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HB1 Longhurst Equality Amendment – Final leg of Constitutional Passed H 35-6 and S 16-5. Support
Amendment to provide equal rights on the basis of sex.
HB2 Schwartzkopf Delaware Federal Employees Civil Relief Act – Relief for Passed H 37-4 and S 13-6-1-1. Signed by Support
Federal Employees impacted during the Trump Shutdown Governor Carney on 1/23/19
HB3 Longhurst More Trump Shutdown Relief for Fed. Employees -- Passed H 41-0 but defeated in the Senate Support
authorizes the OMB to partner with financial institutions 15-6 (3/4th vote nee/12/19ded)
and non-profit providers to establish a temporary loan
program for furloughed and unpaid Federal employees.
HB4 Longhurst The James Johnson Sentencing Reform Act Out of Committee 6/12/19 Support
HB5 Longhurst Restoring Judicial Discretion for Concurrent Sentences Passed House 30-10-1. Passed Senate 20-1. Support
On the Governor’s Desk.
HB7 Minor Brown Massage / Body work Criminal Record -- gives the License Passed House 39-0-2. Passed Senate 19-1-1. Support
Board discretion to grant waivers for felony convictions for On the Governor’s Desk.
crimes committed against a person where more than 3
years have elapsed, and more than 2 years have elapsed
for other felonies.
HB8 Matthews Ex Offender Employment Opportunity Tax Credit for Out of Committee 5/15/19 Support
HB10 Chukwuocha Juvenile Prosecution - prohibit the prosecution of any child Out of Committee 6/19/19 Support
under the age of 12 and bar transferring a juvenile
prosecution to the Superior Court unless the child is aged
16 or older, with the exception of first and second degree
murder and rape.
HB13 Kowalko Settlement Money to the General Fund – The GA House Administration 12/13/18 Support
constitutionally gets to allocate settlement funds received
into the treasury.
HB14 Kowalko New Tax Brackets and a Tiered Reduction in Itemized House Revenue & Finance Committee as of Support
Deductions. $125,000 and $250,001 at 7.1 percent and 12/13/18
above $250,000 at 7.85 percent.
HB15 Kowalko New Tax Brackets. $125,000 and $250,001 at 7.1 percent Out of Committee 4/10/19 Support
and above $250,000 at 7.85 percent.
HB20 Vanderwende Raising the Threshold Limit for Building & Loans – Raising Passed House 38-0. Passed Senate 20-0. Neutral
the limit from $7M to $10M. Ready for Governor to sign.
HB24 Bennett Banning the practice of Clawback, when the total cost of a Passed House 38-0. Passed Senate 18-0-3. Support
prescription drug to an insurer or a pharmacy benefits Sent to Governor.
manager is less than a patient/insured’s co-pay, the insurer
or pharmacy benefits manager keeps the difference.
HB25 Matthews Allowing Civic Associations to contract for one waste House Housing & Community Affairs Support
disposal service to reduce wear and tear of neighborhood Committee 1/4/19
roads by multiple heavy garbage trucks.
HB27 Briggs King Protecting Voters from Republican Tax Policy – allows Tabled in Committee 3/6/19 Oppose
property tax itemized deductions to continue in DE in
contrast to the Trump Tax Law.
HB29(S) Dukes DNA Upon Arrest -- any person arrested for any of these Out of Committee 6/5/19. Oppose
specific crimes will now be subject to DNA testing.
HB32 Ramone Decreases by 1% the rate of realty transfer tax to be Tabled in Committee 3/6/19 Oppose
received by the State, thereby returning to the rate that
was applicable prior to August 1, 2017.
HB33 Ramone Term Limits – 20 consecutive years in office limit for House Administration 1/4/19 Oppose
Senators and Representatives
HB37 Ramone Restores the $500 senior real property tax credit. House Administration Committee 1/10/19 Neutral
HB38 Bentz Early Voting – Registered voters will be allowed to vote in Passed House 34-6. Passed Senate 16-5. Support
person during at least the 10-day period before an Sent to Governor for his signature.
election. Takes effect in 2022.
HB39 Viola Same Day Voter Registration Out of Committee 3/13/19 Support
HB41 Bolden Earlier Primary – Moving the primary to the fourth Passed H 36-5. Now in Senate Elections Support
Tuesday in April for all state and federal offices. Committee as of 1/25/19
HB47 K.Williams Repealing the Youth and Training Wages House Economic Support
Development/Banking/Insurance &
Commerce 1/24/19
HB48 K.Williams Special Education Funding for K-3 - Currently the basic House Appropriations 3/21/19 Support
special education funding runs from fourth through twelfth
HB52 Collins 20 Week Abortion Ban Tabled in Committee 4/17/19 Oppose
HB53 Collins Forced Ultrasound Bill House Health & Human Development as of Oppose
HB59 Bennett Transparency in Transportation Funds -- requires the House passed 40-0-1. Senate passed 21-0. Support
Secretary to publish the transaction history for funds Ready for the Governor.
allocated to each member of the General Assembly under
the Community Transportation Fund
HB63 Lynn Gun Storage Law – a crime is committed when a person House passed 22-19. Senate amended and Support
intentionally or recklessly stores or leaves a loaded firearm passed 13-8. Passed House again 23-18.
where a minor or other person prohibited by law, or Governor has signed.8.
“unauthorized person,” can access the firearm, and the
unauthorized person obtains the firearm.
HB65 K.Williams Prohibiting Restrictive Covenants that ban solar panels Passed House 36-3-2 and Senate 21-0. Support
Ready for the Governor to sign.
HB73 Jaques Constitutional Amendment Eliminating Absentee Voter Passed House 38-3. Defeated in Senate 11- Support
Restrictions 8-1-1. Needed 14 votes in the Senate.
HB75 Bolden Juvenile Incarceration under 18 - any child under 18 years Out of Committee 6/19/19 Support
old who is adjudicated in Superior Court will serve the
initial portion of their incarceration until age 18 in the
custody of the Department of Services for Children, Youth
and their Families.
HB76 Heffernan Family Court will have Exclusive Jurisdiction over juveniles Out of Committee 6/19/19 Support
convicted of a Superior Court offense
HB77 Bolden Ending Duplication of Burglary and Home Invasion Passed House 23-17-1 and Senate 14-6-1. Support
Charges Ready for the Governor to sign.
HB78 Bolden Ending Duplication of Robbery and Carjacking Charges Passed House 25-16 and Senate 15-5-1. Support
Ready for the Governor to sign.
HB79 Minor Brown Non-Sugary Drinks in Restaurant Meals for Children Passed House 28-11-2. Passed Senate 15-6. Support
Ready for the Governor to sign.
HB80 Baumbach Making the EITC Refundable – Limits a retirement income Out of Committee 3/13/19 Support
tax exception over 5 years (raising the age from 60 to 65) in
order to fund a refundable earned income tax credit
HB85 Bennett Constitutional Amendment forcing resignation of official House Administration 3/13/19. Oppose
if they run for another office
HB86 Osienski Gas Tax for Jet Fuel – Imposes a 5 cent per gallon tax on Passed House 39-1-1. Passed Senate 19-1-1. Support
certain aviation jet fuel that will go into the Transportation Ready for the Governor to sign.
Trust Fund.
HB102 Williams Helping Human Trafficking Victims -- allow a person who Passed House 39-0. Passed Senate 21-0. Support
was a human trafficking victim to get their criminal record Signed by the Governor.
expunged, except for a violent felony, if that crime was a
direct result of being a victim of human trafficking
HB105(S) Minor Brown Creating the Step Therapy Exception Process– This bill Passed House 40-0. Passed Senate 21-0. Support
would allow patients who are required by their insurance Signed by the Governor.
company to go through step therapy protocols can, under
certain circumstances, bypass step therapy to obtain the
initially-prescribed medication.
HB107 Spiegelman Notification of Enhanced Penalties By DELDOT House Public Safety & Homeland Security Support
committee as of 4/4/19
HB110 Osienski Legalization of Marijuana House Appropriations 6/6/19 Support
HB120 Matthews Low Income or Elderly Renter Tax Credit House Revenue & Finance 4/11/19 Support
HB124 Osienski HVAC Criminal Record -- gives the License Board discretion Passed House 38-1-2. Passed Senate 21-0. Support
to grant waivers for felony convictions for crimes Sent to Governor.
committed against a person where more than 3 years have
elapsed, and more than 2 years have elapsed for other
HB126 Briggs King Double Dipping - requires an elected official or other paid House Administration Committee 4/18/19 Support
appointed official of this state or any county or political
subdivision who is also employed in a second job by any
state agency, education, or other institution or any other
political subdivision of this State to disclose such dual
employment to the Public Integrity Commission (PIC).
HB129 Jaques Ending School Tax Referendums--would allow the Boards House Education Committee 5/2/19 Support
of Education of the school districts in Delaware to annually
raise local school taxes up to 2 percent without a
referendum for operating expenses.
HB130 Brady Plastic Bag Ban Passed House 33-7-1. Passed Senate 13-8. Support
Sent to Governor.
HB135 Yearick Cross Over Day – requiring a deadline for when bills are House Administration 5/2/19 Oppose
sent to the other house.
HB136 Dukes Business Hours of General Assembly Final Days – House Administration 5/2/19 Oppose
adjourning the last day of the session at 7 pm and then
requiring the special session to end at midnight and not
resume until 9 am the next day if needed.
HB137 Morris Tax Return and Payment Disclosure – would require all House Administration 5/2/19 Support
statewide and other candidates to disclose whether all
their state and federal taxes are filed and paid.
HB140 Baumbach End of Life Options Act Considered in committee but not released, Support
but not tabled, as of 5/9/19
HB141 Minor-Brown Adding Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH) to Med. Passed House 41-0. Passed Senate 20-0-1. Support
Marijuana conditions Sent to the Governor.
HB145 Postles Parental Rights Constitutional Amendment – makes House Administration Committee 5/6/19 Oppose
children the property of parents
HB155 Ramone Budget Smoothing Amendment House Administration Committee 5/14/19 Oppose
HB165 Smyk Reinstating the Death Penalty House Judiciary Committee 5/16/19 Oppose
HB170 Heffernan Raising the Compulsory School Attendance Age to 18 House Education Committee 5/30/19 Support
HB175 Brady Voting by Mail House Appropriations Committee 6/20/19 Support
HB186 K.Williams Requiring the Auditor to do her job – Auditing Charter House Education 6/6/19 Support
HB194 Bennett Regulating Pharmacy Benefit Managers Passed House 38-0-3. Passed Senate 21-0. Support
Sent to Governor.
HB196 Lynn Compensating Individuals who have been wrongfully Out of Committee 6/19/19 Support
HB200 Longhurst Clean Water Plan House Appropriations Committee 6/6/19 Support
HB212 Cooke Prohibit Waste Management's proposed expansion of Passed House 25-14. Sent to Senate for
their DRPI site consideration.
HB222 Chukwuocha School Redistricting by the Board of Education Passed House 41-0 and the Senate 21-0. Support
Sent to the Governor
HB223 K.Williams School Choice House Education 6/13/19 Support
HB224 M.Smith Paper Bag Ban House Natural Resources 6/14/19 Oppose
SB8(S) Walsh Collective Bargaining – makes compensation a mandatory Passed the Senate 19-1-1. Passed the Support
subject of bargaining for any group of employees House 38-2-1. Signed by Governor
SB10 Townsend 17-year-olds can vote in primary elections so long as they Passed the Senate 20-0-1. Passed the Support
will be 18 by the final general election for the office. House 41-0. Sent to the Governor.
SB12 McDowell Facilitating Electric Vehicles – Requiring Delaware adopt Passed the Senate 20-0-1. Passed the Support
the Society of Automotive Engineers’ industrial safety House 39-1. Signed by the Governor.
standard, called J3072, which sets safety requirements for
electric vehicles that provide power from their batteries
back to the electric grid.

SB15 Lopez Lyme Disease Test -- requires a health-care provider to Passed Senate 21-0. Passed House 40-1. Support
provide notice to a patient at the time blood is drawn to Sent to Governor.
perform a laboratory test for Lyme disease that explains
the limitations of the test and instructs the patient to see
their health-care provider if the patient continues to
experience unexplained symptoms.
SB17 Hansen Genetic Discrimination Ban -- ban use of genetic Senate Banking, Business & Insurance Support
information when denying coverage for disability insurance Committee as of 1/24/19
or long-term care insurance.
SB19 Richardson Forced Ultrasound Bill Senate Sunset Committee as of 1/24/19 Oppose
SB21 Richardson 20 Week Abortion Ban Senate Sunset Committee as of 1/24/19 Oppose
SB22 Townsend National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Passed Senate 14-7. Passed House 24-17. Support
Signed by Governor.
SB24(S) Delcollo Medical Marijuana Access – allows patient to qualify for a Passed Senate 16-5 and House 40-0-1. Sent Support
valid registry card to purchase and use medical marijuana to the Governor
for any condition that a physician certifies that marijuana
would provide a therapeutic or palliative benefit.
SB25(S) Townsend Raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21 Passed Senate 14-6 and Passed House 25- Support
16. Signed by Governor
SB27 Walsh Share the Care Act—allow direct-care workers to Passed Senate 20-0 and the House 40-0. Support
administer medications approved by the client’s family Signed by the Governor.
caregivers, with the exception of controlled substances.
SB32 Brown Patient Brokering Ban – the practice where patient brokers Passed Senate 21-0. Passed the House 41-0. Support
are paid a fee to place insured people in treatment centers Sent to the Governor
so that the treatment centers receive thousands of dollars
in insurance claim payments for each patient. Increasingly,
patient brokers fraudulently enroll patients in low-
deductible health plans with out-of-network treatment
SB34 Hansen Prescription Opioid Impact Fund – would add a fee of 1 Passed Senate 17-4. Passed House 33-8. Support
cent per morphine milligram equivalent for name-brand Governor has signed.
opioids and one-quarter of a cent for generics. That
money could be used for various addiction-related services
to treat opioid addiction.
SB35 Paradee Codifying Obamacare Protections into DE law prohibiting Passed Senate 16-5. Passed House 26-15. Support
of preexisting condition provisions, guaranteeing issue and Sent to the Governor.
availability of coverage and permissible rating factors
SB37(S) Brown Criminal Record Expungement – it would expand the Passed Senate 21-0. Passed House 35-5-1. Support
availability of criminal record expungement for adult Governor has signed.
criminal records of arrest and conviction
SB39 Brown Suspension of Driver's License for Nonpayment of Fines Senate Judicial Committee 5/31/19 Support
SB41 Brown Age of Offense not Age of Arrest -- Currently, if a person Passed Senate 19-0-2. Passed House 41-0. Support
commits a delinquent act before age 18 but is arrested Sent to Governor.
after age 18, the offense is automatically heard before the
adult court of jurisdiction. This bill would reverse this
procedure so that if the offense occurs before the age of
18 and the arrest is after a person’s 18th birthday, but
before their 21st birthday, the Family Court will have
SB43 Walsh Board of Electrical Examiners Criminal Record - the Board Passed Senate 20-0-1. Passed House 41-0. Support
would now have discretion to grant waivers for felony Sent to Governor.
convictions for crimes committed against a person where
more than 3 years have elapsed, and more than 2 years
have elapsed for other felonies.
SB44 Sturgeon Underage possession and consumption of alcohol - Passed Senate 20-0-1. Amended and Support
possession or consumption of alcohol by an individual passed by the House 34-6-1. Passed by the
under 21 years of age is a civil offense, rather than a Senate again 19-0-2. Sent to Governor.
criminal offense. It also would prohibit including
information concerning a civil violation of the underage
possession or consumption law on an individual’s certified
criminal record
SB45 Paradee Civil Violation for Marijuana Possession for those under Out of committee in the Senate and ready Support
21 – makes the possession, use, or consumption of a for a vote as of 4/10/19
personal use quantity of marijuana a civil violation for
SB47 Lockman Drug Code Fairness - eliminates most aggravating factors, Passed Senate 20-0-1. Passed House 28-12. Support
some of which may cause Delaware’s controlled substance Sent to Governor.
laws to be applied unfairly, while maintaining an
aggravating factor for those who violate Delaware’s drug
dealing laws within 300 feet of and on school property.
SB48(S) Walsh Requiring bidders for public works that are required to Passed Senate 13-8. Amended and passed Support
provide prevailing wage to provide approved Craft Training by the House 26-15. Passed again by the
Programs for Journeymen and Apprentices. Senate 15-6. Signed by the Governor
SB50(S) McDowell DelTech Infrastructure Funding – Allowing Board of Passed Senate 19-1-1. Passed House 40-0-1. Support
Trustees of DelTech to issue bonds to fund projects and Signed by Governor.
providing $10M a year for capital improvements over the
next 5 years.
SB58 Sturgeon Clean the Ice and Snow off your car – requires that Passed Senate 20-0-1. Out of committee Support
accumulated snow and ice be removed from services of a and ready for a vote in the House 4/17/19
vehicle before it is operated and imposes a civil penalty for
a violation
SB59 Delcollo Allowing Nurses and PAs to recommend Medical Senate Health & Social Services 3/21/19 Support
SB60 Poore Human Trafficking Victims – no one younger than 18 can Passed Senate 21-0. Amended and passed Support
be convicted of prostitution by the House 39-0-2. Passed by Senate
again 19-1-1. Signed by the Governor.
SB61 Hansen Creating the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Passed Senate 21-0. Passed House 38-0-3. Support
Fund Onto to the Governor.
SB62 Ennis Annual COLA for State Pensions Senate Finance 4/15/19 Support
SB63 Delcollo Prohibiting retaliatory discrimination against Individual Passed Senate 16-0-5. Passed House 41-0. Support
who opposes or reports a practice that is unlawful under Sent to Governor.
the Equal Accommodations Law
SB68 Townsend Assault Weapon Ban Killed in Senate Executive Committee by Support
McBride and Poore – 5/9/19
SB70 Sokola Large Capacity Magazine Ban Killed in Senate Executive Committee by Support
McBride and Poore – 5/9/19
SB71 Delcollo Regulating Pharmacy Benefit Managers Passed Senate 18-2-1. Passed House 41-0. Support
Sent to Governor.
SB73 McBride Daylight Savings Time Forever Senate passed 17-4. House passed 35-5-1. Support
Sent to Governor.
SB74 Walsh Modifying the New Economy Tax Credit Senate passed 19-0-2. Passed House 40-0-1. Support
Sent to Governor.
SB78 Poore Teaching Consent - requires that health education Passed Senate 21-0. Passed Senate 41-0. Support
programs in Delaware public schools include instruction on Sent to Governor.
what it means to “consent” in the context of a sexual
SB79 Delcollo Making sure it is legal to possess and purchase a firearm Passed Senate 20-0-1. Sent to House for Neutral
while a Medical Marijuana Patient. consideration.
SB82 Sturgeon Gun Permit Card Killed in Senate Executive Committee by Support
McBride and Poore – 5/9/19
SB92(S) Townsend Medicaid Dental Coverage Passed Senate 21-0. Passed House 33-7-1. Support
Sent to Governor
SB94 Townsend Allowing Unmarried Cohabitators To Jointly Adopt Passed Senate 20-1. Passed House 37-4. Support
Sent to Governor
SB96 McDowell Creating A Division of Civil Rights Enforcement In The DOJ Out of committee 6/6/19 Support
SB99 Lawson Banning Application Of Foreign Law Senate Judicial 5/14/19 Oppose
SB105 Brown $15 Minimum Wage Senate Finance 6/12/19 Support
SB118 Brown Real Estate Commission Waiver of Criminal Record Passed Senate 19-0-2. Out of Committee Support
SB123 McBride Allowing Prisoners to work for minimum wage in prison Passed Senate 13-8. Tabled in House Support
to pay off fines and penalties Committee
SB144 Hansen Genetic Discrimination Ban Senate Banking, Business & Insurance Support
SB148 Lockman Establishing the Redding Consortium for Educational Passed Senate 17-0-4. House Education
Equity 6/19/19
SB150 Lockman Making Registering for Kindergarten Easier and Uniform Passed Senate 21-0. Out of Committee Support
SB159 Walsh Requirements for Requesting an Audit of Charter Schools Passed Senate 13-6-2. In House Education Support
Committee 6/25/19
SB164 Hocker Allowing Sussex County gas stations to sell non-ethanol- Senate Environmental & Natural Resources Oppose
containing gasoline 6/18/19
SB166 Sturgeon Annual Public Transportation Bus Passes for Students Passed Senate 20-0-1. Amended and passed Support
by the House 41-0. Passed again by the
Senate 21-0.
SB170 Townsend Creating a CBD-Rich Card to purchase CBD Passed Senate 19-2. Out of committee in
House 6/27/19
SB173 Sturgeon Universal Pre-K Task Force Passed Senate 21-0. Out of committee