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Evan Cano Orchestra

150 6-8

Every vocalist needs air in order to sing. A wind player needs air in Depends on
Violin bow - $26.44
order to produce sounds that come through their horns. For the quality of bow
2018 Viola Bow - $28.96
Orchestra member, our air is in our bow. and proper
Cello Bow - $39
Through constant daily use bows do wear down. Unfortunately care
Bass Bow - $52
students are the ones that suffer. Considering no money was poured
into the music programs to help refurbish instruments and equipment Approx. - $2000
during the schools renovation period, some bows have been here since
I have taken over in 2010. This is not an act of neglect. You could ask Every student is
my Luthier, John Importuno from Importuno Violins, who can attest to instructed on proper
my constant awareness of my students needs. When school rental bow care and is
rates only cost $42.80/ year, bows costs range from $26 - $52 or more, required to sign a
String Costs range from $25 - $100 or more, and not to mention repairs; contract for
it is rather difficult to keep up with the demand. So I have to be creative instrument rental. A
and do what I can. I have implemented outside rental options and am bow could be asked
inquiring of a bow replacement program that I heard about in a to be replaced by the
conference. For the time being, we need bows to help give these student if the status
students the voice they deserve so sing through their instruments. was new when given
but not new when
received. Been
difficult when the
bow was not in great
playing condition to
begin with.