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ASTRODICE consist of three dice one for the Planets, one for the Zodiac Signs and one for
the Houses This equates to what is happening (the Planet), how it (eels (the Sign), and which
area oi your life is being affected (the House). The lists below convert the symbols to names
you’ll be familiar with:

Planetary Symbols

o Sun 2) Moon
5 Mercury 2 Venus
ö" Mars 4 Jupiter
T? Saturn » Uranus
V Neptune E Pluto
a North Node* V South Node*
•On the dice (he bar underneath ditsc symbols designates bottom.

Zodiac Symbols

T Aries Ö Taurus
II Gemini Cancer
Leo np Virgo
A Libra m Scorpio
Sagittarius v? Capricorn
» .Aquarius Pisces

Houses numbered 1-1'2


Throw tlte three dice together while holding a particular question m mind. 'Alien die dice have fallen
note the symbols on the sides showing uppermost. Look at the Planets dice first. This refers to the
basic type oi energy available to you at this time. (Example If it shows MERCI RY it refers to
cummunicaihe energy).
Next look at the Signs' dice. This represents how the planetary energy will manifest. (Example: If it
shows LEO it will manifeS openly and dramatically).
Now check die Houses' dice for the area of life being affected. (Example: If it shows the 10th
HOUSE it refers to your career or worldly reputation).

In a nutshell, the Planets are the W hat

the Signs are the How
and the Houses are the Where.

The dire do not give simple YES or NO answers, so try to frame your question to invite further
information is to the way an idea or situation may develop. Rather dian asking. for example. "Should
I accept this new job?", ask instead W hat would be the likely future outcome if I accept this job?”.
Tlic dice can then ghc you a more precise insight on which to base your own evaluation, lite dice are
also useful in deciding between two possible courses of action. If you ask "Which shall 1 choose?"
(naming the two possibilities), the dice will reveal the more appropriate choice for you at that time
dirough its relevant symbolism. For example, in a situation where you were trying to decide whether

to trawl by plane or by boat; if the <bcc came up with MOON and PLSCRi its watery symbolism would
obviously be favouring the boat.

Always remember that the more precise your question the more precise your answer.

The meaning of the SI N
The Sun is the most powerful of all the astrological planets'. If you have thrown the SEN on the dice
the Issue is very much concerned with your Self, your self expression and your basic life force. The
issue is a very personal one aixi the Sun's vitality and power Ls with you. The SUN is open and sunny,
bringing warmth and light to any situation. It is a beneficial symbol of golden life-giving energy. In
some cases it may refer to you personal father, or to any father figures who are symbols of authority
and command. When the SI N appears you are at one with your basic Self and primed for fulfilment
The SUN will light up the areas shown on the other dice you have thrown

The SUN also rules:

Sunday. Diamonds. Gold. Peacocks. Swans, Rings, Queens. Presidents. Sunflowers, Oranges and
the Heart in the body

The meaning of the MOON

The silver MOON is the Queen of the Night and represents your inner nature: your intuitive, feeling
side. If you have thrown the MOON on the dice it Ls telling you to lake notice of your reactions and
emotions. Your natural receptivity and instinctive feeling aliout tilings is rcliabie and strong. The
MOON also refers to your sense of emotional security and includes issues regarding your home and
family. Tbe MOON is also the Mother, and may refer to your personal mother or to vour own
nurturing energies. It may concern babies or early childhcxxj. As the MOON is a feminine planet it
can also refer to women in your life in general. When the MOON appears you are being advised to
let your intuition guide you in the areas shown on the other dice you have thrown.

Tbe MOON also rules

Monday. Mirrors, the Sea. Floods. Wolves. Mice. Crou ds. Cradles. Eggs. Milk and the Fluids in
the body.

The meaning of MERCURY

MERCERY is named after die quicksilver Messenger of die gods and represents your Thoughts and
Communications. If you have thrown MERCURY on the dice the issue is concerned with your ability
to communicate or to think logically. It may be necessary to speak or write in the manner shown on
the other dice, to resolve a problem or attain your goal. MERCURY refers to picking up and giving
out information and is swift and changeable. It Ls a chameleon-like energy, faster than the speed of
thought. It offers you a variety of options and is encouraging you to be flexible and youthful in your
outlook. 11mi MERCERY apjx-ars you are being advised to hatch ideas, move around and speak to
others. How or where you should do this is suggested by the other dice thrown.

MERCI RY also rales:

. Markets. Roads. Nuts, Faxes. Birds. Jugglers. Journalists and the Respiratory System
in the body.

The meaning of VENUS

VENUS Ls named after the goddess of Love and so Ls concerned above all with your line-life and
personal relationships. If you have thrown VENUS on the dice it is telling you that harmonious energy
is available and that beauty is around you.Tlie urge to relate or act in a partnership is strong, as is the
need Io display your artistic side. VENUS rules music, colour and dance, art love (and money) and
of course’ sexual attraction. Traditionally regarded as a benefic' planet VENUS is also the symbol of

pure feminine energy and may refer to girls and «omen in your life in general. VIhen VENUS appears
you arc being advised to take a balanced, harmonious approach and Mend witli otliers (especially in
the manner that the other dice are indicating)

VENUS also rules:

Friday. Flowers. Copper. Kisses. Pastel Colours, Doves, Apples and tbefemale sexual organs
in the body.

n»e meaning of MARS

MARS is the red planet symbolising courage, passion and raw fiery energy. If you have thrown M ARS
on the dice it is telling you dial straight-forward, dynamic energy is available. The key is assertiveness
and masculine force. MARS is hot strong, aggressive and fiery and has no time to dither or think
twice before starting its plans It is the planet of Action MARS is the symbol of the male and may refer
to boys and men in your life in general. The type of fearless energy that MARS represents and where
it would best be focused are modified by the symbols shown on the other dice you hare thrown

MARS also rales:

Tuesday. line trees, Pistols, Soldiers. Athletes. Iron. Garlic, Ginger and tbe muscles and the nude
sexual organs in the body

Hie meaning ofJUPT1ER

JUPITER Thejoy-hringcf is the largest of all planets and is named after the king of the gods. It is
the most fortunate of all the planetary energies at your disposal. If you hare thrown JUPITER on the
dice it is telling you that expansion and growth are available. JUPITER is associated with luck because
it increases self-confidence and good humour, expands horizons and broadens your world. It implies
that you should do things on a large scale, be generous and think big. JI PITER is also associated
with travelling and learning, expanding and broadening the mind, and allows you to operate on a
larger stage. When JUPITER appears you have accessed the most optimistic, expansive energy
available in astrology. Things will grow where it is placed.

JI PITER also rules:

lbursday. Tin. Oak trees Casinos. Gurus, Elephants. Whales. Stags. Silk, Purple. Parades.
Banquets and the liter in the body

The meaning of SATURN

SATURN is the ringed planet concerned with restriction, responsibility and durability. SATURN
is Old Father Time whose symbol indicates that one must be patient and prepared to grow slowly.
SATURN has a tremendously strong persevering energy but it encourages you to grow- through
trials and challenges and facing up to the realities of situations. SATURN may show what you fear
to face. SATURN is the worldly wisdom of old age and may therefore represent older people in
your life in general, particularly father figures When SATURN appears you are being advised to
be sensible, cautious and down-to-earth. You should not expect a quick result but must be
prepared to accept the responsibilities involved. If you can do this you can build slowly to a
position of rock-solid strength.

SATURN also rales:

Saturday, lead. Yew trees, Hermits. Walls Borders. Boundaries. Clocks. Calendars. Anchors. Ouis
and the bones. skin and teeth tn the body.

The meaning of URANUS

URANUS is an unusual planet Everything about it is revolutionary and different. If you have thrown
URANUS on the dice it is telling you that sudden, unexpected turns of events are likely Changes are
in the air, especially where a system or situation has grown too conservative or rigid to allow the fumre

Activate Windows
to develop as it should. URANUS is an eccentric energy aixl may refer to anything tit« is seen as being
outside tlie norm. It can be shocking or surprising, but it is also 'try humanitarian, independent and
futuristic. It comes and goes quickly - like a flash of lightning - leaving change in its wake. It acts like
the unpredictable wild card in (lie deck whose sudden appearance alters the rules of the game. When
URANUS appears you are being advised to wake up and break iIk* mould.

IRANI S also rules;

zItm/km,Electricity, Revolution. Revelation. Future-science, Whirlwinds. X Rays andAstrology.

Tlie meaning of NEPTUNE

NEPTUNE is named after die god of die Sea. tlie ruler of an unfathomable. parallel world, if you hare
thrown NEPTUNE on die dice the issues may not be dear and certainly not down-to-earth. NEI’IINE
rules dreams and inspirations and the energy is both idealistic and intangible, lor an artistic or
spiritual endeavour NEPTUNE is highly suited, but for a more realistic pursuit it is suggesting that you
must be imaginative and compassionate in your aims. NEPTUNE is too dreamy for concrete results.
Il may also be suggesting dial your situation is unrealistic or too foggy to see dearly at this time W hen
NEPTUNE appears there is little point in being realistic. It is a time to flow into other realms and
dimensions and become artistically inspired.

NEPTUNE also rules.

Drink and Drugs, Monasteries. Nunneries, Clouds. Mirages. Cinema. Saints. Charities.
Smokescreens. Gas and the Pineal Gland in tlx1 body.

Tlie meaning of PLUTO

PU.TO is named after the god of the Underworld. It is a deep- dark. transformative energy If you
have thrown PLLTO on the dice it indicates that something is about to regenerate. A fundamental
change is taking place where die old situation has been razed to the ground in order to allow a new
energy to see die light. l’LLTO is also an energy of power and may indicate an area in which you are
currently being obsessive. Pl.l TO gives you access to great power, especially to transform tilings.
When Pl.t TO appears there is a deep intensity that is hard to ignore and a signal that symbolically
something must die in order to be reborn anew.

PH TO also rules:
Dil. Coffee. Buried Treasure. Basements, Tunnels, Sex. Masks. Fig Trees. Frogs. Snakes. Volcanoes
andAtomic Pouer.

The meaning of tlie NORTH NODE

The NORTH NODE of die Moon represents tlie karmic goal that you are working towards in this
lifetime. Il indicates your soul s mission. If you have thrown the NORTH NODE on the dice it is
suggesting experiences tit;« are in line with your soul's destiny and from which you can gain
advancement in your spiritual development and karmic path.

When tlie NORTH NODE appears it is speaking of karmic gain and soul growth

Hie meaning of the SOUTH NODE

The SOUTH NODE of the Moon represents issues concerning your past karma. It is speaking of your
unremembered past If you have thrown the SOUTH NODE on the dice it is suggesting behaviour
patterns that may have their roots in past lives arc reactivated so that you may ex|ierience them again
and bring them to a resolution

The SOITII NODE holds all your past karma. It is the road already travelled.


The meaning of ARIES

ARIES manifests in a straightforward. pioneering and headstrong manner. It leads where others
follow. It is impulsive, competitive and assertive; foil of masculine drive and Yang energy. ARIES is
always on the go and foil of enthusiasm, understanding that first come is first served. Il is a robust
fiery energy. If die dice shows ARIES it may ;dso be referring to the time of year between March 21st
and April 21st when the Sun is in Aries - or referring to a person bom during this lime.

ARIES rules the held in the body.

ARIES also rules the following places:
Hefgium, Canada. Denmark England, Germany Japan.

The meaning of TAURUS

TAI Rl S manifests in a slow but reliable manner. Il is placid and solid, liking security and routine. Il
is traditional, realistic and permanent and the most materialistic of zodiac energies. TAURUS is
earthy, sensual and possessive, and appreciates nature and beautiful things. It is steady, unchanging
and immovable. If the dice shows TAI RUS it may also be referring to the time of year between April
21st and May 21st when the Sun is in Taurus • or referring io a person bom during this time.

TAURUS rules the neck-and the throat in the body.

TAURUS also rales the following places:
Cuba. Iran. Ireland. Israel, Louisiana (USA), Maryland (US4). Minnesota

The meaning of GEMINI

GEMINI manifests In a light and communicative manner. It is versatile, changeable and restless, ever
seeking variety and movement. Il is quick thinking, alert and full of new ideas. .As die sign of the Twins,

GEMINI is able to perform several tasks al once. The energy is suit«! to being adaptable and
branching out in many directions. If the dice shows GEMINI it may also be referring to die lime of
year between May 22nd and June 21 si when the Sun is in Gemini - or referring to a person bom
during this lime.

GEMINI rules the hands and arms in lhe body.

GEMINI also reties the following places:
Arkansas ((&), Egypt. Kentucky (USA), London. Rhode Island (USA), South Carolina (ISA).
Tennessee (USA). Wales. West Virginia (USA), Wisconsin (USA).

The meaning of CANCER

CANCER manifests in a sensitive and protective manner. Il operates duvugli feelings, intuition and
imagination It is homely, nostalgic and family orientated. CANCER is a maternal, nourishing and
caring energy, and very much in tune with the Moon's phases. If the dice shows CANCER it may also
be referring to the lime of year between June 22nd and July 22nd when die Sun is in Cancer ■ or to a
person bom during this time.

CANCER rules the stomach in die body.

CANCER also rule's the following places:
Argentina. Holland. Idaho (USA), Neu Hampshire (USA), New York City (NYUSA). Scotland.

Hie meaning of LEO

IEO manlie*. in an open and dramatic manner. .As the sign of lhe bon it is regal. proud, confident
and brave. Il is extraragant. generous, theatrical and impressive. LEO puts things centre-stage and in
the sunlight. It is well suited io the performing arts. If the dice shows LEO it may aLso be referring to

the time of year between July 23rd and August 23rd when the Sun is in Leo ■ or referring to a person
bom during this time.

LEO rules the heart and lite spine in the body.

LEO also niks the following places:
Colorado (USA), France. Hawaii. Italy. Missouri (ISA). New York State ((.SA). Rome (Italy).

Tlie meaning of VIRGO

VIRGO manifests in a modest but perfectionist manner. It is intellectual, communicative, and go<xl at
research and analysis. It is cuol-headed, discriminating and precise. VIRGO is also the sign most
associated will) health and hygiene. Iierbs and harvest. II the dice shows VIRGO it may also be1
referring to die time of year between August 2411) and September 23rd when the Sun is in Virgo - or
referring to a person bom during this lime.

VIRGO rules the intestines in die body.

VIRGO also rules die following places:
California ((SI). Greece. Paris (France). Switzerland, The West Indies (and all island chains).

Hie meaning of LIBRA

LIBRA manifests in a diplomatic, harmony -seeking manner. It is an energy of partnership and equal
give and lake. It prefers to work in balance with another and sees both sides of an Issue. LIBRA is a
social sign, being tactful and polite in company, it is associated widi relationships and. as the sign of
the Scalis, widi justice and fair play. If die dice shows LIBRA it may aLso be referring to the time of
year between September 24th and October 23id when the Sun is in Libra - or referring to a person
bom during this dine.

LIBRA rules die kidneys in die body.

LIBRA also rules die following places China, Cyprus, Tibet.

Hie meaning of SCORPIO

SCORPIO manifests in an intense and emotional manner. It is deep, dark and secretive and sees
beneath die surface of things. It is tokrant ol others' dark sides but can be emotionally possessive
and attracted to power games. SCORPIO transforms through desire and passion If the dice shows
SCORPIO it may also be referring to the time of year between October 2-ith and November 22nd
when the Sun is in Scorpio - or referring to a person bom during this time.
SCORPIO rules die sexual organs in the body.

SCORPIO also rules the following places:

Africa. Brazil. Iceland. Montana (USA), Nevada (USA), North Carolina (USA), North Dakota
(USA), Oklahoma (LSA). Sicily, South Dakota (ISA), Washington State (USA).

Hie meaning of SAGITIARll S

SAGITTARIUS manifests in a freedom-lining, good-humoured manner It is lucky, broad-minded
and tacdessly honest, always exploring new avenues of thought and action. It is bod) a great teacher
and a jx-qx-iual student. SAGITTARIUS is optimistic, independent, freewheeling and high-rolling It
is die traveller of die zodiac. If the dice shows SAGITTARIUS it may also be referring to die time of
year between November 23rd and December 21st when the Sun is in Sagittarius - or referring to a
person bom during diis time.

SAGITTARIUS rules die taps and thighs in the body.

SAGITTARIUS also rules the following places
Alabama (USA). Australia. Delaware (USA), Illinois (ZS4), Indiana (ISA). Mississippi (USA),
Monaco. Newjersey (USA), Pennsylvania (USA), Spain.

Activate Windows
The meaning of CAPRICORN
CAPRICORN manifests in a responsible, well-ordered manner. It is hard-working and accepts
responsibility It is basically a climbing energy. Sensibly and patiently it works its way gradually to the
top. It is not a risk taker and expects no favours, Inn is organised, managerial and worldly.

CAPRICORN gets stronger with age. If the dire shows CAPRICORN it may also be referring to the
time of year between December 22nd and January 20th when die Sun is in Capricorn ■ or referring
to a person bom during this lime.

CAPRICORN rules the knees in the body.

CAPRICORN also rules the following places:
Alaska (USA), Connecticut (USA). Georgia (USA), India, Iowa (USA), Mexico. New Mexico (ISA),
Texas (USA), Utah (USA).

The meaning of AQUARIUS

AQUARIUS manifests in a scientific yet humanitarian manner. It is a detached, thinking energy,
eccentric and ahead of its time. Its ideas are futuristic and revolutionaiv. AQUARIUS is the least
biased sign of the zodiac. It is friendly and sees everyone as equal brothers and sisters. Il works well
in groups. If the dice shows AQUARIUS it may also be referring to die time of year between January
21st and February 18th when the Sun is in Aquarius - or referring to a person bom during this time.

AQUARIUS rules the ankles in the body.

AQUARIUS also rules the following places:
Arizona (USA), Kansas (USA), Massachusetts (USA), Michigan (USA), Oregon (USA), Russia,

The meaning of PISCES

PISCES manifests in an imaginative, poetic manner. It is sensitive, spiritual and unselfish. It is gende,
compassionate and mediumistic. PISCES lives in its own dimension of dreams and artistry where
normal boundaries are uncertain. It goes with the changing flow of its inner tides. If the dice shows
PISCES it may also be referring to die time of year between February 19th and March 20th - or
referring to a person bom during this time.

PISCES nites the feet In the body.

PISCES also rules the following places:
Colombia, Florida (USA), Maine Nebraska (USA), New Zealand. Ohio (ZS4), /towns.
Portugal, Vermont (USA), Washington DC (USA).

The 1st House
The 1st House is the area oflife that affectsyou personally.

It describes your physical appearance and personal mannerisms. It is the way that you meet your
immediate environment and die impact you make on it The 1st House describes firs impressions
and is the part of your character dial odier people will see.

If die 1st House is thrown on die dice die issue will concern You above anything or anyone else. It is
speaking directly about You and your self-expression.

The 2nd House

The 2nd House is the area oflife lb(d concerns your Resources.

It deals primarily with the issue of Money and Possessions. It describes your earned income and
financial prospect».

If the 2nd House is thrown on the dice, sour attitude towards worldly resources. your values and sense
of self worth, arc all in focus, While the 2nd House may he referring to inner resources, in general it
is concerned with actual physical money and actual material possessions.

The 3rd House

The 3rd House is the arm oflife that concerns your Communications.

It deals with writing, speaking, taming and teaching, and all forms of busy exchange. It covers
transport and movement in the-form of short journeys.

Tlie 3rd House can also indicate brothers and sisters. cousins or neighbours.

The 4th House

Tlx 4th House is the area oflife that concernsyour Home and Family.

It describes your ancestral heritage and your links with the past, as wdl as the family you may create.

The 4th House can also refer to houses and land in general, and in particular the dwelling place in
which you live.

The Sth House

The Sth House is the arm ofHJe that concernsyour Creativity.

It deals with recreation, hobbies, entertainment, sports, parties. holidays and all forms of pleasure­
seeking. It is also associated with gambling, and with romance and lose affairs.

The Sth House also rules the products of your creativity, which can also include your Children.

The 6th House

The 6tb House is the area ofHJe that concernsyour Daily Routines.

It deals with work and service, Itabits, ritual and sacred ceremonies.

Ihe 6th House is also associated with health, hygiene and diet

The 7th House

The 7tb House is the arm oflife that concerns your closest One-to-one Relationships.

If the "’th House is thrown on the dice it may be referring to your partner (in business or in marriage),
or in some way describing your other half’.

The 7th House covers all intimate personal encounters and die area of relationships in general.

The Sth House

The Stb House is the area that concerns the Deeper Mysteries oflife.

Il deals with the serious fundamental human experiences of birth, sex. death and the liidden secrets
of occult study and the after life. On a more mundane level die Sth House can also refer to shared
resources, inheritances and the money and possessions of others.

The 9th House
The 91b House is the area oflife that concerns Far Distances.

It deals with long-distance travel in the global sense, and/or (he search for meaning in terms of the
mind and higher education.

The 9th House can therefore refer to foreign people and foreign places as well as to universities and
colleges. Il can also refer to philosophies, religions and the quest for one's God.

The 10th House

The 10th House is the ana oflife that concernsyour Cover and Reputation.

It (teals with your public image. your status and prestige. Il describes your worldly aims and ambitions
and the attainment of these goals especially in your career.

If the l(Kh House is thrown on the dice, things are Iking brought into the public eyv.

'Hie 11th House

Ibe Uth House is the ana oflife that concerns your Friends and Acquaintances.

It deals witli teamwork and group activities in clubs and friendly social organisations.

The 11th House also holds an element of social conscience and concern for humanity 's future and so
is also called the House of Hopes and Future Wishes.

The 12th House

Tbe I2lb House is the area that concerns tbe unconscious Fndenurrents ofLife.

It is a deep area that holds our most pmaie thoughts and hidden feelings. It describes seclusion and
withdrawal from the world in order to reach the latent potential witliin.

The 12th House also covers institutions that are in sonic way apart from (lie outer world, such as
religious retreats, hospitals, prisons and asy lums

Hie Sun
Attitude to your father and authority figures, royalty, ego. personality, inner identity, the Iwari. your
path, goal, consciousness.

The Moon
Attitude to modier/hood issues, women in general; inner nature, rhythms of nature, dark
mysteries, the need for closeness and emotional security, the church. Nurses, counsellors; the
breasts and stomach.

Mental agility and logical thought, desire for knowledge, also lying and trickery. .Messages Sihvr
tongued, thinking on your feet. Salesmen, journalists, writers, teachers. Short journeys. Respiratory
system and speech control.

Harmony, art. music, balance, enjoyment of life, good taste, desire for union - cither physical or
mental, spirituality. Money. Artists, poets, actors, dancers. The sexual organs.

Activate Windows
Anger, aggression, sports, strength, willpower and stamina, fearlessness. risk taking, courageous,
passionate. Also impatient, unpredictable and hot-headed Soldiers, atliletis, warlords. The blood,
male sexual organs, muscles

Team-pla\er. good umes. parties, generosity, gambling, joviality, wealth, spiritual knowledge and
wisdom. Expansion .Aspires to higher understanding and compassion. Long distance travel,
physically and spiritually. Teachers (again), philosophers, gurus, priests, athletes and sports
people (again). The liver.

Old lather lime, career ladder. perseverance. working long and hard for just rewards. Discipline,
self-control, structure, boundaries. Being sensible. Ako, not feeling loveable, cramping someone's
style, inferiority complex. cruel. The bones. Police, critics, judges, hermits, wise men and women.

Rules the .Age of Aquarius! Astrology, unusual occupations, lightening, electricity, aviation. Rebellion,
not afraid to be different, humanitarian, independence, flashes of inspiration. Intuitive. Ako restless,
unreliable, unpredictable. Nervous system. Reclusivts. geniuses, aid workers, astrologers, rebels.

Sensitivity, confusion about boundaries, sympathetic, visionary, mediumistic. deeply spiritual. .Abo
deceptive, misuse of drugs and alcohol, easily swayed. longs tn merge with othet*. The pineal gland.
Artists, doctors, nurses, musicians, priests, also those addicted to drink and dnigs.

Death, life, rebirth, total devastation for the sake of regeneration. Power, healing, not afraid of change.
Ako, manipulation, misuse of power, fanaticism, obsession. Criminals, charismatic leaders,
psychiatrists, hypnotists.

South Node
Experiences ychi bring into this life. Inner knowledge. Habits drat make you fed secure.

North Node
lessons to be k-amt in this life. Difficultii* to be overcome to allow further development Spiritual goals.

Spontaneous, with little regard for iIh- outcome. Hot-headed, impulsive, always bounces luck.
Unburdened by cans about others.

Conservative, sometimes stubborn. Practical and down to earth, but could also lx- lacking motivation.
Enjoys material wealth.

Jack of all trade*, lots of tiling going on at once. No lime to go into great depth - always something
new around the comer. Sometimes fickle. Natural sales person. smart and clever without too much
(motion. Good social butterfly.

Romantic, emotional. Tenacious and achieves goals in an indirvet way, motherfigure. domesticity;
caring and nurturing and nourishing.

Centre stage, loves being on show. Independent but needs flatten. High and mighty. Generous. Self
confident and positive.

Perfectionist great with details, critical. Reserved and distant initially, but loyal and caring. Scientific
minds, very logical and unemotional, but communicative.

Harmony and balance, avoids conflict and confrontation, sometimes indecisive. Gracious and good
at expressing themselves. preserve the equilibrium at all costs. The peacemaker.

Never shallow. Pushes things to their limits, not afraid of power and authority. Enjoys intense
emotions Good at solving problems and getting to the bottom of things. Tremendous
emotional strength.

Lores exploring new avenues of thought and action. The adventurer, missionary, pushes towards
higher spirituality. Positive to the point of arrogance. Good sense of humour.

Patient and bide their time. Hard working and dedicated. Constructive and responsible. although
sometimes over cautious

Rebellious, humanitarian, imaginative, friendly. Original thinker, sometimes bizarre. Can be distant
and aloof, prefers not to be emotionally involved

Vans spiritual freedom, boundaries with others are uncertain Sympathetic and nonjudgemental Can
go with the flow, not much sense of direction in life.

I st Your face, how others see you
2nd Immediate surroundings, personal wealth, resources
3rd Short distance travel, communication of all kinds, mental processes.
Teaching and learning
tth larly childhood, homelife, your roots, physical home.
Sth (hildren, creativity, art. having fun. self expression, hobbies, gambling, love affairs.
6th Work, health
"th Relationships, co-operation.
Sth Inheritances, philosophy of life
9th Inng distance travel, all things foreign, spirituality, writing, learning.
10th How you want the public to see you. Your place in the world, social position, reputation
II th Groups, humanitarian causes, team spirit.
12 th Seclusion, deep thoughts Seif sacrifice and isolation

Some examples:

Q How will my business develop in coming months ?

A Jupiter, Aquarius. 10th house.

Some keywords- Jupiter Expansion, wealth.

Aquarius humanitarian, imaginative.
I Oth house reputation. public face, career.
Idea behind the words —investing in people and using some imagination to expand the business may
well bring more public aedaim and success.

Q: Uhai can I expect from this relationship ?

A: Saturn, Taurus. 7th.

Some keywords: Saturn Be sensible and responsible about this.

Taurus Loyalty. material comfort.
7th House Co-operation
Idea behind the words ■ This will be successful if you go slowly and responsibly It's worth putting
honesty and trust into a relationship to build stable foundations Think of other words to expand on
the keywords, which are more ixTsona), but in the same context.

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