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Translate the following sentence into Indonesia.

1. May I help you?
2. Do you speak Indonesian?
3. Is this your first visit to this hospital?
4. Registration for initial visit is at the counter over there
5. Registration for subsequent visits is at counter No. 2
6. Information about inpatient is at counter No. 3
7. This is the line for new patients
8. Fill it and bring it back to me.
9. In that case, you’d better go to the medical department
10. You’ll see the medical Department sign past to the right
11. The sooner you see the doctor, the better.
12. Can I help you?
13. Is there anything I can do for you?
14. Which department do you want to see?
15. When did your problem start?
16. When did your first symptom appear?
17. Well, I suggest you go for internal medicine. Please wait in the waiting Room till
you are called.
18. Please point to the part of your body where you feel pain or discomfort.
19. Please show us your health insurance.
20. Are you insured?
21. Do you have a health insurance?
22. If you are not covered by an insurance, you will have to pay for the medical bill.
23. Which department do you want to visit?
24. Put your medical card in the box at the reception desk.
25. Today the department of ophthalmology is closed.
26. Surgery is open till noon every day.
27. Please observe the clinical hours.
28. Please come with me, I will show you the way to the radiology department
29. I will take you the physiotherapy department.
30. What’s your problem?
31. What’s wrong with you? What the matter with you? What happens to you?
32. When did your problem start?
33. How long have you been sick?
34. Is your pain bearable?
35. Can you tolerate this pain?
36. You will be the third to be seen by the doctor.
37. Please wait for a moment.

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38. Please be seated until your name is called.

39. When did you come to Jakarta?
40. What are you doing in Jakarta? (Hati-hati menggunakan ungkapan ini!)
41. Thank you, please wait for a while.
42. Please come to room No. 5 when your name’s called.
43. Do you have a registration card?
44. Are you a medical of a surgical case?
45. Do you have your medical history sheet?
46. Do you have your reference letter/REFERRAL from the doctor?
47. Do you want to see a surgeon?
48. I think you should see a dermatologist first.
49. Please don’t lose your registration card.
50. This is your registration card.
51. Bring it whenever you come.
52. Can you tell me how to get to the consulting room?
53. Go down the hall until you come to the drugstore, and make a left turn, and it’s
just around the corner.
54. What’s the trouble, Mr. John?
55. I have a bad cough and chest aches.
56. Have you got a fever? INGGRIS AMERIKA – BHS INGGRIS INGGRIS Do you have a
57. Yes, thirty eight point seven degree centigrade
58. I see, please open your mouth and say ‘aaahhh’.. now open your shirt and let me
examine your chest
59. Breath in… breath out.. that’ll do.
60. You’ve got bronchitis. Are you allergic to penicillin?
61. I have a terrible toothache.
62. Which tooth is it? Which tooth is aching?
63. The toothache prevented me from falling asleep last night.
My toothache makes me unable to sleep last night
64. Do you suffer pain with cold or heat?
65. I feel tired all the time. I’m hungry after I eat a lot. I can’t concentrate on any
66. You must have plenty of iodine. Here’s the prescription. You can have it filled
at a pharmacy.
67. When did your pain start?
68. How did the pain progress?
69. Did the pain spread to other parts of the body?
70. Is the pain continuous or does it come and go?
71. It is continuous but sharpened at times, just like a needle prick.
72. What did you bring up? BATUK KERING – DRY COUGH --- PRODUCTIVE COUGH

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73. I brought up the food I ate, and sour fluid.

74. Well, I’m going to take your temperature.
75. Roll up your sleeve; I shall take your blood pressure.
76. Please lie on the bed.
77. Bend your legs to relax your abdominal muscles.
78. Let me listen to your chest. wHEEZING
79. Breath deeply.
80. Do you have any pain in the place where I press?
81. I have bowel movement once a day, but it didn’t relieve the abdominal pain.
83. What diseases have you suffered from before?
84. Put out your tongue.
85. Do you urinate more or less than usual?
86. Could you make up this prescription for me, please?
87. I’ll do it for you right away. Sorry, the drugs on this order are exhausted.
88. What shall I do? What do I have to do?
89. I’ll inform you as soon as we have them in stock. the drug is available
90. Well, I see the medication your doctor ordered is a name brand and quite
91. Would you prefer to take similar medicines of other brands?
92. What’s the advantage of taking these kinds of medicines?
93. It is very cheap.
94. It’s the same medication, same quality, but at a much lower cost.
95. Great, I’ll take this brand.
96. How do I take these medicines?
97. This is for internal use. Two tablets, four times a day.
98. If necessary, take one tablet of this painkiller, but not more than once every four
99. Are there any instructions?
100. You have to take it on an empty stomach.
101. This drug is available for oral and parental administration, which is effective and
102. Is there anything special I should do?
103. That’s for sure. The therapy should be discontinued, if allergic reaction occurs.
104. What daily articles should I bring in?
105. I was notified to be here at half past three.
106. Let’s fill in the admission card.
107. Who is your next of kin?
108. Who is your nearest relation?
109. Do you know which doctor is in charge of your case?
110. The call button is over there above your head.

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111. You may push the nurse call button if you need a nurse
112. This is your bedside table for such things as toilet articles.
113. If you have any valuables, we’ll keep them for you.
114. You can have your meals, watch TV, and enjoy various recreations in the
common room.
115. The ward is your home during your stay in hospital.
116. Our clinical dietician is available to advice on special diets.
117. I’m the nurse in charge of this ward (Charge Nurse)
118. By the way, which kind of food do you prefer, oriental or continental?
119. How is your appetite?
120. What are your eating habits?
121. I would like to have a snack in the afternoon and before going to bed.
122. I’m very much looking forward to going back to work.
123. You have made an excellent recovery.
124. Before you leave, I’d like to give you some good suggestions.
125. Please remember to settle your account before you leave hospital.
126. I think I’m quite all right now.
127. You are going to be discharge the day after tomorrow.
128. You have been in hospital for two weeks.
129. But the doctor told me that I still had to rest for one more week.
130. The doctor has written a certificate for you.
131. Examination of fasting blood sugar and ECG will be this afternoon.
132. I’ll go to the Admission Office to get your bill at once.
133. Have you made sure you haven’t left anything behind?
134. Have you got thinner since you feel ill?
135. May I ask you a few questions about exercises?
136. There are two main groups of exercises: aerobic exercises, and physical
137. You need to exercise hard enough until you sweat and breathe deeply without
138. Your bill is ready. Please wait till your name is called.
139. Your bill includes the doctor’s fee and the cost for a 3-day supply of medicine.
It comes to one hundred dollar.
140. The cost will be 50 dollar for the laboratory work.
141. Take this prescription to the pharmacy.
142. I checked your medical report, but no medicine are prescribed for you.
143. I’d like to make an appointment for tomorrow morning then.
144. I’ll see if I can fit you in.
145. I’m sick of this place. I can’t stand it anymore.
146. I feel so cut off from life here.
147. The doctor put me on a solid food two days ago.

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148. He allows me to walk around a bit.

149. Is there anything you would like me to bring you?
150. Sorry to have kept you waiting.
151. It’s not serious.
152. You need a thorough examination.
153. You will have to stay in hospital for a few days.
154. Try to relax and keep calm.
155. You will have to come here for periodical check-ups.
156. If you feel worst, please come back to the clinic.
157. Shall I explain it again?
158. It’s difficult to say right now what exactly your problem is.
159. I suggest you have a course of acupuncture.
160. The pain seems less.
161. Will it go away by itself.
162. Does this medicine have any side-effects?
163. Will it take long to recover?
164. What should I do if I have another heart attack?
165. One of my friends died of lung cancer yesterday.
166. Does cancer have a high mortality?
167. Skin cancer is often curable.
168. The exact nature and cause of tumor growth are still unknown.
169. Is cancer contagious?
170. Cancer is considered number two killer in the world.
171. Breast cancer only happens to woman.

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