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Daily Lesson Plan # 01

Date: July 14, 2016

Class: Grade 7 ( English)

I. Objectives

1. At the end of the class 85% of the students should be

able to demonstrate understanding of the different
reading styles (scanning, skimming, speed reading
intensive reading and etc.)
2. The students would be able to construct a one stanza
poem about the different reading styles.
3. The students would be able to execute a simple reading
activity applying the different reading style on the
literature piece “The World is an Apple”.
II. Subject Matter

1. Topic : Various Reading Styles

2. Reference : English Expressways for first
year, , Slideshare ( Various reading
3. Materials : Audio-Visual Materials ( Overhead
Projector )
4. Skills to be developed : Reading Skills
III. Procedures
1. Preliminaries
2. Cleanliness, orderliness and beautification of the
3. Prayer
4. Spelling Quiz
5. Motivation
A short reading activity about the literary piece “The
monkey and the turtle” for two minutes and a sharing for 3
minutes about the things that they’ve read.

IV. Presentation

1. Relate the motivational activity to the lesson by asking

the students how they’ve read the story in the span of
two minutes ( Ask at least 2-3 students)
2. Introduced the different reading styles by a video clip
that would be played on the OHP.
3. Discussed the reading styles thoroughly with the use of
a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.
4. Assess the students learning by an activity that would
be given (creating a one stanza poem about the
reading styles for 10 minutes( a rubric for the activity
is establish with the help of the students))

V. Exercise
1. A simple reading activity of the literary piece “The
world is an Apple”.
2. The students are free to choose any reading style And
write their reflection on a piece of paper.
3. The activity would be done in 5 minutes. Three minutes
would be allotted to the reading activity and two
minutes in writing the reflection. A rubric to assess the
reflection would also be agreed by the students and
the facilitator.
VI. Evaluation

1. A twenty item test would be given to assess the

learning of the students .
VI. Assignment

1. Make a diagram of the different reading styles.

2. Choose one reading style that you use most and
explain why.


Precious Joy Bello