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Karen H. Estinzo

I toughly believe that to get to know, to learn and to teach a new language, it is required and
almost necessary to research and look for the origin of that particular language we are trying to adopt,
learn or even to get to know. It is impossible to say the exact time and place when a language is born.
There are always previous language that give some material that could contracts or communicate
with other languages.

Centuries, people from anywhere in the world have come to establish that languages are a
variety of mixture, combination of several dialects from all over the world that have been changing
because of the influence of assortment. The history of English language as I have understand it really
started with the arrival of the three Germanic tribes who alienated Britain during the 5 th century AD.
These tribes were the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes. The division of the northern part of Europe,
at the beginning of Christian era, between Celtics in the south and Germanics in the north, the
covering of Latin into these language is the demonstration of what it will be enclosed through the
video it gives idea of what we as learners are going to see.

The video that I’ve seen is remarkable topic, for me as a future educator and for my future
learners, I can tell to them how English language born and why until now this language is the most
spoken language in the world. Based on the historical periods that are shown in the video that I’ve
watch are helpful for this course because we have to study about the chapter of each story before it
became an English language. The invasion of different territories around Europe, and the mixture of
dialects spoken by people or tribes the derivate into English and I realize how many changes this
language has to pass through to reform from now to the future.

After watching the video now I am interested about the history, for me it is quite captivating
maybe that is why I really enjoyed viewing the video again and again because as an English major
student I believe that it is important to get familiar with the very beginning of this worldwide language.
And it is amazing to get to know the origins of a language, in this case English which I think it has a
very exciting history, a history that really worthy to study. Celtics, Saxons, Normans and Vikings fight
with all their heart and soul, their social and linguistic influences on each other that result in different
languages some of them remains, some are now vanished and some of them are very important
nowadays the language that is globally used like English. And in current generation this language can
easily search and learn through internet or even our text books is written in this English language.
Global language considered as the history and timeline status of English language, as the
international language, David (2012).
Therefore, English language has extremely grown and developed through different periods of
time. English is our universal language; it can came make easier for us to communicate with other
even if the person that we are talking came from foreign countries. That’s why we give importance
and embrace English language because this is the best way to understand each other.

David, C. (2012). English as a Global Language. Cambridge University Press.
Retrieve from: Retrieve on June 26, 2019.