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Sally Gazaway

Dr. Akcaoglu
June 6, 2019

Gagne Assignment

Part I:
Target Audience:
The target audience consists of Jane Macon Middle School reading teachers. There are 7 teachers
that will be participating in the lesson. The demographics of the teachers are 1 male, 6 female,
29% African American and 71% Caucasian. The group of teachers include three teachers that
have taught for over 15 years, one for over 10 years, one for 8 years and 2 that are in their 2 year
of teaching. 57% of the teachers have a Masters degree, 29% have a Bachelor’s degree, and 14%
have a Specialist degree. Two of the teachers are 6th grade reading, Two are 7th grade reading,
two are 8th grade reading and 1 is reading remediation for all three middle grades.

Instructional Goal:
The instructional goal is to be able to close the gap on lexile levels and grade level.

1. Be able to use the teacher platform of Achieve 3000.
2. Be able to assign tasks to students.
3. Be able to access graded assignments from students.

Part II:
Instructional Plan:
There has been a gap that has been discovered in students grade level and their lexile levels. Too
many students are below grade level in reading. Reading teachers are working to close the gap.
The following professional development will show the teachers about a program that is designed
to help students in reading. The lesson would start with showing the teachers statistics and data
from the past year reading scores on different exams. Learning targets and objectives will be
gone over in the introduction to the lesson. Discussion of reading and uses of computer programs
that are used within the school to remediate reading is going to be facilitated among the teachers
in the room. Instructor will pull up Achieve 3000 on the smartboard. Teachers will be instructed
to pull it up on their computers as well. Everyone will sign in to the program. Instructor will take
the teachers step by step through the program, show them some of the lessons available.
Instructor will show teachers how to set up classes, assign lessons, and tasks, and finally how to
access graded assignments. Teachers will be asked to go through the steps on their own. At each
step the instructor will check to see that the teacher is doing everything accurately and
efficiently. Instructor will provide instant feedback on the teachers work. Teachers will be tasked
with using Achieve 3000 in their classrooms two times a week for a month. Teachers will
reconvene at the end of the month and bring the data on the student lexiles from Achieve 3000.
The instructor will be able to see from the data that the teachers have been using the program and
see if they are using it to its capability. Looking at the data will allow the teachers and the
instructor to see if the program is working for the students to help raise lexile levels and help to
close the gap on grade level and lexile level. The teachers will continue the data analysis in their
professional learning community meetings every month.

Part III:
Nine Events of Instruction:
1. Gaining Attention Data from reading exams will be shared with
the teachers.

2. Informing Learner of the Objective Introduction to the lesson will inform of the
objectives and learning targets.

3. Stimulating Recall of Prior Learning Discussion of reading programs.

4. Presenting the Content Pulling up Achieve 3000. Signing in to the

program using the county sign in assigned to
each teacher.

5. Providing “Learning Guidance” Instructor will go step by step through the

program showing the teachers how to set up
classes, assign tasks and lessons, and access
graded assignments.

6. Eliciting Performance Teachers will work through the steps for their
other classes.

7. Providing Feedback Instructor will provide instant feedback to the

teacher at each step by roaming the room and
continual observation through the activities.

8. Assessing Performance Teachers will go back to their classrooms and

use the program two times a week for a
month. They will come back together to look
at the data and how the program is working.

9. Enhancing Retention and Transfer Teachers will continue to use the program and
compare data in monthly PLC meetings.