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The annual sex issue | Feb.

12, 2018 | Photo by Aidan Strassmann


NUTS ‘The Vagina Monologues’
celebrates intersectional feminism
in Holmes Lounge performances


Cover models Olivia Emanuel (left) and Katy Hutson strived to promote
body positivity and inspire others to be comfortable in their own skin.


The “Vagina Monologues”’ cast performs an original song by sophomore Taylor Emerson titled
“It’s All on You.” The Eve Esner-penned play was performed Feb. 9 and 10 in Holmes Lounge.

ELENA QUINONES chose its own beneficiary: transgender women. Ensler

NEWS EDITOR Immigrant and Refugee introduces a new monologue
Women’s Program (IRWP), into the series each year as
Eve Ensler’s play “The a St. Louis community a way to recognize current
Vagina Monologues” was non-profit. and changing experiences
performed by Washington IRWP’s mission is to for women. This particular
University students to sold- serve immigrant and refu- monologue was originally
out audiences in Holmes gee women of the St. Louis portrayed by a cast of all
Lounge Feb. 9 and 10. area by providing them with transgender women.
The show was first per- English language instruction “It’s a poem; it’s a story
formed in 1996 and has in hopes of increasing their of a trans woman as she’s
been staged internation- independence and reducing moving through her life and
ally ever since. The play is isolation. In 2017, IRWP transitioning from being a
a piece of political theater worked with 350 students man to a woman and strug-
that takes form as a series of from 49 different nations, gling with her own body
monologues, which address logging 13,208 hours of one- issues and identity,” freshman
topics like body image, repro- on-one instruction, while performer Auriann Sehi said.
duction, sexuality, sexual assisting 20 women in earn- For Sehi, performing
violence, transgender experi- ing their U.S. citizenship. “They Beat the Girl out of
ences and more. All proceeds from “Vagina my Boy...Or so They Tried”
The show was directed by Monologues” this past week- helped her recognize her cis-
GRACE BRUTON | STUDENT LIFE junior Sabrina Odigie and end went to benefit IRWP. gender privilege.
produced by junior Sara The show, as a representa- “There’s a part when she’s
Arfania. tion of the female experience, talking about how she can


“The show, to me, sym- is meant to be performed wake up in the morning and
bolizes getting into Wash. by a group of women who put her hair in a ponytail.
U. and transforming myself represent diverse feminine And I think about my own
into a better feminist, and identities, with an emphasis life—how it is being a cisgen-
then when I was in [“Vagina on the role of intersectional- der woman—and how I do
Monologues”], it was about ity in feminism. that thing several times a day
being more inclusive and “We believe that there and not even think about it,”
understanding about all the is no single view, narrative Sehi said.
different ways we can be or image of womanhood. According to sophomore
women, and this year, it was Further, having a vagina and Sarah James, being a cast
important because I wanted womanhood are not mutu- member of “The Vagina
to share it with people and ally exclusive,” the show Monologues” was an
make it as powerful as pos- program reads. empowering experience. She
sible,” Odigie said. In this past weekend’s performed “My Short Skirt,”
The piece was based on performance, students pre- a commentary on rape cul-
Ensler’s interviews with sented 16 of Ensler’s original ture and claiming femininity.
200 different women about monologues as well as three “It was just so empowering
sex, body image, relation- original student pieces. The to be a part of it because we
ships and violence against show opened with sopho- all have so many insecurities,
women. The play began as more Monica Unzueta’s and so just to be around other
a celebration of vaginas and piece titled “My Feminism,” women supporting each
femininity and evolved into featured sophomore Taylor other is so important,” James
a movement against gender- Emerson’s original song “It’s said.
based violence. All on You” and closed with The performance was
Ensler launched the global sophomore Madison Lee’s well-received by those in
JORDAN CHOW | STUDENT LIFE non-profit organization original monologue “My attendance.
V-Day as part of turning Immature Vagina.” “I thought it was a really
“Vagina Monologues” into Out of Ensler’s 16 mono- powerful experience, and
a movement combating logues performed, 15 were they talked about really
violence against women. original components of the important issues and the
In the spirit of service and show. “They Beat the Girl strength of the woman’s
philanthropy for women, out of My Boy...Or so They body, not just how we experi-
Washington University’s Tried” was written in 2004 ence weaknesses as women,”
“Vagina Monologues” to address the experiences of freshman Taylor Hurst said.



‘Teenage Dream’ remains the love song of our generation
JOSH ZUCKER iconic, most beautiful and in “lover,” find acceptance ever look back.” that the song was drawn and seductiveness. It is
STAFF WRITER most passionate love song with each other, and their The passion in this song from her personal experi- about true love and young
written in our generation. love is unconditional. From isn’t about a one night stand ences. “Teenage Dream” love. Perry takes risks and
“You think I’m pretty/ “Teenage Dream” is all the song you get the sense or a temporary fling: This is incredibly sincere and finds herself closer than
without any makeup on/ about spending time with of a deep connection. song is about true love. builds a world full of ever to her lover. With all
you think I’m funny/ when the person you love; it’s When, after their inti- Perry has long-term plans young love and adventure. these aspects, “Teenage
I tell the punchline wrong.” about the youthful spirit mate day together, Katy with her lover. When she In the song, when Perry Dream” becomes the—yes,
These lyrics set up a song of living as a teenager. The Perry finally decides to sings, “now every February, sings “my heart stops/ the—love song of our
about pure, young love. song weaves a story of a go all the way with her you’ll be my Valentine,” when you look at me/ just generation. In 2010, Perry
“Teenage Dream” by Katy perfect day followed by a lover, they do so together she shows that she has no one touch/ now, baby, I released this masterpiece
Perry is the perfect com- night of passion. The way and with full hearts. “No intentions of giving up on believe,” she is singing of a love song, and since
bination of love-filled and it frames sex is not vulgar regrets, just love.” While this relationship. about being overcome with then, in my opinion, no
sexy, and its themes of love, or crude like “Peacock,” the choice isn’t one taken Katy Perry’s use of love, a strong love that other artist has managed
acceptance and intimacy for example, but it’s an lightly, as in a teenage rela- melody and prose builds up manifests itself into every to take “Teenage Dream’s”
are vital to any true love act of love above all else. tionship sex is an incredibly a both fun and emotional fiber of her body. spot as the most iconic and
song. I would even go so far Katy and her lover, with big step to take, they decide song. You can tell from The song is a beautiful passionate love song of
as to say that it is the most an emphasis on the “love” to “take a chance and don’t her use of story within it combination of romance our time.

These are NOT bangers:

Songs about sex you definitely
shouldn’t listen to during sex
By Elena Quinones, Staff Writer
It’s the age-old question: To listen or not to listen to music while getting it on? Many art-
ists have inserted their voices into this debate with a firm “YES” by writing these sex-themed
songs, but they’re so bad that they made me think sex music just might not even be worth it.
Most listed songs find their flaws in trashy lyricism, while others just can’t be hot because
they were popular during middle school. This collection was the result of me venturing to
compile the least sexy sex playlist ever. Every song was written to be sexy time music, but

every song failed at that purpose in a unique way. Please, please don’t bang to these songs.



In these lyrics, Derulo suggests that his semen is a thirst-quencher, which is both scientifi-
cally incorrect and shows an unfortunate lack of sex education.

GRIND WITH ME by Pretty Ricky

On its own, this song is pretty bad. Combine its poor lyricism and execution with the ter-
rible Vine trend in which half-naked adolescents humped the ground for seven seconds, to
achieve this true sex song disaster.



Beyond being an atrocious lyricist, R. Kelly is an awful person. Don’t support his music,
not even “Ignition” (I’m talking to you, frat stars who create the darty playlists).

BEDROCK by Young Money

You know when Lil Wayne said, “I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave”? I
felt that. But really, this song is too much of a throwback jam to listen to while doing the
horizontal mambo.

LOLLIPOP by Lil Wayne

The fact that the song is annoyingly repetitive would be a lazy observation. This failed
double entendre is hilarious and way too overlooked. There’s the implication of Hillary
as an independent female icon; so, the woman is taking over in sex...but the funnier part LNYF
is that Wayne is using Rodham here as a play on “ride him,” which is somehow both inef-
fectual and brilliant. JIYOON KANG | STUDENT LIFE


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JORDAN CHOW | STUDENT LIFE University administration.
you talked dirty to us, let’s talk dirty to you...
I make money moves
75.0 %
(your go-to moves)

of Wash. U. students have had sex.

84.8 %
of students
67.4 %
of students
“Ask for a picture of your
partner’s father. Maintain
“Cook her dinner. People
love hand-crafted food
because it shows actual
eye contact with picture
62.17 % of freshmen masturbate. watch porn. throughout the encounter.” effort and that they mean
something to you. Unless
74.11 % of sophomores 96.82 % of men
78.35 % of women
52.7 % “Right as he’s about to you set the kitchen on fire.
79.97 % of juniors of women do finish, lean in and gently Try not to do that.”
82.51 % of seniors 78.52 % of gender whisper ‘wheat thins’ in his
“Being respectful and not
74.07 % of Sam Fox
non-conforming students 91.1 % being a dick. That’s how
of men do. “Watch ‘Bee Movie’ and ask I get more use out of my
74.86 % of Arts & Sciences if they like jazz.” dick.”
73.28 % of B-school 24.5 %
several 36.0 % 68.0 %
76.33 % of Engineering of GNC
times weekly A About this survey
a week students do.
nice post- Freshmen - 279
Sophomore- 325
‘exercise’ snack Juniors - 263
Your favorite foods for after Seniors - 265
91.9 % you finish Other Students - 56
chained to the
Pizza Men - 397
Ice Cream Women - 757
rhythm 34.0 % Half and Half
GNC Students - 34
of students own sex toys.
Top artists to set the tune to
get your groove on. Vibrat
Hand r
o better safe than sorry
cuf contraception used by WU students and their partners

1 you
- 7 30.3%


fs - .4%

76.12% of students use condoms


58.30% use the pill
2 Rihanna 58.30% use IUDs have
sed d of stu
21.86% ‘pull out’ ating dent
apps s
3 Ocean 24.7 % of men
6.39% don’t use protection 82.9
of ga
y stu

37.8 % of women 47.3
of bise
Young 47.0 % of stra al studen
4 67.7 % of gender
of pa ight stud ts
the Giant non-conforming students nsex
ual s ents
school is a 92.3 tuden
47.3 %
of th
little hard
y i k e s 20.0 % use T
% use B
use S
(your interesting, kinky, eccentric stories) lengths from napc
Wash. U.
“My ex used to really enjoy dirty talk, but I “My boyfriend got hot sauce in my Schools
was never good at it. Once he asked me to vagina. Twice.”
dirty talk in Chinese instead, so I ended up “I was having sex with a guy for the
panicking and whispering random words first time and I had my sex playlist on. I
that I know like ‘lawyer’ and ‘sheep.’ He
had no idea what I was saying and
thought I had taken all the weird/funny bears who bare it all
songs off of it, but apparently I missed
hopefully will never know!” one, because right as he finished, ‘I Just 6.60” Sam Fox 62.8 %
Had Sex’ by The Lonely Island started 6.19” B-School of students have sent and/or
“While I was losing my virginity, I was
playing. 6.11” Engineering recieved nude photos
walked in on by my girlfriend’s dad, who
6.08” Average
had come home from work early because, One time a guy said to me as he took off
6.00” Arts & Sciences 60.3 %
as he put it, ‘God had told me I had to go his shirt, “These are my abs. Girls like of students have sexted
home RIGHT NOW’” them.”


Here we go again: ‘Student Love’ is back for another year

hy do we our fellow Washington sex to just generally part of life at Wash. U. some (at least slightly reas- Services.
keep pub- University students. For going to Wild Country. Interestingly though, most suring) trends. Last year, In short, we keep doing
lishing the any of you who were con- Overwhelmingly though, students are not using 25 percent of respondents the Sex Issue because it is
Sex Issue cerned (or embarrassed) respondents wanted you apps like Tinder to date were using the “pull out” both fun and informative.
every year? Well, the sim- that you had a weirdly to know that the best thing or even to hook up. The method to prevent preg- It lets us talk about sex on
plest reason is that it is our bloody sexual encounter, you can do during sex is two most popular reasons nancy, while this year that campus—something we
most read issue. And after fear not—it seems that communicate how you’re that Wash. U. students use number dropped to 22.3 all care and think about,
sustaining jokes about how many of your peers have feeling and what you want. dating apps are as a confi- percent. However, more whether we admit it or
“no one reads Student been in the same boat. So, maybe take that piece dence boost (70.6 percent) Wash. U. students are not—while also becoming
Life” the rest of the year, And for whoever answered of wisdom into account. or just to look at pictures pulling out than are using maybe a little concerned
it’s nice to put together “this survey” for your On a more serious of attractive people (50.93 IUDs, and IUD usage about the fact that 21
something that people will most embarrassing sexual note, the sex survey lets percent). More of you are remained essentially flat, of you have had sex in
actually see. moment, you could have us look at some statistics using Tinder just to talk dropping slightly from 18.5 the Danforth University
But the real reason we come up with a better joke, and trends that are actu- people, rather than using percent to 18.34 percent. Center showers. As long
keep doing this is because at the very least. ally very important to the it to find serious romantic It appears that Wash. U. as sex remains a part of
of the sex survey, which The survey also reveals Wash. U. student body. partners—so, keep that in students are not taking life in college, it will be
reveals a whole bunch of some useful sexual advice, Not that we didn’t know mind before you boldly advantage of the recent important to talk about it
fascinating information ranging from very spe- this before the survey, but send that first message. expansion of IUD avail- candidly—and with a little
about the sexual lives of cific moves during oral dating apps are a huge The survey also shows ability at Student Health bit of humor.

So, did you guys hookup?

KYA VAUGHN a hookup? With its notori- almost every rom-com be so vastly different? But that can easily be avoided contact that may ensue.
STAFF WRITER ous usage amongst college before they “accidentally” it isn’t the difference that’s through redirecting your It may not fix everything,

students, you would think end up running into each important, but rather how communication. but at the very least you
ollege, a word this phrase would have a other again at the coffee this difference affects us. As terrible as it may can rest assured that your
that screams clear-cut definition—that shop (aka the entire plot-). A lot of us are familiar seem, it’s simple, really, and partner will know exactly
“education” but when people say hookup, we Basically, to me a hookup with the “just want to hook imperative to the outcome what you’re up for and what
also secretly (not all have the same thought was the equivalent of an— up, nothing serious” text. of your hookup experi- you’re not, evading any
really) promises the golden in mind. But if you’re attempted—one-night stand. Some accept this with open ence. When engaging in a possible miscommunication
dream of midnight hang- among this population of With this definition in mind, arms, while others reject dialogue about the situa- that may arise in claiming to
outs, constant Postmates those who think this term when friends tell me about it completely and without tion, be confident in your want to just hook up.
orders and the infamous frat is well-defined, I hate to tell their hookup experiences, hesitation, both of which convictions and say what It’s safe to say that the
party. The latter can lead you, but you’re wrong. The I always incite questions are appropriate responses. you want. Knowing that the true definition of a hookup
to some pretty interesting phrase has a different mean- implying that they did But for those who choose to phrase is variably defined, will forever remain a societal
stories—and embedded ing to everyone—so much so indeed have sex, and these accept, the problem follows make sure you have a talk enigma and frustratingly so.
in them is the truth of the that one Urban Dictionary questions are frequently suit: Whose definition of a with the person you’re hook- But although it is mystery
inevitability of painstakingly user wrote as the definition met with dazed expressions, hookup? If one is thinking ing up with before it actually may never be solved talking
awkward moments. With for the term, “I have abso- followed by another defini- sex, and the other is think- happens. It’s important for it through with your partner
dark lighting and music, lutely no idea anymore.” tion. To this group, hookup ing a make out session, it’s them to not only know your will help. Communication
it’s easy to get caught up In other words, it truly is is defined more as “making pretty clear that a problem is comfort levels, but for you is essential in every relation-
in the moment, and in this dependent on the person. out,” occasionally including undoubtedly on the horizon. to know theirs, too. This ship, and hookups are no
moment, the possibility of I was always under the oral sex (depending on the The snowball effect of way, the experience can exception. So, communicate
a hookup somehow makes impression that a hookup person) but lacking any form miscommunication barrel be generally enjoyable for what you actually want to
a grand appearance into the directly translated to no- of penetrative sex. Now, it rolling into an awkward the both of you and allow enable you and your partner
room. The question then strings-attached sex, like was my turn to be surprised. moment—just imagine the you to (mostly) avoid any to enjoy your experience to
becomes, what actually is the kind that happens in How could our definitions possibilities—is something awkward or uncomfortable the fullest.

This is why I have mace

LAUREN ALLEY not willing to progress the noticed a man watching me relationship. He put his but maybe if you’re in your events (or in any other club
STAFF WRITER night past that wonderful in the airport security line. headphones in my ear to 40s you shouldn’t spend scene), please ask permis-
slice. So, he offered to buy I assumed it was because make me listen to his elec- so much time stalking a sion before grinding on a
I seem to have the oppo- me a whole pizza and to I was actively sobbing in tronic music (I assume he’s 17-year-old. Another man, girl. You are approaching
site of resting bitch face. give me “whatever else I public after saying good- chasing after his long-past who cut the grass at my her from behind; she can-
I don’t look angry all the wanted.” As tempting as bye to my boyfriend, but youth with it). He spent dad’s house and happened not see you or even prevent
time; I just look constantly his offer was (I do love this was not the case. The the trip leaning against me to live near my mom (30 you touching her unless
terrified. Like, I may take pizza), I am, unfortunately, man and I were assigned and openly staring at me minutes from my dad), had you ask first. Especially if
off running or drop into not a prostitute. Also, I did seats next to each other as I tried to look away. He been inappropriate with me you know her from some-
the fetal position and cry if not think that my boyfriend on the flight. He asked asked if it was true that a few times at my dad’s. where else, please ask first,
faced with any confronta- (who was sitting about five why I was crying, and I “All women from Missouri But I didn’t realize he was for the love of God. Eye
tion whatsoever. This has feet away at the time and explained the situation to are beautiful.” I informed the same person until he contact earlier in the night
caused a range of prob- yet was somehow oblivi- him. I assumed he was like him that this was not a waited outside my car late is not consent; it is not
lems; but the biggest of all ous to the fact I was being a concerned dad (he was stereotype, but last I heard, one night, grabbed me in even expressing interest.
is that it makes it fun (and bought), would appreciate 40-ish years old, after all). St. Louis was number two the parking lot and told me The girl may just be look-
easy) for people to sexually me selling myself. At least Once he learned I was a in the nation for STIs. He he had been watching me ing around the room or
harass me. And in spite the not for such a low price psychology major, he told asked how I kept myself and knew where I live. He having some (completely
revulsion and terror, I have as a single pizza…maybe me I could be a millionaire clean, and I told him I then proceeded to describe nonsexual) thought about
some interesting stories. two pizzas, but one? Come if I worked with damaged used the tactic of being both of my homes to me (I you. There is nothing
Over fall break, I made on, I’m classier than that. women. He said he does in a two-year committed nearly peed my pants). charming about a guy from
the terrible decision of The next renter was a man not date anyone over 25 relationship. I have never Finally, I would like your floor sneaking up
eating pizza while standing was around the age of my because they have all “been gotten such strong “Lovely to give some advice to behind you and rubbing
on the sidewalk at 1 a.m., own father. He asked me damaged too thoroughly.” Bones” vibes from a man the men of Washington his penis against you in
which apparently marked to get into his car, but I He proceeded to show me in my life. University: Dear frat guys, a crowded room (let’s be
me as a prostitute to the informed him of my pizza pictures of women who are Speaking of middle aged a girl who agrees to play real, that’s what grinding
average creepy man. A commitment. He in turn his “friends,” telling me men who tried to wear my a game of beer pong with is). If it goes poorly and
man approached me and took the crust of my pizza how each one is pretty, but skin as a suit, I was mildly you is not also agreeing to she rejects you (as she
let me know he was repre- and proceeded to eat it as they are all too “messed stalked by two men when have sexual intercourse. should, you creepy, penis
senting his group of friends seductively as he could up” from domestic abuse I was in high school. One Maybe she just likes to play man) you will now have to
behind him. He asked me manage, watching me and (how he thought this made would come to the Toys R beer pong. This does not spend the rest of the year
to accompany the whole moaning a bit into the him likable is really beyond Us where I worked at least mean you get to grab her avoiding eye contact as you
lot of them to their hotel pizza. It really, really did me). He then repeatedly once a week (he had no butt or hold her hand. She walk past each other in the
room so “the real party not work, but I’ll give him asked me to sleep at his children) just to see me. He really just wants two feet halls or try to do laundry.
can start.” I informed him a C-plus for effort. place and to party with told me I was “a beauti- of space—and some beer. So, please, just keep your
that I was rather commit- On my flight back to St. him. He told me I was too ful flower that bloomed.” Please. Stop. It. Also, to penis to yourself, unless
ted to my pizza and was Louis after winter break, I young to be in a committed Which was nice and all, the guys at Welcome Week told otherwise.


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Let’s talk about sex, baby: XMag broadens the conversation
with art and articles about sexual health, sex positivity
HANUSIA HIGGINS students’ perspectives break down misconcep-
SENIOR SCENE EDITOR about sexuality. tions about who can and
“I created it with the should contribute—it’s
It’s no secret that intent of creating a plat- not just personal narra-
college students love to form for conversations tive, and there’s a place
talk about sex. And here about sex and sexuality in for everyone’s voice in the
to fulfill that need is a positive light,” Diamond magazine. Not long ago,
XMag, a year-old student explains. “I realized the group held a “bring a
publication devoted to that there are a lot of friend” meeting, encour-
discussing, through art resources on campus that aging each member to
and writing, topics that revolve around everything bring along someone new.
range from STI prevention that can go wrong with “Getting rid of that
to porn and everything in sex, and there’s nothing misconception and getting
between. talking about what goes more contributors would
For senior Eden right. Not to say that be the ideal because I
Diamond, XMag’s XMag is only about posi- know so many people
founder and executive tive things with regards to have so much to say about
director, expanding the sexuality, but it’s more of sex. It’s not like people
breadth of conversations a proactive stance instead don’t have anything to
about sex on campus was
one of the key goals that
drove her to create the
of damage control. Its
mission is more about cre-
ating communication and
say; people are just scared
to say it,” Diamond says.
Contributors to XMag
publication. To Diamond, improving the dialogue so don’t only express them- GRACE BRUTON | STUDENT LIFE
even the name “XMag” that miscommunications, selves through words. Art through writing…that’s cares about the planet. more widespread on cam-
exemplifies this goal of and issues that happen is just as important a part a very cool outlet for a But we are looking to pub- pus,” Ehrlich says.
growth. after the fact, are less of the publication, from different type of Wash. U. lish—to get a few copies Ultimately, Diamond
“One thing I thought likely to happen.” paintings to poetry to student.” out there would be super hopes that any Wash. U.
[the title] represented is Ensuring that XMag photography. XMag Art XMag has published helpful, especially in student who comes into
this gap in communica- represents a wide range of Director Katie Ehrlich, two issues thus far [Student Health Services] contact with XMag feels
tion because there’s so voices has been one of the who has been with the (one per semester) with areas,” Diamond says. that their own voice could
much censorship and so group’s largest challenges project since the begin- another one on the way Diamond and Ehrlich have a place in it, too.
much taboo,” Diamond so far. As of now, the ning, explains that the for spring 2018. This are both seniors, so “XMag is for everyone.
says. “People are talk- majority of contributors artistic dimension of the semester, the group accomplishing these goals It’s not just for people
ing a lot about sex on identify as women, and magazine adds perspec- aims to have a print- will largely depend on who love sex or people
campus but only with Diamond embraces the tives that might otherwise format publication with whoever succeeds them who are having sex. It’s
their close friends. And I challenge to branch out. go unheard. Ehrlich, a a magazine-style layout, in their directorial roles. for everyone because the
think the ‘X’—in a certain “My worry is that it Communication Design in addition to the website Both emphasized their politics surrounding sex
way— represents all that becomes an echo chamber major, has been inte- format they’ve used so hope that students with a and the social dynamics
censorship and the gap within itself of mostly gral in getting Sam Fox far. Diamond hopes that passion for the topic will surrounding sex affect
that it’s created, and that’s feminist ideology—which students involved with the this step will help them carry on the work once everyone on our cam-
where we come in: trying I love; I love feminist project. secure Student Union they graduate this spring. pus,” Diamond declares.
to bridge that gap.” ideology, and I think it’s “In the art school, recognition, and eventu- “Eden and I both “Whether you are having
The idea clicked an intrinsically feminist there’s a lot of artists that ally funding, in the future, started this out of a pas- sex a lot, whether you’ve
for Diamond last publication—but for it are dealing with this idea so that they can produce a sion for the topic and a never had sex, whether
spring, when she came to become a bunch of of sexuality, especially physical magazine. passion for spreading edu- you don’t know what sex
across an old copy [Women, Gender and because we’re college “We hope to one day cation about sexuality and even means to you or
of “X-Magazine,” a Sexuality Studies] majors students, and it’s a time have a magazine, just sex positivity, and I really whether you are the most
Washington University talking about sex with period where a lot of so it’s more tangible for hope that the people who experienced human and
publication put out by each other is not the people are exploring that people—so that it gets come after us—not just you think of yourself of
the now-defunct Student point. So, my hope is that for themselves,” Ehrlich in the hands of people next year, but in the com- a sex god—whoever you
Forum on Sexuality, in a it diversifies,” Diamond explains. “Getting to who wouldn’t otherwise ing years—will share that are, wherever you are in
Washington University says. highlight the viewpoints see it. But for now, the passion and continue to this campus, you have
professor’s library col- With this goal in mind, and talents of a differ- online form has actually grow the magazine and something to say about
lections. Although the Diamond invites people ent range of Wash. U. been super helpful for us: improve it and have an this topic, and we want to
current iteration of XMag of all identities to con- students who might not We’ve reached thousands even more diverse topic hear it.”
is quite different from the tribute to XMag—in fact, want to write or might of people, and there’s range. I’d just love to see Editor’s Note: Katie
previous one, its essence this diversity is key to its not be very good at no paper waste, which is it grow into something Ehrlich is a staff photogra-
remains the same: Sharing message. She hopes to expressing their sexuality great for somebody who even bigger and even pher for Student Life.

Sex is great, but

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SCENE STAFF down to one or two every
couple of weeks. I’m kind
of picky when it comes to
It’s a sexy season this time pastries, but the Washington
of year, but have you ever University chocolate chip
asked yourself, what is better scones are a perfect balance
than sex? I know there are between chocolate and dough
strong supporters of sex, and and icing—truly a mind-
people with positive and amaz- blowing experience. —Aidan
ing sex lives, but for argument’s Strassmann, Senior Editor
sake what is better? Why does
sex have to be the end all be all? Sex is great, but have you
Check out our meme-inspired heard of going to the Subway
list of things better than sex. in Mallinckrodt Center at a
weird time between popular
Sex is great, but have you
heard of turning in WebWork
class periods so that the line
is really short? You just walk SPOON UNIVERSITY
at 11:59 p.m. for full credit? right up to the counter, order
That rush I got when I clicked whatever you want and have SAMI KLEIN | STUDENT LIFE
submit on my disgustingly your sandwich without waiting
confusing WebWork was bet- on the 200-person line that
ter than any hypothetical high. usually stretches practically
Why have intercourse when into the bookstore. It is really
you can procrastinate home- amazing, and I would highly
work until the night its due, recommend it next time you
then fall asleep surrounded get a chance. — Jon Lewis,
by chip bags and Diet Coke, Senior Editor
happy. If I could bottle that
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that’s what narcotics are. It’s didn’t request money from
the small things that matter: them, they didn’t even mean to
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Sex is great, but have you nice to be you. I wish I had

ever heard of a chocolate chip such an oddly common name
scone? During my freshman that people accidentally sent
year, I got one almost every me stacks on the regular. That
day, but now I’ve weaned would be better than sex.
myself off of them, so I’m — Elena Quinones, Staff Writer JIYOON KANG | STUDENT LIFE

The Kardashian Kurse: A (very serious) examination of the family’s
romantic history with athletes and the effect on their careers
By Jon Lewis, Senior Sports Editor
The so-called “Kardashian Curse” is a well-documented urban legend. It goes something like this: A male athlete becomes romantically involved with a member of the
Kardashian-Jenner crew, and all of a sudden, things start going wrong for him. People have also applied the curse to other celebrity Kardashian relationships as well, arguing,
for example, that Kim is the reason Kanye West has been going crazy over the past five years, while ignoring that he’s been kind of nuts his whole career. But have the sisters
actually ruined the careers of athletes? Let’s find out.



Let me just say this first: arguing for the curse, you This is the most serious LA. He also won NBA Sixth Thompson, the former This season, however, he
Reggie Bush was one of could point to the fact (and sad) instance of the curse. Man the next year—but things fourth overall NBA draft has been pretty bad—aver-
the greatest running backs that Bush had almost 400 Odom married Khloe in 2009, unraveled from there. The pick, began dating Khloe aging just 2.1 offensive
in college football history, yards less from scrimmage just as he was approaching the stress of starring in his very Kardashian in the summer rebounds per game, which
and it’s an absolute trav- the year he started dating apex of his NBA career. While own Kardashian spin-off (and of 2016. They apparently isn’t that good for a player
esty that he was stripped Kim. However, he had his he was not quite the dominant generally living the celebrity debuted as a couple at Flo whose primary skill is
of his Heisman trophy. most efficient season in scorer he’d been when he lifestyle) weighed too heavy Rida’s birthday party (this supposedly his offensive
With that out of the way, 2009—a year in which he entered the league in the early on Odom, whose life began is pretty neat). Anyway, rebounding. Is this due to
Reggie Bush famously and Kim split and then 2000s, Odom was a valuable to spiral post-2013. It’s not Thompson was a key player his relationship with the
dated Kim Kardashian got back together—with role player for the Los Angeles necessarily Khloe’s fault that in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ now-pregnant Khloe or
from 2007 to 2009, 5.6 yards per carry. And Lakers, and his marriage Odom’s life went the way it 2016 title run, and sta- simply due to the general
encompassing Bush’s he also won the Super to Khloe was exactly in the did, but it certainly seems like tistically, he kept up that 2017 Cavs disfunction?
second through fourth sea- Bowl while they were middle of the two consecu- his life was ripped apart by the performance even after get- There’s no way to know for
sons in the NFL. If you’re dating. tive championships he won in Kardashian whirlwind. ting involved with Khloe. sure.




Kris Humphries NBA season. Humphries, Griffin is an NBA superstar blow to his celebrity ambi- Like Griffin, Jordan Julius Randle to playing
also dated Kim defying the apparent and was a borderline MVP tions? Will Jenner break up Clarkson is an NBA with Lebron James—a
Kardashian and was witchcraft that comes with candidate a few years ago. with Griffin because he is no player who lived in Los pretty clear career upgrade.
married to her in a dating a Kardashian, had He’s also an aspiring stand-up longer living in Hollywood? Angeles, was for a time If dating Jenner really
definitely-completely-real- a great year while they comedian. He is also in a How do we interpret Jenner dating Kendall Jenner and does cause trades, this one
and-not-a-publicity-stunt were together, averag- casual, on-again-off-again rela- wearing a Pistons hoodie on was recently traded to the seems to have worked out
way for a grand total of 72 ing 10 points and 10.4 tionship with Kendall Jenner. her Snapchat? It’s too early frigid Midwest. However, pretty well for Clarkson,
days. All in all, their entire rebounds—the second best Did Griffin’s relationship with to tell, but whatever happens Clarkson was traded to who will now more than
relationship lasted just a statistical season of his Jenner cause his recent trade next in Griffin’s career will the Cavaliers, meaning he likely play for an NBA title
little past the 2010-2011 career. to the Detroit Pistons, a major (probably) be Jenner’s fault. went from playing with in June.