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Problem What is the equivalent head of a fluid that has a’ velocity of 18 m/s? 46 54 m Problem The length of pipe is 168 meters. If the pressure drop is 50 kPa for every 30 m, what is the total pressure drop? 280 Problem Find the volume flow rate of water in L/s if the power developed under a head of 320 mis 10,600 kW and the hydraulic efficiency is 85% 3,935 Us Problem z ‘Water flows in a pipe with a velocity of 10 mis. Determine the velocity head of the water. ze woe $.10m Problem A cylindrical pipe with water flowing downward at 0.02 m/s having top diameter of 0.08, bottom diameter of 0.04 m and height of 1.5 m. Find the pressure between the pipe. 104 kPa ™m room is flooded to a depth of 15 .0x 10° Pa.s), a pump is used that oes Problem If the velocity of the flow in a 7: is the power avalabla in a d0-mm Sere attached at the end of the pipe? Problem noes Us 30 imin) of water is flowing in a round pipe such that rat et a gsm umber o be 2000, what is ter of the pipe necessary to a ¥ flow? (Note: kinematic viscosity of water is 475 x 10% 33.50 ft, i ire hose is 25 cm/s, siameter jot issuing from > nosat 1.34 Probleat Water is flowing in a pipe of varying cross-sectional area, and at ali points the water completely fills the pipe. The cross-sectional area at point D is 0.080 m’, and the velocity is 3.5 m/s. Compute the fluid’s velocity at point @ where the cross-sectional area is 0.060 m’. 467 mis Problem A sealed tank containing seawater to a height of 12 m also contains air above the water at gage pressure of 5 atm. Water flows out from the, bottom through a small hole. Catculate the efflux speed of the water. Note: pew = 1.03 x 10° kg/m? Problem A cylindrical bucket, open at the top, 0.200 m high and 0.100 m in diameter. A circular hole with cross-section area 1.0 cm? is cut in the ‘center of the bottom of the bucket. Water flows into the bucket from a tube above it at the rate of 1.30 x 10% m’¥s, How high will the water in the bucket rise? - Problem Modem airplane design calls for a lift due to the net force of the moving air on the wing of about 2000 Nim? of wing area. Assume that air density (density = 1.2 kg/m*) flows past the wing of an air-craft with streamline flow. If the speed of flow put the lower wing surface is 140 m/s, what is the required speed over the upper surface to give a lif of 2000 Nim?? Problem Water leaves a faucet with a downward velocity of 3 m/s. As the water falls below the faucet it accelerates with acceleration g. The cross ‘sectional area of the water stream leaving the faucet is 1.0 cm?. What is ‘the cross-sectional area of the stream 0.50 m below the faucet? Problem A hose shoots water straight up a distance of 2.5 m. The end opening on the hose has an area of 0.75 cm? How much water comes out in min Problem ‘What is the force.acting on one side of the tank moving upward with an acceleration of 4.7 m/s" when it is filed with oil whose specific gravity is 0.752 and a height of 1.3 m for the bottom of the tank? Problem A conical reducing sections connects an existent 10.16 cm diameter Pipeline with a new 5.08 cm diameter line. At 689.30 kPa static pressure under no-flow conditions, what is the tensile force is exerted ‘on the connectors at joint A assuming no end restraint from the pipe. Problem ‘An oil flowing at the rate of 0.001 m’/s through an 8 cm diameter pipe has a kinematic viscosity cf 2 x 10° m’/s and an specific gravity of 0.85. ‘What is the centerline velocity? 34.92 mis 8.62 cm 151 mis. 0.69 cm? 31.S'liters 11.986 KN 4.19 Kn 0.398 mis Problem Water at 20°C is flowing in a pipe of radius 1.0 cm. The viscosity of water at 20°C is 1.005 centipoise. If the flow speed at the center is 0.200 m/s and the flow is laminar, find the pressure drop due to viscosity along a 5 m section pipe. 40.2 Pa Problem ‘Assmall block of wood of density 0.4 x 10° kg/m’ is submerged in water at a depth of 2.9 m. Find the acceleration of the block toward the ‘surface when the block is released in a water whose viscosity is to be negligible. 14.7 mis? Problem «ak A submarine is 100 m long. The shape of its: hullis roughly cylindrical ‘with a diameter of 15 m. When it is submerged, it cruises at a speed of about 40 knots or approximately 20 m/s. Compute the Reynolds 5 number, if the viscosity is 1.0 x 10° Pa.s. 3x10! Problem A hose shoots water straight up for a distance of 2.5 m. The end ‘opening on the hose has an area of 0.75 cm”, How much water come 3 ‘out in 1 hour? 1.89 m Problem The jet discharges water at the rate of 0.10 ms and at a speed of 18 tis fo stationary plate. Determine the force on ihe plate 1800 N Problem A 150 mm diameter pipe carries 81.3 Ls of water. The pipe branches, into two pipes one is 50 mm in diameter and the other is 75 mm. What is the velocity in 75 mm pipe if the velocity of th isthe veo pipe city of the flow in the 50 mm pipe 43 96 mig Problem A gas flows through a square conduit, at the entrance the conduit sides are 10 om, the velocity is 7.55 mis, and the gas mass density is 1.09 kgim’. At the exit, the conduit sides are 25 om, and the velocty of the flow is 2.02 mvs. Find the density of the gas at the exit section weg considering that the gas is compressible. 0.6518 kg/m Problem ‘What is the expected head loss per mile of a closed cicular pipe with in. inside diameter friction factor of 0.03 when 3300 gai/min of water flow under pressure? s 37.7 ft Problem A pipe has a diameter of 4 in, at section XX a diameter of 2 in. at section YY. An ideal fluid flow, the velocity is given as 2 f/s at section XX. Determine the flow velocity at section YY. 8 fs Problem What is the hydraulic radius of a semi-circular channel of radius 8? 4 ft