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(8 marks)
Answer all questions in this paper
Question 1-8
Read the text carefully in each question. Choose the best answer A, B, or C. For each question,
circle the correct answer A,B, or C.
Question 1- 3 are about the poster on Pasir Gudang University Brochure.


Your university sports team needs YOU!
Make friends at the University of Pasir Gudang Sport Club. We
have teams for everyone...
We need players We also have:
for the: - yoga classes
- football team - swimming pool
- athletics team - sports cafe' with TV
- swimming team
- volleyball team
It's FREE to join!
- rowing team
volleyball Tuesdays at 5pm
Tuesdays at 6pm
Fridays at 3pm


1. What sports can you play at the University ?

A. Martial arts
B. kayaking
C. volleyball

2. At the University of Pasir Gudang you can join the athletic team on _____ .

A. Tuesday
B. Friday
C. Thursday

3. It costs RM 10 to join the rowing team in University Of Pasir Gudang.

A. True
B. False
C. None from above

Question 4 - 8 are about magazine interview on urban sports.

Reporter : First of all, what are urban sports?

Jon : Activities like skateboarding, BMX biking, scootering and parkour (free running)

4. How many urban sports does Jon mention ?

A. 6
B. 5
C. 4

Reporter : Who does them ?

Jon : Teenagers and people in their 20s, mainly. Most people who do urban sports
want to have fun with their friends and do something active.

5. Why do people do urban sports?

A. to fill leisure time

B. to be active
C. to free running

Reporter : Where do they practise ?

Jon : Anywhere! you don't need any special facilities for urban sports. You can jump
or skateboard over walls, and cycle down steps. Every city has these things - and
they're free!

6.Why are urban sports are easier to practise than other sports ?

A. no time needed
B. no facilities needed
C. no money needed

Reporter : Do you need any special equipment ?2

Jon : Depending on the sport, you need skateboard, BMX bike or scooter and a
helmet. Parkour is the only urban sport that you can do without any equipments
7.What makes Parkour different from other urban sports ?

A. you do not need a skateboard

B. you do need outfit
C. you do not need gadgets

Reporter : What do you wear ?

Jon : We wear jeans or shorts, a T-shirt and trainers!

8.What clothes do people wear for urban sports ?

A. denim and T- shirt

B. pants and shorts
C. jeans and dress

(8 marks)
Question 9 -16
Read the text below and correct the underlined errors. For each question, write the correct word in
the space provided.

All about me!

Hi! My name (0) are Sofea and I am (9) 14th years old. I'm from Kulai in Johor. I (10) am
living with my mum and dad and my 12 year-old- (11) brothers Haris, who's a big computer
fan. My best friends (12) is Nisa and Anita. I love music. I (13) listening to music all the time
and I play the guitar in a band with some of my friends. We're called The Daisies and we play
rock and pop music. I write the songs, but I don't like (14) sing because I'm shy! I'm (15)
writes a new song at the moment. I also love going shopping because I'm really into fashion.
My favourite colour is green, so I 've got lots of green (16) cloths! I'm not very sporty, but I
sometimes go rollerblading in the park.

0 is

No. Answer

(8 marks)
Question 17 - 24

Complete the following table. Choose not more than three words and/ or a number from the text for
each answer. For each question, write your answer in the space provided

Looking for an adventure?

Teenagers looking for adventure? Are you 13-16 years old? Do you want to make new friends,
do some cool activities and have fun this school break? If the answer is yes!, then why not
spend a weekend in September or October at Gunung Ledang Activity Camp? You'll enjoy two
and a half days of adventure, doing your favourite activities and learning amazing new skills!
Activities on our adventure weekends include :
 swimming  parkour  singing
 sailing  painting  creative writing
 skateboarding  photocopy and more!
Price of RM 150 includes accommodation in log cabin and all meals. Visit our website and sign up today!


Adventure weekend is for 17 _______________________________

The adventure weekend starts in 18 _______________________________

The camp will be held at 19 _______________________________

The duration of the weekend is 20 _______________________________

The cost is 21 _______________________________

Teenagers will be accommodate in 22 _______________________________

Example of indoor activity is 23 _______________________________

You can enter your information at 24 _______________________________

(8 marks)
Question 25 - 32
Read the brochure and answer questions 25 to 32.
Are you looking for something different to do this weekend? We interviewed four teenagers at
some tourist attractions around the country

Aquaria, klcc
If you are aged 8-15, like sharks and are good at swimming, this is the place for you. After a
diving lesson at the aquarium, I am going swimming with real sharks! The sharks aren't big and
they aren't dangerous. But your friends won't know that! Visiting the aquarium is quite
expensive, but it's fun.
Lisa, 13,Sg Besi
Our National Museum is quite lively. Instead of looking at old things, I'm actually experiencing
life in the past! You can have a lesson at the village school, buy things in the old-fashioned shops
and learn how to cook Malaysian Traditional Food. I usually hate museums, But National
Museum is different!
Aiman, 13, Shah Alam
Giant Swing, sunway lagoon extreme park
This isn't like swings you find in children's playground. It's very high and really scary! I didn't
think this would be so much fun, but it's better than a rollercoaster! You feel as if you are flying!
The only problem is that it doesn't last very long.
Ilhami, 13, Petaling Jaya

Magic unicorn show at bukit bintang

Unicorns are magical animals from legends, but this theme park isn't very magical. The rides
and rollercoaster are OK, but nothing special. The only bit my friends and I like is the Magic
Spell Academy, where they teach you to do magic tricks. We're not really enjoying our trip
Saiful, 13, Cyberjaya

Answer the questions below. Choose not more than five words and/or a number from the text
for each answer. For each question, write your answer in the space provided.

25. The brochure is about __________________________________ in Kuala Lumpur.

(1 mark)

26. If you are good in swimming you could visit ______________________________.

(1 mark)

27. National Museum is different to Aiman because he can _______________________

(1 mark)

28. The Giant Swing feels like _____________________________________.

(1 mark)

29. Saiful found that the magic show is quite ______________________________.

(1 mark)

30. Most of the teenagers ____________________ their days out at Kuala Lumpur.

(1 mark)

Questions 33 and 34

Complete the table below with a word from the text. For each question, write your answer in
the space provided

Meaning Word

33. cause harm or injury _______________________ (1 mark)

34. not the same _______________________ (1 mark)


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