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Rembrandt X Rijksmuseum
Rijksmuseum 2019 ISBN 9789462085091 Acqn 29484
Pb 15x21cm 824pp 382col ills £45

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is home to the world's largest collection of paintings by

Rembrandt, plus a vast assembly of his drawings and etchings. For the first time, all 22 paintings
and 60 drawings, as well as a selection of 300 etchings from the collection are presented together
in the exhibition 'Rembrandt x Rijksmuseum'. It offers an unparalleled perspective on Rembrandt
the artist, the person, and the storyteller, elucidating his innovation in painting technique and
subject in the 17th-century art world. In this book, the reproductions of drawings and etchings are
in many cases larger than their original size, allowing his work to be studied more closely and in

Manon Van Kouswijk - Making Faces A Jewellery Playbook

Manon Van Kouswijk 2019 ISBN 9780646994185 Acqn 29267
Pb 20x28cm 54pp 22ills 20col £37.50

Dutch artist and contemporary jeweller Manon van Kouswijk's working methodology is based on
exploring and translating archetypal jewellery forms and motifs through a range of materials and
processes. An integral aspect of her practice is the framing and contextualising of her work
through the making of exhibitions and artist's publications. While rooted in a conceptual approach
to making, her works embrace the sensual qualities of objects in their use of colour, weight,
sound, rhythm, and material expression. This book, with its expressive, beaded characters of
necklaces arranged as masks, suggests that if jewellery has a face, we might form an emotional
connection with it.

Tom Polo - Paris Drawings: The Most Elaborate Disguise

Perimeter Editions 2019 ISBN 9780987637130 Acqn 29647
Pb 22x30cm 80pp 60col ills £38

Australian artist Tom Polo uses painting and painted environments to explore how conversation,
doubt, gesture, and ways of looking are embodied within abstracted acts of portraiture. His works
often come from acute observations, absurdist encounters, and personal histories. Drawing on a
body of work made during his 2016 residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, Polo's
first book says much about his distinctive, mildly idiosyncratic approach to drawing, painting, and
the portrait. The 48 imaginary portraits it presents reveal a language that proves both playful and
pointed, naive yet with an astute painterly syntax and sensibility. With an essay by curator Justin

Anthony Cragg - Sculptures And Drawings

Schirmer Mosel Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783829608817 Acqn 29678
Hb 21x31cm 120pp 68col ills £43.50

On the occasion of the installment of Anthony Cragg's sculpture Gabelung (Furcation) in the
gardens of the Franz Marc Museum in Kochel, Bavaria, this publication presents sculptures and
drawings by the artist and his essay "Sculptures and Language" exploring the question, "how
someone can pursue for a lifetime something seemingly as pointless as sculpture." With a
foreword by Cathrin Klingsohr-Leroy and texts by Anthony Cragg and Jon Wood.

Konrad Fischer Years 1964-1978

Herbert Foundation 2019 ISBN 9789082083958 Acqn 29692
Pb 17x23cm 48pp ills £21

Konrad Fischer opened his exhibition space in 1967 with the first European solo presentation of
Carl Andre. Located in a converted alley in Dusseldorf, the gallery offered a platform for emerging
international artists. Through his exhibition programme, Fischer enabled contact between
European and American artists, transforming Dusseldorf into an international hot spot. With this
book, the Herbert Foundation pays homage to the atypical art dealer who left an undeniable mark
on its collection. The subjective reflection on Fischer's activities and role within the international
art world of the time includes a reprint of Fischer's first interview in 1971 and a critical essay by
Lynda Morris.

Bastard Cookbook - Antto Melasniemi, Rirkrit Tiravanija

Garret Publications 2019 ISBN 9789527222102 Acqn 29695
Pb 17x24cm 200pp col ills £36

Rirkrit Tiravanija and Antto Melasniemi have a shared appreciation for breaking the rules, so this
book is less of a "coffee table cookbook" and more like its twisted sister. It comprises a collection
of texts, exhortations, culinary scenarios, and ingredients and preparations, and is intended to
liberate the modern gourmand from essentialism. The authors offer what one could refer to as an
"adulterated" fare to its purist counterpart, with over 50 preposterous recipes. Through a
collaborative exploration into the realms of food and cosmopolitanism, the cookbook proposes
that the key to appreciating the idiosyncrasies of an unfamiliar culture is perhaps through a
hybridised form.

Hokusai's Brush
Seigensha Art Publishing 2019 ISBN 9784861527098 Acqn 29466
Pb 15x30cm 144pp col ills £32.50

This book presents a wildly diverse compendium of paintings, drawings, and sketches by the
prolific Japanese artist and ukiyo-e printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, all of which can be found in
the collection of the Freer Gallery of Art at the Smithsonian Institution. The artworks cover a wide
range of subject matter and forms, and are reproduced both in full and detail, highlighting the skill,
creativity, and attentiveness of this undisputed master of his craft.

Sonic Acts 2019 – Hereafter

Sonic Acts Press 2019 ISBN 9789082321654 Acqn 29539
Pb 17x24cm 320pp col ills £21.95

Celebrating 25 years of the Sonic Acts festival, this publication is dedicated to the theme of
"Hereafter". Both a reality check and an urgent call to rethink and act on the significant problems
we are facing today, more than 120 artists and theorists addressed the theme, invited to share
their visions and thoughts on the possibilities for survival beyond our current neo-liberal
catastrophe in the epoch of the Anthropocene. The festival "reader" collects a selection of these
contributions from conference speakers, performers, filmmakers, and various participants. Rather
than "looking back" on a quarter century of the festival, it is devoted to confronting the concerns
raised by its numerous participants.

Virtual Reality - Edition Digital Culture 6

Christoph Merian Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783856168872 Acqn 29693
Pb 11x18cm 300pp col ills £21.95

Computer developers have dreamed of virtual reality since the early days of programming. With
digitisation, our ambition to transcend the world of flat images, to immerse ourselves into an
artificial environment, is now within reach. This book illuminates the potential of new forms of
immersion in the field of culture, with examples from film, television, museums, art, gaming,
education, and more. It features projects such as Birdly and Desktop: Jacob Burckhardt Digital,
as well as the work of artists such as Melodie Mousset. Wider applications in medicine,
architecture, archaeology, and reconstruction are also examined. The appendix includes a
glossary of relevant terms.

Gabor Palotai – COSMOS

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2019 ISBN 9789163980022 Acqn 29658
Hb 22x22cm 88pp 74col ills £45

In his artist book COSMOS, Gabor Palotai displays a distinct graphic vision of outer space. He
turns planets, galaxies, moons, and stars into an abstract art. The book illustrations consist of
circles with intense patterns in white, black and orange. The circles are differently sized and have
their own pattern that shapes the edges of their circle. The effect is striking: each circle has its
own identity from within and yet relates to one another. This is also highlighted on the book cover,
where the lenticular shows two images in one. The 72 illustrations put forward that each individual
represents its own cosmos. The patterns in contrasting colors create a graphic rhythm that seem
to make the circles swell, shrink and spin. The optical illusions open up for imagination: You are
your own cosmos. The intricate graphic patterns invite to contemplation and extend outer space
into your inner life.

Vigeland - The Power and Feeling of Sculpture

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2019 ISBN 9789198533507 Acqn 29668
Hb 21x27cm 160pp col ills £30

Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) is a unique and towering figure in Scandinavian art history.
Influenced by antiquity, the Middle Ages, Renaissance and - not least - Auguste Rodin, he still
struck out his own path and broke new ground. With an emotive and dramatic expression his
works portray humanity and the different stages of human life. With more than 200 sculptures, the
Vigeland Park inside Oslo's Frogner Park is Gustav Vigeland's principal accomplishment. Here,
visitors encounter the full range of human emotions, from expressions of love and tenderness to
darker, erotic and melancholic aspects. The photographer Yanan Li revisited Vigeland's work in
Stockholm and Oslo. Through the camera lens, the impressive and monumental works reveal
themselves as intimate and fragile.

On Reconcilliation
K. Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783981863529 Acqn 29573
Hb 15x22cm 256pp ills £28.50

A series of reflections on the correspondence between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger,
from 1925 to 1975, as a means to think about moral responsibility, ethical indebtedness, and the
role of intellectuals in times of political urgency. These reflections were initiated by Dora Garcia,
who was joined by Simon Asencio, Rebecka, Katz Thor, Nikola Mirkovic, Anna-Sophie Springer,
Mark Thomas, Yuliya Tsutserova, Etienne Turpin, and Adiano Wilfert Jensen.