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10-point Vision for the decade

1)Building Team India with Jan Bhagidari: Minimum

Government Maximum Governance.

2)Achieving green Mother Earth and Blue Skies through a

pollution-free India.

3)Making Digital India reach every sector of the economy.

4)Launching Gaganyan, Chandrayan, other Space and Satellite


5) Building physical and social infrastructure.

6)Water, water management, clean rivers.

7)Blue Economy.

8)Self-sufficiency and export of food-grains, pulses, oilseeds,

fruits and vegetables.

9)Achieving a healthy society via Ayushman Bharat, well-

nourished women & children,safety of citizens.

10)Emphasis on MSMEs, Start-ups, defence manufacturing,

automobiles, electronics, fabs and batteries, and medical
devices under Make in India
Q1) An amount of Rs. _______ crore has been
provided for FY 2019-20 to create “World Class
Institutions” in the field of education which is more
than three times the revised estimates for the
previous year?

A. Rs. 400 cr
B. Rs. 500 cr
C. Rs. 300 cr
D. Rs. 600 cr
Q2) To achieve the objectives of research and
innovation, the Finance Minister also announced
setting up of a which institution?

A. Research and Innovation University

B. National Research Foundation
C. Research and Development School
D. Innovation School of India
Q3) Which prograame will be launched that will focus
on bringing foreign students to study in the Indian
higher educational institutions?

A. Dream In India
B. Learning In India
C. Study With Us
D. Study In India
Q4) The Union Budget 2019-20 has proposed to
extend the lower rate of 25 % Corporate Tax to all
companies with annual turnover up to Rs.

A. Rs 300 cr
B. Rs 500 cr
C. Rs 400 cr
D. Rs 550 cr
Q5)Consider the following statements as proposed in budget w.r.t to ITR,
choose the correct one

A. PAN and Aadhaar will be interchangeable to file Income Tax Returns.

B. Aadhar and PAN card are made mandatory to file Income Tax Returns.

C. Along with PAN card one more identity proof is required to file
Income Tax Returns.
Q6) The Budget also proposes to levy TDS of
_______percent on cash withdrawal exceeding
Rs. 1 crore in a year from a bank account?

A. 1 %
B. 1.6 %
C. 2 %
D. 2.5 %
Q7)The budget proposed that the business
establishments with annual turnover more than Rs.
_________ crore shall offer low cost digital modes of
payment to their customers and no charges or Merchant
Discount Rate (MDR) shall be imposed on customers as
well as merchants?

A. Rs 10 cr
B. Rs 50 Cr
C. Rs 25 Cr
D. Rs 45 Cr
Q8) India’s Ease of Doing Business ranking
under the category of ‘paying taxes’ in 2019
was __________?

A. 121
B. 117
C. 172
D. 168
Q9) Which of the following statements is/ are true w.r.t Pradhan
Mantri Karam Yogi Maandhan Scheme”

A. To extend the pension benefit to about three crore retail

traders whose annual turnover is less than Rs 2 crore.

B. To extend pension benefit to small shopkeepers whose annual

turnover is less than Rs.1 crore.

C. To extend the pension benefit to about three crore retail

traders and small shopkeepers whose annual turnover is less
than Rs. 1.5 crore.
Q10)Consider the following statements w.r.t SFURTI:

A. It stands for Scheme of Fund for Upgradation and Regeneration of

Traditional Industries.

B. Focus sectors under SFURTI will be Bamboo, Honey and Khadi clusters.

C. It envisions setting up of 100 new clusters during 2019-20 to enable

50,000 artisans to join the economic value chain.

D. All are true

E. A & C are true
F. A & B are true
G. B & C are true
Q11) What is the full form of PMMSY – the
scheme launched for fishery sector.

A. Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana

B. Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sambandh Yojana
C. Pradhan Mantri Matsya Swarojgaar Yojana
D. Pradhan Mantri Matsya Samridhi Yojana
Q12) The General Budget 2019-20 proposes to make
return filing compulsory for persons, who have
deposited more than Rs. ______crore in a current
account in a year?

A. Rs 2 crore
B. Rs 75 Lakh
C. Rs 1 crore
D. Rs 1.5 cr
Q13)In order to provide a further impetus to affordable
housing, the Minister proposed to allow an additional
deduction of up to Rs.__________ /- for interest paid on loans
borrowed up to 31st March, 2020 for purchase of an affordable
house valued up to Rs. 45 lakh?

A. Rs 1,25,000
B. Rs 2,00,000
C. Rs 1,75,000
D. Rs 1,50,000
Q15) Those having annual income upto Rs.
______lakh are not required to pay any income tax?

A. Rs 3 Lakh
B. Rs 4 lakh
C. Rs 5 Lakh
D. Rs 6 Lakh
Q15) The effective tax rates for the higher income group
individuals having taxable income from Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 5
crore is proposed to be increased by around

A. 2 %
B. 3 %
C. 2.5 %
D. 1.5%
Q16)As mentioned in budget, it is estimated that India
requires investments averaging Rs. ______lakh crore
every year?

A. Rs. 10 lakh crore

B. Rs. 12 lakh crore
C. Rs. 15 lakh crore
D. Rs. 20 lakh crore
Q17) Phase II of FAME has an outlay of Rs_______ crore
for a period of 3 years, and has commenced from 1st
April, 2019?

A. Rs 10,000 crore
B. Rs 12,000 crore
C. Rs 20,000 crore
D. Rs 8,000 crore
Q18) Government has already moved GST
council to lower the GST rate on electric
vehicles from 12% to _______%?

A. 10 %
B. 9 %
C. 7 %
D. 5 %
Q19) Public Sector Banks are to be further provided Rs
___________ crore capital to boost credit for a strong
impetus to the economy?

A. Rs 50,000 crore
B. Rs 70,000 crore
C. Rs 80,000 crore
D. Rs 65,000 crore
Q20) Global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
flows slid by ______% in 2018?

A. 10 %
B. 11 %
C. 13 %
D. 9 %
Q21)Consider the following statements

A. National Space India Limited (NSIL) is commercial arm of Indian Space Research
Organisation (ISRO).

B. The main objective of NSIL is to scale up industry participation in Indian space


C. NSIL will be responsible for manufacturing the and production of Small

Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) and Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)

D. All are true

E. B & C are true
F. A & C are true
Q22) To enable opening of branches by foreign reinsurers
in the International Financial Services Centre, it is
proposed to reduce Net Owned Fund requirement from
Rs 5,000 crore to Rs _______ crore?

A. Rs 4,000 crore
B. Rs 3,000 crore
C. Rs 2,000 crore
D. Rs 1,000 crore
Q23) India’s Sovereign External debt to GDP is
among the lowest globally at less than _______%?

A. 6 %
B. 5 %
C. 7 %
D. 5.5 %
Q24) Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan aims
_____________at providing Rs 3,000 per month as
pension on attaining the age of 60?

A. Rs 2,500
B. Rs 5,000
C. Rs 3,000
D. Rs 4,000
Q25) Sabka Vishwas Legacy Dispute Resolution
Scheme is meant for?

A. Closure of litigations related to tax

B. Closure of litigations related to real estate
C. Closure of litigations related to e-bills
D. Closure of litigations related to Illegal Mining
Q26) The threshold exemption limit for a supplier of
goods is proposed to be enhanced from Rs. 20 lakhs
to an amount exceeding Rs. _____lakhs?

A. Rs. 25 lakhs
B. Rs. 30 lakhs
C. Rs. 40 lakhs
D. Rs. 50 lakhs
Q27) Tax payers having annual turnover of less
than Rs. _____ Crore shall file quarterly return?

A. Rs 7 crore
B. Rs 6 crore
C. Rs 10 crore
D. Rs 5 Crore
Q28) The Budget has proposed to increase in
custom duty on gold and other precious metals
from 10% to ____?

A. 12.5%
B. 10.5
C. 11.5 %
D. 13 %
Q29) Overdraft of Rs. _______ to be allowed for every
verified women SHG member having a Jan Dhan Bank

A. Rs 4,000
B. Rs 5,000
C. Rs 10,00
D. Rs 7,000
Q30) One woman per SHG will be eligible for a
loan up to Rs. ______ lakh under MUDRA

A. Rs. 1 lakh
B. Rs. 2 lakh
C. Rs. 2.5 lakh
D. Rs. 1.5 lakh
Q31)The Budget propose to consider issuing Aadhaar
Card for NRIs with Indian Passports on their arrival
without waiting for ________days?

A. 45 days
B. 90 days
C. 180 days
D. 120 days
Q32) Consider the following statements:

A. Jal Jeevan Mission to achieve Har Ghar Jal (piped water supply) to all
rural households by 2024

B. Aamir Khan is an ambassador of the Jal Shakti Abhiyan.

C. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat is the Union Minister for Jal Shakti ministry

D. All are true

E. A & C are true
F. B & C are true
Q33What per cent of Basic Custom Duty has been
imposed on imported books?

A. 4 %
B. 2 %
C. 3 %
D. 5%
Q34) SEBI to consider raising the threshold for
minimum public shareholding in the listed
companies from 25% to _____%?

A. 30 %
B. 27 %
C. 35 %
D. 38 %
Q35) Under the Jal Marg Vikas Project which among
the following will be constructed ?

A. Multimodal terminal at Varanasi

B. Multimodal terminal at Sahibganj
C. Construction of new navigation lock at Farakka
D. All of the above
Q36) How much amount of investment is needed
in Railway Infrastructure during 2018-2030?

A. Rs. 50 lakh crore

B. Rs. 20 lakh crore
C. Rs. 15 lakh crore
D. Rs. 40 lakh crore

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