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The Work Of Wind – Land

K. Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783981863581 Acqn 29416
Hb 19x25cm 336pp 60ills 45col £33.75

This volume is the first of a three-part series of curatorial and editorial instantiations of the
Beaufort scale of wind force, co-edited by Christine Shaw and Etienne Turpin. While the title
might suggest a project about weather, the contributions address the forces of composition and
decomposition predicated on the complex entanglements of ecologies of excess, environmental
legacies of colonialism, the financialization of nature, contemporary catastrophism, and politics of
sustainability, climate justice, and resilience. Among the more than 20 artists, writers, academics,
and other contributors are Ilana Halperin, Jesse Birch, Anna Feigenbaum, Tania Willard, Mimi
Onuoha, and Tomas Saraceno.

Swim City
Christoph Merian Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783856168896 Acqn 29691
Pb 20x27cm 224pp col ills £46

Urban swimming is more popular than ever. When it comes to swimming in rivers, Swiss cities
are international trailblazers. Moreover, in places like London, New York, Paris, and Berlin,
increasing numbers of people are seeking access to the rivers, harbours, and canals in the built
environment. Rivers and their banks are gradually being seen as natural public resources, a
place of leisure that is both convenient and firmly anchored in everyday life. Together with an
exhibition at the Swiss Architecture Museum, this book documents this recent phenomenon,
exploring how cities can reclaim their waters as a spatial resource and sustainably improve the
quality of urban life.

Volume 55 - Intangible Cultural Heritage

Archis Foundation 2019 ISBN 9789077966655 Acqn 29688
Pb 24x33cm 72pp col ills £21.95

When we think of heritage, it is to protect and preserve our presence in the past. Heritage informs
discourse about our identity and reminds us of not just who we were, but who we are. But
consider the necessity of change and dynamism. What we want to preserve and why we want to
preserve it is not set in stone. Institutionalising preservation of the intangible could be a threat to
its own survival. The contributions and interviews in this issue delve into the politics and practices
of safeguarding the intangible, looking at the kickback effects on tangible cultural heritage and
exploring the hegemonic role that modernity still plays in shaping heritage institutions, ideas, and

a2o-architecten - Statie Stuifduin

nai010 publishers 2019 ISBN 9789462084957 Acqn 29242
Hb 23x27cm 136pp col ills £39

In this book, Belgian architecture office a2o presents an investigative and connecting approach to
architecture through an evocative reading of their latest project, crematorium Statie Stuifduin in
Lommel, Belgium. This thoughtful yet radical design blends architecture and landscape in a
succession of spaces that reveals a deep understanding of both the fundamental aspects of and
changing attitudes towards death, burial, and the journey of life. Rather than through explicit
religious symbols, the sacral is represented by the universal power of nature and by Romantic
notions of finding meaning in rediscovered nature.

Carrilho Da Graca Arquitectural Guide

A+A Books 2019 ISBN 9789899846296 Acqn 29499
14x19cm 186pp col ills £46.00

Architect Joao Luis Carrilho da Graca has been active since the early 1990s, and has produced a
range of built works throughout his native Portugal. In a preface to this guide he writes, "However
intense and persistent our attention to the programme, the site, the construction system, and the
detail we do not wish to show, much of it is fragile. The more we build, the greater the map of our
concerns." Featuring more than 40 projects, the guide serves as both a documentation of the
architect's prolific output and an in-depth examination of his style and approach. It includes
extensive textual analyses by Michel Toussaint and Marta Sequeira, as well as detailed profiles of
each built work.

El Croquis 199 - Smiljan Radic (2013-2019) The Weight Of The World

El Croquis 2019 ISBN 9788412003413 Acqn 29643
Pb 25x34cm 424pp col ills £83.50

Chilean architect Smiljan Radic is widely recognised for his distinctive approach to form,
materials, and natural settings, and this edition of the magazine pays tribute to his talent by
presenting his most recent projects. Featuring a conversation with Radic and Enrique Walker, it
presents 25 designs ranging from a wine cellar, bus stop, chapel, antenna tower, and several
houses, to the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art in Santiago, the Boca Sur Civic District, the
Alexander McQueen Project, the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London, and the Beyeler
Foundation near Basel, which owns and oversees the art collection of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler.

Mind-Building - Catalogue of the Exhibition at the Pavilion of Finland at La Biennale

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2019 ISBN 9789529404087 Acqn 29673
Pb 17x23cm 248pp 130ills 80col £23.50

Mind-Building tells the story of Finnish public libraries and library architecture throughout the
times. It presents 17 library buildings from different periods, grouped under specific themes and
curated by architectural critic and scholar Anni Vartola, with texts describing the themes,
drawings and photos of the buildings and extracts from different sources such as newspapers,
competition briefs and architectural reviews.