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Embedded Project List

VKE[A]-0001 Automatic station name display with voice alert for Bus
VKE[A]-0002 Automatic station name display with voice alert for Train
VKE[A]-0003 Autonomous navigation tool for blind people
VKE[A]-0004 Answer Paper Evaluation System
VKE[A]-0005 Automation of bottle filling plant using Micro Controller
VKE[A]-0006 Automatic solar and wind mill powered building and garden lighting system
VKE[A]-0007 Automatic water sprinkler system
VKE[A]-0008 Auto scheduler for multiple machines
VKE[A]-0009 Automated Milk Collection System for Dairies with/without printing facility
VKE[A]-0010 Automatic guided vehicle
VKE[A]-0011 Automatic rain operated wiper


VKE[B]-0001 Bottle filling system

VKE[B]-0002 Biometric Security System (Network based)
VKE[B]-0003 Bluetooth based device control


VKE[C]-0001 Color Identification & Splitting / Sorting System with Conveyor Model
VKE[C]-0002 Canteen Automation
VKE[C]-0003 Close loop PID control of DC motor
VKE[C]-0004 Centralized Water management system for buildings
VKE[C]-0005 Computer controlled drilling machine
VKE[C]-0006 Computer based Wireless Control System of Devices


VKE[D]-0001 Digital pocket dictionary

VKE[D]-0002 Data Acquisition System
VKE[D]-0003 Data Logger
VKE[D]-0004 Data Communication through Laser between Two Microcontroller
VKE[D]-0005 DATA LOGGER with touch screen control
VKE[D]-0006 Digital Cook book
VKE[D]-0007 Data Acquisition System For Industrial Application (Wireless)

VKE[E]-0001 Electronic eye for home security

VKE[E]-0002 Electronic tourist guide system
VKE[E]-0003 Electronic house
VKE[E]-0004 Eight Channel PID Controller with Database
VKE[E]-0005 Embedded System for Inventory Management
VKE[E]-0006 Energy meter


VKE[F]-0001 Finger print based Bank locker security system

VKE[F]-0002 Finger print based access control
VKE[F]-0003 Finger print based Home security system


VKE[G]-0001 Graphics LCD animator for advertisement

VKE[G]-0002 Graphics LED animator for advertisement
VKE[G]-0003 GSM based I/O control
VKE[G]-0004 GSM Based Vehicle Theft Warning System For Vehicle SecurityApplication
VKE[G]-0005 GSM based electronic power meter
VKE[G]-0006 GSM based automatic irrigation water control system
VKE[G]-0007 GSM based vehicle tracking system
VKE[G]-0008 GSM based Pre-paid energy system
VKE[G]-0009 GSM based electronic Eye Security System
VKE[G]-0010 GSM based LPG/CNG Gas Leak Detector and controller
VKE[G]-0011 GSM based data Acquisition Sysytem


VKE[H]-0001 Home appliances control using Nokia-1100

VKE[H]-0002 Home appliances control through internet
VKE[H]-0003 Home appliances control through SMS
VKE[H]-0004 Home appliance control trough PC
VKE[H]-0005 Home appliance control through speech (Trough PC)
VKE[H]-0006 Home Automation system using GSM


VKE[I]-0001 Industrial Automation and Control System – IVRS or RF

VKE[I]-0002 Industrial Automation system with load shedder (PC/GSM/Network based)
VKE[I]-0003 Intelligent & Dynamic Power Saver & Control System for Industrial
Electrical Equipments
VKE[I]-0004 Interactive voice response system for college
VKE[I]-0005 Interactive voice response system for industrial control
VKE[I]-0006 Intelligent Power Correction system to save power (Energy saver)
VKE[I]-0007 Intelligent, Automatic & Modern Traffic Light Controller based on Traffic
VKE[I]-0008 Implementation of Solar Cell Tracing System for the Maximum Utilization of
Solar Power & Illumination
VKE[I]-0009 Industrial power scheduler
VKE[I]-0010 Internet based embedded system for remote process controlling
VKE[I]-0011 Internet controlled devices


VKE[M]-0001 Mobile controlled home appliances

VKE[M]-0002 Metal detector in batch processing unit
VKE[M]-0003 Mobile theft indicator with SMS feedback
VKE[M]-0004 Mobile memory card reader
VKE[M]-0005 Mobile interface to PC to send message from PC
VKE[M]-0006 Micro-controller based annunciation system
VKE[M]-0007 Multi Storey Car Parking System
VKE[M]-0008 Microcontroller Based Automatic Railways Signaling System
VKE[M]-0009 Most Advanced Digital Wireless Two Wheeler Security System
VKE[M]-0010 Multi-Tasking on the microcontroller
VKE[M]-0011 Multi-channel temperature monitor for surgery


VKE[O]-0001 Office Automation for Saving Electricity


VKE[P]-0001 Prepaid car parking system

VKE[P]-0002 Pre-paid energy system
VKE[P]-0003 Pre-paid telephone system
VKE[P]-0004 PC to PC fiber optic communication
VKE[P]-0005 Position Control in production unit
VKE[P]-0006 Power house monitoring through Radio Frequency
VKE[P]-0007 PC based Industrial automation
VKE[P]-0008 PC based device control
VKE[P]-0009 Power Management System
VKE[P]-0010 PC based CRO
VKE[P]-0011 PC based watering system
VKE[P]-0012 PC based moving message display
VKE[P]-0013 PC based annunciation system
VKE[P]-0014 PC based DC drive system
VKE[P]-0015 PC based Stepper motor drive system
VKE[P]-0016 PC based CNC drilling machine
VKE[P]-0017 PC based CNC plotting machine
VKE[P]-0018 Power factor measurement

VKE[R]-0001 RFID based Electronic Toll-Tax system
VKE[R]-0002 RFID Toll Booth with voice response
VKE[R]-0003 RFID based Library management
VKE[R]-0004 RFID based Railway platform to display exact position of each coach
VKE[R]-0005 RFID based college campus card
VKE[R]-0006 RFID based employee ID card
VKE[R]-0007 RFID based Access control system

VKE[R]-0008 RFID based Punctuality monitoring system for public transport system
VKE[R]-0009 RFID based bus identification system for blind
VKE[R]-0010 RFID based petrol station


VKE[S]-0001 Solar Tracking system

VKE[S]-0002 Speech control elevator
VKE[S]-0003 Security web-cam with motion detection
VKE[S]-0004 Spinning LED display
VKE[S]-0005 Smart card controlled petrol station
VKE[S]-0006 Safety guard security system for industries with sensors and web cam
VKE[S]-0007 Security system for apartments (Wireless)
VKE[S]-0008 SMS based rolling advertisement display
VKE[S]-0009 Solar based Street Light System


VKE[T]-0001 Telephone controlled switch with voice

VKE[T]-0002 Token number display with voice declaration
VKE[T]-0003 Telephone calls logger ( logs all incoming and outgoing calls to PC)
VKE[T]-0004 Tilt measurement using micro-controller and display on TFT ( mobile ) LCD


VKE[U]-0001 Ultrasonic Automatic Door opener system

VKE[U]-0002 Ultrasonic Wind speed meter
VKE[U]-0003 Ultrasonic car parking system
VKE[U]-0004 USB HID keyboard


VKE[V]-0001 Vehicle Authentication System

VKE[V]-0002 Vehicle Tracking System


VK[W]-0001 Wireless secured home using multi-sensors

VK[W]-0002 Wireless Nurse Calling System For Advanced Patient Care With Pc Display