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FULL AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE. OF FINANCIAL INTEREST _[[~rorornceuse om] PROCESSEL ava COMMISSION ONETHICS Xavier Louis Suarez JUN 09 2014 ‘County Commissioner District 7 Miami-Dade County RECEIVED Elected Constitutional ffcer 1102 wean ns SCANNED) iocose INN a otal eA eet teat IDNo. 241635 Conf. Code CHECK IF THIS ISAFILINGBYACANDIDATE ‘Suarez, Xavier Louis PART A-- NET WORTH Please enter the value of your net worth as of December 31,2013, or a more curent date. [Note: Net worth isnot calculated by subtracting your reported liabiltis from your reported assets, so please see the instructions on page 3 « Mynetworthas of TAT 31, ___, 20 4 wass_Z VT, O00, 00 PART B~ ASSETS HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS: Household goods and personal effects may be reported in a lump sum if their aggregato value exceeds $1,000. This category includes any ofthe following if nt held for investment purposes: jawely; collections of stamps, guns, and numismatic tems; at objects; household equipment and furnishings; clothing; ther household tems; and vehicles for personal use. ‘The agregte value of my household goods and persona eects (deserted above) 28 LO) 200 , 60 [ASSETS INDIVIDUALLY VALUED AT OVER $1,000: DESCRIPTION OF ASSET (specific description is aquired - seo instructions p.4) VALUE OF ASSET iesideace © IGS SG 26 PI Bilvt raw A 331tG T2S SO ITA. F104 Man Fl Suey IG aude S 225 Sisk EOS Am. Donen PU sri] SS% Co Ss CITES esther Tar WenGa Ts 51¥ol PART C ~- LIABILITIES LIABILITIES IN EXCESS OF $1,000 (Soo instructions on page 4): NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY Cage Cac Nerrince Gusulle KTS) oc CU) zo) 000. @ Noss GAD of antTacs , Wallas dey, Zz0, 000. D Gade or anmca Titus C1) Ola Ww 5 Canal stRaan, Biytors JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITIES NOT REPORTED ABOVE: NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR | AMOUNT OF LIABILITY OUS. Gan, Gite einke, 300, Po ble Ged 3c 4 @ Spsaalitcy Las Sates Gathwo Ca. P2BVLS Ie Cosy (CEFORMS- Eiecive Jonny 12018 (Contnnd onrvose se) ei CF LA DO cetuor Tent Be Rasou Gly oF, $57 000, PAGET PART D — INCOME You may EITHER (1) fle a complete copy of your 2013 fedeal income tax rtuen, including all W2's, schedules, and attachments, OR (2) fe a sworn statement Identifying each separate source and amount of ineome which exceeds $1,000, Including secondary sourcas of Income, by completing the Femainder of Part O, below, 1 etoct 1 te @ copy of my 2013 federal Income tax return and all W2's, schedules, and attachments. Ifyou check tis box and attach @ copy of your 2013 tax retum, you need not complete the remainder of Pat D.) PRIMARY SOURCES OF INCOME (See instructions on page 5) NAME OF SOURCE OF INZOME EXCEEDING $1,000 ADDRESS OF SOURCE OF INCOME. Gw) orn or Yavin Kiaece [dC S.C. 2S AL 02 Pum FAL Tan or GRY We JO, ek hoam, FL ‘SECONDARY SOURCES OF INCOME [Major customers, cents, etc. of businesses owned by reporting person~see Instructions on page SI NAME OF NAME OF WAJOR SOURCES ADDRESS PRINCIPAL BUSINESS. BUSINESS ENTITY (OF BUSINESS INCOME (OF SOURCE ACTIVITY OF SOURCE PART E — INTERESTS IN SPECIFIED BUSINESSES [Instructions on page 6] BUSINESS ENTITY #1 BUSINESS ENTITY #2 BUSINESS ENTITY # 3 WAVE OF BUSINESS ENTITY "ADDRESS OF BUSINESS ENTITY PRINCIPAL BUSINESS AGTVITY, POSITION HETD i ENTITY TOWN MORE THANAS% INTEREST IN THE BUSINESS. NATURE OF MY OWNERSHIP INTEREST. NY OF PARTS A THRO! STATE OF FL ‘COUNTY OF {the person whose name appears atthe bboginning of tis form, do depose on oath or affimation ‘and eay that the Information disclosed on this form ‘and any attachments hereto true, accurate, and compl cd ‘Swoin to (or affired) and subscribes before me tis ay of Personally Known (OR Produced Idetication STURE OF REPORTING OFFICIAL OR CANDIDATE __Tvpe of identification Produced —__________ fa certified public accountant licensed under Chapter 473, or altomey in good standing with the Florida Bar prepared this form for you, he or she must complete the following statement prepared the CE Form 6 in accordance with Art. I, Sec. 8, Florida Constitution, ‘Secon 7323444, Fada Slates, and te nsudions tothe form: Upon my reasonable knowledge and bei, tho disclosure herein is tuo and correct Signature Date Preparation of this form by a CPA or attorney does the filer of the responsibility to sign the form under oath. TSEFORN 6-Exece Jano 1 204 PAGED ‘ped by rfc le 38.0021), FAC.