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Harrapa were discovered in

a. 1909 b. 1921 c. 1922 d. None

2. Hujjatullah ul Baligha was written by a. Shah Wali Ullah b. Syed Ahmed
Brailvi c. Sir Syed Ahmaed Khan d. None
3. Barhamo Samraj was founded by
a. Mahatma Ghandi b. Raja Ram Mohan Roy c. Sardar Patel D d. None
4. First President of Congress was
a. A. O. Hume b. W. C. Benerjee c. Jawaher Lal Nehru d. None
5. First census in India was made in the period of
a. Lord Curzon b. Lord Canning c. Lord Mayo d. None
6. “The Life of Mohammad” was a book written by
a. Syed Ahmed Shaheed b. Syed Ahmed Khan c. William Mueer d. None
7. Sind was separated from Bombay in: a. 1935 b. 1945 c. 1947 d. None
8. Dar ul Uloom Deoband was founded by
a. Maulana Mehmood Hassan b. Syed Ahmed Nanatovi c. d. None
9. The Viceroy of India in 1919 was a. Lord Chelmsford b. Lord Minto
c.Edward Montague d. None
10. The first secretary of Khilafat Committee was
a. Mohamamd Ali Jouahr b. Moulana Sahuqat Ali c. Moulana Hasrat
Mohani d. None
11. The first Foreign Minister of Pakistan was a. Sir Zafrullah Khan b.
Khawja Nazimuddin c. Gulam Mohammad d. None
12. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy case a. Faiz Ahmad
Faiz b. Habib Jalib c. Shorish Kashmiri d. None
13. Pakistan purchased Gawadar from a. Oman b. U.A.E c. Iran d None
14. The largest Agency in the Northern Area of Pakistan is a. South
Waziristanb. Khyber Agency c. Mohmand Agency d. None
15. Militants attacked Quaid e Azam Residency in a. Ziarat b.
Karachi c. Quetta d. None
16. General Election of 2013 was held on
a. May 10 b. May 11 c. May 12 d. None
17. The politician who served as both Governor General and Prime Minister was
a. Sir Zafrullah Khan b. Khawja Nazimuddin c. Gulam Mohammad d. None
18. The British Parliament announced the Independence Act on
a. 14 July 1947 b. 15 July 1947 c. 16 July 1947 d. None (3rd June)
19. India cut off the flow of canal waters to West Punjab for first time on a. 1ST
April 1948 b. 1ST May 1948 c. 1ST April 1948
20. Kashmir sold to Gulab Singh in a. 1845 b. 1865 c. 1890 d. None
1. Operation Desert Shield was launched by US to defend Saudi Arabia in year:
a. 1996 b. 2001 c. 1991 d. None
2. Suez Canal was nationalized by Egypt in:
a. May 1956 b. July 1956 c. December 1956 d. January 1956
3. International Peace Day is celebrated since:
a. 1990 b. 2001 c. 1991 D. 1982
4. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in the age of
a. 49 b. 59 c. 39 d. 50
5. Operation Enduring Freedom was launched by US in
a. Iraq b. Egypt c. Cuba d. Afghanistan
6. Ozone Layer restricts
a. Gamma Rays b. Ultraviolet Rays c. X-Rays d. Beta Rays
7. World Water Day is celebrated every year on:
a. 7 April b. 4 February c. 22 March d. None
8. Ecology Deals with
a. Earth Sciences b. Animal Sciences c. Marine Biology d. Environment
9. For water purification Alum is used to remove
a. Mud Particles b. Salts c. Gases d. None
10. Metal used to galvanize iron is called
a. Aluminum b. Zinc c. Lead d. Copper
11. Book of Kings commonly known as “Shahnama” was written by
a. Maulana Rumi b. Ommer Khayam c. Firdaus Tausi d. Saddi Sherazi
12. Galelio invented
a. Barometer b. Thermometer c. Microscope d. (Not Confirmed)
13. The concept that a single dominant power can maintain world peace is called
a. Strategic Stability b. Hegemonic Stability c. Balance of Power d. Balance
of Terror
14. Rational interests persuaded by individual causing collective destruction is
called tragedy of
a. Error b. Common c. Elites d. War
15. Humidity depends upon
a. Temperature b. Weather c. Location d. All of these
16. The largest part of Hydrosphere is
a. Pacific b. Atlantic c. Indian d. None
17. Friction can be reduced by changing from
a. Sliding to rolling b. Rolling to sliding c. Dynamic to Static d. Walking to
Running (Answer Not Confirm)
18. Latitude of a place expresses its regular position relative to
a. North Pole b. South Pole c. Equator d. Antarctica
19. The infrared radiation from sun are strongly absorbed by
a. Water bodies b. Greenhouse gasses c. Carbon Dioxide d. Plants (Not
20. Operation Gibraltar resulted into which war:
a. Pakistan-India b. Arab Israel c. d.

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