The Sketch of Walt Disney

The word ³Disney ³carries with it a new land of fantasy, family entertainment and new hopes in the cartoon area. Walt Disney began as a cartoonist from the Midwest, and then moved to Los Angeles where his studio was a door to take the cartoon medium to artistic and commercial prominence. His life was covered with magic, whimsy and optimism that later it would turn out in success and transformed the entertainment industry, into what appears to be today. Walt tried to look out through the fields of animation and to find new ways to teach, to educate and due to his unique ability to see the entire picture, not only the colors, he created a way of making life more enjoyable and fun .Walt Disney was a bridge from the past to the future, a genius that could take the dreams of America, and make them come true. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago to his father, Elias Disney, an Irish-Canadian, and his mother, Flora Call Disney, who was of German-American descent. Soon after his birth, the family moved to a town in Missouri, a place where Walt will spend his best years of childhood and has made its mark on his life. When he was seven years old, his talent was rising day by day and soon after, he started drawing and making sketches that succeeded to put in value the qualities of that little boy. In all that years spent at countryside, Walt learned to love animals and nature, magical pieces of life which later would touch with his talent, the future. During his life, Walt often tried to recapture the freedom he felt in the years of innocence when he misspend with usual things, like a normal child , doting the noise of railroad tracks that crossed the countryside or building his own miniature train set. As time was passing through these carefree years of country living young, Walt began to see life different, to know love and appreciate nature and family, being also encouraged by his mother and older brother ,Roy, to fallow his dreams. High School represented for Walter a new chance to develop his talent .He attended McKinley High School in Chicago, where he divided his attention between drawing and photography .A new part of his talent was to be discovered, and without his parents will, Walt was sneaking at night to play various roles on the stage of a small theater. During the year 1918, Walter attempted to join the military service but, because he was only sixteen years old at the time, the rejection was the first disappointing moment of his life since then. After the failed attempt, Walter joined the Red Cross and sent overseas to France, where he spent a year being an ambulance driver. He could not pass through a place without leaving a memory, so the ambulance was covered with different cartoon characters, making every person to be amazed by his talent, remaining in their souls with that spark of life, long forgotten. The life of Walt Disney was emerging as the years passed, and after his returning from France, he wanted to pursue a career in commercial art, which soon lead to his experiments in animation. He started creating short animated films for local businesses, such as The Alice Comedies, which was about a real girl and her adventures in an animated world. Due to the money problems that the company who hired Walter, Laugh-O-Grams, had , he filled his soul with hope and went to Hollywood in search of making his dream come true. Together with his brother, he opens a design studio in the garage of their uncle and the orders did not hesitate to appear. Soon, they received an order from New York for the first Alice in Cartoonland featurette,

He proffered to stay home with the family than go and socialize with the ³who¶s who´of the Hollywood . but probably the most popular.0LFNH\0RXVH and the brothers expanded their production operation to the rear of a Hollywood real estate office. when Walt Disney took a five-day train trip with his wife Lillian. it was in 1928. In 1923. What is to be appreciated is that Walt was not the type of person who wanted to shine in the spotlight . that he came up with the idea of a cartoon mouse named Mickey Mouse. character that would become the most popular cartoon star and an icon for The Walt Disney Company. an old character that belonged to Disney Studios. Mickey Mouse made his screen debut in Steamboat Willie. entitled. and when it was completed. The young man invested everything he had into the film. "Steamboat Willie. animator Ub Iwerks who was considered by many to be Walt Disney's oldest friend concluded that people. In virtue of self confidence . This rabbit realized some popularity. Mickey Mouse succeeded getting in top of Hollywood characters and becoming famous beyond all expectations. When they arrived in California. In 1928. and there was a blast of audience that made the Mickey Mouse cartoons to be the most viewed. but Walt Disney still kept up his search for the right character he wanted. Mickey was created as a replacement for the cartoon: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. to its feelings and emotions in every situation. Walt Disney gives life to Mickey Mouse. not one to quit. Walt joined forces with his brother Roy. Diana and Sharon. especially children. And. Disney's first creation was a cartoon character that he named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. California. lived his dreams and understood the necessity of not growing older and trick time. Walt had to take the animated portion to New York. Walt managed to reach to the top of Hollywood society and reveal the world a new face of what people can do with a little imagination. The greatest success of Mickey Mouse is due to its resemblance with the human. 1925 . this time a talkie. The little Mouse has evolved from a simple cartoon character and comic books.The people that were close to him were those who understood his life. the world's first synchronized sound cartoon." To add sound to the film. The cartoons were as popular for adults as they were for children . are more fond of small and cute animals. The Walt Disney Company was formed in Los Angeles. called "Gallopin' Gaucho. First he used in a silent cartoon entitled Plane Crazy then. Walt married one of his employees. enthusiasm and faith. Walt screened it for New York exhibitors. to one of the most recognized symbols all over the world. Walt produced a second silent Mickey Mouse cartoon. Walt Disney began work on his third Mickey Mouse cartoon.´ In 1928. which premiered at the Colony Theater in New York. . would be a lovable black and white mouse. Lillian Bounds and later become a father of two daughters .The Disney Studio created many memorable characters. On July 13 . Disney and his friend Ub Iwerks worked on creating the first cartoon movie. In the same year. After more research. and Disney Brothers Studio was founded.

pants and white gloves had different symbols. Because Mickey was the important Disney symbol. after 4 years of continue entertainment. Walt Disney received an Oscar for the creation of Mickey Mouse. hope and optimism. Mickey Mouse remains a popular and wellappreciated character who served a valuable purpose by bringing generations of children and adults through the difficult times. During the recession of the '30s. the mouse with shoes. An entire family of characters was created for the Disney stable including. . a show with real children characters.The Sketch of Walt Disney Walt Disney produced 87 short cartoons during the 1930s in which Mickey Mouse had every job everything from a giant killer. in which he could not lose his temper or perform anything underhanded . Walt preferred to let the perturbed Donald Duck and the unwittingly silly and emotional Goofy to take place. Goofy. Later in the '50s. Mickey symbolized. Donald Duck. Since 1955 . Goofy. making all sorts of tricks. along with the opening of Disney's theme parks which are very popular. In the '40s. a true model of education for American families. and Pluto. he continued to make cartoons. Pluto. In 1932. Disney's mouse became a character something more serious and respectable. Due to the difficulty to create new stories for him. but did not appear in as many as Donald. along with Charlie Chaplin. a unique chance for kids to show their talent like Walt Disney did. Mickey Mouse moved to Disneyland to host his own theme park and created ³The Mickey Mouse club´. Minnie Mouse. to a detective to an inventor. Over time. Mickey received the friendly and dapper host role. . to a cowboy.

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