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July 11th, 2019

Hon. Donald J. Trump

President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Hon. William P. Barr

United States Attorney General
United States Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20530

Dear President Trump and Attorney General Barr:

As elected members of the New York State Assembly, we write to urge that you immediately halt
and reverse the Administration’s inhumane treatment of detained asylum seekers and separated
families at the southern border. This policy has traumatized countless asylum seekers fleeing
violence in their home countries at your direction, and has led directly to the humanitarian crisis
unfolding on our southern border.

While we recognize the need for comprehensive immigration reform, there is an immediate
humanitarian crisis to address. The Administration should reverse course without delay to end the
overcrowding at detention facilities, stop the mass deportations, and stop the separation of families.

This policy directly contributes to the backlog of deportation cases and legal challenges in federal
courts, places thousands of immigrants in detention facilities and shelters, endangers the lives of
more children, and instills fear in those seeking safety in the United States.
The Inspector General of the Department of Home Security’s own report decries the ‘pervasive
overcrowding’ and the ‘unsanitary, inhumane’ conditions of asylum seekers being detained at U.S.
Border Patrol facilities that were never meant to hold large groups of detainees for more than 72
hours. The report details ‘standing-room-only’ cells, children refused showers and hot meals, and
indefinite detention timeframes. The conditions and treatment described in the report are
unacceptable and contrary to our American principles of liberty and justice.
We urge the Administration to end these cruel and unnecessary practices, and demand immediate
action to rectify the situation on our southern border.

Patricia Fahy – 109thth A.D.

MichaelleFahy – 109– 22
Solages A.D.
A.D. Jo Anne Simon – 52nd A.D.
Amy Paulin – 88th A.D.nd
Michaelle Solages
Jo Anne Simon – nd
– 52 22A.D.A.D. Rebecca Seawright – 76th A.D.
Rebecca Seawright – 76 A.D.
th th
Amy Paulin
Deborah – 88
Glick – 66A.D.A.D. Deborah Glick – 66th A.D.
Mathylde Frontus – 46th A.D.
CC: New York State Congressional Delegation
Mathylde Frontus – 46th A.D. Sandra Galef – 95th A.D.

Donna Lupardo – 123rd A.D. Aravella Simotas – 36th A.D

Carmen De La Rosa – 72nd A.D. Nathalia Fernandez – 80th A.D.

Jamie Romeo – 136th A.D. Nily Rozic – 25th A.D.

Yuh-Line Niou – 65th A.D. Felix Ortiz – 51st A.D.

Jeffrey Dinowitz – 81st A.D. Jose Rivera – 78th A.D.

Daniel Quart – 73rd A.D. Charles Lavine – 13th A.D.

Anthony D’Urso – 16th A.D. Monica Wallace – 143rd A.D.

Didi Barrett – 106th A.D. Helene Weinstein – 41st A.D.

Diana Richardson – 43rd A.D. Tremaine Wright – 56th A.D.

Walter Mosley – 57th A.D. Inez Dickens – 70th A.D.

John McDonald – 108th A.D. David Buchwald – 93rd A.D.

Andrew Hevesi – 28th A.D. Catalina Cruz – 39th A.D.

Charles Barron – 60th A.D. Karen McMahon – 146th A.D.

Jonathan Jacobson – 104th A.D. Harvey Epstein – 74th A.D.

Barbara Lifton – 125th A.D. Catherine Nolan – 37th A.D.

William Magnarelli – 129th A.D. Daniel O’Donnell – 69th A.D.

Joe Lentol – 50th A.D. Pamela Hunter – 128th A.D.

Kimberley Jean-Pierre – 11th A.D. Latrice Walker – 55th A.D.

Kenneth Zebrowski – 96th A.D. Ron Kim – 40th A.D.

David Weprin – 24th A.D. Robert Carroll – 44th A.D.

Alicia Hyndman – 29th A.D. Karines Reyes – 87th A.D.

Judy Griffin – 21st A.D. Michael DenDekker – 34th A.D.

Victor Pichardo – 86th A.D. Gary Pretlow – 89th A.D.