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Friday | July 12, 2019

Cooling off hot dogs

Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff

ABOVE: Katy Wallace opens a kennel to place a frozen Gatorade bottle in a dog’s water on Thursday at the West Point-Clay County Animal Shelter. The
shelter currently has 48 empty bottles, but would like to collect about 100 more. BELOW: West Point-Clay County Animal Shelter employees placed frozen
Gatorade bottles filled with water in kennels to cool down the dogs’ water bowls on Thursday in West Point. The shelter is actively seeking Gatorade bottle
donations because they last longer than traditional water bottles.

West Point animal shelter collecting Gatorade

bottles to freeze water for canines during summer
By Victoria Cheyne

At the West Point-Clay County Animal Shelter on Thursday, a house-

like building adjacent to a grassy field guarded by barbed wire, dogs lan-
guished in kennels, on the concrete floor of a structure once part of a
livestock yard, surrounded by big fans and a misting system.
The high temperature in West Point was 94 degrees Fahrenheit, and
the heat index was more than 100.
As temperatures continue to climb throughout the summer months,
the shelter settles into its most difficult season of the year, and it needs a
little help cooling down the dogs.
The animal shelter is collecting Gatorade bottles — because they’re
made of thick plastic that doesn’t quickly disintegrate — to help keep
dogs’ water cool.
“We (put water in the bottles and) freeze them and put them in the wa-
Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff See Hot dogs, 6A

New CAC director Job training

places focus on program coming
outreach, ‘dying’ arts to J.L. King Center
By Slim Smith
By ISABELLE ALTMAN ern Horizons, featuring art from five local artists
whose pieces had a West- A couple of weeks
Jan Miller went from ern theme. Miller pointed into its new fund-
painting to framed poster out her favorite, a picture of ing campaign, the
to quilt in the art gallery Native Americans on horse- J.L. King Center is
at Rosenzweig Arts Center back by Andre Ray. $25,000 short of the
Thursday afternoon, point- “My mother was an art- $60,000 it needs to
ing out her favorite pieces ist,” she said. “She did wa- continue operations
and explaining how each tercolor and she also did through the end of
of the artists hails from the acrylics. She always wanted Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff the 2020.
Golden Triangle area. us to express ourselves. Jan Miller has been hired as the executive director for the Colum- Even so, momentum is build-
The exhibition was West- See Miller, 6A bus Arts Council. Miller will take on her new role on Aug. 1. See J.L. King Center, 6A

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public

1 What do the cities St. Petersburg, Turin Saturday meetings
and Rangoon have in common? July 15: Colum-
n Postponed: Due to threat of inclem-
2 What DJ was a voice of Shaggy in the bus-Lowndes
ent weather, the Stars & Stripes Cele-
“Scooby-Doo” TV series and films? Convention and Vis-
3 In 2007, what higher authority issued bration scheduled for Saturday at Ola J.
Pickett Park in Caledonia is postponed itors Bureau Board
a list of commandments with the goal of regular meeting, 4
promoting virtuous driving? until Aug. 3, according to organizers.
4 What Marx brother founded the compa- n Sizzling Second Saturday: Colum- p.m., CVB office
Abby Barr July 15: Lowndes
ny that manufactured the clamp that held bus’ Hitching Lot Farmers Market, open
Fifth grade, Heritage County Supervi-
the atomic bomb in place on the Enola 7-10 a.m. at Second Avenue and Second

90 Low 73
Gay? Street North, features pony rides, rock sors, 9 a.m., Coun-
High 5 Name two of the four character types painting, Project CHEW, and visits from ty Courthouse
Mostly cloudy, chance t-storm
you can play in Gauntlet, the Dungeons July 16: Columbus
Baptist Memorial Hospital and Army
and Dragons-inspired arcade game. City Council regular
Full forecast on Answers, 8B Corps of Engineers, plus fresh produce
page 2A. and crafts. meeting, 5 p.m.,
■ Radio Day in the Park: The Magno- Municipal Complex
lia Amateur Radio Club of Starkville and Courtroom
Inside Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club Derwood Liddell, originally July 18: Columbus
Classifieds 7B Obituaries 5A host a free Radio Day at McKee Park, from Louisvillle, is a retired high Light and Water
Comics 5B Opinions 4A 405 Lynn Lane, Starkville, 8:30 a.m-3 school and elementary teacher. utility meeting, 12
Crossword 8B Religion 6B p.m. See a radio “station” setup, Morse Now, he likes walking around p.m., CLW office
140th Year, No. 105 Dear Abby 5B code demos and more. 662-648-7382. town to get exercise each day. building


2A Friday, July 12, 2019 The Dispatch •

Say What?
Did you hear? “It is essential that we have a clear breakdown of the number
R. Kelly arrested again in of citizens and non-citizens that make up the U.S. populations.”
President Donald Trump in an announcement from the Rose

Chicago on federal sex charges

Garden abandoning his effort to insert a citizenship question in
next year’s census. Story, 8A.

‘The counts a minor and obstruction of

include child
justice,” Fitzpatrick said,
adding that further details
would be released Friday.
A Thousand Words
porn, enticement The arrest was the
second time this year that
of a minor and Kelly has been taken into
custody in Chicago on sex
obstruction of charges. The 52-year-old
Grammy winner, whose
justice’ real name is Robert Kelly,
U.S. Attorney’s Office was arrested in February
spokesman Joseph on 10 counts in Illinois in-
Fitzpatrick volving four women, three
of whom were minors
The Associated Press when the alleged abuse
occurred. He pleaded not
CHICAGO — Singer R. guilty to those charges and
Kelly, already facing sexu- was released on bail.
al abuse charges brought Then on May 30, Cook
by Illinois prosecutors, County prosecutors added
was arrested in Chicago 11 more sex-related counts
Thursday on a federal involving one of the wom-
grand jury indictment list- en who accused him of
ing 13 counts including sex sexually abusing her when
crimes and obstruction of she was underage.
justice. His attorneys could not
U.S. Attorney’s Office immediately be reached
spokesman Joseph Fitzpat- for comment on the feder-
rick said the R&B singer al charges. Fitzpatrick said
was taken into custody Kelly’s arraignment date
about 7 p.m. local time and and time had not yet been
was being held by federal set.
authorities. According to Kelly has faced mount-
the Federal Bureau of Pris- ing legal troubles this year
ons website, Kelly is being after Lifetime aired a doc-
held at the Metropolitan umentary “Surviving R.
Correctional Center, Chi- Kelly,” which revisited alle-
cago. gations of sexual abuse of
He was arrested after girls. The series followed
the indictment was handed the BBC’s “R Kelly: Sex,
down earlier Thursday in Girls & Videotapes,” re-
federal court for the North- leased in 2018, that alleged
ern District of Illinois. the singer was holding
“The counts include women against their will
child porn, enticement of and running a “sex cult.”


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Barry’s outer bands begin
hitting southeastern Louisiana

Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701

Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511
‘There are three ways that Louisiana can flood: storm could form a dangerous
combination with the al-
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759
surge, high rivers and rain. We’re going to have all three.’ ready-high Mississippi
River, which has been
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards
SUBSCRIPTIONS swelled by heavy rain and
The Associated Press test of New Orleans’ im- and rescue crews were snowmelt upriver this
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE proved post-Katrina flood stationed around the state spring.
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430 NEW ORLEANS — defenses. Barry is fore- with boats and high-wa- “There are three ways
Tropical Storm Barry’s that Louisiana can flood:
Online.......................................... cast to bring more than ter vehicles. Helicopters
wind and rain were start- storm surge, high rivers
a foot and a half of rain were also on standby, and
RATES ing to hit parts of Lou- and rain,” Edwards said.
to parts of the state as it supplies including drink-
isiana early Friday as “We’re going to have all
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo. moves slowly inland. ing water and blankets
New Orleans and coastal three.”
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo. National Hurricane were ready for distribu- He said authorities do
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. communities braced for Center Director Ken Gra- tion, the Guard said.
a drenching from what’s not expect the Mississip-
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. ham said pockets of Loui- President Donald pi River to spill over its
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12 expected to be the first siana could have as much Trump on Thursday night levees but cautioned that
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 hurricane of the season. as 25 inches of rain. declared a federal decla- a change in the storm’s di-
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo. A hurricane warning “So here’s the take- ration of emergency for rection or intensity could
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card. was in effect along the away: Dangerous situ- Louisiana, authorizing alter that.
Louisiana coast, and fore- ation,” he said during the Department of Home- Barry could have
casters said the storm an online presentation land Security and Federal winds of about 75 mph,
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) could make landfall as a Thursday. “That kind of Emergency Management just barely over the 74
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS hurricane by early Satur- rainfall in this system Agency to coordinate all mph threshold for a hur-
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: day. could cause flash flood- disaster relief efforts. ricane, when it comes
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., The storm’s rains are ing, cause ponding of wa- Louisiana Gov. John ashore, making it a Cate-
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 expected to pose a severe ter.” Bel Edwards warned gory 1 storm, forecasters
National Guard troops that the storm’s blow said.

The solunar period indicates
peak-feeding times for fish and game.
Fri. Sat.
Major 9:11a 10:03p
Minor 5:04p 6:05p
Major 9:37a 10:29a
Minor 3:13a 3:55a
Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
Friday, July 12, 2019 3A


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As Democrats debate busing, Mississippi suspends

southern schools slowly desegregate OB-GYN physician
An estimated 150 to 200 school districts nationwide
amid accusations
“It’s better that they brought the
schools together as far as having the
are currently operating under desegregation orders races interact,” said Allison Tyler,
whose 16-year-old daughter, Vale-
By JEFF AMY school in California. cia, is black and a junior at the high Mississippi Board of Medical
The Associated Press The clash proved to be a stum- school.
bling block for Biden’s campaign, The district’s majority-white Licensure: Allowing Madison Co.
CLEVELAND — This small but the debate’s focus on 1970s-era school board resisted the merger for
Mississippi Delta town serves as a busing — when the practice was at several years, despite federal pres- doctor to keep practicing is an
reminder that fierce debates over sure, with some predicting white
the integration of black and white
its peak — belied the fact that feder-
ally ordered integration efforts still flight to private schools. ‘immediate danger to the public’
students are not a thing of the past. exist in many places. Indeed, the district’s white stu-
Two rival high schools in Cleve- By EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS
dent enrollment has dropped sharp- The Associated Press
land, one historically black and the ly since the 2014-2015 school year,
other historically white, had to be School desegregation isn’t the last before changes were or- JACKSON — Mississippi has suspended the
merged just two years ago after ‘ancient history’ dered, even though Census figures medical license of an OB-GYN physician amid
a judge determined that all-black Joseph Wardenski, the Justice show Cleveland’s number of white several complaints about him, including that he
student bodies in the 3,400-student Department’s lead lawyer during children has held steady. White en- had an affair with one of his married employees
district were illegal vestiges of seg- the 2015 trial, said Cleveland is an rollment that had been around 30 starting in 2015 and tried to insert abortion-induc-
regation. It is one of scores of school example of why school desegrega- percent has fallen three years in a ing drugs into her while she was pregnant with
districts around the U.S. still facing tion isn’t “ancient history” and said row, to 23 percent last year, accord- his child. The baby was born in 2016.
federal desegregation mandates, he was surprised at comments made ing to reports filed in the case. The Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure on
and the decision followed a fight by Biden in the debate that indicated Currently, an estimated 150 to Wednesday ordered what it called the “temporary
over the town’s segregated schools a lack of support for court-ordered 200 school districts nationwide are suspension” of Dr. Walter Ray Wolfe’s license,
that dates back to 1965. busing. operating under desegregation or-
saying that allowing him to keep practicing medi-
The federal government’s role in “There is still very much of a ders, according to Erica Franken-
cine is an “immediate danger to the public.”
integrating schools came into the role for courts and the federal gov- berg, a Pennsylvania State Universi-
Wolfe is asking a judge to block the suspen-
national spotlight following an ex- ernment to get the job done,” said ty professor, who said nobody keeps
Wardenski, who is now in private sion, according to court documents posted online
change during the 2020 Democrat- a precise count.
practice. by the Clarion Ledger. His attorney, C. Maison
ic presidential debate between Joe Schools in the South are better
Since Cleveland’s consolidated Heidelberg, said in court papers Thursday that
Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris. The integrated racially than those else-
high school opened in 2017, there Wolfe has practiced medicine for more than 30
former vice president was attacked where because of desegregation
have been some points of tension, years without any reprimands, and that many of
for his work as a senator in the plans implemented in the 1960s and
including a pair of lawsuits claim- the allegations against him are “preposterous.”
1970s to oppose federally-ordered 1970s, Frankenberg said. And while
busing to achieve a racial balance ing administrators unfairly altered Wolfe lives and practices medicine in Madison
every district is different, she said
in schools. Harris pointed to the grade-point-averages to give white County, just north of Jackson.
“what we can say pretty definitive-
fact that she was a beneficiary of a students valedictorian and salutato- The licensing board says it interviewed a pa-
ly is that desegregation has been
busing program that allowed her rian honors. But many see the con- shown to have a wide range of aca- tient who said Wolfe made inappropriate com-
to attend an integrated elementary solidation as progress. demic and social benefits.” ments after doing a vaginal exam on her. The
board also says Wolfe failed to maintain patient
records of controlled substances he prescribed.
In addition, the board says a student who was
studying to become a physician assistant worked
in Wolfe’s office in 2018 and saw him kiss a preg-

Mississippi confirms 1st case of West Nile virus for 2019 nant patient just before doing an ultrasound on
her. Wolfe’s court filing says he was engaged to
the woman he kissed and is now married to her.
In 2018, state had 50 cases of the mosquito-borne illness ysis, coma and possibly
He says he is the father of the baby she was car-
The Associated Press central part of the state. July and September. Health officials urge “To allege this act in these circumstances is a
In 2018, Mississippi Symptoms may in- people to reduce risk by physical or sexual assault is frivolous and reck-
JACKSON — The Mis- had 50 cases of the mos- clude fever, headache, using insect repellent, less and in outright bad faith,” Heidelberg wrote
sissippi State Department quito-borne illness, with nausea, vomiting, rash, wearing long, light-col- in the filing in Hinds County Chancery Court.
of Health is reporting the no deaths from it. In 2017, muscle weakness or ored clothes and eliminat- The medical licensing board scheduled a July
state’s first human case of the state had 63 cases swollen lymph nodes. In ing standing water. 24 hearing for Wolfe.
West Nile virus this year. with two deaths. a small number of cases,
The department says The state epidemiolo- infection can cause en-
Thursday that the case gist, Dr. Paul Byers, says cephalitis or meningitis,
is in Smith County, in the most cases occur between which can lead to paral-

Judge dismisses DUI case against Tupelo city attorney

The Associated Press Thursday against Tupelo Though Logan was
City Attorney Ben Logan. charged with refusing a
TUPELO — A judge Logan’s defense at- DUI breathalyzer test,
has dismissed a drunken torneys argued that a recent court filings say
driving charge against a
December state highway there is dispute about
Mississippi city attorney,
patrol checkpoint wasn’t whether he was ever of-
ruling the man was un-
constitutionally stopped properly authorized by fered a breath test.
by highway patrol. supervisory personnel. The Highway Patrol
The Northeast Mis- They said Logan’s deten- declined to comment
sissippi Daily Journal tion was unlawful and all Thursday but said its le-
reports the DUI refus- evidence seized should gal team would review the
al charge was dropped then be thrown out. ruling.

Miss. human services director retiring at end of July

The Associated Press agency for 28 years and The agency says Davis
has been in the top job has overseen programs
JACKSON — The ex- since Republican Gov. Phil that try to connect people
ecutive director of the Bryant chose him for it in on public assistance pro-
Mississippi Department of early 2016. grams to jobs or education.
Human Services will retire
John Davis said this
week that his last day will
be July 31.
He has worked for the

■ In the June 9 edition,
The Dispatch incorrectly
noted Steve Wallace’s mil-
itary service. He served
in the 541st Parachute
Infantry Division as part
of a Reserve Officer Train-
ing Corps but did not
serve in combat overseas.
The incorrect information
was obtained from a 2009
article in The Dispatch.

The Commercial
Dispatch strives to report
the news accurately. When
we print an error, we will
correct it. To report an
error, call the newsroom
at 662-328-2471, or email
4A Friday, July 12, 2019
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
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BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Letters to the Editor

Voice of the people

Questions paper’s coverage If so, you rarely have articles If all Americans would show God bless America. by a few dollars, is not money
Doesn’t Starkville have their about West Point either. their support for him, he could Trenton & Georgia Sheffield well spent. I agree with Mr.
own newspaper? The Starkville Jeannie Shook Morris do more for our country. Columbus Blaylock that a tax increase is
Examiner? Then why does Columbus Our Lowndes County School around the corner. If we can’t
The Commercial Dispatch board is doing an outstanding Concerned about city’s staff our police department, re-
Peter Imes responds: The job for education. I think we pair streets properly, maintain
constantly print articles about
Dispatch is proud to call Co- should reappoint Mr. Lynn
future our drainage ditches and ad-
Starkville residents and their I read with great interest
get togethers or their deaths lumbus its home, but we have Wright as our superintendent dress the large infrastructure
Mr. Blaylock’s article concern-
or their accomplishments or always served more than just the of education. Under his direc- ing some of our elected officials problems, with the current tax
their businesses and govern- Friendly City. We’ve maintained tion and leadership, he has and public servants and their monies we have, taxes have got
ment? Don’t Columbus resi- a Starkville office for about 20 up[graded our schools and tax problems. I must say, we to increase. I think we should
dents have get-togethers or years, and while we do provide added a technical center that should be concerned with the really think about our future
deaths or accomplishments or limited coverage of Clay and will provide many students job forementioned officials. These when election time comes. But
businesses and government? Noxubee counties, our primary opportunities. individuals are paid by the you can’t sit on your hands
This past Sunday’s newspaper coverage area is Lowndes and I am also in favor of the 4 taxes that they are not pay- and depend on your neighbor
was particularly depressing, Oktibbeha. percent school tax increase ing. What is wrong with this to do it. Everyone needs to be
featuring prominently articles because these funds would help information?? That should be a concerned about our fair city’s
and pictures about Starkville Comments on recent news keep our school budget stable. wake up call as to why our city future. I’m concerned, are you?
residents. Maybe you should My thoughts of President On behalf of our country is in the shape it is in. Spend- God Bless America and
change the paper’s name. May- Trump and his administration and military I think as citizens ing monies we do not have to Columbus.
be you call yourself represent- is that he is going a great job of of this great nation, we should get a fire rating that will only Lee Roy Lollar
ing the entire Golden Triangle. running our country. always display our flag. affect my insurance premium Columbus

Our view
A time such
as this
Many people are familiar with the story
of Esther from the Bible. For those who
aren’t, it was the story of a Jewish woman
married to the king of Persia, who was
called upon to use her influence to save
the captive Jews under Persian rule from
Uncertain of her ability to intervene,
Esther was encouraged to take up the
challenge by her cousin Mordecai, who
told her, “Who knows but that you have
come to your royal position for such a time
as this?”
On a smaller scale, that’s the same
question that is being asked in Ward 4 of
The resignation of Ward 4 councilman
Fred Jackson on July 3 has prompted a
special election to fill the remainder of the
term. That special election is scheduled
for Aug. 20.
The election comes at a critical time.
Some of the city’s poorest neigh-
borhoods are found in the ward, which
presents no shortage of challenges. Those
challenges were made even greater by
the Feb. 23 tornado, which hit the ward
particularly hard. The recovery has been,
and will remain, a slow and challenging
process, which makes having an effective
advocate for Ward 4 on the city council all State of the nation
the more important.
In many respects, it’s the toughest job
on the council and will require a strong,
visionary leader.
Claremont would make founders weep
So far, two candidates have qualified The Claremont In- has personally murdered since infiltrated even once-impervi-
ahead of the July 31 deadline – Pierre stitute was part of the children. I just can’t hold ous conservative sanctums. Here’s
Beard and Kegdra Gibbs-Gray. flowering of intellectual back the truth anymore.” what he said about Trump’s charac-
We applaud both for seeking to serve conservatism that graced According to its mis- ter:
America in the 1970s and sion statement, the Clare- “Or, I could talk about Trump’s
their community in this important and
‘80s. Founded by students mont Institute “provides great personal virtues. Yes, I said per-
challenging position.
of Lincoln scholar Har- the missing argument in sonal virtues. For while it has become
While we offer no endorsement of any
ry Jaffa, the California the battle to win public de rigeur among conservatives to
candidate, we are pleased that a woman
think tank was devoted to sentiment by teaching and sneer at Trump as a man who person-
has stepped forward, given the dearth of teaching “the principles promoting the philosoph- ifies the opposite of family values, I
women in city government. We believe of the American Founding ical reasoning that is the submit that the evidence of Trump’s
women have an important role to play in to the future thinkers and foundation of limited character as a family man and father
our city. statesmen of America.” Mona Charen government and the is not only irrefutable: it literally
We also encourage other citizens in Through their various statesmanship required to stands beside him every time he wins
Ward 4 who may be contemplating a run
for the council seat under the theory that
programs, they aimed
to “educate the best and
Many conser- bring that reasoning into
practice.” Statesmanship
a primary. I’m talking, of course,
about Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.
the more choices voters have, the better
choice they’ll be able to make at the polls.
most promising young vative insti- is not the first word that Any parent who had raised even one
writers, lawyers, activists, jumps to mind when you child to turn out as well as any of
With a little more than two weeks academics, entrepreneurs, tutions and mention the name Jack those three adults would have cause
remaining to qualify, we encourage those and public servants.” Posobiec. In addition to to beam with pride. To have raised all
citizens to carefully consider this oppor- Among the outstanding individuals this role in the Pizzagate three is simply mind-boggling.”
tunity. past fellows were former fiasco (which inspired a Holt’s amazement at Trump’s par-
Who knows but that you have come for George W. Bush adminis- have adjusted North Carolina man to enting skills was only the beginning,
such a time as this? tration official Tevi Troy, burst into the restaurant of course. He went on to argue that
New York Times colum- their standards armed with a shotgun in among the 17 Republicans vying for
nist Ross Douthat, and 2016), he’s also known the nomination, only Trump “speaks
social conservative writer and long-pro- for showing up at an to the modern political moment.” His
Ryan Anderson. anti-Trump rally carry- “strongman posture” would prove an
Our View: Local Editorials After the announce- claimed ing a sign saying “Rape asset in dealing with illiberal for-
Local editorials appearing in this space repre-
sent the opinion of the newspaper’s editorial
ment of the 2019 Clare-
mont Lincoln fellowships,
principles to Melania.” See, it was the
old “false flag” maneuver,
eign regimes,” he explained. Except
Trump plays the bully only with
board: Peter Imes, editor and publisher; Zack
Plair, managing editor; Slim Smith and senior
it is safe to say that the
flowering has gone to
accommodate attempting to discredit
Trump protestors. I guess
democratic allies. When it comes to
“illiberal foreign regimes” like Rus-
newsroom staff. To inquire about a meeting
with the board, please contact Peter Imes at
Among those Clare-
Trump... you really need to study
Hamilton and Madison to
sia, China, North Korea and Saudi
Arabia, he’s a purring kitten.
662-328-2424, or e-mail voice@cdispatch.
com. mont is honoring in its new incarna- hone tactics like that. Posobiec also Many conservative institutions and
tion as a Trump-justifying toady is demonstrated his Trump cult bona individuals have adjusted their stan-
Jack Posobiec, the internet phenom fides by defending Roy Moore when dards and long-proclaimed principles
Voice of the People most famous for promoting the highly credible accusations of serial to accommodate Trump and Trump-
We encourage you to share your opinion with
readers of The Dispatch. “Pizzagate” conspiracy. That was the sexual abuse of minors surfaced, and ism. Some have become almost un-
Submit your letter to The Dispatch by: rumor that Hillary Clinton, John Po- by promoting the Seth Rich/DNC recognizable. But Claremont stands
E-mail: desta and others were running a child emails conspiracy theory. In short, out for beclowning itself with this
Mail: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703 sex ring out of a northwest D.C. pizze- Posobiec is the id of Trumpism, a embrace of the smarmy underside of
In person: 516 Main St., Columbus, or 101 ria. Posobiec may have been influ- bottom-feeder among conspiracists, American politics.
S. Lafayette St., No. 16, Starkville. enced by Alex Jones (he travels in the kooks and shameless liars. It defies belief that people sup-
All letters must be signed by the author same circles), who had said: “When Among the other “fellows” Cla- posedly committed to conveying the
and must include town of residence and a I think about all the children Hillary remont has proudly announced is genius of our founding can have so
telephone number for verification purposes. Clinton has personally murdered and Mytheos Holt, a very early adopter of thoroughly jettisoned their devotion
Letters should be no more than 500 words,
and guest columns should be 500-700
chopped up and raped, I have zero Trumpism. In a March 2016 Feder- to truth and virtue.
words. We reserve the right to edit submitted fear standing up against her. Yeah, alist piece, Holt displayed the kind Mona Charen is a Senior Fellow at
information. you heard me right. Hillary Clinton of reality-denying bravado that has the Ethics and Public Policy Center.
The Dispatch • Friday, July 12, 2019 5A

Area obituaries
Willie Bash Jr. children; and 20 Ms. Hawkins was Jerome, Rodger and He was a graduate of
OBITUARY POLICY great-great-grandchil- born May 22, 1946, in Michael Bester; and a Noxubee Senior High
Obituaries with basic informa- STARKVILLE —
tion including visitation and Willie Dean Bash Jr., dren. Memphis, Tennessee, host of grandchildren. School and was former-
service times, are provided 66, died July 3, 2019, in Pallbearers will be to the late Willie Jones Pallbearers will be ly employed as Noxu-
free of charge. Extended Starkville. Felton Hodges, Will and Anita Dickerson Bobby Dal, Ed Hunt bee County District 2
obituaries with a photograph, Services will be at 11 Miller, Min. Billy Turn- Jones. He was formerly Jr, Marvin Dale, Greg Supervisor. He served
detailed biographical informa-
a.m. Saturday at Austin er, Rickie Shies, Anto- employed with McCoy Campbell, Shaun on the Golden Triangle
tion and other details families
C.O.C.H., USA in Ses- nio Hayden, Anthony Manufacturing and as Woodards and William Planning and Develop-
may wish to include, are avail- a cafeteria worker with
sums. Burial will follow Morris and Alfred Hill. Hunt. ment Board, Noxubee
able for a fee. Obituaries must
at Sessums Community Caledonia Elementary
be submitted through funeral County Sportsplex
homes unless the deceased’s Cemetery in Starkville. James Brown School. He is a mem- Samuel Horne Board, Noxubee
body has been donated to COLUMBUS — ber of Union Baptist SHUQUALAK —
Visitation is from 1-6 Alliance Board, the
science. If the deceased’s James “Shine” Brown, Church. Samuel Earl Horne, 76,
p.m. today at West Me- Tobacco Free Coalition
body was donated to science, 67, died July 7, 2019, In addition to his died July 5, 2019, at his
morial Funeral Home. of Noxubee, Kemper
the family must provide official
at Baptist parents, he was pre- residence.
proof of death. Please submit West Memorial Funeral and Neshoba Counties,
Memorial ceded in death by his Ser-
all obituaries on the form pro- Home of Starkville is and as president of the
Hospi- siblings, Annie Jean vices will
vided by The Commercial Dis- in charge of arrange- board of supervisors,
patch. Free notices must be tal-Golden Jones, Milton Jones and be at 2
ments. He was a member of St.
submitted to the newspaper Triangle. Flozell Jones. p.m. Satur-
He is survived by
no later than 3 p.m. the day Services He is survived by his day at Cal- Michael U.M. Church.
his daughters, Linda daughter, Tracy Brown
prior for publication Tuesday
will be at vary M.B. In addition to his
through Friday; no later than 4 Baptist and Krishauna of Seattle, Washington;
11 a.m. Church in parents, he was pre-
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday Bash; sons, Tyrone siblings, Eddie Lee
edition; and no later than 7:30 Bash and Christopher Saturday at Brown Shuqual- Horne ceded in death by his
Southside Jones of West Point, ak, with sister, Elmyra Wash-
a.m. for the Monday edition. Bell; and brothers, Darlene Danner and
Incomplete notices must be re-
Jerome Bash, Eugene M.B. Church, with the the Rev. Johnny Simp- ington.
ceived no later than 7:30 a.m. Rev. Rayfield Evins Brenda Davis, both son officiating. Lee- He is survived by his
for the Monday through Friday Bash and Bernard of Grand Rapids,
Bash. Jr. officiating. Burial Sykes Funeral Home of wife, Merlinda Mason
editions. Paid notices must be
will follow at St. Paul Michigan, Raymond Macon is in charge of Oliver of Macon; sons,
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion Jones, Randall Jones,
M.B. Church Ceme- arrangements. Daniel Beale, Shawn
the next day Monday through Willie Hayden tery. Visitation is from Marshelle Jones and
Mr. Horne was born
Thursday; and on Friday by 3
COLUMBUS — Wil- Sharon Jones, all of Mays of Snellville,
p.m. for Sunday and Monday noon-6 p.m. today at June 25, 1943, in Noxu- Georgia, and Derrick
publication. For more informa- lie G. Hayden, 79, died Carter’s Funeral Ser- Columbus; and one
July 4, 2019, at Aurora bee County. Mays of Starkville;
tion, call 662-328-2471. vices. Carter’s Funeral grandchild.
Health and He was preceded in sisters, Rita Oliver of
Services of Columbus Pallbearers will be
Rehabilita- death by his siblings, Lewisville, Texas and
Kenneth Henry, Gerry
Walter Shelton tion.
is in charge of arrange-
Henry, Melvin Shirley,
Albert Horne, Douglas Bonita Oliver of Biloxi;
BROOKSVILLE — ments. Horne, Melvin Horne,
Services Mr. Brown was Steve Shirley, Charles brother, Hoover Oliver
Walter Lee Shelton, 59, Janice Hudson and
will be at born Sept. 12, 1951, in Henry and Curtis Jr. of Countryside,
died June 28, 2019, at Mildred Tyson.
11 a.m. Columbus, to the late Peoples. Illinois; and four grand-
Baptist Memorial Hos- He is survived by his
Saturday Joseph Brown Sr. and children.
pital-Golden Triangle. daughters, Latarsha
Services will be at 11
at Mt. Hayden Earlene Brown. He was Jimmie Johnson Horne, Trinity Horne,
Pallbearers will be
Olive M.B. formerly employed as a COLUMBUS — Jim- Derrick Mays, Shawn
a.m. Saturday at Green- Sarah Evans and Char-
Church truck driver with Waste mie Johnson, 95, died Mays, Williams Oliver
field M.B. Church in lotte Prince-Thomas;
in Millport, Alabama, Pro Industrial. July 11, 2019, at Trinity Jr., Earnest Oliver,
Brooksville, with the sons, Marcus Williams
with the Rev. Benny In addition to his Healthcare Center. Mastraw Oliver and
Rev. Leroy Shelton and Kethon Prince; and
officiating. Burial will Will Henry officiating. parents, he was pre- Arrangements are Rex Oliver.
Burial will follow at sisters, Renola Wicks
follow at Brooksville ceded in death by his incomplete and will be and Delores Horne;
Cemetery. Visitation is the church cemetery. children, Dennis Evans announced by Lown-
Visitation is from brothers, Dolphus
from noon-6 p.m. today and Tiffany Thompson; des Funeral Home of Horne and Mercell
at Carter’s Funeral Ser- noon-6 p.m. today at and siblings, Josie Cun- Columbus.
Carter’s Funeral Ser- Horne.
vices. Carter’s Funeral ningham, Jesse Brown,
Services of Macon is vices. Carter’s Funeral Joseph Brown Jr., Willie Gregory Hunt
in charge of arrange- Services of Columbus George Brown, Rosie SHUQUALAK —
William Oliver
is in charge of arrange- Brown and Louise MACON — William
ments. Gregory Glenn Hunt, “Boo” Oliver, 64, died
Mr. Shelton was born ments. Brown. 51, died July 4, 2019, at
Mr. Hayden was He is survived by his July 7, 2019, at North
Aug. 5, 1959, in Noxu- Noxubee Mississip-
bee County, to Cherrie born Nov. 26, 1939, in wife, Dorothy Crump General
Columbus, to the late Brown of Columbus; pi Medical
Shelton and the late Hospital.
Willie Hayden and Sally children, Brittany Center in
N.F. Shelton Sr. He was Services
a member of Greenfield Hayden. He was former- Cain Colvin, Jermarco will be at
Tupelo. Benjamin Reid Sr.
ly employed as a super- Poindexter, Tiffany Ser- Visitation:
M.B. Church. 11 a.m.
visor with Tombigbee Trimuel and Eddie vices will Saturday, July 13 • 1-2 PM
In addition to his Saturday Memorial Gunter Peel
Manufacturing Compa- Cain, all of Columbus; be at 1 Funeral Home
father, he was preceded at Wahalak Services:
ny. He was a member of siblings, Bobbie Hill Hunt p.m. Sat-
in death by his siblings, Baptist Oliver Saturday, July 13 • 2 PM
MT. Olive M.B. Church and Jerry Brown, both urday at Memorial Gunter Peel
N.F. Shelton Jr., How- Church,
in Millport. of Columbus; seven New Hope Funeral Home Chapel
ard Lee Shelton and with the Rev. Marcus Burial
In addition to his grandchildren; and one U.M. Church in Ma-
Millie Mary Ward. Lawrence officiating. Memorial Gardens
parents, he was pre- great-grandchild. Burial will follow at con, with the Rev. Kori of Columbus
In addition to his 2nd Ave. North Location
ceded in death by his the church cemetery. Bridges officiating.
mother, he is survived
by his wife, Annie Shel- children, Thessalonia Emma Hawkins Visitation is from 1-5 Burial will follow at St.
Hayden and Jamie Michael U.M. Church Mac McCarty
ton of Brooksville; chil- COLUMBUS — p.m. today at Lee-Sykes Visitation:
dren, Ashley Shelton Hayden; and siblings, Emma Mae Jones Funeral Home. Lee- Cemetery. Visitation Saturday, July 13 • 10-11 AM
and Johnathan Shelton, Cebell Jones, Maylee Hawkins, 73, died July Sykes Funeral Home of is from 1-6 p.m. today First Baptist Church
at Lee-Sykes Funeral Services:
both of Brooksville, Hayden, Billy Hayden 8, 2019, Macon is in charge of Saturday, July. 13 • 11 AM
Kimmy Hines of Hava- and Alvin Hayden; and at Baptist arrangements. Home Chapel and one First Baptist Church
hour prior to services Burial
na, Illinois, and Legare two grandchildren. Memorial Mr. Hunt was born Friendship Cemetery
Morgan Jr. of Jackson; He is survived by Hospi- Dec. 4, 1961, in Noxu- at the church. Lee- College St. Location
siblings, Pearlie Mae his children, Willie tal-Golden bee County, to Dessie Sykes Funeral Home of
Peterson, Richard Shel- G. Hayden Jr., Willie Triangle. Hunt. He was formerly Macon is in charge of
ton, Hilda Robinson and J. Hayden and Rosie Services employed with Roofing arrangements.
Dan Ella Perkins, all of Gage, all of Bakers- will be Construction Company. Mr. Oliver was born
Jackson, Cherrie Jones, ville, California, Car- at 2 p.m. Hawkins He was preceded in Oct. 22, 1954, in Noxu-
Elzena Ivy, Leroy Shel- ol Shields, William Saturday death by his brother, bee County, to the late
ton and Mary Davis, Hayden and Mario Wil- at Union Baptist Charles Bester. Hoover Sr. and Bes-
all of Brooksville, and liams, all of Columbus, Church, with the Rev. In addition to his sie Earl Long Oliver.
Luberta Orr of Kanka- Rita Hayden of Tupelo Christopher McSwain mother, he is survived
kee, Illinois; and nine and Douglas Hayden of officiating. Burial will by his wife, Linda Hunt; Animals
Pallbearers will be
Belden; siblings, Mage-
lean Hayden, Sarah
follow at the church
cemetery. Visitation is
daughters, Alicia and
Keisha; sons, Xavier,
Richard Luster, Corey Jones and Hobbie Lee from 3-8 p.m. today at Gregory Jr., Derrick, too.
Shelton, Latron Orr, Hayden, all of Colum- Carter’s Funeral Ser- Montarious, DeAndra
David Franklin, Ced- bus, and Rosie Taylor vices. Carter’s Funeral and Matthew; sister,
ric Hamilton, Darrin of Kankakee, Illinois; Services of Columbus Betty King; brothers,
Peterson and Curtis and 32 grandchil- is in charge of arrange- William Hunt, Isaac I’ve always wanted my dog to attend my graveside service.
Peterson. dren; 46 great-grand- ments. Judon, Larry, Terry,
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Setbacks for Trump’s drive

to lower prescription drug costs
President now focusing on congressional efforts cases. But nevertheless this was a
cornerstone of the blueprint.”
aimed at helping people on Medicare and younger White House spokesman Judd
Deere said the rebate proposal was
generations covered by workplace plans withdrawn “based on careful analy-
sis and thorough consideration.”
The Associ ated Pr ess the administration lacked the legal Deere said Trump is not back-
authority to require drugmakers to ing away from his promise to lower
WASHINGTON — After two set- disclose list prices in their TV ads. drug prices, and the administration
backs this week, President Donald The ruling Monday blocked a high- is setting its sights on bipartisan
Trump is now focusing his drive to ly visible change expected to have legislation. One idea would cap
curb drug costs on congressional started this week. drug copays for people with Medi-
efforts aimed at helping people on Both price disclosure and the re- care, which would produce savings
Medicare and younger generations bate idea were part of a strategy on for seniors taking costly drugs.
covered by workplace plans. drug costs that Trump announced That’s another way to achieve a sim-
The White House on Thursday at the White House with much fan- ilar goal as the rebate plan.
yanked its own regulation to ease fare last year. “The Trump administration is
the financial bite of costly medica- “This is a big setback,” said Pe- encouraged by continuing biparti-
tions for those on Medicare by let- ter Bach, director of the Center san conversations about legislation
ting them receive rebates that drug- for Health Policy and Outcomes at to reduce outrageous drug costs
makers now pay to insurers and New York’s Memorial Sloan Ket- imposed on the American people,
middlemen. A congressional agen- tering Cancer Center. The rebate and President Trump will consider
cy’s estimate that the plan would rule “was not good policy (since) it using any and all tools to ensure
have cost taxpayers $177 billion would have increased spending on that prescription drug costs will
over 10 years seemed to seal its fate. prescription drugs even if it mildly continue to decline,” Deere said in
Earlier a federal judge ruled that reduced out-of-pocket costs in some a statement.
6A Friday, July 12, 2019 The Dispatch •

Hot dogs
Continued from Page 1A
ter buckets for the dogs,” said the dogs struggle with the
Leann Simpson, the shelter’s heat.
veterinarian. The shelter has implement-
The shelter has used the ed other measures to keep
bottles every year to essen- them cool and hydrated in
tially make ice cubes, but this their kennels. Dogs are con-
is the first year employees tinually misted, fanned and
opened the effort to the pub- fed “pupsicles”: chicken broth,
lic. The group posted a mes- canned food and a treat frozen
sage about its need for bottles inside a plastic cup with water.
Wednesday morning on Face- “The heat’s the hardest
book. part,” Katy Wallace, who has
The shelter’s goal is 150 worked in kennel care at the
bottles, more than twice the shelter, said. “You don’t want
68 dogs it had Thursday. With them to overheat or anything
that number, there will be to happen to them.”
enough bottles for all the dogs, Bottles can be dropped off
and some can be in the freezer at the shelter, located at 5122
while others are being used, Old Tibbee Road in West Point.
Simpson said. The shelter also accepts dona-
She said they are removed tions year round of items in-
from water buckets every cluding towels, blankets, toys,
night and from kennels where Purina Dog Chow and Purina
the dogs chew on them. Puppy Chow.
“In this extreme heat, we Simpson said donors can
want to give them a little extra feel free to throw the bottles
help,” Simpson said. over the fence if the shelter
As of Thursday morning, 48 is closed. Its hours of opera- Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff
bottles had been collected. tion are 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday Gatorade bottles filled with water are placed in the freezer on Thursday at the West Point-Clay County
Cats are kept inside, in an through Friday and 9 a.m.- Animal Shelter. The shelter is actively seeking Gatorade bottle donations because they last longer than
air-conditioned room, so only noon Saturday. traditional water bottles.

Continued from Page 1A
“If I could do anything around to more than 50 for children and adults. versity for Women — to said she’s excited to work didn’t have their own
to carry on that legacy communities helping As executive director, expand the council’s art with Miller. arts councils, meaning
of my mother, I would promote arts and events. Miller will oversee staff, education programs and “We’re really excited she would help them set
do that,” she added. “So “What I love and what fundraising and grant be sure those programs for her to be here,” she up art galleries in local
when this job came open, I’m excited about is be- writing and implementa- reach every age group in said. “She’s businesses or come up
I thought this is really ing in an organization tion. schools and out. got a great with other ways to have
something I’ve always (that has) been here a Miller said she first “We have a lot of po- h ist or y.
music and theater events.
wanted to do.” long time,” she said of hopes to receive input tential to grow in those She knows
Doing that, she said, has
Miller was named new the CAC. “And it’s an or- from community mem- areas,” she said. ever yone
executive director of the ganization that means a bers about what they’d She wants to bring in in Colum- highlighted for her the
Columbus Arts Council tremendous amount to like to see from the arts more classes, particu- bus. I know importance of Columbus
last month, a position our community as well council. She plans to larly those that focus on she’s go- having its own center for
she will officially assume as our downtown, so it’s a focus on four issues: dying arts, such as tap ing to be Norris arts.
on Aug. 1. A Columbus perfect fit for me ... after the CAC’s branding, en- dancing. able to hit “The coolest thing
resident for 40 years, working statewide with hancing its ongoing pro- On the administrative the ground running. about coming home to
Miller spent many of 54 communities to come grams, ensuring it offers side, she said, she wants She knows how to make Columbus is that the Arts
those working with area home and be a part again the best services for the to focus on raising aware- things work, and I am Council is a mainstay,”
nonprofits through the of the community I love.” money it receives and en- ness of the council and very excited for her to be she said. “It’s important,
Lowndes County United The arts council over- suring it reaches every recruting more volun- on board. it’s part of our culture
Way. She was executive sees programs for art, age group in the commu- teers. “I always think it’s here and it is a huge asset
director for Columbus music and theater in the nity. “You’ve got to have great to have someone
to our community. If you
Main Street in the early community. It hosts art That last one is par- money, you’ve got to from Columbus doing
had to ask what all our as-
2000s when the Colum- gallery openings and ticularly important to have awareness and ev- things like this,” she add-
bus Riverwalk was being yearly annual events her. She wants to works erything else will fall in ed. “I think that’s going sets are you’d say the Riv-
built. such as the Willie Blues with area schools — she place,” she said. to be another plus for erwalk but you’d also say
Most recently, she Festival and Possum specifically mentioned CAC Program Coor- her.” the Arts Council. Having
worked with Mississip- Town Tales Storytelling Mississippi School for dinator Beverly Norris, Miller said over the a building downtown that
pi Main Street Associa- Festival, as well as educa- Mathematics and Sci- who has been interim di- last years she’s worked is dedicated to the arts is
tion, where she traveled tional outreach programs ence and Mississippi Uni- rector at CAC for a year, in communities that huge.”

J.L. King Center

Continued from Page 1A
ing, said Alison Buehler, teach the classes, said the for what we want to do
one of the architects of program is designed to with it yet, but we did have
the center’s new funding meet the individual needs enough to pay for summer
plan. of each student, regard- camp in June and July.”
“It’s really kind of cool less of their educational The program targets
what’s happened,” said or work background. kids from elementary
Buehler, director of the “The classes teach the school to middle school,
Homestead Education soft skills, but also job she said.
Center which partners skills, too,” Those two programs,
with J.L. King Center. she said. “If along with the center’s
“East Mississippi (Com- a student Pathways to Prosperity
munity College) has needs a program for adults, are
raised enough money to GED, we’ll the primary focus of the
open one program that set that up. center under its new pri-
we’re really excited about. We’ll offer vate-funding plan.
So there’s definitely some Wo r k K e y s After losing the grants
momentum as we go for- t r a i n i n g , Haddix that had supported the
ward.” really any- center, supporters are
On Aug. 15, EMCC will thing they might need.” turning to private donors
welcome the inaugural Haddix said once the to keep the center in oper-
15l-person class for its students successfully ation.
new Gateway Program. complete their classes, Currently, the center
“All (the center) is they’ll be placed in a six- is open on an abbreviated
responsible for is the month internship will schedule — 8 a.m. until
utilities,” Buehler said. local industries and busi- 1 p.m., Monday through
“EMCC is paying for ev- nesses. Thursday.
erything else.” “I’ll track the students But even with a scaled-
The program is de- for 12 months, so if they back operation, Buehler
signed to help young need help finding a job sees some positives.
people between the ages after the internship ends, “When the center was
of 17 and 21 prepare for I’ll be able to continue to grant-funded, we had to
and acquire above mini- help them with job place- do what the grant wanted
mum-wage jobs through ment,” Haddix said. us to do,” Buehler said.
eight weeks of classes, fol- While that program “What I like about our
lowed by a job-placement is getting off the ground, new situation is that we
program. Buehler said the center is can use the money for
“Each student will be working on plans for a re- what we want to do, where
placed with a mentor,” vised Youth Development the needs really are. For
Buehler said. “In six Program. us, that means we can
months, the goal is that “That’s where the focus on safety/security,
every student who suc- fundraising is so import- which means providing
cessfully completes the ant,” Buehler said. “The the basic needs like food
program will have a job development program is and shelter, and sustain-
that pays ... more than the there to catch all those ability, which means how
minimum wage.” kids who aren’t getting to find a keep a job that
Yulanda Haddix, the the resources they need. provides a living wage
program director who will We don’t have the money and a future.”

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The Dispatch • Friday, July 12, 2019 7A

US growing largest crop

of marijuana for research in 5 years
National Institute on Drug Abuse said in plans to of Mississippi to get federal autho-
rization to grow research pot. The
grow 2,000 kilograms of marijuana this year at U.S. Drug Enforcement Adminis-
tration created an application pro-
the University of Mississippi, which holds the sole cess for growers, but has not acted
on more than two dozen applica-
federal contract for producing marijuana tions. In June, Scottsdale Research
Institute in Arizona asked the U.S.
By CARLA K. JOHNSON although the government provides Court of Appeals for the District of
AP Medical Writer the marijuana in different forms. Columbia to order the DEA to pro-
The crop will be divided between cess the applications.
The U.S. government is growing
high THC and high CBD varieties “We are still working through
the largest crop of research mari-
with “recent interest (in CBD) as the process and those applications
juana in five years, responding to
a potential medicine for a number remain under review,” said DEA
interest in varieties with high levels
of medical conditions,” NIDA said. spokeswoman Katherine Pfaff in
of THC and CBD.
The government is the only The compound THC causes pot’s an email Thursday. She declined to
source of pot for nearly all research mind-altering effect; CBD doesn’t comment on the litigation.
in the U.S., while it still considers it get people high. In response to questions from
illegal and dangerous. Last year, a CBD-based drug the AP, NIDA said there had been
Scientists have asked for weed was approved by federal regulators no major increase in demand for
that more closely matches what’s for two rare seizure disorders and cannabis by researchers in recent
sold in states that have legalized researchers are pursuing research years. Last year, 20 researchers got
medical or recreational marijua- on it for other conditions. Others shipments of government marijua-
na, the National Institute on Drug are focused on THC. na, much of it from frozen canna-
Abuse said in an email Thursday to “We want to study what our pa- bis grown in 2014. Since 2010, the
The Associated Press. tients are using,” said University of number of researchers receiving
The federal agency said it plans Colorado Assistant Professor Emily government marijuana has ranged
to grow 2,000 kilograms this year Lindley, who is investigating mari- from eight to 21.
at the University of Mississippi, juana with high THC as an alterna- Researchers should be able to
which holds the sole federal con- tive to opioids for chronic back pain. obtain material from the new crop
tract for producing marijuana. Lindley and other researchers in the fall after harvest and analy-
That’s enough for 5 million joints, want others besides the University ses are completed, NIDA said.

House panel authorizes subpoenas tied to Mueller report

‘If the goal truly is to get the information or testimony, fore the House Oversight
and Reform Committee
our chairman is failing us, but, as I’ve repeatedly said, if earlier this year.
They include David
the goal is political theater, Chairman Nadler is winning’ Pecker, the chief executive
House Judiciary Committee member Georgia Rep. Doug Collins of the National Enquir-
er’s parent company and
By MARY CLARE ficials who work on immi- former national security a longtime Trump ally;
JALONICK gration issues. adviser Michael Flynn , Dylan Howard, who Co-
The Associated Press hen said was personally
Judiciary Chairman former White House chief
Jerrold Nadler of New of staff John Kelly and for- involved in coordinating
WASHINGTON — The payments to two women
York will make the final mer Deputy Attorney Gen-
House Judiciary Commit- who said they had affairs
decision about issuing the eral Rod Rosenstein .
tee voted Thursday to au-
subpoenas and has said Among the other sub- with Trump; and Keith
thorize subpoenas for 12
they can be avoided if wit- poena targets are Corey Davidson, an attorney
people mentioned in spe-
nesses and the administra- Lewandowski, Trump’s who initially represented
cial counsel Robert Muel-
tion cooperate voluntarily. former campaign manag- the women and negotiated
ler’s report, including
President Donald Trump’s The vote was 21-12. er; Jody Hunt, Sessions’ their payments.
son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Trump tweeted about former chief of staff, and The top Republican on
and former Attorney Gen- the vote shortly before former White House aides the panel, Georgia Rep.
eral Jeff Sessions. the meeting began. He Rob Porter and Rick Dear- Doug Collins, criticized
The panel also voted to said the witnesses “have born. Nadler’s handling of the
authorize subpoenas for already spent hours with Three other names investigations, with a jab
documents and testimony Robert Mueller, and spent on the subpoena list are that other committees had
related to Trump’s han- a fortune on lawyers in so related to the National already called in some of
dling of immigration, in- doing.” Enquirer’s efforts to help the witnesses.
cluding on the separation The president added of kill potentially embarrass- “If the goal truly is to
of migrant families at the the Democrats: “Enough ing stories about Trump get the information or
southern border. The reso- already, go back to work!” over the years by paying testimony, our chairman
lution authorizes an inves- The resolution autho- hush money in a practice is failing us, but, as I’ve
tigation into whether there rizes subpoenas for docu- known as “catch-and-kill.” repeatedly said, if the goal
have been any discussions ments and testimony from Former Trump lawyer Mi- is political theater, Chair-
of Trump offering pardons several former adminis- chael Cohen discussed the man Nadler is winning,”
to Homeland Security of- tration officials, including practice in testimony be- Collins said.

AP Exclusive: Officer alleges sexual misconduct by general

By LOLITA C. BALDOR questions about the alle- one of his aides. She said mend any administrative
The Associated Press gations and the military that he tried to derail her punishment. The accus-
investigation that found military career after she er remains in the mili-
WASHINGTON — A insufficient evidence to rebuffed him. tary but has moved to a
senior military officer charge him. The Air Force inves- different job.
has accused the Air Force The officer told The tigated the woman’s “My life was ruined by
general tapped to be the Associated Press that allegations, which she this,” she told the AP.
next vice chairman of the Gen. John Hyten subject- reported days after The woman asked
Joint Chiefs of Staff of ed her to a series of un- Hyten’s nomination was to not be identified by
sexual misconduct, po- wanted sexual advances announced in April, and name. The AP generally
tentially jeopardizing his by kissing, hugging and found there was insuffi- does not identify those
nomination. Members rubbing up against her cient evidence to charge who say they have been
of Congress have raised in 2017 while she was the general or recom- sexually assaulted.

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8A Friday, July 12, 2019 The Dispatch •

Trump drops bid to have a citizenship question on the census

President Trump had said last week that he whether or not they were citi-
zens. Trump had said last week
in the country.
Late Thursday, Justice De-
Commerce have informed me
that the logistics and timing
was ‘very seriously’ considering an executive that he was “very seriously”
considering an executive order
partment lawyers sent a copy
of the executive order to the
for carrying out the census,
combined with delays from
order to try to force the question to try to force the question. But judge presiding over a chal- continuing litigation, leave
the government has already lenge to the citizenship ques- no practical mechanism for
By JILL COLVIN, MARK “It is essential that we have begun the lengthy and expen- tion in Manhattan federal including the question on
SHERMAN and ZEKE MILLER a clear breakdown of the num- sive process of printing the court, saying they will confer the 2020 decennial census,”
The Associated Press
ber of citizens and non-citizens census questionnaire without with lawyers for the plaintiffs Trump said.
that make up the U.S. popula- it, and such a move would sure- to see how to proceed in the Trump’s efforts to add the
a week after insisting that tions,” Trump declared in a ly have drawn an immediate case. question on the decennial
he was “absolutely moving Rose Garden announcement, legal challenge. Trump’s order said the Su- census had drawn fury and
forward,” President Donald insisting that he was “not back- Instead, Trump said Thurs- preme Court “has now made backlash from critics who
Trump abandoned his effort ing down. day that he would be signing it impossible, as a practical complained that it would dis-
to insert a citizenship question But the decision was clearly an executive order directing matter, to include a citizenship courage participation, not only
into next year’s census. a reversal, after the Supreme every federal department and question on the 2020 decennial by people living in the country
He directed federal agen- Court blocked his effort by agency to provide the Com- census questionnaire.” illegally but also by citizens
cies to try to compile the infor- disputing his administration’s merce Department with all “After examining every pos- who fear that participating
mation using existing databas- rationale for demanding that records pertaining to the num- sible alternative, the Attorney would expose noncitizen fam-
es instead. census respondents declare ber of citizens and noncitizens General and the Secretary of ily members to repercussions.

Trump administration plans

immigration enforcement operation
Sweep could happen as soon as this weekend after being The operation is sim-
ilar to ones conducted
postponed by President Donald Trump late last month regularly since 2003 that
often produce hundreds
By SOPHIA TAREEN whose immigration cases who were not authorized of arrests. It is slightly un-
and COLLEEN LONG were fast-tracked by judg- to discuss the matter pub- usual to target families,
The Associated Press es in 10 major cities such licly and spoke on con- as opposed to immigrants
as Chicago, Los Angeles, dition of anonymity. The with criminal histories,
CHICAGO — The New York and Miami. American Civil Liberties but it’s not unprece-
Trump administration is The plan has sparked Union pre-emptively filed dented. The Obama and
moving forward with a outrage and concern a lawsuit Thursday in an Trump administrations
nationwide immigration among immigrant-rights attempt to protect asylum have targeted families in
enforcement operation advocates and lawmak- seekers. previous operations.
targeting migrant fami- ers. Meanwhile, activists This latest effort is no-
lies, despite loud opposi- “Our communities ramped up efforts to table because of the poli-
tion from Democrats and have been in constant prepare by bolstering tics swirling around it.
questions over whether fear,” Estela Vara, a Chi- know-your-rights pocket Trump announced on
it’s the best use of re- cago-area organizer said guides, circulating infor- Twitter last month that
sources given the crisis at Thursday at a rally out- mation about hotlines and the sweep would mark
the border. side the city’s Immigra- planning public demon- the beginning of a push
The operation could tion and Custom Enforce- strations. Vigils outside to deport millions of peo-
happen as soon as this ment offices where some of detention centers and ple who are in the country
weekend after being post- activists chanted “Immi- hundreds of other loca- illegally, a near-impossi-
poned by President Don- gration Not Deportation!” tions nationwide were set bility given the limited
ald Trump late last month. The sweep remains for Friday evening, to be resources of ICE, which
It would pursue people in flux and could begin followed by protests Sat- makes the arrests and
with final deportation or- later, according to two urday in Miami and Chi- carries out deportation
ders, including families administration officials, cago. orders.

One reason for a Fed cut: Powell now fears too-low inflation
‘We really have learned that the raise inflation too high.
The U.S. unemploy-
weaker and weaker and
weaker to the point where
economy can sustain much lower ment rate has remained
under 5 percent for rough-
it’s a faint heartbeat,” Pow-
ell testified on Capitol Hill
unemployment than we thought ly three years. And yet this week in response to
annual inflation has con- questions from Rep. Alex-
without troubling levels of inflation’ sistently failed to reach the andria Ocasio-Cortez, a
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Fed’s 2 percent target. New York Democrat. “We
All of which suggests really have learned that
By CHRISTOPHER month for the first time in that the Fed is now pre- the economy can sustain
RUGABER a decade: A rate cut — and pared to keep borrowing much lower unemploy-
AP Economics Writer especially if it’s followed costs low for households ment than we thought
by others — could help lift and businesses indefi- without troubling levels of
WASHINGTON — inflation closer to the Fed’s nitely — even if the job inflation.”
In a shift from just a few target level. market and the economy Kathy Bostjancic, an
months ago, Federal Re- The chairman’s newly keep growing steadily. It’s economist at Oxford Eco-
serve Chairman Jerome expressed worries about a prospect that has delight- nomics, a consulting firm,
Powell is worried that too- chronically low inflation ed investors, who have lift- said Powell’s comments
low inflation could persist reflect another sea change ed stock indexes to record marked a sharp turn-
for a while — and undercut at the Fed: Powell and oth- highs. around from last year. The
the U.S. economy. er officials seem to have “The connection be- Fed had justified its four
Powell’s concern is a jettisoned a long-standing tween the level of unem- rate hikes in 2018 in part
key reason why the Fed economic rule of thumb ployment and inflation was by arguing that robust hir-
will likely cut short-term that a long streak of low un- very strong if you go back ing would eventually ignite
interest rates late this employment will inevitably 50 years, and it’s gotten inflation.

Asian shares
mostly higher
after Wall St
sets new records
The Associated Press

BANGKOK — Shares
in Asia are mostly higher
after a turbulent day on
Wall Street ended with the
Dow Jones Industrial Aver-
age closing above 27,000
for the first time.
Japan’s Nikkei 225 in-
dex edged 0.1 percent
higher to 21,674.14 and
the Hang Seng in Hong
Kong added 0.5 percent to
28,575.96. The Shanghai
Composite index also rose
0.5 percent, to 2,931.12
while Australia’s S&P ASX
200 edged 2.6 points lower
to 6,713.50. South Korea’s
Kospi climbed 0.3 percent
to 2,087.46. Shares fell in
Taiwan but rose in Bang-
kok and Singapore.
Regional investors were
watching for Chinese trade
data due out later Friday.
662-241-5000 B

THE DISPATCH n CDISPATCH.COM n Friday, July 12, 2019

Schaefer encouraged by young A note from the

team’s efforts new sports editor
“We made the decision we’re going to go over there
e all hear
and compete with the best and try to win it.” the jour-
MSU Women’s Basketball coach Vic Schaefer
industry is chang-
ing daily.
BY BEN PORTNOY I found that
out for myself in
STARKVILLE — Just days late May. Due to
ahead of Mississippi State’s trip to cost-cutting mea-
Naples, Italy for the 2019 Summer sures, I was laid
World University Games, MSU off from a job I
women’s basketball coach Vic loved and tempo-
Garrick Hodge
Schaefer made his goal for the tour- rarily left without
nament clear: To win. a writing home.
“We made the decision very Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me
early on that this is not a foreign to find a new outlet after that unfortunate
tour where you’re going over there, speed bump. I’m making that home with
playing a bunch of club teams that The Commercial Dispatch as the newspa-
are not very good and you look like per’s sports editor.
a million dollars and you win by 60 I try to avoid cliches in my work like
and everybody’s happy and every- the plague. So hopefully, this will be the
body plays 10-12 minutes per game first and only time I use one at The Dis-
and that’s it,” Schaefer said ahead patch: As the saying goes, when one door
of the trip. “We made the decision closes … blah, blah, you all know the rest.
we’re going to go over there and A short disclaimer, it’s going to take a bit
compete with the best and try to for this Yankee to add “y’all” to my vocab-
win it.” ulary.
Nearly three weeks since that Nonetheless, the moral of this
stance in the media room below long-winded story is I’m ecstatic to be
Humphrey Coliseum, Schaefer’s here. I just completed my fourth day on
squad heads back to the United the job, so hopefully I haven’t royally
States with a silver medal, a 6-1 re-
screwed up yet.
cord and a wealth of experience in
Having spent the last year in my life in
Columbia, Missouri, I’ve seen how rabid
Though the Bulldogs were dis-
appointed in falling short against Southeastern Conference fanbases can
Australia in the gold medal game be. It’s also been my experience the pas-
80-72 Wednesday, the youthful sion only increases the further south you
group left their mark on the compe- go.
tition. Growing up in the northern Chica-
Roster-wise, the task Schaefer go-Area suburbs, college football was
and his staff had at hand was tall. normally an afterthought. It didn’t help
Representing the U.S., MSU had the Illinois Fighting Illini and Northwest-
roughly three and a half weeks to ern Wildcats were nothing worth writing
prepare for the tournament with six home about, and the Chicago Bears were
newcomers — including four fresh- much higher on the pecking order any-
men. way.
Further complicating matters Not here. In Mississippi, college foot-
was just two upperclassmen with ball (and baseball and basketball) are ev-
real playing experience — juniors erything. For a guy that will write plenty
Bre’Amber Scott and Andra Espi- of articles pertaining to Mississippi State,
noza-Hunter — joined the team in that’s music to my ears.
Italy. I also can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to
Transfers Sidney Cooks and find out this area is rich with talent on the
Yemiyah Morris are both juniors high school end of things. There’s plenty
Jim Lytle/Dispatch file photo
by eligibility standards, but neither of great stories in this area, and I’m look-
had spent more than a few weeks Mississippi State Coach, Vic Schaefer holds the remaining part of the net,
after he finished cutting it down while celebrating his teams win over Texas ing forward to making sure The Dispatch
with the Bulldogs. A&M in this Feb. 18, 2018, file photo, and winning the SEC regular season See Hodge, 4B
See Basketball, 4B championship.


As Wimbledon final approaches, Serena recalls loss to Halep

The Associated Press
For thousands of WIMBLEDON, England — There
fans, queuing is a are, of course, many reasons why
Serena Williams has been as suc-

Wimbledon tradition cessful as she’s been, for as long as

she’s been.
The serve. The returns. The
The Associated Press
groundstrokes. The court coverage.
And more.
WIMBLEDON, England — For Viv Kean,
A little insight into one aspect of
and thousands of tennis fans like her, the
the way she approaches matches
Wimbledon experience always starts in a tent.
arrived via her answer to a question
In a small park across from the tournament
looking ahead to Saturday’s Wimble-
grounds, they gather to camp out for days. The
don final against No. 7-seeded Simo-
reward is being woken up at 5 a.m. by stew-
na Halep.
ards, then spending hours standing patiently
Williams, who can collect her
in line to get herded into the All England Club.
eighth title at the All England Club
And hopefully, after all that waiting, a ticket
and 24th Grand Slam singles trophy
to Centre Court.
overall, was asked why she’s been
That’s life in “The Queue,” a decades-old
able to accumulate a 9-1 head-to-
Wimbledon tradition that has grown to be-
head mark against the Romanian.
come its own phenomenon, as much a part
“The biggest key with our match-
of the tennis tournament as strawberries and
es is the loss that I had. I never for-
got it. She played unbelievable,” Wil-
Kean, a 69-year-old from northwest Lon-
liams said. “That makes me know
don, wouldn’t miss it for the world.
that level she played at — she can
“I’ve been coming every year since 1983,
get there again. So I have to be better
except one,” Kean said, sitting in a camping
than that.”
chair outside her tent. “I spent my 50th birth-
Doesn’t matter, apparently, that
day and my 60th birthday out here. It’s almost
the result came all the way back in
more about the queue than about the tennis
2014, in a relatively inconsequen-
these days.”
tial round-robin meeting at the sea-
Kean was among more than 2,000 people
son-ending championships. Or that
who showed up to Wimbledon Park last Friday
Williams soundly beat Halep later at
night hoping to be there early enough to get
that same tournament. Or that Wil-
tickets to one of the top courts. Not for Sat-
liams won their only matchup this
urday’s third-round matches — but Monday’s
season, at the Australian Open in
fourth round. Susan Mullane/USA TODAY Sports
See Fans, 4B Serena Williams (USA) in action during her match against Barbora Strycova
See WImbledon, 4B (CZE) on day 10 at the All England Lawn and Croquet Club.
2B Friday, July 12, 2019 The Dispatch •


Party of 5? Competitive NL
Central in for taut 2nd half
By WILL GRAVES added swagger when it portant, so we’re focusing So have pennant rac-
The Associated Press acquired outfielder Yaisel on today. We’re not think- es. The Central’s figures
Puig from the Los Ange- ing, ‘Oh, we’re 7½ back to go right down to the
PIT TSBURGH — Joe les Dodgers and over- and we’ve got to win 10 wire as it did a year ago,
Maddon didn’t let the free came a shaky 1-8 start in a row.’ All of a sudden when Chicago and Mil-
time created by a rare to stay within striking you’re thinking 10 games waukee needed a 163rd
ejection go to waste. distance in a division in ahead and not focusing game to determine a divi-
Shortly after getting which sustained momen- on winning today. For us, sion winner. The Brewers
tossed by home plate tum has been nonexis- with the small deficit or emerged and eventual-
umpire Joe West on July tent. small lead, every game’s ly reached the National
4 following an outburst “We’re in it,” Reds important so it locks us in League Championship
in which the Chicago second baseman Scooter the now.” Series. The Cubs had
Cubs manager appeared Gennett said. “It’s pret- And leaves each team to settle for a wild-card
ready to take on any and ty close, pretty tight. with some interesting berth.
all comers from the Pitts- There’s plenty of time to decisions to make as the There may not be any
burgh dugout after tak- make a run.” trade deadline approach- sort of consolation prize
ing exception to the way Maybe, but that will es. for the runner-up this
the Pirates kept pitching require one team in the The resilient Pirates time around. The four
up and in to his players, Central finding a way to entered the break just 2½ teams running behind
Maddon retired to the vis- get the better of the other games behind the Cubs Chicago are as close to
iting manager’s office at four on a consistent basis. despite having 80% of its the division lead as they
PNC Park. He eased into That didn’t happen in the starting rotation spend are to the second wild
a chair, opened a bottle of first half. Milwaukee is time on the injured list card, leaving all five clubs
wine, flipped on the tele- the only NL Central team at some point. All-Star potentially vying for one
vision and watched his with a winning record first baseman Josh Bell’s postseason spot.
wildly uneven team put within the division (24- breakout season has It’s why Maddon —
the finishing touches on 18) but has been unable to helped. So has the impact whose job status is tenu-
an 11-3 victory that avoid- create any separation. of rookie outfielder Bryan ous at best just three years
ed a four-game sweep. “It doesn’t make me Reynolds and rookie in- removed from leading the
Veteran move. Oppor- comfortable that we’ve fielder Kevin Newman. Cubs to their first World
tunities to relax over the been spotty,” Brewers “We feel like we’re here Series victory in more
next two-plus months manager Craig Counsell for the fight,” Bell said. than a century — wants
will be scarce in the most said. “The division, we ha- “We’re ready for it. I like his players to buckle up
competitive division in ven’t, nobody has jumped the guys that we have. We and block out the noise.
the majors. out. Somebody will. It al- trust ourselves to be cele- “You have to circle the
The National League most has to happen that brating at the end of the wagons at some point,”
Central enters the sec- some team is going to season.” Maddon said. “Because
ond half with the first- start playing really well. Then again, so does ev- today’s world, the way the
place Cubs and last-place Nobody has dug a hole for eryone else, which is one speed of information and
Cincinnati separated by themselves, and I think of the reasons the Central the way it’s generated and
just 4½ games, an outli- every team feels good is so competitive. No one the vitriol that’s carried
er during an otherwise about that in our division is rebuilding or transition- with it and the promotion
yawn-inducing first half for sure.” ing from one core to the of vitriol, you’ve got to get
in which five divisions First place, after all, next. beyond that at some point
reached the All-Star is only a weeklong hot “Each of us has our and you have to insulate
break with at least a 5½- streak away. Not so flaws, but there’s a deep yourself.”
game gap between first much in the NL West — level of talent in this di- And are they circled in
and second. where the Dodgers have vision, and you do, you Chicago?
There are no front-run- smashed their way to a have five teams that their “They’re circled,”
ners in the NL Central. 13½- game lead — or the ambition is to make the Maddon said with a smile.
No room to breathe ei- NL East — where Atlan- postseason,” Pittsburgh “Circled.”
ther, something Maddon ta’s young core has given general manager Neal Considering what the
saw coming long ago. the Braves a healthy six- Huntington said. “That’s Cubs are up against in
“I’ve been talking game cushion over Wash- not the case in some of baseball’s tightest divi-
about this for the last ington. the other divisions. That’s sion, they better be.
two years how teams are “You can slow it way not criticism. Teams cycle AP Sports Writer Joe
getting better in our divi- down knowing that we’re in and cycle out. It’s part Kay in Cincinnati contrib-
sion,” Maddon said. “It’s only a few games back,” of the industry. It’s part of uted to this report.
not going to go away. It’s Cardinals infielder Paul the game. It’s been part of
going to be really diffi- deJong said. “Today’s im- the game for decades.”
cult to really separate,
especially by the fact that
everybody is catching up
right now. The second
half is going to be very
similar to what you’ve
seen in the first half.”
That’s exactly what the
Reds had in mind when
they retooled over the
winter in an effort to stop
a streak of four straight
90-loss seasons. Cincin-
nati upgraded its starting
rotation over the winter,

18-year-old Tyler
Ankrum races
to first NASCAR
Truck win
The Associated Press

SPARTA, Ky. — Tyler

Ankrum took the lead
when Brett Moffitt ran out
of fuel with less than two
laps to go and cruised to
his first NASCAR Gander
Outdoors Truck Series
victory Thursday night at
Kentucky Speedway.
The 18-year-old Ank-
rum finished 7.373 sec-
onds ahead of Stewart
Friesen on the 1.5-mile
tri-oval to earn a spot in
the eight-man series play-
offs. Ankrum led a race-
high 40 of the 150 laps in
the No. 17 Toyota and gave
DGR Crosley its first team
“I think I was holding
my breath for the last
three laps there,” said
Ankrum, the California
driver making his 12th
series start. “Holy cow,
that was awesome. ... I just
don’t know what to say. I
cannot believe I just did
He won the NASCAR
K&N Pro Series East
Championship last season
as a rookie.
“I can’t believe it. This
is a dream come true,”
Ankrum said.
The Dispatch • Friday, July 12, 2019 3B

MUW Summer Volleyball Clinics
Mississippi University for Women will host four
Key anniversaries for the 2019 British Open
position-specific volleyball clinics this summer for youth By DOUG FERGUSON tham & St. Annes to take the lead at the ry burn. A 2-iron that struck the railing
players. The Associated Press halfway point, only for Jacklin to answer of the bleachers and caromed back some
A defense/libero clinic will be held July 15, followed
by a setters clinic July 16, a hitter/blocker clinic July 17 with a 70 in the third round as Charles 80 yards in front of the burn into heavy
and an all skills clinic July 18.
PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland — A stumbled to a 75 to fall two shots behind. rough. A wedge that fluttered into the
Cost is $50 per session. In order to participate, look at key anniversaries during this Jacklin never trailed on the last day, and burn. A penalty shot. A wedge to the bun-
each camper must complete a signed registration form, year’s British Open: the home crowd mobbed the 25-year-old ker. He had to make an 8-foot putt for tri-
a facility accident waiver and a photo release form.
Registration and all forms for the clinic are available Englishman as he headed to the 18th ple bogey just to join a playoff. Paul lawrie
at 150 YEARS AGO (1869) green for a 72 and a two-shot victory over teed off an hour earlier, 10 shots out of
For more information contact Roxanne Hernandez at One year after Young Tom Morris be- Charles. Americans would win eight of the lead, and his sunday-best 67 figured
662-329-6572. came the first player to break 50 to win the next nine, but Jacklin’s victory re- to be worth no more than second place.
his first British Open, he made more newed pride in British golf. Remarkably, he was in a playoff with van
Coerver Soccer Camp history with the first hole-in-one on the de velde and former open champion jus-
Columbus Soccer Organization will host a pair of tin leonard. Lawrie took the lead in the
Coerver skills camps from 5:30-8:30 p.m. July 22-25 at
166-yard eighth hole at Prestwick. The
18-year-old Morris led by three shots af-
25 Years ago (1994) four-hole playoff with a 12-foot birdie putt
the Lowndes County Soccer Complex downtown. Nick Price closed with a 66 at Turn-
This will include a “First Skills” camp for ages 4-6, ter the opening round, and stretched the on the 17th. And after leonard hit into
berry for a one-shot victory over Jesper
as well as the “Play Like the Stars” camp for ages 7 lead to four shots over Davie Strath after the barry burn for his second shot on the
and up. Parnevik to win his second major cham- 18th, lawrie hit 3-iron to 3 feet for birdie
two rounds. On the final day with high pionship, this one sending him on his
Coerver is a recognized leader in soccer skills to secure his name on the claret jug and
training. Registration is now open online at https://www. wind, Morris closed with a 52 — by five way to be No. 1 in the world the following Click on the “locations at the top to shots the best score of the final round — in the record book for the largest come-
month. But there was much more to this back ever in a major.
select Mississippi. for an 11-shot victory over Bob Kirk. He victory. Parnevik had a three-shot lead
For more information, contact CSO at tvelek@ joined his father, Old Tom Morris, as the going to the 18th hole, but he didn’t look
only players to win back to back. at the scoreboard and thought he needed 10 Years ago (2009)
This British Open was too good to be
TOP Soccer returning to 100 Years ago (1919)
birdie to win. He played aggressively and
true. Tom Watson, a five-time champion
Columbus made bogey for a 67. Behind him, price
The British Open was not held for the approaching his 60th birthday, stood in
Columbus Soccer Organization announced the birdied the 16th and then rolled in a 50-
fifth straight year because of World War the 18th fairway at Turnberry with a one-
return of TOP Soccer Thursday after a five-year hiatus. foot eagle putt on the 17th. A closing par
I. shot lead and an 8-iron in his hand. It land-
TOP Soccer is a program run in partnership with the gave him the claret jug. Price won the
YMCA for 4-19 year olds with special needs. ed on the front of the green and rolled all
pga championship a month later at south-
Registration forms can be picked up and/or filled the way over the back. He used putter to
out at the YMCA at Sixth St. N. or can be done online at 75 Years ago (1944) ern hills and held the no. 1 Ranking until
rap it up to 8 feet, setting up a par putt for The British Open was not held for the the u.S. Open the following year.
Sign up will run through Aug. 16 while play will
the most amazing major championship
fourth straight year because of World victory. The putt never had a chance. An
begin Sept. 9 at the Downtown Soccer Complex.
For further information please contact Tom Velek at
War II. The only major held in 1944 was 20 Years ago (1999) hour later, neither did Watson. Stewart the PGA Championship, which resumed The most shocking collapse gave way Cink, who made a 12-foot putt on the final
after a one-year hiatus. to the greatest comeback in major cham- hole for a 69 that looked like it would only
on the air pionship history at carnoustie. Jean van be good for second place, overwhelmed
Today 50 Years ago (1969) de velde of france, thanks to a brilliant a weary Watson in the four-hole playoff.
Tony Jacklin ended 18 long years with- week with the putter, opened a five-shot With two pars and two birdies, he won
out a British player winning the claret lead going into the final round and still by a record six shots over four holes. “It
3:55 a.m. — Formula One: The British
jug. It looked as though the streak might led by three shots going to the final hole. would have been a hell of a story, wouldn’t
Grand Prix, practice session 1, England,
continue when Bob Charles of New Zea- What followed was inexplicable. A driver it?” Watson said. “And it was almost. Al-
land got off to a 66-69 start at Royal Ly- off the tee that narrowly avoided the bar- most. The dream almost came true.”
10:30 a.m. — NASCAR Monster Energy Cup
Series: practice, Sparta, Ky., NBCSN
don at The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet 20:02. Giulia Molinaro 30-38—68 -3 Sam Ryder 33-34—67 -4
12:30 p.m. — NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Club (seedings in parentheses): 132. Chad Haga, United States, Sunweb, Ayako Uehara 35-33—68 -3 Ryan Moore 36-31—67 -4
Women’s Singles 20:38. Haru Nomura 31-37—68 -3 Matthew Wolff 31-36—67 -4
Series: final practice, Sparta, Ky., NBCSN American League Glance Semifinal Overall Standings Olafia Kristinsdottir 32-36—68 -3 Lucas Glover 34-33—67 -4
All Times EDT Serena Williams (11), United States, def. Bar- (After six stages) Ruixin Liu 32-36—68 -3 Chad Campbell 33-34—67 -4
3 p.m. — NASCAR Xfinity Series: qualifying, East Division bora Strycova, Czech Republic, 6-1, 6-2. 1. Giulio Ciccone, Italy, Trek-Segafredo, Jaye Marie Green 32-36—68 -3 John Senden 32-35—67 -4
W L Pct GB Simona Halep (7), Romania, def. Elina Svitolina 23:14:55. Christina Kim 34-34—68 -3 Beau Hossler 35-32—67 -4
Sparta, Ky., NBCSN New York 57 31 .648 — (8), Ukraine, 6-1, 6-3. 2. Julian Alaphilippe, France, Deceun- Sandra Changkija 37-32—69 -2 Adam Schenk 34-33—67 -4
Men’s Doubles inck-QuickStep, :06. Minjee Lee 33-36—69 -2 Harold Varner III 35-32—67 -4
5 p.m. — NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Tampa Bay
52 39 .571 6½
49 41 .544 9 Semifinal 3. Dylan Teuns, Belgium, Bahrain-Merida, :32. Alison Lee 32-37—69 -2 George McNeill 33-34—67 -4
Series: qualifying, Sparta, Ky., NBCSN Toronto 34 57 .374 24½ Nicolas Mahut, France and Edouard Rog-
er-Vasselin (11), France, def. Ivan Dodig,
4. George Bennett, New Zealand, Team Jum-
bo-Visma, :47.
Tiffany Chan
Jaclyn Lee
Brice Garnett
Nate Lashley
Baltimore 27 62 .303 30½
3 p.m. — NASCAR Xfinity Series: The Alsco Central Division Croatia and Filip Polasek, Slovakia, 6-2, 7-6 5. Geraint Thomas, Britain, Team Ineos, :49. Brittany Altomare 33-36—69 -2 Jhonattan Vegas 34-33—67 -4
W L Pct GB (7), 7-6 (2). 6. Egan Bernal, Colombia, Team Ineos, :53. Paula Creamer 32-37—69 -2 Brian Harman 33-34—67 -4
300, Sparta, Ky., NBCSN Minnesota 56 33 .629 — Robert Farah, Colombia and Juan Sebastian 7. Thibaut Pinot, France, Groupama-FDJ, :58. Mi Hyang Lee 36-33—69 -2 Bud Cauley 33-34—67 -4
Cleveland 50 38 .568 5½ Cabal (2), Colombia, def. Michael Venus, New 8. Steven Kruijswijk, Netherlands, Team Jum- Mirim Lee 34-35—69 -2 Peter Malnati 32-35—67 -4
4:55 a.m. (Saturday) — Formula One: Chicago 42 44 .488 12½ Zealand and Raven Klaasen (3), South Africa, bo-Visma, 1:04. Su Oh 33-36—69 -2 Andres Romero 31-36—67 -4
Kansas City 30 61 .330 27 6-4, 6-7 (4), 7-6 (2), 6-4. 9. Michael Woods, Canada, EF Education Kelly Tan 33-36—69 -2 Sangmoon Bae 31-36—67 -4
The British Grand Prix, practice session 2, Detroit 28 57 .329 26 Mixed Doubles First, 1:13. Kasey Miller 35-35—70 -1 Freddie Jacobson 32-35—67 -4
Quarterfinal 10. Rigoberto Uran, Colombia, EF Education Tiffany Joh 32-38—70 -1 Sam Saunders 36-32—68 -3
England, ESPN2
West Division
W L Pct GB Matwe Middelkoop, Netherlands and Zhaoxuan First, 1:15. Wei-Ling Hsu 33-37—70 -1 Kyle Stanley 33-35—68 -3
BOXING Houston 57 34 .626 — Yang, China, def. Bruno Soares, Brazil and Ni-
cole Melichar (1), United States, 6-4, 6-3.
11. Jakob Fuglsang, Denmark, Astana Pro
Team, 1:19.
Emma Talley
Charlotte Thomas
Stewart Cink
Chris Stroud
Oakland 50 41 .549 7
9 p.m. — ShoBox: The New Generation, Texas 49 42 .538 8 Robert Lindstedt, Sweden and Jelena Osta- 12. Emanuel Buchmann, Germany, Bora-Hans- Becca Huffer 34-36—70 -1 Nick Watney 32-36—68 -3
Los Angeles 45 46 .495 12 penko, Latvia, def. Franko Skugor, Croatia grohe, 1:22. Jacqui Concolino 35-35—70 -1 Charles Howell III 35-33—68 -3
Tacoma, Wash., SHO Seattle 39 55 .415 19½ and Raluca-Ioana Olaru (12), Romania, 6-7 13. Enric Mas, Spain, Deceuninck-QuickStep, Wichanee Meechai 34-36—70 -1 Sungjae Im 34-34—68 -3
Tuesday’s Games (6), 6-3, 7-5. 1:23. Anna Redding 34-36—70 -1 Roberto Castro 32-36—68 -3
CYCLING AL 4, NL 3 Kveta Peschke, Czech Republic and Wesley 14. Adam Yates, Britain, Mitchelton-Scott, 1:24. Dana Finkelstein 33-37—70 -1 Nicholas Lindheim 32-36—68 -3
Thursday’s Games Koolhof (5), Netherlands, def. Artem Sitak, 15. Xandro Meurisse, Belgium, Wanty-Gobert, a-Lizzie Win 35-35—70 -1 Wyndham Clark 34-34—68 -3
7 a.m. — Tour de France: Stage 7, 143 Texas 5, Houston 0 New Zealand and Laura Siegemund, Germany, 1:39. Jasmine Suwannapura 35-35—70 -1 Luke Donald 33-35—68 -3
6-1, 6-2. 16. Nairo Quintana, Colombia, Movistar Team, Austin Ernst 35-35—70 -1 Whee Kim 35-33—68 -3
miles, Belfort to Chalon-sur-Saône, France, Friday’s Games
Tampa Bay (Chirinos 7-4) at Baltimore (Bundy Ivan Dodig, Croatia and Latisha Chan (8), Chi- 1:41. Jing Yan 35-35—70 -1 Roger Sloan 33-35—68 -3
NBCSN 4-10), 7:05 p.m. nese Taipei, def. Eden Silva, Britain and Evan
Hoyt, Britain, 7-5, 7-6 (5).
17. Mikel Landa, Spain, Movistar Team, 1:43.
18. Daniel Martin, Ireland, UAE Team Emirates,
Morgan Pressel
Sakura Yokomine
Johnson Wagner
Alex Prugh
Toronto (Sanchez 3-12) at N.Y. Yankees (Ger-
5:30 a.m. (Saturday) — Tour de France: man 10-2), 7:05 p.m. Juniors Men’s Singles
19. David Gaudu, France, Groupama-FDJ,
Laura Gonzalez Escallon
Brianna Do
Richy Werenski
Arjun Atwal
L.A. Dodgers (Maeda 7-5) at Boston (Rodri-
Stage 8, 124 miles, Mâcon to Saint-Étienne, guez 9-4), 7:10 p.m. Shintaro Mochizuki (8), Japan, def. Anton Matu- 1:52. Pannarat Thanapolboonyaras 34-36—70 -1 Matt Every 34-35—69 -2
Minnesota (Gibson 8-4) at Cleveland (Clevinger sevich, Britain, 6-3, 6-3. 20. Vincenzo Nibali, Italy, Bahrain-Merida, Emily Kristine Pedersen 35-36—71 E Seamus Power 37-32—69 -2
France, NBCSN 2-2), 7:10 p.m. Martin Damm (4), Czech Republic, def. Carlos 1:56. Laura Diaz 32-39—71 E Hunter Mahan 31-38—69 -2
Houston (Cole 9-5) at Texas (Chavez 3-4), Alcaraz Garfia (10), Spain, 6-1, 6-4. Also Anne-Catherine Tanguay 34-37—71 E Bronson Burgoon 35-34—69 -2
GOLF 8:05 p.m. Carlos Gimeno Valero, Spain, def. Dalibor Svr- 21 Richie Porte, Australia, Trek-Segafredo, Jeong Eun Lee 33-38—71 E Scott Stallings 35-34—69 -2
cina, Czech Republic, 4-6, 6-3, 7-5. same time. Xiyu Lin 34-37—71 E Carlos Ortiz 35-34—69 -2
4:30 a.m. — European Tour Golf: The Scot- Detroit (TBD) at Kansas City (Duffy 3-5), 8:15
p.m. Harold Mayot, France, def. Illya Beloborodko, 33. Tejay van Garderen, United States, EF Ed- Madelene Sagstrom 35-36—71 E Doc Redman 34-35—69 -2
tish Open, second round, Scotland, GOLF Chicago White Sox (Nova 4-7) at Oakland (Fi- Ukraine, 6-4, 6-4.
Juniors Women’s Singles
ucation First, 7:13.
73. Joey Rosskopf, United States, CCC, 24:14.
Dottie Ardina
Anne van Dam
Viktor Hovland
Steve Allan
ers 8-3), 10:07 p.m.
8:30 a.m. — European Tour Golf: The Scot- Seattle (Leake 7-7) at L.A. Angels (Cole 0-1), Quarterfinal
Emma Navarro (1), United States, def. Natsumi
104. Ben King, United States, Dimension Data,
Stephanie Meadow
Ashli Bunch
David Hearn
Dominic Bozzelli
10:07 p.m.
tish Open, second round, Scotland, GOLF Saturday’s Games Kawaguchi (6), Japan, 4-6, 6-1, 6-1. 167. Chad Haga, United States, Sunweb, 58:49. Simin Feng 36-35—71 E Talor Gooch 34-35—69 -2
Tampa Bay (McKay 1-0) at Baltimore (Means Daria Snigur, Ukraine, def. Polina Kudermeto- Elizabeth Szokol 35-36—71 E Alex Cejka 35-34—69 -2
12:30 p.m. — PGA Tour Champions Golf:
Senior Players Championship, second round,
7-4), 1:05 p.m., 1st game
Toronto (Richard 1-5) at N.Y. Yankees (Happ
va, Russia, 6-2, 6-4.
Diane Parry (4), France, def. Elsa Jacquemot,
France, 6-1, 6-4.
Soccer Caroline Hedwall
Lee Lopez
Chad Collins
Pat Perez
7-4), 1:05 p.m.
Alexa Noel (10), United States, def. Priska Mad- U.S. Open Cup Glance Annie Park
Mi Jung Hur
J.J. Henry
Tyler Duncan
Akron, Ohio Chicago White Sox (Covey 1-4) at Oakland
(Bassitt 5-4), 4:07 p.m. elyn Nugroho, Indonesia, 7-6, 6-2. All Times EDT Min Lee 35-36—71 E Wes Roach 34-35—69 -2
(Home teams listed first)
3 p.m. — PGA Tour Golf: The John Deere Tampa Bay (Morton 10-2) at Baltimore (TBD), Juniors Men’s Doubles
Cheyenne Woods
Kristy McPherson
Joey Garber
Shawn Stefani
7:05 p.m., 2nd game Wednesday, July 10
Classic, second round, Silvis, Ill., GOLF Minnesota (Odorizzi 10-4) at Cleveland (Bauer Jiri Lehecka, Czech Republic and Jonas Fore-
jtek (1), Czech Republic, def. Dane Sweeny, Atlanta United (MLS) 2, Saint Louis (USLC) 0
Jessica Porvasnik
Lee-Anne Pace
Parker McLachlin
Kelly Kraft
8-6), 7:10 p.m. Minnesota United (MLS) 6, New Mexico United
HORSE RACING Detroit (Boyd 6-6) at Kansas City (Keller 4-9), Australia and Tristan Schoolkate, Australia,
(USLC) 1
Mariajo Uribe 34-38—72 +1 Jim Herman 35-35—70 -1
7:15 p.m. 6-4, 6-2. Na Yeon Choi 35-37—72 +1 Scott Brown 35-35—70 -1
12 p.m. — Saratoga Live: From Saratoga L.A. Dodgers (Stripling 3-3) at Boston (Sale Shunsuke Mitsui, Japan and Keisuke Saitoh (6), Orlando City (MLS) 1, New York City (MLS) 1,
Orlando City wins 5-4 in penalty kicks
Maria Fassi 31-41—72 +1 Peter Uihlein 37-33—70 -1
3-8), 7:15 p.m. Japan, def. Alexander Zgirovsky, Belarus and Sarah Schmelzel 35-37—72 +1 Collin Morikawa 36-34—70 -1
Springs, N.Y., FS2 Houston (Miley 7-4) at Texas (Minor 8-4), 8:05 Cannon Kingsley, United States, 6-2, 6-2. Portland (MLS) 1, Los Angeles (MLS) 0 Gemma Dryburgh 36-36—72 +1 John Catlin 34-36—70 -1
Toby Alex Kodat, United States and Martin SEMIFINALS Marissa Steen 37-35—72 +1 Kyle Jones 37-33—70 -1
Seattle (TBD) at L.A. Angels (Harvey 2-4), Damm Jr (3), United States, def. Andrew Paul- Tuesday, Aug. 6 Kris Tamulis 34-38—72 +1 Martin Piller 36-34—70 -1
Orlando City (MLS) vs. Atlanta (MLS), 7:30 p.m.
1 p.m. — Pittsburgh at Chicago Cubs, MLB 9:07 p.m. son, Czech Republic and Eric Vanshelboim,
Ukraine, 6-3, 6-4. Wednesday, Aug. 7
Dani Holmqvist
Luna Sobron Galmes
Sepp Straka
Daniel Chopra
5 p.m. — Washington at Philadelphia OR National League Glance Connor Thomson, Britain and Jacob Fearnley, Minnesota (MLS) vs. Portland (MLS), 8 p.m. Robyn Choi 34-38—72 +1 Jonathan Byrd 34-36—70 -1
All Times EDT Britain, def. Tyler Zink, United States and Eliot Katherine Perry 35-37—72 +1 Sebastián Muñoz 34-36—70 -1
Toronto at NY Yankees (7 p.m.), MLB

East Division
W L Pct GB
Spizzirri, United States, 6-4, 3-6, 11-9.
Arthur Fery, Britain and Toby Samuel, Britain,
Auto a-Erica Shepherd
Becky Morgan
Josh Teater
Mackenzie Hughes
9 p.m. — Atlanta at San Diego OR Chicago Atlanta 54 37 .593 — def. Taha Baadi, Canada and Filip Cristian Jia- NASCAR Gander Outdoors Alison Walshe 34-38—72 +1 Derek Fathauer 36-34—70 -1
Washington 47 42 .528 6 nu, Romania, 6-2, 6-2. P.K. Kongkraphan 33-39—72 +1 Ho Sung Choi 37-33—70 -1
White Sox at Oakland, MLB Philadelphia 47 43 .522 6½ Brandon Nakashima, United States and Val- Truck Series-Buckle Up In Chella Choi 34-38—72 +1 Justin Suh 36-34—70 -1
New York 40 50 .444 13½ entin Royer, France, def. Flavio Cobolli, Italy Daniela Darquea 36-36—72 +1 John Chin 34-36—70 -1
NBA BASKETBALL Miami 33 55 .375 19½ and Dominic Stephan Stricker, Switzerland, Your Truck 225 Results a-Virginia Elena Carta 34-38—72 +1 Adam Svensson 33-37—70 -1
6-3, 6-1. Thursday Cydney Clanton 36-36—72 +1
3 p.m. — Summer League: Philadelphia vs. Central Division

Toronto, Las Vegas, Nev., ESPNU

W L Pct GB
47 43 .522 —
Govind Nanda, United States and Liam Draxl
(7), Canada, def. Loris Pourroy, France and
Baptiste Anselmo, France, 6-4, 6-3.
At Kentucky Speedway
Sparat, Ky.
Lap Length: 1.5 miles
Yealimi Noh
Isi Gabsa
So Yeon Ryu
3:30 p.m. — Summer League: Los Angeles
St. Louis
47 44 .516 ½
44 44 .500 2 Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune, Denmark and (Starting position in parentheses) Kim Kaufman 35-38—73 +2 Thursday’s Moves
Pittsburgh 44 45 .494 2½ Shintaro Mochizuki (2), Japan, def. Nicolas Al- 1. (9) Tyler Ankrum, Toyota, 150. Sophia Popov 37-36—73 +2 BASEBALL
Lakers vs. Golden State, Las Vegas, Nev., Cincinnati 41 46 .471 4½ varez Varona, Spain and Juan Bautista Torres, 2. (32) Stewart Friesen, Chevrolet, 150. S. Santiwiwatthanaphong 37-36—73 +2 Major League Baseball
MLB — Suspended Houston OF Jake Marisnick
West Division Argentina, 2-6, 7-5, 6-2. 3. (6) Harrison Burton, Toyota, 150. Peiyun Chien 36-37—73 +2
NBA W L Pct GB Juniors Women’s Doubles 4. (5) Ross Chastain, Chevrolet, 150. Allie White 34-39—73 +2 two games after his violent home plate collision
Los Angeles 60 32 .652 — Second Round 5. (20) Dylan Lupton, Toyota, 150. Suzuka Yamaguchi 38-35—73 +2 with Los Angeles Angels C Jonathan Lucroy.
5 p.m. — Summer League: Croatia vs. Okla- Arizona 46 45 .505 13½ Kamilla Bartone, Latvia and Oksana Selekhme- 6. (16) Austin Wayne Self, Chevrolet, 150. Dori Carter 36-37—73 +2 American League
San Diego 45 45 .500 14 teva, Russia, def. Maria Camila Osorio Serra- 7. (7) Brett Moffitt, Chevrolet, 150. Celine Herbin 35-38—73 +2 HOUSTON ASTROS — Recalled LHP Framber
homa City, Las Vegas, Nev., ESPNU Colorado 44 45 .494 14½ no, Colombia and Robin Montgomery, United 8. (21) Spencer Davis, Toyota, 149. Erynne Lee 37-37—74 +3 Valdez from Round Rock (PCL).
KANSAS CITY ROYALS — Selected the con-
5:30 p.m. — Summer League: China vs. San Francisco 41 48 .461 17½
Tuesday’s Games
States, 6-4, 6-4.
Emma Navarro, United States and Chloe Beck
9. (28) Jeb Burton, Chevrolet, 149.
10. (11) Johnny Sauter, Ford, 148.
Natalie Gulbis
Rachel Rohanna
+3 tract of OF Bubba Starling from Omaha (PCL).
TEXAS RANGERS — Recalled LHP Kyle Bird
Phoenix, Las Vegas, Nev., NBA AL 4, NL 3 (7), United States, def. Holly Fischer, Britain 11. (26) Tyler Hill, Chevrolet, 148.
12. (14) Tyler Dippel, Chevrolet, 148.
Haeji Kang 35-39—74 +3
from Nashville (PCL). Sent OF Hunter Pence on
Friday’s Games and Matilda Mutavdzic, Britain, 6-3, 5-7, 6-4. Angela Stanford 35-39—74 +3
7 p.m. — Summer League: Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh (Archer 3-6) at Chicago Cubs (Dar- Giulia Morlet, France and Polina Kudermetova, 13. (4) Matt Crafton, Ford, 148. rehab assignment to Frisco (TL). Transferred
vish 2-4), 2:20 p.m. Russia, def. Adrienn Nagy, Hungary and Natsu- 14. (19) Codie Rohrbaugh, Chevrolet, 147. PGA Champions- RHP Kyle Dowdy on rehab assignment from
Sacramento, Las Vegas, Nev., ESPNU mi Kawaguchi (3), Japan, 4-6, 6-4, 7-5. 15. (10) Brennan Poole, Toyota, 147. Frisco to Nashville.
Washington (Strasburg 10-4) at Philadelphia
(Pivetta 4-3), 6:05 p.m. Funa Kozaki, Japan and Amarissa Kiara Toth, 16. (24) Clay Greenfield, Toyota, 147. Bridgestone SENIOR National League
7:30 p.m. — Summer League: Indiana vs. ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — Placed C Yadier
L.A. Dodgers (Maeda 7-5) at Boston (Rodri-
guez 9-4), 7:10 p.m.
Hungary, def. Carlota Martinez Cirez, Spain
and Ane Mintegi del Olmo, Spain, 6-4, 6-1.
17. (3) Todd Gilliland, Toyota, 145.
18. (23) Mason Massey IV, Chevrolet, 145. PLAYERS Championship Molina on the 10-day IL, retroactive to July 8.
Los Angeles Clippers, Las Vegas, Nev., NBA Activated INF Matt Carpenter from the 10-day
N.Y. Mets (Vargas 3-4) at Miami (Smith 4-4), Aubane Droguet, France and Selena Janicije- 19. (8) Ben Rhodes, Ford, 141. Scores IL. Purchased the contract of LHP Chasen
9 p.m. — Summer League: Portland vs. 7:10 p.m.
San Francisco (Anderson 3-2) at Milwaukee
vic, France, def. Hurricane Tyra Black, United
States and Shavit Kimchi (8), Israel, 7-5, 6-0.
20. (30) Josh Bilicki, Chevrolet, 140.
21. (2) Sheldon Creed, Chevrolet, 131.
Thursday Shreve from Memphis (PCL). Optioned LHP
At Firestone CC Tyler Webb and OF Rangel Ravelo to Memphis.
Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Nev., ESPNU (Anderson 4-2), 8:10 p.m. Joanna Garland, Chinese Taipei and Sohyun 22. (31) Jennifer Jo Cobb, Chevrolet, 127.
23. (27) Brandon Jones, Toyota, Accident, 64.
Akron, Ohio Transferred RHP Jordan Hicks to the 60-day IL.
Arizona (Ray 6-6) at St. Louis (Wainwright 5-7), Park (4), Republic of Korea, def. Alexandra Purse: $2.8 million
9:30 p.m. — Summer League: Atlanta vs. 8:15 p.m. Vecic, Germany and Valentina Ryser, Switzer- 24. (1) Grant Enfinger, Ford, Accident, 64. Yardage: 7,400; Par: 70 (35-35)
National Basketball Association
Cincinnati (Gray 5-5) at Colorado (Gray 9-6), land, 6-4, 6-4. 25. (13) Gus Dean, Chevrolet, Accident, 63. First Round
San Antonio, Las Vegas, Nev., NBA 8:40 p.m. Abigail Forbes, United States and Savannah 26. (12) Chad Finley, Chevrolet, Accident, 55. 63 golfers did not finish round
NBA — Named Kate Jhaveri chief marketing
Atlanta (Keuchel 2-2) at San Diego (Lamet 0-1), Broadus, United States, def. Martyna Kubka, 27. (17) Natalie Decker, Toyota, Accident, 53.
POKER 10:10 p.m. Poland and Weronika Baszak, Poland, 6-4, 7-5. 28. (29) Camden Murphy, Chevrolet, Engine,
Ken Duke
Tommy Tolles
ATLANTA HAWKS — Signed F Jabari Parker.
Saturday’s Games Anastasia Tikhonova, Russia and Alina Char- 43. CHICAGO BULLS — Re-signed G Ryan Arci-
8 p.m. — World Series of Poker: Day 7 Pittsburgh (Lyles 5-5) at Chicago Cubs (Lester aeva (2), Russia, def. Kristyna Lavickova, 29. (25) Spencer Boyd, Chevrolet, Accident, 41.
David McKenzie 35-35—70 diacono.
Bob Estes 35-36—71 DALLAS MAVERICKS — Re-signed F Dorian
action from the 50th No-Limit Hold’em Main 8-6), 2:20 p.m. Czech Republic and Fruhvirtova Linda, Czech 30. (15) Jordan Anderson, Chevrolet, Accident, Woody Austin 35-36—71
N.Y. Mets (Syndergaard 6-4) at Miami (Gallen Republic, 4-6, 7-6, 6-3. 41. Finney-Smith to a three-year contract.
Doug Garwood 32-40—72 MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES —Signed G Tyus
Event, Las Vegas, Nev., ESPN 0-1), 6:10 p.m. 31. (22) Austin Hill, Toyota, Engine, 28. Scott Dunlap 36-37—73
11 a.m. — World Series of Poker: Day 7
Arizona (Kelly 7-8) at St. Louis (Hudson 7-4),
7:15 p.m. Cycling 32. (18) Joe Nemechek, Chevrolet, Vibration,
Average Speed of Race Winner: 119.416 mph.
John Huston
Tom Gillis
MILWAUKEE BUCKS — Re-signed F Khris
action from the 50th No-Limit Hold’em Main
L.A. Dodgers (Stripling 3-3) at Boston (Sale
3-8), 7:15 p.m. Tour de France Results Time of Race: 1 Hrs, 53 Mins, 3 Secs. Margin of
Tommy Armour III
Jerry Smith
San Francisco (Bumgarner 5-7) at Milwaukee Thursday Victory: 7.373 Seconds. National Hockey League
Event, Las Vegas, Nev., ESPN2 (Davies 7-2), 7:15 p.m. At La Planche des Belles Filles, France Caution Flags: 5 for 33 laps.
Dan Forsman
Loren Roberts
DALLAS STARS — Signed C Jason Dickinson
Washington (Corbin 7-5) at Philadelphia (Nola Sixth Stage Lead Changes: 10 among 7 drivers. to a two-year contract.
SOCCER (MEN’S) 8-2), 7:15 p.m. A 99.7-mile ride from Mulhouse to La Planche Lap Leaders: S. Creed 1-36;T. Ankrum 37;G.
Rocco Mediate
Stephen Ames
des Belles Filles in the Vosges mountains, with Enfinger 38-59;B. Jones 60-64;M. Crafton Fagemo to a three-year entry-level contract.
6 p.m. — MLS: New England at D.C. United, Cincinnati (Roark 5-6) at Colorado (Freeland
2-6), 8:10 p.m. seven categorized climbs, including three Cat- 65-72;T. Ankrum 73-109;B. Moffitt 110-120;D.
egory 1s, the last a summit finish: Golfer SCORE THRU Joel Armia and Artturi Lehkonen to two-year
ESPN Atlanta (Teheran 5-6) at San Diego (TBD),
1. Dylan Teuns, Belgium, Bahrain-Merida,
Lupton 121;M. Crafton 122-124;B. Moffitt 125-
148;T. Ankrum 149-150.
Steve Stricker -5 17 contracts.
8:40 p.m. Paul Goydos -1 5
TENNIS 4:29:03. Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Lead, Laps SAN JOSE SHARKS — Re-signed Fs Dylan
Rangers 5, Astros 0 2. Giulio Ciccone, Italy, Trek-Segafredo, :11. Led): Tyler Ankrum 3 times for 40 laps; Sheldon
Ken Duke
Jay Haas
Gambrell and Antti Suomela.
7 a.m. — Wimbledon: Gentlemen’s Semifi- Houston Texas 3. Xandro Meurisse, Belgium, Wanty-Gobert,
Creed 1 time for 36 laps; Brett Moffitt 2 times Duffy Waldorf -1 12
Leason to a three-year entry level contract.
ab r h bi ab r h bi for 35 laps; Grant Enfinger 1 time for 22 laps;
nals, London, ESPN Sprnger cf 4 0 2 0 Choo dh 4 1 2 0 4. Geraint Thomas, Britain, Team Ineos, 1:44. Matt Crafton 2 times for 11 laps; Brandon Jones
Wes Short, Jr.
John Daly
American Hockey League
Altuve 2b 4 0 0 0 DShelds cf 5 1 1 0 5. Thibaut Pinot, France, Groupama-FDJ, 1:46. 1 time for 5 laps; Dylan Lupton 1 time for 1 lap. ECHL
WNBA BASKETBALL Bregman ss 1 0 1 0 Andrus ss 4 0 1 1 6. Julian Alaphilippe, France, Deceun- Miguel Angel Jiménez
Lee Janzen
7 p.m. — Phoenix at Connecticut, ESPN2 Straw ss 2 0 1 0 Mazara rf 4 0 1 0
Brntley lf 4 0 1 0 Gallo lf 4 1 1 1
inck-QuickStep, same time.
7. Nairo Quintana, Colombia, Movistar Team,
Golf Corey Pavin
Bart Bryant
Sheen coach.

Major League Soccer

9 p.m. — Dallas at Seattle, CBSSN Alvarez dh 4 0 1 0 Da.Sntn 1b 4 1 1 0
LPGA Tour - Marathon
Gurriel 3b 4 0 0 0 Guzman 1b 0 0 0 0 8. Emanuel Buchmann, Germany, Bora-Hans-
John Deere Classic Par COLUMBUS CREW — Named Steve Lyons
Saturday Reddick rf 3 0 1 0 Odor 2b 3 1 2 2
White 1b 3 0 0 0 A.Cbrra 3b 3 0 1 0
grohe, same time.
9. Jakob Fuglsang, Denmark, Astana Pro Classic Par Scores
Thursday Scores
executive vice president, chief business officer.
Traded F Patrick Mullins to Toronto for F Jor-
Team, 1:53. dan Hamilton, a 2019 international roster spot,
AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL Kemp ph 1 0 0 0 Mathis c 3 0 1 1
R.Chrns c 3 0 0 0 10. Mikel Landa, Spain, Movistar Team, same At Highland Meadows Golf Club Thursday
At TPC Deere Run $50,000 in Targeted Allocation Money and the
time. Sylvania, Ohio Right of First Refusal for an unnamed player.
10 p.m. — Greater West Sydney at Rich- Totals 33 0 7 0 Totals 34 5 11 5
11. Richie Porte, Australia, Trek-Segafredo, Purse: $1.75 million Silvis, Ill.
FC CINCINNATI — Signed D Kendall Waston to
Houston 000 000 000—0 Purse: $6 million
Yardage: 6,561; Par 71 (34-37)
mond, FS2 Texas 401 000 00x—5 same time.
12. Egan Bernal, Colombia, Team Ineos, same First Round Yardage: 7,268; Par 71 (35-36) a contract extension.
ORLANDO CITY — Acquired M Robinho from
DP_Houston 1, Texas 1. LOB_Houston 8, Tex- First Round
AUTO RACING as 9. 2B_Springer (11), DeShields (9), Gallo time.
Alena Sharp
a-denotes amateur
31-33—64 -7 Roberto Díaz 31-31—62 -9 Columbus Crew SC for $50,000 in Targeted
(15), Odor 2 (16). 13. Adam Yates, Britain, Mitchelton-Scott, 1:58. Adam Long 31-33—64 -7 Allocation Money (TAM).
4:55 a.m. — Formula One: The British IP H R ER BB SO 14. Daniel Martin, Ireland, UAE Team Emirates, Youngin Chun 30-34—64 -7
Russell Henley 32-32—64 -7 Confederation of North, Central America and
Houston same time. Azahara Munoz 33-32—65 -6 Caribbean Association Football
Grand Prix, practice session 2, England, Stacy Lewis 30-35—65 -6 Martin Laird 33-32—65 -6
F.Valdez L,3-5 2-3 4 4 4 3 0 15. Rigoberto Uran, Colombia, EF Education Andrew Landry 32-33—65 -6 CONCACAF — Named Nicholas Noble director
First, 2:02. Caroline Masson 32-33—65 -6 of communications.
ESPN2 Devenski
1 1-3 1 0 0
5 6 1 1 1
16. Michael Woods, Canada, EF Education Jenny Haglund 31-34—65 -6 Vaughn Taylor
Ryan Palmer
First, same time. Lexi Thompson 31-35—66 -5 IOWA — Announced men’s graduate bas-
11 a.m. — FIA Formula E: qualifying, New James
1 0 0 0 0 1
17. George Bennett, New Zealand, Team Jum- Carlota Ciganda 30-36—66 -5 Zack Sucher 34-31—65 -6
ketball G Bakari Evelyn has transferred from
Clariss Guce 33-33—66 -5 Ryan Blaum 33-32—65 -6
York City, N.Y., FS2 Lynn W,12-4 7 6 0 0 2 11 bo-Visma, same time.
18. Enric Mas, Spain, Deceuninck-QuickStep, Jeongeun Lee6 33-33—66 -5 Denny McCarthy 33-33—66 -5 Valparaiso.
NEW JERSEY CITY — Announced the addition
Leclerc 1 1 0 0 0 0 Austin Cook 34-32—66 -5
1 p.m. — IndyCar Racing: qualifying, Toronto Ch.Martin 1 0 0 0 0 1 2:17. Ashleigh Buhai
Cheyenne Knight
-4 Ted Potter, Jr. 33-33—66 -5 of women’s golf as an NCAA varsity program.
Umpires_Home, Mike Winters; First, Rob 19. Bauke Mollema, Netherlands, Trek-Sega- Daniel Berger 33-33—66 -5 Announced men’s golf coach Joseph Yeck was
2:30 p.m., NBCSN Drake; Second, Mike Muchlinski; Third, Tim fredo, 2:19. Brooke M. Henderson
Sei Young Kim
-4 Joaquin Niemann 31-35—66 -5 appointed women’s golf coach and elevated to
Timmons. 20. Steven Kruijswijk, Netherlands, Team Jum- Cameron Tringale 32-34—66 -5 full-time status.
1 p.m. — FIA Formula E: Championship T_3:02. A_37,964 (49,115). bo-Visma, same time. Linnea Strom 35-32—67 -4
Dylan Frittelli 33-33—66 -5 MINNESOTA STATE — Named Brian Sebera
Also Aditi Ashok 31-36—67 -4 and Ben Held assistant track and field coaches.
Prerace, New York City, N.Y., FOX Bill Haas 33-33—66 -5

3 p.m. — FIA Formula E: New York City Tennis 39. Tejay van Garderen, United States, EF Ed-
ucation First, 8:00.
82. Ben King, United States, Dimension Data,
Jodi Ewart Shadoff
Jennifer Kupcho
Alana Uriell
Brendon Todd
Cameron Davis
SHENANDOAH — Promoted Elsebeth Birman
to women’s lead assistant basketball coach.
WINTHROP — Announced men’s redshirt
E-Prix, New York City, N.Y., FOX Wimbledon Results 17:46. Pavarisa Yoktuan 32-36—68 -3 Nick Taylor
Ollie Schniederjans
-4 freshman basketball F DJ Burns has trans-
LONDON — Results Thursday from Wimble- 115. Joey Rosskopf, United States, CCC, Karine Icher 34-34—68 -3 ferred from Tennessee.
Brandon Harkins 35-32—67 -4
4B Friday, July 12, 2019 The Dispatch •

Baseball has issues beyond a juiced ball

irst the players, now the “Manipulation of the It’s an easy target, even if All-Star team, Jorge Polanco, over the years has proven
ball. Home runs are sky- baseball is a great conspiracy other factors are also contrib- who sat out half of last season resistant to change. And we’re
rocketing, and once again theory,” Manfred said Tuesday uting to the surge in long balls. after being caught taking the just getting to the point where
Major League Baseball officials at the All-Star Game in Cleve- Put together they’re giving steroid Stanozolol. it’s obvious to any casual fan
claim they land. “How you manipulate a baseball a problem in the way So it’s not just the ball, that the game is different in its
don’t know the human-dominated handmade the game itself is played. which Manfred says has been current form — and not in a
reason why. manufacturing process in any Batters no longer fear strike studied extensively by experts good way.
Then again, consistent way, it’s a smarter outs or low averages. They’re who find no difference other Baseball resumes in earnest
it might be that human being than I.” concerned with uppercut than a decrease in the amount Friday with a lot of issues.
they’re just not Don’t tell that to pitchers swings and launch angles, and of drag in flight. A lot has to Attendance is down for the
looking hard like Justin Verlander, who don’t worry about protecting do with the way the game is second straight year, dropping
enough. say they can tell something is the plate with two strikes. being played in the analytics nearly 500 fans a game after
Unlike the different just by how the ball Pitchers, meanwhile, throw era, and the players themselves being down 4 percent the
players, the Tim feels in their hands. He and harder than ever, and are who seem to get stronger every year before, while the All-Star
ball still looks Dahlberg a few other outspoken pitch- rewarded with more strikeouts year. Game drew its lowest rating
the same. Com- ers believe the ball has been than ever. The flip side is the Still changing the ball might ever on TV.
missioner Rob Manfred said it changed, no matter how much balls that batters do make be the easiest way to change Meanwhile, only one divi-
tests much the same as before, MLB protests otherwise. contact with tend to fly further the perception, at least, that sion has a heated race, games
too, though he conceded there And in a game defined than they have before. home runs are killing baseball. seem to take forever, and the
might be less drag on the ball by numbers, the home run Almost everyone tries to hit “We just haven’t made a cost of taking a family of four
than there was in the past. numbers certainly suggest the it deep, no matter the situation. decision on that,” Manfred to the ballpark is prohibitive.
So why are batters teeing off same thing. There are no hit-and-runs, no said. “Changing the baseball Yes, the ball is part of the
at a rate nearing three home If you enjoyed the Home hitting behind the runner, and is a mechanism by which you problem. So many more of
runs a game, a 19 percent Run Derby the other night, the bunt is on the disappearing could manage the way the them are going over fences
increase from a year before? you’ll enjoy this MLB season. list. game is being played. We hav- than before that it has to be.
Why are hitters on a pace to Every night is Home Run And, let’s face it, there are en’t missed that idea. But if we But fixing the ball won’t fix
hit 1,000 more home runs than Derby, it seems, as balls fly still juiced players in Major were going to do it, we would everything that ails the game.
the Steroids Era high mark of out of stadiums like they were League Baseball. If anyone do it in a way that was transpar- Tim Dahlberg is a nation-
5,693 in 2000? propelled by rocket fuel. doubts that steroids are still not ent to the media and the fans in al sports columnist for The
Good question, Manfred And the suspicion, after an issue in baseball, look no advance.” Associated Press. Write to him
says, but it’s not because any- years of being on the players, further than the starting short- Manfred has a difficult at or http://
one juiced the ball. has now fallen on the ball. stop for the American League balancing act in a sport that

Continued from Page 1B
“Quite frankly it’s unheard Schaefer received standout MVP for the tournament, she Schaefer said he was also persist. Yet with a group com-
of,” Schaefer said of a team as play from his freshman class had to have been in the con- encouraged by the play of prised of seven freshmen and
young as his finishing second — most notably five-star Mc- versation. freshman guards JaMya Min- sophomores, there’s plenty to
in the world. “But it’s a real Donald’s All-American Rickea The Bulldogs also boast- go-Young and Jayla Hem- be excited about regarding
credit to these kids and how Jackson. ed noteworthy performances ingway — both of whom will this young Bulldog basketball
they’ve got such a tremendous Jackson’s offensive pedi- from sophomore forward/cen- help shoulder the loss of de- team as the season nears.
competitive spirit and fire and gree shone throughout the ter Jessika Carter. parted point guard Jazzmun
“What these kids and my
I’m just really encouraged by competition, most notably Carter notched 28 points Holmes.“Jayla and JaMya
the improvement these kids in a 28-point outburst in the and 22 rebounds against Chi- coming off the bench were my staff did to get these kids
made throughout their two semifinals against Japan and nese Taipei and earned the best combo mostly the whole ready I’m really proud of and
weeks over here.” a 33-point affair against Chi- game winning and-one in a tournament,” he said. I leave here looking to the fu-
With the lack of veterans on nese Taipei. friendly against Japan with As the team begins its jour- ture knowing we are going to
a team that will look to replace Schaefer said Wednesday 4.5 seconds left for three of ney back to Starkville Thurs- be really, really good,” Schae-
four starters come November, he believed if there was a her 24 points in the game. day, the sting of defeat will fer said.

Continued from Page 1B
tells them. I’ll tell you writing about Craft beer is the way to my until the day I die. Same goes for any criticism
I’m looking forward to plen- myself isn’t my favorite thing heart, and I’m always down Lastly and most important- you may have. Again, we may
ty of firsts in my career here: to do - we typically want to go for road trips - seeing all the ly, I’d like to deliver a quick not always agree, but I do
the first Egg Bowl I cover. The into this business to tell the history Vicksburg has to offer message to the wonderful promise to listen nonetheless.
first time the Bulldogs pull stories of others, not our own is the next item on my list. I readers of The Dispatch. I’d It’s going to be a wonderful
an upset for the ages. A high - but I’ll do my best to give you mastered the spelling of Mis- like to think of myself as a ride in the Golden Triangle,
school team that lives up to a brief summary. sissippi in second grade, little pretty accessible person. I will and I’m looking forward to
expectations. A high school I’m a college sports junk- did I know that would prove do my best to respond to any embarking on it.
team that comes out of no- ie (probably being Captain useful decades later. If any- calls/emails with story sug- Garrick Hodge is the sports
where and surprises everyone Obvious here, but whatever) one wants to talk barbeque gestions. Even if for whatever editor for The Dispatch. Fol-
with a successful season. On and love the NFL, MLB, NHL cuisine, I will defend Kansas reason the story never comes low him on Twitter @Garrick_
and on the list goes. and occasionally the NBA. City’s honor and BBQ sauce to fruition, I will always listen. Hodge.

Continued from Page 1B
If it’s going to help to have she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar just trained and I trained and I After hurting an ankle in nership with Andy Murray in
a reminder that Halep is capa- that she met with a therapist trained to get physically more the Australian Open quar- mixed doubles at Wimbledon
ble of beating her because she and wrote to Osaka to apolo- fit. So I’m definitely at a dif- terfinals, Williams ended up helped her volleying in sin-
DID beat her once, why not fo- gize for the whole episode. ferent place,” Williams said. wasting a big lead and exiting. gles. “So it’s all kind of coming
cus on THAT? As for the loss to Kerber at “Yeah, I didn’t have the prepa- Then she pulled out of match- together.”
Plus, Williams enters her the All England Club? ration coming into Wimble- es or missed tournaments en- That sentiment sounds like
11th final at the All England “I don’t remember much. I don of training for two weeks, tirely because of an illness or a it could be trouble for Halep,
Club well aware that she has just remember I was tired and even. So that would have been bad left knee. who is 1-3 in Grand Slam finals
lost her past two champion- Angie played unbelievable. nice.” Following a third-round loss
so far, with the one title com-
ship matches at Grand Slam I actually was sad, but I was She’s been dealing with at the French Open on June
ing at Roland Garros last year.
tournaments — against Angel- also proud of myself. There those sorts of issues since re- 1, Williams underwent treat-
ique Kerber at Wimbledon and was nothing I could do in turning to the tour last year ment in Paris before resuming This will be Halep’s first
against Naomi Osaka at the that match. I did everything I after taking time off while hav- preparations about 1½ weeks final at Wimbledon. The oppo-
U.S. Open, both in 2018. could. Physically I just wasn’t ing a baby. before Wimbledon began. nent is not ideal.
The latter descended into there,” Williams said Thurs- Now her daughter, Olympia, Look where she is now. “I’m desperate to win Wim-
chaos after Williams was pe- day after easily winning her is nearly 2; Williams held her “I’m in a different place, be- bledon more than to stop her,”
nalized a game for a heated ar- semifinal 6-1, 6-2 against Bar- in an arm while cooling down cause I wasn’t really playing said Halep, who defeated Elina
gument with the chair umpire. bara Strycova. on a stationary bike at the All a month ago, like, at all,” said Svitolina 6-1, 6-3 in the semifi-
She said in a first-person essay “I remember after that, I England Club this week. Williams, who thinks her part- nals. “I will focus on myself.”

Continued from Page 1B
For some of them, even 1960s. — most of them volunteers — is meant to ensure people don’t “We only see each other
that wasn’t early enough. Only “I was 13 at the time. Queued work around the clock to make arrive early to get a numbered once a year, but then it’s like it
about 500 tickets are made up on the pavement,” Lewis sure it runs as smoothly as pos- queue card before leaving to was yesterday,” Kean said.
available most days for each said. “Saw Rod Laver play Tony sible. return at a later time. The stew- Wimbledon prides itself
of Centre Court, No. 1 Court Roche in the final.” “If you go there, you first ards rarely have to intervene, on being one of the few major
and No. 2 Court. Several thou- For decades, the queue itself think, ‘God this is absolute cha- though, because it’s a system sports events where fans can
sand grounds passes are also started just outside the gates of os, it’s just a mass of people,’” that largely polices itself, Keane still show up on the day and
available each day — the exact the All England Club, with peo- Pearce said. “But when they get said. buy tickets at the gates. But in
number varies — which allow ple pitching their tents on the up they walk in a well-orderly “We try in the nicest possi- an age of online resellers and
access to the smaller courts. sidewalk. But as the numbers line.” ble way to police it and manage corporate packages, it faces in-
Alex Leonidis and Ryan grew, so did the problems. For many, it’s the most Brit- it,” he said. “It’s not the easiest creased pressure to find a more
Kirkman, two 23-year-olds “It was great, but it wasn’t ish thing imaginable. thing at times, I have to say. modern way of selling all of its
from London, were around terribly comfortable for people, “We love a good queue,” Leo- But given we might get 120,000 seats. But Lewis said there are
250th in line — meaning they and potentially the stewards nidis quipped. people through the queue over no plans to change the queuing
were assured of succeeding in might have got hit by cars,” But there’s more to it than the fortnight, we get a relatively system any time soon.
their goal of seeing Roger Fed- chief steward Nick Pearce said. just standing in line. People small number of incidents that “I think it’s a good exam-
erer on Centre Court. So in 2008, the whole queue pass the time by playing games we have to resolve.” ple where technology could
“Last year we camped out was moved to Wimbledon Park, and engaging in impromptu For some, the queue can change things if you wanted to,
one night and got tickets to where thousands of people contests. Even a tennis tourna- even be the birthplace of life- but you’d think very carefully
No. 1 Court. But we’re willing gather each day and get orga- ment is held every year. long friendships. Kean was before you did it away with be-
to push it to three for Federer,” nized into neat rows based on In 2012, they even organized only a few tents away from Julia cause it does seem to be so pop-
Leonidis said. what time they arrived. Food their own version of the London Saunders of Norfolk, who has ular,” Lewis said. “It’s almost
“He’s a must for us,” Kirk- stalls and portable toilets are Olympics in the park. One of also been coming for decades. a rite of passage. I wouldn’t do
man added. “These days you set up nearby and each morning the events was to set up a gaze- She was on hand when Cliff away with it in a hurry, I must
never know when he might re- the long line of people snakes bo fastest, while blindfolded. Richard sang on Centre Court admit.”
tire. It could be our last chance.” along the outskirts of a pictur- There are some strict guide- in 1996, and remembers Andy That’s good news for Kean,
The queuing tradition at esque golf course, through a se- lines for proper behavior, Roddick coming over to spend who has plans to celebrate her
Wimbledon dates back to at curity check, across a covered though, all laid out in the of- time in the queue one year 70th birthday in the queue as
least the 1920s. Even Richard pedestrian bridge over Church ficial guide to queuing that is when he was still playing. well.
Lewis, who is now the chief ex- Road and into the tournament handed out by the All England Kean and Saunders have “As long as I can get out of
ecutive of the All England Club, grounds. Club. Don’t leave your place in become good friends through the tent without someone hav-
remembers spending a night on It’s such a large operation the line for more than 30 min- the years and make sure they ing to haul me out,” she said,
the street as a teenager in the that more than 300 stewards utes, for instance — a rule that arrive at the same time. “I’ll continue to come.”
The Dispatch • Friday, July 12, 2019 5B


Indians’ Carrasco not slowing down as he fights leukemia

By TOM WITHERS the first time since his life took All-Star Game. All-Star Game, Carrasco walked Clevinger, who was sitting in
The Associated Press a dramatic, unexpected turn. While he everything feels on the field for Major League one of the dugout suites, said
As he dealt with so many un- normal when he’s on the mound, Baseball’s “Stand Up To Can- seeing Carrasco embraced like
CLEVELAND — Carlos Car- knowns, Carrasco said he’s nev- Carrasco doesn’t know if he’ll cer” salute along with Francona that was special.
rasco’s smile remains bright, er once asked “why me” after be able to pitch for the Indians and All-Star teammates Fran- “As hard as it was too watch,
his mood and outlook as positive learning of his condition. again this season. cisco Lindor, Carlos Santana, it was really moving,” Clevinger
as ever.
“I’m not that kind of person,” “Man, I don’t know,” he said. Shane Bieber and Brad Hand. said. “It was good to see him feel
Outwardly, the
he said. “If it’s happened, it’s for “I’m just here. I’m just going to As the group stood in the that. I know he knew how much
Indians’ right-
a reason.” take it day by day. I don’t know. third-base coach’s box, Car- support was out there, but to
hander doesn’t
Carrasco said he first knew I don’t have the answer, but I’m rasco held a sign that read: “I really feel that not just from the
seem different.
He’s determined something was wrong after glad to be here around my team- Stand” while the other Indians league, but feel it from across
not to let cancer he took his annual physical at mates.” held placards that said: “Cook- America, behind the scenes
change him. the start of spring training in Carrasco said he’s been over- ie,” Carrasco’s nickname. even when you looked at Twitter
“I never put Arizona. But after more blood whelmed by the support he’s re- When the group was shown afterward.
anything bad on Carrasco work was done, doctors at The ceived from teammates, coach- on the ballpark’s giant score- When he arrives each day
my mind,” Car- Cleveland Clinic told him he had es and Cleveland’s fans. board, the crowd erupted with at Progressive Field, Carrasco
rasco said. “Everything’s good. a treatable form of leukemia but During his interview session, loud cheers. said he’s quickly greeted with
So I don’t feel different. I just that he could continue pitching manager Terry Francona stood Francona described the pow- hugs from teammates.
push myself to work more and as long as he felt up to it. just a few away from the popu- erful moment as perfect. Shortly after the Indians
get stronger.” He’s barely slowed down. lar starter, another sign of the “Holy smokes,” he said. “You learned about his condition, a
Diagnosed with chronic my- Carrasco has been throwing club’s devotion. talk about putting an exclama- meeting was held without him
eloid leukemia last month, the bullpen sessions, doing some On Tuesday night, Carrasco tion point on it. It was incredi- at which Lindor, Santana and
32-year-old Carrasco spoke to recent workouts at Lake County felt all of baseball’s love. ble.” others pledged to win for their
media members Thursday for (A) while Cleveland hosted the During the fifth inning of the Indians pitcher Mike ailing teammate.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: ple of times now, health of your business.
I own a and each time DEAR ABBY: My husband
small retail she says she’ll is 67 and at least 45 pounds
shop. One of my do better, but she overweight. His breasts could
employees (I’ll hasn’t. fill a C-cup bra, and his belly
call her Sara) has Abby, she’s looks nine months pregnant.
been with us for a been through Problem is, he wears running
number of years. so much, I’m shorts around the house and
Until recently reluctant to add no shirt. Everything hangs out
she’s been a stel- to her trauma by regardless of whether we’re
lar employee. She letting her go, but alone or have family visiting.
has been through I feel I’m being It’s embarrassing.
ZITS several traumas backed into a When I ask him to dress or
during the past corner here. Is at least put on a shirt, he says
year, including there a solution it’s his home, he can dress any
the death of her I’m not seeing way he wants, and if someone
father, unexpect- Dear Abby or something I disapproves, they can leave.
ed injuries and can say that will That’s exactly what I am ready
medical bills, and help resolve this to do. I am disgusted seeing
finding out that her husband without having to let her go? him look like this. Also, when
had molested her teenage There isn’t any work currently
we are alone, he tends to skin-
daughter and other girls as available that doesn’t require
ny dip in our swimming pool.
well. It has been enough to customer interaction, or else
drive anyone over the edge of I’m afraid our 18-year
I’d ask her to do that. —­ BAD
emotional stability, and she FOR BUSINESS marriage is over. For the last
has been noticeably struggling. DEAR B.F.B.: You are a five years we have lived like
Sara has seen a doctor and caring employer — more than roommates with separate bed-
GARFIELD is seeing a therapist for this, most would be, considering rooms. Do you agree I should
leave? He flat-out refuses any
but she’s still having a difficult the shape that retail is in
time. These things don’t heal these days. Talk to Sara again. counseling for us. — LOOKING
overnight. I understand that. Explain that you are receiving THE OTHER WAY
Brick-and-mortar retail pret- complaints from customers DEAR LOOKING: You are
ty much runs on presenting a and what they have been say- asking me a question I can’t
cheerful face, happily engaging ing. Give her another chance answer for you. Because your
with customers and answering to improve. If one of your other husband refuses counseling
their questions -- something employees can cover for Sara doesn’t mean you couldn’t
Sara has been emotionally for a week or two, let Sara benefit from talking to some-
unable to do. Customers have have a brief leave of absence one, in light of the fact that
begun complaining to me about to regroup. However, if the you are contemplating such a
her moodiness and saying she complaints persist, let her go, life-changing decision. Please
has been ignoring them. I’ve because what’s going on isn’t go, because the answer to your
talked to her about this a cou- about her or you, it’s about the question lies within yourself.
TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (July true, you just haven’t found the you will follow the same lines
12). Success means something right mentor. of thoughts across the board,
different to you now than it did TAURUS (April 20-May 20). but they will not — that is, not
last year. The new criteria will People may talk about what they without your leadership.
include certain hard evidence like, how they treat people and LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
— results you want to see. Your how they want to be treated, From the outside, it may seem
approach gets more organized, but words can be unreliable that everyone on the inside is
your focus more singular. You’ll predictors, especially these getting along, feeling the team
flow around disruptions and just days. Count what you witness spirit and basking in a sense of
keep going until you reach the over what you hear. belonging. Of course, this is not
goal. Family will grow in 2020. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). how groups typically work. The
Virgo and Aquarius adore you. Like sailors singing a chantey best ones are held together with
BABY BLUES Your lucky numbers are: 20, 28, song in the face of rough seas, tension.
14, 12 and 6. people will feel stronger as they VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
ARIES (March 21-April 19). unite in the language of sound, It’s not that you have some
These doubts are normal, but especially chanting, rhythm and, burning piece of information
stop it anyway. Your hopes and of course, music. to share. It’s just that shar-
wishes are not unreasonable CANCER (June 22-July ing, sharing anything, is so
fantasies that will never hap- 22). No one is just like you. It important right now. Satisfy your
pen. They are well within your is easy to mistakenly believe craving to connect.
grasp. If you don’t feel this is that people who are a little like LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
People can be like wallpaper in
a design catalogue, the same
patterns repeating page after
page. Maybe the colors and the
scale shift, but at some point,
you know what you can expect
BEETLE BAILEY when you turn the page.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). There’s a movie going on in
your mind. You have to turn off
the drama on this small screen
before you can see what’s actu-
ally happening in world beyond.
21). Most days are not as
black-and-white as this one, but
right now, there are clear-cut
delineations and goals that are
either met or not met. Almost
doesn’t count.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
MALLARD FILLMORE 19). Nothing brings out your
best like pressure. It would be
so much more comfortable and
enjoyable if you could work as
fast and as brilliantly out of
sheer inspiration, but this isn’t
how things work. Pressure is
the way.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). Complaining is boring to
those who aren’t sharing the
undesirable experience. It might
even be boring to those who
are. In any case, you’ll avoid
hearing or stating complaints as
FAMILY CIRCUS you dive into more interesting
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). The amount of personal
energy you have to throw at a
problem will depend on last
night’s sleep, your diet and your
emotional well-being. Address
these areas to set yourself up
for future success.

A round of drinks
6B Friday, July 12, 2019 The Dispatch •

Religious briefs
2008 7th Ave. N., hosts an Appre- for Praise Ministry in Starkville. The Parsonage available. Paid salary. To
Vacation Bible School ciation Program 4-6 p.m. July 20 public is invited to attend. apply or for more information, call
Prayer for Youth
Bethel Baptist Church, 3232 Mil- Every 2nd and 3rd Saturday,
for First Lady Peoples. The public is 205-662-4565 or 205-609-0805.
itary Road, concludes its Vacation Pleasant Ridge Faith Center hosts a
Bible School, “In the Wild”, from
invited to attend. Vacation Bible School
6-8:30 p.m. July 12 for children 3 Sixteenth Section M.B. Church, Grief Share Support prayer for the youth from 2-3 p.m.
Pastor’s Anniversary 1515 Old West Point Rd. in A grief share support group
yrs.-6th grade. The public is invited
to attend. Program Starkville, hosts its Vacation Bible meets at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday Prayer, Free Coffee
Stephen Chapel Baptist Church, School 6-8:30 p.m. nightly July through July 30 at the Mission, Mount Zion Missionary Baptist
22-26. Theme is “Managing What 2494 E. Church Hill Road, in West Church, 2221 14th Ave. N., hosts
Family Fun Night 2008 7th Ave. N., hosts its Pastor
J.L. Peoples 47th Pastor’s Anniversa- Belongs”, Psalms 24:1. The public is Point. free coffee and a prayer community
Bethel Baptist Church, 3232 Mili- invited to attend. For more infor-
tary Road, hosts its Family Fun Night ry Program at 3 p.m. July 21. Guest outreach service from 8-9 a.m. every
at 6 p.m. July 12. Bounce house, speaker will be the Rev. Tyrone Orr of mation, call Sis. Sharon B. Rogers,
Forgive and Live 5th Saturday. For information, contact
water slide, BBQ and hots dogs Springhill M.B. Church. The public is Forgive and Live meets from 6-7 Jesse Slater, 662-328-4979.
available. Free event. The public is invited to attend. p.m. every 1st and 3rd Monday of
invited to attend. Summer Revival Services each month in the downtown YMCA Radio Program
Church Anniversary/ Mt. Olive M.B. Church, 2020
Atkins Rd. in Millport, Alabama,
Board Room. Inquire and seek infor- Apostles Patrick Perkins invites
Church Anniversary/ Homecoming hosts its Summer Revival services 7
mation to succeed spiritually, phys-
ically and financially and be eager
the public to tune in to WTWG, radio
Homecoming Mt. Peiler M.B. Church, 840 Hwy.
389 in Starkville, hosts its 128th
p.m. nightly July 22-24. Rev. James to be a blessing to the community, 1050 AM for Perfecting the Saints
St. Matthew M.B. Church, 1213 Porter of Mt. Olive Church will bring churches and families through the Broadcast, Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.
Island Road, hosts its Annual Church Church Anniversary/Homecoming
the message. The public is invited Word of God. The public is invited
Anniversary and Homecoming at Program at 11 a.m. July 21. Guest
speaker will be the Rev. Carlton
to attend. to attend. For more information, call Women Prayer,
10:45 a.m. July 14. Guest speaker
Fisher of New Bethel M.B. Church
Pat Fisher Douglas, 662-251-5899. Worship Service
will be Pastor Willie B. Logan. The
in Maben. The public is invited to Vacation Bible School Church of the Eternal Word, 106
public is invited to attend.
attend. Tenth Avenue Church of Christ, Fellowship Dinner, Youth 22nd St. S., holds a prayer and wor-

Church Anniversary
1828 10th Ave. N., hosts its Vaca-
tion Bible School 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Service ship service every Thursday from 5-6

Mt. Pelier M.B. Church, 1162

Pastoral Anniversary nightly July 22-25. Ages 4-Adults.
Pleasant Ridge Faith Center, p.m. Call Marie Nabors, 662-549-
4322 or 662-329-1234, for prayer
Pleasant Grove Full Gospel Bap- 923 Ridge Road, Columbus, hosts a
Mayhew Rd. in Mayhew, hosts its Refreshments will be served. For fellowship dinner and youth service requests.
tist Church, 13447 Old Macon Rd.,
125th Church Anniversary Program more information or to schedule a
hosts its 33rd Pastoral Anniversary every 3rd Sunday.
at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Guest speaker
will be the Rev. Gregory Wright of
for Pastor John Cox at 2 p.m. July
ride, call 662-329-2270. Prayer Ministry
Center Hill M.B. Church in Houlka.
21. Guest speaker will be Pastor
Summer Revival Services Gospel Book Club New Beginning Everlasting Out-
reach Ministry invites the public to
Bennie Coleman. For more informa- Friendship M.B. Church, 1102
The public is invited to attend. Zion Gate M.B. Church, 1202 call in with their prayer requests at
tion, call Linda Phillips, 662-425- 12th Ave. S., invites the public to
7845. 5th St. S., hosts its Summer Revival 662-327-9843.
join its Gospel Book Club from 6-7
12 Apostles of Christ services 7 p.m. nightly July 23-25.
p.m. every 4th Friday of each month
New Beginning Everlasting
Outreach Ministries hosts its 12
Family and Friends Day Guest speaker will be the Rev. Jerry
Black of Beulah Baptist Church in
to study and discuss one chapter of Prayer Service
Concord Independent Methodist the King James Bible each month. Church of the Eternal Word, 106
Apostles of Christ program at 3 p.m. Decatur, Georgia. The public is invit-
Church, 1235 Concord Rd., hosts its For more information, call Lillian 22nd. St. S., Columbus, holds prayer
July 14 at Charity Full Gospel Baptist ed to attend. Murray, 662-570-1974 or 662-570- service Thursday nights 5-6 p.m. Con-
Family and Friends Day program at
Church, 1524 6th Ave. S. For more 5595. tact Marie Nabors, 662-549-4322.
3 p.m. July 21. Special guest will be
information, call Pastor Mary Gavin,
662-327-9843 or 662-242-2051.
the Rev. Sammie White of Oakland Summer Revival Services Church service times: Sunday school
M.B. Church in Crawford and his Providence M.B. Church, 1406 Grief Support Group 10 a.m.; Sunday worship 11:15 a.m.;
Tuesday Bible study 7 p.m. For infor-
church family. The public is invited Nashville Ferry Rd. E., hosts its Sum- The Oil of Joy for Grief and
Vacation Bible School to attend. mer Revival services 7 p.m. nightly Mourning offers a grief support mation, call Pastor District Elder Lou
Truevine M.B. Church, 5606 July 24-26. The public is invited to group at 6 p.m. every 2nd Thursday Nabors, 662-329-1234.
Artesia Rd., hosts its Vacation Bible Women’s Day Program attend. of the month at United Christian
School from 6-8 p.m. nightly July 17- Friendship M.B. Church, 1102 Baptist Church, 232 Yorkville Road Fitness Transformations
19. The public is invited to attend.
For more information, call 662-418-
12th Ave. S., hosts its Women’s Day Summer Enrollment East. “Making your grieving journey The Transformational Church,
Program at 3 p.m. July 21. Theme is The Mississippi State School of easier.” For more information, call 2301 Jess Lyons Road, hosts boxing
6652. “Serving with a Purpose”, Ephesians Ministry will be taking applications 662-327-0604 or e-mail unitedchris- lessons Mondays and Wednesday
2:10. Special guest will be Pastor for enrollment for the Summer from 5-7 p.m., weight-loss boot
Summer Revival Services Tim Brinkly of Mt. Hermon M.B. semester degree programs begin- camp Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-7
Brick M.B. Church, 4572 Old
Macon Road, hosts its Summer
Church in West Point and his wife, ning July 11. Earn a Certification, Celebrate Recovery p.m. and both on Saturdays 9-11
Sis. Glenda Brinkly. The public is Associates, Bachelor, Master or The Assembly Church, 2201 Mili-
Revival services 7 p.m. nightly July invited to attend. Doctoral Degree in Divinity. For more tary Road, and Meadowview Church,
17-19. Guest speakers will be the information, call 662-425-8443. 300 Linden Circle in Starkville, host Youth Fellowship
Rev. Sammie Hill, the Rev. Darren Family and Friends Day Celebrate Recovery at 6 p.m. every The Transformational Church,
Harris Sr. and the Rev. Dr. Charles E.
Davidson. For more information, call
New Bell Zion U.M. Church hosts Minister of Music Sunday at The Assembly Church 2301 Jess Lyons Road, hosts Youth
its 2019 Family and Friends Day Liberty Assembly of God, 268 (next to Lowe’s) and at 6 p.m. every Fellowship from 7-8:30 p.m. every
662-574-8640. program at 3 p.m. July 21 in the Ruffin Road in Millport, Alabama, is Tuesday at Meadowview Church. Tuesday. Games, prayer, service,
Outreach Building, 3909 Old Hwy. in search of a minister of music for Get help, healing and support for food, & more. Transportation avail-
Appreciation Service 12 in Starkville. Guest speaker will its church services. Must be able any habit, hurt or hang-up using the able. For information, call Iris Rober-
Stephen Chapel Baptist Church, be the Rev. Petro Jordan of Purpose to play the piano and the organ. Christ-centered 12 steps. son, 662-295-7456.
The Dispatch
bidders that it will af-
firmatively insure that in Friday, July 12, 2019 7B
TRAFFIC WARNING SIGN any contract entered in-
(ENCAPSULATED LENS) to pursuant to this ad-
4 vertisement, minority GULF STATES AUTO

EA. business enterprise will Automotive Sales
be afforded full oppor- 2601 Buttermilk Rd
EROSION CONTROL tunity to submit bids in Cottondale, AL 35453

Easy online self-service for
response to this invita-
tion and will not be dis-
criminated against on
the grounds of race, col- classified
New inventory
or, or national origin in daily!
arriving ads available
TON consideration for an
or call
IZER (13:13:13) PLANS AND SPECIFICA- 662.328.2424
2009 Nissan Altima
0.54 TIONS are on file in the 2.5, 4dr, Gray,
TON Office of the Chancery 49K Miles, $6,900
Clerk of Oktibbeha 2012 Honda Accord
SEEDING County, the County En- EXL; 4dr, Silver,

0.54 gineer’s office and the 35K Miles, $11,900
AC. Office of the State Aid 2014 Honda Accord

(Deadlines subject to change.)

aUTO / PeTs
Engineer, 412 E. Woo-
drow Wilson Avenue,
Sport; 4dr, Black,
30K Miles, $14,900 gaRage sales
MeRcHaNdise Real esTaTe / HealTH Good: 1 Day.........................$10
ALS FOR MULCH Jackson, Mississippi. 2015 Honda Accord
1.08 This project shall be Sport; 4dr, Blue,
For Placing/Canceling Classified Line Ads: TON constructed in accord- 66K Miles, $12,900 Better: 3 Days......................$18
Good: 6 Days...........................$12anceGood: 12 Days........................$25
with the latest edi- 2006 Honda Accord Best: 6 Days.........................$34
Sunday Paper Deadline is Thursday 3:00 P.M. Better: 12 Days........................$18
TEMPORARY SILT tion of Best: 24 Days...........................$40
the Mississippi SE; Gray,
Monday Paper Deadline is Friday 12:00 P.M. FENCE
Best: 30 Days...........................$30
(TYPE I) (AOS Standard Specifications 116K Miles, $5,900 4 lines of text; addtl. lines $1 each.
0.15-0.84) for State6Aid lines
Road of and
text; addtl. 2008 lines
Honda$1 Accord
Tuesday Paper Deadline is Monday 12:00 P.M. 673.00 Bridge Construction. EXL; Silver, Includes FREE Garage Sale signs. Rain
Wednesday Paper Deadline is Tuesday 12:00 P.M. 6 lines of text; addtl. LIN. FT.lines $1 each. 117K Miles, $7,900 on the day of your sale? Call and we will
Thursday Paper Deadline is Wednesday 12:00 P.M. PLANS AND PROPOS- 2016 Honda Accord re-run your ad the next week FREE!
WATTLES, 20" ALS are being made Sport; 4dr, Gray,

Friday Paper Deadline is Thursday 12:00 P.M. 240.00 available via paper or di- 66K Miles, $14,900
LEGAL NOTICES must be submitted 3 business days LIN. FT. gital copy. Plan Holders 2017 Honda Accord
are required to log-in or Sport Special Edition,
prior to first publication date LOOSE RIPRAP (SIZE register for an account 4dr, Silver,
200 LB.) to view or order bid doc- 79K Miles, $14,900

eMPlOYMeNT & legals

161.00 uments at 2018 Honda Accord
TON www.pritchardengineer- Touring; 4dr, Red,
0 Legals 1780 Sitting with Elderly/Sick Bid 4000 Merchandise
docu- 48 Miles, $27,900
5000 Pets & Livestock 8000 Real Estate
GEOTEXTILE 1790 Stump Removal
UNDER RI- ments are 4030 Air Conditioners2017 Honda Civic
non-refund- 5100 Free Pets 8050 Commercial Property
1000 Service
PRAP (TYPE 1800 Swimming Poolsable and must be
V) (AOS 4060pur-
Antiques Hatchback EX; 4dr, 5150 Red,Pets 8100 Farms & Timberland
All employment and legal notices must be placed via email, 1030 Air Conditioning & Heating
0.21-0.43) 1830 Tax Service chased through 4090 the Appliances 26k Miles, $16,900 5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock 8150 Houses - Northside
phone or in-person. 1060 Appliance Repair 298.00 1860 Tree Service website. Questions re-
4120 Auctions 2017 Toyota Corolla5250 LE;Pet Boarding/Grooming 8200 Houses - East
1070 Asphalt & Paving SQ. YDS. 1890 Upholstery garding website registra- Red, 4dr, 5300 Supplies/Accessories

fRee BaRgaiN cOlUMN

4150 Baby Articles 8250 Houses - New Hope
Legal Advertisement 1090 Automotive Services 1910 Welding tion and online orders 20K Miles, 11,900
BRIDGE ITEMS please contact 4180 Bargain Column
Plan 5350 Veterinarians 8300 Houses - South
1120 Building & Remodeling
LOWNDES COUNTY HAS 2000 Announcements House at 662-407-4210 Bicycles SUVS: 5400 Wanted To Buy 8350 Houses - West
1150 Carpeting/Flooring
BEEN AWARDED FEDER- PILE SHOES2050 Card of Thanks 0193. For questions 4240 Building
re- Materials 8450 Houses - Caledonia
AL FUNDS MADE AVAIL- 1180 Childcare 14 lated to the contract 4250 Burial Plots2011 Toyota Rav4 Lim-
6000 Financial 8500 Houses - Other
Ad must fit in 4 lines (approximately 20 characters ABLE THROUGH per line)
DE- 1210 Chimney Cleaning EACH 2100 Fraternal & Lodgedocuments contact ited; 4dr, White, 6050 Business Opportunity
4270 Business Furniture & 8520 Hunting Land
will run for 3 days. For items $100 or less ONLY. PARTMENT More than oneOFFICE OF
ContractorsAID 2150 Good Things To EatPritchard Engineering at 165K Miles, $9,900
Equipment 2008 Toyota 4Runner
6100 Business Opportunity Wanted
8550 Investment Property
item may be in same ad, but prices may not LAND SECURITY (DHS) ROAD CONSTRUCTION
total over $100, no MISSISSIPPI DEPART-1250 Computer Services TEST PILES 2200 In Memorial 662-324-2205. No par- 6120 Check Cashing
/ FEDERAL EMER- 2 tial sets of drawings
2250 Instruction & School 4300 Camera
or EquipmentSR5; 4dr, Blue,6150 Insurance 8600 Lots & Acreage
relists. No business ads. 1270 Electrical
1300 Excavating 2300 Lost & Found project manuals4330 willClothing
be 113K Miles, 11,900
6200 Loans
8650 Mobile Homes
AGENCY UNDER THE TION issued. 4360 Coins & Jewelry 2007 Honda Fit; 8700 Mobile Home Spaces
1320 Fitness Training 2350 Personals 6250 Mortgages
Bargain Column ads must be submitted EMERGENCY online at
1330 Furniture Repair & Refinishing
520.00 2400 Special Notices Proposal shall be sub-
4390 Computer Equipment 4dr, Gray,
82K Miles, $5,900 6300 Stocks & Bonds
8750 Resort Property
4420 Farm Equipment & Supplies 8800 River Property or in person. No phone callsPROGRAM.
BOARD or emails. 1360 General Services LIN. FT. 2600 Travel/Entertainment
mitted on Bid Forms 2016 Nissan Rogue6350 S;Business for Sale
1380 Housecleaning provided with the4450 Firewood
spe- 4dr, Maroon, 8850 Wanted to Buy
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Lowndes County has BOARD OF SUPER- BRIDGE CONCRETE, 3000 Employment cifications. Bids4460 mayFleabeMarkets 48K Miles, $13,900 7000 Rentals 8900 Waterfront Property
COUNTY OF LOWNDES been chosen to receive VISORS 1390 Insulation CLASS B 3050 Clerical & Office submitted in person, or 2017 Nissan Rogue7050 S;Apartments
4480 Furniture
$28,379 to supple- 1400 Insurance 4.00 3100 Data Processing/for those interested,
Computer 4510 Garage Sales AWD, 4dr, Red,7100 Commercial Property
9000 Transportation
NOTICE OF SALE ment emergency food SECTION1410 900 Interior Decorators CU. YDS. 3150 Domestic Help bids can be electronic- 49K Miles, $14,900 9050 Auto Accessories/Parts
• All ads must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable after the first 4540 General Merchandise 7150 Houses
and shelter programs in 1440 Jewelry/Watch Repair 3170 Engineering ally submitted at 2011 Honda CR-V EXL; 9100 Auto Rentals & Leasing
insertion. the county. NOTICE TO www.pritchardengineer-4570 Household Goods 7180 Hunting Land
WHEREAS, the follow- Lawn Care/LandscapingREINFORCEMENT
1470CONTRACT- 3200 General Help Wanted
4dr, Blue, 9150 Autos for Sale
ing tenants entered in-
• Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept responsibility ORS: 1500 Locksmiths 70.00 under 4630 Lawn
the& Garden55K Miles, $9,900 7190 Land for Rent/Lease
3250 Management Positions 9200 Aviation
to leases with The selection was made LBS. project page. No4660 Merchandise2015
oral, Rentals Nissan CRV EXL; 7200 Mobile Homes
only for the first incorrect insertion.
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- by a National Board that Sealed or 1530 Machinery Repair
electronic 3300 Medical/Dental telegraphic, telephonic, 9250 Boats & Marine
4690 Musical Instruments 4dr, Silver, 7250 Mobile Home Spaces
• The Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors nor for
WAREHOUSES for stor- is chaired by the U.S. bids will 1560
be Mobile
receivedHome Services
by SECTION 900 or e-mail proposals
3350 Opportunity Information will 43K Miles, $15,900 9300 Camper/R.V.’s
4700 Satellites 7300 Office Spaces
age shall
omission of copy. Liability spacenot in exceed Department
which tothe cost of Home-
of that portion of spacethe Board 1590ofMoving
Super- & Storage PROJECT NO.3400 ERBRF-
Part-Time be considered. For 2017 Honda CRV EXL; 9350 Golf Carts
store personal property land Security’s Federal visors of1620 Oktibbeha sealed bids, the cur- 4720 Sporting Goods 7350 Resort Rentals
Painting & Papering 53(05) 3450 Positions Wanted
4dr, Black, 9400 Motorcycles/ATVs
occupied by such error.and Emergency Manage- County, Mississippi rent Certificate 4750
of Stereos
Re- & TV’s 7400 River Property
1650 Pest Control at OKTIBBEHA COUNTY
3500 Professional
50K Miles, $18,900 9450 Trailers/Heavy Equipment
ment Agency and
• All questions regarding classified ads currently running should be directed con- the Oktibbeha County sponsibility 4780
Number Wanted
of To Buy New Price 7450 Rooms
WHEREAS, default has sists of representatives Courthouse, 1680 Plumbing
Starkville, 31’ PRECAST 3550 Restaurant/Hotelthe bidder shall appear
CON- 2018 Honda HR-V 7500 EX; Storage & Garages 9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses
to the Classified Department.
been made in the pay- from American Red 1710 Printing
Mississippi, until 10:00 CRETE SLAB3600 UNIT, IN- on the outside of each 4dr, Silver, 7520 Vacation Rentals 9550 Wanted to Buy
• All ads are subject to the approval of this paper. The Commercial Dispatch
ment of rent and Cross; Catholic Charit- AM on the 17408th
day& Guttering
of TERIOR 3650Trades sealed envelope con- 8K Miles, $17,900
7550 Wanted to Rent
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- ies, USA; National Coun- August and
reserves the right to reject, revise, classify or cancel any advertising at any shortly
1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers 18 taining a proposal, said 2017 Ford Edge SEL;
WAREHOUSES pursu- cil of the Churches of thereafter publicly EACH 3700Truck Driving envelope being plainly 4dr, White, 7600 Waterfront Property
time. ant to said Leases is Christ in the USA; The opened for the construc- marked “ERBRF- 15K Miles, $15,900
authorized to sell the Jewish Federations of tion of 0.075 miles of 31’ PRECAST CON- 53(05)”. If submitting
Legal Notices 0010 personal 0010 to sat- North
Legal Notices America;
Legal Notices 0010 The Sal- EMERGENCY
Legal Notices 0010 RELIEF CRETE SLAB
Legal Notices UNIT, EX-
0010 electronically,
Legal Notices 0010please in- Automotive Vans: Services 1090 Lost & Found 2300 Estate Sales 4490
isfy the past due and vation Army; and, United ROAD AND BRIDGE RE- TERIOR clude this information
ABANDONED VEHICLE any other charges owed Way Worldwide. The PAIR on the SILVER 6 on a cover sheet with 2012 Honda Odyssey LOST HONDA car key ESTATE SALE − NO
to it by the following ten- Local Board was RIDGE ROAD being EACH your bid submission. EXL; 4dr, Brown, with fob and red heart EARLY BIRDS PLEASE
Mr. Viente Ivy, One Stop ants. charged to distribute known as Project No. $15,900
funds appropriated by ERBRF-53(05) in Oktib- PRECAST CONCRETE Each Bid must be ac- inscribed Tiny. 662− 1837 Ridge Road July
Auto Shop is auctioning
NOW THEREFORE, no- Congress to help ex- beha County, Missis- BARRIER RAILING companied by a bid Trucks: 327−5040 11−13 Thursday, Friday
2007 Range Rover tice is hereby given that pand the capacity of sippi. 186.00 bond/security deposit and Saturday 9−5
VIN# FRIENDLY CITY MINI- food and shelter pro- LN. FT. or certified check in an 2014 Toyota Tacoma General Help Wanted 3200 Furniture, Refrigerator,
5ALMF15427A242447 WAREHOUSES will offer grams in high-need PRINCIPAL ITEMS OF amount equal to 5% of 4X4 BaJa Edition; Washer, Dryer, Riding
for sale, and will sell at areas around the coun- WORK ARE APPROXIM- 31’ PRECAST CON- the bid, payable to Okt- Double Cab, THE GOLDEN Triangle Lawn Mower, Piano, Lift
for $5,863.00 on auction to the highest try. ATELY AS FOLLOWS: CRETE CAP, INTERIOR ibbeha County and the 98K Miles, $19,900 Planning and Develop- Chair, Household items.
7/26/2019 at 1429 bidder for cash all per- UNIT, STEEL PILE State of Mississippi as ment District is accept- For more info call or text
Phillips Hill Rd., Colum- sonal property in stor- A Local Board made up ITEM 2 bid security. In the Carpet & Flooring 1150 ing applications for part- Cindy 830−328−9989
bus, MS 39702. Con- age units leased by the of United Way; Helping QUANTITY EACH event that an electronic time personal care at-
tact 662-364-3325. following tenants at Hands, Inc.; The Salva- UNIT bid is submitted, a copy tendants to work in the
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- tion Army; Emergency 31’ PRECAST CON- of the bid bond must be Golden Triangle area. ESTATE SALE:
PUBLISH: 7/5, 7/12, & WAREHOUSES 903 Management Agency; ROADWAY ITEMS: CRETE CAP, END UNIT, included with the sub- Applicants must have a 316 8TH ST. S.
7/19/2019 Alabama St. Columbus, B’Nai Israel; Safe STEEL PILE mission. If submitting valid driver’s license, re- Sat, July 13, 8a−12p &
MS, at 8:30 am on the Haven, Inc.; Contact MOBILIZATION 2 electronically, a hard liable transportation and Sun, July 14, 1−4p
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI 2nd day of August, A.D. Helpline Teleministries; LUMP SUM EACH copy of all bid docu- liability insurance on Original Snow Village
COUNTY OF LOWNDES 2019. All auctions are American Red Cross; LUMP SUM ments must be provided vehicle. Contact Phyllis houses w/accessories,
with reserve and there- Loaves and Fishes Com- 9.25’ PRECAST CON- within 3 business days Flake at the Golden Tri- Dept 56 Winter
NOTICE OF SALE fore all units can be munity Soup Kitchen; CLEARING & GRUBBING CRETE WING if requested after the angle Planning and De- Silhouette, Precious
withdrawn from the sale Recovery House; and a LUMP SUM 4 bid opening. velopment District, 106
WHEREAS, the follow- at any time by the auc- representative of Home- LUMP SUM EACH Miley Drive, Starkville, Moments, Clothique
ing tenants entered in- tioneer/manager. less citizens will determ- Bidders are herby noti- MS. No telephone calls Santas, nativities,
to leases with DAVID’S CARPET &
ine how the funds awar- REMOVAL OF BRIDGE PROJECT NO. ERBRF- fied that any proposal please. vintage ornaments,
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- Title to the personal ded to Lowndes County 1 53(05) accompanied by letters UPHOLSTERY Christmas serving
WAREHOUSES for stor- property to be sold is are to be distributed UNIT OKTIBBEHA COUNTY qualifying in any man- CLEANING pieces & decor,
age space in which to believed to be good, but among the emergency NOTICE TO CONTRACT- ner the condition under 1 Room − $40 Medical / Dental 3300
Halloween ghosts,
store personal property at such sale, FRIENDLY food and shelter pro- EXCESS EXCAVATION ORS: which the proposal is 2 Rooms − $70
and CARE CENTER OF goblins, witches, Easter
CITY MINI-WARE- grams run by local ser- (FM) tendered will be con- 3+ Rooms − $30 EA
HOUSES will convey vice agencies in the 2805.00 CONTRACT TIME: 120 sidered an irregular bid ABERDEEN Has Full bunnies & cottages,
Rugs−Must Be Seen Time Positions Wm plus−size clothing,
WHEREAS, default has only such title as is ves- area. The Local Board is CU. YDS. Working Days and such proposal will
been made in the pay- Car Upholstery Available for: shoes & purses, craft
ted in it pursuant to its responsible for recom- not be considered in
ment of rent and lease with the following mending agencies to re- GRANULAR MATERIAL BASIS OF AWARD making the award.
Cleaning Available RN MDS Nurse and supplies, fabric, vintage
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- and its allowed under ceive these funds and (FM) (CLASS 9, GROUP 662−722−1758 (3) LPN’s 3-11 glassware & dishes,
WAREHOUSES pursu- Mississippi Code Annot- any additional funds B) The award, if made, will Orlando Trainer, Presid- ($1000 Sign on Bonus
for nurses) home decor. Everything
ant to said Leases is ated Section 85-7-121 made available under 308.20 be made to the lowest ent must go! House is sold!
authorized to sell the et seq (Supp 1988). this phase of the pro- CU. YDS. qualified bidder on the Oktibbeha County Board General Services 1360 3 CNA’s 2 – 10
personal property to sat- gram. basis of published of Supervisors (bonus does not apply)
isfy the past due and WORK WANTED: Experience Preferred Garage Sales: Southside 4505
Anika Lacy MAINTENANCE OF quantities.
any other charges owed #245 Under the terms of the TRAFFIC PUBLISH: July 12th, Ju- Licensed & Bonded− Apply in person at
to it by the following ten- grant from the National LUMP SUM The Board of Super- ly 17th carpentry, painting, & 505 Jackson St, DON’T MISS TAG SALE
ants. Caroline Payne Board, local agencies LUMP SUM visors hereby notifies all demolition. Landscap− in Aberdeen. EOE 506 4th St. S.
#366 chosen to receive funds bidders that it will af- Automotive Services 1090 Furniture, collectibles,
ing, gutters cleaned,
NOW THEREFORE, no- must: 1) be private vol- REFLECTORIZED firmatively insure that in bush hogging, clean−up Air Conditioners 4030
Gail Pittman pottery &
tice is hereby given that Coty Grant untary non-profits or TRAFFIC WARNING SIGN any contract entered in- GULF STATES AUTO other desirable pieces.
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- work, pressure washing,
#202 units of government, 2) (ENCAPSULATED LENS) to pursuant to this ad- Automotive Sales 2.5 TON AC UNIT & 3 Sat, July 13, 7a−12p.
WAREHOUSES will offer 2601 Buttermilk Rd moving help & furniture
be eligible to receive 4 vertisement, minority TON NATURAL GAS
for sale, and will sell at Deamber Sanders Federal funds, 3) have EA. business enterprise will Cottondale, AL 35453 repair. 662−242−3608. Garage Sales: East 4510
auction to the highest #375 an accounting system, be afforded full oppor- FURNACE. Used. Works
bidder for cash all per- 4) practice nondiscrim- EROSION CONTROL tunity to submit bids in 205-562-2188 PRIVACY FENCE OR well, recently upgraded. 129 KIMBERLY LN. (Off
sonal property in stor- Jennifer Overpeck ination, 5) have demon- ITEMS response to this invita- CHAIN LINK REPAIRS $900 OBO.
age units leased by the #226 of Hwy. 69 S.) Sat. 6a−
strated the capability to tion and will not be dis- New inventory arriving Call me! Licensed w/ 662−574−0062.
following tenants at until. H/h items, women
deliver emergency food AGRICULTURAL LIME- criminated against on daily! 30+ years of exp.
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- Kalisha Lanier and/or shelter pro- STONE the grounds of race, col- & men clothing/shoes,
WAREHOUSES 308 Sedans:
Call or text Joe Seals, Burial Plots 4250 fishing items & more.
#2 grams, and 6) if they 1.08 or, or national origin in
Shoney Drive Columbus, 662−549−7167.
are a private voluntary TON consideration for an
MS, immediately follow- Mary Smith organization, have a vol- 2009 Nissan Altima 8 SPACES for sale, 806 REMUNDA DR. Sat
ing sale on Alabama #227 untary board. Qualifying COMMERCIAL FERTIL- 2.5, 4dr, Gray, WEEKEND WARRIORS. Friendship Cemetery, 6/1, 6:30a−12p.
Street on the 2nd day of agencies are urged to IZER (13:13:13) PLANS AND SPECIFICA- 49K Miles, $6,900 We work for local con− original section, Call Shoes, jewelry, wigs,
August A.D. 2019. All Monica Woolbright apply. 0.54 TIONS are on file in the 2012 Honda Accord tractors & businesses. 662−364−3736. plus sizes, kids & h/h.
auctions are with re- #97 TON Office of the Chancery EXL; 4dr, Silver, Experienced in roofing,
serve and therefore all Lowndes County has Clerk of Oktibbeha 35K Miles, $11,900 framing, all phases of Farm Equipment & Supplies Garage Sales: North 4520
units can be withdrawn Nakeshia Jordan distributed Emergency SEEDING County, the County En- 2014 Honda Accord
from the sale at any construction. Refs avail. 4420
#279 Food and Shelter funds 0.54 gineer’s office and the Sport; 4dr, Black, 397 BETTY DR. Fri. &
time by the auctioneer/ 30K Miles, $14,900 Cut out the middle man.
previously with The Sal- AC. Office of the State Aid
manager. 2015 Honda Accord 662−242−5099. FOR SALE Hay baler, Sat. 7a−5p. Furn., new
Patricia Wilson vation Army; Safe Engineer, 412 E. Woo-
#360 Haven, Inc.; Recovery VEGETATIVE MATERI- drow Wilson Avenue, Sport; 4dr, Blue, rake, and cutter. Call shoes, clothing, jewelry
Title to the personal House, Inc.; Helping ALS FOR MULCH Jackson, Mississippi. 66K Miles, $12,900 Lawn Care / Landscaping Ernie at 662−549− & much more.
property to be sold is Ramona Frierson Hands, Inc.; United Way 1.08 This project shall be 2006 Honda Accord 1470 8948 for more info.
believed to be good, but #43 of Lowndes County; and TON constructed in accord- SE; Gray, Garage Sales: New Hope 4530
at such sale, FRIENDLY Loaves and Fishes Com- ance with the latest edi- 116K Miles, $5,900 TERRA CARE
CITY MINI-WARE- Renise Hodges munity Soup Kitchen TEMPORARY SILT tion of the Mississippi 2008 Honda Accord LANDSCAPING L.L.C. JOHN DEERE MODEL M MOVING SALE @ 82
HOUSES will convey #229 participating. These FENCE (TYPE I) (AOS Standard Specifications EXL; Silver, TRACTOR A set of one BELLE CIRCLE. ALL
only such title as is ves- Phone: 662−549−1878
agencies were respons- 0.15-0.84) for State Aid Road and 117K Miles, $7,900
ted in it pursuant to its Ruby Sunivelle ible for providing more 2016 Honda Accord Landscaping, Property row cultivators w/ MUST GO! Relocating.
673.00 Bridge Construction. hydraulic lift, has been Furniture incl BR sets,
lease with the following #218 than 2,900 meals and LIN. FT. Sport; 4dr, Gray, Clean Up, Plant Care,
and its allowed under 870 nights lodging. PLANS AND PROPOS- 66K Miles, $14,900 Bush Hogging, Herbicide repainted, looks good & towels, sheets. Exc−
Mississippi Code Annot- Tanaka Richardson WATTLES, 20" ALS are being made 2017 Honda Accord Spraying. runs good, $3500. Call ellent deals, no offer
ated Section 85-7-121 #273 Public or private volun- 240.00 available via paper or di- Sport Special Edition, 662−436−2037. refused. 8a, Sat, 7/13.
et seq (Supp 1988). tary agencies inter- LIN. FT. gital copy. Plan Holders 4dr, Silver, JESSE & BEVERLY’S
WITNESS MY SIGNA- ested in applying for are required to log-in or 79K Miles, $14,900 LAWN SERVICE.
Medical / Dental 3300
Allie Turner TURE on this the 3rd Emergency Food and LOOSE RIPRAP (SIZE register for an account 2018 Honda Accord
#245 Mowing, cleanup,
day of July, A.D. 2019. Shelter Program funds 200 LB.) to view or order bid doc- Touring; 4dr, Red,
must contact Renee 48 Miles, $27,900 landscaping, sodding, &
161.00 uments at
Apollonia Johnson FRIENDLY CITY Sanders at United Way TON www.pritchardengineer- 2017 Honda Civic tree cutting. 356−6525.
#135 MINI-WAREHOUSES of Lowndes County at Bid docu- Hatchback EX; 4dr, Red,
By: L.O. (662) 328-0943 or GEOTEXTILE UNDER RI- ments are non-refund- 26k Miles, $16,900 Sitting With The Sick / Elderly
Leonard Johnson PRAP (TYPE V) (AOS able and must be pur- 2017 Toyota Corolla LE; 1780
#246 Publish: 7/5, 7/12, & for an application. The 0.21-0.43) chased through the Red, 4dr,
7/19/2019 deadline for applica- 298.00 website. Questions re- 20K Miles, 11,900 RN NURSE Seeking to
Sharon Little tions to be received is SQ. YDS. garding website registra- sit w/ elderly person in−
#276 July 16, 2019. tion and online orders SUVS:
Legal Advertisement home, hospital or
BRIDGE ITEMS please contact Plan
William Thomas lll PUBLISH: 7/10, 7/11, House at 662-407- 2011 Toyota Rav4 Lim- nursing home. Light
#223 LOWNDES COUNTY HAS ited; 4dr, White, housekeeping included.
BEEN AWARDED FEDER- 7/12, 7/14 & PILE SHOES 0193. For questions re-
165K Miles, $9,900 Ask for Mary, 662−356
AL FUNDS MADE AVAIL- 7/15/2019 14 lated to the contract
WITNESS MY SIGNA- EACH documents contact 2008 Toyota 4Runner −6578.
TURE on this the 3rd ABLE THROUGH THE DE- SR5; 4dr, Blue,
Pritchard Engineering at
TEST PILES 662-324-2205. No par- 113K Miles, 11,900 Tree Services 1860
/ FEDERAL EMER- MISSISSIPPI DEPART- 2 tial sets of drawings or
FRIENDLY CITY EACH project manuals will be 4dr, Gray, A&T TREE SERVICE
AGENCY UNDER THE TION issued. Bucket truck & stump
By: L.O. 14” STEEL PILING 2016 Nissan Rogue S;
removal. Free est.
SHELTER NATIONAL AND 520.00 Proposal shall be sub-
Publish: 7/5, 7/12, & 48K Miles, $13,900 Serving Columbus
BOARD PROGRAM. LIN. FT. mitted on Bid Forms
7/19/2019 provided with the spe- 2017 Nissan Rogue S; since 1987. Senior
OKTIBBEHA COUNTY AWD, 4dr, Red, citizen disc. Call Alvin @
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Lowndes County has BOARD OF SUPER- BRIDGE CONCRETE, cifications. Bids may be
CLASS B submitted in person, or 49K Miles, $14,900 242−0324/241−4447
COUNTY OF LOWNDES been chosen to receive VISORS 2011 Honda CR-V EXL; "We’ll go out on a limb
$28,379 to supple- 4.00 for those interested,
CU. YDS. bids can be electronic- 4dr, Blue, for you!"
NOTICE OF SALE ment emergency food SECTION 900 55K Miles, $9,900
and shelter programs in ally submitted at
2015 Nissan CRV EXL; Lost & Found 2300
WHEREAS, the follow- the county. NOTICE TO CONTRACT- REINFORCEMENT www.pritchardengineer-
4dr, Silver,
ing tenants entered in- ORS: 70.00 under the
LBS. project page. No oral, 43K Miles, $15,900
to leases with The selection was made 2017 Honda CRV EXL;
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- by a National Board that Sealed or electronic telegraphic, telephonic, BRASS KETTLE I
4dr, Black,
WAREHOUSES for stor- is chaired by the U.S. bids will be received by SECTION 900 or e-mail proposals will
50K Miles, $18,900
am looking for a
age space in which to Department of Home- the Board of Super- PROJECT NO. ERBRF- be considered. For brass Victorian
53(05) sealed bids, the cur- New Price
store personal property land Security’s Federal visors of Oktibbeha 2018 Honda HR-V EX; Spirit Kettle that my
and Emergency Manage- County, Mississippi at OKTIBBEHA COUNTY rent Certificate of Re-
sponsibility Number of 4dr, Silver, mother sold to
ment Agency and con- the Oktibbeha County 8K Miles, $17,900 someone in
WHEREAS, default has sists of representatives Courthouse, Starkville, 31’ PRECAST CON- the bidder shall appear
CRETE SLAB UNIT, IN- on the outside of each 2017 Ford Edge SEL; Columbus, Ms in
been made in the pay- from American Red Mississippi, until 10:00 4dr, White,
ment of rent and Cross; Catholic Charit- AM on the 8th day of TERIOR sealed envelope con- about 1974 or 75. I
18 taining a proposal, said 15K Miles, $15,900 know this is a long
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- ies, USA; National Coun- August and shortly
WAREHOUSES pursu- cil of the Churches of thereafter publicly EACH envelope being plainly shot, but I would
marked “ERBRF- Vans:
ant to said Leases is Christ in the USA; The opened for the construc- like to buy it back
authorized to sell the Jewish Federations of tion of 0.075 miles of 31’ PRECAST CON- 53(05)”. If submitting for her. 601−323−
CRETE SLAB UNIT, EX- electronically, please in- 2012 Honda Odyssey
personal property to sat- North America; The Sal- EMERGENCY RELIEF EXL; 4dr, Brown, 5886
isfy the past due and vation Army; and, United ROAD AND BRIDGE RE- TERIOR clude this information
6 on a cover sheet with $15,900
any other charges owed Way Worldwide. The PAIR on the SILVER
8B Friday, July 12, 2019 The Dispatch •
General Merchandise 4600 Apts For Rent: West 7050 Commercial Property For Mobile Homes for Rent 7250 Campers & RVs 9300
Rent 7100


Miniature to large. Have 30x15. Separate air Located in ARTESIA.
original boxes. Must buy conditioner & bathroom. West Lowndes School
all, $400. Call 662−
Apartments $400/mo. Located in Distr. $500 rent. $250
deposit. NO HUD. NO
& Houses
Caledonia. Call 662−
574−0082. PETS 662−251−8590
FOR SALE New loveseat
and chaise, $400. 1 Bedrooms
Black Toyota Camry 2 Bedroooms FOR RENT LOCATED RENT A fully equipped
camper w/utilities & 2008 FLEETWOOD
floormats, $40.
White distressed jewelry
3,000 sq. ft. truck cable from $145/wk − DISCOVER 40X
$535/month. Columbus 3 slides, washer/dryer,
box, $30.
Amazon Fire Tablet
Furnished & terminal, 9,500 sq. ft.
shop & 3,200 sq. ft. & County School in motion satellite,
case, $20. Unfurnished office/shop. Buildings locations. 662−242− outside kitchen &
7653 or 601−940− entertainment center.
1, 2, & 3 Baths
Jacqueline Kennedy can be rented together
1397. 350 cummins w/ 27k
interviews boxset, $30. or separately. All w/
Accounting Terms Lease, Deposit excellent access & Hwy.
Office Spaces For Rent 7300
miles, new tires &
batteries. Title in hand.
dictionary, $12. & Credit Check 82 visibility. 662−327−
$120k neg. Columbus.
9559. OFFICE SPACE FOR 662−574−6100.

662−242−2884 LEASE. 1112 Main St.,
Leave a message. Houses For Rent: Northside Ste. 5. 3700 sq. ft. Trucks, Vans & Buses 9500
7110 Plenty of private
BOLEN MTV riding lawn
mower, $200. Gas club parking. 662−327−
Apts For Rent: Other 7080 2BR/1.5BA 9559.
car golf cart. Needs TOWNHOUSE, 2 story,
work, $200. Call 662−

brick. 3102 Sierra Ct.
570−1730. All appliances included.
Houses For Sale: Other 8500 YESTERDAY’S ANSWER
treat fleas, ticks,
Very nice. $675/mo +
dep. 662−315−1930. Sudoku
Sudoku is a number-
8 6 5 9 7 1 3 4 2
mange, stable flies & placing puzzle
Sudoku based on
is a number-
mosquitoes where they 2BR/1BA. HUD a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon 2 4 3 8 6 5 7 9 1

2019 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

breed. At Tractor Supply approved. Stove, refrg, CONCESSION TRUCK
( w/d hookups. $495/ FOR SALE. Includes agiven
9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 9 1 7 2 3 4 8 5 6
Hawaiian shaved ice given numbers.
is to place The object
the numbers
Sporting Goods 4720
mo, Lease & dep, credit
1 8 6 4 9 7 5 2 3
1 to place the numbers
machine, 2 freezers, 1
check. Coleman Realty, to 9 in the empty spaces
ELLIPTICAL MACHINE 329−2323. refrigerator, 2 triple
crockpots, 8,000 watt 1sotothat
9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 4 5 2 3 1 6 9 7 8
Sole Elliptical E35 in
2,640 sq. ft., 32x32 generator. Includes 8 ft. so that each
column row, each
and each 3x3 box 7 3 9 5 2 8 1 6 4
excellent condition. Nice 3BR/2BA BRICK LR/DR combo, 25x25 enclosed trailer w/ column
containsand theeach
same3x3 box
quiet machine. $399 HOME, ch/a, stove, dw, library, lg. laundry room, cooking equip. 24 in. contains the same number
number 3 7 1 6 4 9 2 8 5
only once. The difficulty
5 2 4 7 8 3 6 1 9
662−574−1561 & fridge furn. Fenced flat iron griddle, deep
new appl., Italian only once. The difficulty
Pets 5150
backyard. 1204 6th St. marble in foyer & hall, fryer, stainless steel level increases from
N. $785/mo + dep. custom drapes, dbl. funnel cake pan, double level increases from
Monday to Sunday. 6 9 8 1 5 2 4 3 7
662−352−4776. carport, security burner. $11,250 Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 7/11

UND puppies for sale. system. $139,900. negotiable. For more

Reds & creams. Ready COLONIAL For sale or rent. info, call 662−251−
to go 7/13! Call 205− TOWNHOUSES. 2 & 3 615−849−5597. 3027.
596−3264. bedroom w/ 2−3 bath
townhouses. $600 to MORTGAGE/HOUSE
Apts For Rent: Northside 7010 DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA, $750. 662−549−9555. FOR SALE. 4BR/2BA. Find the best deals.
CH&A, 1 story, W/D, Ask for Glenn or text. 2108 Paulette Rd.
FOX RUN APARTMENTS historic district, 1 block Macon, MS. $263,000.
1 & 2 BR near hospital.
$595−$645 monthly.
from downtown, $575/
mo. + $575 dep. NO
Houses For Rent: East 7120 662−708−0071. Five Questions:
Military discount, pet PETS. 662−574−8789. UPDATED 2BR/1BA, Lots & Acreage 8600
1 They are all
area, pet friendly, and Peaceful & Quiet area. window air, gas heat,
furnished corporate appliances. AVAILABLE LOWNDES CO: 153
former capital
apts. 24−HOUR NOW. $500.00/ ACRES on Hwy 50 E at
ON SITE SECURITY. COLEMAN $500.00. Call Long &
Long @ 328−0770.
end of Brewer Rd. 4
green fields, exc cities
ON SITE MAINTENANCE. RENTALS HUD not accepted. hunting, sand, gravel &
clay deposits. More info
2 Casey
Houses For Rent: West 7150 call 205−799−9846 or
SURVEILLANCE. Benji @ 205−695−2248.
38 Humphrey Lane. 1.75 acre lots. Good/
© The Dispatch

Energy efficient garden bad credit. 10% down,

It’s a classified DEPOSIT
home. $700/mo. +
dep. 662−549−4492.
as low as $299/mo. 3 The Vatican
Eaton Land. 662−361−
rule-of-thumb: AND 7711.

4 Zeppo
Mobile Homes for Rent 7250
We tell readers CREDIT CHECK Autos For Sale 9150
what they need
662-329-2323 RENT. 2017 model, fur− 2007 LEXUS LS460,
to know to buy nished or unfurnished.
Water incl. $800/mo.
gold, loaded w/
navigation. Well
5 Warrior,
what they need. 2411 HWY 45 N $500 damage dep. req. maintained, new tires. Valkyrie, Wiz-
ard, Elf
Caledonia Schools. Serious inquiries only.
662−640−8750. 662−343−5619.


your business
1 Hound’s hands
5 Congress cre-
9 Segregated
11 Benefit
13 Tint
14 King march site
15 Moose’s kin
16 “In my opinion,”
in dialect
18 Surprise hit
20 Complete
21 In a strange way

from the ground up!

22 Some poetry
23 Golf need
24 Scoundrel
25 Paul’s collabo-
rator DOWN 22 Solemn promise
27 Hebrew letters 1 Duel count 24 Class break
29 King Kong, for 2 Brother of Artemis 25 Door parts
one 3 Behaved 26 Met shows
30 Drawer fresh- 4 Hit show letters 27 Chips buy
eners 5 Focused beam 28 Wonder of music
32 Mixture 6 Opposite of “sans” 30 Be furtive
34 Miniature 7 Did what one said 31 Canary chow
What do you need to plant the seeds 35 Salty water
36 Barbershop
one would do
8 Philosopher Weil
33 Pot start
37 Weed whacker
for a successful business — ofce space, equipment, 38 Annual visitor
10 Diamond feat
12 Touches down
39 Cube or cone 17 “The Rise of Sky-
transportation, employees, CUSTOMERS? 40 Hunt for
41 Squeezes (out)
walker” heroine
19 Perfect place

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