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FULL AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE JUL 02 2019 RECEIVED iocose flit ID No. 97170 Conf. Code “AUTO"MIKED AADC 32378 1.42 057 ati Carlos A Gimenez Chaic Méx Boara /) Payee FIGs Dake, Coxe} smote” ” PROCESSED - F129 Office Of The Mayor 111 NW fst St Miami, FL 33128-1930 HOTEL! attest dae eae te Lt CHECK IF THIS ISAFILING BYACANDIDATE PART A~ NET WORTH Please enter the value of your net worth as of December 31, 2018 or a more current date, [Note: Net worth is not cal- culated by subtracting your reported liabilities from your reported assets, so please see the instructions on page 3.) Mynetworth as or lowe 3° 20 /F_wass_ YU FVZ IbF Gimenez, Carlos A PART B~ ASSETS HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS: Household goods an persanalefees may be rporad in a lmp sum f hie sgoregate valve exceeds $1,000, Tis category incutes ay a he Towing. othe for vesent purposes: jen, colectons of stamps, gure, and nummate fms. at etjacs, howehold une and fuming ching cor nousehld ems nd vies for persona ise, wheter owned or oased The agaregate va of my housed goods ara persona eects (wascrbed abovoy ss_ ZS7POO® [ASSETS INDIVIDUALLY VALUED AT OVER $1,000: DESCRIPTION OF ASSET (specific description is required - see instructions p.4) VALUE OF ASSET [aoa L580,000 Peal 0.088, Aut G) 10,209 , F000 NES~ 162, 14: = (50,13, VAnapnd- 1884 [PF oo - PF, Tak fund - 136,/8¢, ? DiAttowd BAe $7ck.— 2é08° PART C~ LIABILITIES LIABILITIES IN EXCESS OF $1,000 (See instructions on page 4): [NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY. fuk I= AusEra cn 0-Cov 141179 Sasi Valley , CA. 275,687 MFFO) 11 MAST Miaue Fe S76 JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITIES NOT REPORTED [NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY. lenny each separate source and amount ofincome which exceaded $1,090 curing the year, incusing secondary sours of coms. OF atch a con Copy of yout 2018 federal income lax return, nluding al Ws, schedules, an attachments, Please redact any socal secuty or account numbers before Steching your returns, #8 the law requires these documents be poste tothe Commission's website Ds ect to te copy of my 2018 federal income tax return and all W2's, schedules, and atachments Iityou check this bor and altach @ copy of your 2018 tax return, you need not compete the rmaindar of Pan O } PRIMARY SOURCES OF INCOME (See instructions on page 5): NAME OF SOURCE OF INCOME EXCEEDING $1,000 ADDRESS OF SOURCE OF INCOME AMOUNT. Miia’ Onde Booty Nw 157 Mipyi Le BS, l0é, Mhite FECL Ee Nefitomeu (BES $0 3Awe hg: ge _| B36, 338 ‘SECONDARY SOURCES OF INCOME [Major customers, cons, et. of businesses owned by reporting person~see instructions on page 5}: i NAME OF NAME OF MAJOR SOURCES ADDRESS PRINCIPAL BUSINESS. BUSINESS ENTITY (OF BUSINESS INGOWE OF SOURCE ACTIVITY OF SOURCE: PART E ~ INTERESTS IN SPECIFIED BUSINESSES [Instructions on page 6] BUSINESS ENTITY # 1 BUSINESS ENTITY #2 BUSINESS ENTITY #3 PART F TRAINING. For officers required to complete annual ethies training pursuant to section 112.3142, FS. (QI CERTIFY THAT I HAVE COMPLETED THE REQUIRED TRAINING. OATH Swe or ean — Dake | th parson ose san appear the L_ tearing of hs orm. do depo on oth a afematin and sy tate intrmatondscesed an is fm and eny attachments hereto is tue, accurate, Cred and complete Personally Known _ | ‘OR CANDIDATE Type of Identification Produces SIGNATURE OF REPORTING Ifa certified public accountant licensed under Chapter 473, or attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar prepared this form for yous, he or ‘she must complete the following statement: 1 prepared the CE Farm 6 in accordance with Art. I, Sec. 8, Florida Constitution, ‘Section 112.3144, Flonda Statuies, and the inarudtons To the form. Upon my reasonable knowledge and belief the disclosure herein is ue ‘and correct. Signature Date Preparation of this form by a CPA or attorney does not relieve the filer of the responsibility to sign the form under oath. IF ANY OF PARTS \ THROUGH E ARE CONTINUED ON \ SEPARATE SHEET, PLEASE CHECK HERE 2) Tae ceo aay ROE