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2 Heart of the Lion

5 Tackling the Narn
6 Cry Freedom
8 Mag Gun usage
9 Scenario:
Flotilla 103
10 The Vorchan
-T’Ken cruiser
11 Sentri spotting
12 Scenario:
Whispering death
13 Shadow scouts
-Thanos destroyer
-Pallas Osat
14 Fuser torpedos
15 Gropos review
16 FA conversion
19 Fiction:
Test of Wills
20 Legendary Cast
-Galactica returns
21 AoG Interview
Based on an image by Santeri Pusa
22 New Enterprise
The heart of
the Lion
An analysis of the Centauri battlefleet
Know Thy Enemy, Know Thyself
Before selecting even the first ship for your The Centauri Royal Navy boasts one of the largest selections of
Centauri fleet, it can often prove very useful to
determine what race(s) it will have to face in bat-
combat units in known space. The wide array of hulls allows
tle. If you are engaging in a straight one-on-one the Republic the luxury of designing ships and fighters special-
skirmish with some other power, then you can
do a great deal of customization to best capital-
ized for one or two particular roles, rather than as less capable
ize on any advantages you might have. If fight- and/or more expensive jack-of-all-trades.
ing against a select number of other races, you GIANNI LIBURDI argues that such diversity and specializa-
may still be able to do some customization to
your force if your various opponents are more tion can prove to be both a boon and a curse for those players
similar than complimentary (e.g. there would be who are just getting acquainted with playing the Centauri.
far more reason to have a strong anti-fighter
defense if facing a combined Drazi / EA force
verses fighting a collection of Drazi and over the forward 240° arc, making it difficult for Laser in two concentrated shots each turn, this is
Pak'ma'ra). If the nature of your enemy is com- an enemy to evade fire by coming in on the easily one of the deadliest weapons in use by the
pletely unknown, such as in a tournament set- sides. This provides an excellent complement to younger races.
ting, then it is always best to design a balanced the high ROF of most Centauri weapons, ensur- Matter Cannon
force lest you leave yourself with a glaring ing that their low cycle times will be used to Effective at stripping ships of their systems as
weakness that the right opponent can easily maximum effect. well as knocking out the occasional cocky
exploit. Battle Lasers assault fighter, this medium weapon is often
While knowing your enemy's strengths and Very few younger races have a long-range overlooked in favour of the more advanced
weaknesses is important, knowing the capabili- weapon as good as the Battle Laser. Combining Battle Lasers and Ballistic Torpedoes. Few
ties and limitations of the Centauri is even more superior fire control and great reach with a quick things, however, strike fear into an enemy quite
crucial. Keep the following factors in mind, as (for a heavy weapon) recharge rate, good dam- like a Matter Cannon shot to the primary section
they will greatly influence not only the composi- age and non-interceptability, Centauri ships of their prized warship.
tion of your fleet, but the tactics you will use armed with this weapon can often score the first Ballistic Torpedoes
with it as well: strike on a target with imputy and still have their While relatively short ranged compared to some
main guns recharged in time to lash out again other ballistic weapons, this weapon exemplifies
Advantages when the enemy gets in closer. In addition to both the versatility and high ROF characteristics
Rapid Fire Weaponry this, the optional piercing mode can work won- of Centauri weaponry. Able to put out a lot of
Hits from Centauri weapons are often not as ders against opponents with multiple non-rake- torpedoes in very short order, this weapon can
damaging as those employed by most other able systems. quickly send out a half-dozen torps into the path
races, but they usually compensate for this with Plasma Accelerator of an oncoming assault fighter flight or enemy
a higher Rate of Fire (ROF). The spreading of Capable of doing more damage than a Heavy wolfpack. Several launchers combining their
less damage over more shots also means that the Plasma Cannon and firing at a variable rate, the fire can be very devastating by quickly saturat-
Centauri can recover from a few bad to-hit rolls Plasma Accelerator is commonly found on ing portions of an enemy's fleet with ballistics.
better than a race dependent on high damage, Centauri fast attack vessels with the speed and Plasma Stream
low ROF weapons. maneuverability needed to get it into close Designed as a support weapon, the Plasma
Good Interception Capabilities range. While a single Vorchan might not seem Stream does not so much hurt the enemy by
The high number of Twin Arrays in Centauri like much of a threat, four of them unloading itself as it increases the effectiveness of other
service mean that most ships will generally be their superheated plasma into an enemy warship incoming fire. A volley or two from the
able to put up a -2 or -3 penalty on most incom- can rapidly funnel through to the vulnerable pri- Streamer, followed up with a lightning strike by
ing fire. Also, the Centauri Guardian Array can mary structure and obliterate most targets. Havens and/or Sentris can do wonders for their
intercept shots destined for another ship, which Heavy Arrays damage curve.
is a capability unmatched by all but the Hyach. Big brother to the Twin Array, this short-range Twin Arrays
Generous Weapon Arcs bruiser chews up enemy ships and fighters with While short ranged, this primarily anti-fighter
Centauri warships often sport weapons coverage ease. Able to do as much damage as a Battle weapon is found on almost every hull in the

Babcom 2

Centauri Royal Navy. Not only do enemy fight- forming its core. The preponderance of cheaper Rear Blind Spot
ers need to worry about fast, Twin Array armed ships paired with the minimal reliance of fight- Few Centauri ships mount rear facing weaponry,
escort vessels blasting them into scrap, but even ers means that Centauri fleets will often out- and most can bring little to no firepower to bear
Centauri cruisers can readily mount a capable number their opponents in ships quite signifi- within the rear 120° arc. Centauri commanders
defense all on their own. A Centauri fleet sport- cantly, unless fighting another small ship loving need to compensate for this through superior
ing a good mixture of both small and large Twin power like the Drazi. maneuvering, as well as proper placement of
Array platforms can mount a credible fighter Capable Interceptor Fighter screening units to make attacks on the rear quar-
defense against most opponents with little to no Although many have shunned the Sentri for its ter too costly for any enemy to attempt.
fighters of their own. low damage guns, this fighter truly is truly Short-Ranged Light Guns
Superior Sensors designed to excel at only one mission, fighter While the Twin Array is effective against most
With sensor ratings on their smallest ships as interception. While it may not have the knock- fighter types out there, it can have problems
strong as those of some other race's capital ships, out punch of most other fighters used by the against those with jammers or ballistics. Escort
the Centauri are never lacking in this depart- Major powers, it is an excellent dogfighter and ships and/or fighters which can effectively inter-
ment. All those sensor points are useful for does a superb job of making enemy fighters feel cept these units will be required to mount a com-
everything from burning through a turtled like they are being nibbled to death by cats. petent defense against these units.
enemy's DEW to maintaining a strong lock-on to Stealth Fighters Lower Damage
multiple targets simultaneously. The Rutarian Strike Fighter is one of the best Almost all Centauri weaponry inflicts less dam-
Maneuverability anti-ship fighters in the game, as its stealth sys- age than similar weapons used by other races.
They may not use fully gravitic drives, but the tem protects it from the majority of ship-based While this does mean that the Centauri lack the
Centauri can still make a cruiser that dances bet- weaponry while the ion bolt hammers them from one-turn crunch power of some races like the EA
ter than the destroyers and frigates of some afar. The only real threat to these high-tech and Pak'ma'ra, this is usually adequately com-
races. Given the abundance of smaller, more wonders are enemy fighters. pensated for in the longer run by their higher
maneuverable medium and heavy combat ves- than average ROF.
sels in the Centauri Royal Navy, outflanking an Disadvantages No Common Assault Fighter
enemy reliant on slow, heavily armed warships Fragile Hulls The lack of a readily available anti-ship fighter
can be accomplished with relative ease. Centauri ships generally can't take that much for the Centauri may seem like a huge flaw for
High Armor punishment compared to those belonging to the some, but veteran commanders know that the
Centauri ships generally have moderate to high other Major powers. A smart Centauri com- Centauri use massive numbers of cheap ships
amounts of armor on their exterior sections, and mander must make the best use of his good instead. The Haven and Vorchan cost 325 and
very high levels protecting the valuable primary maneuverability, high sensors, ELINT support 360 respectively, which compares favorably
systems. This makes low damage weapons, and weapon-fire intercept capabilities to avoid with a flight of EA Starfuries at 342, a flight of
such as those used by most fighters, far less taking too many hits. Narn Frazis at 348, or a flight of Minbari Nials
effective against Centauri vessels. Glass Jaw at 636. For a true Centauri, the bulk of your
High Initiative A high percentage of Centauri ship have a prob- fighters are only there to intercept enemy assault
The Centauri boast several common ships, such lem when it comes to taking damage to the front. fighters making attack runs on your ships.
as the Haven, Vorchan, Darkner and Centurion, For Capital Ships, their noses are often notice- Weak Fighter Guns
all of which benefit from a +2 initiative bonus ably weaker than their sides, and cannot absorb Due to the Centauri focus on ships rather than
over and above what their particular class of much punishment before falling off. HCVs, on fighters, their mainline fighter, the Sentri
vessel would normally receive. the other hand, often have a significant portion Interceptor, sports some of the weakest guns in
Excellent ELINT of their weaponry fixed on the forward section, service. Its older sibling, the Razik, is even
The modern Royal Navy sports no less than and risk losing most or all of their firepower worse in this regard. While this has caused
three separate ELINT vessels, ranging from the should that section be destroyed. many to complain about the lack of raw power,
cheap-as-dirt Vorchar to the high-powered Large Profiles the Sentri is still a threat to most enemy fighters
Covran to the combat capable Dargan. With Compounding the problem that Centauri ships if used correctly.
such selection available to them, the Centauri are cannot absorb much damage is the fact that they
rarely at a shortage for ELINT support. are also easier to hit due to their slightly larger It Takes All Kinds of Lions
Wolfpacks than average profiles. Once again, this flaw can to Make a Fleet…
Heavy and Medium Combat Vessels form the be counterbalanced by liberal use of the com- Because of the often specialized nature of most
bulk of any Centauri fleet, with Capital Ships mon Centauri assets previously listed. Centauri units, they can easily be broken down

Babcom 3
into one of seven classifications: Sniper, Attack, fleet. The newer Balvarix Strike Carrier oper- lack sufficient Battle Laser support. The larger
Brawler, Escort, Carrier, Assault and Scout. ates quite differently, bringing not only a healthy the fleet, the more important the ability to hit the
Sniper dose of anti-ship fighters to the fray in addition enemy at all ranges becomes.
Sniper units epitomize the Centauri's well to interceptors, but also having the speed and ELINT Support
known ability to strike the enemy at ranges weapons needed to attack the enemy itself. The While the Centauri have several capable ELINT
where most cannot effectively retaliate at. smaller Amar Fast Carrier is best used for pro-
ships, they should not automatically be included
While many Centauri ships carry the long-range viding fighter cover for high-speed wolfpacks,
in every fleet. Scout vessels tend to act as a
Battle Lasers, only the Primus Battlecruiser and and can double as a competent, if close-ranged,
Octurion Battleship really epitomize this classi- fast attack vessel to boot. force multiplier, meaning that they increase the
fication. Both are relatively fragile next to sim- Assault combat effectiveness of the fleet they are in by a
ilar ships of their size, but sport good maneuver- Designed more for seizing planets rather than given percentage. This increase, however, can
ability, weapon arcs, and sensor suites to easily participating in fleet actions, Centauri assault be counterbalanced by the loss in combat effec-
blast the enemy at range. As an added bonus, ships are prized as much for the troops they tiveness due to sinking points into a ship which
both ships have a plethora of small weapons carry as their combat ability. If exposed to com- often cannot effectively project offensive fire-
which can either be used to intercept incoming bat, the Decurion Assault Cruiser has tends to power. The general inability of the Covran and
fire, attack enemies at close range, or be shut operate best in the Escort role, while the Vorchar to operate offensively can make them
down for a generous sensor boost. Secundus Assault Cruiser clearly excels as a poor choices for an independent squadron,
Attack close in Brawler.
where firepower is often at a premium. The
Attack vessels are generally designed to engage Scout
Dargan makes a better choice for small fleets, as
the enemy at medium ranges, using some mix- ELINT support is not only a common ingredient
ture of Battle Lasers, Matter Cannons and in many Centauri fleets, but also comes in three it is one of the few ships in existence capable of
Ballistic Torpedoes. Some, like the Centurion different flavors. The Covran Scout's high-pow- providing ELINT support while still having a
Attack Cruiser, Darkner Fast Attack Frigate, and ered sensors make it an ideal fleet scout, while decent array of weapons.
Altarian Magnus Destroyer Leader have the its host of Twin and Guardian Arrays give it Dividing Ships into Squadrons
speed and maneuverability necessary to either some secondary capacity as an Escort. The Often, fleets of more than four or five ships will
outflank an enemy's cruiser line, or quickly vec- Vorchar Warscout not only offers a cheap be broken down into smaller squadrons or wolf-
tor in and eliminate a particular target. Others ELINT ship to small Centauri formations, but packs. These will usually be composed mostly
with less maneuverability, like the Elutarian can be used in larger fleets as an expendable of ships belonging to the same class (i.e. Sniper,
Bombardment Cruiser and Kutai Gunship, tend means of loaning Offensive ELINT against an Attack, Brawler, etc.), with one or two miscella-
to deal with the enemy best by confronting him enemy fleet more than 30 hexes away from the
neous ships, usually escorts, attached to them.
head-on and throwing up a wall of fire in his main Centauri body. The Dargan Strike Cruiser
Several squadrons of different classifications
path. Rutarian and Sitara strike fighters also fit boasts only a moderate strength sensor suite, but
within this class, as their respective stealth sys- makes up for this with its ability to operate effec- working together as part of a larger whole can
tems and high offensive bonuses when paired tively in the Attack role, as well as carrying the give a fleet greater flexibility than if it where
with the long range of the ion bolt let them avoid prized Rutarian Strike Fighter into battle. attempting to operate as a single formation.
the traditional point-blank attacks that most anti- Wolfpack Speed and Maneuverability
ship fighters must employ. Putting it All Together While dividing a fleet into squadrons may allow
Brawler Once you have set the point total for the fleet individual ships the necessary flexibility to
If Sniper vessels can be viewed as the artillery of you wish to build, there are several factors to be maneuver into the ranges best suited for their
the Centauri Royal Navy and the Attack units as addressed when selecting what ships to use: weapons loadout, it is very much a chain that is
its tanks, then the Brawlers are without a doubt Anti-Fighter Capability
only as strong as its weakest link. I would not
its infantry. Standing at the forefront of any for- One of the most crucial questions a Centauri
make sense, for instance, to assign an Altarian to
mation, they exist only for one purpose: Close commander can answer is "How will I deal with
with and Destroy the Enemy. While the Vorchan enemy fighters?" Against some races which safeguard a wolfpack of Darkner Fast Attack
Warship and its big brother the Demos Heavy either lack heavy assault fighters or use very Frigates, as they would either be hobbled great-
Warship are certainly the two best known exam- small numbers of them, the smattering of Twin ly in their maneuvering or forced to leave their
ples of this class, Mograth Frigates and Mogratti Arrays present on almost all Centauri vessels is anti-fighter support behind. Likewise, the afore-
Battle Frigates provide Centauri fleets with even sufficient to deal with the threat. When con- mentioned Altarian might make a better choice
more agile counterparts to these staples. fronting a fighter-loving power such as the other for escorting slower vessels such as a pack of
Escort Major powers or some League races like the Kutais, than would a blazingly fast Sulust or
Assigned to a role often lacking in glory while Brakiri or Cascor, greater number of escort ships Maximus. Proper selection of support vessels
high on danger, the Escort vessels of the and fighters will be needed to counteract the which match the capabilities of the core units
Centauri Navy not only intercept and destroy threat. The goal of the escorts may not neces-
will ensure that a wolfpack is not overly restrict-
incoming fighters and fast attack vessels, but sarily be to destroy the enemy fighter threat, but
ed in its movement options by one or two ships.
intercept fire directed at their charges. Altarian rather to simply tie them up long enough for the
Destroyers, Sulust and Vasachi Escort other Centauri vessels to destroy their carriers.
Destroyers, Maximus Defense Frigates, and Engagement Envelope Conclusion
Haven Patrol Boats are a necessary part of any Generally, a good balance of long, medium and While everyone has their favorite ships to use
well-rounded Centauri fleet. The Sentri short ranged firepower is the best mixture for and those which they shun, part of the beauty of
Interceptor, along with its elder siblings the any Centauri fleet, no matter what opponent it the Centauri Royal Navy is that every one of
Razik and Razarik, are also members of this may be facing. The reason for this is that creat- their units has at least one area in which they
class, but tend to focus primarily on intercepting ing a fleet with extreme amounts of firepower excel. This means that it is not so much a task
enemy fighters. Most of these units are also tilted to one end of the spectrum often leaves of determining which units are good and which
capable of operating in an attack capacity, you vulnerable should your fleet be engaged at are not, but rather which one can perform a par-
should escort abilities no longer be required. the opposite end. For instance, a fleet consisting
ticular task with the optimum effectiveness for
Carrier solely of sniper vessels may sound attractive
the points invested in it.
Centauri Carriers tend to be rather average when against an opponent sporting mostly short
compared to those of other races, but they can ranged weaponry, but such ships often die quick- By following these guidelines, newly-minted
still get the job done. The Balvarin Carrier is a ly when the enemy closes the gap between them. Centauri commanders can learn to embrace the
good complement to any fleet requiring a mas- Likewise, a fleet designed purely for short wide selection of ships and fighters available to
sive infusion of fighter cover, and can provide ranged operations can suffer at the hands of a them, rather than being overwhelmed by it.
decent escort coverage for slower vessels in the few long range bombardment ships, should they ***

Babcom 4
Tackling the Narn

By Santeri Pusa

By REID HUPACH HL fire control +3. Full OEW +8, range penalty above can be used with these also. Try to maneu-
HIS is an essay on the tactics which the of -18, equals a 10 to hit. The Primus firing back

ver so as to pass real close to your enemy after
Centauri forces use fighting the Narn at the G'Quan. Front def. is 15. +4 fire control, you fire. On the next turn pay for your roll but
regime. First it is nice to know your ene- +10 OEW, -13 range penalty equals a 16 to hit, a don't stop. Then during your turn, turn into your
mies' strengths so you can avoid them. The Narn 30 percent advantage. Couple that with the supe- enemy. Now as your loaded Matter Cannons
have probably the best-balanced ships in the rior re-cycle rate of the Battle Laser and you
come to bear, fire them. Next turn keep rolling
game. They are maneuverable, have good have a true advantage. This doesn't take into
and do the same. Each turn you get to fire three
weapon arcs, large structure blocks, good armor account turning off TA's for extra EW, which
and one of the most varied weapon selections in increases the Centauri advantage even further. matter cannons and use your thrust to keep the
the game. Despite all of this the Centauri are Now the real trick to this tactic is how to keep firing side in arc, this actually plays to the
able to beat the Narn if you play wisely and are, the range this far out. Fishtailing lets you bring Kutai's lack of maneuverability having to turn
above all things, patient. your side arcs into play on different turns but less and keep your nose out of arc.
Centauri tactics against the Narn can be split still moves you closer to the enemy. Now remember the Narn are excellent close
into three basic divisions. The long-range snip- Retrograding is also a tactic but several players and hose tacticians also, expect to take plenty of
ing game, the close and hose game, and the won't chase you and the game ends without any losses in return, be patient and use your weapons
"What are my fighters going to do?" game. I will real casualties. Then there is the Roll method. arcs well.
cover each of these as best I can. After firing your first volley, on the next turn roll
Now comes the hard part when fighting the
In each I will give the Narn strengths and how to your ship and stop. Fire your lasers at -4, next
Narn. What to do with your fighters? Narn ships
counter them and how to turn each situation to turn roll and stop. Wait a turn, then fire at no
your advantage. minus. Now in a 4 turn sequence you have fired are well armed with anti-fighter weapons. The
Sniping: Long range sniping is probably the six Primus lasers to the G'Quan's two, three LPC, TA, Burst Beam, the E-Mine and the
best option you have against the Narn. The Narn times as many and at better numbers. Doing this Pulsar Mine are all well adapted for killing fight-
have three long-range weapons, the Heavy with an Octurian, Darkner, or Centurian will ers. My advice is to not use your fighters on
Laser, the E-Mine and the Ion Torpedo. The cause the Narn fits; if he wishes to close he has Narn ships unless it's a cripple. Instead use your
strengths of these are not as awesome as they to keep his fragile nose heading toward you. fighters as interceptors to keep his fighters occu-
look. The Heavy Laser at -1 per 3 hexes to hit is Close and Hose: Now things actually become pied and off your ships. Always have a few
very hard to use past 40 hexes. The E-Mine is a dangerous for the Centauri, the Narn are experts Havens around to help against heavy fighters,
"Guess where he's going to be?" weapon and the in this kind of warfare. The Centauri have to use
they make the Sentri's job a lot easier. If you're
Ion Torpedo is easy to intercept with Twin and their patented wolf pack tactics to win this bat-
taking in your anti-ship fighters, escort them
Guardian Arrays. Also at 50+ hexes the Narn tle. Your weakness when closing is the fragility
have literally no chance to hit. The Centauri on of your nose sections. Therefore always go with Mograths to reduce the armor and destroy
the other hand have the Battle Laser and much around the flank protecting your nose and dart in some of the smaller systems.
superior EW. If you look at the numbers for a when you are ready to fire. Centauri wolf pack In closing the Narn were designed to fight the
battle at 52 hexes, the Ion Torp and the E-Mine ships are the Demos, Vorchan, Mograth, Kutai Centauri. You will never ever be able to play an
can't hit. The Heavy Laser is -18 to hit. For the and Haven. Other ships to include for fighter even point game and get an overwhelming vic-
Centauri the Battle Laser is only -13 to hit, add cover are the Sulust, Vasachi, Maximus and the tory unless the dice gods intervene. Be prepared
to that the usual 1 or 2 point advantage from sen- perfect wolf pack Elint ship, the Vorchar. Most to take losses. But also remember the Centauri
sors and you are looking at a 30 or 35 percent pack tactics are relatively obvious, pick a target were designed to fight the Narn, so he is in the
advantage in firepower. At these ranges the Narn and gang up for the kill. A four Demos pack can same boat. So remember, try to keep your Battle
player almost has to go full offensive EW to kill or cripple most capitol ships and only lose
Laser heavy ships at extreme range and don't
have a chance to hit. The Centauri, on the other one Demos in return, not a bad exchange. Now
hand, has the option to use some defensive EW two of the pack ships have somewhat different close head to head with your wolf packs, always
or go full offensive if he chooses. In a G'Quan tactics: The Haven (covered in Babcom 1) and turn a flank. But most important be patient, the
vs. Primus battle the numbers will come out like the Kutai. longer the engagement the more it is to your
this. G'Quan, full OEW, firing at the side of a The Kutai pack can use a slightly different advantage.
Primus at 52 hexes. The Primus side def. is 17. attack mode to some success. The roll tactic used ***

Babcom 5
Cry freedom,
and let loose the
hounds of warBin'Tak Dreadnought
The big dog of the Narn fleet. The Bin'Tak is a
true fleet ship mounting weapons for all ranges.
Unlike its Centauri counterpart, the Bin'Tak
mounts a large variety of weaponry from Heavy
Lasers to Energy Mines to Ion Torpedoes.
For close-in anti-fighter work it can choose
between the Twin Array and the Light Pulse
Cannon. For extreme ranges it can use its The key to winning is know your enemy and know yourself.
Energy Mines or its Ion Torpedoes.
The Bin'Tak is heavily armored and has massive This essay will cover the pluses and minuses of all the
structure blocks. The front structure alone is ships that are available to a Narn player. It will also give
58% more than that on the Centauri Octurion.
The weak point of the Bin'Tak is in the rear, so some brief tactics that can be used for each vessel in ques-
watch your back. tion. SCOTT McGAFFIN compares these ships to those
The Bin'Tak, due to its weapon layout, is a head-
on ship, where it can bring its mag gun to bear. of the Narn's traditional enemy, the Centauri Republic.
A smart enemy will do everything possible to
knock the Mag Gun off before it can be fired, so Another downside is this ship tends to attract a with enemy fighters, and it still has virtually no
take precautions to avoid this (zig-zagging). lot of attention. Your opponent will probably ability to fight at long ranges.
One of the downsides to the Bin'Tak is its assign assets to eliminating it or at the very least
restricted deployment. The Bin'Tak can easily keep it occupied, so take precautions to prevent G'Quan Heavy Cruiser
be the only restricted ship in smaller fleets. But this. The workhorse of the Narn fleet. The G'Quan is
realistically this is not bad, as the ship shouldn't an adequate multi-role vessel that really excels
be used in small fleets. In smaller battles it's G'Karith Patrol Cruiser at nothing, but is adequate at everything, espe-
more effective to spend points on smaller ships. The G'Karith is probably the best escort ship the cially for its point cost.
The Bin'Tak should be used only in larger fleets, Narns have access to. This is mainly due to the Compared to its Centauri counterpart, the
where the design truly shines. fact that it's the only ship in service that mounts Primus, it's more durable and faster but at the
the pulsar mine. expense of less armor.
Dag'Kar Missile Frigate The Pulsar Mine gives the G'Karith the ability to Because of the two Energy Mines on board, a
Next to the Minbari White Star, the Dag'Kar is mow down enemy fighters without even locking player may think he can go toe-to-toe with a
probably the most well known medium ship in onto them. Just move to within two hexes of a Primus. This would be a bad assumption.
the game. And it is probably the best long-range fighter force and let the fireworks begin. The Primus's superior lasers and EW will win
bombardment ship in the game, especially con- It also carries a decent array of Light Pulse the battle virtually every time.
sidering its size. Cannons and its own flight of fighters. For a heavy cruiser, the G'Quan's heavy fire-
This ship mounts an amazing number of Ion In dealing with ships that get too close, the power is somewhat lacking, as the Energy Mines
Torpedoes and Energy Mines, even more than G'Karith tends to be worse off, since all it has is can be unreliable because they need a player to
are mounted on the Ja'Stat Warbase! four medium pulse cannons. At medium and guess where an opponent is going to be. And
Because of its firepower, it can sit at 50 hexes long ranges, the G'Karith has virtually no offen- even at close range, the G'Quan will probably
and rain death on an opponent. The downside to sive capability. It can deal with smaller ships, lose most of the time due to the Primus's large
all this firepower is the complete lack of second- but anything bigger will tend to come out on top. number of Twin Arrays.
ary and anti-fighter weapons. G'Sten: This variant is an attempt to remedy to G'Quonth: This variant fixing several problems
Also it's relatively fragile, so a single fighter several problems in that it replaces the Pulsar of the G'Quan base model.
flight can inflict serious damage. The Dag'Kar Mines with botha Heavy and a Light Pulse It mounts twice the Heavy Lasers and replaces
must have an escort, such as a G'Karith Patrol Cannon. the Energy Mines with Ion Torpedoes. The two
Cruiser. This of course weakens the ship's ability to deal additional Heavy Lasers are placed on the sides

Babcom 6
From Wombat Control

and can't be destroyed if the front is lost, unlike ship early on. The only consolation to this is that Rongoth is a mere 25 points more, but is easily a
the G'Quan that loses all its heavy and long- the Ka'Toc does have a reasonably small front superior ship.
range firepower if its front is destroyed. profile. A good strategy for this ship would be
Eliminating the Energy Mines takes away hav- to fire the Heavy Lasers once in range and then Sho'Kar Light Scout Cruiser
ing to guess where your opponent is going to be. race in and fire the Mag Gun. One of the key areas that the Narn fleet is defi-
All of this comes at the expense of losing the Don't hold off firing the lasers in the hope of cient in is ELINT.
entire fighter contingent. delivering a massive alpha strike once the Mag Whereas the Centauri have three different
Against a fighter heavy opponent this can be a Gun is in range. One of the other weaknesses of ELINT vessels, the Narns have only one.
potential problem. the Ka'Toc is that it can be fighter vulnerable. For a fleet scout, the Sho'Kar isn't very good. It's
Against the Narn's historical enemy, the This has been remedied by giving the Ka'Toc the poorly armored, has considerably less EW than
Centauri, it is not much of a concern. ability to carry a single flight of fighters, and it the Centauri main fleet scout (Covran), and its
G'Lan: This is a close to medium range ship. would be suggested to use these to help the not as maneuverable or fast as any of the
Again be careful of losing your front end as the Ka'Toc survive until it gets into range. Centauri scouts.
main anti-ship weapons are still mounted almost To offset these disadvantages, the Sho'Kar has
exclusively in the front. This is critical for the Rongoth Destroyer good anti-fighter defenses with good fields of
G'Lan, as it has to survive to close range so its Like the Ka'Toc, the Rongoth is one of the Narn fire and it carries a single flight of fighters unlike
two Mag Guns can be utilized properly. Regime's main class of attack ships. the Centauri Covran and Vorchar.
G'Tal: This is probably the best of the G'Quan Together they form a devastating 'tag-team' com- This ship should always carry its fighter com-
hulls. It adds two Heavy Lasers and upgrades bination. plement, because, without them, even the small-
the sensor array by 2. The Rongoth could be thought of as the opposite est warship can give the Sho'Kar a thrashing.
Like the G'Quan and G'Lan, it still suffers from of the Ka'Toc. The Rongoth's main anti-ship This ship should never be put right in amongst a
having most of its heavy firepower mounted in firepower lies in its two Heavy Pulse Cannons, fleet's main battle line. The closest it should
the front. able to inflict massive amounts of standard dam- ever get is on the outskirts of the battle, as it's too
Unlike the G'Quan and the other variants, it has age at close to medium ranges if it gets a solid much of a target and won't survive being pound-
1 heavy laser mounted in the rear, correcting a hit. ed very long.
serious flaw of the other models. The G'Tal also The down side to this is the somewhat poor
possesses the usual command ship initiative range of the Pulse Cannons. Thentus Frigate
bonus. Its anti-fighter capability is reasonably good, so The light workhorse of the Narn fleet. Although
the ship can function as an escort if necessary, not as maneuverable as it's Centauri frigate
Ka'Toc Battle Destroyer although it does lack fighter carrying capacity. counterparts, the Mograth/Mogratti, the Thentus
The Ka'Toc is a frighteningly powerful ship for It's also reasonably quick and maneuverable. is a powerful little ship that should be included
its size, and should be utilized whenever possi- Like the Ka'Toc, it also has a low profile to pro- in every Narn fleet.
ble. Mounting 2 Heavy Lasers and a massive tect it till it gets into range. It's fast, has good anti-fighter and mounts decent
Mag Gun, the Ka'Toc is able to fight at long and To do well and survive to hit with the pulse can- anti-shipping firepower for a vessel its size. The
short ranges. nons, the Rongoth should move in quickly and medium laser arcs are a full 180 degrees, which
Alongside the Rongoth it is the Narn's main get out fast, basically a strafing type attack. further enhances the offensive flexibility of this
attack ship, even though it isn't particularly fast Rothan: This variant is the Rongoth's older vessel.
or maneuverable when compared to its Centauri brother, which can be seen in its armament. In The downside of this is the three-turn recharge
counterparts such as the Demos, Vorchan or place of the pulse weapons, it has plasma rate for the lasers. This means the Thentus
Darkner. weapons. should avoid closing to close range with vessels
Because of the large amount of heavy firepower The Rothan is a definite close range vessel, and with faster cycling weapons, such as the
this ship brings to a battle, a player should be lacks the overall versatility of the Rongoth. Mograth/Mogratti.
aware that his opponent will probably target this Avoid using this variant if at all possible. The This ship is great for skirting around an enemy

Babcom 7
formation or fleet and sniping away at ships on weapons for long, medium and short range. It
the edge.

T'Loth Assault Cruiser

even carries a single flight of fighters to be used
in whatever role is deemed necessary.
The Var'Nic is reasonably maneuverable and
The T'Loth/T'Rann are the standard combat car- quick, it has excellent EW and it even has a small
riers of the Narn fleet.
The T'Loth class is a rather poor design, but this
can be excused because it is one of the Narn's first
initiative bonus.
The downside to the Var'Nic is its lopsided con-
figuration which can make it difficult to use
What are
(although if you're a Llort player, this isn't a prob-
In the modern B5 universe, it has potentially
major flaws that need to be corrected. Its anti-
fighter defenses which are at best adequate, and
lem). Coupled with one or two other Var'Nics, it
can form a deadly long-range hunter-killer force.
they for?
its anti-ship firepower, which is pretty good, but Var'Loth: This variant, on the other hand, isn't
armed nearly as well. But, unlike the T'Loth, its CENTAURI are the primary enemy of the
hampered by terrible firing arcs.
weaponry has far superior firing arcs. Narn, and with the main Centauri attack
In a regular frontline combat ship this last point
would be potentially devastating, but for an For a long range strike ship it has to have some craft being armed with Plasma
assault ship, it's somewhat acceptable. sort of escort (Var'Nics can easily fill this role) or Accelerators, Twin Arrays and Heavy
The one good thing about the Heavy Plasma it won't last too long. In a straight fleet battle, Arrays (all -1 or -2 per hex weapons) the
Cannons on the T'Loth is that they can't be hit never use this variant in place of the base model. Narn need an effective defense. Enter the
from the front. This is a huge advantage when
Mag Gun. With great hitting power, but
compared to the Centauri Secundus, which can Sho'Kos Patrol Cutter
lose a sizeable piece of its firepower if it gets hit limited range, this weapon acts as a
The Sho'Kos is the Narn's main police ship, and
from the front. in this role it functions quite adequately. defense and deterrent all in one package.
Another downside to the T'Loth is it's less Its anti-fighter and anti-ship firepower is suitable The Mag Gun has a range penalty of -1
armored when compared to its Centauri counter- for dealing with Raiders but against a real navy per hex, a fire control of +6/+2/--, and can
part. It also has a rather high side profile, which
this ship will be crushed easily. dish out 8d10+10 worth of flash damage
can reduce the survivability of the ship.
In its favor though, it is extremely fast and pretty every third turn.
A suggested tactic for using the T'Loth is to avoid
maneuverable. It is considerably tougher than its One of the greatest mistakes most Narn
showing the enemy your sides. Not only does it
make you harder to hit, it also guarantees the sur- Centauri counterpart. commanders make is misreading the way
vival of the Heavy Plasma Cannons. Sho'Kov: This is much like the EA Tethys Zeta
to employ the Mag Gun. They look at the
What's unique about the T'Loth is, unlike the model: it can enhance a small police squadron's
massive potential damage the weapon can
other three major races and all the League-1 races flexibility and it's survivability as it can fight at
extreme ranges where no Raider can hope to fight dish out, then the short range bracket and
assault ships, it carries a squadron of fighters
which can function as escorts for the ship itself or back. say "Well, I guess I need to charge the
its assault shuttle contingent. Definitely include one of these in a small Sho'Kos enemy so I can erase him..." This is not
T'Rann: This is the only dedicated carrier in the based patrol. This ship should be used in the the purpose of the Mag Gun.
fleet, which is a serious flaw in Narn doctrine. exact same way as the Dag'Kar - keep it way at The Mag Gun, unlike the rest of the
It may be adequate but it is far from great, espe- the back, firing off volleys of Ion Torpedoes. Narn arsenal, is actually a defensive
cially for a major power.
Its firepower is adequate considering it is a dedi- weapon. To be effective the smaller attack
cated carrier and should stay out of the heat of ships of the Narn's primary enemy, the
The standard Narn naval transport, the Arcismus
battle whenever possible. is less armored and not as tough as its Centauri Centauri, need to get close. The Twin
But it only carries a mere two squadrons of fight- Array, Heavy Array, and Plasma
counterpart, the Lias.
ers. This is woefully inadequate compared to Accelerator are all rapid fire short range
It does perhaps have better firepower than the
many other races, especially the EA, Minbari and
Lias, but it still has no hope versus a true warship. weapons. With this in mind the short
Brakiri. Thankfully for the Narn, the Centauri do
not utilize massive fleet and super carriers. Tactics for this ship - like most true troop trans- range of the Mag Gun makes perfect
ports - is to run and pray help arrives. sense. When the smaller Centauri ships
T'Rakk Frigate finally get into range to fire their
A small ship, the T'Rakk's role in the Narn fleet is Frazi Heavy Fighter-
weapons, the Mag Gun is also in range.
to rush in, fire it's two Heavy Plasma Cannons The Narn fleets standard heavy attack fighter.
The Mag Gun can wipe the nose off a
and hope to survive for another pass. Well armored and armed, the Frazi is an excellent
It's Heavy Plasma Cannons have poor arcs, its anti-ship fighter. Its guns are strong enough to Demos or Vorchan in one shot (not to
anti-fighter firepower is virtually nonexistent, it's crack virtually the heaviest armor. The down side mention the other small Centauri ships).
not very tough, it's slow and the T'Rakk has a to this, is it's an attack fighter and not an inter- Yes the Centauri will be able to get one
large side profile for such a small ship. ceptor and will more than likely lose out in a dog- volley off, but after being hit by the Mag
Against a fighter heavy opponent and without fight. Gun will they really have won the
decent escort, these ships are a waste of points.
If the T'Rakk is going to be used, have a 'wolf Gorith Medium Fighter
pack' composed of at least three or four ships. Always escort your important ships
The standard interceptor used by the Narns. This
This will help to counter any losses due to ship with Ka'Toc Battle Destroyers or G'Lan
fighter is more maneuverable than the Frazi and
destruction or being stripped of their main guns. Mag Cruisers. Wait for the Centauri to
is therefore more of a match against the Sentri.
A smart opponent will knock off the main guns of charge, hammering away with E-Mines,
Avoid using it against ships though as its weaker
these ships quickly and just leave them alone as
armor, structure and guns aren't nearly as good as Ion Torpedoes, and Heavy Laser fire until
they're virtually useless after.
the Frazi. the fan-heads get close. Then teach the
Var'Nic Long Range Destroyer Tarza torpedo figher: This variant makes this vaunted Centauri why it is a bad idea to
As its name suggests, the Var'Nic is a multi-role type of fighter more flexible by giving it a much get that close.
patrol ship that has the capability to operate far improved anti-shipping role. This comes at the - No name supplied
away from the main fleet. expense of losing a ¼ of it's free thrust, so avoid
This is evident in its weapon layout, as it has dogfighting with the Tarza.

Babcom 8

The Fiery
Fate of
Flotilla 103
By SCOTT McGAFFIN The Narns set up within 3 hexes of the left map Special Rules
URING the War of Retribution, the edge, facing right, speed 8. The Centauri 'Bait' Narn forces may not retreat. Any Centauri ship

D Centauri conducted a number of raids

into the Raghesh system to destabilize
Narn forces as a prelude to a full-out assault to
squadron sets up within 3 hexes of the right
map edge, facing left or straight up, speed 6.
Prior to the Narn player setting up, the Centauri
that jumps away is considered destroyed for
victory purposes. Ramming is not permitted.

retake the system. player will select two jump points within 5 Tactics
This was one of those raids. hexes of any map edge. The two jump points Narns: Close as quickly as possible.
Narn Flotilla 103 was tasked with patrolling the must be within 3 hexes of each other. The Remember that all the Centauri ships in the
outskirts of the Raghesh system, on the lookout Demos' and Darmoti will arrive through one Bait squadron can be rendered combat ineffec-
for raiding Centauri forces. point and the Centurions and Altarian will tive by simply knocking off their fronts. This
Unfortunately, the Centauri were on the look- arrive through the other. The Centauri is where the Narn player should get the bulk of
out for said patrols. A raiding Centauri force 'Hammer' squadron will jump in on Turn 4, his 'kills'.
composed of fast attack ships was picked up by going speed 6. All Narn fighters and Centauri
Flotilla 103 and engaged. Unfortunately for the 'Bait' squadron fighters can start launched or on Centauri: Stay as far away from the Narns as
Narns it was a trap. their carriers. Centauri 'Hammer' squadron possible, for as long as possible. Use your
fighters start deployed. Vorchans to pick off Narn units on the fringes.
Set-Up Concentrate fire on the ships with the heaviest
Use the standard map setup, with no terrain. Victory Conditions weapons (Rongoth, Var-Nic).
The Narns have pretty much no chance of sur-
Narns: 3 G'Karith Patrol Cruisers (G'Quan's viving the battle, but they can make the Historical Outcome
Moons, Sunfire, Icerain) with 18 Frazi heavy Centauri pay very dearly for their victory. The Centauri Bait squadron jumped in and
fighters, 1 Var'Nic Long-Range Destroyer immediately jammed the Narn forces' commu-
(Hawkeye) with 6 Gorith medium fighters, 1 Narns: The level of Narn victory is determined nications. Unable to call for backup the Narns
Rongoth Destroyer (Kalin), 2 T'Rakk Frigates by how many Centauri ships they destroy or raced in and quickly engaged the Centauri at
(Hammer, Starstruck) render combat ineffective. Combat ineffective short range. The Centauri took a pounding as
units are units that have no remaining weapons. they tried to stay away from the Narns, all the
Centauri (Bait): 1 Vorchar Warscout The Narns achieve a Major Victory if they while softening them up for the second wave.
(Stingray), 2 Darkner Fast Attack Frigates destroy/render combat ineffective 7 or more The Centauri reinforcements arrived on the
(Starchaser, Windracer), 1 Amar Fast Carrier ships, 4-5 ships is considered a Minor Victory. Narns left flank and opened up with a devastat-
(Quickener) with 12 Sentri medium fighters, 3 Anything less is a Total Loss. If by some mir- ing volley completely obliterating the Icerain
Vorchan Warships (Mantis, Locust, Horsefly). acle the Narns manage to destroy/render com- and Hawkeye. The Narn flotilla, realizing that
bat ineffective the entire Centauri force and they had fallen into a trap, lost all fleet cohe-
Centauri (Hammer): 2 Centurion Attack survive with even a single fighter, they achieve siveness and tried to get away. But it was too
Cruisers (Tolonius, Entat), 1 Altarian Magnus a Total Victory. late. The Narns fought valiantly against over-
Destroyer Leader (Eagle) with 6 Sentri medium whelming odds but in the end, not a single ship
fighters, 2 Demos Heavy Warships (Glaive, Centauri: The Centauri achieve a Total Victory or fighter survived. The only trace of Flotilla
Halberd), 1 Darmoti Escort Warship (Hornet) if they completely annihilate all Narn forces. 103 found by a search and rescue squadron was
with 6 Sentri medium fighters. Anything less is a Total Loss. a widely scattered debris field.

Babcom 9

Prey beware: Supervisor

Vorchan wolf-
packs are on Narn T'Ken

the prowl Attack Cruiser

WHEN the Narn development project at
Bor'Goth started to produce concrete results they
looked at converting existing ships
The Vorchan is the swift to use these technologies. One of these was the
venerable T'Loth, which had undergone various
and deadly foundation conversions since its original incarnation.
stone of the Centauri The Narn had recently developed the Heavy
Laser, a further improvement of their sensor
Royal Navy.
technology, and the Energy Mine.
Reid "The Merciless" While they were looking to build a ship designed
Hupach takes a look at to field theE-mine, they wondered if the other
improvements could be built into a T'Loth class
this versatile vessel hull.
The T'Ken is the product of these musings.
These were not built as new construction, but
HE Vorchan, if you go by the show, is range it has very good EW so it can turtle when

T the backbone of the Centauri Fleet.

That's if you go by the show. But the
Vorchan has several problems which have to be
approaching. When run in a large fleet action
Vorchans are best grouped in wolf packs. A
minimum of four is usually a good pack. More
were conversions of existing T'Loths. Several
were adapted to see if the class was practical.
The upgrade suffered from a number of limita-
tions, one of them being the firing arcs on the
addressed. is better. Several Plasma Accelerators can ruin
The first and most glaring is the lack of any an EA or Narn Cap ships day, making him vul- Heavy Lasers, the other being the reduction in
long-range punch. Next is having all its nerable to almost any weapon. Dare I say both hanger size and anti-fighter capability. The
weapons in its nose, once it's gone you're Plasma his side then bring in a flight of Sentris side light mounts were dropped to make room
toothless. Third is zero firepower to the rear. to peck him to death when he has no real armor for the Heavy Lasers capacitors, equipment not
Fourth is the fact that it is probably the lightest left. In large battles, Vorchans will usually be
envisaged on the T'Loth hull when it was built
armed HCV in the game except for a few civil- ignored by most enemies till they can get close
ian vessels. enough to do real damage. with Heavy Plasmas.
After looking at all these bad things you Vorchans will usually be rendered harmless While the T'Ken is an effective attack cruiser,
would probably say why would anyone take during a long battle so, if you anticipate this, it is only effective as part of a fleet as it requires
one of these: heck, the Haven is better armed. you must use them early and hit hard before ships or fighters to prevent it being taken by a
The Vorchan has a few very good things they lose their fronts. If I have lost the front off
wolf pack or concentrated fighter strike.
going for it though. First is its price, 360 points some of my Vorchans I will usually move them
for an HCV, is quite cheap. Second, it is very off to the sides and have them prepare to open The Narn fleet decided to go with the revolu-
fast and maneuverable for an HCV- making it a jump point so I can remove badly mauled tionary G'Quan design rather than the T'Ken,
very dangerous on a flank. Third, being an ships when I need to. Then have them go and while a few more were constructed to act as
HCV, it has sufficient armor and structure to through to open the point at the other end. fleet support units, the advent of the G'Quonth
absorb a few good hits as long as they aren't Vorchans also can make excellent convoy halted these few conversions as the hull was bet-
frontal shots. escorts. They are hard for Raiders to kill and
ter and in production.
The Vorchan is useful in small fleet actions the Twin arrays will shred fighter flights. The
since its plasma weapon can literally fire every jump engine is always nice to have when in this Two T'Kens survived the War of Retribution,
turn if you wish. Add the two Twin arrays and role for quick escapes. by virtue of being assigned to Bor'Goth as test
you can kill a few systems each turn on a ship's To wrap up, exploit the flanks, run in large hulls.
side. When by itself the Vorchan can usually packs when you can, hit hard early since one - Design by Ben Rubery
run down most opponents so it can bring its good shot can render you toothless. The Babylon 5 Wars data sheet for this vessel
short range weapons to their best advantage. At ***
can be found in the Babcom attachments folder

Babcom 10
Spotting the Sentri OFFENDING SCENE: This scene, from the
opening sequence to The Coming of
Shadows, has caused some debate as to the
existence of another Centauri fighter type.
The fighter on the left appears to have only
one wing. But it is a trick of lighting: Its
enhanced companion, below, clearly shows CLEAR VIEW:
the curve of a wing behind the engine glow. Later in the same
episode, as the
Emperor’s shut-
tle is escorted
into B5, we get to
see the fighter’s
front view for the
first time.

By DIOGENES fighters zip past ahead of a Vorchan as they angle and forward sweep of the wings acts to
HILE a common part of any game orbit Centauri Prime. The very first fighter we conceal the far side of these craft.

W involving the Centauri, the Sentri

fighter is an elusive sight in the
Babylon 5 television series.
see appears to follow the fashion of a Star Wars
“B” Wing. It flies past at an odd angle. We see
one long curved wing that tapers into an engine
Photoshop enhanced screen captures reveal
the full arc of the second fighter’s wing, as well
as the clearly common cannon blisters and
Unlike its counterpart, the Narn Frazi, the block and canopy. There appears to be a “coun- raised cockpit canopy.
Sentri is featured only in a couple of episodes. terweight” at the top of the craft, but no wing. This offending piece of footage became
Even then, their presence is fleeting - limited to Passing behind this fighter is another: this “stock” to declare the transition of the story-
a few blurred frames as the fighter flashes past time it is closer and at a more horizontal angle. line to Centauri Prime in later episodes.
on escort duty or in combat. As it blurs past, this appears to confirm the “B” Interestingly, the first few frames showing the
Perhaps, in part, it is this lack of air-time that Wing hypothesis. distorted fighter was almost always removed...
has helped given rise to the incorrect belief that Later in Coming of Shadows fighters make The only other episode to provide a good
there was a second type of Centauri fighter. another appearance as they escort the look of the Sentri was Acts of Sacrifice. Even
Combined with confusing camera and lighting Emperor’s shuttle. They look different with then, only a good pause function will give you
angles, the legendary “second fighter” was their heavily forward swept wings. more than a fleeting blur... But one sequence,
almost inevitable. But closer examination of the opening scene when paused, does give an excellent profile of
The offending scene is in the opening sec- shows they are the same craft. The rear-quarter this craft (below).
onds of The Coming of Shadows where two camera angle combined with a high lighting ***

BELLY-UP: This glimpse of the Sentri appears

at the beginning of the episode Acts of Sacrifice.

Babcom 11

Whispering Death
By Craig A Clark, Challenge Graphics

small Narn force, they must try to get any sin-

URING the dark days of the Narn Frontline gle ship (not fighter) out the far side of the map.

D reversal when the Centauri forces

began to turn the tide of battle in the
War of Retribution, there occurred several mys-

Place both maps lengthwise to form a single

The interference of the Whirlpool will be
enough to let them pull away and make it to a
jumpgate in the Quadrant 37 system, where
terious losses for the Narn. Many ships disap- long map. The Narn may enter from either short they will have proof of the Shadow interfer-
peared without a trace or even a distress call. end, there is a Hyperspace Whirlpool at the ence. This proof could possibly gain them
What the Narn never suspected (and indeed opposite end of the map from the Narn entry assistance in the war (or jump start the next
neither did the majority of the Centauri) was point. Narn forces enter map at speed 4, all Shadow war and kill everyone…who knows).
that the Centauri were receiving covert assis- fighters are on board their carriers. The long Narn: Minor Victory - Destroy any Shadow
tance from the Shadows. map represents the Hyperspace beacon route, Cruiser.
It was just before the final battle for Narn ships may not leave the map from any Victory - Move any single ship (not fighter) off
Quadrant 37, when G'Tal's forces were weak- side other than the Whirlpool, otherwise the short end of map opposite entry point while at
ened and the Centauri were preparing for a final Shadows will pursue and destroy them, or they least 10 hexes from nearest Shadow ship.
assault. Several small Narn squadrons were will lose the beacon and become lost in Major Victory - Destroy a Shadow Cruiser and
making their way to the system to reinforce the Hyperspace. The Shadows may enter from any move any single ship (not fighter) off short end
defenses. None of the squadrons ever survived point on either long side of the map at any of map opposite entry point while at least 10
the trip, and Narn High Command never heard speed up to 8. Shadows may use a floating map hexes from nearest Shadow ship.
anything from them again. With the collapse of (to the long sides only) at will. Outstanding Victory - Escape with the Sho'Kar
the Narn Regime many commanders simply Forces: scout, T'Rann carrier and Dag'Kar off short end
assumed that the forces had arrived but were Narn of map opposite entry point (not only does the
destroyed by the Centauri. In truth the small 1 T'Rann Carrier - 12 Tarza torpedo fighters w. Narn gain the proof, but they manage to also
groups were intercepted and wiped out in full torpedo loads + 12 Frazi save some of their precious support ships)
Hyperspace by Shadow ships. Often caught 1 G'Lan Mag Cruiser - 12 Frazi Shadows: Victory - Destroy all Narn ships on
between beacons at their most vulnerable, none 1 G'Quan Cruiser - 12 Frazi the board, if any ship escapes, the battle is a
of the ships ever came close to escape except 1 Ka'Toc Battle Destroyer- 6 Gorith loss. The Shadows cannot afford to let anyone
for one squadron. 1 Dag'Kar Missile Frigate escape.
A small task group of support ships was 2 Rongoth Destroyers Historically
assembled with escorts to be sent to bolster the 3 Thentus Frigates In the confusion of the battle a single Thentus
defenses of Quadrant 37. However, when in 1 Sho'Kar Scout frigate made it to the Whirlpool but was
Hyperspace between the beacons in T'llin and Shadows destroyed just as it entered by a pair of Shadow
Quadrant 37, they were ambushed by a small 3 Shadow Cruisers - 18 fighters Destroyers. The Narn High Command never
group of Shadows. 4 Shadow Destroyers learned of the loss, assuming all ships
Setup: Victory Conditions: destroyed in the battle for Quadrant 37.
The entire map is considered Hyperspace. As the battle is weighted heavily against the ***

Babcom 12
Shadow scouts:
neither here,
Thanos nor there
Destroyer Black-Hearted Tactics for the
Black Ship Fleet in Fleet Action
phased; you'll never lose 'em. Use them to jam the
enemy's Fire Control or Defensive ELINT while your
AS the Altarian Destroyer began half-phased Cruisers, Carriers, Destroyers and
to fall out of favor with the Royal Dreadnought maneuver into the optimum position to
(AKA Refa Madness)
Navy, the engineers at the ship- fire their Slicers and Cutters at short range, avoiding
ICTORY or defeat as a Shadow player rests
yards that produced it began
experimenting with different
weapon configurations.
V on one thing and one thing only: proper usage
of half-phasing. Before delving into exactly
how you'll become an invulnerable killing machine,
the enemy's more dangerous firing arcs and/or hitting
their weaker armor facings. This way, when you
phase back in, you'll minimize damage to your own
ships while maximizing the effects of a fully-charged
At the same time, House Duradi read the text of the half-phase rule from OAaG:
was looking for a design to fill the (16d10/+2 each die) Molecular Slicer - guaranteed to
"A Shadow ship with a phasing system can half-
shred even the largest ships and outright vaporize
role of the Primus or Centurion in phase as a defensive maneuver. When it is in this
most any HCV or Medium ship (and even if they per-
their small fleet. mode, it may not fire or be fired upon. Any ballistic
chance survive, they'll be in such sad shape that the
The engineers proposed the weapons that were tracking it suffer a -2 to hit while
squadron will most likely fail its morale roll and jump
removal of the Matter Cannons the cruiser is phased. The cruiser must spend at least
out anyway). On the next pulse, half-phase again and
and replacing them with the 3 full pulses half-phased before it can phase back in."
cruise around until you have a good target of oppor-
longer ranged Assault Laser. Note, first of all, that the rule does not do any of the
tunity, your diffusers are discharged and / or self-
The resulting design changed following:
repair replaces any necessary
from a brawler to a sniper, 1. Define or restrict which ships may actually
pieces of your ship that have
increasing its survivability and half-phase; while it does cite a
been damaged. Also,
making it a deadly pirate hunter or cruiser as reference, it does not
approach your intended
escort . specifically limit which ships may
targets from different
The Thanos became a moderate half-phase,
directions; this forces the
success and can be found in most or phase out at all. Since the Shadows use this
positional issue and allows
house fleets. method to enter and exit hyperspace,
the Shadow squadrons to trap
- Designed by Tim Browning phasing or half-phasing is limited to
at least one squadron at a
aka TSAINT any Shadow ship with a Jump
time in a good crossfire
TBSAINT71@JUNO.COM Drive and, since all Shadow
against the target's weaker
ships have Jump Drives
flanks and/or rear.
according to their Datacards,
Centauri all Shadow ships can half-
Launch all of your fighter
bombs to impact in the same
hex, preferably two hexes away
2. Limit the maximum number
Pallas Osat of pulses that a Shadow vessel
may stay half-phased. The rule cites a 3-pulse
from a juicy Capital ship target. If
you launched them with Strike mis-
AN early Centauri OSAT, this and sion orders, you'll get at least one attack in the fol-
minimum before phasing back in, but there's no max-
even earlier OSATs were still in lowing pulse on faster moving ships, and up to three
imum amount of time that a ship can stay half-
use by house forces during the attacks against a single ship moving at slow speeds
phased, nor is there any delay necessary before half-
War of Retribution. (and if you know the target squadron has escort fight-
phasing once you've resurfaced back into normal
With a pair of assault lasers some ers, assign flights to escort your strike).
space beyond the one pulse that you phased back in
analysts find these weapons, faster When half-phasing is used properly, the game
in the first place.
firing than the battle laser, to be becomes more of a cat-and-mouse affair. And in this
3. Restrict ELINT usage while a ship is half-phased
useful for engaging ships that game, the mouse might scratch the cat, but the cat
(using ELINT is not firing a weapon).
close to demolish the OSAT net will, in the end, have a magnificent feast and be spit-
4. Prohibit the launching of fighter bombs when half-
while the battle lasers are cycling. ting out mouse tails after he's gorged himself on the
phased (they use the ballistic process to launch but, as
Several of these OSATs have mice.
they are not a ballistic weapon themselves, you're not
been sold to the Gaim, and negoti- The point of this exercise is that you're waiting for
firing a weapon while half-phased, thus not violating
ations to purchase them have one of his first-moving squadrons to turn to the
the rule).
occured with several other minor wrong facing so that you can phase back in, tear him
5. Force all ships in a squadron to share the same
league races. up, and immediately half-phase again next pulse to
phasing status. In other words, each ship in a
- Designed by Ben Rubery avoid retaliation and unnecessary damage to yourself.
squadron can be in normal space or half-phased at the
You’re also buying more time to dump those dif-
owning player's discretion.
The Babylon 5 Wars data sheet for fusers and repair damaged maneuver tracks and
6. Force a player to preplot when any ship will phase
these vessels can be found in the weapons systems.
back in.
attachments zip folder separate ***
Elaboration: Always keep your Scouts half-
from the Babcom magazine.

Babcom 13
Damn the Fuser
RGUABLY the hardest hitting (non- 3 medium or equivalent can also fire that need

A First One) weapon in the game, a Fuser

Torpedo rarely fails to destroy an entire
structure block. When followed up with only a
Pak'ma'ra Strategy
and Tactics:
9-14 to hit or it is an opportunity that can't be
passed up.
Naturally the amount of additional plasma
moderate amount of additional plasma weapon depends on the ship being hit and I have yet to
fire, nearly any ship in the game will be The Fuser fire the fuser at any ships smaller than a HCV.
destroyed outright. When you fire the fuser (or any other plasma
When to fire the fuser is probably the biggest By TODD BOYCE weapons for that matter), there are two com-
gamble the Pak player is confronted with. To mandments that you must follow:
the opponent, the Fuser is a terrifying weapon. THOU SHALT FIRE THE FUSER FIRST
So frightening that many will try harder than wide formation or you know he has mostly and
they probably should to eliminate the threat. short range weapons, he is likely to be defen- THOU SHALT CONCENTRATE FIRE.
Don't be intimidated because most of the time sive and you probably won't need to fire the The Pak don't really have any light weapons,
Fuser until turn 3 when you're on top of him.
this works to your advantage. unless you consider a Medium Plasma that can
If you see he has a good mix of weapons and
The Fuser puts your opponent between a rock do upwards of 30 points of damage light. This
an adaptable formation , this probably will
and a hard place. In order for them to take it out means you don't have anything that can strip
mean he'll attack when he believes he will be at
early in the game they will have to fire a lot of the systems away before the Fuser hits. What is
optimum range to fire. First in turn 2 with his
their heavy weapons at long range which will more likely, you'll strip away the structure first
long range weapons, then follow up with the
waste quite a bit of their offensive capability on with all these high damage overkilling weapons
medium range and short range attacks in turn(s)
low to-hit numbers. If they try to play it safe forcing the Fuser to use up its valuable damage
3 and/or 4. You can probably turtle in turn one
and wait until you get closer, they are playing potential on all the little systems still attached.
and be ok but you'll probably need to fire the
right into your hands since the Pak are deadliest Since the Fuser is a flash mode weapon, it must
fuser in turn 2.
when they get close. destroy every one of those pesky systems
How does range fit into all this? It doesn't
With this weapon in particular, the Pak player before it can proceed to the primary. By firing
really. Target Of Opportunity is the game to
needs to gamble a little. Like a good poker it first, even though you may hit a system or
play, you fire the fuser when you either have an
player, you need to be able to read your oppo- opportunity to your liking or when you two, you're assured that most of your damage is
nent. See what kind of force he's playing, how absolutely have to for fear of losing it. What going to go where you want it - the structure.
his ships are placed on the board, how much you determine is a good opportunity or when If at all possible, you want to support the
time he spends on calculating EW and if you've you think the fuser is threatened greatly Fuser attack with other weapons. When the
played against him before, how aggressive he is depends on how lucky you or your opponent fuser blows away the structure block (and it
with his fleet. Anything that gives you a clue as tends to be and what sort of playing style you most often will!), most of the follow-up dam-
to what he's likely to do will let you know when have. age will funnel directly into the primary struc-
you should fire the fuser. You'll usually only get What I usually do (and keep in mind that this ture through overkilled systems and direct
one shot and you need to make it count! is what works for me, it may not work for you) structure hits. This is the reason for concen-
If your opponent has a lot of long range is try to figure out what sort of odds I have trating fire, much of your damage is through
weapons, is entering the board at high speed or assuming better than average rolls for my oppo- overkill because of the typically high damage
has a fairly tight formation with his ships, this nent and below average rolls for myself, yield of these weapons. The fastest way to kill
is an indication that he will be aggressive early because this is usually the case. If my opponent a ship is by destroying the primary structure as
in the game. If so, you might want to go full needs 10's to hit, I figure 3 out of 4 will hit. If I fast as you can, which is only really possible on
OEW on the ship that is most likely to give you need 10s to hit I figure 2 out of 5 will hit. I thus the turn you blow away the side of a ship.
the best chance to hit in the first turn. If he has ask myself the following questions: Follow this order and concentration of fire and
an ELINT ship, consider that it might be the Will he almost certainly destroy my ship, you will easily destroy all but the heaviest bat-
best target because a lot of players use full blan- front structure or fuser this turn? tleships.
ket protection in the first turn leaving it rela- Yes: Fire the fuser regardless of the odds. If you happen to have two Fusers available, in
tively unprotected. If it turns out that he turtles Maybe: Look at odds of firing. some cases you'll want to fire both at the same
this first turn, don't fire. There's no point in No: Don't fire unless I am in an optimum firing target in the same turn. This is more likely to
shooting since you're not going to be attacked. position. happen when fighting Minbari than any other
The other option against this type of opponent What are my odds? race though.
is to turtle and hope that your defense and the 5 or less: Only fire if I really have to. Once the fuser has fired, shut it off and use the
long range will protect you from the barrage. 6-8: Fire only if there is a fairly serious threat power for added thrust or sensors. You will
Range and speed is important to consider, if to the fuser. most likely not ever fire it again because your
you're both moving your ships slowly, you'll 9-14: Fire as long as I can follow it up with a opponent's ships should be all dead by the time
probably want to turtle, moving quickly and bunch of additional plasma (2 Mega and 4 it would have recharged.
you'll probably go with what I said above. medium or the equivalent) that needs at least The added power is far more useful when
Either way it's a tough call. a 6-8 to hit. you're in the thick of the battle.
If your opponent has placed his ships in a very 15+: Fire away as long as at least 1 mega and ***

Babcom 14
By ALEX ROBERTS In regards to the unit stats, it would
ROPOS is Agents of have been nice to have the exact

G Gaming's newest addition

to their Babylon 5 stable of
products. Gropos covers ground
cards that are included with the
miniatures reproduced in the book,
as on the cards all stats are nicely
actions in the Babylon 5 Universe, laid out for an entire platoon. Also
allowing one to play out anything omitted from the core rulebook are
from small company sized actions, close combat stats, and the EA Loki
up to battalion level battles. (artillery vehicle). Hopefully the
What they Say: army books will include exact
"GROPOS is a complete science- reproductions of the platoon cards
fiction miniatures game system set that come with the miniature packs,
in the Babylon 5 Universe. It is to enable easier unit comparisons
also the core rules to the Maxim without having the miniatures and
Battle System, a fast-paced minia- cards at hand.
tures rules set designed to support Miniatures:
armies of virtually any type. While The miniatures for GROPOS are all
designed with 10mm (N-scale) in 10mm N-scale, and are priced at
miniatures in mind, virtually any $US15 to $20 per pack, which
scale will work with these rules." includes either 3 or 4 vehicles, or a
Appearance and Layout: large number of infantry and sup-
The GROPOS core rules book is port weapons. Also included are
very nice looking. Printed entirely quick reference cards, which
on glossy paper, the book is filled include all the stats for the units
with beautiful art. This includes included. These can easily be lam-
both CGI images and traditional GAME REVIEW inated and used during a game, and
media art. The CGI images are are a nice addition.
especially nice. Numerous CGI The miniatures themselves are
images of vehicles and action quite nicely detailed, and infantry
scenes can be found throughout the bases come pre-flocked. In regards
book, and are all of a very high to cost, they are very competitively
standard, even by AoG's regular priced compared to other 10mm
high quality CGI imagery. These game manufacturers, especially in
images themselves make the book a regards to the infantry, where you
pleasure to peruse. generally get close to enough for a
The pages themselves have images company in one pack. Considering
faded out and set as the back- that a typical fun game will only
ground, rather than a more tradi- consist of a company, or perhaps a
tional white. For someone with core rules, and have run this book speeds game play significantly over reinforced company, the cost for a
poor eyesight or insufficient light through a number of editors. similar games, where you must roll decent playing force is well in line
this may make some sections diffi- Game Mechanics: to hit and then roll again to resolve with a Fleet Action fleet, or a small
cult to read. However, the back- Troops are chosen by using compa- damage. B5W full scale selection of ships.
grounds are faded sufficiently that ny templates, within which players Morale and pinning rules are also Conclusions:
it appears more as a very light gray, can choose the platoons they want, included, to allow for units to GROPOS is a quite enjoyable game
and should not pose an issue for the based on the framework provided. become pinned, and refuse to of ground combat in the Babylon 5
majority of readers. One or more companies can be cho- move, as well as the degradation of Universe. Play moves quickly, and
The layout of the book follows a sen, though one company per per- morale due to damage, eventually does not require a slide rule or a
logical progression, starting with a son will provide sufficient troops causing rout or even surrender. Ph.D. in physics to comprehend.
broad overview, and progressing for a very enjoyable game. Further Further rules cover artillery, air- The rules appear to be well edited
through basic rules, and then on to options in the forthcoming army strikes, and a variety of terrain, and play tested. Some small issues
morale and advanced rules. Charts books are anticipated to provide including cities, bunkers, razor like movement fire penalties have
and diagrams are included through- more vehicles and battalion level wire, and other such obstructions. appeared, but nothing compared to
out, to help players understand the platoon choices. Advanced rules are also included the editing issues that cropped up
rules. Most appreciated is the The basic mechanics of the game for a wide range of combat equip- with the Fleet Action core rule-
inclusion of an index. Many game are quite simple. At the beginning ment and options. Spotting, smoke book. In addition to it's capabilities
publishers today fail to include of the turn players decide the order rounds, spy and kill satellites, to simulate ground combat in the
something as basic as an index, but in which they will be activating detailed vehicle damage, more Babylon 5 Universe, the forthcom-
in the middle of a game this is often their platoons. Once both players detailed order issuing rules, and ing construction guide, which
the most necessary item. Having have put down counters indicating weather rules are included. should allow the design of armies
an index is a wonderful plus. the order, the players alternate acti- Units: from other game universes and
The editing is also of a reasonable vating their platoons in the order A good selection of units is includ- era's, make this a great buy. In this
high standard. Though there are they previously chose. During acti- ed in the core rules for the 4 basic reviewer's opinion, despite some
minor spelling errors here and vation the platoon may fire, then races, Earth, Minbari, Centauri and small issues, the GROPOS core
there, on the whole the book is well move, or may move and then fire. Narn. Beautiful CGI images are rules is well worth the $US29.95
edited, and none of the errors cause Fire is very simply handled, with a also included with the company investment, and should give gamers
more than a minor annoyance. One player rolling 2 dice at once. These templates for the vehicles covered. a nice change from space combat.
vehicle type was also omitted, but dice together indicate if a hit has Weapons stats are included, though This product line should also allow
as this should appear in the corre- been scored, and then one of the separately from the vehicle and for more integrated and involved
sponding army book this is not a dice added to the weapon's damage infantry stats themselves. More campaigns, moving from space
major error. On the whole it indicates if the enemy vehicle has units, as well as VTOLS, are superiority, down to conquering the
appears that AoG learned from been damaged or destroyed. expected to be included in the planet itself.
their mistakes with the Fleet Action Rolling these dice all at once respective race army books. ***

Babcom 15
Calculate your
own Fleet Action
ANY people have expressed interest Shipyard
M in a process that can convert Babylon
5 Wars units to their Fleet Action
equivalent. When the first supplement, "My

Enemy My Ally" was released I attempted to Many who play Fleet Action have wondered just how to con-
create such a process in the hopes of converting
player created units and those B5Wars units not vert ships from B5W over to FA.
likely to see publication in the near future. The RICH BAX has done a very thorough analysis of current FA
results were very successful and showed a high
degree of accuracy between my conversions and ships, resulting in instructions and a spreadsheet to enable
those listed in "My Enemy My Ally".
Unfortunately, applying my formulas to the fol- everyone to convert almost any B5W ship over to FA. Look
lowing supplement, "To The Victor," resulted in out for weapons and fighter conversions from Rich soon!
a large number of discrepancies that could not be
easily explained. It appears that Agents of
Gaming have not used a consistent conversion
process throughout the supplements. small the decimal value. For B5W structure Rating. Do not include effects of EM Shields,
While not inherently wrong this does create totals in excess of 600 add nothing and simply Interceptor E-Web or similar defense effecting
inconsistent performances between B5Wars drop all fractions. For example, an EA Omega system. For example, an Omega destroyer (with
units and their Fleet Action cousins, and this I Destroyer has a total of 310 B5W structure a Non Eweb Fwd/Aft rating of 16 and Port/Strb
believe is a mistake. boxes on its SCS. Dividing 310 by 23.25 yields rating of 18) would have an average B5W
It is my hope that the Fleet Action Compendium 13.333. However, since the total number of defense rating of (16*2+18*4)/6 = 17.333.
will include or be followed by a revised set of B5W structure boxes is in excess of 300 I add Use the resulting average value to look up the
SCS's for Fleet Action that follow a more con- 0.75 and round down. Thus, 13.333+0.75 is Fleet Action Defense Rating in the table below.
sistent conversion process. 14.083, which rounds down to a total of 14 Fleet For example, the Omega above has an average
That being said, let's take a look at the process I Action Structure Boxes. B5W defense rating of 17.333.
developed and how it fairs when compared to [Using this method on all of the "My Enemy My See Appendix Table 2
"My Enemy My Ally", upon which it was based. Ally" ships produced only one discrepancy; the For the Omega example above, the modified
Note that the system has been tweaked towards Whitestar, where I predicted 3 versus the 4 list- interceptor total of 6 results in a Fleet Action
actual fleet units and does not take a significant ed. The difference may be due to an error by Interceptor Level 2. (The placement of the "I"s
look at Osats and bases and completely ignores AoG or simply represents AoG's desires for a in the structure track is problematic at best and
fighters. Nor does it take anything more than a better Whitestar.] should simply be distributed evenly throughout
cursory look as certain system effects such as the track.)
shields, Guardian Arrays and ancient ones tech- SENSOR [Using this method on all of the "My Enemy My
nologies. The conversion of B5Wars sensors to their Fleet Ally" ships produces a perfect match.]
Action equivalent is based on the following
STRUCTURE table. To use it, simply compare the B5Wars sen- GUARDIAN SHIP LEVEL
One of the three biggest areas of discrepancy in sor rating (in the case of multiple sensors, sim- To determine the Fleet Action Guardian Array
Fleet Action conversion is in the area of struc- ply add the total rating) and compare it to the Level of a Guardian Array equipped ship, simply
ture boxes, or simply put, the staying power of Fleet Action entry. determine the total number of Guardian Arrays
Fleet Action Units. For my process, simply total See Appendix (B5w2fa spreadsheet) Table 1 and divide by 2 (rounding all results up). For
all of the structure boxes on a given B5W SCS example, a Centauri Maximus has 3 Guardian
(this includes Forward, both Port and Starboard, DEFENSE RATING Arrays, which results in a Fleet Action Guardian
Aft and finally Primary sections) and divide by For the Fleet Action defense rating of a ship start Array level of 3/2=1.5 or 2.
23.25. If the total number of B5W structure by averaging the B5W defense rating of the ship (The placement of the "G's" in the structure track
boxes is greater than 300 add 0.75 and round for the six hexes that surround the unit. Thus 2 is problematic at best and should simply be dis-
down. If the structure is less than 301 then sim- of the hexes utilize the Fwd/Aft Defense Rating tributed evenly throughout the track.)
ply round the current result up no matter how while the remaining 4 use the Port/Strb Defense

Babcom 16
Converting Babylon 5 Wars ships to Fleet Action:
Find the conversion spreadsheet and explanatory
tables bundled inside the July Appendix folder

EM SHIELDS (Preliminary) Capital/Enormous Ships Enemy My Ally" yielded two ship armor discrep-
At this time no significant effort has been made Determine the average armor rating for each sec- ancies. The first is the Minbari Sharaal where I
to develop conversion rules for EM equipped tion in conjunction with the primary section. For get an armor rating of 5/4/5 versus 4/4/4. The
shields. (My efforts are limited by the fact that I forward armor find the average B5W armor second is the Tigara where I get an armor rating
have not yet managed to get a copy of "Of value for the combination of forward and pri- of 5/5/5 versus 5/4/5. I believe both are errors
Aliens and Giants"). mary icons. For the side, average one side's due to the fact that they are based on existing
Based on the only two EM Shield equipped icons and the primary icons. Finally, for the aft, ships (Leshath for Tigara and Sharlin for
units I have (the Minbari Whitestar and the use the aft and primary icons. The resulting 3 Sharaal) and use those ship values rather than
SOTM Vorlon Heavy Cruiser) I have developed armor averages are compared to the table below re-computing new armor ratings.]
the following conversion. to determine the fleet action armor values.
Determine the total number of EM shield icons. Note: Ignore systems such that do not have Heavy Combat Ships
To this total add the average EM shield rating. definitive Fleet Action icons or can only be Heavy combat units use a methodology similar
Divide the total by 4 (rounding as appropriate). destroyed by structure/sensor damage in Fleet to that above. However, since the HCV has 2
Thus the Whitestar has 2 EM Shields with an Action. Such systems include Interceptors, sections other than primary these sections are
average Shield Rating of 2. The resulting EM Guardian Arrays, EM Shields, Tractor Beams, more emphasized. Therefore, before determin-
Shield Level is (2+2)/4 = 1. The Vorlon Heavy etc (but include the jammer and jump drives). ing a section's average B5W armor, multiply the
Cruiser has 4 EM Shields with an average Shield See Appendix Table 4 primary section total armor and icon number by
Rating of 4. Its EM Shield Level is therefore For example, an Omega Destroyer has 9 for- 0.5 and round up or down as appropriate. Use
(4+4)/4 = 2. ward, 9 port, 9 aft icons and 7 primary icons that result with the table above to determine the
(The placement of the "E"s in the structure track (including structure but excluding interceptors armor rating for that section. For example, an
is problematic at best and should simply be dis- for all sections). The total armor for each section EA Artemis has 5 forward, 9 aft icons and 10
tributed evenly throughout the track.) is 32 forward, 21 port, 32 aft and 42 for the pri- primary icons (including structure but excluding
mary (again including structure but excluding interceptors for all sections). The total armor for
ARMOR RATING interceptors for all sections). The average armor each section is 26 forward, 38 aft and 56 for the
Another of the more controversial areas is that of for the forward section is therefore primary (again including structure but excluding
armor ratings for the various units. Some sur- (32+42)/(9+7) = 4.625. The average armor for interceptors for all sections). Because the
prising numbers have appeared raising signifi- the side section is (21+42)/(9+7) = 3.9375. Artemis is an HCV the primary armor and icons
cant discussion. Finally, the average aft section armor is are multiplied by 0.5 and rounded up. Therefore,
I will not attempt to comment on pros and cons (32+42)/(9+7) = 4.625. Using the table above 10*0.5 = 5 for the primary icons and 56*0.5 = 28
of these numbers but will merely outline the indicates that the Fleet Action Armor for an for the total primary armor. The average armor
process by which I attempted to recreate the Omega Destroyer is 5/4/5. for the forward section is therefore
AoG Fleet Action results. [Using this method for all capital ships in "My (26+28)/(5+5) = 5.40. The average aft section

Babcom 17
armor is (38+28)/(9+5) = 4.714. Using the table Action Turn Speed. Continuing the Artemis See Appendix Table 7
above indicates that the Fleet Action Armor for example, the base turn speed of 12.75 minus the The base rating is modified by the mission clas-
an Artemis Heavy Frigate is 5/5. delay factor of 3.3333 equals 9.416. The result sification of the unit. Unfortunately, classifica-
[Using this method for all of the HCV's in "My of 9.416 falls in the range of 8 through 11.374 tion can vary from race to race so this is a bit
Enemy My Ally" yielded two ship armor discrep- resulting in a Fleet Action Turn Speed of 8. more subjective. The classification rating is
ancies. They are the two Artemis based units If the unit is a medium vessel then multiply the added to the base command rating.
where I get an armor rating of 5/5 versus 6/6. I resulting speed by 1.625 and round appropriate- See Appendix Table 8
believe AoG pushed the Artemis values higher to ly. For example, the EA Tethys has a base turn Fleet Leader - Leads Major Fleet, Poseidon,
enhance the flavor of the ships in question speed of 25.5 and a delay factor of 2.5 for a final Shargoti
though it could simply be an error.] value of 25.5-2.5 = 22.5. This results in a turn Leader - Leads Smaller Squadrons, Hyperion,
speed of 12. However, since the Tethys is a Tethys-L, Sharlin
Medium Ships medium unit, multiply the 12 by 1.625, which Combat - Standard battle Units, Artemis,
For medium ships simply treat the entire ship as equals 19.5, that rounds up to 20. Minbari do not tend to use the combat classifi-
a single section and consult the table above for a See Appendix Table 5 cation, however the Whitestar is a combat.
single overall average armor value. For example, Fire Support - Stand Off Bombardment Units,
the EA Tethys has a total of 18 system icons Course Correct Speed Sagittarius, Nova, Neshetan
(including structure but excluding interceptors) To determine the course correct speed multiply Support - Fleet Assets or Specialized Combat
and a total armor of 58 (again including structure the turn speed by 0.5 if the unit is a capital/enor- Units, Hermes, Leshath
but excluding interceptors). The average armor mous/HCV, 0.6 if the unit is a medium or 0.75 if Non-Fleet - Units Not Intended for Combat
is 58/18 = 3.22. Using the table above indicates the unit is "Agile," dropping all fractions. For Missions, Explorer
that the Fleet Action Armor is 3. example, the "Agile" Whitestar, with its turn There is also a technology bonus for the higher
[Using this method for all medium ships in "My speed of 24 would determine its course correct tech races. In this case, the Minbari gain a +2
Enemy My Ally" yielded one discrepancy; the speed by multiplying the turn speed by 0.75. The (the Whitestar +3) to their Command Bonus
Whitestar where I get an armor rating of 4 ver- result is 24*0.75 = 18. while the EA are +0. For example, a Sharlin is a
sus 5. I believe AoG raised the Whitestar's capital ship that is considered a leader this
armor rating by 1 to incorporate the effects of its Hard Turn Speed results in a command rating of 8 for the capital
Adaptive Armor for which there is no rules in To determine the hard turn speed multiply the classification plus 2 for being a leader and +2
"My Enemy My Ally".] course correct speed by 0.5 or 0.66667 if the more for being Minbari resulting in a Command
ship is "Agile," again dropping all fractions. If Rating of 8+2+2 = 12.
MANEUVER RATINGS the result is zero, reset the hard turn speed to 1.
The third and potentially most difficult conver- For example, the Whitestar with a course correct COMMAND COST
sion is the determination of unit maneuver rat- speed of 18 would determine its hard turn speed Again, while there is no hard and fast set of rules
ings. After a significant amount of trial and error by multiplying the course correct speed by the following provides a reasonable breakdown.
I finally discovered a fairly consistent method 0.666667 since it's an agile ship. The result is Each ship receives a base cost dependent on the
for determining these values. However, it 18*0.66667 = 12.000006 or 12. size of the unit.
remains the least consistent of all the conversion See Appendix Table 9
methodology. Come About The base cost is modified by the mission classi-
To determine the come about speed multiply the fication of the unit. Unfortunately, classification
Max Acceleration hard turn speed by 0.5, again dropping all frac- can vary from race to race so this is a bit more
To calculate these values simply take the total tions. If the result is zero, reset the hard turn subjective. The classification rating is added to
main thrust or total free thrust, which ever is speed to 1. For example, the Whitestar with a the base command rating.
lower and divide by the B5Wars Accel/Decel hard turn speed of 12 would determine its come See Appendix Table 10
Cost rounding all fractions down. The EA about speed by multiplying the hard turn speed There is also a cost modifier if the unit operates
Tethys has Accel/Decel cost of 2, a free thrust by 0.5. The result is 12*0.5 = 6.0 or 6. fighters, assault shuttles and breaching pods in
total of 8 and a total main thrust of 8. Thus, the A number of ships did not match the results of any significant numbers. To calculate the carrier
Fleet Action max acceleration value is 8/2 = 4. this methodology. They include the Torotha, modifier total the standard load of fighters,
Tethys and Tethys-L for the mediums, the assault shuttles and breaching pods on the SCS
Max Deceleration Hermes and Tinashi for the HCV's and the and compare the result to the table below:
To calculate these values simply take the total Poseidon, Sagittarius, Warlock and Tigara See Appendix Table 11
retro thrust or total free thrust, which ever is Capitals. See the table below for a comparison: There is again a technology modifier, however, it
lower and divide by the B5Wars Accel/Decel See Appendix Table 6 actually acts as a penalty to the cost so higher
Cost rounding all fractions down. The EA The AoG Fleet Action Torotha is simply wrong tech races such as the Minbari who have higher
Tethys has Accel/Decel cost of 2, a free thrust based on the B5Wars statistics, as is the command ratings also have slightly higher com-
total of 8 and a total retro thrust of 6. Thus, the Poseidon. The Tigara also seems to be an AoG mand costs. Simply divide the technology bonus
Fleet Action max deceleration value is 6/2 = 3. error since the Leshath with its identical hull and above by 2 (dropping all fractions). Thus the
maneuver statistics is correctly predicted. The Minbari have a +1 (the Whitestar is also +1) to
Turn Speed Tethys Accel/Decel appears to be an accidental their Command Cost while the EA are still +0.
Start by determining a base turn speed. This cal- reversal by AoG while the hard turn seems to For example, the EA Poseidon is a capital ship
culated by first averaging the "B5W Side indicate that AoG treated the Tethys as an agile that is considered a fleet leader that carriers 96
Thruster Rating"*2+1 and the current free thrust unit. The Sagittarius may gain some improve- fighters. This results in a command cost of 3 for
and then dividing the result by the turn cost of ment assuming the excess power is used for the capital classification plus 0 for being a fleet
the unit. For example, an Artemis Frigate has a extra thrust, which would result in a 7/3/1/1 leader, +2 more for being a large carrier and +0
side thruster rating of 4, 8 free thrust and a turn maneuver rating. The Hermes and Warlock seem for EA technology. The resulting Command
cost of 2/3. The average turn thrust is to be a tad too maneuverable for the given Cost is 3+0+2+0 = 5.
(4*2+1+8)/2 = 8.5 and the base turn speed is B5Wars statistics and may have been improved Note: Only Fleet Leaders can have Command
8.5/(2/3) = 12.75. to add flavor. Costs greater than 4. If a non Fleet Leader has a
Next determine the delay factor, which is simply Command Cost greater than 4 then drop the cost
the turn delay rating of the unit times 5. For the COMMAND RATING to 4.
EA Artemis, with its 2/3 turn delay, the delay While there is no hard and fast set of rules the
factor is (2/3*5) = 3.333. following provides a reasonable breakdown. MORALE RATING
Subtract the delay factor from the base turn Each ship receives a base rating dependent on Morale Rating is a combination of sheer size of
speed and consult the table below for the Fleet the size of the unit. the vessel (after all, who likes to see their big

Babcom 18
fleet units die), and their usefulness to the fleet.
To determine the number of Morale Boxes a unit
has start by dividing the number of Fleet Action
structure boxes it possesses by 6. Add to that
result the mission modifier, the carrier modifier
and the ELINT modifier (dropping all fractions).
If the result is 0, reset the Morale Rating to 1.
See Appendix Table 12
Test of wills
For the fighter count, remember to include
assault shuttles and breaching pods.
See Appendix Table 13
ELINT bonus is based on Fleet Action ELINT
See Appendix Table 14
For example, the EA Omega has 14 structure
boxes, 24 fighters and has a standard mission of
combat. The moral rating is therefore (14/6) =
2.3333 for structure, plus 0.7 for fighters, plus 0
for combat mission and plus 0 for ELINT for a
total of 3.03333, which when rounded down
yields a Moral Rating of 3. (The placement of
the morale boxes in the structure track is prob-
lematic at best and should simply be distributed
By THOMAS WELLER Cmdr. Hokum pushed himself off the deck,
evenly throughout the track.)
Part I: and he looked at the command console. A
SHIP'S log, EAS Corinth, April 7th, 2265, structural integrity beam was resting in the
WEAPON SYSTEM FIRING ARCS Captain William Trevors commanding; we same spot where just moments ago Cpt.
At this time there is no system to convert B5W have been assigned to commercial/anti-raider Trevors had been sitting.
patrol in Sector 47. Raider activity has risen in Coughing smoke and fire retardant chemicals,
weapons to Fleet Action weapons (though I am
this sector tremendously. Earth Force has Cmdr. Hokum shouted, "Damage report!"
in the process now of developing one). already lost the EAS Shasta, an Olympus Class Lt. JG. Porton's reply was "Forward section
Corvette, along with three Tethys Police gone, starboard section more than 70% dam-
ANTI-FIGHTER RATING Cutters and over a dozen civilian freighters aged, port side 40% damaged, main thrusters
As can be seen in the Fleet Action SCSs, certain transporting goods including foodstuffs, light off line, sensors took a direct hit, portside
machinery, and electronics. We have been on interceptor responding as well as three of the
weapons have anti-fighter ratings in the lower
station now for eleven days, but I guess an portside particle beams. Two starboard parti-
left corner of the weapon entry. The anti-fighter Omega Class Destroyer will scare any raider cle beams green lighting as well, Sir."
rating for a given system is based on the average group back into their holes. We will be Cmdr. Hokum finally got his first ship com-
"x" value in the surrounding hexes of the firing relieved in two more days by Police Cutter mand; his first order "Helm, bring us about, try
214. Then we can get back to deep range and keep the portside to the attackers. All
arc diagram for that weapon. Simply sum up the
patrol. weapons fire as you bear. Communications,
number of hexes for each given "x-value." "Well Pete, what have we got now?" said send a distress call with position and situa-
Continue until all hexes have been counted Cpt. Trevors to his XO. tion." This would be the last order given by
(including the 0-rating hexes but excluding the Commander Peter Hokum, a man in his late Cmdr. Hokum before the Corinth was
forties, soon to have his own command, replied destroyed under the hail of fire from the
center hex). The total number of hexes should be
"Sir, we just sent the freighter Money Pit aggressor fleet.
90. Now multiply each "x-value" to the appro- through the jump gate, and the forward port
priate number of hexes. Sum the resulting values heavy pulse cannon's targeting matrix is going EAS Merlin, Warlock Advanced Destroyer,
and divide by the total number of icons (i.e. 90) off-line for maintenance." Captain Alexander Jagerson commanding: We
and round up or down as appropriate. For exam- "Sir!" Lieutenant Junior Grade Richard Porton just completed the refit at the Proxima ship-
shouted "Multiple jump points forming." yards with artificial gravity systems and some
ple, the Standard Particle Beam on the right has
Cpt. Trevors bolted upright in his command minor adjustments after our shakedown cruise.
the following break down of hexes for each chair, "Sensors, number and position of jump "Sir," Ensign Robert Hickory, the communica-
given x-value (note the total hexes of 90). vortexes?" tions officer interrupted, "We have a distress
Shown in Appendix Table 15 Lt. JG. Porton's reply was "Four separate jump signal coming in from the Corinth."
points forming, sir, all around us; Sensors indi- Captain Jagerson said, "Let me hear it."
Multiplying each group and adding yields
cate four capital class ships coming through "This is the EAS Corinth we are under attack,
(8*5)+(4*65)+(2*20) = 340. Dividing 340 by 90 the vortex." coordinates are Sector 47 Grid Zeta. Hostile
results in 3.77777. Rounding results in an anti- Cpt. Trevors shouted "General quarters! All forces are composed of" SHHHH <STATIC>.
fighter rating for this system of 4. hands to battle stations! Activate the defense "That is all sir. We seem to have lost the sig-
*** grid! Communications, contact the raider fleet nal. They must have stopped transmitting,"
and order them to stand down." was all Ensign Hickory could say.
"Sir!" Lt. JG. Porton's voice cracked, "Hostile Captain Jagerson's orders were, " Tell the yard
Editor’s Note: see the July Appendix folder for ships are firing on us." boss that we are moving out. Order the
the calculator spreadsheet and tables referred The bridge turned into a small sun for an squadron to form up on me. Inform Fleet
to within the text of this article. instant as the blasts hit the ship causing many Command that we are moving to assist the
secondary explosions in the bridge controls. Corinth." To be continued

Babcom 19
Meet the legendary cast
Universe Today

ERE it not for J.

W Michael Straczynski's
working knowledge of
the sciencebehind science fiction,
the birth of his sprawling space-
station saga Babylon 5 might well
have been the death of him.
"I was in the shower when I sud-
denly saw the entire five-year
story in one blinding moment of
clarity," he admits to TV Guide
"I bolted out of the shower, drip-
ping wet, and went to write it
down. "But not at the computer,"
he adds with a laugh. "I'm not that
Having been without their regu-
lar fix since the show aired its
final episode in 1998, fans already
are eagerly anticipating the spinoff
movie, Legend of the Rangers, air- legions of hopeful followers by G'Kar is the only major player our players are in terms of their
ing later this year on the Sci Fi hinting: "They asked us to create catching the shuttle from B5, universe, so that makes it possible
Channel. something that, if it works, can Straczynski hopes others might for these new characters to go to
"It's set in the year 2265, which become a series." make appearances - should he those places and, whenever possi-
is about two years after B5 ended," And while actor Andreas begin spinning Legends on a ble, see a few familiar faces."
says the writer, who teases his Katsulas's reptilian alien Citizen weekly basis. "We know where -

OX has ordered a two-hour aim for is, there will be new char-

F Battlestar Galactica movie

which will stand as a pilot
for a proposed Galactica series.
acters, there will be some of the
old characters," Brown said.
"But since it's not totally written
The telemovie will be made by and totally signed off on--and also
Studios USA with the resultant because there's such a huge fan-
series expected to be screened in base - we don't want to get out
the 2002-03 season. false rumors and have people, like,
The new series, based on the go crazy. But I think one thing we
short-lived 1970s series of the can say is that we're very much
same name, will run jointly on Fox aware of the old fans.... We want
and The SCI FI Channel, Sarah to honor the old show. We don't
Timberman, president of Studios want to violate anything. It's like,
USA Programming, said. if you watch the show, you're not
X-Men director Bryan Singer going to go, 'Oh, well, they total-
will helm and will also executive ly contradicted what was in
produce with Tom DeSanto, the old show. There won't be
Dan Angel and Billy Brown. any contradictions, but there
"We're tremendously excited to will be a taking it further and
be bringing the originality and both style and character, while view, but declined to say which taking it further in time."
immense talent of Bryan Singer, bringing the scope and sensibility ones. Angel added: "All that is in Brown added that he and Angel
Tom DeSanto, Dan Angel and of epic science-fiction filmmaking discussion stage right now, but were working on the script for a
Billy Brown to bear on reinventing two-hour pilot for the series,
to the small screen," Singer said. absolutely, the intention is to keep
what was clearly such a pop cul- which will advance the original
Dan Angel and Billy Brown-- in the spirit of what was there
ture phenomenon," Timberman storyline.
who will produce and run the before and to preserve - as Billy "It does take place in a not-so-
said in a statement.
The next-generation Galactica upcoming Battlestar Galactica said - what was there." distant future from the end of the
will be set after the seventh-mil- series--told SCI FI Wire that the Angel and Brown will run the old show," Brown said.
lennium time frame of the original proposed series will feature some series, which is being developed "It's going to be a sprawling,
series, which ran on ABC from characters from the classic 1970s with X-Men producer Tom family saga that is set amongst the
1978-80. Galactica TV series. DeSanto and director Bryan travails and adventures of the
"Our goal is to take the Galactica "Some of the characters will be Singer. human colony."
franchise and move it forward in revived," Brown said in an inter- "Hopefully, what we're trying to -

Babcom 20
RESPONSES to a query by Agent
One relating to the form of a
future campaign system have had
Agents seek
an unexpected effect: AoG is now
considering two systems.
“Readers indicated there was a
market for both types of game, so
we're evaluating the possibility of
doing both of them,” Agent One
said. “The structured game, tenta-
tively named Babylon 5 Strategic
to strengthen
Wars (B5SW), would be done by a
freelancer or freelance group, as
we won't have enough time to
write it ourselves while working
on the other one.
“The unstructured one (which
we'll refer to as the Campaign
Guide) will be written by AOG
their position
and tested over a several month
AGENTS of Gaming is changing course. The mine-
period, probably using the suc-
cessful "playtest pack" system.
field of market forces is playing its part, as is a recent
explosion in the cost of paper and the near saturation
“B5SW will be extremely histori- By Diogenes
coverage of the major races for Babylon 5 Wars and
cal, with detailed fleet lists, orders
Fleet Action. wonder how companies were ever able to get feedback
of battle, and scenarios for the big
The recent release of GROPOS is an indicator of these
wars (Narn-Centauri, Earth- from their customers before the Internet.”
moves, as will be the upcoming League II sourcebook.
Minbari, Dilgar, Shadow, etc.). However, Agent One emphasised the importance of
Color has been dramatically cut back, as has the use of
“The Campaign Guide will be miniatures to the product lines and Field Agent's roles
computer-generated illustrations and card-based
open, with each player using a in promoting them.
race, building up an empire, and "We should be able to provide enough miniatures to a
In a recent email interview, Agent One (Bruce Graw)
fighting for supremacy. Scenarios Field Agent to put on a reasonable demo," he said.
said this was the result of an evaluation of Agents of
will be included for historical “The goal is to demonstrate the game and its compo-
Gaming's pricing structure.
wars, but the focus will be on cre- nents. It doesn't matter if the Agent himself doesn't like
The aim was to determine whether Babylon 5 products
ating your own conflicts.”
were both competitively priced and profitable enough miniatures. One of his responsibilities as an Agent is to
to continue producing. promote AOG's products...”
“Too high a cost and people won't buy the product, but
Rangers too low and you can't make money, so you can't stay in
The burden of this responsibility is not expected to be
shouldered entirely by Field Agents .
business,” he said. Agents are being shipped packs of miniatures for
impact “We found that our miniatures were mostly priced cor-
rectly (compared to an equivalent figure from other
scheduled demos, and the company intends to continue
and improve upon this process.
LEGENDS of the Rangers, the companies, they aren't noticeably more expensive).
Incentive programs for Field Agents have assisted
new television movie being made “Black and white books were also appropriately priced,
many in assembling large collections of miniatures,
for the SciFi Channel, is also hav- compared to their design and printing costs, and versus
ing an influence on Agents of Agent One said, and they can return this favor through
similar products in the marketplace.
Gaming decision making. “But the color books were another matter entirely. By using them in demonstrations.
According the Agent One, work the time we've paid for the art, printing, royalties, and The expense and time needed in commissioning com-
has been suspended work on other concerns, we're actually losing money (slightly) puter artists to design new three-dimensional models
Alliance Contact and other prod- on them. Our options were to raise the cost, or go to for the younger races are among the reasons for a
ucts focusing on the "future" black and white.” reduction in the use of this type of illustration.
(post-Crusade) era of Babylon 5. This does not represent the demise of the full-color “So far as I know, there aren't any CGI models for any-
“We can't even touch the era hun- product. Agent One said core products would likely thing in League-2, so if we were to do computer art,
dreds of years in the future, for remain full color. Supporting products, such as race there's also the lead time for model design, as well as
fear LotR or the possible new sourcebooks, would likely be limited to color inserts of the cost of commissioning that work,” Agent One said.
series might do something that unit listings and vehicle illustrations. “All freelance art is expensive, takes a long time, and
would affect it,” he said. Card counters will not be a part of the GROPOS prod- is difficult to fix if done incorrectly. All art has to be
“For example, if we did a product uct range. approved by WB as well, so it has to be finished well
involving the Drazi, but then in “GROPOS is a miniatures game. It's entirely centered in advance, and if disapproved, either delays the prod-
the new show the Drazi were around the miniatures. They are the reason for its exis-
uct or must be thrown out.”
wiped out by some catastrophe, tence, as it were,” Agent One said.
But Agent One said artwork was not being neglected.
we'd be hosed. On the good side, But card counters are not being abandoned. Strong
with the new movie & possible feedback from the forums and mailing list convinced “We have a staff artist now, and she'll be doing the top
show set well after the end of the Agents of Gaming to continue producing counters for views for the League-2 countersheet shortly,” he said.
B5 series, and our wise avoidance its Babylon 5 Wars and Fleet Action lines. “She drew many of the pieces in the GROPOS book
of the Crusade era in most of our “We've decided (after reading recent comments on the (such as the Centauri guardsmen in the forest). She has
books to date, we shouldn't see public list and forums) to include the counters after all. (also) done a lot of concept sketches for sculptors and
any other adverse effects.” As always, we appreciate all the comments, even neg- computer artists.”
*** ative ones, that helped us reach this decision. I often ***

Babcom 21

A fan-produced
magazine for players

of Babylon 5 Wars,
Fleet Action and

Christopher Phang
ENTERPRISE, registry NX-01 and
captained by Jonathan Archer
(played by Scott Bakula), looks
very similar to the design of the
Reid Hupach
Akira-class ships seen in the Next
Generation movies. In the script for
the pilot episode, Broken Bow, the
writers describe the vessel as "more
rocketship than starship"
This is an odd description for a ship
Alexander Kettle
that is very “Next Generation” in
its appearance.
b5news_tactics Put it alongside the Enterprise A,
b5news_articles (supposedly the successor to this earlier class of ship) and the later
ship looks like something of a
SHIPS & TACTICS dinosaur... Pundits had been
Alex Roberts expecting to see something more
(aroberts) like the first generation “rocket
starship” as seen in Contact. known as the Suliban. A 7-foot-tall humans of this era) oddly speaks no
But industry sources have allegedly Klingon, carrying vital information Klingonese.
confirmed the authenticity of this to his homeworld regarding the While transporting the delirious
image. We’ll just have to trust shape-shifting Sulibans, is shot Klingon home, captain Jonathan
Brannon and Braga’s “vision” down over Oklahoma and pursued Archer encounters more Suliban,
again. through cornfields by evil Suliban who invade his ship (a pre-
The pilot once again uses time trav- agents. Federation warp vessel dubbed
Robert Garlinghouse
el as a cornerstone of its plot, bring- The Klingon manages to kill his “Enterprise”) and kidnap the
ing some “dark villan” from the pursuers but gets shot by a red- Klingon. This failure by the
distant future to dominate a race necked farmer who (like all other Earthlings upsets the Klingons...

Jamie Seidel

Babcom is an unofficial,
non-profit magazine
produced voluntarily by
fans for fans of Babylon
5 based wargaming.

Babylon 5 Wars, Fleet

Action and GROPOS are
produced under license
with Warner Bros by
Agents of Gaming.
Babylon 5, characters,
names and all related
indicia are trademarks of
Warner Brothers (c)
Original concepts and
mechanics remain the
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