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Trixy Salas Grade 11-Sphene September 12, 2018

Critique Paper on Footnote to Youth


·0 Everytime the students hear the word ''LOVE'' they are always interested/feel
alive to talk about it,but when it comes to the other topic just like school stuffs
they are not that interested and they dont't really give their time to discuss about
it,but if the topic is about love is like they are talking nonstop about it they really
find love as a interesting topic.They do not know that they also must invest their
time to talk about important matters that would help them reach their goals.

I also find love as an interesting topic,but I don't really give much of my time in
discussing about that,because I know that I'm too young to enter a romantic relationship I
must focus on my studies first and I know the right time in God's time love will come for
me.Seeing those teenagers that are pregnant really makes me sad they did not think about
their future and the future of their kids.They ruin their life as a youth,in their age they
must enjoy the life of being a youth but because of their immature decisions they already
ruin they life.

The short story ''Footnote to Youth'' by Jose Garcia Villa is one of the stories about
love.We read and discuss this in our school in our EAPP class and in this short story it
shows how the life cycle of a man depending on the decision he made.I think this story
must be read by the teenagers and see what will happen to them if they do such decisions
without proper thinking about decision making.

Plot Summary-Description and Analysis-Interpretation

The short story is about a young man named Dodong.In the beginning of the story
Dodong think about how he will tell his father that he wants to marry his love Teang.He
really thinks that he is ready to enter the marriage life despite of his age.Dodong is really
determine to marry Teang so he told his father about that and his father can't do anything
about it because he knows that Dodong is really serious about marrying Teang.

Dodong and Teang had a sweet youthful moments and the both of them rushed into
marriage and were not aware what will be the outcome of their decision.They don't know
that marriage is not just about love or because they wanted to marry each other.

As the story continue both of them struggle with the decision they've made and they
always wonder how things would have turned out differently if they made different
decisions,because of their lack of knowledge about adulthood they regret and struggle
with the decision they've made.Dodong realized what he had done when they have their
first son.Teang realized how hard being a young parent having six children and she also
thinks that what would be her loife if she marry her other suitors instead of Dodong.

One day,when their child Blas grow he follows the footsteps of his parents.He also
wants to marry at the young age and he told his parents about his plans.Dodong have
nothing to do with it because just like him before his son also wants to pursue what he

Both of them learned their lesson that it is not easy to enter the marriage life
eapecially in their young age and doing decisions out of their emotions.They realized that
once you enter a relationshp especially marriage there was no way turning back,there was
no option but they need to facr the consequences of what they did.


In this short story it really proves that history will repeat itself.If we want to have a
good history and repeat it we must know by now what to do and don't follow the life of
Dodong and Teang.We must think carefully in every decision that we will be making and
look or examine what would be the possible outcome of it.In the end of this story both
Dodong and Teang is feeling sad and sorry for their son Blas.

''Footnote to Youth'' is really showing what are the real world scenarios.This story
must be read by the teenagers so it will be a lesson for them that they must not make a
decision out of their emotions or because they want to do it not considering the possible
effects that would come to their life.