10/21/2007 “Just dream and nature will ensure your dream turns into a reality.

"When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires Will come to you" Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

This is the newsletter of a website that has been designed for professionals (To visit website please click here). The website launched by me is the culmination of my research in physics. In the first issue of the newsletter I am giving a brief overview of what this project is all about. We are Indians and being an Indian itself makes us special. Science is imbibed in our life from the childhood. We are highly creative and nothing is beyond our reach. Problem is that we do not dream enough and we do not dream big! The worst thing is that in the bad times we live in the eternal hope that good times will come soon but when good times do come we are not prepared for the good times. This forum is for achievers, this forum is for people who believe in themselves, this forum is for people who make a difference and want to make a difference. It is time to realize your small dreams. It is time to make a difference. All we need to do to perform at the optimum level is to apply laws of nature in our daily life, in fact, most of the times we live a life against the laws of nature and suffer the consequences. An executive is being stressed and stretched by the force of his/her own ambitions. You will all agree that first thing we need to perform at optimum level is to remain fit. In the article, ‘We are not designed to have diseases’, I have explained that we do not have to do anything to remain fit, all we need to do is not do anything that can harm us. Through this newsletter, we will also keep you updated on such developments in science that directly concern a layman.

Feature Articles

‘We are not designed to have diseases’
Abstract: Anyone who has basic knowledge of physics knows that like everything else, human body is also just a combination of atoms and atoms do not have diseases. Then, what is illness and how can we remain healthy and fit? Modern medical science suggests that 30 minute walk at least 3 times a week will keep you healthy and fit. Walking ensures proper circulation of energy and burns up extra calories. But walking is not the best exercise because cost we pay for getting the desired result is too high. Walking hastens the process of ageing because it results in loss of vital energy. Modern medical science puts a lot of emphasize on hygiene and rightly so but a modern executive is frequently on tour and has to eat a lot outside his home and hence it is not possible to ensure hygienic conditions at all the times and then there are frequent and sudden changes in the climatic conditions that are beyond our control. Our body can adjust to almost any condition but it needs time to adjust to new conditions. In the transition period, greater the range of your body, the healthier you will be. We need to make our body more resilient to enable it to adjust to a greater range of conditions. We can achieve these objectives in just 15 minutes a day if we understand what body needs to perform at the optimum level. (Click here to view full article).

‘In search of God’s particle’
Abstract: In the most expensive and most massive experiment ever conducted on earth scientists will try to detect Higgs boson (also known as God’s particle). Some scientists have expressed fears that even if one of the several black holes likely to be created in the experiment becomes stable then it will swallow entire earth in less than 7 minutes. All leading news channels and leading newspapers of the world are covering the experiment extensively. In a SMS poll conducted by BBC, an overwhelming majority voted against the experiment. Fears have increased after an explosion at the site blew off a twenty-ton magnet off its mounting. We, in India, are blissfully unaware of this experiment (Click here to view full article).

Next Issue

Physics of Dreaming
All you need to do to achieve something is to dream about it. Dreams do come true but you have to put lots of energy into your dreams. Once you know how to dream scientifically, nature will ensure that dreams will come true. In this article, I have explained physics of dream – scientific principles that ensure that we get what we dream.

‘Zero Universe’
Mathematic without zero is unthinkable but numeral zero can result in the collapse of mathematics. We learnt in the primary school that x * 0 = 0. If we apply normal rules of mathematic to this equation then it means that every number is equal to every other number. Numeral zero is not just any other number, it is a concept that has emerged from cosmology and not from mathematics. Brahmagupta who is credited by the world scientific community for bringing the concept to mathematics faced several logical problems like determining the value of n/0 that were later on resolved by mathematicians like Aryabhatta who was first to suggest that n/0 = ∞.

Bohr-Einstein debate on the nature of reality is one of the most important and most creative debates in the history of modern science. Crux of the debate in mathematical terms is whether 1 = 10 (or n) or whether 1 ≠ 10 or n where n ≠ 1. Einstein suggests 1 ≠ 10 and Bohr counters the arguments of Einstein and suggests that 1 = 10 (or n). Experimental evidences are in favor of Bohr. This is what my analysis of concept of zero also suggests. What the utility of zero for a layman?