JUNE 24, 2008

Lots to See and Do at RI Convention

The Date is SET! Come honor (or harangue) outgoing President, Jerry Cummings and all of our Paul Harris Fellows on Saturday, July 19th at Gordon Biersch Restaurant in downtown San Jose from 12:00-3:00 PM. Send in your reservation by clicking on the original e-vite invitation that Gary Arita sent to all members via email. ---------------Membership:

Fireworks @ the Hollywood Bowl

An Iron Lung--Reminders of the ravages of Polio Hear Ye, Hear Ye! All Rotarians are hereby invited to attend next year’s Rotary International Convention in Birmingham, England, according to Town Cryer, Dave and Beefeater, Charles.

A portable water filtration system. Several clubs use this or similar systems as part of their club’s international projects. Lots of friendly people!!! Like Bill & Emilie Highley here, with Pam Shannon. COMING EVENTS Jun 25: Dinner Reception for Krishnan Chari @ Silver Creek Country Club July 1, regular club meeting July 10: District “Roast & Toast Dick Lohmiller @ Saratoga Springs July 15: TRF Seminar @ DoubleTree


July 19: Jerry’s Debunking & Paul Harris Fellows luncheon @ Gordon Biersch July 22: Governor Gary Citti’s visit! July 22: Membership Seminar @ DoubleTree


Club Roster
Business # Home/cell # Mary Arenas Just For You by Us 408-551-0338 408-205-2069 Andy Arild (Erin) Real Estate Investment 408-357-7767 408-839-5568 Gary Arita (Jeanette) Family Dentistry 408-246-3566 408-234-9924 Judy Armstrong (Doug) 408-829-6028 Paul Bacosa (Mary Lou) Bacosa Photography 408-441-7111 408-823-0530 Jason Baker (Mairead) Alexander, Hawes LLP 408-289-1776 408-839-6669 Marv Bamburg (Bonnie) MBA Architects 408-297-0288 408-375-8103 Marj Bonsall (Gary) Foot Solutions 408-376-0495 408-218-5210 James Burgard (Helen) Environetics 408-727-4274 408-313-9696 Ravi Chari (Meera) Sun Microsystems 408-404-4322 408-375-4293 Frank Cliff 415-494-2826 Dave Crowley (Carolyn) Pacific News Bureau 408-997-0819 Jerry Cummings (Patty) Robinson Oil Corp. 408-517-4333 408-639-3172 Rick Davis (Doris) 408-209-4091 Bill Ellington (Pat) Devco Inc. 408-288-6928 408-313-5014 Derek Fujikawa (Mari) CPA 408-260-7977 408-832-4519 Dick Garland (Pat) Casualty Insurance 408-268-7874 408-307-2762 Warren Gilbert (Terttu) Architecture 831-722-6770 831-722-2668 Bill Highley (Emilie) 408-892-0205 408-892-0205 Neil Jacobson (Dina) Xilinx 408-879-4885 650-988-9001 Delbar Jahanian 408-425-9933 David Keller (Karen) 408-373-7702 Sue Klear (Robert) Klear Your Mind 408-249-3270 408-307-9033 Ruth Kohan SJ Public Library 408-996-1536 408-768-4226 Bettina Kohlbrenner (Carmelo) EMQ 408-364-4051 408-623-4886 Anne Lauzon CIWA, Inc. 408-261-4110 408-247-0331 Joe McTaggart William Mahan (Sherri) Attorney 408-371-4211 James Martinez Banker 408-998-6992 Fred Meyer 408-268-4712 Carl Middione (Helen) The Property Network 408-374-9500 408-377-1040 George Miskulin (Ginny) 408-377-5327 Jim Morelan (Milly) Architect 408-247-3322 408-464-4436 Phil Nielsen (Linda) Attorney 408-294-9700 408-252-8284 Rex Osborn (Gerri) 408-268-2246 Janine Payton (Don) Moreland Ed. Found. 408-378-3493 Neil Reid Wells Fargo Mortgage 408-335-2533 408-391-6244 Steve Salmon 415-601-0797 408-377-1795 Jerry Scott (Jo-Ann) Probate Referee 408-295-5468 408-266-7909 John Shannon (Pam) VIF 408-204-2604 408-294-8050 Alan Tanenbaum (Georgette) 408-358-3160 Marc Wagner (Cindy) CPA 408-283-9631 408-666-1719 Kit Whitney (Robb) 408-515-3441 Kathy Williamson C.L. Lott & Assoc. 408-264-5680 408-832-3307 Bob Yager (Marion) Financial Advisor 408-978-2214 408-867-9747

CSJW Board of Directors 2007-2008
President: Jerry Cummings
President-Elect: John Shannon
Past President: Derek Fujikawa
Treasurer: Phil Nielsen

Secretary: John Shannon

Membership Chair: Carl Middione
Club Service: Mary Arenas

Rotary Foundation: Bill Highley

International Service: Ravi Chari

Marketing/PR: Dave Crowley

Committee Chairs: Bill Ellington, Fund Raising

Youth Services: Derek Fujikawa Red Badge: Bob Yager Community Service: David Keller Vocational: Neil Jacobson Programs: Sue Klear Kit Whitney, “We Care”

Dave Crowley, Public Relations