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User’s Manual – Please Read Before Using Your Recorder

User’s Manual
aTTo Digital Voice Recorder
Most of this manual is detailed in our YouTube video tutorial.
Please check this link:
Or search for “atto digital voice recorder” on YouTube

You just bought the smallest smart voice recorder.
We hope you’ll enjoy using this unique recorder developed by aTTo.

aTTo digital cannot be held responsible for any use of the aTTo Voice Recorder
without the necessary permission(s) needed for recording. The user is directly
responsible for researching and obeying the applicable laws. Please check the
local laws applicable in your area. Regardless of whether state or federal law
governs the situation, it is almost always illegal to record a phone call or private
conversation to which you are not a party, do not have consent from at least one
party, and could not naturally overhear.
aTTo digital can’t be held liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature
(direct, indirect, consequential, or other) which may arise as a result of a
person’s use of (or inability to use) our products.

● Appearance and buttons:

Main functions:

● Up to 1536Kbps PCM high fidelity recording

● OLED Display Screen
● Selectable Voice Activated Recordings (VOR or VOS is the same
● Time Stamped Recordings
● Password Protected Access
● Built-in High Sensitive Microphone
● Menu available 24 Languages
● Automatic section-break
● USB data transmission & charging


Before using your recorder first, please make sure that the device
is fully charged. Please connect the recorder to a computer via the
USB cable to charge. A complete charging process should not take
more than 2 hours. Charging the device more than 2 hours can
harm the battery of the device permanently.
● Turn on/off
To turn ON the recorder press the button for 2 seconds.
To turn OFF, long press again the button for 2 seconds.

● Main menu
After turning the recorder ON, the display menu can show as either of the 2
below. You can switch between the two modes by using the arrows.

● Record Mode
From main menu, please press the buttons to scroll to the Record
Mode and then press the "M" button to start recording. To stop recording
you should also press the "M" button. This will automatically save the
recorded file.
During recording the screen of your recorder will appear as below:

● One key recording
From the main menu interface, long hold press for 2 seconds the "M" button
to enter into the Record Mode and begin recording.
● Pause/Save

After pressing "M" button to start recording, you can press the button to
pause the recording. Press again the button to resume and continue
recording. To stop an ongoing recording and save the recorded file, press
the "M" button.

● Automatic section-break
The recorder will automatically save the recorded file after two hours of
continuous recording, and then create a new file to continue. When 2 hours
of recording tier is reaches, the file is saved and another one is created by
the recorder’s memory. At this moment, the display will turn on for a few
seconds indicating the switch between the 2 files, the complete one and the
new one. Keep that in mind when you use it in a specific situation that
require discretion.
● Play audio files
To playback the recordings, you need to connect the voice recorder to your
computer, using a USB cable.
If you’re using Windows, a dialog box may appear. If it does, select Open
folder to view files. On a Mac, a flash drive icon will usually appear on the

If a dialog box does not appear, open Windows Explorer (or Finder if
you’re using a Mac), and select the flash drive on the left side of the window.
Select and click on the flash drive name to access the files on the drive.
Double click on the “RECORD” folder to enter it and get access to the audio
In order to listen to the recordings, please right click on an audio file. From
the list that shows up please select “Open with” and choose from the new
list a media player. We do recommend VLC Player (free to download from
the internet on or BSPlayer (free to download from the
By selecting the desired media player, it will open and start to playback your

● Setting Mode
From the main menu press buttons to select Setting Mode, then press
"M" button to enter it. To exit Settings long press (for about 2 seconds) the
"M" button and you will return to the main menu.
Once in the Settings Mode please use to select the desired setting. To
save your new setting press "M" button and you’ll be automatically
redirected back to the previous menu.

● System time
Scroll in Setting mode until System time then press "M" button to enter,
then press the "M" button again to select the part you need to adjust. Use
to adjust the value as desired. After setting the proper time, press
button to save.

● Recording bit rate (Recordings Quality)

You can select between 4 different quality modes 32kbps, 192kbps, 512kbps
and 1536Kbps. To see which is better for you, you must run different tests
as per intended use so you can choose the one that is good enough for you.
Note: The higher the bit rate selected, the more memory space your
recordings will take and the faster will the battery drain. The battery can
last up to 24 hours in lowest bit rate mode but only up to 6 hours in highest
bit rate mode (highest recording quality).

● VOR/VOS Set ( Select the voice recording mode)

VOS set menu: Voice Activated Mode

The factory settings for the aTTo voice recorder are as follows: voice
activated mode with a bit rate of 192 kbps, with a battery life of up to 20
To select between recording modes, you need to go in Settings and adjust
the sensitivity of the microphone in VOR level from 0 to 10.
Settin the VOR level to “0” means that the VOR is deactivated and the
device will record continuously.
To activate VOR level and thus enable voice-activated recordings, you can
adjust the VOR sensitivity from 1 to 10 depending on the intent of use (1-
the most sensitive, 10-less sensitive). Please run different tests with different
values of the VOR to see which is better for your purpose.
When in voice-activated mode, the microphone of the recorder might not
capture some slight/whispered sounds. We cannot be held responsible for
the unrecorded information or incomplete information.
● Backlight
Use this function to adjust the time after which the display of the reorder
will turn off after you start recordings and you don’t press any button in the
meantime. For example, if set to 10, that means: 10 seconds after you put
the device in record mode, the display light will turn off and will stay off
until you press a button (any button). Also, if you don’t start to record and
you don’t press any button for 10 seconds, the display will shut down. Press
any button to wake up the display.

● Language
You can select the language in which your recorder will operate. The default
language set is English but there other 23 languages available.
In order to change the language, please follow the next steps:
- Go to Setting mode, press M button to access the Settings menu, use
up and down arrows from the left of the device until you get to the
„Languages” menu, press “M” to enter submenu.
- Use the up and down arrows to navigate through the languages list and
press M button to select the desired language.
- If select a wrong language that impede you to operate your device,
please press the UP arrow for 15 seconds to reset the device to factory default
language - english*
*available for the late 2017 devices – to identify the model please check if
the device has white screen display

● Power off
This setting is designed to adjust the seconds after which your recorder will
automatically shut down in case of inactivity.
The power off setting refers to the number of seconds after the device will
automatically power off if no button is pressed, if the device is NOT in the
recording mode.
Sleep Off option: You can set the number to indicate the desired count of
minutes after the device will automatically power off EVEN while
recording. Use this setting only if you desire to power off the device after a
specific period of time. If you notice that the device automatically stops
recording after a fixed time and you don’t want that, make sure that the sleep
off value is set to 0 (zero).

● Contrast
Adjust the contrast of the LCD screen.
Tip: try to use the device in a place without bright light.

● Memory information
Allows you to check how much free space does the recorder’s memory have.
Note: If you try to start recording and you get the message: “Overflow” it
means that the device has a full memory, and you must download your
recorded files into computer or, if you don’t need them anymore, you can
delete all the files choosing the FORMAT option from the settings menu.

● Format Device*
This operation will erase all the records from the device, directly from the
voice recorder’s menu, without needing a computer. If you need to delete
specific files, you must use a computer.
To format the device, follow the next steps:
*please back up your files before doing this operation, since all data will
be erased from the voice recorder!
Go to setting mode, press M button to enter the Setting menu, use the up or
down arrows to navigate through the setting menu, then press M button to
select the „Format” operation. Confirm with “YES” by pressing M button.

● Firmware version
Check the firmware version of the device. There is no public firmware for
this device since it’s a custom product and not a mass production one. We
assure you that the device already contains the most updated firmware
● Password setting

The recorder can be used without any password on it (the default setting is
“0000” password which means that no password is required to access your
To set your password, go in the main menu, choose setting mode, then select
password. In the password menu, you’ll find the “0000” default setup.
To change one of the password digits, press "M" button to select the part
which you need to adjust then press the button to adjust the figure.
After done the above, press button to save and exit.
Setting up a password means that every time you will initiate the device you
will be required to input it to be able to access the menu of the recorder.
Also, if you connect the device to the computer, you need to input the
password to make the partition of the device visible.

To disable the password protection feature, from the main menu, go in the
password setting > select 0000 as a new password, then press button to
save and exit.

To change password please use the one that you previously set to acces the
device’s menu, then go to Password submenu. When the device asks for the
original password, input it again as follows: your password, press button
once short and after that you can input a new password or leave 0000 to

leave the device password free. Press button again to save the new
Note: Activate the function only if you need it. The device works the
same even if you don’t set a password.
If you forget the password, you must contact our customer support team
( to provide you the master password for
resetting your device. Don’t google it, you won’t find nothing about
resetting the password on the internet.

● Reset to factory default*
*available for the late 2017 devices – to identify the model please check if
the device has white screen display.
To reset the device to factory default settings please press the up arrow from
the left side of the device for 15 seconds.
When the reset is completed, on the device’s display will appear the message

● Computer connection
To connect the recorder to the computer please use the USB cable provided
in the box. When CONNECTED the device can also work as a removable
flash drive.
NOTE: ‼ DO NOT STORE data files into the RECORD folder. If you
need to store personal files on the device, put them directly into the root,
next RECORD folder.

While connected to the computer the device is also in charging mode. The
internal polymer battery of the recorder will take about 1 hour to charge and
will automatically stop charging when full.


battery of the recorder on the long run.

After charging/downloading the files finished, please remove the USB

device safely by clicking the USB icon at the right bottom of the desktop,
then disconnect the USB cable from the PC. If you use a MAC, you must
click “EJECT” the device.
If you charge it with a wall power supply just remove the device from the

● Recording while Charging
aTTo Voice Recorder can also record while charging thus ensuring limitless
autonomy (until the memory space is full).
Ensure that the device is turned off when you connect it to a power supply.
Then connect it to a power source and turn it ON. Then press the M button
to start recording.
To use the computer as a charger, before you press “M” button, you must do
a software remove device:
- for Windows – you must do Safely remove hardware
- for macOS, you must select eject the device. (if you don’t know how
to do it please search on Google for it).
You must not physically remove the aTTo Voice Recorder from

Battery - Li Ion battery, supports more than 1000 charging cycles if the
device is used according to this manual.
When fully charged, aTTo can record for:
 about 24 hours at 32Kbps bit rate
 about 20 hours at 192Kbps bit rate
 about 18 hours at 512Kbps bit rate
 about 9 hours at 1536Kbps bit rate.

Technical Specifications:

Dimension:31mm*27mm*11 mm Weight:9g
Power Supply:Polymer battery 3.7V about120mAh
Recording Format: WAV,32Kbps/192Kbps/512Kbps/1536Kbps
4GB - Recording Time:285hours/47hours/18hours/6hours
8GB - Recording Time:570hours/94hours/36hours/12hours
16GB - Recording Time:1140hours/188hours/72hours/24hours
Selectable Voice Activated Recordings
Password Protected Recordings
Support System:Windows 7/8/10/Android/MacOS

For any technical support you can always contact us on:


Best regards,
aTTo Digital Support Team