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DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2016

Daily Lesson Plan Teacher DARWIN M. AGITO Learning Area English
7:00 – 8:00, 12:00- Quarte
Date & Time JULY 15-20, 2019 First
1:00 r

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

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The learner demonstrates understanding of: pre-colonial Philippine literature as a means of connecting to the past; various reading
styles; ways of determining word meaning; the sounds of English and the prosodic features of speech; and correct subject-verb
A. Content Standards

The learner transfers learning by: showing appreciation for the literature of the past; comprehending texts using appropriate
reading styles; participating in conversations using appropriate context-dependent expressions; producing English sounds correctly
B. Performance Standards
and using the prosodic features of speech effectively in various situations; and observing correct subject-verb agreement.

C. Learning Competencies EN7LT-1-b-1 EN7VC-I-b-8, EN7LT-I-b-1 EN7LT-I-a-1



Respect. Responsibility. Love for Work.

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A. References
Pages 31-35 Pages 35-36 Pages 36-38 Pages 39-42
1. Curriculum Guide Pages

2. Learner’s Material pages

3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR) Portal
B. Other Learning Resources

Invite the students to read the Review on previous lesson. Review on affixes. Mention to them that after
Introduction, “YOUR discussin a myth, another
JOURNEY” (Module 1 Have them give examples equally interesting narrative
A. Reviewing previous of base words and add genre during the pre-colonial
Lesson 2) for them to get an
lesson/presenting the new affixes to form new words. period will be discussed.
lesson overview of where they are
headed to and to be aware
of the desired result

Task 4. Word World Tell them that the selection Unlocking Vocabulary
Allow the students to go over the Tell them that they must be describes the Maranaws’ Difficulties
“YOUR OBJECTIVES” for ready to read a story . beliefs on how the world To help the learners prepare to
B. Establishing a purpose for the them to focus more in the target However, they will was created and was better understand the narrative
lesson concepts, language , understand it better if they divided into different parts. they need to learn some
communication and literary learn some unfamiliar words. unfamiliar words.
Have them review their answers

Respect. Responsibility. Love for Work.

BTHS, Bauan, Batangas, Phil. 4201. Tel Nos. (043) 980-6127/727-2856 Email
on Task 8. Language Lingo

Task 5. In the Beginning Task 10. Survey-Question-

Have them read it silently Read
and write down the
Maranaws beliefs about the Let the learners do the SQR
TASK 1. Four-in-One on creation of the world. technique. Ask them to survey
page 42 of English Learner’s Task 4.1 Word Structure the drawing by asking them
Material. In letter A, let them choose Tell them to find out if what comes to their mind the
C. Presenting examples/instances which word in the drawing is Maranaws’ beliefs are first time they see it.
of the new lesson Answers: (1.) 4, (2) 2, (3.) 1, refeed to by each item similar to or different from Tell them to read the title
Answers: theirs. silently and allow them to
(4.) Varied 1.root 2.prefix 3. Suffix accumulate questions in mind
but they need to keep them for
the moment
Ask them a rhetorical question
if they got an idea about the
reading text.
Ask them after they read Task 11. Sleeping Beauty
Task 2. Image of my Ancestors the text to answer some At this point have them read
(Whole Class) Discuss with them the input
questions based on content. the text silently and find out if
about word structure using
D. Discussing new concepts and Let the learners answer the all the questions they had
practicing new skills#1 Let them take a closer look at the the given chart. given questions. Process earlier could be answered by
In letter B, ask them to write
painting of Fernando Amorsolo their answers. (Pair Work) the story.
the newly formed words
and ask them to fill out a chart numbered 1-16 on their Answers may vary.
based on the guide questions. Ask them to give an
notebooks individually
appropriate ending of the
E. Discussing new concepts and Task 3. Believe it or Not (Pair In letter C, have them read Task 6. Myth as Folk Task 12. Narrative Type

Respect. Responsibility. Love for Work.

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practicing new skills#2 Work) each sentence and fill in the Narrative Encourage them to answer
Encourage the students to do this blank with an appropriate Discuss the definition of some questions to identify what
task with a partner. Let them word from their answers in myth and its characteristics. makes the narrative a legend.
the last column of the chart Tell them to copy the input
discuss their ancestors’ beliefs
copied in their notebooks. in their notebooks for easy Have them differentiate a myth
listed in the first column of the They should write the word, reference. from a legend through a
given chart. which is their answer in their diagram
Ask them to check the Discuss the input with the class
appropriate Yes/No column and and tell them to copy it in their
let them write the reasons on the notebook for easy reference
designated columns for their
belief or disbelief

Task 7. Solidarity in
Task 13. Setting the Scene
Let them work on this activity
Let them follow the given
In letter D, have them read with a partner.
instructions with their
two more sentences ask them Have them recall the important
In what ways can we connect partners.
if each of the underlined points of the legend, Maria
F. Developing mastery to our past? Cite examples. Encourage them to answer
words is formed with a prefix Makiling so that they can
questions on what the focus
or suffix. Let them explain complete the given worksheet
of the Maranaw myth is and
their answers. by describing in details the
if this myth and other
aspects of setting as one of the
myths they know is / are
narrative elements.
Go on asking them about Task 14. Friend or Foe
D Ask: How do your ancestors’ the similarities and Let them do this task with the
G. Finding practical applications Have the students to give
beliefs greatly affect your differences of both same partner.
of concepts and skills in daily more examples of base word
identity? narratives. Let them copy Have them pick out at least
living added by affixes.
and use the given chart to three characters in the story.
organize their answers. Ask them to list their names in

Respect. Responsibility. Love for Work.

BTHS, Bauan, Batangas, Phil. 4201. Tel Nos. (043) 980-6127/727-2856 Email
the first column of the given
table and indicate if a character
is a friend or the foe.
Task 17. Plot Me
What is a myth? Let them form a group with
Which do you think of your What are characteristics of three members (preferable
How do we make new words?
a myth. sitting near each other.)
H. Making generalizations and ancestors’ belief has a great When do we use the prefix
Ask them to recall the
abstractions about the lesson impact on your identity? im, dis, un, in?
important parts of the same
How about re, ir, etc?
legend and fill out the plot

Match column A to column B

to form new words. EXIT CARD:
A. B.
Graffiti Board: Write as many Compare and contrast myth
1.magic a. lore I have learned that
I. Evaluating learning concepts/words as you can about and legend using the venn
2.symbol b. in- ____________________
what you have learned today. diagram.
3. Create c. -al ____________________.
4. visible d. -ion
5. folk e. -ic
Task 8. Language Lingo Task:
Direct them to fill in each
blank with an appropriate Task: Give an examples of at least
Identify what Filipino prefix/suffix to form a new Give an example of myth two heroes in the online game,
J. Additional activities for
characteristics/ beliefs word that fits the context of and retell the story. Explain Mobile Legends and have them
application or remediation
shown in the picture. each given sentences. You why it is considered as a narrate the story about the
may instruct them to review myth. heroes.
the chart on affixes in Task 4
if necessary.

Respect. Responsibility. Love for Work.

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A. No. of learners who earned

80% in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
remediation who scored below
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
D. No of learners who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal
or supervisor can help me
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with
other teachers?
Prepared by: Checked: Noted:


Teacher I Head Teacher I Principal

Respect. Responsibility. Love for Work.

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