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Ventilation Systems: Solar Chimney

Victorian Solar Initiative: Solar Innovation Ideas


> Solar chimneys are constructed to The basic features of a solar chimney > Solar chimneys can be integrated into a
actively promote ventilation of unwanted include: building with open stairwells and atria,
heated or stale air by drawing fresh cooler however be aware of potential heat loss
> A narrow configuration (like a chimney)
air from vents at lower levels. and heating difficulties in winter.
with a heat absorbing material on the
> The exchange and movement of air inside behind a glazed north-facing front. > Solar chimneys are most effective in
cools the building by driving heat to the hotter climates with high cooling load.
> A chimney which terminates above the
outside. The process by which this
roof level. > Sunrooms can also be designed to
movement of air occurs is called natural
function like solar chimneys.
convection. Natural convection is created > A vent at the top of the chimney that
by solar energy heating air within the heated air to exhaust without being WHERE DEMONSTRATED
chimney. overcome by the prevailing wind. > 60L The Green Building, Carlton,
> The heated air escapes out the top of
the chimney and is replaced by air from > Provides interior cooling and heating to > Monash Science Centre, Clayton,
the outside (through windows or vents complement conventional climate control Victoria
elsewhere in the building). systems.
> Padua College, Mornington, Victoria
> In winter the chimney vents to the HOW IT IS INNOVATIVE
> Victoria Barraks, Sydney, NSW
outside can be closed and heated air in > Emerging use in Victoria, particularly on
the chimney forced (using fans, or other iconic commercial buildings. > Building Research Establishment,
air handling system) into the building for Gorston, UK
> Can be used as a design feature to
heating purposes. enhance facility aesthetics.