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7/5/2019 Mikrotik IPv6 - Album on Imgur

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by df00z Mar 28 2016

4 Mikrotik IPv6


Not all Turks

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Enable the IPv6 package under System->Packages, reboot the router via the option in the GUI

For SLAAC, you'll want something larger than 64 bits for the host portion of the IPv6 address. Most ISPs
o er /48 or /56 over DHCPv6-PD, leaving 8 or more bits for subnetting.

IPv6->DHCP Client
Pool Pre x Length: 64
Pre x Hint::/56
Name your pool something appropriate.

If your ISP supports DHCPv6-PD, they'll hand you a /56 range 1/2
7/5/2019 Mikrotik IPv6 - Album on Imgur

Go into addresses, ::/64, from pool: the pool you de ned above. Assign an IP to your LAN interface

You're done! Neighbor Discovery\SLAAC will take care of the con guration of your clients!

Make sure you con gure your rewall, all your devices will have world wide routable IPv6 addresses!

You may also want to go under DNS under IP and add Google's IPv6 DNS servers

You may also wish to enable DNS advertisement under IPv6->ND

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The More You Know ipv6 mikrotik

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tehzpoon 2 pts Mar 28 2016 @
Wow, and with this I can automate my toaster to make perfect bagels minutes before I awaken?

IrishIWereDrunk via Android% 1 pt Mar 28 2016 @

+1 for mikrotik. Great hardware. 2/2