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Reviewer in Em-tech


____1. Hold the objects in your slide.

____2. Slide that is currently being used.
____3. Displays all of the slides in a presentation.
____4. The most commonly used view to create,
edit or modify your PowerPoint presentation.
____5. A place that you add notes to each slide’s content.
____6. Used to view the text of the presentation as well as edit it.
____7. Used in normal view to navigate from one slide to another.
____8. For zooming in and out of the application window quickly and easily.
____9. Commonly used to delete slides, rearrange slides, cut, copy or paste slides
____10. Displays the number of the slide that is currently displayed, the total
number of slides, and the name of the design template in use or the
name of the background.

____1. The act of placing objects within the presentation

____2. This is used to represent information in a graphical
manner. It makes complex data more visually
appealing to the average user.
____3. The file extension PNG stands for
____4. A presentation tool developed by Microsoft
which uses slides to convey information rich in
____5. A text or object that contains a link to another file,
wed page, a place in a document, a link to a new
document, or an email address.
____6. The following are common image file formats used
in the internet EXCEPT(JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG) ____17. The use of various services, such as software
____7. Making your designs uniform development platforms, servers, storage and software, over
____8. The Image file format which supports animation the internet. It does not need any installation, you just need
and transparency an internet connection to access it.
____9. Using graphics that attract, not distract the audience ( Image hosting, Online platforms, Cloud computing, Open-
____10. Emphasis is to attract; rhythm is to create source software)
____11. These are visual elements creating a sense of
unity ____18. A free blogging platform which is one of the most
where they relate well with one another. popular.
____12. It uses several design elements to draw a viewer’s (Facebook, Linkedln, Photobucket, WordPress)
____13. This is achieved when visual elements create a
sense of organized movement .
____14. It is the process of editing multiple pictures at once ____19. Websites specializing in storing photographs.
using one setting. (Infographics, Image hosting, Application platforms,
(editor, batch edit, animation, collage) Open-source software)
____15. Allow you to create not only personal account but
also pages and groups where you can share
content ____20. A free image hosting site that allows you to share
(Blogging, Application platforms, Social media platforms, photos over the internet.
Online shopping platforms) (Photoscape, Picasa, Photobucket, Piktochart)
____16. A free image manipulation tool that has batch edit,
viewer, and paper print features
( Photoscape, GIMP, Photobucket, Pixlr)

_______1. Slide show is the most commonly used view to create, edit or modify your PowerPoint presentation.
_______2. To insert a hyperlink, go to the Insert tab then click the Hyperlink option.
_______3. To embed an object, go to the Insert tab and under the Illustrations Group, click Object.
_______4. Action buttons are found in the Insert > Shapes.
_______5. Use dark text on light backgrounds.
_______6. Use as many slides as you can so that the audience can clearly understand your message.
_______7. Limit the content of your slides to seven lines.
_______8. PowerPoint Presentation is a form of visual aid.
_______9. A different theme or background on each slide makes your PowerPoint more unified.
_______10. External Hyperlinks point to a portion of the same document.

IV. Write the functions of the ff. shortcut keys;

1. Crtl + K
2. Crtl + N
3. Crtl + O
4. Crtl + L
5. Crtl + V
6. Crtl + X
7. Crtl + H
8. Crtl + I
9. Crtl + M
10. Crtl + P
11. Crtl + J
12. Crtl + Q
13. Crtl + S
14. Crtl + U
15. Crtl + A
16. Crtl + C
17. Crtl + Z
18. Crtl + R
19. Crtl + B
20. Crtl + F