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DIY Power Stroke Injector Mods Simple Upgrades for the 7.3-liter Injectors BY JIM ALLEN Injector upgrades are part and parcel of the 7.31 Power ‘Stroke power formula. It's simply not possible to gain any power past a certain point without increasing the output of the injectors. Many Power Stroke owners are at the cusp of that dilemma and need a little extra fuel rate to balance out their other mods. The problem is that a new set of perfor- mance injectors can cost as much as a new Kia Rio, Well, not really, maybe a used Kia Rio, but what if we told you that you could modify/overhaul your injectors at home for a fraction of the money that a set of new “built” injectors cost? ‘We ran across a guy named Jim Rose, who operates Rosewood Diesel Shop in Northeast Ohio and sells do-it-your- self injector upgrade kits. He supplies the parts, special tools and detailed instructions in kit form, so you can ‘upgrade/overhaul a good set of injectors at home. He has sev- eral upgrades to the kits and will even build your injectors for you if desired. We thought we'd put Jim to the test and have him walk us through an injector upgrade on a well-maintained ‘97 Ford 7.31 with 114K on the clock. Dyno King Kevin Cragon, at TI Dyno in Ashtabula, Ohio, did before and after dyno tests for us to prove the results. Tony Wildman at Total Diesel 2. BES ‘Anild-mannered Ford Power Stroke pickyp canbe tured into a fre Greathing powerhouse with just afew carol soected parts Performance provided his four-position chip (High Idle, Stock, ‘Tow and Extreme) and a new 3-inch turbo downpipe was added to replace the restrictive factory piece. We retained the factory exhaust system. Rose added his own free-flow intake system, Rose thinks these are the minimum steps needed to realize a good power inorease. More enhancements could come from a free-flow full exhaust system and a HPOP upgrade, but we decided to try the minimal approach to start. Rosewood offers three levels of injector buildups. Stage 1 ups the flow rate from the stock maximum of 98 cc to 160 ce. The Stage 2 injector kits are also rated at 160 ce but have higher-flow nozzles (still 7-hole but with larger ori- fices). The Stage 3 injector kits have even more mods and are rated for 230 cc. This article deals generally with all 7231, Power Stroke injectors, though there are some differences in years. From "94-97, the trucks used the AA single shot injectors (AA for the prefix in the part number) and these are listed for a nomi- nal 98cc maximum shot. In ‘97, some trucks used the split shot injectors that had an AB prefix rated for 120cc. By ‘98 they all had ABs and used them into ‘99, In ‘99 and to the end of 7.31 production, you found the AD split shot injectors, two changes were made. First, and not ready visible, is that ‘the stock crushed and restricted turbo downpipe was ‘replaced with a stainless -inch unt Alone, twill increase boost by at least a couple of psi and lower EGTS. Second, ose installed homebui ree fw ai fiter setup that con- sists of big iter tom a mediun-duty Cummins-powered ‘tuck (NAPA # 6637, a Section of mandi bent 4-inch tubing, ‘inch boot and some clamps, INJECTOR R&R Removing and replacing the jects ot ran surgery ut there are some inprtant stops. We refer yu your factory man forte whole shebang, but. here are a ow oto ha ti. 4 Things to remember a noted by arrows. 1-The ot sl spouts, where tea used o atu te inet is released mat be removed befor the ctr 2. The Injector conectos cp onto the solenoid hea, but alas double-check before you instal the covers that you haven't popped one base. 3- Can forget the gow ‘lug conmects. Tere are four on each bark 5. Remove thetower | inet tot (toward the exaust mani, You dont eed to towch the ‘ppar one at | alte clamp sips overt and then you ry the inec- ‘orup and Which were rated for 140cc max. “Split shot” i pilot injection, in which a certain amount of fuel is sprayed. before the main injection point to start combustion a little more slowly and lessen noise. The computer was programmed differ- ently, and the injectors were slightly different. ‘There are also the well-known 160ce AC When you remove the injectors certain amount of fe and owl ain int the cyfinder and can hyocck the engine t's not good ea to pump it out by remev- Ing the lop and cranking the engine. Toe better vay Is se a vacuum pump with hose anda smal section of bake inet suck tho fue. Hore’ a tip ‘ro Rosewood. Because the engine itd back, fou remove the bck iectors on each bank ist. most of the fuel and ol wil eran ut int them fro he gl lois. Mest nf oul them dan bt a you ‘have fd suck out tase to, 278 Yu can sove a oto ranking tne by refiing the ‘ol galery inthe ead wth Posh ol. Tere are fur lugs on each side. Teseolgs have O-ngs so make ‘se they are undamaged when renstaling the is also known as ake surethe ld copper intr seal cos out hte ilecto before enstaling the ret ncn rink ait grease makes sure the seal nf of 1 10 Inspect te O-rings fr icks, and ter wel with ‘lean motor before instalation. These seals are cit- al because they separate thet and ol cus. ‘were used on ’94-97 International medium-duty trucks with the ‘high-output 1444E engine. If you find a good deal out there, you can buy these injectors for a cool $200 apiece. As of October 2007, the Rosewood kit was $250 for all eight injectors, Add $228 for eight modified intensifier pistons if you don’t want jectors, which to have yours machined locally. You can also choose to leave the (HEBEL WORLD + PEBRUARY 200a | 97 INJECTOR MODIFICATION The only special tos needed are the vie ture (notated in the it a spec it rte armature screw a nde the ka selection of Tor bis, casing 2-10, 7-20 an 7.25, eler gauges (2007-006, an inc- pounds rave Wren? seo ml picks and ordnry hand ol. lan each paras you remove tard staid onto acean surace inte order ou removed Q 9 oO Les ne an ou are ted. ou wad ose ar a the {tT tps pmo 9 YE car tert tv ane ie a id Be Tenirmedotaacltgeneted ica rye parca sere erome Emre ce re ee db ees es aoe a beac Ok may Songs renee Not sown are tepid istuctons andthe phot CO. ee ee 14, You can have our own intensirpstons machined rte intitons nto kt We aking machied ‘erat an eyebal fob on a bench rind Theft anc Is 0.005-nch (count the ze) bu the mast limpotant paris at thy be exact equa, 50th jc: ‘shave exactly equal sos. lacs fo work (hemines i 2 ental. Fr ean, Rose pretrs clean | 16,17.) instal the oking ttre onto the body by ‘hes ue ut | engaging ine uel les and camping it very brake cosner | ight into the vce | you nave a reason to wonder oust want ob su, canbe used as ‘ov can check thm wan chmmeter between fe to wel ise! also makes good assent befor te ‘contacts. The normal reading i 29°32 obs An ope ‘meta parts Take a pecavton agains fr when ising ‘toute a reading below 28 obs almost aay nd ‘ammatie clang Solvent eos @ Dad unt uta god eating doesnot aways Ineate 2 good soeno pistons alone and use the parts and an injector overhaul Secondly, injector mods are worthless for a power increase The first thing you need for this to work are rebuildable ‘without other mods to go with them. You need a new tune and injectors. Don't expect to take some worn out junk with 500,000 increased air and exhaust flow to go with them if you expectto niles and turn it into new, performance injectors. There are see any power increases. Some off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-ll fveral tests and visual inspections in the process and if your tuners and chips may enhance the injector upgrade, but accord- njector fails any of these, you'l have to step up with the new _ing to Rose, the ones that do best are those that are specifically parts, a good injector core or a new injector. tuned to benefit from increased injector flow. There are plenty Ee lhC(C(C lOO: —t—‘“=—;rw f