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Texas Workforce Commission ah al A Member of Texas Workforce Solutions i January 22, 2019 os pein VIA E-MAIL ONLY TO: $ ee ees Marquita White, School Director Valley Technical Academy Fase Dae 801 N. Bryan Road Mission, TX 78572 tary t. Temple Dear Ms. White, Re: Complaint filed by Josue Plaza {iis letter is in response to the complaint filed by Josue Plaza on August 20, 2018 against your institution. The followin; ues Were listed in the complaii 1. Individuals speaking on behalf of school who were not bona fide representatives 2. Conducting classes without being approved by TWC 3. Advertising offer of training in variety of technical subjects without qualified instructors to teach or curriculum developed, Fraudulent claims of job guarantee Dishonest hiring practices Accepting students into the program despite not passing the entrance exam Attendance disregarded by school Thave reviewed the allegations by Josue Plaza. I reviewed information received by email and by phone from school staff and Mr. Plaza. The school response addressed the above complaints and based on the information reviewed: Ls 2 Only approved representatives are authorized to provide information about school programs. This item cannot be substantiated, he school solicited and enrolled students prior to being approved by Texas Workforce Commission, This item is substantiated, The school submitted applications for instructors to TWC for approval. The school has developed curriculum and also has aequired access to Exeter Education which provides Curricula for a wide range of development related courses. This item cannot be substantiated, ‘Tig Schoo! advertised guarantee of job placement in its catalog. This was identified by TWC in August 2018 and the school took steps to remove this from their catalog and advertisement at that time. This item cannot be substantiated. The allegation regarding dishonest practices was regarding the salary discussed by the school with the complainant when he was hired, This item is not within the jurisdiction of the Career Schools Program. This item cannot be substantiated. There were three student files reviewed where stated aptitudes were not met. This item is substantiated, Relay Tesi: 800-788-2989 (TID) 800.735.2988 1 ive + ww teyasnork qual Oppentnily Employer Progr WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS 7. A sample of attendance records were reviewed, and the attendance policy appears to have been enforced. This item cannot be substantiated. We appreciate Josue Plaza contacting our office with concerns about Valley Technical Academy. The Texas Workforce Commission will continue to monitor this school to insure compliance with Career Schools and Colleges Law and Rules. Ifyou need further assistance, please contact me at 361-885-3008 or by e-mail at sara.garza@workforees \ or contact Polo Leal at 361-885-3007 or by e-mail at polo.leal, Sincerely, Nar Sara Garza Assistant Integrated Services Area Manager — Region 6 Ce: Josue Plaza File