highlighted a rift
When compared to the old SAB, “We are being more conservative towards SAB to fund big name artists
between former SAB members and
where there was at least one event or because we don’t know what’s down the and events for next semester. Students
USG’s new direction in event hosting.
program hosted once per week, the cur- road,” said Jerrod Stein, Dean of Stu- will get to vote in favor or against the
Now, more than halfway through
rent regime hosts far fewer. It’s some- dents. “Relying on the student activity activity fee raise, however. Khan says
the semester, Stony Brook has been host
thing that Student Programming fee is more profound now than it’s ever the fee hike would go to a good cause.
to Christian Finnegan, the Upright Cit-
Agency Director Moiz Khan said was been,” said Stein. “The big thing obviously is that we
izens Brigade Touring Company and
done intentionally. That’s why part of the 40 percent in- can’t just do four events and the scale of
the mentalist known as Banachek. Be-
Khan said he saw a problem with crease in the new SAB budget is due in the event has to be bigger,” said Khan,
tween these events, new SAB has also
how events were being run in previous part to the SAB formally taking respon- reflecting on the events new SAB has
coordinated the Modern Art by Mod-
years and how they were usually catered sibility for big events like Homecoming hosted this semester. “We are still look-
ern Artists exhibit held last week, a well-
to a small niche on campus. He said he Weekend, Roth Regatta and Senior ing for more money to do bigger events
attended trivia event, the fortnightly
wanted to focus on events that focused Week. for next semester.”
Rock Yo Face Case concerts and Hu-
on quality and attracted wide audiences. “We feel that we should offer some
mans vs. Zombies.
“Even though there [haven’t] been sort of support to make sure these tra- The Press sought comment from for-
But even within the halls of the Un-
many events on campus this semester, ditions continue to happen,” Dim- mer SAB members concerning the
dergraduate Student Government, there
each event that has happened, at the itriyadi said. “Ultimately we are change of power and this year’s effort to
has been an acknowledgement that
very least, has been diverse. There has responsible for student life on campus.” liven the campus, but no one responded
SAB’s relevance on campus has stayed
been no clear clique,” said Khan, who Khan is hopeful that the SAB re- to our inquires.
the same.
oversees USG student event program- ceives more money from the USG, on
8 Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010


Stony Brook Was Once Red Hot

published on January 22, 1996, “Fire lations. An article published in the tremely successful as it gives our stu-
By Lauren Dubinsky Breaks Out in Langmuir,” describes a
fire that was sparked by an electrical
Statesman on February 7, 2000, “Ignit-
ing Safety Concerns,” said “Out of 98
dents a chance to practice evacuating
their buildings,” said Gallo. “It is always
outlet and left one student injured. In buildings at Stony Brook, 13 are par- good practice for everyone to know at
Fires plagued the West Campus of 1995 a fire broke out in Hamilton and tially equipped with sprinklers and 10 least two ways out, in case your primary
Stony Brook University in the 1990s but engulfed all of the furniture in a suite, are partially protected.” In 2010, all of exit is blocked by fire.” During the drills,
that has become a problem of the past. damaged the bathroom and all three the residence halls have fire extinguish- Fire Marshals, RHD’s and RA’s inspect
A Stony Brook Statesman article from bedrooms. ers, fire alarm systems, manual pull sta- the halls to make sure all of the students
February 27, 1992, “Fire!,” states that On January 19, 2000 a devastating tions and either partial or full have evacuated. They use that opportu-
100 students were relocated and two sprinklers. nity to remind students where fire ex-
were injured after an electrical fire at “We have increased our fire pre- tinguishers, fire alarm pull stations and
Dreiser College. The article claims the “Educating our students, vention activities from years past,” said assembly areas are located.
room that was ignited contained black-
staff and faculty about the John Gallo, the manager of fire safety. The NYS Office of Fire Prevention
ened, mangled bed frames and mat- “Educating our students, staff and fac- and Control annually inspects the uni-
tresses laying burnt and dispersed dangers of fire and how to ulty about the dangers of fire and how versity’s buildings and issues certificates
across the floor. In 2010, a room prevent them directly links to to prevent them directly links to the de- of compliance, notices of violations and
charred after a major fire is foreign to
the decrease in the number crease in the number of fires we have orders to comply based on what they
many students. had over the years.” The university and find. “Through the combined efforts of
The 2010 Stony Brook University of fires we have had the Fire Marshals’ office work together many departments across campus we
Annual Security and Fire Report states over the years.” to educate the campus community continue to be in compliance [with the
that nine residence hall fires took place about the dangers of fires and how to policies], which is an excellent accom-
in 2009. The fires were small incidents prevent them from occurring. plishment,” said Gallo.
that only caused minor property dam- fire tore through the a dorm at Seton At the beginning of each semester, Fire Marshals, firefighters and stu-
age. The university has come a long way Hall University in South Orange, New Fire Marshals and the director of Resi- dents gather in the Academic Mall
from a massive electrical fire in Dreiser Jersey and killed three students and left dential Risk Management provide fire every September for National Campus
College to the minor fires that occur four others critically injured. That fire safety training for residence hall staff. Fire Safety Month. At the event, Fire
today. caused Stony Brook University to crack “We go through training and they give Marshals supervise students as they put
Articles in the Statesman dating down. In 2000, the university began to us a PowerPoint presentation and a lec- out simulation grease fires. The stu-
from 1994 to 1999 report of fires on ensure that fire safety regulations were ture,” said Emily Shan, a RA in Sanger dents are also taught the importance of
campus. An article published in the improved to prevent a catastrophe like College. “They show us outdoors how Underwriters Laboratories stickers on
Statesman on March 10, 1997, “Fire the one at Seton Hall. to use a fire extinguisher and ways to hair dryers and other electronic devices.
Breaks Out in Ammann College,” de- Before the university renovated the prevent a fire from happening.” These stickers ensure that the devices
scribes a fire that charred the apartment residence halls at the end of the Spring A minimum of two mandatory fire were properly inspected. There have
door of the building’s Residence Hall 2000 semester, many of the buildings drills are conducted each semester in been cases of hair dryers igniting on fire
Director. Another Statesman article did not meet fire safety codes and regu- every residence hall. “The drills are ex- because the appliances did not have UL
The Stony Brook Press Features 9
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stickers. received by the dis-

“The event did show me a glimpse patchers. “When
of what happens when you use an un- there is a report of a
certified blow dryer and how to use a fire, university dis-
fire extinguisher,” said George Wan, a patchers send a pa-
resident student who attended the trol car and also
event. notify the university
“The Fire Marshals are constantly Fire Marshals who
out in our campus community promot- also respond,” said
ing fire safety by conducting classes on Robert Lenahan, the
various topics such as cooking safety, chief of university
candles, proper use of a fire extin- police. The dispatch-
guisher and other fire safety measures,” ers then alert the
said Gallo. The students get the oppor- local volunteer fire
tunity to sit in a parked trailer as it fills departments that ini-
with smoke to demonstrate what they tiate the proper re-
should do in the event of a fire. Volun- sponse.
teer firefighters inform the students not “Response times
to stand up in a smoke filled room be- for both university
cause the temperature can go up to 1800 Fire Marshals and
degrees Fahrenheit. They emphasize the university police av-
importance of safe cooking practices by erages around two
telling students to never leave food that minutes and that is a
is cooking unattended. contributing factor
effectively prevent fires from happen- pus residences are going to put single-
In 2009, 26 states declared that Sep- in fires remaining minor in nature,” said
ing. The 2009 Annual Security and Fire point detection features on all of the fire
tember is National Campus Fire Safety Lenahan. The nine residence hall fires
Report for Buffalo University says that alarm systems this year. Those systems
Month. Ed Comeau who started the that occurred in 2009 were small and
they experienced five minor fires. The will allow UPD dispatchers to commu-
program in 2005 was the former chief only caused minor property damage.
2009 Campus Fire Safety Annual Com- nicate with a single building or all of the
fire investigator for the National Fire The police officers and fire marshals
pliance Report for Albany University buildings in the event of an emergency.
Protection Association and began pub- were able to get to the scene in an aver-
states that they had 11 minor fires. The university makes note of its
lishing an electronic newsletter about age of two minutes and quell the fires
Massive fires are not a problem for success but does not stop improving it-
fire safety called Campus Firewatch in before they got any larger.
Stony Brook University anymore, but at self and searching for new ways to pre-
2000. His small newsletter started to “I am in contact with other fire
any time that could turn around. “The vent fires. “Stony Brook University takes
evolve into something much larger safety professionals at other universities
fire alarm systems are also being up- fire safety very seriously and we work
when he developed the program. and we routinely discuss what we are
graded with state of the art fire detec- extremely hard at educating our stu-
The University Police Department doing on campus and what our best and
tion, which leads to very quick dents and preventing fires from occur-
is made aware of a potential fire when most effective practices are,” said Gallo.
notification of a fire or smoke condi- ring,” said Gallo.
an individual calls 911 or through fire Other SUNY schools are successful in
tion,” said Gallo. The division of cam-
alarm or sprinkler activations that are educating students about fire safety and
10 Features Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

The Silent Flood

By Najib Aminy
Walking through the double glass
doors, a wave of fundraisers, religious
awareness and club promotion crashes
with each student that happens to wade
through the lobby of the Student
On this particular day, there are a
group of students, mostly from the
Muslim Student Association, that in-
terrupt the lobby-chatter with pleas
asking for donations to aid the relief ef-
fort for the victims of the flood that hit
Pakistan late July.
e flood, caused by record-break-
ing monsoon rains, has since claimed
more than 1,700 lives and has affected
more than 20 million people, eclipsing
the total number of people affected by
the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane
Katrina and the Haitian earthquake Najib Aminy
Indian comic Vidur Kapur on-stage performing for a comedy benefit for Pakistani flood victims in the Wang Center on Nov. 3.
But what makes this group of stu-
dents soliciting aid for Pakistan unique eracy, a program within Stony Brook’s in the Middle East, Kapur calls himself “It hurts seeing the response to
is the lack of attention shed on the School of Journalism that aims to teach living proof that the stereotypes casted Haiti and looking at what’s being done
cause they are supporting. It’s this prob- students to think critically about the over the Middle East are largely untrue. in Pakistan,” said Bilal Raja, a sopho-
lem that Stony Brook graduate student news they consume. “ere is enmity “ere is this image that Pakistan or the more political science major. “It kind
Sumreen Dar faced while trying to gain between the two.” Mideast is full of terrorists and very in- of irritates me how the UN comes out
support when advertising her comedy Pakistan’s involvement in the nine- tolerant,” said Kapur, who has had his with all these numbers and statistics,
relief event that took place on Nov. 3 in year Afghan War, in which the fighting seven-year relationship with his Jewish but nobody wants to help,” said Dar.
the Wang Center. has spilled into Pakistan’s border, has boyfriend tested with these trips. “But e UN has released an emergency
“Most of the clubs I spoke to didn’t made it the target of US drone attacks. the reality is that it’s not like that, not at response plan for Pakistan that would
even know about the flood at all,” said is is due to an increasing number of all.” cost more than $2 billion. e UN has
Dar, a graduate student in liberal stud- Afghan insurgency fighters who take e past five years in Pakistan’s his- said it received only 40 percent of that
ies. “It was harder to get people in- shelter in Pakistan’s Northern region. In tory have continued the tradition of number totaling $775 million. About a
volved,” she said. the most recent Gallup poll, in 2008, al- normalized crisis within the nation’s fih of the country has been submerged
is is largely in part, Dar said, to most three-quarters of the people 70-year history aer gaining independ- underwater, affecting three of the four
the amount of attention the Pakistan polled viewed Pakistan as unfavorable, ence from Britain and India, with the provinces in Pakistan. Now more than
flood has garnered on U.S. media air- falling behind countries like Iran, flood surmounting to be the most chal- 100 days aer the initial flood, there is
waves and in print headlines. And North Korea and Afghanistan. lenging. Between a growing distrust of rising concern over the spread of water-
when you compare the flood to a more is wasn’t to stop Dar. She had government, a poor economy and the born diseases such as malaria amongst
recent event like the earthquake in gotten together with a few friends and growing Taliban regime in the North, the millions displaced and a long-term
Haiti, where scores more were killed wanted to host a comedy show that the country has really seen better days. concern over the nation’s economic and
then in Pakistan, the difference in would both entertain and enlighten her It’s this subject that comic Saad Haroon political stability.
media coverage is stark. audience about the plight taking place satirized in his song “Pakistani Blues.” And as for the coverage, the news
In the wake of the Pakistan flood, in Pakistan. e comedy show, which “I wanted to put humor behind the drivers that normally increase the
there were 320 broadcast news stories raised more than $5,000, featured four frustration that has affected Pakistan,” chances of a story being run or pub-
and 730 print stories 10 days aer the acts from the metropolitan area that said Haroon, who lives in Pakistan and lished, as with other natural disasters,
flooding began, according to the catered to what predominantly was a lives south of the flooded areas. And have worked against Pakistan. With the
Brookings Institution, a liberal-leaning South Asian audience. while Saad does believe in the idea of tsunami, Katrina and Haiti, there were
think-tank that conducts research in And while most of the jokes donor fatigue affecting the response to images, accessibility and a large audi-
the social sciences. e combined num- touched on the stereotypes of having to the flood, he says a large part of it is ence interest at home directly affected
ber of stories totaled to 1,800 by day 20. get married at an early age or becoming rooted from the media. “Information by all the events, said Miller.
When you compare that to the cov- a doctor or engineer, one comic stood will trickle down from the first-world For Pakistan, the strained relation-
erage given to the Indian Ocean out for another reason, in front of a countries before they get to other parts ship with the U.S., the lack of proximity
tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and Haiti, crowd that included a rabbi, a priest of the world,” he said. and the absence of iconic images like a
each natural disaster attracted a total of and a chaplain. Vidur Kapur’s act More than two weeks aer the wave or a parliamentary building in
3,000 stories both by day 10 and well touched on social commentary that re- Haiti earthquake, U.S. charities raised shambles has hurt the relief effort.
over that number by day 20, according flected his lifestyle. He is gay, Hindu $644 million, and three weeks follow- “Pakistan is a bigger humanitarian
to the Institution. and from India, the antithesis, if you ing Hurricane Katrina, they raised $587 crisis with more people displaced and
“I think it’s a direct reflection of the will, to what anyone expected at a ben- million, according to the Brookings In- affected,” said Miller. “On that measure
relationship between the two countries efit for the largely Islamic country of stitution. Two weeks following the alone this really ought to be a bigger
[US and Pakistan],” said Dean Miller, Pakistan. floods in Pakistan, U.S. charities raised story and it’s not.”
the director of the Center for News Lit- Coming back from a five-city tour only $6 million.
The Stony Brook Press AA E-Zine 11


!"# $%%&'# ()*+,# -."# /."0# *+# 1-234# 5*67.).89:;# <98;).8=);# 02*.! (6+-)*&.0';! +#'0! :,! +*%,?! 48E! -*(9*/,%! ATKKD3! WA#:)&(!
>;7.)86;"8# ?)*8;# .# 79;@;'# AB# C*4;# DE# B"E# F8G;)# H.6;# /*=IJ# H*8# T&/2,$! K%#(*0&6.! K+-6<,$+,.0! *.%! D..6=*0&6.! 3(0X;! <2&(2!
16;II# .4# 1?;;8K'# 9"# 1-34# B49."# B6;)9@."# L*=)".I# MBBLN,# !8# 94# "*?# *((6$%&./!06!EEA!<6#)%!*))6<!0#&0&6.!06!:,!$*&',%!YZ!*..#*))7!#.%,$!
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2"9:;)498E34#>;7.)86;"8#*+#O.48#B49."#<."0=.0;4#."J#5=I8=);4,# *.%!3'&*.!3+,$&(*.!40#%&,'!&.()#%,%?!!
()*+,# /."0# ;"J;J# ?98G# 8G;4;# ?*)J4V# AW*# D;# @*"4@9*=4# .D*=8# 3.7! %,(&'&6.! +*%,! :7! 02&'! '(266)B'! *%+&.&'0$*0&6.;! ',*0,%!
@=I8=).IIE# I*.J;J# J9++;);"@;4# 9"# I."0=.0;# 94# .# ?.E# 8*# 0.9"# D;88;)# %6+&.*.0)7! :7! @2&0,'! .60<&02'0*.%&./;! &0! &'! &+-,$*0&=,! <,! >*(,! 02,!
@)*44P@=I8=).I# ="J;)48."J9"0# 9"# .# ?*)IJ# *+# 9"@);.49"0# J9:;)498E,# B# '-,(&*)! (&$(#+'0*.(,! 6>! 48E! W<2&(2! &'! *)'6! 0$#,! *0! +6'0! 3+,$&(*.!
+*);90"#I."0=.0;#94#"*8#X=48#A?*)J4'#?*)J4'#?*)J4,K#!8#@."#G;I7#=4#8*# (6)),/,'X1! 02,! '0,*%7! &.($,*',! &.! 02,! ,02.&(! %&'0$&:#0&6.! 6>!
D;88;)# ="J;)48."J# U.6I;834# );6.)Y'# .4# 6*J9+9;J# 9"# .# ";?# 6=I89P #.%,$/$*%#*0,'! &'! &.0,$.*0&6.*)! '0#%,.0'! W>$6+! [Z! &.! U\\\! 06! ]Z! &.!
@=I8=).I# @*"8;Z8'# AWG;);# .);# 6*);# 8G9"04# 9"# G;.:;"# ."J# ;.)8G'# U\\YX;! *+6./! <26+! 3'&*.'! (6.0$&:#0,! 02,! )*$/,'0! -*$0! *.%! <26! *$,!
U*).89*'#8G."#.);#J);.68#*+#9"#E*=)K#I."0=.0;,K#### +6$,! <&))&./! 06! *.%! (*-*:),! 6>! '0#%7&./! 602,$! 3'&*.! )*./#*/,'! W*.%!
<="7;"0#[.'#BJX="@8#()*+;44*)#9"#5G9";4;#18=J9;4#.8#1-2#."J#.# 02,7! %6XR! *.%! 3'&*.! *.%! 3'&*.! 3+,$&(*.! '0#%,.0'! *$,! 02,! ',(6.%!
(G,>,# @."J9J.8;# 9"# 8G.8# 4.6;# 5*67# <98# >;7.)86;"8'# =4;4# ()*+,# )*$/,'0! /$6#-! *0! 48E! W6.)7! 6#0.#+:,$,%! :7! @2&0,'X;! <26! 0*9,!
/."034#79;@;#.4#.#D.@YJ)*7#8*#8G;#8G);.8;";J#J946."8I9"0#*+#BBB1,##! (6#$','! 6>>,$,%! :7! 3'&*.! 40#%&,'! 06! F',,9! $660G! 6$! 9.6<! 02,+',)=,'!
"#$!%&'()*&+,$!&'!-)*&.!*.%!#$/,.01!02,!3'&*.!*.%!3'&*.!3+,$&(*.! :,00,$;!,&02,$!>6$!*!)*./#*/,!-#$-6',!6$!*!(&=&)&^*0&6.!/6*)?!
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<,!$,%#(,!3'&*.!)*./#*/,!0,*(2&./'!*0!*))?! .6$! -)*7&./! 02,! -*$0&'*.! (*$%?! I2&'! &'! '&+-)7! 02,! 0$#02;! *! >*(0! 02*0!
@2&),! A$6>?! 8*.! @*./B'! -$6-6'*)! #.>6)%'! +*&.)7! >$6+! *! '26#)%!-$6+-0!#'!06!2*.%),!&0!=&*!*!%6<.H06H,*$02!<*7?!D0!&'!*!>*(0!02*0!
)&./#&'0&(;!*.,(%60*);!*.%!'#:C,(0&=,!-6&.0!6>!=&,<!<&02!*!'*0&$&(*)!06.,;! (*$$&,'! &.! +6$,! (*'2! >)6<! 06! 02,! #.&=,$'&07! 02*.9'! 06! 02,! %&>>,$,.0&*)!
D!*+!*%%$,''&./!02&'!02$,*0!>$6+!*!(#)0#$*)!-,$'-,(0&=,!02$6#/2!*!()6',! 0#&0&6.! &.0,$.*0&6.*)! '0#%,.0'! -*7?! 3.%! &0! &'! *! >*(0! 02*0! :,'-,*9'! 02,!
*.*)7'&'! 6>! 02,! (#$$,.0! ($&'&'! *+6./! 3+,$&(*.! #.&=,$'&0&,';! 48EB'! 3+,$&(*.!F'#-,$-6<,$G!`#*.%*$7!=&'HaH=&'!/)6:*)&^*0&6.;!<2&(2!D!<&))!
'-,(&*)! (&$(#+'0*.(,';! *.%! 02,! -6''&:),! (*0*'0$6-2,! >6$! 02,! <6$)%B'! .6<!0#$.!06?!
(#$$,.0!'6),!F'#-,$-6<,$G!&>!02&'!'2#0H%6<.!:,(6+,'!,-&%,+&(?! J*.7! 3+,$&(*.'! 2*=,! +&_,%! >,,)&./'! *:6#0! '#(2! <*0(2<6$%'! *'!
I2,! >*0,! 6>! 3+,$&(*.! #.&=,$'&0&,';! ,'-,(&*))7! 02*0! 6>! 02,! -#:)&(! FQ2&.*!Q,.0#$7G!*.%!F3'&*.!3/,G!<&%,)7!(&$(#)*0,%!&.!K./)&'2!+*''!
6.,';!&'!'0$6./)7!0&,%!06!02,!*..#*)!*((6#.0&./!'2,,0'!6>!02,!>,%,$*)!*.%! +,%&*!*.%!.6<!#',%!&.!%*&)7!(6.=,$'*0&6.?!K_*//,$*0&6.!6$!+&'.6+,$!
'0*0,!/6=,$.+,.0'?!I2,!$,(,.0!$,(,''&6.!&.!02,!E?4?!,(6.6+7;!'0*$0&./! *'&%,;! 02,',! ')6/*.'! :,0$*7! 02,! '6(&6H(#)0#$*)! +,.0*)&07! 6>! 3+,$&(*!
>$6+! 02,! '#:-$&+,! ),.%&./! ($&'&'! *.%! (#)+&.*0&./! &.! 02,! @*))! 40$,,0! 06<*$%'!&0'!A*(&>&(!.,&/2:6$';!*.%!02,7!&+-)7!*.!&$$,'&'0&:)7!&.($,*'&./!
(6))*-',;! .,/*0&=,)7! *>>,(0,%! #.&=,$'&0&,'B! :#%/,0';! (*#'&./!! &.0,$*(0&6.! :,0<,,.! 02,! F'#-,$-6<,$G! *.%! 02,! .,<! &.>)#,.(,;! *'! &'!
%,=*'0*0&./! (#0'! <&02&.! :602! -#:)&(! *.%! -$&=*0,! &.'0&0#0&6.'! 6>! 2&/2,$! (),*$)7!+*.&>,'0,%!&.!48EB'!'0#%,.0'B!(6+-6'&0&6.!*.%!(2*./,?!
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E.&=,$'&07! 6>! J&(2&/*.! A$,'&%,.0! K+,$&0#'! L*+,'! 5#%,$'0*%0;! *%C#.(0! -$6>,''6$! 06! *%%$,''! <&02&.! 02,! (6.>&.,'! 6>! 02&'! '-*(,?! 8#0!
%,'($&:&./! 02,! (2*./&./! .*0#$,! 6>! '0*0,! #.&=,$'&0&,';! *-0)7! $,+*$9,%;! :$&,>)7;!(#)0#$*))7!'-,*9&./;!02,!E?!4?!2*'!*)<*7'!:,,.!&.!*!0#/!6>!<*$!
F@,! #',%! 06! :,! '0*0,H'#--6$0,%;! 02,.! '0*0,H*''&'0,%;! *.%! .6<! <,! *$,! :,0<,,.! ,_(,-0&6.*)&'+! c! &'6)*0&6.&'+! *.%! +#)0&(#)0#$*)&'+?! ".,! 6>!
C#'0!'0*0,H)6(*0,%?G!!! 02,!9,7!$,*'6.'!>6$!02,!'#$/&./!*$$&=*)!6>!!&.0,$.*0&6.*)!'0#%,.0'!)&,'!&.!
M6<!0*9,!*!()6',$!)669!*0!<2*0!&'!2*--,.&./!*$6#.%!#'1!4EMN!*0! 3+,$&(*B'!,.,$/,0&(!%&=,$'&07;!6-,..,'';!06),$*.(,;!*.%!>)#&%&07?!D>!02,!
3):*.7! 2*'! %,(&%,%! 06! ,)&+&.*0,! 02,&$! -$6/$*+'! &.! O$,.(2;! D0*)&*.;! %&'+*.0)&./! 6>! 02,! 3'&*.! *.%! 3'&*.! 3+,$&(*.! 40#%&,'! 5,-*$0+,.0!
P#''&*.;!Q)*''&(';!*.%!I2,*0,$R!O$*.9!56.6/2#,;!3''6(&*0,!A$6>,''6$! :,(6+,'!*!>*(0!*0!48E!*.%!&'!>6))6<,%!!'#&0!:7!602,$!#.&=,$'&0&,';!.60!
6>! K./)&'2! *0! "2&6! 40*0,! *.%! *#026$! 6>! FI2,! S*'0! A$6>,''6$'1! I2,! 6.)7!<6#)%!02,!$,-#0*0&6.!6>!3+,$&(*!2&/2,$!,%#(*0&6.!:,!$#&.,%;!:#0!
Q6$-6$*0,!E.&=,$'&07!*.%!02,!O*0,!6>!02,!T#+*.&0&,'G;!+*%,!*!=,$%&(0! &0'!,.0&$,!(#)0#$*)!:,%$6(9!<6#)%!0&)0?!I2*0!&'!*!(6.',`#,.(,!.6!6.,!(*.!
&.!WG;#5G)*"9@I;#*+#U90G;)#OJ#P#F02,!2#+*.&0&,'!'&+-)7!%6.B0!2*=,!*! *>>6$%!06!0*9,!*'!<,!,.0,$!02,!F3'&*.!Q,.0#$7?G!
-)*(,! &.! 02,! ,+,$/,.0! (#$$&(#)#+! 6>! 02,! UV'0! (,.0#$7GR! Q6$.,))!
E.&=,$'&07B'!A$,'&%,.0;!5*=&%!496$06.;!*$/#&./!02*0!02,!2#+*.&0&,'!*$,! !"#!$%&"'(&)*"+,"-(./01((
06! $*&',! '#--6$0! *.%! '*&%! 02*0! 2&/2,$! ,%#(*0&6.! ),*%,$'! F.,,%! 06! :,!
02&.9&./!:$6*%)7!*:6#0!*))!%&'(&-)&.,'!H!.60!>6$/,00&./!02,!2#+*.&0&,'!H! ##>('(#76?9(#5;=6@?9(>83=9?A(B?AA(CD.D(
*.%!02,.!#'&./!02,!:#))7!-#)-&0!6.!02,&$!:,2*)>?G!!!!!! "77?E7F(@=6G6H3;7F(8I(;:7F(<6@G689F(I8;G=EF(I=87;F(
I2,! :*%! .,<'! ',,+'! 06! (6+,! 6.,! :7! 6.,?! 30! 48! &0! 2*'! '#$>*(,%!
<&02! 02,! -6''&:),! ()6'&./! %6<.! 6>! 02,! 3'&*.! *.%! 3'&*.! 3+,$&(*.!
40#%&,'!5,-*$0+,.0;!*!-$6-6'*)!:7!02,!5,*.!6>!3$0'!*.%!4(&,.(,'?! JJJM??C743M8=KN??O743(
12 Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010


Finally, something legit e new deformed figure was Chris

artists on campus had been wait- then photographed, lying down
ing for: a serious, advertised art or “standing” in different loca- Mancuso
show where works from across tions. “You remember little snippets and you tie that to what
all different mediums could be In the soly lit room both
happened any way you can.”
displayed for the Stony Brook students and non-students pe-
community to see. rused the show, stopping to stare
e Modern Art by Modern at intriguing works while sip- Pieces at the Show: 5
Artists (MaMa) Art Show, the ping coffee and nibbling on dif-
first large-scale art show at Stony ferent cheeses. Most of the Style: Vibrant paint colors, skewed angels, cropped pictures,
Brook University, drew in on- artists themselves were present, and mixed images.
campus student artists, regard- proudly standing near their cre-
less of their majors, on ations and explaining the sig- Inspiration: His life’s mistakes and his rocky love life.
November 1 in Stony Brook’s nificance and inspiration to
Union Ballroom and University curious viewers. Fun Fact: He created his own label, CusoWorld, where he
Café. ere was also a small ex- e MaMa Art Show was co- aims to combine his art and his business and he loves cropped
hibit from up-and-coming Long ordinated by Roman Belopolsky, pictures because they are not exactly perfect, paralleled to
Island artist Chris Mancuso. the director of marketing for
how human memories are not exactly perfect.
Dozens of abstract and colorful USG and the Fine Arts Organi-
paintings, photos and drawings zation on campus to coordinate
were mounted on large white this event, and would like this
boards and some were attached type of show to be a continuing
with clothespins to long pieces of trend at Stony Brook in the fu-
twine that were strung across the ture, especially for the sake of
room. One piece hanging from the artists.
the twine was by Greta Alexan- “Why don’t you get all these
dra Essig, called Stempydoll, a people together, all these artists
conceptual work of a small doll’s are communicating, and then
head taped on top of the doll’s the whole community in general
leg, with both body parts re- gets to know the artists also…
moved from the rest of the doll. before this, it was just hard for
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 13

artists to really think anybody senting myself and my art… with

Sabrina cared.” He wants the on-campus other artists that I like,” she ex-
Cacciatore artists he has seen to be able to
reach out to the community, and
plained. Desai, along with many
of the artists at the show, do have
“My true passion is in more cartoony kinds of things. A lot of believes they have been able to dreams of having their own show
my stuff, even if I try and be realistic, still has that cartoon el- successfully start doing that or gallery in the future.
ement.” through his efforts in creating the Sophomore Katerina Miras
event. had many of her works displayed
Pieces at the Show: 11+ One of these artists, who had in the show as well, mostly small,
many guests supporting her at the simple, one-color realistic depic-
show, was senior bioology major tions of people or moments in
Style: Juxtaposed images, tons of colors, playful cartoon-
Shraddha Rajesh Desai. She had time. Her art was greatly inspired
like pictures, and the employment of items like broken mir-
three very large works on display, by the European lifestyle. e ti-
rors and LED lights. including a still life, a three-part tles of her works tell that these
painting entitled Love and Sepa- people or events actually came
Inspiration: Cartoons, stylized drawings, and Tim Burton. ration, and a third piece simply from Europe, such as Venetian
called Abstract, a large framed Man. One of her larger works
Fun Fact: She enjoys the hands-on aspect of creating a collage with painting and draw- was a self-portrait painting enti-
piece of artwork. Her mediums include photography, ink ing, which she explained was ac- tled A Blueberry Muffin, which
drawings, painting, and printmaking. tually three works overlapping showed Miras from the shoulders
each other. e creation was an up. Her tan skin and brown hair
explosion of lines and color, were more subdued against the
seemingly chaotic but actually or- pop of bright blue that burst from
ganized in a very careful way like the room she was sitting in.
a jigsaw puzzle. In this work, she
included the flag of India, where
her family is from, and incorpo-
rated several elements of Indian
folk art. She also included small
pieces of representational paint-
ings from other artists she draws
inspiration from. “I was repre-
14 Photos! Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

Sign Fest 2010 (In Case you Forgot)

Photos by
Nick Statt
The Stony Brook Press Photos! 15

Sign Fest 2010 (In Case you Forgot)

Photos by Nick Statt

16 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

Matt and Kim Take it to the Streets

thing a Matt & Kim fan could want: three-piece drum kit. They’re incredi- “Wires” is full of handclaps, a snare
By Zach Knowlton catchy synth lines, hard, danceable
drum beats, lyrics that make your heart
ble, and their first two full lengths, Matt
& Kim and Grand, brought them to the
driven beat, and chorus saturated gang
vocals with a glockenspiel patch placed
smile, along with some progression in national indie conscience. Simply put, right over top, a nice twist on what
I won’t leave you in suspense. The their sound, proving they aren’t sticking they are just a fun, happy band that could become a predictable formula.
new Matt & Kim album, Sidewalks, is in a rut for their fans’ sake either. wants nothing more than to make you “Silver Ties” is huge with sweeping
amazing. Just in case you were worried Matt & Kim are the infectious duo dance with them. synth sounds overlaid with techno in-
the dance-punk darlings had strayed that beam sunshine at live shows and When the first single off of Side- spired arpeggio lines. Their music ex-
from their fun, upbeat roots, I’m here to create a wall of rocking sound with just walks came out a few months ago, I was udes likability, and you can picture
tell you that their latest release is every- a couple of synth keyboards and a mildly concerned for what the rest of these two playing the songs live. And I
the album was going to sound like. can’t wait to see them again to see the
“Cameras” is a heavy number, not lyri- new tracks in action.
cally, but its beat has the thump of a top Lyrically, not much has changed.
40 rap song. It’s catchy, but much slower The songs are slightly simplistic, but
than a lot of their previous material, and there is absolutely no reason to be
I was concerned the rest of the album overly complex when they can say what
would follow this pattern. Fortunately, they want in fewer words. They capture
there are a number of fast paced dance living as a twenty-something, whether
tracks to compliment “Cameras” and or not said twenty-something happens
the songs like it. to be in a fairly successful indie band.
One new influence that seems to be The lyrics are snippets of life that almost
showing on this album is of chip music, everyone has experienced at least once.
essentially stuff that sounds like a Like from “Cameras,” where Matt John-
cracked out NES game. Crystal Castles son sings, “No need for cameras/We’ll
and You Love Her Coz She’s Dead, use our eyes instead/No time for cam-
among others, have perfected this eras/We’ll be gone when we’re dead,” de-
sound over the past couple of years, and scribing those moments that need to be
it seems to have wormed its way into lived and not wasted trying to capture.
Matt & Kim’s music. It’s a nice progres- You might feel a little goofy for liking
sion to see because it doesn’t become them so much, but there is no need to
overpowering in their sound. “Red feel ashamed in enjoying Matt & Kim.
Paint,” is probably the song most influ- Sidewalks is an excellent addition to
enced by this relatively new genre; it Matt & Kim’s discography. It builds on
takes chip music’s intensity and cuts it their sound without being alienating,
with a much softer ocarina or flute (I featuring all that has come to be loved
can’t tell) sample. It’s genius. Chip music by fans, but also putting in some new
is harsh and definitely not for everyone, touches to mix things up and perhaps
but Matt & Kim have made it palatable covert a few new followers. If you’re
for a much wider audience. even remotely interested in listening to
There are also plenty of songs that it, I recommend purchasing it. I don’t
sound like cuts off their last two albums. think you can go wrong.
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 17

The Death of Kanye West

By Nick Statt
After four Platinum albums, 12
Grammy Awards, two public mentions
by United States presidents and a hand
in the biggest hip-hop shift of the last
decade, Kanye West as we know him is
officially dead. When My Beautiful
Dark Twisted Fantasy, Mr. West’s fifth
album, drops on November 22, every-
one will have to settle with the fact that
all the components that propelled
Kanye West to the top of his game have
been ripped out. In their place lies a
more mature and artistic product but
one that’s devoid of all the textbook
Kanye style. At a time when he could
have gone back to his roots and pro-
duced something in line with the Col-
lege Dropout series, he went the
opposite direction, sealing his future as
an artist.
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
isn’t bad by any means. It’s in fact very
varied and unique, words usually
thrown around to describe Kanye West’s
style and torch-carrying attitude. But
where the lyrics are in line with Kanye’s
unmatched quality and still manage to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has not one, but five album covers (the fifth has yet to be released. Guess which one’s our favorite? Wrong, we love all of them!
go above and beyond some of his previ-
ous efforts, the overall style and direc- could have come off something pre- heavyweights, like “All Falls Down,” Critics said his head was so big it
tion of the album prove that the chapter 808s & Heartbreak, and therein lays the brutally honest. had to explode, and sure enough it
that defined him from 2004 to 2008 is main problem with Kayne West these He was a rap artist whose trade- eventually did. He stupidly broke from a
not coming back. days. mark image was a teddy bear and no Hurricane Katrina benefit script to say
The opening track, “Dark Fantasy,” With his unfettered ego and with- one had a word of criticism. That’s how that the standing president didn’t care
wraps up a disarming beat with rough out the millions of media microscopes raw and respected his music, his themes about a whole race of people, and his
verses but a melodically sung chorus. dissecting his every move, Kanye West and the direction he was taking hip-hop ego was starting to take armor-piercing
The album has a handful of other used to be a king. Nobody told him in was for the four year period that he hits. While his image was catching
strong, impressive and surprisingly lis- what to do or how to act, dress or speak dominated. flames, he was still making music. But
tenable tracks, the mark of any solid in public. He wrote, produced and de- I sit and stare at what Kanye does when 808s and Heartbreaks dropped in
album. “Gorgeous,” which features the livered his music on his terms. He did- now, wishing I could re-live the first 2008, Kanye, for the first time in his ca-
ease-laden flow of Kid Cudi, employs a n’t set out to simply change the moment I saw the “Jesus Walks” video reer, had to accept a “love-it-or-hate-it”
catchy distorted guitar hook, while game—he wanted to invent a new one. where he donned a crown of thorns response from his entire fan base. It was
“Power,” one of the early singles, is Even to his harshest critics, he was still while a flame-engulfed KKK member the birth of the coffin, but the nails
Kanye West pulling out his raw rapping an iconic hip-hop musician who was tumbled down a cliff. Where are those came down when he drunkenly
from the earlier days over a pulsing more influential than they gave him aggressive, envelope-pushing moves to- grabbed that mic from a giddy 19-year-
group chant. It makes the track more a credit for. wards something greater, like his album old pop phenomenon.
source of nostalgia considering it’s one My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy art collaboration with Japanese-surreal- Maybe Kanye West, after all has
of the few tracks that has retained this has none of the true Kanye West soul ist Takashi Murakami and his Akira- fallen to pieces, has matured. Maybe
style. flowing through it. It’s completely de- themed music video for “Stronger”? Graduation was the conclusion to one
“All the Lights” is a powerhouse void of the energy and the passion and When he stood in front of the 2008 of the most beloved album series in
song so catchy and pure that it was the gut-wrenching pull that had him up Grammy crowd with a pyramid of red American music history and the Col-
probably written and produced with the in your face screaming, “I dare you to light at his back to perform that Daft lege series will stay a trilogy. Maybe
sole intention of becoming overplayed tell me I’m not the best.” That was what Punk-infused track, you had to shake 808s & Heartbreak wasn’t the exception
in the first week of release. It features a made “Last Call” of College Dropout a your head and laugh. Because while his but the first of a new direction. He’s sure
chorus from Rihanna, one that could 14-minute epic with mind-blowing custom Alain Mikli sunglasses shined to go down in music history and noth-
arguably stand against Alicia Keys’ sec- lines, and made his Jamie Foxx collabo- with light-beacon LEDs and his elec- ing, no matter how controversial, can
tion of “Empire State of Mind” by Jay- ration “Gold Digger” a hit before any- tronic vest flashed with blue lights, you undo what he’s created. But here’s the
Z, and a few amazing lyrical gems from one had gotten past the first chorus. It and the whole world and even Kanye sad part – maybe no one, myself in-
the man himself. It’s the only song on even made his slow songs, like “Flash- himself knew he was taking home a cluded, will find much interest in the
the album that seems to sound like it ing Lights,” better than an actual dedi- handful of Grammys later that night. At grown-up Kanye West.
cated R&B artist, and his lyrical that point, he was just having fun.
18 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

The Modern Day Piano Man, But With Jokes

money?” He pleads with his audience,
By Joe Wofford “I am an artist, please don’t respect me.
I am an artist, feel free to correct me.”
Bo has always been clever and insight-
“My show is a little bit silly and a lit- ful, but when it’s applied to a somewhat
tle bit pretentious, like Shakespeare’s serious topic it really shows just how
willy or Noam Chomsky wearing a brilliant he is.
strap on. It’s also a little bit gay and a lit- Clever is the adjective I would use
tle bit offensive, like Thanksgiving Day to best describe Bo as a whole. Every-
or Noam Chomsky wearing a strap on.” thing from his lyrics, to his standup, to
This is the opening joke from Bo the way he uses his music to make his
Burnham’s new album Words Words comedy better (instead of relying on his
Words. If you’re unfamiliar with Bo music to make up for lackluster com-
Burnham he’s a musical comic who got edy) are all done in an way that no other
his start making YouTube videos. The comic comes close to. His jokes are
highlights of his songs are the excellent most similar in style to Daniel Tosh but
lyrics, either sung or rapped. Bo also because he sings and performs, his jokes
plays the piano and the guitar. are usually on different topics than
His early material covered a wide Tosh’s brand of extremely offensive
variety of themes including self-depre- humor.
cating humor and satirical songs about Bo’s banter with the crowd at his
love. For his new album Bo’s material live shows is great. I watched a video of
has matured but his style has remained him performing and the way he makes
the same. And on this new live album fun of anyone in the audience trying to
he shows how he has grown into this take attention away from him is amaz-
style. ‘em a little weird voice inflection. Then called “Art Is Dead.” Bo starts the song ing. In the middle of a song, he pauses
While talking to the audience he take a Viagra and slap ‘em with a rock by saying, “Honestly this song is not for dramatic effect and someone in the
says he doesn’t do comedy shows, he hard misdirection.” His jokes are lay- funny at all, but it helps me sleep at audience calls out the next line. Bo
does one-man shows. This is very accu- ered and it will take you more than one night.” He then proceeds to sing about slams his hands on the piano and yells,
rate as he’s transformed as an artist from listen to appreciate everything Bo does. how artists are not role models but in- “I know the words to my own *******
someone who writes funny songs, to a For a comic he has a great concept of stead are attention starved and imma- songs!” Unfortunately, on the album
comedian who has an entire act to go flow and will often deliver lines that will ture. He sings, “Have you ever been to a you don’t get the same experience as
with his new material. His last album blow your mind. At the start of “Words birthday party for children, and one of you would at a live show. Also, Bo is a
lacked the talking and banter with the Words Words,” the title track from the the children won’t stop screaming, performer and many of the things he
crowd that the new album has. album, he begins “I’m a feminine Em- cause he’s just a little attention attractor, physically does that add to his comedy
Words Words Words has a much inem, a slim shady lady, but nice ‘cause when he grows up to be a comic or can’t be experience by just listening to
stronger focus on traditional stand up I texted Haiti,” a line that’s not only actor, he’ll be rewarded for never ma- him.
comedy and we can see that Bo really funny but sounds awesome. turing, for never understanding or This new material is extremely
excels in areas of comedy other than Now a slight disclaimer about Bo’s learning, that every day can’t be about funny and Bo Burnham has started to
song writing. The album has seven material: there’s no doubt that all of Bo’s him, there’s other people, you selfish grow up as a comic. Everything is han-
songs that range from “What’s Funny,” comedy is very offensive. He’s perfect asshole.” dled with more maturity than in the
an introduction to the album that has to for a college aged crowd and we are his This song is brilliant for a few rea- past and that’s saying something for an
do with humor itself, to “Rant,” a rap target audience. There are many, lines sons. The lyrics are at the highest stan- artist who has songs entitled “Theoret-
that skewers the Catholic church. He that I can’t quote in this review but suf- dard and musically Bo has written a ical Dick Jokes” and “How Do We Fix
uses comic misdirection in a way few fice it to say that if you’re the type to be great piano melody to accompany the Africa.” As a performer Bo has reached
comics can, making you think a certain easily offended then this album and Bo song that swells with Bo’s anger. It’s in- a new level and is one of the best comics
joke is coming and then flipping it on Burnham in general are not for you. sightful and very true. He talks about of this generation. Don’t think that just
its head. However, if you like your comedy how art isn’t about expressing yourself because he’s a musical comic he’s rely-
In “What’s Funny,” he describes to be a bit provocative you will love this any more, “Some people think you’re ing on a gimmick. It’s not true, in fact as
how to be a musical comic with this album. The best song on the album is funny? How do we get those people’s a comic Bo is at the head of his field and
line, “If you’re a musical comic, just give he’s only 20-years-old.
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Submission Deadline:
November 29
20 Comics! Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010
The Stony Brook Press Comics! 21

22 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

Metro 2033:
In Soviet Russia, Paranormal-
Monster-Apocalypse-Train Rides You
By Kenny Mahoney
Living this close to New York City,
there’s a fairly good chance you’ve rid-
den on the NYC subway. There’s also a
fairly good chance you’ve been viciously
assaulted by bloodthirsty mutants that
happen to be the next level in human
evolution (affectionately known as “the
homeless”) in those dark, irradiated
hell-tunnels. If so, you’ll feel right at
home in THQ and 4A Games’ Metro
2033, a hybrid first-person-shooter /
survival-horror game set in post-apoc-
alyptic Russian subway tunnels. The
game is based on a popular series of
Russian novels of the same name by
Dmitry Glukhovsky, who won the En-
couragement Award of the European
Science Fiction Society for the books in
2007, and who may be in talks with
Hollywood to take Metro 2033 to the
silver screen.
I had been interested in checking
out Metro 2033 for quite some time other station in order to gather help to a hat, with little to no information about While the storyline may not be
now, as it resembles two titles I hold defend his home station from the in- who they are, what they’ve done, or why there, the gameplay and aesthetics cer-
near and dear to my heart – Fallout 3 vading monsters. Along the way, we I should be interested in them. Also, I tainly are. Running the game on its
and the games of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. se- discover that Artyom has gotten him- often found myself unsure of how or highest settings with NVIDIA’s ad-
ries. However, due to a lukewarm re- self in deeper than he ever thought pos- why I just made it to my next objective, vanced PhysX turned on makes even
ception from critics and no friends to sible. The bizarre happenings in the and who this new person was barking my newly-renovated rig chug in certain
borrow it from, I wasn’t able to play it tunnels seem to affect him differently at me to perform it. spots, but even on normal settings the
upon its March 2010 release. Patience from the other mercenaries, bandits, Not only that, but the game pres- apocalypse never looked so good. De-
does pay off, though, as I was able to and monsters that inhabit these tunnels, ents you with the illusion of choice, spite the dreary interior of the tunnels
snag the title on PC for a measly $13 and of course, he has to save the world. leading you to believe that your indi- and the occasional trip to the bombed-
this past week during yet another sale While not an entirely original sto- vidual actions can affect something. out surface, the environments and level
from Steam, the popular direct-down- ryline – unlikely hero who through dif- Without treading too far into spoiler design still manage to remain varied
load service for PC and Mac. ficult situations finds out things about territory, certain aspects of the story and interesting.
Seeing that the game is based on an himself while trying to save the world – seem to present you with the idea that Controls are effective without being
award-winning series of novels, I it’s a tried and true game storyline, and you can shape the way in which you will anything special; if you point at it, you’ll
thought I’d find the true strength of this there isn’t anything wrong with that. affect the world. This is eventually probably hit it. That “probably” rests on
title in its story; this could not be fur- The problem here is explanation and boiled down to either choosing to do, or the effectiveness of your weapon and
ther from the case. While the monster- execution. I’m not sure if the guys over not to do, a particular action at the end ammo, as Metro 2033 offers you an in-
infested tunnels of the Russian Metro at 4A Games are to blame, but the flow of the game. One choice leads to an teresting array of weapons to take on
system absolutely ooze cool, the lack of between story sequences is lacking both ending, and the other leads to a “restart your trip through the subway tunnels.
coherence in the story will leave you in connection and coherence. I’m not from previous checkpoint” screen. For example, you’ll only get one pistol,
disappointed. presented with any reasons why I What little intrigue I had in the story but you can find them with extended
The story puts you in the shoes of should care about these characters other was obliterated and I felt betrayed after barrels, scopes and even rifle stocks for
the young rookie, Artyom, who must than the fact that they exist. Characters spending eight hours trying to reach the added stability,
travel through the Metro system to an- are introduced and killed at the drop of end. Continued on next page
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 23

Fable III :
Start a Family or slaughter villages
By Bobby Holt
The kingdom can be all yours, but
are you willing to make the sacrifices
necessary to reach the top and claim the
Fable III, an XBOX 360 exclusive,
starts approximately 50-60 years after
Fable II, with you taking control as the
Hero’s son. Your father, the last real
Hero, has passed away, and for the past
ten years the kingdom has been under
the control of your harsh, ruthless and
borderline evil king, Logan. And did I
mention he’s your brother?
You are faced with an incredibly
difficult decision almost immediately
after starting the game: do you save the
life of one or dozens? After finding out
that your brother is a real jerkface, you,
with some help from your father’s faith-
ful friend Sir Walter Beck, flee the and ice spells because it’s baffling how blowing them off. I won’t judge. You Now, onto difficulty. The game is
warmth and comfort of the castle with fire and ice can mix. Finally, the “Y” now have the ability to hold hands with so easy that I didn’t die once through-
the intention of overthrowing King button controls your guns: there are ri- any villager. Nothing is more exhilarat- out my adventures. Seriously, you could
Logan. fles and pistols. Rifles taking longer to ing. You can “OG” a villager, go on play with your eyes closed pushing but-
Being the smart guy that Walter is, shoot, but are more powerful, and the dates, marry her, do the naughty- tons, and probably have similar results.
he realizes that you and three of your pistols are the opposite. Like the previ- naughty, and have a child. Or you can Even when you do die, nothing hap-
companions aren’t going to be strong ous games, you can use all three attacks just divorce her and mack some game pens.
enough to lead the rebellion alone. in succession to unleash some super on some new hotties. The possibilities Anyway, the game is a lot fun, de-
Without getting into anymore spoilers, sweet combos. and the attacks can be are endless. spite those flaws. The lag is almost
I will say one thing. upgraded to become more powerful. The graphics are not exactly pretty, game-breaking when it does occur, but
Heads will roll, people will die and There’s nothing like lighting a guy but they are well-done for an open luckily it doesn’t happen very often. If
shit goes down. on fire then shooting him in the face, all world game. There is still pop-in and you have ever wanted to lead a rebellion
The controls are, well, simple. You while cutting him to pieces. sometimes massive lag, to the point and potentially become king, then this
have three different types of attacks, all A major part of the Fable series has where I thought my XBOX froze. This is the game for you. Unfortunately, the
of which correspond to a button. “A” been the emphasis on morality and the happened about ten times, which does- game is pretty short. I had a lot of fun
button is melee attack, swords and ham- ability to interact with anyone in the n’t sound like a lot, but the game’s main but I can’t justify the $60 price tag when
mers, that sort of thing. The “B” button various villages and towns. Fable III story is only about eight hours long. Of the replay value just isn’t there. You
is magic. There are eight different spells uses both concepts and improves them. course, even after the main story is should play the game, but it’s probably
and at one point, you can combine two You will be faced with more moral de- complete, all the side quests and towns suited for a bargain bin or scrubbing it
of them. My favorite is mixing the fire cisions, such as keeping promises or are still open to be explored. off of a friend.

Metro 2033 cont.

...which you can scavenge from homemade weapons came to be – such death to lack of med-kits. Even on the son-shooter experience, skip this one.
your fallen enemies or find for sale in as a pneumatic sniper-rifle that shoots rare occasions that I did run out of If you’re like me and imagine yourself
the occasional market in a Metro sta- ball bearings, or a makeshift shotgun ammo for a particular gun, walking 15 waist-deep in nuclear muck while fight-
tion. Standard currency has been re- that looks like it was put together by a feet in one direction usually solved the ing off horrid beasts to save the human
placed with high-grade military bullets, disgruntled Home Depot employee. problem, as someone surely just hap- race when the world eventually hits the
which you can trade in for various items The only downside to this scaveng- pened to drop what I was looking for. shitter, then there’s a lot to love here. If
including weapons, other types of ing system is its ineffectiveness. The Even on the “hardcore” difficulty, which you’d like to take a look into the dank
ammo, grenades, med-kits, and air fil- game wants you to believe you’re strug- promises even less ammo and amped- underground of the Russian Metro for
ters for your gas mask. What, you gling for survival, replacing your air fil- up damage, I have yet to fall victim to yourself, then the best place to pick up
thought you could just waltz out into a ters and frantically searching corpses one or the other. Metro 2033 for PC is on
nuclear wasteland without a gas mask? for bullets, but I never truly felt that I You’ll either love Metro 2033 or hate for $22.12, and for Xbox 360 you can
The weapon design is truly fascinating. was at risk. Not once did I run out of it. If you’re not willing to put up with get it $34.99 used at GameStop.
You really get a sense of how these filters for my gas mask, or attributed my poor storytelling or a passable first-per-
24 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

“Your Body is the Controller” is the sexually suggestive tagline for Microso’s newest technological advancement in inter-
active game play, Kinect. With the Kinect you can play sports, dance and take care of graphically designed animals from the com-
fort of your very own living room using only your body! Sounds a lot like real life, don’t it? Well, aer a thorough investigation
into this highly-anticipated product, it has been concluded that all of the things you can do on Kinect, you can do in reality, and
for free. So before you spend your hard-earned pennies on this game system, allow e Stony Brook Press to put these games into
perspective for you, and help you save 400 bones. (Based purely on advertisements and no actual gameplay)
Sonic Free Riders
Desperate for some kooky animal
snowboarding excitement, I also
thought about buying Adrenalin Misfits
for the Microsoft Kinect, but then I re-
membered that I have taste. So I Kinect
thought about the new Microsoft
Kinect game Sonic Free Riders, which
seems to feature Sonic and his incredi-
bly unlikable buddies racing around on
Still Sucks
flying snowboards. Then I remembered that I still wanted to have friends. So instead
of making this expensive and potentially ostracizing purchase, I just grabbed my old
Sonic video games and played a couple of rounds while shimmying back and forth like
a drunken dashboard accessory. I’m not sure if it improved my experience; however, Kinect Sports
it did make such gems as Tails Adventure and Sonic and the Secret Rings even more
Rare’s new Kinect game, Kinect Sports, is
convoluted and irritating. I’m certain this is the exact feeling I would’ve gotten if I’d
totally not the same as Wii Sports. Its title fea-
bought the new game in the first place. Success!
tures a different ridiculously lame made-up
word before the word “Sports,” and it includes
more than just motion-controlled bowling,
Ripped Apart by Evan boxing, and tennis—it also has jogging. I con-
sidered going out and picking up Kinect
Goldaper Sports, but instead I just decided to go for a
run around campus. Convinced I was enjoy-
ing myself too much, I just stood in my com-
mon room and jogged in place. This proved
to be about as fulfilling as you could imagine.
The weird glances I got from friends and
neighbors alone merited my lack-of-
Motion Sports
Ubisoft’s new Kinect game, Motion Sports, is totally not the same as
Kinect Sports. Its title features an actual word before the word “Sports,”
and includes more than just motion-controlled boxing (and no tennis or
bowling)— it also has hang gliding. Hang gliding! I always wanted to
go pretend-hang gliding, so I stole an umbrella from fellow Press writer
Sarah Evins and stood in her common room waving it above my head
while I looked at a picture of the sky. I want to say that was the dumb-
est thing I could’ve possibly done, but I didn’t buy Motion Sports, so I
guess it’s not.
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 25

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One

Buying the Microsoft Kinect game for Harry Potter would introduce all kinds of
redundancies into my life. Why anyone would need a video game to facilitate every-
day wizardry practices is simply beyond me. I mean, while I enjoy waving my arms
about just as much as Microsoft Kinect thinks I do, there’s nothing quite as satisfying
as a good old-fashioned round of wand-grabbing. From casting Wingardium Leviosa
on Sharpies to destroying the lives of noseless megalomaniacs (I’m talking to you,
Associate Editor Evan Goldaper), the real-life possibilities are simply endless, and
easily accomplished without spending a single penny.
- Sarah Evins
Dance Central
The Biggest Loser Ultimate
Know what’s way more fun than going out with your
super-cool friends and droppin’ it like it’s hot at the club?
Standing in your living room with your lame family and
It’s pretty easy to DIY the shit out of this.
dancing like a lip-syncing 80’s pop star! I know what
Turn on The Biggest Loser reruns or fire up
you’re thinking; that doesn’t sound fun at all. Well, you’re
YouTube clips of Jillian Michaels yelling at
right. It sounds much more like you’re paying a lot of
overweight people, and you bet your ass
money for something that you can easily do in a dorm
you’ll be motivated. What I did was just put
room, basement, or abandoned haunted hospital. So in-
up a picture of Michaels screaming and I im-
stead of buying this game, I got all dolled up and danced
mediately hit the ground and did 20 push-
with real, non-computer-generated people, which was
ups due to sheer terror. That is not a lady you
much more fun for me than driving to the store, buying
want to piss off. Not even a picture of her.
this game and dancing alone in my room in my pj’s would have been.
Conversely, if you want a nicer experience,
- Ridiculed by Liz Kaempf
pull up a picture of trainer Bob Harper and
let his warm, smiling face convince you that
yeah, you probably should do some crunches
Verdict: Dance Masters
maybe, if you feel like it. Or just say fuck it
and eat ice cream and laugh at the poor bas-
It really isn’t that I bet after learning about Dance Central
you’re trying to figure out what makes
tards on the TV show. -Zach Knowlton good...don’t buy it Dance Masters any different. Well, Dance
Masters is more about beating other people
at dancing in competition, much like its
Kinectimals successful predecessor, Dance Dance Revo-
Do you see that? Yes, that - that thing sitting lution. Microsoft Kinect, however, doesn’t
in the corner of your living room that you help you kinect with anybody but your
begged your parents to buy you when you were inner lazy bones, so instead I took by butt to
seven years old and have since ignored, forcing the streets and challenged my friends to a
all of the responsibility of feeding and taking dance-off! It wasn’t hard to win this game
care of it onto your mom. Take a closer look. because I learned to dance like a ho from
Yes, it’s your cat. Kinectimals allows you to play every Fergie Ferg music video I’ve ever
with and take care of your own virtual cat. But seen. It’s also a lot easier to humiliate your
you already have a cat, don’t you? And if you friends when you’re not simultaneously hu-
don’t, I’m sure you can convince your parents/landlord that a cat will be less annoying miliating yourself. Bonus points if you can
and more cost-effective than you jumping up and down at all hours of the night yelling quote Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, or Step
at your television and swinging your arms around like an asshole. - Kenny Mahoney Up 3D while you dance!
- Belittled by Liz Kaempf
26 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 5 | Monday, November 8, 2010

Due Date Delivers, Sort of...

movies ago. Having
By Lauren DuBois all of these “bro-
mance” movies is
great, but there needs
The Hangover it isn’t. to be less gag recy-
Due Date, the latest male-centric cling and more plot-
road trip comedy to hit theaters, man- line creativity.
ages to make the audience laugh, but it The pairing of
doesn’t quite live up to its predecessors. Downey Jr. and Gali-
Peter Highman (Robert Downey fianakis is actually
Jr.) is a Los Angeles architect coming not as inspired as it
home from an Atlanta business trip the could have been.
week his wife is scheduled to give birth There’s just some-
to their first child. At the airport, he thing missing in the
meets Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifi- chemistry, making it
anakis), an aspiring actor who is hoping hard to believe that
to make his big break. Ethan winds up the two could ever
getting them both kicked off the plane become best friends
and put on a “No Fly” list, and unfortu- (which works since
nately for Peter, his luggage and wallet they aren’t), but it’s
take off with the plane, forcing him to also hard to believe
catch a ride in Ethan’s rental car if he they would become enemies either. scenes, and help to revive the movie The movie might have been funnier if
wants to get home in time for the birth. Downey Jr. seems like he’s just winging when it hits some of the low points. It’s he had.
The rest of the movie follows what is it and not even bothering to try to be a pity they don’t stick around for long. Overall, Due Date is not the worst
supposed to be their hilarious road trip. funny at times, and Galifianakis almost The fact that the movie isn’t as great movie. It does get the audience to laugh,
The movie definitely produces a seems like he’s trying to recreate Alan as it could be is perhaps most disap- which is its main purpose, but it isn’t
few laughs, with some scenes that actu- Garner…which would be great, if this pointing because Todd Phillips, who di- what it could be. It may just be time for
ally feel a little original (something that was The Hangover 2. The only time he’s rected Galifianakis in The Hangover, Hollywood to put these plots involving
seems a little hard to find in most other genuinely funny is when he resorts to directed this as well. Granted, this had road trips with the boys on the back
movies today). Most of the movie falls his methods for falling asleep, and his different writers, but there were parts of burner for a while, saving them for a
a little flat though. Some of the jokes get dog joins in. The Hangover that could easily have time when they truly feel original and
repeated numerous times, taking away There are some really great cameos sucked if they weren’t directed or acted completely funny again. Otherwise, the
their original humorous aspects, and in the movie however. Jamie Foxx and so well. Phillips could have worked with jokes are eventually going to stop mak-
others just stopped being funny 50 Danny McBride are in the two funniest this mediocre script a little bit more. ing us laugh entirely.
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 27

Please, No More Saw Movies

vived the trap Jigsaw’s widow, Jill (Betsy ity of the movie and re-
By Siobhan Cassidy Russell) put him in, and throughout the
whole movie, Hoffman is on the hunt
turns at the end –
which was dramatically
for Jill. dragged out for far too
The past six Saw movies showed us The stomach-churning killing long, revealing a turn of
how gory horror films can get, trapping scenes are not that gross this time events that connect Saw
innocent victims in real-life games and around either. Since the movie is in 3D, 3D to the original
testing their limits to see how badly they the blood and guts appear to fly at you I have only seen
want to live. But with the final Saw – big deal. But this could be because the three out of the seven
movie, Saw 3D, it’s clear director Kevin acting was so mediocre, as it was not as Saw films, but I still
Greuter saved the worst for last. realistic as in the original Saw. There thought it was the same
Saw 3D offers nothing amazing, are, of course, the scenes that are so old storyline. Like be-
and nothing to mourn. This movie, in gross and horrific you cannot help but fore, I feel I could have
3D nonetheless, is just like all the oth- think you are losing your leg, eyeball or spent my money on
ers. It displays the classic flashbacks, large intestine along with the characters. something more enjoy-
plot holes and a not-so-surprising twist Bobby (Sean Patrick Flannery) able. But it did seem
ending. A once unpredictable movie claims to be a Jigsaw survivor-turned the movie finished
series is now too predictable. The Saw motivational-speaker, and novelist. He open-ended, even
series should have stopped at its peak tours the country to promote his new though the directors
with Saw III, which grossed $165 mil- book, which details his harrowing es- claimed this was the last
lion. But no, they had to go and ruin the cape from Jigsaw. Little does he know, Saw. Who knows, if
entire purpose of the gruesome movie Jigsaw came to a book signing in the they gross enough
series past. Take a wild guess as to what hap- money, I can see a Saw
Since the death of Jigsaw, played by pens to Bobby next. VIII coming out–
Tobin Bell, Detective Hoffman (Costas Something interesting was the re- maybe the directors will
Mandylor) has been carrying out the turn of Dr. Gordon, the main character finally explain how they
notorious game of terror. Saw 3D picks from the original Saw. Dr. Gordon think of all this sick
off where Saw VI left off; Hoffman sur- (Cary Elwes) was absent for the major- stuff.

Not-So-Paranormal Formula Still Works

tion. The high-angle views are also a Peli’s original vision intact. The story of will make your nerves stand on end.
By Siobhan Cassidy nice touch. They give a sense of vulner-
ability to the characters and you can see
Paranormal Activity 2 takes place prior
to the story in the original so Katie and
The film chopped out everything that
caused the original to fail. Williams and
what is happening behind them while Micah are back. Through the use of di- his crew of writers kept the film like the
they have no idea what’s there. This alogue between sisters Katie and Kristi, first one in order to not ruin what made
There has never been an entertain-
perspective is an unconventional ap- we begin to understand the original it so creepy. It also had a larger budget
ing horror movie sequel, ever. Usually
proach to a horror movie, but it works. film a little more. This demon has been this time, but it wasn’t used for special
a sequel is a decent horror movie turned
The sequel, directed by Tod haunting this family for quite some effects that could have taken away from
into shit, but Paranormal Activity 2 is an
Williams, perfectly incorporates the time, of course returns. the home camera feel Paranormal is
exception. It’s a surprisingly good sequel
first film in a pleasing way that creeps For those who did not think the known for.
to the low-budget horror surprise suc-
up on you. Although Williams replaced first Paranormal was scary, it’s a differ- There are plenty of “jump-out”
cess of last year.
Peli for the sequel, he keeps much of ent call this time around. The sequel scenes that can make even the toughest
Paranormal Activity 2 is filmed in a
guy in the audience scream. Williams
similar style to the first movie, with a
included a few scenes where nothing
Blair Witch Project type of handicam
exciting happened, but those were the
recording. If you enjoyed the first Para-
times that built the most suspense,
normal Activity, directed by Oren Peli,
which made it even more frightening.
then you will be anticipating the horri-
Williams also includes some off-scene
fying events that take over this new
scares that leave everything up to your
household. And when it begins, be pre-
pared for a terrifying experience.
The last 20 minutes is thrilling, and
This time around, the focus is on
you will have a death grip on your arm-
the haunting of Katie’s (from the first
rest until the very end. Overall, the
film) sister, Kristi, her husband Daniel,
movie successfully builds up a chilling
his daughter Ali, their new born son
mood, but does leave you with plenty of
Hunter and a dog, Abby. It begins in
unanswered questions. Do I see a Para-
their new home in Southern California.
normal Activity 3 in the making? This is
There is an apparent break-in while the
a date-night frightening movie that will
family is out and in response to this
keep you re-checking behind the door
Daniel installs home security cameras.
before you go to sleep.
Similar to the original, these cameras
are used to capture most of the film’s ac-