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October 2008 ECE Licensure Examination

Disclaimer: The following questions may or may not be the

actual questions presented in the licensure examination.
These are based primarily on the examinees’ recall of
questions and hence may contain discrepancies on the actual
wordings, order and choices compare to what was presented in
the board due to memory limitations. Some questions
presented give uncertainty to the editors if these were
asked in the board or not so these may exceed the actual 100
questions. Please take note that some statements are
incomplete and may just be keywords leading to the
questions. Should there be any mistakes, the editors of this
document apologize. The editors want to provide a reflection
of the trend of the questions in the October 2008 ECE
Licensure Examination. Wish you great success in your Exams.
May this serve as a guide in your review. Thank you and

1. One-half line spacing between the start positions for

scanning even and odd fields produces (GROB TV Questions)

a. exact interlacing
b. linear scanning
c. line pairing
d. fishtailing

2. Which of the following applies to the color-under

technique? (GROB TV Questions)

a. chroma frequencies are reduced

b. chroma amplitudes are decreased
c. luminance frequencies are decreased
d. chroma and luminance frequencies are reduced

3. In channel 14 (470 to 476 MHz), the 3.58-MHz color signal

is transmitted at (GROB TV Questions)

a. 474.83 MHz
b. 471.25 MHz
c. 473.25 MHz
d. 475.25 MHz
4. Special effects and production switching are done by the
(GROB TV Questions)

a. SEG
b. CCU
c. ENG camera
d. sync generator

5. Which of the ff is not true? (GROB TV Questions)

a. The keystone effect produces a square raster

b. People look too tall and too thin on a square raster on
the 'line pairing indicates poor interlacing
c. A person can appear to have one shoulder wider beck of
d. Not true effect produces a square raster

6. The width of a vertical sync pulse with its serrations

includes the time of (GROB TV Questions)

a. Six half-lines or three lines

b. Five lines
c. Three half-lines
d. Five half-lines

7. A problem on Noise Voltage given T, B and R employing the

formula: Vn = sqrt (4KTBR)

8. A problem on microwave communications employing the

formula: Dmiles = sqrt(2 * Hft) + sqrt(2 * Hft)

9. A question about Natural Sampling

10. A question about Maximum Usable Frequency (TOMASI)

11. A problem on Noise Temperature given noise factor

12. A problem on Noise Temperature given noise figure

(erroneous: should be noise factor)

13. What is the height from the earth surface of the US

Department of Defense satellite? 12850 miles?

14. What is the modulation used for asynchronous data?

b. QAM
c. FSK
d. PSK

15. What is the shape of a trapezoidal wave if it has

undergone 100% modulation?

a. triangular
b. square
c. rectangular
d. *****

16. Binary codes are transformed in modems into

a. Huffman code
b. Hamming code
c. Grey Code
d. Octal

17. Fibers used in the telephone (except in the subscribers

***) (BLAKE)

a. *****
c. FTTC (Erroneous, FITC, Fiber in the Curb)
d. FDD

18. What is the component in the duplexer that protects the

receiver from high transmitter output

a. Notch filter
b. Bandpass filter
c. Spark gap tube
d. *****

19. 60 phon equals how many sone?


20. SPADE Voice band channels

a. 600
b. *****
c. 800
d. *****

21. A PIN diode is (KENNEDY)

a. a metal semiconductor point-contact diode

b. a microwave mixer diode
c. often used as a microwave detector
d. suitable for use as a microwave switch

22. What are the modulation methods used in optical system?

a. Intensity modulation and polarization modulation

b. *
c. *
d. Intensity modulation and phase modulation

23. Increase in velocity of sound in air per degree Celsius

a. 0.4
b. 0.5
c. 0.6
d. 0.7

24. Impedance inversion may be obtained with (KENNEDY)

a. a short-circuited stub
b. an open-circuited stub
c. a quarter-wave line
d. a half-wave line

25. Forward power is 100W and reverse power is 25W. Compute

the SWR.

26. The period of satellite depends on


27. Echosuppressor..
2.5 db

28. Wavelength to diameter


29. Iridium satellite system has how many satellites?


30. OMEGA operating frequency


a. 10.2 KHz
b. 10.6 KHz
c. 10.2 KHz
d. 10.6 KHz

31. Operating system in a compound building

a. 10 Base - T
b. Novell Netware
c. Intranet
d. Internet

32. Companding is used (KENNEDY)

a. to overcome quantizing noise in PCM
b. in PCM transmitters, to allow amplitude limited in the
c. to protect small signals in PCM from quantizing
d. in PCM receivers, to overcome impulse noise

33. Calculate the reflecting coupling factor

a. 0.935
b. 0.865
c. 1.702
d. 0.953

34. LED source blake

a. ***
b. ***
c. 1300nm
d. 1550nm

35. Channel 4 FDM


36. What utilizes baseband transmission?

a. TDM
b. *****
c. FDM
d. WDM

37. What has the highest modal dispersion?

a. Step index multimode

b. Graded index multimode
c. Step index single mode
d. *****

38. What is the reference of crosstalk in telephones?

a. db
b. dbm
c. dbrn
d. dbx

39. SONET Data rate

a. 2640 mbps
b. 2460 mbps
c. 2540 mbps
d. 2450 mbps

40. T1 and E1 sampling rate

a. *****
b. *****
c. 8000 bps
d. 32000 bps

41. What is the pattern produced by isotropic radiation?

a. *****
b. Sphere
c. *****
d. Figure of eight

42. How many transponders does Aguilla II have?

a. 36
b. 24
c. 26
d. 32

43. What is percentage of coverage of LORAN C at nighttime?

a. 8%
b. 9%
c. 16%
d. 10%

44. Calculate the coding efficiency given…

a. *****
b. 89
c. 98
d. 99.2%

45. Wi Fi products are defined by standards

a. 802.16
b. 802.11a
c. 802.15
d. 802.11

46. ISO headquarters is located in

a. *****
b. Geneva, Switzerland
c. *****
d. *****

47. What is the line coding used in fiber optics?

a. Biphase
b. Manchester
c. Return to Zero
d. NRZ

48. Troposcatter operating frequency

a. 0.9 Ghz
b. 12 Ghz
c. 14 Ghz
d. 15 Ghz

49. What is the IF of sound carrier of CATV?

a. 44.75 Mhz
b. 44.25 Mhz
c. 41.25 Mhz
d. 47.75 Mhz

50. Ka band operates in what frequency?

a. ***** Ghz
b. 18-26 Ghz
c. 26-40 Ghz
d. 33-** Ghz

51. GEO satellite orbital height

22 426

52. Classroom reverberation time on classroom should be less


53. Electronic mail standard

a. X.200
b. X.300
c. X.400
d. X.500

54. Organization of WWW


55. Vestigial Sideband is represented by


56. The value of a resistor creating thermal noise is

doubled. The noise power generator is therefore (KENNEDY)
a. halved
b. quadrupled
c. doubled
d. unchanged

57. Ringing voltage of telephone (TOMASI)

ANS: -42 to -52 Vdc

58. Law of Areas in satellites (complete statement from

ANS: Keplers 2nd Law

59. MUF is greater than OWF by how many percent? (TOMASI)

a. 10%
b. 15%
c. 20%
d. 25%

60. Indicate in which one of the following only one sideband

is transmitted. (KENNEDY)

a. H3E
b. A3E
c. B8E
d. C3F

61. A problem on frequency deviation given rad/v and


62. Calculate the output power level in dbm given losses

gain in db
63. If the 3.58 MHz C amplifier in the receiver does not
operate, the result will be (GROB TV Questions)

a. no color
b. no red
c. too much blue
d. too much yellow

64. The modulated picture carrier wave includes the

composite video signal as the (GROB TV Questions)

a. symmetric envelope of amplitude variations

b. average carrier level
c. lower sideband w/o the upper sideband
d. upper envelope w/o the lower envelope

65. Unit of Field Intensity


66. Frequency of SCA


67. A question on QUAM

68. Musical Instruments


69. A question on PLL Detector

70. A question on noise performance

Noise figgure

71. Marconi/ Maxwell

72. High frequencies

PIN Diode

73. increased by 3db / decreased by 3db

74. sensitivity of .25 microV 75 microvolts

75. range of UHF or SHF

76.for a frequenct temp coefficient

77. If the camera cannot be placed far away enough to
include everything in the scene, change the lens to one with
(GROB TV Questions)

a. shorter focal length

b. lower f rating
c. higher f rating
d. longer focal length

78.ung may .135

79. with efficiency of...calculate powr delivered

80. In the CED system, the disk capacitance varies with the
(GROB TV Questions)

a. pit depth
b. disk size
c. speed of rotation
d. wavelength of the scanning light

81. -58.7

82. output / input similar to 82

83.sqrt of 2biq

84. The cable converter output for the TV receiver is

usually on channel (GROB TV Questions)

a. 3
b. 4
c. 7
d. 2

85. A tap for the subscriber drop line has a

(GROB TV Questions)

a. high tap loss

b. low tap loss
c. moderate tap loss
d. zero tap loss

86. max phase shift with deviation 5 k.. with fm 300 to 3

87. IFRR

88. Find the tuning voltage capacitance

89. frequency submarine

90. sensitivity

91. surge impedance

92. ideal value of swr ba? 0dbm transmission act as parallel series

94. quarter wave vertical tower

95. maximum voltage minimum current

96. traveling wave antenna


97. p/ 4pi r2

98.induction field

99. helical antennas; faraday

100. waveguide ratio 2:1

101. double spooting

102. dot length morse code

103. transport / physical layer

104. Slope distortion

104. Delta Modulation

105. determine the minimum bandwidth

106. 2b +d

107. PAM

108. green wire telephone

109. range of sppech power
10 – 1000

110. intelligibily of voice frequency

1000 and 3000

111. white and black

2300 and 1500

112. trunk line

113. on hook

114. 32 bit ESN MIN

115. call waiting tone

116. cellular storage something…

117. mush wireless telegraphy

118. broadcasting

119. spam messages

120. information capacity

121. Highspeed network

2.048 mbps

122. xray

123. quartz crystal

124. military

125. k factor

126. which fiber optic is better

Less repeaters

127. magnetron

128. medium frequency

129. photometry

130. semiconductor lasers

131. calculate the bandwidth distance

132. dark current

133. narrowing the bandwidth

134. downlink uplink

135. angstrom

136. microbars

137. db/km

138. sil

139. ratio detector / banced mod

140. a speaker / transducer

141. It is an air cavity within a massive enclosure

connecting the surroundings by a narrow neck opening

a. Haas effect
b. Helmholtz resonator
c. Korner killer
d. Diffusor

142. The service area in standard AM broadcast where there

is no fading of signal

a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Primary
d. Secondary

150. stereophonic

151. Speaker is a device that

a. converts current variations into sound waves

b. none of these
c. converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
d. converts sound waves into current and voltage

152. 1952

153. Term radiation / broadcast

154. Carrier

155. Color with most luminance rgby

156. 17 minutes

157. How many breaks 6

158. Sawtooth ginagamit sa/

159. Originator

160. Gsm 200khz

161. Cellular register

162. Catv 40db

163. Ethernet bus

164. What is the advantage of sidetone?

a. No energy dissipation
b. Results to a strengthened signal
c. High transmission efficiency
d. Assures that the telephone is working

165. A communications link...

Radio link...

166. Gmpcs

167. One of the following is not a useful quantity for

comparing the noise performance of receivers: (KENNEDY)

a. Input noise voltage

b. Equivalent noise resistance
c. Noise temperature
d. Noise figure
168. Indicate the noise whose source is in a category
different from that of the other three. (KENNEDY)

a. Solar noise
b. Cosmic noise
c. Atmospheric noise
d. Galactic noise

169. Which of the following is the most reliable measurement

for comparing amplifier noise characteristics? (KENNEDY)

a. signal-to-noise ratio
b. noise factor
c. shot noise
d. thermal noise agitation

170. A carrier is simultaneously modulated by two sine waves

with modulation indices of 0.3 and 0.4; the total modulation
index (KENNEDY)

a. is 1
b. cannot be calculated unless the phase relations are known
c. is 0.5
d. is 0.7

171. Amplitude modulation is used for broadcasting because


a. it is more noise immune than other modulation systems.

b. Compared with other systems it requires less
transmitting power
c. its use avoids receiver complexity.
d. no other modulation system can provide the necessary
bandwidth for
high fidelity

172. The difference between phase and frequency modulation

a. is purely theoretical because they are the same in
b. is too great to make the two system compatible
c. lies in the poorer audio response of phase modulation
d. lies in the different definitions of the modulation index
173. A receiver has poor IF selectivity. It will therefore
also have poor (KENNEDY)

a. blocking
b. double-spotting
c. diversion reception
d. sensitivity

174. The main disadvantage of the two-hole directional

coupler is (KENNEDY)

a. low directional coupling

b. poor directivity
c. high SWR
d. narrow bandwidth

175. A ship-to-ship communications system is plagued by

fading. The best solution seems to be use of (KENNEDY)

a. a more directional antenna

b. a broadband antenna
c. frequency diversity
d. space diversity

176. A range of microwave frequencies more easily passed by

the atmosphere than are the others is called a (KENNEDY)

a. window
b. critical frequency
c. gyro frequency range
d. resonance in the atmosphere

177. Frequencies in the UHF range normally propagate by

means of (KENNEDY)

a. ground waves
b. sky waves
c. surface waves
d. space waves

178. Tropospheric scatter is used with frequencies in the

following range: (KENNEDY)

a. HF
b. VHF
c. UHF
d. VLF

179. The ground wave eventually disappears, as one moves

away from the transmitter, because of (KENNEDY)

a. interference from the sky wave

b. loss of line-of-sight conditions
c. maximum single-hop distance limitation
d. tilting

180. In electromagnetic waves, polarization (KENNEDY)

a. is caused by reflection
b. is due to the transverse nature of the waves
c. results from the longitudinal nature of the waves
d. is always vertical in an isotropic medium

181. Diffraction of electromagnetic waves (KENNEDY)

a. is caused by reflections from the ground

b. arises only with spherical wavefronts
c. will occur when the waves pass through a large slot
d. may occur around the edge of a sharp obstacle

182. Helical antennas are often used for satellite tracking

at VHF because of (KENNEDY)

a. troposcatter
b. superrefraction
c. ionospheric refract ion
d. the Faraday effect

183. The standard reference antenna for the directive gain

is the (KENNEDY)

a. infinitesimal dipole
b. isotropic antenna
c. elementary doublet
d. half-wave dipole

184. Which of the following waveguides tuning components is

not easily adjustable? (KENNEDY)

a. Screw
b. Stub
c. Iris
d. Plunger

185. A ferrite is (KENNEDY)

a. a nonconductive with magnetic properties

b. an intemetallic compound with particularly good
c. an insulator which heavily attenuates magnetic fields
d. a microwave semiconductor invented by Faraday

186. The maximum power that may be handled by a ferrite

component is limited by the (KENNEDY)

a. Curie temperature
b. Saturation magnetization
c. line width
d. gyromagnetic resonance

187. The TWT is sometimes preferred to the multicavity

klystron amplifier, because it (KENNEDY)

a. is more efficient
b. has a greater bandwidth
c. has a higher number of modes
d. produces a higher output power

188. The transmission system using two ground plane is


a. microstrip
b. elliptical waveguide
c. parallel-wire line
d. stripline

189. A parametric amplifier must be cooled (KENNEDY)

a. because parametric amplification generates a lot of heat

b. to increase bandwidth
c. because it cannot operate at room
d. to improve the noise performance

190. Indicate the false statement. An advantage of

stripline over wveguide is its (KENNEDY)
a. smaller bulk
b. greater bandwidth
c. higher power-handling capability
d. greater compatibility with solid-state devices

191. The baud rate (KENNEDY)

a. is always equal to the bit transfer rate

b. is equal to twice the bandwidth of an ideal channel
c. is not equal to the signaling rate
d. is equal to one-half the bandwidth of an ideal channel

192. even parity xor

193. The data transmission rate of a modem is measured in

a. bytes per second
b. baud rate
c. bits per second
d. megahertz

194. A scheme in which several channels are interleaved and

then transmitted together is known as (KENNEDY)

a. frequency-division multiplex
b. time-division multiplex
c. a group
d. a supergroup

195. The IF bandwidth of a radar receiver is inversely

proportional to the (KENNEDY)

a. pulse width
b. pulse repetition frequency
c. pulse interval
d. square root of the peak transmitted power

196. A solution to the “blind speed” problem is (KENNEDY)

a. to change the Doppler frequency

b. to vary the PRF
c. to use monopulse
d. to use MTI
197. Quantizing noise occurs in (KENNEDY)

a. time-division multiplex
b. frequency division mul tiplex
c. pulse-code modulation
d. pulse-width modulation

198. The modulation system inherently most noise-resistant


a. SSB, suppressed-carrier
b. Frequency modulation
c. pulse-position modulat ion
d. pulse-code modulation

199. The Hartley-Shannon theorem sets a limit on the


a. highest frequency that may be sent over a given channel

b. maximum capacity of a channel with a given noise level
c. maximum number of coding levels in a channel with a given
noise level
d. maximum number of quantizing levels in a channel of a
given bandwidth

200. Indicate which of the following pulse modulation

systems is analog (KENNEDY)

a. PCM
b. Differential PCM
c. PWM
d. Delta

201. receiver sync

202. apd

203. The normal design limitation of a telephone loop is its

value of 1 resistance Rz, the maximum value of Rloop must
not exceed _____.

e. 5400 ohms
f. 1300 ohms
g. 2300 ohms
h. 2800 ohms

204. The most popular plug for the RG-59U coaxial cable is
(GROB TV Questions)

a. F connector
b. E connector
c. G connector
d. H connector


eto gusto kong i-confirm, anong ginawa niyo dun sa problem na kukuha ka
ng BW, wideband FM ang description, may given na 75Khz, 15khz, at 1000
or 1500 Mhz ata yun... unang thinking ko dun, i-divide yung 75khz
deviation sa 15khz, kaso parang Deviation ratio ang mangyayari... eh
naalala ko yung formula ng Wideband which is 2 times the deviation,
tapos dinivide ko yung 15khz... ang sagot ko, 10 or 5 ata yun, choice A.
sa SET B...

ung sa bit related layer protocol ung ADCCP (?) sinagot ko pero sabi
nung nakausap ko ISDN daw

Q and I sa chrominance, naisip ko kasi ung Y luminance

naalala ko ung about sa 13 Vrms hehe, dapat 13 uVrms un di ba? hehe

may mga simpleng problems about sa pag solve ng dBm, given ung voltage
tpos resistor tpos to yata ung formula dBm = 10log (P/Pref)

basta may mga question about cableTV na di ko talaga nabasa kasi di

sufficient ung sa mga review materials. dapat aralin din pala un.

nadale din ako sa last question, FITC dapat yun (fiber in the curb,
reference: Roy Blake)

omega frequency ay 10.2khz, then yung percentage na sakop niya during

nighttime, it's either 88% or 98%, 88% sagot ko, di ko lam kung tumama

may problem about IFRR (dB) ung may given n Q tska fs direct sub, high-
side injection

kapag ang reading sa SAW filter 6 dB sira ba ito o normal lang, parang
ganun normal, see kennedy

lambda over diameter = beamwidth, correct me if im wrong yeah,

reference: beamwidth ng parabolic antenna, 70 lambda over diameter

spectral noise = something over 1 Hz bandwidth, correct me if im wrong

again yeah, KT over BW

Ka band frequency 18 - 27 Ghz yata

coding efficiency get the bits from 470 levels, then divide mo sa 9 bits
na given

bit-oriented layer protocol, choices: ISDN, ASK ACK, ADCCP (?) ACK sagot
ko, di ko na mahanap yung source eh

may mga tanung about TV pero madali lang, mga tipong frequency ng
chrominace, bro, Y and I, ang sagot ko dun, anong tama?

meron tanong about acoustics, ung reverberation time yata sa lecture

room below 1sec daw to, 1.5 ang sa akin,

percentage na sakop ng LORAN C, 88% or 98%, 88 sagot ko, di namin alam

kung tama...(loran c nga ba, or omega pa din?)

Helmholtz resonator...

Noise problems(more than one to eh), my isang erroneous, di nilagay yung

exponent ng sagot, 13 vrms.

modal dispersion (limot na ang tanong) at harmonic dispersion(hindi to

dispersion sa fiber optics)

Majority of EST questions are recycled from the EST Question

Bank. So if you have read 3001 Questions by Excel or the new
ESAT Book of EDGE, I bet you have answered at least 40
questions. Significant number of questions came from Arceo’s
Book. Difficult questions on constants are found on Excels
Coaching Notes. On problems, they are indeed solvable and of
direct substitution type. You just need to troubleshoot some
erroneous problems. It’s not easy to eliminate because Engr.
Marcelo made the choices very tricky. But some are really
really very difficult (don’t know where Engr. Marcelo got
it). Classified resources of this licensure exam are


*** ECS by Roy Blake
*** ECS by Wayne Tomasi
*** CS by Frenzel

*** ECE SUPERBook: Self Sufficient Guide to ECE, 3rd Edition by Jason M. Ampoloquio

For multiple choice questions:

*** ECE Test Yourself Book for EST by Melvin Arceo (PERCDC)
*** 3001 Questions in EST by Santos Cuervo / Susanna Tan (EXCEL)
*** GrobTV Questions
*** Kennedy Questions

*** Modern Electronic Communication, 4th Edition by Gary M. Miller