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Mayimona J. Lutuangu

Rebecca Fagan

English 112 - Section 64

4 February 2019

Annotated bibliography : Gentrification

Dorsey, Sherrell. “Charlotte's Oldest Black Neighborhood Grapples With Gentrification.”

Next City​, 21 Jan. 2016,

This scholarly article is focused on the oldest African American neighborhood in

Charlotte Nc that is facing gentrification. “​Charlotte’s Cherry neighborhood was established in

1891 as an affordable community for working-class African-Americans, a place to raise a

family.” (Dorsey) Now the Cherry neighborhood in Charlotte is one of the neighborhood that has

been affected the most by gentrification and now hardly has any affordable housings for its

African american working class in the area like it used to. Cherry neighborhood was such a great

area for the developers the build because of all the vacant lots in the area as well as the low cost

of homes. Now homes for the working class has been replaced my $600,000 homes for the upper

class in this urban neighborhood. “Mandatory inclusionary zoning policies adopted in New York

and San Francisco are a critical part of overall efforts to increase the supply of affordable units”

(Dorsey) Charlotte Nc is one the cities that hasn’t made this policy apart of the zoning policies

which is the reason why developers can build and not include affordable units in their buildings,

this helps keep the upper class with the upper class while kicking out the low class Americans.
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This source is very useful because it’s a scholarly webpage ending in .org and has plenty

of facts to go with the site about the issue of gentrification. It is also useful to anyone whom may

have small knowledge on what really goes on with gentrification in these neighborhoods like the

Cherry neighborhood. It helps understand the process of what goes on before developers are

given rights to build in these neighborhood such as going to these neighborhood board meetings,

having votes with the representatives of the city and residents for their proposed developments.

“​Cherry residents protested the plan, triggering a requirement on the books that nine of the 12

council members vote in favor of the zoning request in order for it to pass.” (Dorsey) As well

very useful in the fact that for Charlotte resident voting no longer plays a factor in the ending

results for developments, “N.C. Senate repealed the petition law. No longer can the objections of

enough Charlotte community members force the requirement of a supermajority vote on city

council for a new development.” (Dorsey)

“What Is Gentrification? | Flag Wars | POV | PBS.” ​POV | American Documentary Inc.,​

POV, 17 Jan. 2003,

This next scholarly article main focuses on the overview about what gentrification truly is

and subtopics like who is affected by it, why it happens, and the positives and negatives of it to

help give a better understanding. “Once a few familiar faces are present, more people are willing

to make the move” (Flag wars, 2003) Gentrification is such a slow process that happens by word

of mouth, new incomers slowly start to move their way into these urban low income

neighborhoods. As they slowly start to tell all of their friends or people even see the new homes
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that are being built in that area compared to the original homes in the area and know it's time to

move. Gentrification mainly has the most effect on low incomes families that are now being

replaced by young singles or couples due to gentrification and those whom want that city life.

This was a useful article because the webpage ended in .org as like the previous article

did. The article was very useful because it gave a brief descriptions to the meaning of what

gentrification is. Also including subtitles like demographics to give you a better understanding of

who it affects. “Old houses or industrial buildings often attract people looking for "fixer-uppers"

as investment opportunities.” (Flag wars, 2003) mentioned under the subtile “Why it happens” to

help you understand why investors are so quick to run to these low income neighborhoods just

for the profit opportunity. Very good and useful article to get a good in depth understanding of

the reasoning behind gentrification.

Parnreiter, Christof. "Planetary Gentrification." ​Journal of World - Systems Research​24.1 (2018):

222-6. ​ProQuest. ​Web. 4 Feb. 2019.

This next article focuses on idea of gentrification being a planetary thing that is going on

in the world than it being more of just a United States of America thing. See gentrification is and

acknowledged as a global issue. “In such a view, gentrification has not only become planetary,

but also "massive in scale" (Parnreiter) Genticiation is a world wide thing, everywhere people are

growing and developing while adapting to what is going on in the US, which leads to

gentrification on a global scale. People overall want to live better and in better conditions so

global genticiation is happening to improve living conditions in villages all across the globe. To

some people that is bad but to others is good because the world is going to continue to grow.
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This article was a scholarly article I found using the cpcc library for research articles, the

article is a very great article to read. At first it was quite hard to understand so I had to reread it

several times to really understand what it was trying to inform me on genticiation on a global

scale. Overall great article for anyone who doesn’t know or see the benefits of gentrification on

the global scale, while the world is changing gentrification is a must for places in Africa,

Mexico, brazil who still have villages that aren’t in good living standards in which gentrification

can help change that.

Bell, Lauren E., and Patricia Van Velsor PhD. "COUNSELING IN THE GENTRIFIED


School Counseling​ 21.1 (2018): 161-8. ​ProQuest. ​Web. 4 Feb. 2019.

This article focuses on what school counselors should know about gentication to ensure a

better school environment for the children whom are affected by gentrification or even to the

students who are moving into a gentrified area. “findings showed that although low-income

residents in gentrified or gentrifying neighborhoods appreciated changes to community

amenities (e.g., improvements to parks, better food options, enhanced public safety), they felt

that these changes were meant to benefit middle-class in-movers, not them” Counselors are

going to need to understand when inner cities get gentrified one of the issue for those affected

will be finding food, more and more restaurants are built and have taken over the corner stores

that used to be their with more affordable prices. Unlike these restaurants where you sit and eat

for a meal where as a child could walk to the store before school just to have some breakfast

where that isn't possible because of these new restaurants for the middle class, because of that
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children would be coming into the school hungry sometimes. As well as a displacement feeling

for the new coming students who come to the schools.

This article was a very good article because people often don’t consider what the children

really go through as students while being gentrified. Or even acknowledge what the counselors

have to go through. So the article is very useful to counselors who work in these gentrified areas

and need to know what to expect as well as how to handle the situations that might come while

gaining a better understanding.