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MH 600 E

Tool milling machine

Manufacturer MAHO
Model MH 600 E
Year of manufacture 1988
Control MAHO CNC 432
Machine number 64591
Travels X – 600 mm / Y – 400 mm / Z – 400 mm

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Working area
X-axis 600 mm
Y-axis 400 mm
Z-axis 400 mm

Working space - vertical worktable

Clamping surface 254 x 354 mm
Number of guide grooves 1

Working spindle
Tool holder1 ISO 40
Quill stroke of the vertical work spindle 80 mm

Speeds and feeds

Working spindle speeds, direct program.2 80 – 4.000 U/min
Feeds X/Y/Z, direct programmable3 1 – 2.000 mm/min
Feed force X / Z 3,7 N
Feed force Y 8N
Rapid traverse X axis 4 m/min
Rapid traverse Y axis 3 m/min
Rapid traverse Z axis 5 m/min

Electrical equipment

Total connection value of the machine

CNC control
Resolution of linear measuring systems 0,001 mm
Measured values on display
Number of simultaneously controlled axes 2
Number of consecutively controlled axes 3

2 - MAHO MH 600 E
Rigid angle table
The rigid angle table has a rectangular shape and is used to accommodate bulky
workpieces in operations that do not require angular adjustment of the
workpiece. The rigid angle table is screwed on the vertical clamping table of the
machine by means of sliding blocks and hexagon screws.
Clamping surface 900 x 460 mm
Number of T grooves 14 H7 7
Distance of the T grooves 63 mm
Weight, approx. 200 kg
Max. table loading 400 kg
(Weight of workpiece and clamping device), approx.

Weight and space requirements, approx.

Weight of the machine (with vertical milling head, 2.250 kg
rigid angle table and cabinet)

Space requirements L x W x H 3.491 x 3.095 x 1.916 mm

1 For tool shank according to DIN 69871, with pull studs ISO 7388, Type B
2 Through a gear, which is switchable by the control and additionally manually – with 18
switching steps and 1,25 increment step
3 Smallest feed speed in the axes X, Y, Z – 0,1 mm/min


Cooling device
Chip protection cabin
Machine installation elements
Swing-out device for vertical head
User guide / Documentation

3 - MAHO MH 600 E
Machine overview of the main components

1 Machine stand with foot and feed drive Y-axis

2 Cross support with vertical clamping table and feed drive X-axis
3 Headstock with horizontal work spindle and feed drive Z-axis
4 Vertical milling head with vertical working spindle
5 Measuring system
6 CNC control
7 Electrical equipment
8 Central lubrication system / hydraulic system
9 Cooling lubricant system / splash guard

4 - MAHO MH 600 E

5 - MAHO MH 600 E
6 - MAHO MH 600 E

Total space requirements, min 16 m2

Height of the machine 1,92 m

Coverage area (F) 5,2 m2

Machine weight with angle table and max. workpiece weight 2.600 kg

Ground loading on surface F 550 kg/m2

7 - MAHO MH 600 E
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