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FORM 6 FULL AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE 2018 ‘lease print or type your name, mailing OF FINANCIAL INTERESTS, FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: AST RAWE— FRST RAE = MIDDLE NE bo YF 32 Sosa, Rebeca WaLNGADORESS 1000 SW 57th Avenue a Sommssonon ETHICS Suite 201 JUN 07 2019 ar a COUNTY West Miami 33144 Miami-Dade RECEIVED Elected Constitutional Offces PROCESSED | "Wane OF OFFICE G8 POSITION HELD OR SOUGHT County Commissioner District 6 ‘CHECK IF THIS ISA FILING SY A GANDIOATE: PART A= NET WORTH Please enter the value of your net worth as of December 31, 2018 or 2 more current date, [Note Net worth is not cal- culated by subtracting your reported libilties from your reported assets, so please see the instructions on page 3.] My net worth as of___December31__ 99 18 was g 950,000 PART B- ASSETS HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS: Househals goods ané personal effects may be reported ina hms sum i hor aggregate valve exceeds $1,000. This categery includes ary of he folowing, net Ned for investment purposes jewery. cotecions oF stamps, guns. and nurse ems. af ches, husehold equ pret and farshings. otnng: eter nouseheis teme: and vehcies fr personal ee. whether owe of eased ; Approximately $25,000 ‘Te aggregate valu of my household goods and personal fects (sesetbed above) [ASSETS INDIVIDUALLY VALUED AT OVER $1,000: DESCRIPTION OF ASSET (specific description ix required - ace Instructions p4) VALUE OF ASSET **See Attached PART C~ LIABILITIES LIABILITIES IN EXCESS OF $1,000 (See Instructions on page 4: NAME AND ADORESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY "See Attached" " = +— | JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITIES NOT REPORTED ABOVE: NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY Tram Tana aa FOE PART D = INCOME Gentil ch separate source and amu! of score whch exceeded $1,000 ering the year ining se py of your 2048 Todor ncome fax retum meluong ak Ws sched, and atachents- Please eda sttaching your retusa he law oaures these documents oe posted to the Commisaon’s webste rary sources ol income, Oratach a consi 'ny dada sect ar account numbers C1 oct toe a copy afmy 2018 tecerel nome tx PRIMARY SOURCES OF INCOME (See instructions on page 6): NAME OF SOURCE OF INCOME EXCEEDING $1,000 _| ADDRESS OF SOURCE OF INCOME AMOUNT, See Attached" | SECONDARY SOURCES OF INCOME [Msjor customers, ens, 16, of businesses chimed by reporting person-see insuchons on page 8: NAME OF NAME OF MAJOR SOURCES ADORESS PRINCIPAL BUSINESS BUSINESS ENTITY (OF SUSINESS INCOME OF SOURCE ACTIVITY OF SOURCE PART E ~ INTERESTS IN SPECIFIED GUSINESSES [Instructions on page 6} BUSINESS ENIITY #1 BUSINESS ENTITY #2 BUSINESS ENTITY 83 TAME OF N BUSINESS ENTITY lone ‘AGDRES Business en PRINCIPAL BUSIN POSITION FETS Sai ENTIT ‘OWN MORE THAN ASH INTEREST IN THE BUSINESS NATURE OF ny OWNERSHIP INTEREST PART F- TRAINING For offers required to complete annual ethics training pursuant to section 112.3142, FS, LCERTIFY THAT | HAVE COMPLETED THE REQUIRED TRAINING. OATH eounryor Nk MiCiil = DXi the person whose name appears at the ‘wom to (or fim) and subs Lega of hs frm. do depose on oa amaton “Kye aed 8 ‘ ogee Deleca_ syoareriorasr ibd te and any atachments hereto fs tue, ee Personaty Known Con Pic ert Caen ee O25 at 1 before me tis SIGNATURE OF REPORTING OF/CIAL OR CANDIDATE Tyo of ldenfeatin Produces la cerfed pubic accountant Icensea under Chapter 473, or atorney im good standing wih te Fonds Ber prepared ths form for you he or she must complete tne folowing statement 1 prepared the CE Form 6 accordance witn AA. See 8 Florida Consttuten, ‘Sedion 1123144 Fonda Statutes, and we ietucione to he form” Upon my reasanatle knowedge and belie! the dscosurehevemn's tive ans eoveet Signature Preparation of this form by a CPA or attorney does not relieve the filer of the responsi IF ANY OF PARTS A THROUGH E ARE CONTINUED ON A SEPARATE SHEET, PLEASE CHECK HERE CE fawe Ege oa FSET ‘ Statement attached to and made a part of Form | Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interest for Rebeca Sosa Commissioner — District 6 Miami-Dade, County 2018 Part B— Assets [Residence at 6386 SW 10 Si, Miami, FI Approximately 419,353 | Bank Account — Interamerican Bank (checking & savings) Jointly with children Approximately 116.836 | “Trust Mark Life Insurance ‘Approximately 2,500 | Joint bank aecount w/children ~ Interameriean Bank ‘Approximately 1,760 | ~ Joint bank account wichildren ~ Interamerican Bank ‘Approximately 10,228 Part C- Liabilities (Tateramerican Bank — 9090 SW 24% St, Miami, FL 33165 (Home Equity Line) __Approimately 26.227 [Mazda Credit Card (Co-signes) __ Approximately | 5,168 Part D- Income ‘School Board of | Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioner ~ I | NE 1* Street, ‘Tement Employment, Inc. — 1445 Ross Avenue, t a I i | | | | |