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4.3 5.0
1.0 2.0 Arrange Interviews or 4.0
Determine Start Date
Application/Resume Enter Quick Applicant Book Events for Notify Applicant of Offer Yes and Enter Updated
Received Information in HRMS Applicants with Hiring Offer Accepted? Status in HRMS


2.1 3.1
4.1 4.4
1.1 Run Applicant Enter personal
No further action Send offer letter Terminate Applicant
Pass Initial No taken on applicant Reports information on
Screening? applicant from

3.2 Update
1.2 Update Applicant
Conduct HRMS Information
Prescreening Yes in HRMS

1.3 Manager Interested in
Is Applicant a good Extending an Offer to
candidate for Applicant?

Applicant Sent
Send rejection letter. rejection letter -
Application in HRMS
Step 1.0 Application/Resume Received

Human Resources receives an application/resume for employment.

Step 1.1 Pass Initial Screening?

Does application/resume pass initial screening for employment? If not, no further

action required.

Step 1.2 Conduct Prescreening Interview

Human Resources personnel conduct a prescreening interview of candidate for

employment to determine skill set, personality, etc. and to determine best fit for

Step 1.3 Is Applicant a Good Candidate for Employment?

Is applicant a good candidate for employment – do they have the proper skills and/or
qualifications required? If no, send rejection letter. If yes, proceed to Step 2.0.

Step 2.0 Enter Quick Applicant Information in HRMS

Enter quick applicant information in HRMS on candidate.

Step 2.1 Run Applicant Report

To see a report of all applicants on file, run the Applicant Report.

Step 3.0 Arrange Interview or Book Events for Applicants with Hiring Department

Set up interviews with hiring department personnel and/or pre-employment testing for

Step 3.1 Enter Personal Information on Applicant from Application

Enter full applicant information in HRMS including personal information and

former employer information.

Step 3.2 Update HRMS

As applicant is scheduled for first and second interviews and/or pre-employment

testing, update HRMS with information required.

Step 3.3 Manager Interested in Extending an Offer to Applicant?

If Manager is interested in extending offer, proceed to Step 4.0. If not, proceed

to 3.4.
Step 3.4 Applicant sent rejection letter – Terminate Application in HRMS

Send application standard rejection letter and terminate their application in


Step 4.0 Notify applicant of offer

Human Resources calls to notify applicant that hiring manager wants to extend an offer
to them.

Step 4.1 Send offer letter

After phone call is made, send official offer letter stating terms of employment
to applicant.

Step 4.2 Update Applicant Information in HRMS

Update applicant information in HRMS and change their status to indicate that
an offer has been made to them.

Step 4.3 Offer Accepted?

Does applicant accept offer of employment? If no, proceed to Step 4.4. If yes,
proceed to Step 5.0.

Step 4.4 Terminate Applicant in HRMS

Terminate application information for applicant in HRMS.

Step 5.0 Determine Start Date and Enter Updated Status in HRMS

Date track to effective hire date and change system type from applicant to employee,
and complete any missing information. Enter assignment and salary information.