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FORM 6 FULL AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE 2017 OF FINANCIAL INTERESTS. FOR OFFI E ONLY: COMMISSION ON ETHICS snvrormmeeD Ane 0376 PHA JUN 0.8 2018 Hon Xavier Louis Suarez RECEIVED Cena Camco’ Stet 7 E fare eas Cau PROCESSEY tecedGontutmraonicer ‘Apt 1102 Mise amd Mar FS 2 2600 Ae teat tt tocode IMI MTNOAII IDNo, 241635 Conf. Code Suarez, Xavier Louis ‘CHECK IF THIS IS AFILING BYACANDIOATE PART A-- NET WORTH Please enter the value of your net worth as of December 31, 2017 or a more current date. [Note: Net worth is not cal- culated by subtracting your reported liabilities from your reported assets, so please see the instructions on page 3.) Mynetworth asof June £ 201? wass_ PIG 000 EsT. PART B ~ ASSETS HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS: Household goods and personal effects may be reported ina lamp sum i ther aggregate value exceeds $1,000. This catagory incies any ofthe folowing, Irnol eld for Investment purposes: jewelry, collections of stamps, guns, and numismati lems; art obycis; housshold equipment and funshings; clothing; ater hosahold sem, and veniles for personal use, wheher owed or leased ‘The aggregate value of my household goods and personal etfects (described above) is§ /C, OOO {ASSETS INDIVIDUALLY VALUED AT OVER 31,000: DESCRIPTION OF ASSET (specific desertion fs required - soe instructions p4) VALUE OF ASSET Resicknue 2 HS 56 25 Kd Pie2d Mian FL ly 000 EST. 93) Conta @ 2625 Calling ® MCP, Mu pr Bedch, FL $995,000 Est 2) Cando @ 2555 Gilling #IGCD, Mave Beach, FL 575.000 E27 4, We, Ood E37 4 Se oe oye 4 iso PART C -= LIABILITIES LIABILITIES IW EXCESS OF $4,000 (Se instructions on page 4 INANE AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY *) [Ocean Loan Services, Wert Salen Grk Fe f GARE $320, 000 a) [BxajPraricas, Charette NC BS Cootty Bk, Gral Gable, FL $282: 25 2)[Nachan Star, Cappel. TK; Ok Meceanh| Gral Ge bleo FL ¥ ASO, ops BOMEX Pea [Ving erede 2308 JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITIES NOT REPORTED ABOVE: ~ [NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY att TeFoms tame maya Tete ay ‘Feat y mone ae SB 0220).FAC. PART D -- INCOME Identify each sepaete source and amoun of income which evened 000 during tho year, including seconary Sources of income. Or allah complete (Copy ef your 2047 federal income ta return, ineuding all W2s, schedules, and attachments. Please redact any social securty or account numbers before ‘tachi your relums, as the law requ tase documents be postd to te Commissions webs Ls etect ote a copy of my 2017 federal income tax rlur and a W2's, schodules, and attachments [ifyou chuck he Box nd attach a copy of your 2017 tax return, you need not completa the remainder of Pat 0 PRIMARY SOURCES OF INCOME (See instructions on page 5): | _ NAME OF SOURCE OF INGOME EXCEEDING $1,000 ADDRESS OF SOURCE OF INCOME AMOUNT Lew Offer of Kavier Li Suarer | 5 Se 2S RA) AI, Mam FL [$112,000 ‘SECONDARY SOURCES OF INCOME (Major custome, slants, et. of businesses owed by reporing porson-see instructions on page 5] NAME OF NAME OF WAsOR SOURCES ADDRESS PRINCIPAL BUSINESS ausess ENTITY OF BUSINESS INCOME oF SOURCE AetIvity OF SOURCE [Pnsane- Dede Conn Cammsssii Wee 18 S4 orem PL] Robbe Sermon WLS, Saenl Securit Ck) Secueity Blvd Bat PART E -- INTERESTS IN SPECIFIED BUSINESSES [Instructions on page 6] BUSINESS ENTITY #1 BUSINESS ENTITY #2 AUSINESS ENTITY #3 TaN OF BUSINESS ent ‘ADDRESS OF al SUSNESS ENTITY | PRINCIPAL BUSINESS neni POSTION BELD STH ENTITY TONN MORE THANASE | INTEREST IVTHE BUSINESS NATURE OF MY 7 OWNERSHIP INTEREST a PART F- TRAINING For officers required to complete annual ethics training pursuant to section 112.142, F.S, (QI CERTIFY THAT | HAVE COMPLETED THE REQUIRED TRAINING. FLORIDA OATH counnvor | the person whe name appears a tho Som or teed) and subscribe botore me ns 3 /_ ay of Being of i for, do depose on oa or atematon MAY a lbw a sy tha th nfomaton dosed ont or Sy av any alahments heats ve, acca Pega fer God Es, Joanna Eben Paxton and compet Fi Type oF Slamp Connon 4 Expires 5/14/2022 7 Personaly Known (OR Produced Kentteaton — a ci ‘iGNATURE OF REFORTNG OFFICIAL OR CANDIDATE Tyre ol Menfileation Prodvced —___ Tra ceriieg puble accountant icansed under Chapter 473, or allorny in good standing with the Flora Bar prepared this form for you, he or ‘she must complete the following stalernent 1 ___ propared the CE Form 6 in accordance with Art. I, Sec. 8, Florita Corsiuton, Séalion 112.3744, Florida Statutes, and the intrucions fo the form. Upon my reasonable knowiedge and bet, the d'sclosure heroin is trie ‘and cocect is form Prepa a CPA or attorney does not th jon of ‘ANY OF PARTS A THROUGH E ARE CONTINUED ON A SEPARATE SHEET, PLEASE CHECK HERE) PRET