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I am OK. So long as I am OK, you know that we are OK, and we are working together
with the word's wealth in the Global Debt Facility as José Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos
intended. People do not understand who José Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos were, what
they accomplished, or what it means when I say that the Banking Cartel and Black
Nobility have lost. Most importantly, many people do not know who they are. Let us
start out with the critical mass of people who know who they are, because they are
going to lead the rest of us in the way we live together in our world. The
transformation is due to José Rizal's Proclamation and Declaration of the Gift of Love.
The Banking Cartel is a slow learner. It has a hard time learning that I punish it for
breaking my links. Speaking of which, I just found out that the Banking Cartel
removed a document that I posted on July 27, 2016, just before I went to Canada on a
family vacation, where the Banking Cartel used its scalar weaponry on me because it
thought that was going to slow down the Global Currency Reset. Well, I recovered,
and this did not scare me off. It made me very mad. As a fencer, I have learned not to
thrash around when I am mad. I drill down, bide my time, and then hit the old parry
riposte when my enemy is off their guard. So what you are seeing now is my parry
riposte. At the end of 2017, a Marine Expeditionary Unit landed at the CIA's branch
offices in Langley, Virginia (the CIA's headquarters are in Switzerland). I am going to
give you the teleprompter for the dctv segment describing the Marine landing in

71 Comments YouTube erased 14 comments

The Bankers are trying to hide the fact that they are bankrupt, and
YouTube and Russa Today are struggling mightily to keep on covering
this up. Here are two tweets on the cover-up:
reisele1980 • 3 days ago

Karen, let me get this straight. Are Federal Reserves Notes (a.k.a. U.S. currency) really money that the
Federal Reserve owes to the United States? I.e. an FRN represents the Fed's amount of indebtedness to
the U.S?

I already answered this:

Twitter and YouTube Removed this. Then Russia Today wanted to interview me on the amount of
debt, and Russia Today cancelled the interview.
It took me an hour to uncover the cover-up.

Karen Hudes • 2 days ago (edited)

The Federal Reserve owes over $2 quadrillion to the US because of interest on the bonds which it issued
in 1934. This interest keeps on compounding. I did an interview with PressTV in February which also
gives you the amount of country debt. Federal
Reserve Notes are a big scam..

Karen, the reason the Fed owes the U.S. the national debt is because FRN notes are
really invoices from the U.S. billing the Fed for its debts. Invoices for Gold have to
function in lieu of Gold because the Fed borrowed all our currency and replaced it
with promises to pay it back. The U.S. does not borrow currency from the Fed at
interest. The Fed requests a deferment on its debt, in exchange for owing more later.
The U.S. does indeed send the Fed more invoices later, billing it for the interest
accrued during the deferment. That's what a U.S. Treasury bond "sold to the Fed" in
exchange for "borrowed currency" really is. We just think that the U.S. is issuing the
Fed more "currency" later in exchange for the U.S. using some of the Fed's "currency"
now. But really the Fed is just going deeper in debt and the U.S. sends it larger bills.
Unfortunately we are forced to use those bills in lieu of currency because they are
debts for the gold that would back our currency.

Yvonne Teruya
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keeping you in prayers, who we are matters, who
we are works and Life works!

Hello my ANGEL!! I am so grateful for the strength I get from you. Thank You.. I love

Nestor B. Aguilar
To those who are complaining about the sound, here is the Teleprompter.

fedjov mochavz
very Thankful Karen even risking yourself... for the unselfish effort etc... God Bless JESUS name...

Zaini Caliboso
Allah save you always mam para sa mga pbbyaan pilipino at ibang tao sa mondo...luck

Karen pray to Jesus for protection

t.dezyn 24516177
Ridding of the inforced poverty with be a trigger to re-educate and it will reduce
resistance which is based on a lie. Many will probably need a lot of mental support
because there is so much for them to re-learn. It is detroying the comforts zones of
both sides, good and bad, but as said, ridding of poverty will be a starter to put some
new vibrational energy back into, onto earth. There is so much cleaning up to do that
people will bequite occupied with the good. The dawn came a long time back, now
we face the process and will reap the fruites of the due dilligence of those who seek
to help and collapse the rest of the wobbly foundations. Thank you Karen, good
wishes to your health. We are all on board from many sides and aspectsof this reality.

Nicholas Coles
Look I’ve been following you for quite some time now. And I’m going to call it as I see
it. You have 25k followers on you tube. How else is this message getting out? You talk
about critical mass please explain to us how 25,000 views is even close to that?

Nicholas Coles is a sock puppet. YouTube lies about the number of my followers.

Jimmy Dean
Can you please raise your volume in your videos? You sound distant and low! Thx

YouTube lowers the sound. That is why I put my responses in my social media.

Daniel Dion
Hi Karen, I love your work, and I'm glad to have you on our side. I feel the passion and
integrity in your character. However, the sound quality is very bad. I don't mean to
insult but the output needs to be more articulated... I don't know if they have
software that makes you sound lacking energy and drunk sounding... but I literally

have to force myself to listen to your interesting information. I just feel if the sound
was louder, and someone with energy and a clear sounding voice was relaying the
information, your message would attract and reach more people. Once again I'm sorry
if this sounds insulting but I feel this is one of your biggest problems attracting more

Everything Truth
Thank you for your service to humanity Karen! God bless you

Zenaida Quijano
Thank you po maam mga information nga imong gihatag..makatulong ito
sa amin....

virginia qureshi
Thanks Karen you are correct about the corruption 911 and the banking cartels keep
up the good work and yes history is from the pass is a big lie covered up for reasons
that are being used for mass control and divide and conquer Thanks Karen

Bob Shawe


Can't hear you!

keith brinson
Equalizers and peak limiters are interesting �

Deia Draper
I think part of this video was censored out I digress without prejudice

Alex Davidson
much needed!

Constance Chaisson
Karen you are a amazing lady and I truly appreciate people like who are try to wake
up the sheep from their deep sleep which is manipulated by the corrupt demons of
this world!!! The truth will prevail.... It’s already started!!!

Alex Davidson
yea but ppl want to be lazy cant someone else do it

Constance Chaisson
Nicholas Coles She is an amazing Lady!!! Anyone who stands up for truth and humanity
are amazing in my book. It’s time for the truth to come forward. We been lied to far
to long by these morons who live off the backs of the hard working people who
deserve better!!! Judgement Day is finally coming to all those evil people!!!

Barbara Hatfield
Do you support China's "social credit system" being established here once 5G is coast
to coast?


Utility Use
I feel connected to u! I have for over a decade!

Lucie Salat
Humanity is beautiful and wonderful. It deserves love, especially the children.
Memories of how it should be are still there and will not be erased. Music is a tool for
humanity's evolution!

Alex Davidson
meditations a better tool

Lucie Salat
@Nicholas Coles yes, really. What you gonna do, challenge my opinions? Be my guest. I
know the full truth, yet I can still say that and mean it. How's it going for you?

Lucie Salat
@Alex Davidson let's not make it this is better than that, hey? They are all great tools
and work synergistically in infinite combinations. No need to place limits :)

Mary the Contrary Confectioner

Karen are you ok? Been following you years now. Thank you for all you’ve done to
expose the truth.

Tab Rose
Now I'm confused about who the Jesuits are

Cynthia Rodriguez

Alex Davidson
sovereign order of malta

Tab Rose
@Alex Davidson yeah my confusion comes from hearing that jose rizal was a Jesuit

Nestor B. Aguilar
@Tab Rose In every rule there is an exception as exemplified by Dr. Jose Rizal.

Tab Rose
@Nestor B. Aguilar i need more information. I'm from hawaii and the indoctrination i
received about rizal and Marcos is so strong. I need to relearn but what is the truth
that i need to learn?

Nestor B. Aguilar
@Tab Rose Please read the contents of the link below, there is a portion where Karen
discuss the life story of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the
World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

Nestor B. Aguilar
@Tab Rose About Marcos, here is the link. Karen Hudes: Network of Global Corporate
Control Live 5 17 1. (Dedicated to John and Robert Kennedy, Ronald Reagan,
Ferdinand Marcos, and José Rizal.)

Sam Mirit
12 mag imminent earthquake after the lunar eclipse in Japan please leave 6 regions
..they are mentioned at the vid in Japan now

“The greatest purveyor of violence in our society: Our own Government, "WE CAN

stolen account
Yeah but will the bankers kick things off by buying suitcase nukes to blow up their
fraudulent banks and blame it on Iran so the banksters can take it all? Isn't that their

Bobby Guest
Hi Karen! I really like your videos: they are so informative and unique. But the audio
sound is very muffled in the treble sounds, which makes it hard to hear the message.
Can you get the people in the control room to turn up the treble spectrum of the
audio, and boost the volume a tad, so the voice can be heard clearly? That would help
greatly! ...Thank you for your work.

JesusIsTheWay !!!!!
I really appreciate your videos, I really like how you keep us informed and educated
on what's really going on in the world . I was wondering how far along or when will
the Global Reset take effect? Thank You Karen

yo syntaxus
Please have Closed Caption as I am hard of hearing Karen ! Love ya and may the years
left you be kind to you !

Cynthia Rodriguez
YouTube CARTEL" s doings

Kate Tanti
The tone on this is always very low .. always straining to hear ..karen is obviously
talking truth .. why else would the turn hervolume .. so low ????

Thanks Karen. We miss President Marcos.

Aladdin El Afifi
Thank you so much for your efforts Mrs. Hudes. You are saving millions of lives with
these efforts. The world had been hijacked until you and your friends came along.
Thank you and keep up the � love. When will this new system be in effect more or

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