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My Sta630 final term paper:

1.A researcher wants to examine the reasons of unstable and aggressive behavior of
children. He is intended to take interview of parents (mother & father) in their own home,
what will be the:
• Purpose of study
• The study setting
• The unit of analysis 2. Kamran is conducting a research on women empowerment in
Pakistan he is intended to collect data from women working in cooperate sector. He has
selected 700 females from different organizations working in textile, identify the
• Population
• Target population
• Sampling
3.A researcher student is not
clear about doubt-blind experiment help him to i=understand the double-blind
experiment with the help of an example?
4.A researcher wants to explore whether
personal and work life of women entrepreneurs is balanced or not since he knows very
little about the varieties of problem, which method of qualitative research he should
apply to gain in-depth knowledge?
5.A researcher collects data from different banks in
order to investigate the impact of job satisfaction on turnover intentions does the
researcher use field experiment, lab experiment or ex post facto design for this study,
justify your choice?
6.Researcher has asked following question from these respondents
through questionnaire on five point scale from strongly disagree. (1) To strongly agree (5)
I am satisfies with the salary as well as working environment of my organization, identify
the mistake in this statement, and discuss how mistake can be rectified?
7.Is it possible to
establish cause and affect relationship in true sense by using one shot study design?
nice closing of focus group discussion is very important? Explain few tips for successfully
focus group discussion?

Aug 7, 2017

+" Heaven Scent "+
Q- data collection related .
Q-which type of qualitative research use
?(scenario was given)
Q-which type of non prbability will use for research on (scenario
was given )
Q-unit of analysis
Q-pilot testing important in research ?
Q-pilot testing
Q- interference from non reactive data related
Q- difference between
Ethnography and Ethno-methodology .. Aug 7, 2017

Cute S@mra
Question no 1: Probing in the interview helps the researcher to get detailed
answers. What are the different tactics researcher cause to probe the respondents?
(Marks 03)

Question no 02: In order to present the data, a student has used frequency
distribution table, bar, chart & pie cart, the supervisor called this data presentation as
inappropriate. Discuss possible reason why such an intensive presentation is
inappropriate? (Marks 03)
Question no 03: A Trivariate table consist of dependent,
independent and control variable’s, differs slightly from the bivariate table. What are the
possible limitations of the Trivariate table? Explain any two? (Marks 03)
Question no 04:
what is the difference between the letter of transformation and letter of authorization?
(Marks 03)
Question no 05: Kamran is conduction a research on women empowerment
in Pakistan, He is intended to collect data from women working corporate sector. He has
selected 700 females from different organizations working in the textile industry. Identify
the following; (Marks 03)
a) Population
b) Target
c) Sample
Question no 06: Suppose you hire field worker for collecting
data through interviews for your research. What are the guiding principles of
interviewing which you wish to convey to field workers during training? (marks
Question no 07: Why establishing instrument reliability is an important part of
research? (marks 05)
Question no 08: how can u differentiate between “Simple Random”
and “Systematic Random” sampling? Provide example? (Marks 05)
Question no 09:
Researcher distributed questionnaire for taking responses from school teachers in order
to measure their satisfaction level. He/she collected the responses through email. On
examining the responses, the researcher comes to know that some question has an
unanswered response. Researcher allocated mid value to the unanswered responses. Do
you think researcher has correctly dealt with the issue of unanswered responses? what
are the other possible options available to the researcher? (marks 2.5+2.5)
Question no
10: Briefly explain the process of “Operationalization of variable”? (marks 05)
1 identify concept dimension and elements 5 marks
2 differentiate Letter of transmittal and Letter of authorization 3marks
3 Identify which sampling it is...its category and describe if breifly 5 marks it was
systematic sampling 5 marks
4 do u agree that statement ...pie chart histogram, bar chart for one variable can not give
complete information of elements 3 marks
5. code book se related q tha i forgot 5 marks
6 Field workers are necessary for research and collecting data . do u agree ...describe in
ur own words
kuch subjective n objective 36 to 43 lectures main se thy jo kaha gya tha k excluded hain
final term exam main coz unki videos nhi available thi... but they were included....any of luck to all of u