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STUDENTS OF 2018 – 19 AND 2019 – 20 BATCHES

In the context of the present student agitation, we would like to draw attention to the efforts
made by the institute with regard to the accommodation and dining facilities for GoI-PMS

 The accommodation for the students of TISS Hyderabad off-campus since 2013 has
been in the form of privately owned hostels operated by independent Service
Providers. Currently, the hostel facilities are being provided by the owner-cum-
service provider, Dr C.N.Reddy at KB Campus, Turkayamjal.
 There are about 12 GoI PMS students from the 2018 admitted batch (both BA and
MA) and 8 GoI PMS students from the 2019 batch, who have difficulties in paying
for hostel admission as demanded by the present Service Provider. Given the
vulnerability of these students, we have tried in various ways to address their

a. The payment for the accommodation and dining charges of Telangana Ashram
school senior BA students was arranged by TISS through the good offices of
the secretary of the Social Welfare Dept., Dr. Praveen Kumar, IPS, who issued
office orders to his dept. to pay for these students' accommodation and dining
charges for the entire year at one go.
b. The Management Committee negotiated with the hostel provider to offer the
accommodation and dining facility at concessional rates for all students.
Compared to the last year tariff of Rs. 8700 pm for all students, the tariff for
non-GoI students is Rs. 8200 pm for this year and Rs.7,900 pm for GoI
c. A request was made to the service provider to accept partial payment from
students and give hostel admission on case by case basis to which he has

 Last year, for 31 GoI PMS students, the Service Provider collected Rs.15,000/- per
semester towards hostel rental charges. Remaining charges were borne by the
Institute. The 2018 batch of GoI PMS students can continue to pay Rs.15, 000/- per
semester in 3 instalments for accommodation as they did last year.
 Last year the Institute mobilized and disbursed Rs. 38.6 lakhs as financial aid to
students in need. In addition, the Institute has also distributed personal laptops for
GoI-PMS and other low-income students for their entire course duration.
 The Institute is committed to extending similar support through early disbursal of
Student Aid to GOI-PMS students as per the established procedures and guidelines.

9th July 2019 Management Committee & Faculty

TISS Hyderabad Campus

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