How To Become Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof

The “Alpha Code” Revisited Parts II and III
The Book To Study is, “This Thing Called You” (Barnes and Nobles) Author: Ernest Holmes. 24 Hr. Recorded Message Reveals and Unlocks Clue # 1 So Call Now 1-800-772-9781 Ext: 44

The Harry Houdini System of Attraction
** Believe in the voice inside of your head and follow it. ** Be daringly your authentic self. Daringly. ** Bring something original to the marketplace. Make it art. ** Work day and night. If you love it, it never becomes dull. ** Stop being a chump. Do Champion. Be more. Earn more. ** Learn how to draw humongous crowds! ** Turn who you are into what you DO— and then a lifestyle. ** Work on your worst possible self to locate your own Genius. ** Watch the DVD movie, “The Prestige.” Learn the Method. ** Get paid for being who you are vs. earning on a job title. ** Get wealthy earning from 1,000’s who want to watch you. ** Have 5-10 various income streams. Pray to no single one. ** Do what you do so well strangers will stand and stare at you. ** Give free shows in order to attract paying customers. ** Challenge the status quo. Be a fringe dweller. Don’t conform. ** Make WHO YOU are an example to 10,000 lives. ** Become wealthy giving away what you love to do. ** Create a life that GIVES EVIDENCE to what you believe.

Harry Houdini Was Daringly Himself. So was Malcolm. Un-Lock The Combination. “The Method” is The Solution. 34 17 2 9 21

The Tao of Pooh
Effortless Calm / Utter Authenticity / Daringly Himself

Pooh always ate well. His level of attraction was immense and the entire forest circled around him because in contrast to everyone else, he appeared very important. And strong. Eeyore was negative. Piglet was such a nervous little fellow and always hesitated. The Rabbit “hustled” people and was calculating, while the Owl pontificated and never walked his talk. His words therefore had no value. The study of Pooh proves that SELF commitment always wins. Nightly Inspiration Economy Revival Show at 9:27 PM (est) 1 -641-594-7000 PIN 600088#
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The Dead Poets Society of Focus
Our Governing Life Philosophy: “What you give away you always get to keep.” Our Goal: To have 1,000,000 children ask their MOTHERS, “why are you studying Ben Franklin and can you teach me WHO that American Hero was?” What we Sell: Thought. We are a POETS society of focus. The Price: There is no price. All you contribute is YOUR time into more of you. Our (society) is a THEATRE of PROSPERITY and a demonstration of Plenty. We are old school revivalists who BASK together and decree MORE into each other. We seek possession of no one or no thing. Why? Because what you desire and try to own ultimately owns you. (who owns you? Does your house own you or vice versa?) LIVES change with NEW philosophy which changes into a LIFESTYLE which becomes a heightened example of potential for the LIVES and OTHER selves who are watching you.

“What You Do To Other People. . . . . God Will Do Back To You.”
We also tell folks and new Fat Brains. . .

“What you release from your hands forecasts what He who made you. . . what He will release from His.”

The Ben Franklin System of Renewal and Influence
The Common Law of Progress YOU are NOW, like any Genius PREPARING a “space” for your new YOU to grow into. You are actually creating a PLACE for your new mind to fill. I tell you that THIS is KEY! The purpose of getting wisdom is to properly discern and understand the proper use of the words of God. True or false? The purpose of getting wisdom is to better be able to SEE success when it shows up as potential for you. Yes, this is true. The purpose of the proper ENVIRONMENT is to better arm you with the ideas, sight and prepared mental ability to sustain success, once you have captured it. Like attracts like. More always compounds into more. It has to. It’s principle over law.

And, you can’t attract what you don’t respect. You just can’t.
So, the books are required. Lots of them. Heighten your mental “space.” So, the TOMBSTONE (bury the words, “I can’t) is now a critical “tool” that you need to build. So, the MASTER-MIND big thinkers club is now an obvious next step. Change your environment and your life changes. Why? Because it helps to build THE SPACE from which your intuition and Gods favor will build upon. Pg. # 2 Your Own Study Into More Genius

Franklin Founded the “Junto” Master-Mind in 1727 at Age 21
Why the Junto? Because Franklin believed that part of the success equation was having other people, who were in precise harmony with your goals, to be there in a master-mind group to remind each other of their God given talents and rights.

Million Mind March
Home Study:
Spend an hour at Barnes and Nobles. Grab a soda pop and read, “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion” by Dr. Napoleon Hill and read the beautiful chapter therein called, THE MASTER-MIND. Your head will explode. Notice euphoria.

Teach your kids about the LAW of Mental Progress and tell them that

“you will only invite income to you and

gain influence to the degree that your awareness will allow you to keep.” That is the law.
Phase I: The Law of Mental Progress

“You will only gather more to the degree that your awareness will allow you to keep.”
Phase II: The Law and Discipline of Reflection

“The Discipline of Reflection is the discipline of self renewal through self examination.”
Here’s the riff. Much of managing your goals is really about managing your dreams. People write out goals, but most never ever actually manage their dream. Most spend hours a week thinking about all that needs to be done and yet they rarely spend time in their ledger writing down —–and tracking—–just how FAR AWAY they are from their goals and how FAR away from all that they said that they would do.

We Priced the 9.2 Lb. THEATRE of Prosperity at $1,341 So Our Friends Could Earn $800 Per Sale and Earn $1,000 to $3,000 Extra Per Week.

This is not a job or an opportunity. It’s bigger than what money can buy.
It’s Takes More Work and More Time to Be Broke and Small Than Large and Rich.
Pg. # 3

A Life Worth Living is a Life Worth Writing Down
Huh? Look, I always knew what I had to do. But no one had taught me how to manage my distractions and my lack of focus. Then I stumbled upon a book by Ben Franklin called, “The Auto-Biography of Ben Franklin.” It’s a thin little page-turner and a must read. Not a maybe or a coulda-shoulda.

Fortune and Influence Stood Next to Franklins Self Anger!

A must get! Go grab that book and take yo ur life to a new place!

The Ben Franklin System of Renewal
This Giants system is about knowing that you need to confront the relationship between what you want (goal) and what is getting in your way. If you took anyone’s failure and rewound their experience, what you would locate— —is that the person failed in two places. (1) Lack of time invested, in other words, they quit too soon and also failed to invest the TIME to figure it out and also (2) They failed because other people stole their focus and they also allowed themselves to lose focus through SELF immaturity. Franklin knew this and devised a SYSTEM to turn ones chaos into cash.

Problem and Solution
Here’s the problem: When most people make goals, what shows up gets in their way or defuses their original intent and motivation. Here’s the solution: Design a chart that FORCES you to see, confront and to be AWARE of what “shows up” and is constantly is getting in your way. The concept is: You can only get wisdom and gain money and gain power and influence to the degree that your AWARENESS will allow you to keep.

Therefore, the MORE aware of what you don’t know. . . The more AWARE of just how FAR away your bull-eye is . . . The more AWARE you are of just how LAZY you are. . . The more aware you are of just how off base from your goal you are. . . The more AWARE you are of how DISTRACTED you are. . .
The MORE that you can observe, be

aware and adjust yourself. That Simple.

The application is this: DESIGN a Ben Franklin style chart. He did. Read his book, “The auto-biography of Ben Franklin.”

Big Ben actually got so peeved at himself that he said, “I ain’t gonna take it anymore. I am a slouch do nothing. People find me fat, arrogant and I spend too much time chasing tail. I will stop at once but not until I CHART each hour of each day to LOCATE exactly what and who is distracting me from being the BEN Franklin I was born to be!”

You Are Reading Sections From Joe Schroeder’s Soon to Be Released 12th Book

Pg. # 4

ww w . j o e S c h o e d e r . c o m

The Zen of Prosperity
Here’s the RE-MIX:

There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way. As you will notice, success isn’t something “to do”, but rather, “something to see.” Let me explain how I arrived at this conclusion, First, to suggest that there is a way to prosperity suggests it isn’t here yet, and that only invites notions of lack or scarcity. What you will come to learn then - and even begin to rely on, is the notion that the only lack in life is the thought of lack. Furthermore, finding a way to become prosperous implies that we have to do something, and we are not human doings. We are human beings. DOING something isn’t the answer. Just as a cut cord of wood also isn’t the answer. Which comes first, doing, and chopping the wood,



the outcome and then justifying the outcome with a related action?
In the art of prosperity, as 1 have said, being is doing. In doing so, the gates must be drawn, the horses mounted, helmets strapped on, and pelts in hand because to pass the guards at the gates of the gold, a battle must be born.

Not in relation to others, but in the battle of self. Prosperity only follows a victory. The battle field is within your mind, Life wasn’t intended to be a struggle - but, it is. That’s why only the strong and disciplined succeed.

The “Actors Life” by Joe Schroeder
Ask Your Master-Mind Partner in Progress for my Free eBook. Or e-Mail me at —–I wrote this 54 page book while broke and not yet earning $75,000 per month. EIGHTEEN months after I wrote “the Actors Life”—–my life turned upside down and the world tilted. 18 months later. I NEVER published this “journal”
of amazing increase, never sold or took one penny for it. Why? Because my life is not for sale anymore than the AMERICAN FREE library, which Ben Franklin INVENTED, charge d me not one penny, to STUDY the great hero’s of yesterday. No dead president charged me. Therefore my “journal of plenty” is for 10 Million lives and on the cuff as in take it. No charge.

The Alpha Code of Ben Franklin—–What is it?
Witnesses of Franklin will need to be a good learner as I was and I am. His ultimate “secret” of success is hidden within his own AUTO-BIOGRAPHY. Search and when ready, the ANSWER will appear suddenly and STAND off the pages and SALUTE you. Tip: Flip through THAT book and search for a SPREAD sheet and notice how BF studied his WORST possible self; because he did. BEN studied, charted and located his most PATHETIC self. Why? Because he knew his best rested within his better which was hidden under his worst possible self. You’ll see. Go find it. Your world will TILT, as mine did with proper (self) correction.

Pg. #5

That’s the up side. Now here’s the flip side of the coin.

The System of Man
There are two types of people. First, there is the “asleep” man who lives a life of chance. He follows tradition, he fits in nicely, gets a decent job, plays the lottery and basically lives a life of chance. He HOPES he doesn’t get fired. He HOPES whatever his work is that it’s still relevant five years down the road, which creates struggle and severe anxiety. That’s the guy who lives his life by chance. He also is living outside of himself. Meaning, whatever happens OUTSIDE of himself is how he navigates his life.

Sad, but true.

The minds ineffectiveness is constantly being endorsed by society. Constantly! That’s because all

around you are people telling you, “won’t work, that’s silly, stay the same, that didn’t work for Uncle Harry, so it won’t work for you, knock it off and go back to buying lottery tickets, you aren’t smart enough to create something bigger for yourself.”

The Downside to Desire

So to compensate for your lack of ability to constantly CREATE what you

Then there’s the other guy who is considered very successful, who is guided not by chance or by what is happening to them, but from their inside spiritual instinct. That’s you. OWN this idea. Own this mind-set.

think about—– news friends, networking, building other people up and generally being an all out Pioneer Doer with “I AM IN” tattooed on all over your forehead. Decide to vote yourself in.

your mind pretends that what you want is insignificant and you drop the ball and walk over to focus on something else.
T he new you is meeting

Now this becomes a vicious cycle and one that you must learn to manage properly. How? By making your word “law” and by conditioning yourself again to start taking your self commands deadly serious.

Doer-ship (doo-er–ship) N. 1. Networkers who trade their influence amongst the unsuspecting. 2. Gift of love to ones self. 3. Dominion through exercise, discipline and by “doing” SELF as a ritual of influence and honor to the capitalistic code of honor, written in Pennsylvania in 1776.

Serious Warriors actually get to a point in their lives whereby if they THINK it, they take that seed of an idea as “Gospel” and they go create that in it’s physical reflection.

The Job of The Ego

The job of the ego is to PROTECT itself and make your survival as easy as possible. And guaranteed. What that means is that the job of the ego is

You are also cheering on and helping WEALTHY people get ahead because that is the fastest way to become one of them. To associate and cheer them on. Be a part of the club. Sweep the floors, carry their lunch, whatever. Just vote yourself in and get started. LOSE your ego because as the system dictates, “when your ego is AHEAD of your ambition the game is over.”

to make sure that everyone likes you. So the ego will nudge you

towards making promises that you can not possibly keep, or really, have any intention of keeping. This is where lives get all screwed up.

However, as you tangle with this fast thinking crowd of movers and shakers, just a little advice. These people detest weaklings. Fear maybe is a more appropriate word. These Giants can’t stand to be around mealy mouthed, thumb sucking complaining little Twits. Why? Only because it reminds the powerful of what they used to be like. Plus, it reminds them of their own potential weakness. Simple, but oh so true. So, keep your game face properly affixed.

Your Word as Law

However, for the moment, it feels good to have people love you more, so you make all sorts of silly promises. The part about making your word law is a self affirmation of love, control and power, all yours.

This will help you to stop making promises to everyone that you can’t follow through with and also, maintain your self dignity as you maintain TRUE to whatever you say you will do.

Read Daily Until You Have 14 People Reading BEN FRANKLIN

This is about discipline and nature that you feed, your higher or lower is the one which will most express you. The game here is to live a life that gives evidence to what YOU endorse and believe vs. what ole Uncle Harry says.

“The Zen of Doership is About Finding Your Flow and Letting The Chaos of Procrastination Resolve into Unlimited Action.”
Copyrights 2007 Amazing Increase Master-Mind of Influence / Schroeder Industries, Page 6

Page 6

Entering The Junto: The Application
Rule #1 within the WARRIORS NEST: Become a law unto yourself, under God. Don’t say what you refuse to be. Rule #2 within the WARRIORS NEST: Words only have value in relation to the action you take. Watch your words. Rule #3 within the WARRIORS NEST: Your time isn’t Gods time. Stop the hurry up and rehearse more patience. Rule #4 within the WARRIORS NEST: Let no man assume possession of your divine BIRTH assignment. Rule #5 within the WARRIORS NEST: If you DARE say or write it down, it shall be done. Demand self discipline. Rule #6 within the WARRIORS NEST: If you have to explain what M-3 is you don’t have a clue what it is we do.

Fax Application of Increase

The Cemetery of Doubt

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Bless Your Mess. All Greats Did and Why:
Einstein, Janis Joplin, Kinsey and Elvis all shared the same personality trait. They were all daringly authentic. They brought their ENTIRE selves to the table. Which is a “silent power” that others recognize as sheer and utter breath taking confidence. So be your own Rabbi. It’s about placing extreme value on your past. Which in turn makes everyone relate to you. Everyone

has a past they are embarrassed about. And you separate yourself from the masses by doing what they can’t——you put value on yours. This is the Killer App. Do it For Your Own Bloodline
Don’t bury the words “I Can’t” only for yourself. Do it as a FUTURE memory for the 100’s of people who will use you as the example. Do it for the kids of your children. Do it for your own bloodline.

The Cemetery of Doubt
Notice All of The Tombstones in the Cemetery
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Few People Value Their Struggle or Even Speak About it. When You Do it Validates Everyone Else’s Experience... and Makes You Authentic To The Degree of an Expert. Beethoven Dog The Bounty Hunter Elton John and Madonna P. Diddy & Rev. Run Fifty Cent

Angel Garcia / Age 31
Son of a Capitalist/ Good News Merchant


Patriot Son of Luis and Marina

The Genius Behind The Million Mind March
Also, What is Organized Knowledge and Why Study Dead People?
Learn This Concept: “Wealthy people aren’t rich because they do CERTAIN things. No. Instead, wealthy people get richer by doing certain things in a certain order.” Now for the lesson: The source of power and affluence is organized knowledge. Knowledge and schooling, not properly organized leads to a small house + debt = a life of struggle. Every successful plant life and all great people amplified knowledge where upon it quantified into applied association and then into POWER and perpetual equity. The reason we STUDY books by great people is to magnify their organization of knowledge. When I did I shifted from earning $5,000 per month to $50,000. Big deal? Not at all. I just learned “the way.” My own life can easily be decoded through the organized knowledge I lifted from Ben Franklin & Dr. Hill.
All Success is Really Just Organized Defeat. That’s Why We Study Organized Knowledge.

Better Questions Lead to Better Answers
1 2
If you say you have a business, but only a few are buying and you didn’t earn $10,000 last week, who is broken? (You) _________ (Your Product)______________ (Both)__________ Check One please. List the names of the people who TAUGHT you to stop earning money after 6 PM and on weekends? List the names of three (3) people who told you it was not within your heritage to die a Millionaire. In your own words, describe why you don’t earn $50,000 per month. Just for fun. List your excuses. After that, go read “Pizza Tiger” which details the RISE of Domino’s pizza. Then read the life and times of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Then go study a Jackie Robison (baseball legend) or Henry Ford.

3 Give five excuses. List five logical reasons you didn’t earn $1,000,000 last year?
1: No allowed. My family and friends don’t buy into that American Dream stuff. 2: The taxes would be too high. Plus, if I had a Million, who would pay my for my health-care? 3: My daddy never made that much. What would my family think if I earned $20K per month? 4: People who seek RICHES and wealth are sinners. My wealthy preacher says money is evil. 5: I went to college to learn how to be employed. Not to learn how to amass lifestyle and Pedigree.

4 Whose dream do you work for between 6 am and 6 PM (name of boss ) ________________________ 5 if a life worth recording. Schroeder has his own DAILY recorder dating back to age 18. Now answer this
question? Dating back to WHAT AGE does your own life daily journal begin? Age?_______Yours. How many MASTER-MIND clubs did your father belong to? ____________________ Ben Franklins JOURNAL started at age 9. Why? Because great people understand that any GREAT life

6 What was your fathers annual income approximately?____ Do the poor work hard? (YES) __ (NO)___
Do you believe that often environment is MORE important that tradition? (YES) ____ (NO) _____ TRICK question. Think before you answer. WHO works harder? And longer? Millionaires ___ People with 12 hour days with little or no money left at the end of their month___


7 After years of reading GREAT books, does your lifestyle suggest you learned much? (YES) ___(NO)___ 8
If you told five (5) friends you were going to TRIPLE your income and quadruple the vacations that you have, how many would laugh in your face? Circle the answer: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Most people hang out and are FRIENDS with people within $50,000 of their income bracket. That’ s because to go OUTSIDE of their earning bracket makes them uncomfortable. (TRUE)___ (FALSE)___

9 Check one. I am (TOLERATED)____ (CELEBRATED)___ at my job. 10 CIRCLE the “symbols” below that are a constant in your life that predict a better future:
Master-Mind Club Daily Journal 500 Monthly Customers 5 Income Streams Wake up at 4 a.m.
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Change the people and environment you associate with and your life changes. (TRUE)___ (FALSE)___