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Budgeted Outlay

Computer System Servicing

Maayon National High School
S.Y. 2019-2020

Content Objectives of Date Remarks

Introduction 1. Basic The learners… 1. Explain basic

concepts in computer concepts in computer systems
systems servicing 2. servicing 2. Discuss the relevance of
Relevance of the course 3. the course 3. Explore career 5 June 3 -6 ,
Career opportunities opportunities in computer systems days 2019


LO 1. Recognize Personal
Entrepreneurial Competencies and
1. Assessment of Personal Skills (PECs) needed in computer
Competencies and Skills systems servicing 1.1 Compare one’s
(PECs) vis-à-vis PECs of a PECs with those of a practitioner/
practicing entrepreneur/ entrepreneur 1.2 Align one’s PECs 4 June 10-13,
employee 1.1 with those of a practitioner/ days 2019
Characteristics 1.2 entrepreneur 1.3 Assess one’s PECs
Attributes 1.3 Lifestyle 1.4 1.4 Assess practitioner’s PECs
Skills 1.5 Traits 2. Analysis
of PECs compared to those TLE_PECS7-1200-1
of a practitioner 3. Align
one’s PECs based on the
results of the assessment

1. Strengthening and LO 2. Develop and strengthen

developing further one’s personal competencies and skills
PECs (PECs) needed in computer systems
servicing 2.1 Identify areas for
improvement, development and
growth 2.2 Align one’s PECs 4 day June 17-20,
according to his/her business/career 2019
choice 2.3 Create a plan of action
that ensures success of his/her
business/career choice



Market (Town) 1. Key LO 1. Recognize and understand the
concepts of market 2. market in computer systems
Players in the market servicing 1.1 Identify the players/ 4 June 24-27,
(competitors) 1. Products & competitors within the town 1.2 days 2019
services available in the Identify the different
market products/services available in
the marketTLE_EM7-12-001

Market (customer) 1. Key LO 2. Recognize the potential

concepts in identifying and customer/ market in computer
understanding the systems servicing 2.1 Profile
consumer 2. Consumer potential customers 2.2 Identify the 4 July 1-4, 2019
analysis through: 2.1 customer’s needs and wants days
Observation 2.2 Interviews through consumer analysis 2.1
2.3 Focus group discussion Conduct consumer/market analysis
(FGD) 2.4 Survey

1. Generating business LO 3. Create new business ideas in

ideas 1.1 Key concepts in computer systems servicing by using
generating business ideas various techniques 3.1 Explore ways
1.2 Knowledge, skills, of generating business ideas from
passions, and interests 1.3 ones’ own characteristics/attributes
New applications 1.4 3.2 Generate business ideas using 4 July 8 –
Irritants 1.5 Striking ideas product innovation from irritants, days 11,2019
(new concepts) 1.6 trends, and emerging needs 3.3
Serendipity Walk Generate business ideas using
Serendipity Walk


1. Product development 2. LO 4. Develop a product/service in

Key concepts in developing computer systems servicing 4.1
a product 3. Finding Value Identify what is of “value” to the
4. Innovation 4.1 Unique customer 4.2 Identify the customer 4 July 15-18,
Selling Proposition (USP 4.3 Explain what makes a product days 2019
unique and competitive 4.4 Apply
creativity and innovative techniques
to develop marketable product 4.5
Employ a USP to the product/service

1. Selecting business idea LO 5. Select a business idea based
2. Key concepts in selecting on the criteria and techniques set
a business idea 2.1 Criteria 5.1 Enumerate various criteria and
Techniques steps in selecting a business idea 5.2 5 day June 24, 2019
Apply the criteria/steps in selecting
a viable business idea 5.3 Determine
a business idea based on the
criteria/techniques set TLE_EM7-

LO 6. Develop a brand for the

product 6.1 Identify the benefits of
having a good brand 6.2 Enumerate 2 June 25 – 26,
1. Branding recognizable brands in the days 2019
town/province 6.3 Enumerate
criteria for developing a brand 6.4
Generate a clear appeal



Work order and standard LO 1. Assess quality of received

operating procedures materials 1.1 Obtain work
Specification of materials instruction in accordance with
and components - Wires - standard operating procedures 1.2
Cables - Electrical tape Check the received materials against
Components - Resistors - workplace standards and
Capacitors - Integrated specifications 1.3 Identify and
5 June 27 – July
circuits - Diodes - isolate faulty materials related to
days 4, 2019
Transistor Faults - Factory work 1.4 Record and/ or report
defects - Nonconformity to defects and any identified causes to
specifications - the supervisor concerned in
Nonconformity to accordance with workplace
government standards and procedures 1.5 Replace faulty
PECs, environmental code - materials in accordance with
Safety defects Recording workplace procedures
and reporting procedures -
Parts identification - TLE_IACSS912AQS-Ia-1
Component identification
Related documents - LO 2. Assess own work 2.1 Identify
Service manuals - and use documentation relative to
Operations manual - quality within the prescribe
Certifications - Type standard 2.2 Check completed work
approval certificates against workplace standards
Quality standards on - relevant to the task undertaken 2.3
Materials - Component Identify and isolate errors 2.4
parts - Final product - Record information on the quality
Product production and other indicators of production 4 July 8 – 11,
Checking process - Quality performance in accordance with days 2019
controlling - Quality workplace procedures 2.5
assurance Records and Document and report cases of
documents - Organization deviations from specific quality
work procedures - standards in accordance with the
Manufacturers instruction workplace’s procedures
manual - Forms

Process improvement LO 3. Engage in quality improvement

procedure Monitoring 3.1 Participate process
performance operation - improvement procedures in relative
Customer satisfaction - to workplace assignment 3.2 Carry
Customer feedback form - out work in accordance with process
Co-workers feedback - improvement procedures 3.3 4 July 15-18,
Supervisors rating sheet - Monitor performance of operation days 2019
Suppliers feedback or quality of product of service to
Checking quality output ensure customer satisfaction


Task identification - LO 1. Plan and prepare for task to be

Planning - Preparing undertaken 1.1 Determine
Operational health and requirements of task in accordance
safety (OHS) guidelines and with the required output 1.2 Select
procedures Computer appropriate hardware and software
hardware - Keyboard - according to task assigned and 4 July 22-25,
Mouse - Hard drives - required outcome 1.3 Plan a task to days 2019
Monitor - System Unit ensure that OHS guidelines and
Computer application procedures are followed 1.4 Follow
software client-specific guidelines and
procedures 1.5 Apply required data
security guidelines in accordance
with existing procedures

Types of program/ LO 2. Input data into computer 2.1
application software - word Enter the data into the computer
processing - web browsers using appropriate
- internet Data processing program/application in accordance
Checking and saving with company procedures 2.2 Check
information Storage the accuracy of information and 4 July 29-
devices - primary - save the information in accordance days August 1,
secondary Work with standard operating procedures 2019
Ergonomic 2.3 Store inputted data is in storage
media according to requirements
2.4 Perform work within ergonomic


Second Quarter
Desktop icons - LO 3. Access information using
Directories - Files and computer 3.1 Select correct
folders - Recycle bin program/application based on job
Keyboard techniques - requirements 3.2 Access
Proper handling - Shortcut program/application containing the
keys Keyboard care and information required according to 4 August 12 –
maintenance company procedures 3.3 Select, days 15, 2019
open, and close desktop for
navigation purposes 3.4 Carry out
keyboard techniques in line with
OHS requirements


Computer application LO 4. Produce output/ data using

software Computer computer system system 4.1
peripherals - Printer Process entered data using
Storage devices appropriate software commands 4.2
Print out data as required using
computer hardware /peripheral 4 August 19-22,
devices in accordance with standard days 2019
operating procedures 4.3 Transfer
files and data between compatible
systems using computer software,
hardware/peripheral devices in
accordance with standard operating

Requirements for LO 5. Use basic functions of a www-
Internet search - browsers - browser to locate information 5.1
URL - search engine - Establish information requirements
bookmark - link for internet search 5.2 Launch
browser 5.3 Load search engine 5.4
Enter appropriate search criteria/or 4 August 26-29,
URL of site 5.5 Follow relevant links days 2019
to locate required information 5.6
Bookmark useful pages and print as


Computer maintenance - LO 6. Maintain computer equipment

Disk cleanup - Checking and systems 6.1 Implement
disk errors - Replacement procedures for ensuring security of
of consumables - Dusting data, including regular backups and
the external and internal virus checks in accordance with
part of the computer File standard operating procedures 6.2 4 September 2-
maintenance - Backing up Implement basic file maintenance days 5, 2019
files - Deleting unwanted procedures in line with the
files - Updating antivirus standards operating procedures
database/using more
appropriate anti virus TLE_IACSS912PCO-Ii-j-9


Types of components and LO 1. Select measuring instruments

objects to be measured: - 1.1 Identify object/s or component
Memory - Data storage to be measured 1.2 Obtain correct
capacity - Processor - specifications from relevant source 4 September 9-
Video card Correct 1.3 Select measuring tools in line days 12, 2019
specifications from with job requirements
relevant sources
Measuring tools TLE_IACSS912PMC-IIa-b-10
Types of measuring LO 2. Carry out measurements and
instruments and their uses calculation 2.1 Select appropriate
Safe handling procedures measuring instrument to achieve
in using measuring required outcome 2.2 Obtain
instruments Four accurate measurements for job 2.3
fundamental operation of Perform calculation needed to
mathematics Formula for complete task using the four
volume, area, perimeter, mathematical fundamental
and other geometric operations addition (+), subtraction 4 September 16
figures Conversion and (-), multiplication (x), and division (÷) days – 20, 2019
calculation - Capacity and 2.4 Use calculation involving
speed - Memory - Data fractions, percentages and mixed
storage - Processor - Video numbers to complete workplace
card bit/byte/MB/GB/TB tasks 2.5 Self-check and correct
numerical computation for accuracy
2.6 Read instruments to the limit of
accuracy of the tool


Maintenance of LO 3. Maintain measuring

measuring instruments - 5S instruments 3.1 Ensure proper
- Lubrication - Cleaning - handling of measuring instruments
Storage Proper storage of to avoid damage and clean it before 4 September 23
instruments and after using 3.2 Identify tasks to days – 26, 2019
be undertaken for proper storage of
instruments according to
manufacturer’s specifications and
standard operating procedures



Basic symbols Basic LO 1. Identify different kinds of

elements - Schematic technical drawings 1.1 Select correct
diagram - Charts - Block technical drawing in accordance
diagrams - Layout plans - with the job requirement 1.2 4 September 30
Loop diagram Segregate technical drawings in days – 3 October,
accordance with the types and kinds 2019
of drawings

Technical drawing - LO 2. Interpret technical drawing 2.1
Components, assemblies, Recognize components, assemblies,
or objects - Dimensions - or objects as required 2.2 Identify
Symbols Job dimensions of the key features of
requirements or the objects depicted in the drawing
equipment for drawing in 2.3 Identify and interpret symbols 4 October 7 –
accordance with standard used in the drawing 2.4 Check and days 10,2019
operating procedures validate drawing against job
requirements or equipment in
accordance with standard operating


Electrical/ Electronic LO 3. Prepare/ make changes to

Schematic Schematic electrical/ electronic schematics and
drawings drawings 3.1 Draw and identify
correctly electrical/ electronic 4 October 14 –
schematic 3.2 Identify correct days 18, 2019
drawing; select and use equipment
in accordance with job requirements


Care and maintenance of LO 4. Store technical drawings and
technical drawing equipment/ instruments 4.1 Identify
equipment/ instruments tasks to be undertaken for care and 4 October 21-
Inventory of technical maintenance of drawings according days 24, 2019
drawings Proper storage to company procedures
of instruments
4.2 Record technical drawings and
prepare an inventory in accordance
with company procedures 4.3 4.3
identify tasks to be undertaken for
proper storage of instruments
according to company procedures



Identifying and selecting LO 1. Plan and prepare for tasks to

different types and uses of be undertaken 1.1 Identify tasks to
hand tools Uses of be undertaken properly 1.2 Identify
different hand tools. and select appropriate hand tools 4 November 4-
according to the task requirements days 7, 2019
Checking of hand tools LO 2. Prepare hand tools 2.1 Check
Identifying unsafe or faulty appropriate hand tools for proper
operation and safety 2.2 Identify 4 November 11-
and mark unsafe or faulty tools for days 14, 2019
repair according to standard
company procedure


Operating hand tools LO 3. Use appropriate hand tools

Safety procedures using and test equipment 3.1 Use tools
handling tools Personal according to tasks undertaken. 3.2
Protective Equipment (PPE) Observe all safety procedures in 4 November 18-
Documentation process using tools at all times and use days 21, 2019
appropriate PPE 3.3 Report
malfunctions, unplanned or unusual
events to the supervisor


Maintenance of hand LO 4. Maintain hand tools 4.1 Do not

tools - Cleaning - drop tools to avoid damage; carry
Lubricating - Tightening - out routine maintenance of tools
Tools repairs - Adjusting according to standard operational 4 November 25-
using correct procedures - procedures, principles, and days 28,2019
Sharpening Storing of techniques 4.2 Store tools safely in
hand tools appropriate locations in accordance
with manufacturer’s specifications
or standard operating procedures



Material specification - LO 1. Plan and preparation for

Assorted wires and cables termination / connection of
Task requirements - electrical wiring/ electronics circuits
Splicing - Jointing - 1.1 Check materials according to
Soldering • Tools and specifications and tasks 1.2 Select
equipment - Pliers - Cutters appropriate tools and equipment
- Screw driver - Soldering according to task requirements 1.3
10 December 2-
gun - Multitester • OH&S Follow planned task to ensure OHS
days 17, 2019
guidelines and procedures guidelines and procedure 1.4
Electrical wiring diagram Prepare electrical wiring/electronics
Electronics kit circuits correctly for
connecting/terminating in
accordance with instruction and
work site procedures


Fourth Quarter
OHS procedures - Safety LO 2: Terminate/connect electrical
procedure in using tools - wiring/ electronic circuits 2.1
Appropriate PPE Observe safety procedures in using
Methods in termination tools and use appropriate personal
and connections according protective equipment at all times
to job specification - 2.2 Identify the tasks to be
Clamping - Pin connection - undertaken to work safely in
Soldered joints - Plugs accordance with the workplace and
Proper procedures in standard procedures 2.3 Use 8 January 6-16,
adjusting accessories - appropriate range of methods in days 2019
Brackets - Clamps termination/connection in
Confirmation of accordance to specifications,
termination/ connection in manufacturer’s requirements, and
accordance with the job safety 2.4 Follow correct sequence
specification of operation 2.5 Adjust used
accessories 2.6 Confirm
termination/connection in
accordance with job specification


Proper procedure in LO 3: Test termination/connections

conducting testing of electrical wiring/electronics circuits
termination/connection of 3.1 Conduct complete testing of
electrical wiring/electronics termination/connection of electrical
circuits Proper wiring/electronics circuits in
procedure in checking compliance with specifications and 8 January 20-30,
wirings and circuits using regulations using appropriate days 2019
specified testing procedures and equipment 3.2
procedures Protocol in Check wirings and circuits using
responding to unplanned specified testing procedures 3.3
conditions Respond to unplanned events or
conditions in accordance with
established procedures in
accordance with established



Work instructions Job LO 1: Determine criteria for testing
order Work coordination electronics components
process Documentations components 1.1 Obtain and clarify
and interpretations of work instructions based on job order
data/testing criteria or client requirements 1.2 Consult
Testing criteria - Controls - responsible person for effective and
Effectiveness - Efficiency - proper work coordination 1.3 Obtain
8 February 3-
Bug detection - and interpret data
days 13,2019
Functionality, including sheets/application notes based on
flow - Interoperability - manufacturer’s specifications 1.4
Performance - Reliability - Define testing criteria to ensure that
Operating parameters components meet technical and
quality requirements 1.5 Document
and communicate testing criteria to
relevant personnel


Testing methods for LO 2: Plan an approach for

electronic components - components testing 2.1 Identify
Automated - Debugging - various testing methods based on
Inspection - Platform types of electronic components 2.2 8 February 17-
testing - Prototyping Determine characteristics and days 27, 2019
Testing strategies for appropriateness of testing methods
electronic components to be used during development and
on completion 2.3 Consider/select
- Passive testing - Dynamic testing methods in relation to
testing - In-circuit testing appropriate testing strategy


Procedure in checking 2.4 Develop plan for testing

and testing operation in components at specified points
accordance with during development and on
established procedures completion 2.5 Prepare and check
Records systems - required test and measuring
metadata that includes: o instruments and tools in accordance 8 March 2 – 13,
description of fault o with established procedures 2.6 days 2019
identification of code o Establish records system to
user responses o written or document testing results, including
verbal comments o problems and faults
quantitative data o
remedial action taken o TLE_IACSS912TEC-IVc-e-25
retest result o date o
tester's details -
questionnaire - survey
Component testing LO 3: Test components 3.1 Apply
process evaluation appropriate testing methods to
Component problems and electronic components in
faults Documentation accordance to technical
procedures Procedures in specifications 3.2 Detect and record
resolving detected problems and faults by testing 3.3
problems faults Document remedial steps 3.4
8 March 16 -27,
Resolve detected problems and
days 2019
faults during testing in accordance
with agreed project or industry
practice 3.5 Evaluate final products
against the determined criteria 3.6
Submit to relevant personnel the
documented and summarized
evaluation report of the testing


Components of testing LO 4: Evaluate the testing process 4 March 30 –

methods Testing process 4.1 Identify testing methods that days April 3, 2019
and records were successful based on industry
Documentation procedures standards 4.2 Evaluate testing
process and records system based
on standard procedures 4.3
Document test results/findings for
subsequent testing


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Asst. Principal II