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Medium Voltage Inverter

04 Medium Voltage Inverter
05 Medium Voltage Inverter—
General-Purpose Type
25 Medium Voltage Inverter—
Four-Quadrant Type
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Medium Voltage Inverter

MegaVert is an IGBT-type medium voltage inverter independently developed and produced by Vertiv using the world's
cutting-edge power electronics technologies as a whole. Using the Sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) control technology to
achieve variable frequency control on medium voltage motors, the inverter is supposed to improve the variable speed
of the motors, increase the control level, device power factor and operating efficiency of medium voltage drive systems,
meet the process control requirements, reduce motor energy consumption, and therefore realize energy saving and
environmental protection.

Application Scope
Oil and petrochemical
Main pipeline pump
Water injection pump
Electric submerged pump
Mining Brine water pump
Descaling pump
Exhaust blower

Vertiv Medium
Voltage Inverter Water supply

Main ventilating fan

Belt conveyor
Mine hoist
Gas pump
Drain pump
Purification pump
Clean water pump


Induced draft fan

Primary fan
Booster fan
Condensate water pump
Boiler feed pump Cooler exhaust blower
Circulating water pump Pre-heater exhaust blower
High-temperature circulating fan
Raw material mill circulating fan
Blast furnace blower
Cement mill circulating fan
Dust collecting blower
Coal mill circulating fan
High-temperature blower
Slurry pump
Circulating water pump

Medium Voltage InverterGeneral-Purpose Type

System Composition
Transformer cabinet Cooling fan
„„ The input-side phase shifting transformer „„ With a world-class cooling fan, which
isolates the primary side voltage from the boasts large air volume and renowned
secondary side voltage. The phase difference as long life low failure rate and reliable
between the secondary side windings is fixed performance. The professional CFD
to form a multi-pulse rectification mode, which thermal design ensures good heat
enables the harmonic currents to be cancelled, dissipation of the inverter and improves
thereby significantly improving the current product reliability.
waveform on the grid side, increasing the power
factor on the grid side, and eliminating harmonic
pollution of an inverter on the power grid.
„„ The transformer uses H-class insulation,
professional security design and high-quality
ferrite core, so the anti-short-circuit capability
and reliability are improved.

„„ High-definition color LCD
„„ Simplified Chinese and English
„„ System status display, parameter
setting and query, and fault
display functions which facilitate
customer commissioning,
maintenance, and monitoring of
device running

„„ The power units of MegaVert series medium voltage
inverter are serialized to obtain medium voltage.
Three-phase 10 kV or 6 kV AC is supplied to the
power units by shifting the phases one by one by
the 8 or 5 secondary coil voltage of each phase on
Control cabinet
secondary side of the phase shifting transformer.
The three phases total 24 or 15 power units which „„ With DSP+FPGA three-core control and
form a Y-shape link structure. PWM waveform can be separate operation of logic and algorithm, the
obtained at the output end by controlling the IGBT on control cabinet enables devices to run stably
and off, and waveform synthesis can be implemented and respond quickly. Besides, the inverter
by serialization of 8 or 5 power units to directly output can implement V/F control, vector control,
medium voltage sine wave to drive medium voltage DTC control, and other control modes to meet
motors. different customer requirements.

Typical Topologic Structure


MegaVert is a voltage-
source-type medium
Power unit
voltage inverter with high- CB1 CB2
Medium voltage input

Electric motor
high structure. The input


of the inverter is directly M
connected to 3/6/10 kV
medium voltage bus, and
Phase shifting transformer
power units are serialized
to achieve 0~3/6/10 kV I/O

harmonic-free output using Power supply

Logic control
the phase shifting principle.

Remote control
Control unit
General medium voltage

motors can be directly
driven without any booster Option
and filter device.
System structure diagram of MegaVert medium voltage inverter

Power unit
A1 B1 C1
Power unit N
A2 B2 C2
A1 B1 C1
Power unit N

MegaVert medium voltage

A3 B3 C3
A1 B1 C1 A2 B2 C2
A4 B4 C4
inverter uses multi-unit AC 3kV A2 B2 C2
AC 6kV
A3 B3 C3 AC 10kV
Power A5 B5 C5
serialization structure. The grid A3 B3 C3
grid A4 B4 C4 grid
A6 B6 C6
input of a power unit is Phase shifting 3kV motor M
A5 B5 C5
A7 B7 C7

connected to the auxiliary transformer Phase shifting

transformer 6kV motor M A8 B8 C8

winding output of a phase Phase shifting

shifting transformer, and transformer 10kV motor M

the output of the power

units is cascaded to form a A A A

Y-shape link structure and

A3 A5 A8

A4 A7

output 3/6/10 kV variable-




A2 A3 AN

frequency power by
A2 A2

A1 A1 A1












3kV 6kV 10kV

Perfect Output Waveform and System Efficiency

The combination of high-performance parts with optimal design of MegaVert medium voltage inverter ensures a system
efficiency higher than 97%. Without any compensation device, the power factor exceeds 0.96 (load > 20%).

100 100

90 90

Power factor (%)

Efficiency (%)

80 80

70 70

60 60

0       50      100 -2000 0       50      100

Electric motor speed (%) Electric motor speed (%)

2.005 2.01 2.015 2.02 2.025 2.03 2.035 2.04 2.045
The inverter outputs approximately perfect sine waves using
SPWM technology. Output waveform complies with power quality 8000
standards of GB/T 14549-93 and IEEE519-1992. 6000
Advantages of perfect sine waves: 0
„„ Without wave filter or power compensation device of any form, -4000

harmonic problem can be avoided during motor running. -6000


„„ The phase shifting transformer can effectively eliminate impact 2.005 2.01 2.015 2.02 2.025 2.03 2.035

of common-mode inverter voltage on motors, and prevent

insulation stress that is caused by the common-mode motor Voltage waveform of serialized output

„„ Precise SPWM technology ensures a small dV/dT and sets

unstrict requirements to cable length.






2.005 2.01 2.015 2.02 2.025 2.03 2.035 2.04 2.045

Voltage waveform output by single module 50 Hz output voltage and current (measured) waveform

2.005 2.01 2.015 2.02 2.025 2.03 2.035

Reliable Power Unit

„„The reliable security design ensures power unit insulation

from cabinets.
„„The draw-out structure facilitates power unit draw-out
from a cabinet for maintenance.
„„(Optional) Bypass technology ensures reliability of power

Bypass technology of power units:

When a power unit fails, the main
control system automatically
detects the failure of the unit, Connected to

and triggers the bypass circuit Q1 Q2

output of upper-
level unit

of the faulty unit through a

special bypass communication A 2
fiber to enable the power unit to
automatically disconnect. Beside,
Q3 Q4
the main controller inside the
Main control system

Connected to
output of lower-
inverter switches over the same- level unit

level power units of the other two

phases to the bypass circuit to Control loop of power Bypass control loop of
balance the three-phase voltage unit power unit
output of the inverter.

The bypass time of the power units 1 Main loop of power unit 2 Bypass loop of power unit 3 Control loop of power unit

reaches millisecond level, so the

output fluctuation is minimized to
ensure load running.

Outstanding Product Features

The main control system of MegaVert medium voltage inverter is a MegaVert medium voltage inverter facilitates operation and maintenance.
multi-core control platform with which system performance is improved
significantly. „„ Be compatible with different mainstream protocols (Modbus, Profibus,
DeviceNet, and InterBus) which facilitates onsite reconstruction and
„„ With one system DSP, one control DSP, and one FPGA, logic control is remote commissioning.
isolated from algorithm control.
„„ Be configured with a large color touchscreen which provides Chinese
„„ The core CPU is encapsulated using BGA, so the dimensions and and English interfaces, concise menu and help function, and facilitates
power consumption are greatly reduced, and performance stability is operation.
„„ Integrate fault diagnosis function to enable users to query current and
„„ DSP works at 150 MHz, boasts operation capability as high as 150 historical fault information and operation events and implement fault
MIPS, supports high-precision high-speed operation, and enables diagnosis and analysis.
interruption at high speed. The data processing performance of the
DSP is outstanding. „„ Allow front maintenance. The power units adopt pushing and pulling
structure to facilitate maintenance. The main control software provides
intelligent fault locating function to enable users to quickly locate a
faulty unit. Maintenance time is greatly shortened, and maintenance
efficiency is improved.

+ +

System DSP Control DSP FPGA

MegaVert medium voltage inverter inherits professional and reliable in advance via external AC380V power supply through the secondary
advantages or Vertiv series products. The inverter is designed in strict side of the transformer. The no-load current during closing start is
accordance with harsh conditions to ensure its unparalleled features. decreased, and the impact on the transformer and module is lowered.

„„ Main parts are purchased from renowned suppliers and they boast „„ Powered in a scientific mode, the cooling fan can switch over to an
redundancy and high reliability, and completely adapt to extreme external power supply to continue running for additional 10 minutes if
conditions. the high-voltage power supply is disconnected, to ensure that the heat
generated in the cabinet is dissipated in time and does not accumulate.
„„ The main control board adopts 8-layer PCB design, the power module
The life of parts inside the cabinet is extended.
adopts 4-layer PCB design, and all PCBs are painted three layers to
ensure that the medium voltage inverter runs reliably in different harsh
„„ The control system uses multi-level redundant power supplies.
AC380V output on secondary side of the phase shifting transformer
and AC380V mains are converted to parallel DC to implement
redundant hot backup and require no switching time. A super capacitor
provides backup power supply to ensure reliable power supply of the
control system to the maximum degree.
„„ With the exclusive wide voltage output technology, the inverter can
run in derating mode without downtime if the grid voltage drops down
to 55% of the rated voltage for a short time.
„„ With the unique pre-charging technology, power units can be charged

Outstanding Product Functions

A Uninterrupted running in case of

instantaneous power failure Power
Grid voltage

If the voltage of a power supply drops or is cut off within


300 ms, the inverter continues to trace the output of the speed

motor speed to maintain that the DC bus voltage of all voltage

power units is greater than the under-voltage of the DC bus. Output


This function ensures uninterrupted running of the inverter.

Uninterrupted running in case Frequency adjustment
of instantaneous power failure

Function time sequence diagram

B Speed tracing function

In spite of the load running status, the inverter checks command

accurately and determines current load status before Motor

output, and outputs a frequency that matches current Output
load speed, to ensure that the motor is started smoothly at voltage

current speed without over-current. Output



Free shutdown Speed tracing Frequency adjustment

Speed tracing time sequence diagram

C Multi-segment speed running Output frequency

15th segment

The inverter can run following the preset multi-segment

speed curve. Up to 16 segments of speed can be set, and the
acceleration and deceleration slopes between two segments
of speed can be set as required. Common

Run command Time


Multi-segment speed running diagram

D PLC function
The inverter can change the operating frequency band 50H z
according to the received instruction. The acceleration and 40H z
deceleration can be set for specific frequency band. 30H z
The PLC mainly implements segment-based speed and time 20H z
combination function. In some cases, required speed may 10H z

vary with time due to process requirements. The PLC can O

T1 T2 T3 T4 T
meet this requirement. Up to 16 segments of speed can be
PLC diagram

E Embedded PID
A PID controller is reserved in the inverter. PID parameters are settable. PID control is a common method of process
control with which, the proportion, integral and differential operation is performed on the deviation between the
feedback signal of the controlled amount and the signal of the target amount to adjust the output frequency of the
inverter and constitute the feedback system that stabilizes the controlled amount on the target amount. This function
applies to process control such as flow control, pressure control, and temperature control.
Y P adjustment
Proportion link P curve
I adjustment curve
PI adjustment

+ + u Controlled
Input e
Integral link I
+ amount

- + Target

Differential link I

F Energy saving calculation function

The energy saving calculation function of the inverter
calculates saved electricity amount and cost in real time
based on cumulative energy saving time and electricity
price input, enabling users to view energy saving effect
clearly and intuitively.

User-Friendly Operation Interface

The operation interface is a high-definition color LCD touchscreen with beautiful screen design and level-based menu.
The language version of the interface is Simplified Chinese, and the interface shows events, alarms and fault names,
operating parameters, function code names, and function parameter range. The parameter copy function is provided.

1. Show a system running diagram and I/O voltage and current of the system.
2. Show a topology and status of any module, for example, input voltage and bus voltage of a module.
3. Enable optional parts and their status to be displayed, including input, output, and circuit breaker status.
4. Provide help and fault diagnosis function.

Diversified Communication Modes and Interfaces

Remote Communication
MegaVert medium voltage inverter supports local control, remote control, and background control, as well as different
mainstream protocols (Modbus, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, and InterBus), and can complete remote commissioning,
configuration, and monitoring, providing users with seamless soft connection during system integration.

Remote status Operation Maintenance Asset

monitoring management management Remote upgrade management

Ethernet and others

PC Adapter


External Wiring Diagram

Output terminal of main loop

Trans- AC three phases of output loop power supply
former Power unit cabinet
Input terminal of main CT1 cabinet 10 kV 50 Hz (or 6 kV 50 Hz)
L1 U
loop A An A1
AC three phases of main loop power supply
10 kV 50 Hz (or 6 kV 50 Hz) B Bn B1 M
L3 Cn C1
C Loaded motor

Control terminal X10

of power supply L11 L11
L12 L12
L13 L13

Earthing terminal PE
Digital signal input terminal
Eight-channel passive relay
Touchscreen Touchscreen RS485 Control cabinet Dry contact output (Y1-Y8)
PA11-J200:40 System ready (Y1)
Digital input terminal PA11-J200:42
Four-way passive dry contact input (x1-x4) PA11-J200:44 Permitted startup (Y2)
Remote pre-charging closing (x1) PA11-J200:46
PA11-J200:35 PA11-J200:48 Variable-frequency running (Y3)
Remote opening (x2)
Remote startup (x3) PA11-J200:37 PA11-J200:50
Remote shutdown (x4) PA11-J200:39 PA11-J200:52 Remote control (Y4)
Pubic end PA11-J200:32
PA11-J200:56 Inverter alarm (Y5)
Four-way optical coupler input (x5-x8)
PA11-J200:27 PA11-J200:60 Inverter fault (Y6)
Remote fault resetting (x5)
PA11-J200:29 PA11-J200:62
Standby (x6)
Standby (x7) PA11-J200:30 Standby (Y7)
Standby (x8) PA11-J200:31 PA11-J200:68
Pubic end PA11-J200:28 PA11-J200:70
Standby (Y8)
24V power supply PA11-J200:1
output PA11-J200:2
24V- Eight-channel passive transistor
Feedback signal input of high-voltage X8:7 Dry contact output standby (Y11-Y18)
circuit breaker
(AC220V is provided
in the inverter. Take
X8:8 PA11-J200:12-26 Contact output standby (Y11-Y18)
care during wiring)
External EPO emergency stop (NC PA11-J201:17 X8:1
dry contact)
PA11-J201:18 X8:2 Circuit breaker closing output

Analog input terminal Circuit breaker opening output
One-way -10V ~ +10V
PA11-J200:43 Transducer +
Differentiated input standby PA11-J200:45 -
Analog output terminal
PA11-J200:47 Transducer + - PA11-J200:57
Speed reference (4-20 mA)
PA11-J200:49 +
PA11-J200:59 Speed output (DC4-20mA)
Analog reference standby (4-20 mA) PA11-J200:51 Transducer +
- PA11-J200:61
PA11-J200:53 - Transducer Current output (DC4-20mA)
Analog reference standby (4-20 mA) + PA11-J200:63
PA11-J200:55 Transducer +
Communication RS485- PA11-J201:1 RS485-
- PA11-J200:65

interface RS485+ PA11-J201:2 RS485+ +

Analog signal output standby

Isolating earth PA11-J201:3 GND_ISO - PA11-J200:69

PLC communication
interface Isolating earth PA11-J201:4 GND_ISO Transducer Analog signal output standby
+ PA11-J200:71
Protective earth PA11-J201:5 PE

Protective earth PA11-J14:6 PE

24V power supply output
PA11-J200:3 、5、7、9
Isolating earth PA11-J14:7 GND_ISO
24V+ Inverter 24V power supply output
PA11-J200:4 、6、8、10
Background communication RS485+ PA11-J14:8 RS485+
interface RS485- PA11-J14:9 RS485-

I/O Interface

No. Definition Technical Requirement Remark

DI (DCS—Inverter)

1 Remote startup Passive dry contact

2 Remote shutdown Passive dry contact

3 Remote pre-charging closing Passive dry contact

4 Remote fault resetting Passive dry contact

5 Remote opening Passive dry contact

6 Remote emergency stop (EPO) NC dry contact

DO (Inverter—DCS)

7 System ready

8 Permitted inverter startup

9 Inverter running Passive contact output, defined as valid

Capacity of contacts is AC220V 5A.
10 Inverter fault when the contact is closed

11 Inverter alarm

12 Remote control

AO (Inverter—DCS)

4~20m ADC current source output (inverter

13 Inverter speed output Loading capability: 600 Ω
power supply)
4~20m ADC current source output (inverter
14 Inverter current output Loading capability: 600 Ω
power supply)
AI (DCS—Inverter)
Loading capability is greater than
250 Ω. The lower limit and upper
15 Inverter speed reference 4~20m ADC two-wire current source output
limit of speed correspond to 4 MA
and 20 MA, respectively.
Inverter—cable entry switch

Output of entry circuit breaker Passive contact output, defined as valid Capacity of contacts is DC220V
opening when the contact is closed 10A.

Output of entry circuit breaker Passive contact output, defined as valid Capacity of contacts is DC220V
closing when the contact is closed 10A.

Cable entry switch—Inverter

Input of status feedback signal of

18 Passive dry contact
high-voltage circuit breaker

Technical Specifications

Item V/F Control VC Control Without PG VC Control with PG

Applicable motor Three-phase common motor

Voltage range 0~3/6/10 kV

Frequency range 0~120 Hz

Output System efficiency >97%

Harmonic content Comply with power quality standards of GB/T 14549-93 and IEEE519-1992.

120% Ie 60s; 150% Ie 1s

Overload capability
If current is greater than 150% of the rated current, Please consult us.

Rated voltage and range 3/6/10 kV (+15%~-45%)

Rated frequency and
(50±10%) Hz
Input range
Total current harmonic Comply with power quality standards of GB/T 14549-93 and IEEE519-1992.

Power factor > 0.96

Startup frequency 1~30 Hz

Frequency precision 0.01 Hz

deceleration time

Control factor Start frequency: 0 ~30 Hz; brake time: 0 ~600s; brake current: 0 ~100% of the rated
DC brake capability

Excitation brake Start frequency: 0~50 Hz; brake time: 0~600s; brake
capability current: 0~100% of the rated current

Voltage unbalancing rate < ±3%

Power supply AC380V, three-phase four-wire system

Protection level IP31 (higher protection level can be defined)
Cooling mode forced air cooling

Mature Primary Solution

If the inverter needs to support utility frequency and variable frequency modes, a primary bypass solution can be set to
implement switchover between the two modes. The primary solution can be defined according to user requirements.

(1) Manual bypass solution

„„ The entire bypass system is composed of three high-
voltage isolation knife-blade switches: QS1, QS2, and
High-voltage bus

User switch
„„ When QS1 and QS2 are closed, and QS3 is opened, a
motor works in variable frequency mode. M
„„ When QS1 and QS2 are opened, and QS3 is closed, a
motor works in utility frequency mode.
„„ The bypass cabinet is designed in strict accordance
with according to the protection requirements, and QS3
Isolation knife-
cabling switches QS1 and QS2 and the bypass switch QS
blade switch Main loop bypass Manual bypass
QS3 interlock mechanically. The switchover process
cannot be automatically completed, and requires Primary loop diagram (manual bypass)
manual operation.

(2) Automatic bypass solution (with

„„ The entire bypass system is composed of three
vacuum contactors (KM1, KM2, and KM3) and two
high-voltage isolation knife-blade switches (QS1 and
High-voltage bus

User switch
„„ When QS1 and QS2 are closed, KM1 and KM2 are
closed, and KM3 is opened, a motor works in variable M
frequency mode. KM1 QS1 QS2 KM2

„„ When QS1 and QS2 are opened, KM1 and KM2 are
opened, and KM3 is closed, a motor works in utility
frequency mode. KM3
QS Isolation knife-
„„ The cabling switches KM1 and KM2 and the bypass blade switch Automatic bypass (with
switch KM3 interlock electrically. Main loop bypass
KM Vacuum isolation)
„„ When the inverter is faulty, the motor switches Primary loop diagram (automatic bypass + isolated maintenance)
over to the utility frequency mode through KM3.
Isolation switches QS1 and QS2 isolate the inverter for
maintenance to ensure maintenance personnel safety.
In non-maintenance period, the two isolation switches
are closed.

Solution with Innovative Design

Medium Voltage Inverter Solution to Belt Conveyor

System composition Model selection

„„ If the upstream belt conveyor does not produce energy feedback
Master during running, a general-purpose inverter is selected.
„„ If the downstream belt conveyor produces a great amount of energy
Motor feedback during running, a four-quadrant inverter is selected.
Gear assembly
inverter Capacity selection
Slave inverter
If the capacity of a general-purpose inverter is greater than or equal to
Gear assembly
1.25 times the rated power of a motor, the overload capability is 60s if the
Motor current is 150% of the rated current. For a four-quadrant inverter, see the
four-quadrant inverter selection list for its capacity.

Control mode
If a belt conveyor system is driven by a great number of motors which are configured with discrete inconsistent parameters and arranged distantly, a multi-
converter master/slave control solution is recommended. The master/slave control system is composed of multiple independent inverters which implement
and ensure consistency of motor speed through the master/slave CAN buses. The CAN buses collect current, voltage, and frequency signals from the slave
inverters in real time, and transmit the signals to the master inverter so that the master inverter dynamically adjusts the torque signal of the slave inverters
to allow the slave inverters to follow the torque reference of the master inverter. By this way, the output of the master and slave inverters is averaged, and
power is balanced.

Reference Speed Torque current Torque current Output

speed + deviation reference + deviation voltage
PI regulator Torque regulator Actuator
Electric Measured torque
motor Speed current

Slave inverter 1
Master inverter

Torque current Torque current Output

reference + deviation voltage
Torque regulator Actuator
Measured torque

Master/slave communication device

Torque current Torque current Output

reference + deviation voltage
Torque regulator Actuator
Measured torque

Slave inverter N

Main features
To avoid the master inverter fault from affecting system security, the master inverter is not fixed. Any inverter involving master/slave control is configured
as the master inverter, and slave inverters are available in the belt conveyor system. During normal running, one-master and one-slave or one-master and
multi-slave control is implemented. When the master inverter is faulty, any slave or standby inverter can be quickly configured as the master inverter to
ensure system master/slave control mode and system running.

Medium Voltage Inverter Software Solution to Large-Capacity Load

Application scenario
The software is mainly used for large-capacity load such as blast furnace blower, main blower and compressor in metallurgy.

Capacity selection
The capacity of the inverter for soft startup is calculated according to the speed/torque curve in light load mode, resistance torque T L of the load, and
flywheel torque GD 2.
Startup resistance torque of compressor (converted to the motor end)

System features

„„Small startup current and high power factor Repair period of relevant devices is prolonged, and repair fee and time
are saved.
The startup current of the motor is smaller than the rated current during
startup, and the power factor is greater than 96%, which does not cause
impact on a grid and reduces the reactive power loss. „„Advanced synchronous switchover function
The variable-frequency soft starter is embedded with a synchronous
„„Improving startup process feature switchover device which enables switchover between the utility
After a large-capacity load is started up in soft variable-frequency mode, frequency mode and variable frequency mode without an extra
it can smoothly and stably increase to the rated speed. Load running synchronizer. Electric loss is prevented and surge current is controlled
parameters are improved, and the resonance problem is eliminated from during motor switchover to reduce the capacity of grid transformers.
the load during startup. Mechanical impact will not be caused on the
motor and load, so the life of the machine is extended. „„Reducing system investment
If a motor is started up in solid-state soft mode or directly started up, the
„„Reducing mechanical and impeller wear and tear startup current can be 2 to 7 times the rated current of the motor in load
The current of motor in variable-frequency soft startup mode is much mode. If a medium voltage inverter is used for soft startup, the startup
smaller than that in direct or solid-state soft startup mode, so impeller current is smaller than the rated current of the motor in load mode
wear and tear is significantly reduced and load oscillation is reduced. generally. When the capacity of grid transformers is reduced properly,
device investment and basic electricity cost decrease accordingly.

System Solution


Cable entry cabinet

Medium voltage

Reactor cabinet


M2 Excitation M1 Excitation
cabinet cabinet
2# motor 1# motor

Notes: 1. For an AC asynchronous motor, excitation cabinets do not need to be configured.

2. The output reactor can be configured according to system circumstance.

Medium Voltage Inverter Solution to Mixer

With the development of social economy, customers more and more concern about energy saving and emission reduction of mixers
which act as core devices in the rubber tyre industry. Our product responds to customer requirements in a timely manner and releases
the special medium voltage inverter for mixers. Using advanced DTC control technology, the inverter not only saves energy and
reduces emission, but also improves production process, bringing great benefit to the customers.

Advantages of using medium voltage inverter: DTC core features:

„„ Meet mixer overload requirements. „„ Highly-regulated speed precision

„„ Apply to periodical load requirements. „„ Highly-dynamic speed indicator

„„ Improve system speed and stability. „„ Quick torque response

„„ Improve mixing process using dual DSP+FPGA structure, „„ Large startup torque
and make programming according to special requirements of

System solution

QF High-voltage
circuit breaker

Medium voltage

Energy Saving Effect

Pipeline network feature

B after adjustment
Pipeline network feature
A before adjustment



O Q2 Q1 Flow Q
Energy saving diagram
AO and BO indicate feature curves of pipeline networks, and n2 and n1
indicate feature curves of pumps.
1. If adjustment is made based on the valve, flow is controlled from point A
to point B.
2. If adjustment is made based on speed control, flow is controlled from
point A to point C.
3. The shadow part in the figure indicates the energy consumption differ-
ence of the two adjustment modes.

According to the principle

of fluid mechanics, P∝H×Q

For a steel factory that needs inverter reconstruction for high-voltage fans, the rated voltage of the fans is 10 kV and rated power
is 1600 kW, and the power factor of motors is 0.84, rated current is 119 A, and operating current is about 108 A. The original speed
adjustment mode is fan adjustment.
After inverter reconstruction, the operating current of the system is about 57 A, and the power factor is improved to 0.97.

Axial power before


Axial power after


Energy saving


According to onsite running parameters and motor rated parameters, suppose that this set of devices run 300 days round the clock
per year and electricity cost is calculated based on 0.5 Yuan/kWh, total electricity is saved by 300 × 24 × (1571.3 - 957.6) × 0.5 = 2.209
million Yuan each year.

Product Models

G Series - 3 kV
Rated Rated Applicable Rated Output
Weight Dimensions
Voltage Specifications and Model Capacity Motor Power Current
(kg) W×H×D (mm)
(kV) (kVA) (kW) (A)
MegaVert-G0280-03/03C 280 220 50 2000
MegaVert-G0350-03/03C 350 280 75 2500
MegaVert-G0500-03/03C 500 400 100 3000
3 MegaVert-G0800-03/03C 800 630 150 3200
MegaVert-G1000-03/03B 1000 800 200 3500
MegaVert-G1250-03/03B 1250 1000 250 4000 3610×2690×1500
MegaVert-G1600-03/03B 1600 1250 300 4500

G Series - 6 kV
Rated Rated Applicable Rated Output
Weight Dimensions
Voltage Specifications and Model Capacity Motor Power Current
(kg) W×H×D (mm)
(kV) (kVA) (kW) (A)
MegaVert-G0280-06/06C 280 220 27 3300

MegaVert-G0350-06/06C 350 280 34 3500
MegaVert-G0400-06/06C 400 315 39 3500
MegaVert-G0500-06/06C 500 400 48 3500 1800mm 1600mm

MegaVert-G0630-06/06C 630 500 61 3500

MegaVert-G0800-06/06C 800 630 77 4000
1800mm 1800mm

MegaVert-G1000-06/06C 1000 800 96 4100


MegaVert-G1250-06/06C 1250 1000 120 4200

2450mm 1800mm

MegaVert-G0400-06/06B 400 315 39 3500


MegaVert-G0500-06/06B 500 400 48 3600

MegaVert-G0630-06/06B 630 500 61 3800
MegaVert-G0800-06/06B 800 630 77 4200
6 3200mm 1200mm

MegaVert-G1000-06/06B 1000 800 96 4800


MegaVert-G1250-06/06B 1250 1000 120 5200

MegaVert-G1600-06/06B 1600 1250 154 5600 4575mm 1200mm

MegaVert-G1800-06/06B 1800 1400 173 6700

MegaVert-G2000-06/06B 2000 1600 193 7000
MegaVert-G2250-06/06B 2250 1800 217 7500

MegaVert-G2500-06/06B 2500 2000 241 7600

MegaVert-G2800-06/06B 2800 2250 270 8500 5075mm 1500mm
MegaVert-G3200-06/06B 3200 2500 308 8700
MegaVert-G3500-06/06B 3500 2800 337 9650
MegaVert-G3800-06/06B 3800 3150 366 10000

MegaVert-G4500-06/06B 4500 3550 433 10250

MegaVert-G5000-06/06B 5000 4000 481 10850
MegaVert-G5600-06/06B 5600 4500 539 11250 6600mm 1500mm
MegaVert-G6250-06/06B 6250 5000 602 11450

G Series - 10 kV
Rated Rated Applicable Rated Output
Weight Dimensions
Voltage Specifications and Model Capacity Motor Power Current
(kg) W×H×D (mm)
(kV) (kVA) (kW) (A)
MegaVert-G0300-10/10C 300 220 17 3300
MegaVert-G0350-10/10C 350 280 20 3300

MegaVert-G0400-10/10C 400 315 23 3300
MegaVert-G0450-10/10C 450 355 26 3500
MegaVert-G0550-10/10C 550 450 32 4300 2200mm 1600mm
MegaVert-G0650-10/10C 650 500 38 4600
MegaVert-G0800-10/10C 800 630 46 4900
MegaVert-G1000-10/10C 1000 800 58 5000

MegaVert-G1250-10/10C 1250 1000 72 5100

MegaVert-G1350-10/10C 1350 1120 78 5200 2250mm 1800mm

MegaVert-G0500-10/10B 500 400 29 4300

MegaVert-G0550-10/10B 550 450 32 4500
MegaVert-G0650-10/10B 650 500 38 4600

MegaVert-G0800-10/10B 800 630 46 4900
MegaVert-G1000-10/10B 1000 800 58 5200 4000mm 1200mm

MegaVert-G1250-10/10B 1250 1000 72 5400

MegaVert-G1350-10/10B 1350 1120 78 6000
MegaVert-G1600-10/10B 1600 1250 92 7000
10 MegaVert-G1750-10/10B 1750 1400 101 7500
MegaVert-G2000-10/10B 2000 1600 116 7600
MegaVert-G2250-10/10B 2250 1800 130 7800
MegaVert-G2400-10/10B 2400 2000 139 8000
6125mm 1400mm
MegaVert-G2600-10/10B 2600 2100 150 8500
MegaVert-G2800-10/10B 2800 2240 162 9100
MegaVert-G3100-10/10B 3100 2400 179 9300
MegaVert-G3200-10/10B 3200 2500 185 9500
MegaVert-G3300-10/10B 3300 2600 191 9500
MegaVert-G3500-10/10B 3500 2800 202 9600

MegaVert-G4000-10/10B 4000 3150 231 10500

MegaVert-G4200-10/10B 4200 3300 243 10700 6575mm 1500mm
MegaVert-G4500-10/10B 4500 3550 260 11000
MegaVert-G5000-10/10B 5000 4000 290 12000
MegaVert-G5250-10/10B 5250 4250 303 13000
MegaVert-G5500-10/10B 5500 4500 318 18200
MegaVert-G6200-10/10B 6200 5000 358 19850

MegaVert-G6800-10/10B 6800 5600 393 20000

MegaVert-G7600-10/10B 7600 6300 439 21300
11100mm 1500mm
MegaVert-G8600-10/10B 8600 7100 497 21900
MegaVert-G10M5-10/10B 10500 8000 606 24500
Note: The data in the list indicates standard dimensions which may be slightly different from actual dimensions of inverters.

Medium Voltage Inverter Four-Quadrant Type

System Composition

Transformer cabinet Reactor cabinet Power unit cabinet Control cabinet

„„ Four-quadrant inverter is composed of transformer cabinets, power unit cabinets, control cabinet, and reactor cabinet.

Topologic Structure
A1 B1 C1

功率单元 A2unit B2 N C2
A1 B1 C1
A1 B1 C1
A3 B3 C3
A2 B2
Power unit C2 A2 B2 C2
A1 B1 C1
A4 B4 C4
AC 6kV A3 B3 C3 AC 10kV A3 B3 C3
A2 B2 C2
电网 电网 A5 B5 C5
A4 B4 C4 A4 B4 C4
AC 6kV A3 B3 C3 AC 10kV
Power A6 B6 C6
Power A5 B5 C5
grid A5 B5 C5 grid
A4 B4 C4
A6 B7
B6 C7
移相变压器 A5 B5 C5
6kV电机 M A8
A7 B8
B7 C8
Phase shifting Filter inductance
transformer 6kV motor M A8 B8 C8
10kV电机 M
Phase shifting Filter inductance
10kV motor M


A5 A A8 A

A5 A8
A4 A7


A4 A7


A2 A2
A2 A2
A1 A1
A1 A1

B1 B2




B2 B









C8 C7




6kV 6kV 10kV 10kV

MegaVert medium voltage inverter uses multi-unit serialization structure. The input of a power unit is connected to the auxiliary
winding output of a phase shifting transformer, and the output of the power units is cascaded to form a Y-shape link structure and
output 6/10 kV variable-frequency power by serialization. The energy produced during motor braking can be fed back to the grid via
the controllable rectifier of the inverter.

Power Unit

„„ The power unit implements energy feedback at full power using PWM controllable
„„ With the power factor reaching 0.99, the power unit does not affect the operating
voltage of a grid.
„„ The optional bypass solution of general-purpose inverters is adopted.

Power unit Bypass part

T1 T3

L1 F1
c T2 T4
Filter K

Main Features

„„ Heavy overload capability The inverters of this series use controllable

rectifier on the input side. With the power
manner, limit motor current, implement high
torque of motors at zero speed, and control
With heavy overload configuration and factor being able to reach 0.99, the inverters load acceleration and deceleration precisely
design, the inverters of this series boast twice do not affect normal operating of other and stably to achieve effective quick brake.
the overload capability. In low-speed mode, devices in the same grid.
the inverters output high torque to fully „„ Multi-motor coordination
meet the mine hoist requirements for startup
„„ Diversified running curves function
The inverters of this series provide
The inverters of this series boast torque
„„ Full-power feedback reasonable and optimized controllable start/
brake functions to control hoists to operate coordination and control mode and balance
function according to a required speed curve. S curve power/torque of multiple motors that are
connected in rigid connection mode. Any
acceleration and deceleration is supported
The inverters of this series implement to reduce impact on grid voltage and loading motor can be configured as the master motor
energy feedback at full power using PWM machinery. to allow slave motors to follow the speed
controllable rectifier, and the maximum and torque of the master motor and ensure
feedback power of the inverters is equal output consistency of the motors.
to the maximum output power and the „„ High-performance vector
Low-speed rope verification
maximum brake torque reaches 200% of control technology (with
the rated torque of motors. Where needed, function
a winch can brake quickly to ensure system PG)
safety to the maximum extent. The inverters of this series provide low-speed
Adopting high-performance vector control rope verification function to ensure slow and
technology, the inverters of this series can stable running of hoists.
„„ High power factor control output torque of motors in a proactive

Main Technical Specifications

Item Parameter
Applicable motor Three-phase common motor
Voltage range 0~6/10 kV
Frequency range 0~120 Hz
System efficiency >97%
Harmonic content Comply with power quality standards of GB/T 14549-93 and IEEE519-1992.
150% Ie 60s; 200% Ie 1s.
Overload capability If current is greater than 200% of the rated current, consult Vertiv for the overload ca-
Rated voltage and range 6/10 kV (+15%~-45%)
R a t e d f re q u e n c y a n d
(50±10%) Hz
Input range
Total current harmonic Comply with power quality standards of GB/T 14549-93 and IEEE519-1992.
Power factor 0.99
Control mode Vector control with speed sensor
Frequency precision Analog setting: 0.1% x defined highest frequency; digital setting: 0.01 Hz
Speed precision ±0.5%
Control factor
Speed adjustment range 1:100
Torque control response < 150 ms
Startup torque Torque can reach 200% of the rated torque on the low frequency 0.1 Hz.
Power supply AC380V, three-phase four-wire system
Protection level IP31 (higher protection level can be defined)
Cooling mode forced air cooling


E Series - 6 kV
Rated Rated Applicable Rated Output
Weight Dimensions
Voltage Specifications and Model Capacity Motor Power Current
(kg) W×H×D (mm)
(kV) (kVA) (kW) (A)
MegaVert-E0350-06/06C 350 250 34 3600
MegaVert-E0400-06/06C 400 315 38 3700

MegaVert-E0500-06/06C 500 400 48 3800
MegaVert-E0630-06/06C 630 500 61 4300 2200mm 1800mm

6 MegaVert-E0800-06/06C 800 630 77 4300

MegaVert-E1000-06/06B 1000 750 96 5700

MegaVert-E1250-06/06B 1250 1000 120 6100

MegaVert-E1600-06/06B 1600 1250 154 6500 5075mm 1400mm

E Series - 10 kV
Rated Rated Applicable Rated Output
Weight Dimensions
Voltage Specifications and Model Capacity Motor Power Current
(kg) W×H×D (mm)
(kV) (kVA) (kW) (A)
MegaVert-E0450-10/10C 450 315 26 4300
MegaVert-E0550-10/10C 550 400 32 5100
MegaVert-E0650-10/10C 650 500 38 5400

MegaVert-E0800-10/10C 800 630 46 5700

MegaVert-E1000-10/10C 1000 800 58 6000
3000mm 1800mm
MegaVert-E1250-10/10C 1250 1000 72 6200
MegaVert-E1350-10/10C 1350 1120 78 6800
MegaVert-E1600-10/10B 1600 1250 92 8500
MegaVert-E1750-10/10B 1750 1400 101 9000
MegaVert-E2000-10/10B 2000 1600 116 9100

MegaVert-E2250-10/10B 2250 1800 130 9300

MegaVert-E2400-10/10B 2400 2000 139 9500 7025mm 1400mm

MegaVert-E2600-10/10B 2600 2100 150 10000

MegaVert-E2800-10/10B 2800 2240 162 10600

Note: The data in the list indicates standard dimensions which may be slightly different from actual dimensions of

Quality Assurance

Quality Certification
Quality management system ISO9001:2000 China TLC certification TLC of China

Environmental management system ISO14001:2004 China CCC certification CCC of China

Energy management system ANSI/MSE2000:2008

U.S. UL certification UL of US
OHAS management system OHSAS18001:2007
German TÜV certification TÜV of Germany
Information security management system ISO27001:2005

Telecommunications industry quality Europe CE certification CE of Europe

management system
Capability maturity model integration CMMI:L2 Canadia CSA certification CSA of Canada

ESD protection standard ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 Nigeria SONCAP certification SONCAP of Nigeria

Experimental Device and Test Platform

Temperature impact case Temperature and humidity Surge protection test Low-pressure test case EMC test device
(-70~180°C, 20°C/minute) test case Imax: 60 kA (8/20 μ s) (200~100000pa%)
(-70~180°C, 10~98%)

General test platform of medium voltage inverter

Service Network



Beijing Shenyang

Yinchuan Shijiazhuang
Xining Jinan
Xi'an Zhengzhou Nanjing
Lhasa Chengdu Wuhan
Chongqing Hangzhou

Guiyang Fuzhou

Nanning Shenzhen
Hong Kong


Design & engineering center

Office  Representative office

Technical and Engineering

Localized Service Training Service System of China
Spare part localization
 Overall solution design
 Periodical technical
 „„ Assurance and response times
Local special maintenance
 Installation and
 training „„ 24x7-hour customer response
commissioning manual Engineering installation
 center
Upgrade and
 guide „„ Emergency call and upgrade
reconstruction support Industrial solution training
 process
„„ Customer service network
„„ Nation-wide multi-level parts
„„ Industrial leading training and
qualification certification
Hotline: 400-887-6510 Shenzhen headquarters:
(+86) 755-86010808

Success Cases

ƒƒ Fan inverter project of Tanshan Ganglu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Dust collecting blower inverter project of Hebei Jingye Group
ƒƒ Drain pump inverter project of Hebei Kuancheng Water Affair Bureau
ƒƒ Main ventilator inverter project of Xinji Aosen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
in Hebei Province
ƒƒ Heating station inverter project of Hebei Hongyuan Thermoelectric
Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Hot air fan inverter project of Ganbao coking plant of Handan Iron and
Steel Group

ƒƒ Main fan inverter project of Development Coal Industry Co., Ltd of

Shanxi Lu'an Group
ƒƒ Hongye heat cycle pump inverter project of Loufan County, Taiyuan
ƒƒ Belt conveyor inverter project of Tongmei Guodian Tongxin Coal Mine
ƒƒ Ventilator inverter project of Luzigou Coal Industry of Shanxi Coal
Transportation and Sales Group
ƒƒ Fan inverter project Between Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales
Group and Shunyide Coal Industry

ƒƒ Feed water pump inverter project of Qinghai Kunlun Jianye Co., Ltd.

ƒƒ Xinjiang Kuitun Tongguan metallurgical roasting fan inverter project

ƒƒ Main fan inverter project of Xinjiang Ashele Copper Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Energy pressurized pump inverter project of Xinjiang Zhongtai
Chemical and Fukang Energy Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Water pump inverter project of Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical and Huatai
Heavy chemical industry Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Belt conveyor inverter project of Xinjiang Baoming Mining Co., Ltd
ƒƒ High-temperature fan inverter project of Xinjiang Shengxiong Energy
Co., Ltd
ƒƒ Belt conveyor fan inverter project of State-invested Hami coalmine Xinjiang Uygur
Autonomous Region

ƒƒ Auxiliary unit inverter project of 2×300MW power generation units in

Ningxia Hui
Jinchang, Gansu Province
ƒƒ Cooler and pre-heater fan inverter project of Gansu Sanyi Cement Co., Qinghai province Autonomous Region
ƒƒ Fan inverter project of Chengzhou zinc smelter of Changba non-
ferrous metal in Gansu Province Gansu province
ƒƒ 21MW large-sized soft startup project of Shaanxi Longmen Iron and
Steel Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ 2×1000MW condensate pump project of Shaanxi Qingshuichuan Tibet Autonomous Region Shaanxi province
Energy Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Hanglaiwan coal mine belt conveyor inverter project of Shaanxi
Nonferrous Metals (Yulin) Coal Industry Co., Ltd
ƒƒ Fan inverter project of Shaanxi (Yulin) Non-ferrous Metals Holding
Group Co., Ltd
ƒƒ Feed water pump inverter project of Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical
Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi Province
ƒƒ Oil pump inverter project of CNPC’s Changqing Oilfield
Sichuan province
ƒƒ Booster fan inverter project of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Chongqing
Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Self power project of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group

ƒƒ Running water plant project in Gaofeng Eco-industrial park of

Wanzhou Economic Development Zone in Wanzhou Water Affair
Bureau of Chongqing City Guizhou province

Yunnan province Guangxi

ƒƒ Water feed pump inverter project of Anning
Regeneration Plant in Yunnan
ƒƒ Dahongshan Copper mine belt conveyor inverter
project of Yuxi Mining Company Limited
ƒƒ High-temperature fan inverter project of Yunnan
Jinyuan Cement Plant
ƒƒ Slurry pump inverter project of Honglin Branch of Hai
Yuntianhua Group
ƒƒ Circulating fan inverter project of Yunnan Xingjian
Cement Plant
ƒƒ Dust collecting blower inverter project of Yue Steel
Group in Qujin, Yunnan Province

ƒƒ Feed water pump inverter project of Tongliao Meihua Group in Inner
ƒƒ Coal washery plant medium pump inverter project of Inner Mongolia
(Wuhai) Guangna Coal Industry Group
ƒƒ Fan inverter project of Chifeng Jinjian Copper Industry Co., Ltd. in
Inner Mongolia
ƒƒ Slurry pump inverter project of Wulatehou County Zijin Mining Group
Company Limited in Inner Mongolia

ƒƒ Circulating pump inverter project of Heilongjiang Longshengda Coal

Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang province
ƒƒ Power plant I boiler induced draft fan inverter project of Jihua Branch,

ƒƒ Huludao thermoelectric circulating water pump and induced draft fan

Jilin province inverter project of China Guodian Corporation
ƒƒ Quanshui thermoelectric circulating water pump inverter project of
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Dalian City
ƒƒ Converter and blast furnace dust collecting blower inverter project of
Benxi Beiying Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.
Liaoning province ƒƒ Rubber mixer inverter reconstruction project in Dalian
ƒƒ Thermoelectric boiler fan inverter project of Tieling Tianxin Company
ƒƒ Oil pump inverter project of CNPC Liaoyang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Beijing city
ƒƒ Decompression pump inverter project of Shandong Tianhong
Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tianjin city ƒƒ Inverter reconstruction project of Shandong Hongrun petrochemical
ƒƒ Carbon black fan inverter project of Jinneng Science and Technology
Hebei Company
ƒƒ Oil Pipeline Inverter Project of Shandong Hongyun Petrochemical Co.,
province Ltd.

Shandong province ƒƒ 2×600MW auxiliary unit inverter project of Zhongyi power plant in
Shanxi Xinxiang, Henan Province

province ƒƒ Compressor inverter project of Jiangsu Zhongzheng Biochemical Co.,

Jiangsu province Ltd.
ƒƒ Water pump inverter project of Taicang water plant in Jiangsu
Henan Province
ƒƒ Supply water pump inverter project of Jiangyin Sanfangxiang Group
province ƒƒ Compressor inverter project of Kelin Chemicals (Zhangjiajie) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai city
Anhui province ƒƒ Dust collecting blower project of Shanghai Bao Steel
Hubei province
ƒƒ Fan project of Albert Portland Anqing Cement Co., Ltd
Zhejiang province
ƒƒ Hubei Dayukou Chemical Co., Ltd.

Hunan Jiangxi province ƒƒ Fenguang station project of Shaoxing Keqiao water supply Co., Ltd.

province Fujian province ƒƒ Cooler fan project of Huarong Cement (Yanshi, Longyan, Fujian
ƒƒ Fan project of Fujian Zijing Copper Co., Ltd.

ƒƒ Fan inverter project of Yongxing Rongpen Metal Co., Ltd.
ƒƒ Fan inverter project of Hunan Coal Chemical New Energy Co., Ltd
Guangdong province
Hong Kong ƒƒ Nanshan Thermoelectric feed pump inverter project of Shenzhen
Nanshan Power Station Co.,Ltd
Macao ƒƒ Weimeidian water feed pump inverter project of Shenzhen Nanshan
Power Station Co.,Ltd
ƒƒ Oil pump inverter project of Sinopec Maoming Branch
ƒƒ Fengcheng Cement Co., Ltd. fan project of Lianjiang City of China
Resources Cement Holdings Limited

inan province

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