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aan Module B2: Introductive Workshop to Hydropower for Engineers | Intermediate Level 82.3: 82.4: B2.5: 82.6: Introduction to the Course ory, Relevance and Potential of Hydropower Part | History of yropower Part 2 | Global capacity and potential, Situation in Indonesia Part 3 | Relevance of hydropower ‘Types of Hydropower Plants and Projects Part 1 | Capacity Port | Head Part 3 | Design (ROR, RES, PSP) Part 4 | Suppiy/load (On-oft-gd) Hydropower Project Development Part 1. | Timetine Actvtios and milestones in PLN} Part 2| Time Schedules Part 3 | Project Costs Natural Conditions and Criteria for Project Feasil Part 2 | Why, when, what? Part 2 | Natura contions Part 3 | Focus: Hydrology Challenges, Potential Risks and Impact Pat 1 | Risks, ikethood, consequence and mitigation Part 2 | Rsk Assessment Matrix Few exaavsc. Ho: @ B2.2 History, relevance and potential of hydropower 1 History: -1S008C Fst ater wheal tft ater ration) 30006 Fst grain ills evan Bywater whet. Late ite age Ineasing se of hypo drive chai equipment in mining ane recut ‘homme mis, saw mis ete) ‘Snce~s880 Fst generation of lect wih yaropomer ysrosower being ies cenuis na: wate weal ans water ills oman mp: grin isan so for wood a stone ina and Far East: ata wheel to start gon chan Diet ranemision of mechanical anergy equred te corresponding production to cee close to sila yoo potential (exarpe ea actos indonesia, LA Water Wheels ‘The undersha waterwheel isthe oget ype of water whoo which was fst deserbad by Vt in the century [3 waniiiay edt water from rivers ino saved The overshot waterwheel, which has ubstartialy batter een was developed nthe century. that times grate itis anc hammer is alsin) were hen by wateroheas 1.2 modern Turbines ‘ne fet eevant insertion se evelopment aware mode ines te tutes to Seger (1706777, Germany He developed areneve water ture (rene eel nthe mi-28Hceturyin ing of tga. Tthado Nozsctal ns re was pause modern water turbines, tsa vry imple machin tat ss produced tcay or use ns yar tes, Fram there nerous ventions flowed main inthe 1 cera Very relent wee then Cselopent of ne Francs tute (848) a ofthe Petlon turing (2890), The et tet for ropelet turtis, stat me al wits nor agustee anne tees, washardedin Hala in 3933. Derg tistine als ecilgnertes were develped further, whereas tines were tall a wed to mechani deve the machines, In Indonesia to operate achioesn tea etaes. Fist longlitancerapimison of elecrty wis demonstrated hy er ding the tense Hecrty [ton in 893 n Germany, were = eapcty oF 401, generated ty he auton HP, wastrnerited ove 75k 25 Ve “Wodule a:icoducive Worlshop to tyeropowsr for Eines | rueomelate level Module andout~ Sesion B22” Hetory relevance a potent of tyaropouee FEW come. ew © 2 Relevance General ratages ‘+ Mh avait (9%), ok ala, vey controle ane predicable + COsamuson feo opraten, no poner wats 1+ exaen sosy for score of ery wth ast vad f pak domnd + ow operating costs + Hist in eveopment + Fortin some counties favorable tafe 1 Hale o reduce Co emisionsin generation mi 4+ Independent Fam development fies for rinay energy soutes such sland ex + ingore, rable and exe oe for alin load and tabzaton| + exelan tence and proven ecntogy 4+ sous and vatsbie aetna ceri and lance gonaration sorte | mio) 3. Potential 3.1. Expressions and dimensions drooower potent s usualy exresedin diferent aegis "Theoret Rote ~ describes al potential avaltie ina dfn en, not cording ee, ‘economia ar ther contra, Cmmany, 81 cOMUReS EAS on I at (many wat resources and pcg + Techn Potntl~ etved om the theoretic potent ut considering eel canst (to ‘acting lve, Thesconsvans may ince eating Inrastuctne, gly aces, erent nd ‘eal consis, oe La. # nonmarket whe cess be een veloped + ease Potent among the tect pose project, large number et canocallyfinanciny fel. Ti may be due tolong distance to uses o say cae wuld be to cost to develop these. Naural wth rd extension, charging derand anda, aces, tense, et. projects mightmove rom oe tego into aot. “Thisapproach to dsc potentiais ben flown a bythe Word Myerapone Aa’ pubshed anna by Hydropower & Das, and by other lol and ntional earns. ower insiles spocty) expressed in at Enorey geeraed lec Susy enpressed a Watthour Power nary w Wh kw=10'W ev =20Wh awe 308 rain 10 wh ews. ah «20m Iws20W wn 20" 0m ‘Wodale siroductve Worshop to Ryropowe Tor nnaes | hberedave Level Mowe Handout Seuson 822 Hetorreleance and potenti o ysrosower